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project work Entitled “ LIBERTY”.

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Until recently, a major part of the demand was met by the unorganized, produced by informal, large small Indian sector. Branded shoes, producers, multinationals

producing in India and imports, account for only less than 20% of the entire market. The branded footwear market is estimated to be 100 million pairs, made up of 5 million pairs of spore ts and athletic shoes and nearly 95 million pairs of shoes and boots. The segment is dominated by men’s footwear, and there are not more than three women’s brands known nationally. Footwear market is estimated at 550 million pairs, of which 450 million pairs are in the form of casual footwear, such India’s total as ethnic footwear, rubber and leather slippers, sandals etc, but not boots and shoes. Leather footwear has a sizeable share, and production is estimated to be at 200 million pairs, including for exports. The footwear market is expected to grow at 8-10%, based on recent trends. In value terms, the sector represents a market of US$ 2.17 billion, of which exports account for approximately 35%.

Both Bata and Liberty have launched international brands in India through tie-ups: Bata with Hush Puppies, Liberty with Burberry’s. An interesting feature of the market is the presence of several international players in the informal and sport shoes segment, which has a total market of only 5 million pairs. The major MNC players are Reebok, Adidas and Nike. Italian brands Lotto and Fila have franchise tie-ups in India, although the brand is not aggressively promoted.



Footwear market is estimated at 550 million pairs, of which 450 million pairs are in the form of casual footwear, such India’s total as ethnic footwear, rubber and leather slippers, sandals etc, but not boots and shoes. Leather footwear has a sizeable share, and production is estimated to be at 200 million pairs, including for exports. The footwear market is expected to grow at 8-10%, based on recent trends. In value terms, the sector represents a market of US$ 2.17 billion, of which exports account for approximately 35%.


Inroduction of Liberty
Liberty sells an estimated 50,000 pairs of shoes to men, women and kids on any given day. Casual, chic and comfort are the benchmarks that attract buyers to Liberty fashion shoes in more than 25 countries. Its dozen brands are liberally showcased in online shoe shops at enviable prices and fantastic designs.

Liberty Shoes began its journey when India was coming to grips with becoming an independent republic. The founders were P.D. Gupta, D.P. Gupta and R.K. Bansal. The year was 1954. The day was Christmas. The city chosen was Karnal, Haryana. The company named Liberty Shoes Limited (LSL). The aim was to offer freedom of choice to the Indian consumer. The three pioneers took over a dying shoe co-operative to turn it into a world-renowned footwear manufacturer and seller. Liberty Shoes Limited (LSL) began as exporters of uppers. Within a decade, it tied-up with a retail outlet in Hungary to provide stylish, smart and comfy Liberty fashion shoes. There has been no looking back for the company. Its presence has grown from a single showroom to 350 exclusive showrooms and more than 6,000 multi-brand shops. LSL also launched Liberty Retail Revolution Ltd. for the retail sector, with 'Revolutions' outlets across the metropolitan cities of Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai. Innovation and Internet for Liberty Shoes Liberty Shoes focused the attention of price-conscious consumers of the Indian market on to footwear that bespoke quality and class. Therefore, in 1982, when shoes for Rs. 50/- were a norm, LSL produced Rs. 300/- per pair of shoes with polyurethane technology. LSL kept adding to its high-class repertoire of shoes to create brands such as Force 10, Fortune,Tiptopp, Senorita, Coolers, Gliders, to name a few. Buy Liberty Shoes online to flaunt your style statement. Don't hop from one store to another in this heat. Instead sit at home and purchase stylishly designed footwear from web sellers. Be Stylish. Not only in how you wear your shoes but also in the way you shop for Liberty fashion shoes.

Buy Liberty Shoes Online Buy fashion shoes from your favorite shoe-stylist, BeStylish. Exercise your freedom to view the extensive collection. View your choice in details - from the front, back, sideways and from the top. beStylish lets every man, woman and child shop for the range of Liberty's sports shoes, fashion shoes, casual shoes, summer shoes and school shoes. We deliver your shoes to your doorstep, absolutely free of cost.

Company Profile

Liberty Shoes Ltd.

The company

Liberty Shoes Ltd. is the only Indian company that is among the top 5 manufacturers of leather footwear in the world with a turnover exceeding U.S. $100 million. We produce more than 50,000 pairs of footwear a day covering virtually every age group and income category. Products are marketed across the globe through 150 distributors, 350 exclusive showrooms and over 6000 multi-brand outlets, and sold in thousands every day in more than 25 countries including fashion-driven, quality-obsessed nations like France, Italy, and Germany With 50 years of excellence, today Liberty produces footwear for the entire family and is a trusted name across the world. In the domestic market it is one of the most admired footwear brands and holds the largest market share for leather footwear.

