Level 1

This will begin with the gamers training to become a navy SEAL. The gamer will go through the BUD phase which is the first phase in a SEALs training. They will go through basic conditioning which will involve physical training. Then they will learn diving skills in which they will learn how to complete longdistance underwater dives. The last part of this level will be based on Land Warfare. They will learn how to navigate the land and go through weapon training. The weapon training will unlock some of the weapons they will need later on in the game once they get to the mission portion of the game.

Level 2
This level will put the gamer through the Post-BUD phase. The gamer will go through basic parachute training. Once they successfully learn how to parachute the will be taught sniper skills and free fall parachuting. They also go through an additional weapon training in order to unlock more weapons and go through target practice.

Level 3
This level of the game will be set in New York on September 11, 2001. You’re player will be obligated to volunteer himself to help out with all of the chaos after the crash of the twin towers. He will have a goal of saving up to 25 people within the matter of 3 hours. The 3 hours will not be our time; it will be gaming time as the rest of the game will also be.

Level 4
In this level the game fast forwards to 2010 in which the SEALs will begin training for Operation Neptune Spear. They will have all of their previous training tested and then they will begin practicing in a Pakistan like setting. Once they learn how to navigate that land they will practice the raid on the compound. They will learn how to navigate to each room in the compound without being seen by any of their potential enemies. In this level of the game they will unlock the Stealth Hawk which is the helicopter they will use to fly into Pakistan.

Level 5
This is the mission portion of the game. The SEALs are finally going to Pakistan! First they will have to land outside of the compound without being heard or noticed. They will then have to get to Osama’s room without getting killed by one of his body guards and they will have to do this in a timely manner. If the clock runs out then the level restarts. Once they kill Osama they will have to kill any other al-Qaeda leaders in the compound without inuring any hostages. Getting out of the Pakistan with Osama’s body and no one hurt will be their goal and the end of the game. The last scene in this game will be of President Obama’s announcement to everyone that the SEALs found and killed Osama Bin Laden.