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THE AGA KHAN UNIVERSITY SAMPLE ADMISSION TEST PAPER 2012 MBBS Section I English Time allowed: 1 hour 15 minutes

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INSTRUCTIONS Please read the following instructions carefully. 1. 2. 3. Make sure that you write your name and application number in the space above and on the given answer sheet. Mark ONLY ONE answer to each MCQ. No credit will be given for multiple answers. There are two sections with four questions; Reading Comprehension Section Question 1 is in two parts and tests semantic and syntactic inference. Question 1a (10 MCQs) Question 1b (10 MCQs) Question 2 calls for skimming and scanning for information. Question 2 (10 MCQs) Writing Section Question 3 calls for a short piece of expository writing. Question 3 6 Marks Question 4 calls for the construction of an argument from given information. Question 4 12 Marks 3. 4. Answer Questions 1 and 2 on the multiple choice answer sheet provided. Answer Questions 3 and 4 on the essay answer sheet provided.

or D) given. D. choose the best answer A. or D from the choices given. B. A. ……. In the test itself you must remember to record your answers on the Answer sheet provided. you are given a passage with numbered gaps. C. was lacked is lacking lacks has been lacking Answer: B 4. B.. C. For-profit private schools have become …. the report says.. B.(1)…….Question 1 has two parts with a total of 20 items. in both urban and rural areas and they provide parents with an alternative option ……(4)……. and lays out important policy options to facilitate evidence-based policy making. A. The World Bank report presents facts and figures from a comprehensive survey of public and private schools in 112 villages in Pakistan..(2)……… from the same village. In both parts. D. Do NOT write in this booklet. Each passage is followed by ten multiple choice questions. Remember to record your answers on the Answer sheet provided. Passage Public and Private Primary Education in Pakistan A recent World Bank report calls for a reevaluation of education polices in the context of a dramatic increase in the number of private schools in primary education in Pakistan. C. even as those who are even though the schools are even they are even if they are Answer: D Read the following passage carefully. D. A. The report says that the quality of education at public schools …. For each numbered gap. C. B. and children at private schools score significantly higher than those at public schools.(3). B. 1. Here is an example of the type of passage you will find in both parts of Question 1: Q. their children's education. C. . C. For each numbered gap in the text choose the best answer from the possible choices (A.1. A. D..…. B. a widespread presence an unrealistic alternative realistic enigmas a sadly restricted option Answer: A This section has two reading passages. to invest to invest for for investing in by the investment of Answer: C 3. (Total 20 Marks) 2.

D. landslides. C. water pollution from raw sewage.5 years Less than 65 years Answer: A Location: Coordinates: Area: Area comparative: Land boundaries: Coastline: Maritime claims: Climate: Terrain: Elevation extremes: Natural resources: Natural hazards: Environment current issues: Geography . Life expectancy for men in Malaysia is A.782 km. 607 km.100 m tin. Remember to record your answers on the Answer sheet provided. Here is an example: Q. annual southwest (April to October) and northeast (October to February) monsoons coastal plains rising to hills and mountains lowest point: Indian Ocean 0 m highest point: Gunung Kinabalu 4. C. East Malaysia 2. D. petroleum. 506 km. (10 Marks) You are advised to read all the questions below BEFORE searching for the answers in the passages which follow.550 sq km slightly larger than New Mexico total: 2.607 km) continental shelf: 200-m depth or to the depth of exploitation. B.Question 2 asks you to skim and scan the following information to find the answers to the questions below. bauxite flooding.200 sq km land: 328.669 km border countries: Brunei 381 km. timber. forest fires air pollution from industrial and vehicular emissions.068 km. Answer: C Geography of Malaysia 6. 5. specified boundary in the South China Sea exclusive economic zone: 200 NM territorial sea: 12 NM tropical.2.750 sq km water: 1. Thailand 506 km 4. 2. Indonesia 1. B. 381 km. smoke/haze from Indonesian forest fires strategic location along Strait of Malacca and southern South China Sea PLEASE TURN OVER THE PAGE . iron ore. peninsula and northern one-third of the island of Borneo. bordering Indonesia and the South China Sea. The land border between Malaysia and Brunei extends for: A. just under 70 years just over 70 years 76.note: South-eastern Asia. 2. 699 km. 112 30 E total: 329. B. Choose the best answer A. natural gas. south of Vietnam 2 30 N. copper. Do NOT write in this booklet.675 km (Peninsular Malaysia 2. deforestation. C or D for each question.