One of Humantech Centers in Karnal, Haryana

The Brief History of The Organisation
It was the 25th December of 1954 when India was nurturing its growth as a free country, three dreamers in a small town in erstwhile Punjab thought of producing an Indian brand of footwear to make a basic necessity available to their countrymen. Mr. D P Gupta, Mr. P D Gupta and Mr. R K Bansal allowed their vision to cross every barrier and brought cutting-edge technologies to their own country. Within a short span of time, the name, Liberty became a synonym to quality footwear in the domestic market and this encouraged the company to invest further for enhancing production capacities and to cater to the demands of international markets. With 50 years of excellence, today Liberty produces footwear for the entire family and is a trusted name across the world. In the domestic market it is one of the most admired footwear brands and holds the largest market share for leather footwear

The Stracture

Adarsh Gupta CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Adarsh Gupta is a Mechanical Engineer, having specialization in Polyurethane applications in Footwear and joined Liberty in 1983.He pioneered PU technology for the in India and helped make Liberty a leader in Domestic Market. He has also put into place a road map for Liberty foray in the International markets and aggressively marketed the brand. With a string of diversification Adesh has changed the company into a multi product conglomerate with interests in

Retailing, Automotive, Chemicals, Construction and Real estate sectors. Adesh has won many prestigious awards and a key functionary of CII and also the Chairman of IMC, ITI, Karnal.

Adarsh Gupta Executive Director Having honed his business skills over the last twenty years, Adarsh is widely traveled across the globe and understands the nuances of doing business at the global stage. An avid learner Adarsh continues to enhance his skills and acumen through development programs, many of which have international acclaim. Adarsh has done a diploma in Footwear design from the world acclaimed ARS Sutoria Institute, Milan, Italy. Shammi Bansal Executive Director Shammi Bansal is an eminent name in the leather and footwear industry of India. He started his quest for innovation and excellence in 1982 when he joined Liberty Shoes Ltd.

Sunil Bansal Director Russia, Hungary, Slovakia, Dubai, Germany, Italy, France are some of the countries that appear on his mental radar with a continuous blip reminding of Action. Even as he oversees the export of the Liberty products to these fashion destinations, Sunil patiently updates himself on trends the world over.

Raman Bansal Director A graduate with a Diploma in Shoe Designing under his belt Raman goes about his task with a sense of precision taking along with him a vast number of dealers and distributors. Sharing the marketing and sales policies with them and identifying the success component of each based on continuous feedback from the market.

Adish Gupta Director Looking closely at the expansion plans and the corresponding human resource requirements, Adish is constantly planning and strategizing to

Ensure the right resource is available at the right time and continuous inputs for the growth of the individual. Vivek Bansal Director He heads the Non Leather and PVC production facilities of the company. From procuring raw materials, to keeping the focus on fashion trends Vivek enjoys the hectic pace he sets for himself to innovate and surprise the system. Anupam Bansal Director

A keen learner Anupam has trudged through the retail markets in the country to get a first hand feel of the business of retailing. He is spearheading the company's focus on making the products available at fashion stores around the country.


Better methods. Better tools. Better technology. Enhanced productivity. Finest quality. Greater customer satisfaction. Liberty has a lot of firsts to its credit. It has introduced a new material called TPU (Thermo Plastic Urethane), for high quality footwear, into the country. This material has better properties than PVC or TPR (conventional materials used for footwear). Liberty has also been instrumental in introducing EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate), which is a direct injection molding used for making sole for the f

Irst time in Asia. This technology uses very light material & the footwear is made with the direct injection system.

Liberty also pioneered the PU (Poly Urethane) Technology in India for the footwear industry. Besides these Thermo Plastic Elastomer has been developed for the first time in India at Liberty. A CAD/CAM design center is in place at Liberty. The Sympatex waterproof technology in footwear was pioneered by also Liberty. Liberty is also the first company to market PPE products for safety purpose

Manufacturing Excellence

We call them Humantech Centers. When people visit us they see them as centers of Excellence for manufacturing shoes where technology works in perfect tandem with human creativity. Liberty has Humantech centers at four locations in India, the latest being the Uttaranchal project which was launched recently

to boost the production of world-class footwear. This Greenfield plant near Dehradun will increase the company's existing production capacity of 18 million units’ pa by 200,000 units

The locations of the four are Humantech Centers: GHARAUNDA, HARYANA (APPROX. 95 K.M. FROM DELHI) Gharaunda is the first plant of its kind in this part of Asia that is equipped with Desma machines for PU Direct Injection Moulding. Using PUF technology and Computer Aided Systems this vertically integrated plant produces Industrial Safety Shoes that are made to European standards. Sympatex TEX booties as well as ordinary booties are also made here. Beside these Gharaunda has a design center where an ambitious team of young designers working in tandem with experienced technologists.

