TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig

Am98Lesson 1: I See Engagement

(Picture of children on their way to school)

What are the things we see on our way to school? What are the shapes or colors that we usually see? How can seeing things help you to be safe when you go out?

Maria Francessa L. Abat

TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig

(Picture of children doing the activity)

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Get a partner. Choose five things from your bag, but don’t show it to your partner. Your partner will do the Close your eyes. Guess the things your partner has by just touching it. Your partner will do the same. Answer the following: How many did you guess? Was it easy? Why or why not? What are the things that you were not able to see? What will happen if you are not able to see? Give examples of the things that you can’t do without your eyes.

Maria Francessa L. Abat

TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig

Our Eyes

Picture of a garden

We use our eyes to see. Our eyes are the sense organ. We sense by seeing things around us. Through our eyes we see different shapes and sizes
(Picture f children pointing in the street with air bubbles as they talk to each other) Child 1: Oh! What a tall tree ! It would be fun to climb up there. ( they are not talking to one another but to another person) Child 2: That ball is so round, I hope I can have something like that.

We also see different colors with our eyes
( Children Crossing the street) Child: Oh! Let us wait for the stop light to turn red before we cross the street.

 Did you know that western babies have blue eyes and Asian babies have dark brown eyes while inside their mother’s womb? Elaboration  Eyes can change color as one grows. ( omgfacts.com)

Maria Francessa L. Abat

Abat . This is a method in writing and reading using dots so that blind people can feel them rather than read the with their eyes.answers. We see with our eyes.TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig I. Draw a star if the sentence is true and a sun if it is false. __________4. Form a group of 4 2. Discuss the things you can do in school with seeing things and the things that you can do without seeing 3. Without my eyes I can…. We can tell how big or small is the object using our eyes.. Everyone has two eyes for seeing Did you know…? • In 1825. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is 10 volumes in Braille (http://wiki. Evaluation II. __________2.com) • Explanation Maria Francessa L.. braile was invented by Louise Braile. CLT 1. List down your answers in the table With my eyes I can…. We see the shapes but not the colors __________3. Braille takes up more space than print. We can tell if the object smells bad using our eyes __________5.. __________1.

( Picture) 4. Wash your hands before touching your eyes ( Picture) 7. When wacthing. (Picture) 2. Don’t’ watch too much television. Here are some ways on how you can take care of your eyes. The light should be on your left shoulder when you’re sitting down. Avoid reading while inside moving vehicles ( Picture) 3. stay at least 8 feet away from the tv Elaboration Maria Francessa L. Eat healthy foods. 1. Yellow colored vegetables have vitamins that help our eyes become healthy. Avoid putting sharp and pointed objects near your eyes. Do not look directly to sun. See an eye doctor at least once a year ( Picture) 6. ( Picture) 5. Make sure you are well lighted when you read. Abat . (Picture) 8.TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig How do we take care of our eyes? Our eyes are important.

Picture of child reading with lights 5. Draw a smiling face on the situation that shows a child taking care of her/ his eyes __________1. Joyce likes to stay late to read her favorite book. Annalyn washes her hands before she touched her eyes to see why it’s itchy. Lesson 2: I Hear Engagement Maria Francessa L. Picture of child reading inside the school bus 3. __________5. Dianne throws her lunch in the trash can because she doesn’t like to eat carrots. Abat . Audrey goes to the eye doctor for her yearly checkup. __________2. He would go under his blanket and use a flashlight so his mom would not stop him from reading. Color the picture that shows a proper way of taking care of your eyes. Picture of child scratching his/ her eyes with dirty hands 4. Grace closes the book she is reading when ride the bus. Picture of child poking his/ her eyes with a sharpened pencil Evaluation II.TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig Exercise I. __________4. 1. __________3. Picture of child eating vegetables 2.

One has a headphone on and one is covering his ear because a big truck passed by Child with ear phone: I like this song Child covering his ears: Ouch! The horn is so too much! Why does the boy covering his ears? What do you think the boy on headphone is listening? What are the different things you hear when you live your house? Exploration Children doing the activity Maria Francessa L.TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig Picture of children crossing the street. Abat .

Abat . Name that Sound 1..TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig Try this. Ask 10 of your classmates to speak one at a time 3. Blindfold your eyes 2.. Guess the name of your classmate speaking 4. Did you guess him/her? How? Explanation Our Ears (Picture of a fiesta where some people are covering their ears with the parade and there is a singing contest nearby where people are clapping) Maria Francessa L.

TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig We can hear because of our ears. Abat . Not all sounds are alike. Our sense organ is the ear. (Picture of girls whispering while there is an elderly woman sleeping in a rocking chair on an open window with wind blowing) Why are the girls whispering? What kind of sound does the wind blowing from the window makes? What are the things that make soft sounds? Picture of a New Year’s eve celebration There are also loud sounds. We sense through hearing. Maria Francessa L. There are soft sounds that sometimes are hard to hear. Sounds that are too loud can be harmful for our ears. We have two ears. We hear different sounds around us because of them.

Abat .TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig Why do the children need to cover their ears? What will happen if they will not do it? What are the things that make loud sounds? Elaboration SharePicture of the things being used some sounds to your friends! Maria Francessa L.

(If you use tin cans. Try to talk with your friend.) • • • • • • 2. Use the nail to poke a hole in the middle of the bottom of each yogurt cup. 5. Now you've got a telephone! Hold one cup up to your ear. With your scissors.. Did You Know? Telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell whose mother and wife both can’t hear.TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig You will need. and give the other cup to your friend. 1. Abat . ask a grown up to help you make a hole with a hammer and the nail. Reach into the cup with your fingers and pull the string a few inches. nail (you'll also need a hammer if you use tin cans) two empty yogurt cups (you can also use two tin cans) scissors string paper clips a friend 1. Poke the end of the string through the hole into the cup. Do the same thing with the other cup 6. 4. Picture of a train Maria Francessa L.. cut a 10 feet string 3. Color the object that produces soft sound red. Evaluation I. Tie the end of the string to a paper clip. make sure that the string is tight for it to work.

Picture of a butterfly flying 3. Feeling _____10. Eyes Explanation Our ears are important. Chew _____5. Trumpet _____9. Soft sounds _____7. Ears _____2. Maria Francessa L. Hearing _____4. Here are some ways in how we can do it. that is why. Picture of a jackhammer II. Abat . Picture of an airplane 5. Loud sounds _____8. Picture of a chirping bird 4. Sight _____3.TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig 2. Sounds ______6. we have to take good care of them. Check all the things that you learned about the ears _____1.

See your doctor if you feel any earache because it might be an infection. (Picture) 2. Don’t put anything inside your ears. Picture of child cleaning his/ her ears with cloth. Maria Francessa L. (picture) Elaboration: Check the picture that shows a proper way of taking care of one’s ear. Avoid going to noisy places (picture) 5. Abat . Some air comes out of our ears and too much of it may be harmful. Clean your ears only once a week. Don’t sneeze so hard. (picture) 4. 1. The ear wax helps protect or ears. (picture) 3.TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig 1.

Abat . Encircle the statement that shows proper care for one’s ears. Kim keeps the volume of her radio high. table. Child 2: I agree. 5. Picture of a child listening to moderate music. Picture of pointed things 3. Evaluation: A. Picture of a child cleaning his/her ears regularly. Lesson 3: Smell it smells awful. 3. Picture of loud places 2. and color the things that we should avoid with RED. Picture of hard sneezing. 1. 2. Noemi cleans his ears with cotton buds. 4. Josie listens to loud music. I can already smell that it is not good to eat. 4. 4. Picture of a child listening to very loud music. 3. Picture of a doctor. Picture of a children smelling foods on the 5. Color the pictures that we can use for proper care of our ears with GREEN. B. Picture of child sticking pencil on his/her ear.TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig 2. Maria Francessa L. Sheila likes to listen to classical music. 5. Picture of soft cloth or soft buds. 1. Jacob cleans his ears with metal. Child 1: Don’t eat this one.

Abat .TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig What are the things that you can smell at the morning? What are the scents that we usually smell? How can smelling help you on your everyday life? What can you say about the smell or odor of things? Exploration Picture of children doing the activity Maria Francessa L.

allowing you to enjoy the smells of the world. Get a partner. Maria Francessa L. 6. Abat . 4. alcohol. garlic. 2. Write down his/her answers. Put a small amount of each object on the containers.TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig What you will need Blindfold 6 containers with different content 6 different object with strong scents or odors (Vinegar.org Explanation Our Nose The nose is an important part of the human body. ginger. blindfold him/her 3. DID YOU KNOW? People who cannot smell have a condition called Anosmia. Check your answers and see who got most number of correct answers. 5. Do the same procedure with yourself and let your partner be your guide. library.thinkquest. cologne. onion) 1. Open a container and let your partner smell the content and ask him/her to guess what is that content.