Hainan.1%.7%.000 live births Life expectancy at birth: total population: 72. Hindu.Population of Malaysia Population: Age structure: 25.04 children born/woman Nationality: noun: Malaysian(s) adjective: Malaysian Ethnic groups: Malay 50. Hokkien. Buddhist. note . others 7. Malayalam. Christian.8% Religions: Muslim. the largest are Iban and Kadazan Literacy: definition: age 15 and over can read and write total population: 88.093. Sikh. Tamil.132 (July 2008 est. Chinese dialects (Cantonese.16 deaths/1.680/female 7.4% female: 85.1 years Growth rate: 1.7% (male 509. Mandarin.in addition.6% (male 4.8 years female: 75.38 years Fertility rate: 3. note . Daoist.) 0-14 years: 32.4% PLEASE TURN OVER THE PAGE .792) Median age: 24. Chinese 23. Panjabi. in East Malaysia several indigenous languages are spoken. Hakka. Indian 7.613.274.78% Infant mortality: 17.859/female 3. Thai.5 years male: 69.260/female 645.537) 65 years and over: 4.862.4%.660. Telugu. Indigenous 11%. Shamanism is practiced in East Malaysia Languages: Bahasa Melayu (official).730) 15-64 years: 62.6% (male 7. English.9% male: 92.in addition. Foochow).

this will increase its ability to cure symptoms and the more you dilute the more powerful it will become: it will also have no side effects. Use only the separate essay answer sheet provided.” Anonymous ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 4 gives you a proposition (or statement) followed by some information on a particular topic. Remember to use only the separate essay answer sheet provided.4. Proposition: Homeopathic treatments should not be made available to patients at any hospital in Pakistan. Credit will not be given for copying your answer directly from the given information. Anything you lose comes round in another form. Here is an example: Expository Writing Q.Question 3 asks you to discuss a given proverb or quotation and explain what it means to you in one paragraph. o If you dilute a substance with water. it could be used to treat these symptoms in a sick person: ‘like cures like’. Information: • Homeopathy is a system of medicine in which a disease is treated by giving extremely small amounts of a substance that causes similar symptoms. (Total 12 Marks) Directions Using only the relevant information from the opinions expressed below. Every time water is added. He made two basic assumptions: o If a substance would produce the symptoms of a disease in a healthy individual. Here is an example: Argumentative Essay Q. You are asked to select relevant parts of the information and write a short argumentative essay supporting or refuting the proposition. • Homeopathy was devised by Samuel Hahnemann in the eighteenth century. Use of your own words in the essay will be rewarded by the examiners. Give an example from your own experience to support or disprove the truth of this proverb: “Don't worry. Try to express your ideas in your own words.3. write a short essay in favour of or against the proposition. its glass container is hit 10 times against a wooden striking board covered with leather on one side and PLEASE TURN OVER THE PAGE . (Total 6 Marks) Write a paragraph explaining the meaning of the following proverb. • Dilution has to be performed in a very specific way.

• What the homeopath actually gives you is usually a little sugar pill. • Diseases have a ‘natural history’. the packaging. It simply gets better by itself. • There is no reliable evidence that homeopathic medicine is more effective than a placebo but then the power of mind over matter. they are bad and then they get better. prepared from extremely small quantities of herbs. • Homeopathic remedies are given one at a time. As a result. thirty times over. The colour of the pills. especially when associated with ritual and ceremony. This statement has the power that. how much you pay for them and the beliefs of the person selling them all affect their potency.filled with horsehair. • There are very few doctors who are adequately trained in homeopathy and very few colleges offering comprehensive training. In modern homeopathy pill factories. There is no cure for the common cold. • Alternative therapists do not just give placebo treatments they give ‘placebo explanations’ – fanciful assertions about the nature of the patient’s disease with no grounding in evidence. END OF PAPER . In a sphere of water with the diameter of the distance from the earth to the sun there would be one remaining molecule of the original substance. whatever happens. can be remarkable. It has been demonstrated that two sugar pills are a more effective treatment than one sugar pill. • The real question with homeopathy is very simple: does it work? How do we know if any treatment is working? We ask the patient. This is the placebo effect. not a teaspoonful of water. not on animals. When you get better you naturally assume that whatever you did when the disease was bad must be the reason for recovery. They consider the mind while treating the symptoms. it stands as true. this task is carried out by specially designed robots. • Homeopathic remedies are tested on humans. minerals and animal products. Someone who has a positive experience with homeopathy will say: “All I know is it works for me. They are natural. • The typical homeopathic dilution is 30C: this means that the original substance has been diluted by one drop in 100. I get better when I take homeopathy”. Amputations without anaesthetic but with placebos have been carried out without pain. they can miss or ignore fatal conditions.