Liberty puram, Haryana (102 k.m. from Delhi) About 14 km from Karnal this Humantech center, spread across 50 acres of landscaped greens, has 16 lines for Cement Last Construction footwear, 15 lines for Direct Injection Mounded footwear and 3 lines for EVA Direct Injection footwear. It is a manufacturing base for slippers and sandals that put the Chinese sheet slippers to shade, teenager's shoes with very light PVC soles as well as leather soles, shoes for both sexes as well as booties for ladies.

Karnal, Haryana (124 k.m. from Delhi) Liberty’s first manufacturing center caters essentially to the domestic market and produces Cement Last Construction as well as leather sole footwear for both men and women.

Dehradun in, Uttaranchal This new Humantech center makes Cement Last Construction footwear as well as the comfort range of sandals for ladies. It will soon also produce sports shoes for the likes of Reebok and Nike as well as for the domestic market.

Product Mix
Liberty has created a repertoire of 10 well developed brands, each one of which has been painstakingly nurtured to cater to its specified target group. Care has been taken to create a specific identity for each brand and to provide the latest international designs.

Today, the new range from Liberty is all about style, design, and comfort. The range imbibes the spirit of fun and is trendy to the core. There is a product for every season and occasion.

Force 10 has long perceived to be the flagship brand of Liberty, Force 10, today is Synonymous with value for money fashion sports shoes. It is a symbol of family force of Liberty which has 10 members. Targeted at the age Group of 13-28 year old boys and men, Force 10 produces over 600,000 pairs annually. Available in the range of Rs. 350 to Rs. 1250, Force 10 looks with

“Life at a force of 10”

Coolers are the brand of men’s sandals and slip-ons. These sandals cater to the age group of 21-45 years and are a stylish and comfortable accompaniment to any apparel. The range is amongst the most sought after during the summer months and over 1,000,000 sandals are produced every year. In the price range of Rs. 295 to Rs. 899, Coolers are indeed

“Cool comfortable sandals”

Foot fun has been created as an exclusive brand for children in the age group of 1 to 12 years. Children have their own peculiar requirements so far as footwear is concerned. The Liberty Foot fun addresses all concerns of style, comfort, fitting as well as gives special emphasis to the flexibility of the footwear. Bright and vibrant colors are to the USP of the range and the maintenance proof products add value for the children and parents alike. The products in this category include sandals, infant and toddler range of unisex shoes, sports shoes, and school shoes. The range is available in the price range at Rs. 135.00 to Rs. 395.00 and sells over 2,400,000 pairs annually. It conforms to the tag line.

“Non Stop Fun”

Fortune comprises of men’s formal and casual shoes in Leather from the House of Liberty. These shoes, meant for today’s students and executives in the age group of 18-45, combines the latest trends in formal wear abroad in to the most formal footwear. It is a sign of good luck, a symbol of being prosperous. The Fortune collection produces 600,000 pairs of shoes every year. In the price range of Rs. 850 – 1495, these shoes promise,

“It takes some men places”

A symbol of light weight footwear, it gives a feeling of floating in air. It is the most important brand of Liberty as it covers all segments, varieties, colours, designs and price ranges. It is a mass brand of the company. Gliders cater to the specific need of normal, semi-formal footwear as well as beachwear for the age group of 2-45 years. This range has something or the other to cater to the requirements of children, young men and women. Over 45, 00,000 pairs of Gliders footwear are produced each year in the price range of Rs. 125 to Rs. 1795. Gliders conform to the adage:

“Some things are just right”

Senorita is a brand that caters to the high design and fashion styling amongst young women. Bringing out the flair of each style, Senorita invites young

women in the age group of 14-26 to be comfortable as well as look the most delicately brought out the latest designs for this brand. Over 4, 50,000 pairs are produced in this range in the price category of Rs. 495 to Rs. 995. Senorita invites women to retain their youthfulness, vibrancy and energy through its tag-line

“Hey woman, stay girl”

Geo Sport exclusive professional sports shoes for 14-38 year olds; Geo Sport is targeted at budding and professional sportspersons. The shoes cater to niche of professional sportswear, 15,000 pairs of shoes are created every year in the price range of Rs. 895 - Rs. 1695. Geo Sport is important to serious player

“Because winning matters”

Warrior a range of safety shoes for institution sales and workers of the age group 21- 45 years comprise Warrior, because of its solid sturdy looks, Warrior is also becoming quite a rage with the young boys and men. The product line is available from Rs. 685-1195 and sells 4, 00,000 pairs annually.

