sa Dulo ng Panahon” (working Title) Revised from its Original Title “Anak ng Cordillera” (2006) Genre: Indie Film/War/Love Story/Period Film (Spanish Regime) Historical-Non Fiction Original Story By: Ma. Urduja Osit Li (2006) Revisions being done by: Angelo Cristobal and Ma. Urduja Li (2012) With Reference from the National Historical Institute, Manila Philippines Intro: The Tribes of the Cordilleras were known in 1601, when Igorots Revolted against the Spanish Regime, who tried to Christianize them.
Philippines.Governor-General Francisco de Tello de Guzmán sent Captain Aranda with Spanish and Filipino colonial troops, determined to convert the Igorots to Christianity the Spaniards launched a crusade to proselytize the highland natives and to place them under Spanish Authorities. A strong expedition was sent to the Igorot Tribes to stop the natives from resisting colonial powers the Spaniards were only able to gain nominal political and military control over the natives. The Original Story was Injected with Romance in 2006 and Laced with war in this recent revision. A Spanish Woman falls in love with the Igorot Warrior (vice versa) that will cause political and religious uproar in the Cordilleran Mountains. Steamy, Romantic and Historical. Revision in the works.