25 marks. Physics (20 MCQs). 7. Questions can be attempted in any order. Mark ONLY ONE answer to each question. No credit will be given for multiple answers. . Chemistry and Physics sub-section every wrong answer loses 0. There will be 120 questions in five sub-sections: Biology (20 MCQs). Science Reasoning (30 MCQs). 4. Attempt all questions. 2. If you change an answer. be sure that you completely erase the old answer before marking your new answer. 1. Mathematics Reasoning (30 MCQs). Chemistry (20 MCQs). In the Biology.THE AGA KHAN UNIVERSITY SAMPLE ADMISSION TEST PAPER 2012 MBBS Section II Science and Mathematics Time allowed: 2 hours and 15 minutes Candidate’s Name: ______________________________________________________ Application No: ______________________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS Please read the following instructions carefully. 3. Make sure that you write your name and application number in the space above and on the given answer sheet. 5. 6.

D. Chlorophyll a Chlorophyll b Xanthophyll Carotenoid Answer: D Answer: B 2. Diagram 2 represents a model of plasma membrane.Biology 1. Which of the labelled parts is hydrophobic in nature? Answer: A Answer: A . Diagram 1 shows a plant and a human exposed to intense sunlight. B. C. Which pigment protects the parts L and M from the effect of intense sunlight? A.

There is a pointer at X and a pencil at Y. The critical angle The speed of neutrons The speed of light in vacuum The specific heat capacity of the material Science Reasoning Questions 7-8 refer to the following information: A pantograph is a four-bar linkage mechanism used for drawing. The mass-energy equivalence equation is 2 E = mc . As the pointer at X is traced over a shape. the short bars are half the length of the long ones. 8. the pencil at Y draws the shape enlarged by a factor of two. D. 10 Nm 15 20 Nm 25 Nm Answer: B The size of the drawing traced out by the pencil depends upon the relative lengths of the bars in the pantograph. B. can move on a circular path. It consists of two long bars and two short bars pivoted to one another so that they can move freely in a plane. The point O is held fixed. B. What is represented by the symbol c in this equation? A. A force of 20 N is applied to open the door.In Figure 1 if O and Q are both held fixed. What torque will be produced? 7. D. cannot move. the point Y A. In the version shown in Figure 1 below. C.Which of the pantographs in Figure 2 will produce the biggest enlargement of the original shape? Answer: D . D. Answer: C 6. A. can move in a straight line. C. C. can move freely. B.Physics 5. Answer: B For Question 8 select the answer from the diagrams labelled A to D in Figure 2.

The total receipt for apples was equal to the combined receipt for pears and tomatoes. Answer: A END OF PAPER .000/10.00. II. V. D.50 per kilogram A total of 780 kilograms of pears and tomatoes was sold. IV. which of the following statements is correct for X and Y? A. D. How many kilograms of apples did the farmer sell? Which two of the following statements together provide sufficient information to answer the question? I. I and IV II and IV III and V I and III Answer: D Question 10 asks you to compare two quantities with the help of the information given below. Based on the above information. Quantities X and Y are equal. C. The relationship cannot be determined from the information given. C. Quantity Y is greater than Quantity X.500 for Salim's family Insurance Others Food Savings Rent and Utilities Not to scale Entertainment Quantity X: the monthly budget for food Quantity Y: Rs. B. 1. 4. and tomatoes by the kilogram for a total receipt of Rs. 480. B.0. The total receipt for tomatoes was 3 times the total receipt for pears. A.Mathematics Reasoning Question 9 refers to the following information: 9. pears. A farmer sold apples. III. The total receipt for apples was 4 times the total receipt for pears. Distribution of the monthly budget of Rs. Quantity X is greater than Quantity Y. Apples and pears were each sold at Rs.

Please use this page for rough work .

Please use this page for rough work .