Act V, Scene 5

[Ene B, Dadani, Cli, Sao, and Volmni.]
Come, poor remains oI Iriends, rest on this rock.
Statilius signalled with the torchlight, but, my lord,
He did not come back. He is captured or killed.
Sit down, Clitus; killing is the word,
It is an action when it is practiced. Listen, Clitus.
What, I, my lord? No, not Ior all the world.
Quiet then, no words.
I'd rather kill myselI.
Listen, Dardanius.
Should I do such a thing?
Oh Dardanius!
Oh Clitus!
What harmIul request did Brutus make to you?
To kill him, Clitus. Look, he meditates.
Now that noble vessel is Iull oI grieI,
So that it runs over even at his eyes.
Come here, good Volumnius; listen to a word.
What says my lord?
Why, this, Volumnius:
The ghost oI Caesar has appeared to me
Two diIIerent times at night, here in the Philippi Iields.
I know my time has come.
Not so, my lord.
No, I am sure it is, Volumnius.
You see the world, Volumnius, the way it goes;
Our enemies have driven us to the pit.
[Lo call o am.]
It is more worthy to jump in ourselves
Than to wait till they push us. Good Volumnius,
You know that the two oI us went to school together;
II only because oI that old Iriendship, I ask you
To hold my sword hilts, while I run on it.
That's not a job Ior a Iriend, my lord.
[Call o am conine.]
Run, run, my lord, there is no waiting here.
Farewell to you, and you, and you, Volumnius.
Strato, you have been asleep all this time;
Farewell to you too, Strato. Countrymen,
My heart rejoices that still in all my liIe
I met no man who wasn't true to me.
I shall have glory Irom this losing day
More than Octavius and Mark Antony
Will gain Irom this evil victory.
So Iare you well at once, Ior Brutus' tongue
Has almost ended his liIe's history.
Night hangs on my eyes, my bones want to rest,
They have only worked to reach this hour.
[Call o am. C ihin, "Rn, n, n!"]
Run, my lord, run.
Go! I will Iollow.
[Ei Cli, Dadani, and Volmni.]
I ask you, Strato, stay by your lord.
You are a Iellow with a good reputation;
Your liIe has some taste oI honor in it.
Hold my sword, and turn away your Iace,
While I run upon it. Will you, Strato?
Give me your hand Iirst. Farewell, my lord.
Farewell, good Strato.
[Rn on hi od.]
Caesar, now be still,
I did not kill you with halI as much resolve.
[Call o am. Reea. Ene Anon, Ocai, Meala, Lcili, and he am.]
What man is that?
My master's man. Strato, where is your master?
Free Irom the bondage you are in, Messala;
The conquerors can only make a Iire out oI him;
For Brutus only conquered himselI,
And no other man has honor Irom his death.
Just like that Brutus should be Iound. I thank you, Brutus,
Because you have proved Lucilius' words true.
I will take into my service everyone who served Brutus.
Fellow, will you employ your time with me?
Yes, iI Messala will recommend me to you.
Do so, good Messala.
How did my master die, Strato?
I held the sword, and he ran onto it.
Octavius, then take him to Iollow you,
Who perIormed the last service to my master.
This was the noblest Roman oI them all:
All the conspirators, except only him,
Did what they did because oI envy oI great Caesar;
He alone, out oI a generally honest thought
And the common good oI all, joined them.
His liIe was noble, and the elements
Were so balanced in him that Nature might stand up
And say to all the world, "This was a man!"
Let us treat him in accordance with his virtue,
With all respect and rites oI burial.
His bones shall lie within my tent tonight,
Just like a soldier, treated honorably,
So call the army to rest and let's go,
To share the glories oI this Iortunate day.
[Ei all.]

. [Call o a m con in e. N . . . . . R .I . .S Brutus. . W Brutus. . P . . . F S F M I I M W S . A . T ' . .I Y O [Lo call o a m . . I V . .] I T Y I T Volumnius.V .C . .G . C Volumnius. . Brutus. . . .V . . . .V C . Volumnius. .V . W T T I .] Clitus. . Brutus. . V ? : . B ' .S ' O M . N .

. ' ? . n!"] i hin.] . .] . Brutus. . . . Re ea . . Oc a i .H N T [Call o a m . . . En e An on .] Octavius. . ? . . . . ? . S o d. and Vol mni . G Brutus. Da dani . . "R n.F . . [Call o a m .S .W . Me ala. . F [R n on hi C I [Die . C Clitus.M . . ' . G !I [E i Cli I Y Y H W Strato. W Messala. I . L cili .S . M Strato. R . .] . n. .S . and he a m . F T F B A Lucilius. .

O W Anton . M B L ' . D . . . . . . Strato. . . Y . Octavius. I Messala. I F . "T !" . . ' .] .J B Octavius. . . L W H J S T [E i all. Messala. M .B . . : . .I . .S . N . R . ? . B ? . T A D H A H W A Octavius. C . H Strato. . .

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