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When you think about Mexico, what comes first to your mind?...

Well, yes… but Mexico is more than that… much more than that… .Automation Products MEXICO Source: http://en.

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Mexico has a free market economy. Honduras. El Salvador. Trade with the US and Canada has tripled since the implementation of NAFTA in 1994. the European Free Trade Area. and red. Mexico has free trade agreements with over 40 countries including. Country name: long form: United Mexican States | short form: Mexico local long form: Estados Unidos Mexicanos | local short form: México Independence: 16 September 1810 from Spain Mexico Flag Description: Three equal vertical bands of green (hoist side). white. Mexico came under Spanish rule for three centuries before achieving independence early in the 19th century. and Japan. Chile. the coat of arms (eagle perched on a cactus with a snake in its beak) is centered in the white band .Automation Products GENERAL INFORMATION General Information: The site of advanced Amerindian civilizations. Guatemala.

in 2008. the debate is still open… .Automation Products MEXICO Mexican flag… world’s most beautiful? Did you know that. the Spanish journal “20 Minutos” organised a contest to find the most beautiful flag in the world and the Mexican one was the most voted. receiving three times more votes than the one that finished in second place? Of course.

. the Aztecs. the Olmecs and of course.Automation Products MEXICO Pre-Columbian Mexico Mexico was homeland to some of the most advanced Amerindian civilizations such as the Mayas.

Automation Products MEXICO Pyramid of the Sun. Tula Kukulkann’s Castle. Teotihuacan Atlantes. Chichen’Itza .

During the Mexican-American war (1846-1848). the southern provinces separated to become the Central American countries of now our days.Automation Products MEXICO When the Spaniards arrived to Mexico. During the Spanish ruling. . the Aztec Empire extended to the south as far as actual Costa Rica and to the north as far as actual states of California and New Mexico in the USA. Few years later. this territory became la Nueva España (New Spain) and when Mexico got its independence from Spain. all this land became part of its territory. the Texas. resulting in the current map that we know. New Mexico and part of Californias provinces were lost to the USA.

. For three and a half centuries. were minted in Mexico. when the Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza arrived to the New Spain. the presence and international prestige that retains to this day. silver and gold coined by the Mexican Mint.Automation Products MEXICO FIRST MINT IN AMERICA The Mexican Mint was founded in 1535. The quality in the manufacture of coins and its extensive circulation in the world. from the Spanish Crown to establish the first Mint in America. gave the Mexican Mint. were the basis of money circulating in the country and became an export product. Spanish Doubloons and Pieces of Eight that fulfilled the bellies of the great Spanish Galleons and very often became loot of pirates. bringing with him a royal order.

It was organised to image and similarity of the European universities of scholastic tradition. particularly the one from Salamanca. Its opening took place on January 25th of 1553. . But it was until September 21st of 1551 when the Royal Certificate of creation of the Royal and Pontifical University of Mexico was issued. Soon the viceroy Antonio de Mendoza was added to this initiative and the Spanish Crown gave a positive answer in 1547. Spain.Automation Products MEXICO FIRST UNIVERSITY IN AMERICA The first news about the interest of the archbishop fray Juan de Zumárraga of which the New Spain would count on a university date from 1536.

.Automation Products MEXICO Did you know that Mexican Independence day is September 16th and not May 5th? In fact 5 de Mayo is celebrated as commemoration of the Battle of Puebla where the Mexican Army victoriously repelled the French Invasion Army during the 1860’s.

Automation Products MEXICO Mexico City Paseo de la Reforma Estadio Azul Palacio de Bellas Artes Plaza de toros México .

Automation Products MEXICO Home to Mexico’s national soccer team Did you know that the “Estadio Azteca”. also known as the “Colossus of Saint Ursula” is the largest stadium in Latin America and the third in the world.000 spectators? . with a full capacity of around 105.

Automation Products MEXICO Rotonda Plaza de los Hombres Ilustres Teatro Degollado .

Automation Products MEXICO Monterrey Puente de la Unidad Cerro de la Silla TEC de Monterrey .

Nissan Plant in Aguascalientes assembled its unit 6 million.S. It was also during that year that Mexico became the top North American auto-producing nation surpassing both U. and Canadian production. California. Nissan Aguascalientes . Companies such as Ford. GM. In 2008. Even French automaker Renault has some of its cars assembled in the Cuernavaca’s Nissan Plant as part of a joint-venture agreement. Volkswagen and Nissan have manufacturing plants established in Mexico.Automation Products MEXICO AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY Many cars are manufactured in Mexico to the highest standards of quality. a Nissan Tiida which was shipped to Richmond.

Automation Products MEXICO Did you know that the Volkswagen New Beetle is proudly Made in Mexico? .

instead of celebrating Halloween. It is a tradition to setup an “Altar”or “Ofrenda” in many Mexican homes were pictures of the gone loved ones and dishes with their favourite meals are placed on it along with ornaments made of zempasuchitl flower and cucumber. Getting prepared (Mixquic. children and women in labour who have died are honoured. with many Catholic symbols from which is much common to see crosses and “La Virgen de Guadalupe”. One of those traditions is precisely happening during this month of November when. during “Día de Muertos” Mexican people honour their loved ones that have passed away. as with any visitor. It is believed that the gone ones are allowed to come and visit their living relatives during this month so. they prepare to receive them and treat them as good as possible. candles and of course. On November 1st.Automation Products MEXICO Miquiztli: Death Mexico… land of traditions Mexico is the result of a clash of cultures and because of that there are many traditions that date from pre-Hispanic times which were “seasoned” with some Catholic appeal so they survive until now our days. Then on November 2nd. babies. MX) “Calaveritas” made of sugar “Altar” or “Ofrenda” . all the rest of their loved ones are honoured.

Of course. each region in Mexico has its own gastronomic specialties but trying to list them here would take way too many lines. Needless to say. As it was said before. most of these dishes have as common ingredient the hot chili peppers (it’s so addictive…). Sopes. Mole Poblano Sopes Tamales . Tamales (shown here) are a very few examples of it.Automation Products MEXICO Mexico… and its culinary traditions Another fantastic aspect of Mexico is its culinary traditions. the clash of cultures was also reflected in the meals that were greatly transformed due to the influences of the Aztecs and the Spaniards which gave birth to the Mexican food (miam-miam… sorry it’s inevitable). Dishes like Mole Poblano.

just in case that you did not know it. Nahuatl was the language that the Aztecs spoke. by the Spanish Conquistadors? In Mexico tomatoes are called “jitomates” which is the transformation into Spanish of the original Nahuatl word which was “xitomatl”. Guacamole in fact originally was “huacatl molli” which means “Sauce of Avocado”. . By the way. were taken first to Europe from Mexico. avocados are called “aguacates” which comes from the Nahuatl word “huacatl”. In the same way.Automation Products MEXICO Did you know that vegetables like tomato or avocado.

the brand new Manufacturing Plant in San Luis Potosí.abb. a Turbochargers Shop in Veracruz and most recently. The corporate office is located in a suburb close to Mexico City. There are 7 Sales and Service .Automation Products ABB offices in Mexico ABB has offices in different cities in Mexico.

there are so much more things that I had to leave out of this presentation because of time constraints but I hope that you enjoyed it. Oh! And remember that.Automation Products MEXICO Well dear reader. be sure that you will be very well welcomed… ¡¡¡Bienvenido seas querido amigo!!! . if you happen to visit Mexico.