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The field of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning—HVAC—is the science and practice of controlling indoor climate to provide healthy and comfortable interior conditions in a well-designed, energy-efficient, and low-emissions environment. UC Berkeley Extension’s Certificate Program in HVAC provides thorough, up-to-date training in the design and operation of HVAC systems. Gain in-depth technical understanding of the principles and applications you need to design new HVAC systems and to retrofit existing systems to meet energy conservation standards. Who Will Benefit This certificate provides understanding of engineering fundamentals and systems operation, as well as knowledge of emerging issues in HVAC. It is ideal if you plan, design, install, and operate HVAC systems for buildings, 4 required Courses, 90 Hours of electives* (usually 3 courses) 14 Semester Units, 210 Hours of instruction
required Courses HVAC System Load Calculations and Psychrometry HVAC System Design Considerations HVAC Ductwork and Piping Systems HVAC Control and Energy Management System Course # X469 Units/CeU 2 fall 2010 Spring 2011

Summer 2011








*Please visit the website for a full list of available electives. Course availability is subject to change.

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html and include the nonrefundable registration fee.berkeley. contact course@unex.Prerequisites for admission There are no prerequisites for the Certificate Program in HVAC. we recommend completing the curriculum in a timely fashion. Learn more For additional information about the Certificate Program in HVAC. We recommend that you register for the certificate before you begin your third course in the curriculum. requirements may be updated based on new developments in the field of study. but a bachelor’s degree is recommended. UC Berkeley Extension is a respected provider of adult and professional Curriculum & Completion requirements This curriculum consists of 4 required courses and 90 hours of electives (usually 3 courses) for a total of 14 semester units (210 hours of instruction). please complete the form at extension.berkeley. Value of a UC Berkeley extension Professional Certificate As the continuing education arm of the University of California. You may enroll in individual courses without registering for the Certificate Program in HVAC.berkeley.html. enroll Now Visit extension. Candidates must pay a nonrefundable certificate registration fee. A Certificate with Distinction will be awarded to those who complete the certificate with a GPA of 3. visit extension. Berkeley. A UC Berkeley Extension professional certificate is approved by a UC Berkeley academic advisory board and widely recognized as proof of the successful completion of a high-caliber. All coursework must be completed within five years of registering for the certificate. However. All courses must be taken for a letter To receive the How to register for a Professional Certificate To register for the Certificate Program in HVAC. with a grade of C or better in each course. or call (510) 642-4151. in-depth course of study. you must maintain an overall minimum 2.5 or higher.5 grade point average (GPA).html ©2010 by the Regents of the University of California SS310FL657 HVAC flyer 8/10 .