Objectives of the study

Primary objective:  To know the Availability of Baroda Dairy’s jeera butter milk in baroda.  To know the sales decreasing of jeera buttermilk in baroda

Secondary objectives:  To know about the competitive position of Baroda Dairy’s jeera butter Milk.  To know about the respondent’s opinion on quality, price and taste of jeera butter milk.  To know the buying behavior of consumers towards purchase of other local product  To know the satisfaction level of consumers.  To know the gap between the consumers’ expectations and what the company serves to its customers.  To know the drawbacks of Baroda Dairy’s jeera butter Milk and the reason of dissatisfaction if any.  To know which factors affects the purchase behavior of individuals in the purchase of jeera butter milk in a town

 To know the purchase pattern of individuals in the purchase of jeera butter milk in a town

 Frequency of buying and consuming of jeera buttermilk of baroda dairy

Sources of Data  Primary Data: The primary data is collected with the help of the questionnaire by taking the responses of the respondents. Universe  The universe consists the respondents of the baroda city. Research Design  In this study a descriptive research design has been chosen. Sampling method  Convenience Sampling Method has been used to select the samples. Sample size  Samples of 200 respondents are taken from the city for the study. As all the respondents are aware about this type of survey it becomes easy for me to collect the information needed for the study. .  Secondary Data: The secondary data is collected through the following sources: • • • Past Reports Data through internet source Annual reports of the Baroda Dairy Data collection method  Personal survey has been used to collect the data through structured questionnaire.

Questionnaire for analyzing and decreasing sales of baroda dairy’ jeera butter milk 1) Personal detail: Name: Age: Income: Education: Area: 2) Are you consuming branded jeera butter milk or non branded jeera butter milk? None branded Branded If branded than specify the brand’s name: 3) From which source do you purchase a jeera butter milk of baroda dairy? Baroda dairy outlets Private vendor Local dairy 4) How much your frequency of purchasing jeera butter milk?? Once in day Twice in day More than twice 5) When do you consume a jeera butter milk?? Morning A. Summer -------Noon -------Evening --------- .Sampling frame  Individuals from baroda city.

B. Monsoon --------------- --------------- ----------------- 6) Reasons for consuming jeera butter milk of baroda dairy? Quality Low price Packaging Taste Freshness Traditional habit 7) Are you getting required quality of baroda dairy’s jeera butter milk? Yes No 8) Rate the satisfaction level of baroda dairy’s jeera butter milk Satisfied Highly satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Highly dissatisfied 9) Comment: on baroda dairy’s jeera butter milk. Winter C. 10) Recommendation. .