Windsor provides casual and formal shoes for the young executives in the age group of 21 to 40 years. This brand caters to the need for power dressing for the young executives and allows the busy executive to make a statement in power dressing, which is as much at ease in the boardroom as in the cocktail lounge. The idea is to be comfortable wearing these attractive leather formal shoes over long periods every day, in keeping with the hectic lifestyles today. Over 750,000 pairs of Windsor are produced annually in the price range of Rs. 895 to Rs. 1999. Windsor truly believes

“What’s life without a little comfort?”

Tiptopp caters to providing comfortable and fashionable women’s slip-ons and sandals. This range is synonymous with comfort, durability and neat styling. Targeted at ladies in the age group of 24-40 years, this range sells 7, 50,000 pairs annually. Available in the price range of Rs. 325 to Rs. 550.


The methodology adopted for this market research is explained below:

Defining the research problem & objective  Developing the research plan for collecting information 

Implementing the research plancollecting & analyzing data  Interpreting & reporting the findings

The research methodology adopted was Descriptive in nature. The cross-sectional study has been used here. Information has been collected from a given sample of population only once. Also, the cross-sectional study is single in nature, because only one sample of respondents is drawn from the target population.

Data Collection
We have used a formal questionnaire to collect data. The survey had been done in two methods: telephonic interviewing and personal interviewing. Telephonic interviewing was traditional in nature and in-home personal interviewing was done.

We have used a questionnaire for data collection. The

questionnaire consists of questions that are judicious mix of both

close-ended and open-ended questions. As the study was to study the choice criteria to decide upon a company for shoe purchase and accordingly prepare the competitive update, i.e. Liberty Vs others, hence open-ended questions were necessary to get the inner information. Still, we made it as simple as possible.

Sampling Technique
The sampling technique used was a mix of Convenient. That is, we used no probability sampling technique in which we chose a sample of convenient elements.

Sample Design

Sample Size: 400 Execution: The approach as straight forward in the Shoe store. I approached the customers directly and requested them to fill the questionnaire.

Mission & Vision Mission
Its the mission of the Liberty Group to continuously improve the quality of Its the mission of the Liberty Group to continuously improve the quality of its products using cutting its products using cutting-edge technologies and following the latest trends. Edge technologies and following the latest trends. The group emerged with an enthusiasm to offer world. The group emerged with an enthusiasm to offer world class products to its class products to its countrymen and it will carry forward the same attitude along with the countrymen and it will carry forward the same attitude along with the determination to be the global leader. Determination to be the global leader A mission with a cause, A vision with an attitude´ The goal of an organization gets reflected in its mission and vision. Liberty, The goal of an organization gets reflected in its mission and vision. Liberty, feel the pride of having a goal that inspires us to operate for the feel the pride of having a goal that inspires us to operate for the advancement of the people. Advancement of the people..

The Group is committed to achieve the highest performance standards in each area of its business. It envisages itself as the most trusted name all each area of its business. It envisages itself as the most trusted name all over the world. Over the world

Print Campaign

Liberty has tried to project itself as a brand of style. They made print campaigns with powerful one liners targeting each segment. For example in the first print campaign shown above they have targeted the youth in the age group of 14-24. They have targeted the youth in that phase of life in which they are undecided about where their life is heading, where their careers are headed and where they

In the second print campaign they have used stylish models such as Nethra Ranganathan to represent style and fashion. They have

targeted the urban Indian woman who is style and fashion conscious. They have also cited the importance of the correct kind of footwear.

Liberty has targeted various segments like the school college going youth, the working mothers, the stylish urban woman and children. In the above print campaigns they have targeted children and the stylish office going male. They have portrayed the child as having her own identity. They have also portrayed the urban Indian working male as stylish and a winner in all he does. They have very beautifully used the psychographics of the segments.

In each of their print advertisements they have portrayed Liberty as a brand used by individuals having a separate identity, whether it be the identity of a child or an urban Indian youth. Punch lines like ‘Competition, Winning Edge, I have it all’, ‘Peer pressure? Boys? Every Step I take is very much me’ or ‘Daddy’s eyes, Mummy’s nose, My shoes are just my own’.

The marketing division takes aggressive promotional exercise throughout the year. Special marketing communication mix are devised for special occasions like Diwali, Id, Christmas etc. company promotes its products by adding value to the lifestyle and a part is the most important person at satisfying consumer’s A customer of the ambitions. It aims ever in this office…….in esteem and self-actualization needs so that consumer can

What is a customer?

person or by mail.

