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The small Safety Instrumented System (SIS) package is a scalable, small footprint, costeffective and highly reliable solution based on the Trident platform designed for High Integrity Pressure Protective System (HIPPS) with low I/O point count requirements. It provides the availability required to meet high processing speed in critical control applications.

Trident-Based Excessive Vent Flow Rate Protection System
Triconex® delivered a High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) to prevent excessive vent flow rate in the compressor trains. This system is to prevent excessive flow rate (>7.5 MM Nm3/day) to the vent system if the safety shutdown system fails to stop two compressors of a blocked outlet, at maximum capacity of 10 MM Nm3/day. Due to the criticality of the application and the associated operations this application required a high available safety system. The project was completed in 10 weeks.

To ensure the high availability of the application, three analog pressure transmitters are connected to the flow line downstream on each compressor. In the event of high pressure, each pressure transmitter generates a pressure alarm (PSH) in the Mission Critical PLC. The Mission Critical PLC system (application referred to as HIPPS), stops the compressor, and initiates closure of the shutdown valve in the feed fuelgas line to the gas turbine of each compressor. As a result of this modification, the probability of failure in stopping two compressors when high pressure falls below 10-5. This improves the safety and production performance of this process.

Business Value
Triconex safety system helps customers in protecting their production assets and complying with rigorous environmental standards; in turn customers meet and exceed production targets by maintaining maximum process uptime by safely operating their plants.

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