EEC-35++ Intelligent full-digital, 2 frequencies eddy current tester with 4 channels

Detailed Product Description
Design for testing the non-ferromagnetic tubes in sevice(petrochemical plant, oil refinery and power station). The EEC-35++ is a new generation eddy current instrument with full-digital, multi-frequency, multichannel. This intelligent tester is designed for real-time effectively defect detection in metal materials, thickness measurement and sorting materials by metallurgical differences, and weld inspection. The EEC-35++ is a multi-purpose instrument, which allow you to detect multiple types of defects simultaneously, such as surface and sub-surface flaws, for faster, easier inspections. It can be used to test conductive materials and measure the coating thickness. EDDYSUN own the advanced mixing algorithms, providing the cleanest, most effective signal mixes. The signals from two frequencies can be mixed to suppress unwanted signals, improving the signal-to-noise ratio. The audio, visual and logic output alarms can determined flaw conditions. Real-time C-scan display helps you to differentiate between multiple layers and determine flaw orientation. Features  Dual eddy current frequencies  Frequency range from 64Hz to 4MHz  4 independently-selectable channel  Signal mixing capabilities  Adjustable gain from 0dB to 90dB in 0.5dB steps.  360 degrees phase shift can be varied in steps of 1 degree, the impedance plane can be rotated during modification for ease of operation  Colored real-time display of x-y impedance plane and/or strip chart signals.  A-scan and C-scan displays  Display 3-simultaous x-y signals 2 built-in strip chart signals  Delay erase display mode  Independent vertical to horizontal display scaling ratio adjustable from 0.1 to 10  Viewing area (Enlarge location area signal)  All instrument settings are shown on the display.  Digital filters  Audio, visual and logic output alarms  Fast electronic balancing  Special alarm areas adjustable from 1 to 8  Signal phase and amplitude auto measurement functions  Alarm area is provided for each display window of impedance plane  Adjustable sampling rate.  Four connectors are provided for differential, absolute and reflection type probes  Alarm area size and positioning are independently adjustable either inside or outside the gated area  Other connects are provided for rotating probe

2 frequencies eddy current tester with 4 channels . Alarm can be set to trigger. so defects in different layer which have the same amplitude level can be distinguished by their phases. EEC-35++ Intelligent full-digital.  Phase/amplitude alarm area: The amplitude of alarm area is a function versus its phase.