Relate themselves with the company. However, for promotion of its the main instrument of the company is its “SHOWROOM POLICY”. This policy ……… we are dependentand A customer is not dependent on us aims at reaching more on more customers through Liberty showroom


A customer is not an interruption of our work…… he is the purpose of it. We are not doing a favor by serving him……. He is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do so.

A customer is not someone to argue or match wins with. Nobody ever wins an argument with a customer.

A customer is a person who brings us his wants. It is our job to handle them profitably to him and to ourselves.

The Strategies & Plan Being Implemented By The Organization SWOT ANALYSIS
STRENGTH • Established brand name. • Wide Dealers network. • Bondage between company and employees. • Customer’s faith. • Leaders in quality • Economies of scale • Infrastructure WEAKNESS • After sales service like replacement of shoe is very poor. • Price of products offered is not satisfactory. • Company representative doesn’t visit dealers frequently. • Sustained growth rate


• Have the opportunity of grabbing the market share through launching of new & wide range of products with new designs. • Wide market in low price shoes as most population is financially weak in our country. • Existing successful products of company. • Increase sales by giving incentives to sales officers and dealers. • Develop market sensitive product line. • Globalization THREATS • Cut throat Competition • Due to lack of good design of products and good after sales service the company can lose their customer to other companies who provide good quality of product and after sales service. • Competition for resources • New entries in the market • Unforeseen conditions.


This project is based on the study of “Customer perception and market potential about “LIBERTY SHOES”. The market of Liberty is prosperous & customer perception about it is good. Major findings include that although company holds a very good reputation in the market, it failed to satisfy customers on few aspects. Although the company offers very good product quality but slightly on a higher price, and few problems like unattractive designs, low customer preferences in comparison with MNC’s like Nike, Reebok, bad color combination, effective presence only in northern part of the country are few problems with the Liberty. Lack of good advertising & promotional Strategies has made Liberty to fall little low in the number game. The company should improve the technology and designing process according to latest fashion and trends in the apparels market. Company is facing stiff competition from Action, Lakhani, Bata, Red Tape, Lee cooper Red Chief, Nike, Adidas, Reebok. Apart from that company can indulge in promotional activities in rural areas where market potential is really good.


• Marketing management –Kotler Philip • Statistical method-Gupta S.P • Research methodology-Kothari-C.R • Footwear Digest • Footwear and leather Fashion • World footwear • Company’s Handouts & Bulletins.
• •

www.libertyshoes.com www.google.com

We have taken the initiative to create a retail team for Liberty Shoes. We foresaw that the retailers needed to take a quantum leap forward if footwear shopping was to be turned into a rewarding experience. Re-christening them as channel partners, we have worked towards establishing a very interactive

relationship through periodic channel partners meet that gives a big boost to our sales and benefits our partners as well. We also ensure that the relationship with the partners extends beyond conventional business dealings. We have achieved this by making them all feel like members of a close-knit family who is working together, evolving together and prospering together. Liberty Shoes’ south India initiatives

Thursday, 10 February 2011 With production levels of more than 50,000 pairs a day, Liberty Shoes plans to invest Rs 30-50 crores in the next one year to expand its retail presence in south India. This is part of its aggressive pan-India expansion policy. According to Anupam Bansal, Managing Director, the company has plans of investing Rs 50 lakh to Rs 1 crore in each exclusive store in various cities and smaller town of south India. Liberty Shoes already has 37 exclusive stores in south India, which ensure good business for the company. It now plans to open about 50 new stores in the next year, where nearly 80 per cent would be in Tier-II, III cities. With over 50 years of brand excellence, Liberty produces footwear for the entire family and is one of the most admired brands in India. And this is expected to stand the company in good stead in the south Indian markets.

The company also has plans set up a centralized warehouse for south India, probably in Bangalore, in another six months. This would help speed up its south India operations. Ramesh Sadhu, the CEO of Liberty Retail Revolutions said the company would initially have stores in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. Liberty has already initiated expansion in the southern market around six months ago and would be focusing on school shoes, which is a profitable segment there. As a brand it’s constantly evolving to keep pace with the changing trends and aspirations of people while maintaining the sanctity of certain traditions like workmanship and good value. The company

is among the top manufacturers of leather footwear in the world with a turnover exceeding $100 million. Liberty shoes are also marketed across the globe through 150 distributors, 350 exclusive showrooms and over 6,000 MBOs and sold in more than 25 countries including France, Italy and Germany.