GBA Tool Advance 0.7a by coolhj Contents: I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII.

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I. Overview GBA Tool Advance is a gba rom tool with the functions below. 1.Header Viewer 2.Intro Remover 3.Overdump Fixer 4.fix header 5.Intro Drawer 6.IPS Patcher 7.SRAM Patcher 8.Rom Trimmer 9.Reboot/Sleep mode 10.Clock fix for Pokemon sapphire & ruby. II. What's new Correct some publisher code. Correct some save check. III. QuickStart 1.Header Viewer With this function you can check the rom header info,Drag your gba rom and dorp it on the application. 2.Intro Remover With this function you can remove the general intro,just like gbaintroremover yo u used to use. Note:don't try to edit the start offset if you are not sure where it is,For the unusual intro rom,even if you know the start offset,the game still doesn't work after removing the intro,because the game start address has been modified by rel ease group. 3.Overdump Fixer With this function you can fix the rom overdumped. Note:make sure that the rom is REALLY overdumped. 4.Fix Header With this function you can fix the header if this header is corrupt. The rom with corrupt header can't be run on the GBA hardware or on emu with BIOS . 5.Intro Drawer

Version History 0.Clock fix With this funtion you can make the Real Time Clock runs during play time.but the size will cut down after being ziped.the intro file is very small. exc ept the compressed Famicom Mini series.6a fix a damn bug that will delete your files 0.Reboot/Sleep mode With this function you can Reboot your game. now SRAM patcher support all kind of non-sram format.FLASH_v123.7 SRAM Patch now support EEPROM_V125. 2. 10.FLASH_v121. enter to the sleep mode and wake up by pressing any combine key. Note: 1.EEPROM_v124. This function is for hardware only. 3.EEPROM_v126.With this function you can draw the intro and make it the independent intro file .FLASH_v126. 9. 8. 1. don't try to patch th em both.6 update publisher's database update serial Improved SRAM Patcher. it is for the hardware that doesn't support RTC.SRAM Patcher Comes in handy for people that can't use the eeprom/flash saves right. FLASH512_v130.Rom Trimmer With this function you can cut down your gba rom size to the most likely actual size.EEPROM_v121. 0. 6.5 Fix a deathful bug Add new function Rom Trimmer Note: Don't use version contains a deathful bug that will delete . the bin code of this function is made by elffinal. you can set the combine key as you wish. 2.Not for the data compresse d Famicom Mini series.but not always work s.FLASH1M_v102. It is for EEPROM_v111. This function is not compatible with ph0x's BOMA.FLASH512_v130.FLASH1M_v103.FLASH_v125. Correct some serial tag.FLASH_v124.original draw Save the original rom with all game data gone.EEPROM_v122.4 anymore. if you want to test it on emu.IPS Patcher With this function you can patch an ips to the rom.EEPROM_v120. 7.single draw Only save the intro with header. don' t forget to run it with BIOS.EEPROM_V126. Add Reboot/Sleep mode function Add Clock fix 0.FLASH_v120. Note: It is for Pokemon sapphire & ruby series only IV.the intro file is large(original s ize).EEPROM_v12 5.

Copyright This software is produced by coolhj. is freeware.4 More publisher(maker) can be detected. logo. Intro remover now can automatic detect which value to pad (most likely value.1a beta Fix a small bug 0.dat is not needed.nexus30 .2 Savetype check completed You can save the header info in a text can delete it from your harddisk or Email to coolhj@21cn. Add new function IPS Patcher Add new function SRAM Patcher (EEPROM_V111 format not supported yet) 0.1 beta First release version. V.altervista. 0. 0.please contact me at http://www. If you have any problem or find any bugs.You can use it free. Info can be saved into clipboard SRAM Patcher now support the newest format EEPROM_v124 0. Support & Help Thanks for reading this readme and not minding my poor intact.FFs or 00s) Fully support Zip file Support Drag & Dorp file to application.copy it f ree and spread it free.but you must make the packed file GBATA. Future Watch Any idea I think VI.3 More publisher(maker) can be detected.