As we get older. The sense is to smell. Picture of Old person and Children Elaboration Smelling Picture of children doing the activity Maria Francessa L. Children are more likely to have better senses of smell than their parents or grandparents. Abat . We use smelling to identify things around us. Our sense organ is the nose. Without the sense of smelling we wouldn’t be able to taste our food fully. We use our nose to smell. The air goes into our nose and into our body. Smelling also helps us taste the food we eat better. (Picture of things that smell good) Some things smell bad (Picture of things that smell bad) We use smelling to identify if the food we are about to eat are still good to eat. Some things smell good. our sense of smell gets worse. We use our sense of smell as well to identify places and even people.TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig Picture of the Nose We breathe through our nose.

Abat . Pizza (Picture of Pizza) 3. All the kids take a turn and the winner is the person who identifies the most friends correctly. Our nose is our sense organ for smelling. Trash bin (Picture of a trash bin) 5. Maria Francessa L. ______________3. Rose has a pleasant smell ______________2. Cake (Picture of a cake) Explanation How to Take Care of Your Nose 1. ______________1. _______________5. Soap (Picture of soap) 4. 3. Encircle the objects with pleasant smell and cross out the objects with unpleasant smell. Evaluation A. And an x if it is not. 2. Vinegar (Picture of vinegar) 2. You should cover your nose when you smell smoke. 1.TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig Although the scent of a person is not usually one of the first things another person notices. 1. The other children stand in front of the blindfolded child and the player smells each one and calls out the name. Objects may smell pleasant or unpleasant. It is proper to pierced your nose. Each child should take a turn blindfolded. A kid might be interested to find out if he can identify his friends by scent alone. First is stop putting dangling or nose piercings in your nose because it can cause infection. ______________4. B. Put a check on the line before the number if the ststement is correct.

6. Cover your nose when you pass by a dirty place. Do not stick a foreign substance inside your nose. 4. You should blow it regularly. 5.TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig Picture of pierced nose. Clean your nose with a clean handkerchief. Habits such as nose picking or putting whatever things that should not be put in there re doesn't do any good since you don't know how would it affect your nose. 3. 2. Elaboration Picture of children doing the activity Maria Francessa L. Abat .

__________________________ 3. Abat .__________________________ 5. Evaluation List down things that smells bad 1_________________________ 2. the smoke of a bonfire or barbecue. Write down the things that you smell and what are the things that you like the smell._________________________ 5. the dampness after a rain shower. 3. 2. 4. Go for a smelly walk outside in a park or garden in the garden or just outside your room. Explain to your classmate why do you think it is important for us to smell and take care of our nose. 5._________________________ List down things that smells bad 1.__________________________ Picture of children eating different kinds of food. Sense of Taste Engagement Maria Francessa L. compost. Smell herbs. flowers.__________________________ 4.________________________ 4. With an adult go out with your friends and classmates.TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig Smelly Walk 1.________________________ 3.__________________________ 2. cut grass.

TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig What are the foods you like to eat? Do you like sweet foods? What do you use to taste foods? Exploration Picture of foods that are Sweet. Abat . sour. bitter and salty. Maria Francessa L.

Our sense of taste. Put a triangle on the foods that are sour. Box the foods the are salty. Elaboration Sample of foods. We also have to use our sense of smell to taste food well. Explanation Picture of food that shows scents or aroma. Can you taste well if you have colds? The food you eat doesn’t have much of taste or flavor.TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig From the pictures above. We do not only use our tongue to taste food. The scent is picked up by our nose that helps you tell the flavor of the food you eat. Maria Francessa L. Encircle the food that you think is sweet. Abat . Cross out the foods that are bitter. Our sense of taste and sense of smell work together to give us the flavor of the food.

Abat . pineapple and banana. Maria Francessa L. 3. the class will ask both students what are the fruits that they have tasted. 5. 4. After tasting. The second student will do the same but he/she will cover his/her nose while tasting the fruit. The first student will taste all the fruits one at a time.TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig 1. In a table there will be a set of foods like fruits like mango. 2. Evaluation Exploration Picture of the children doing the activity. Both students will be blindfolded.

Abat . Find a partner 2. salty or bitter. Explanation Our Tongue Picture of our tongue and its parts. Our tongue can tell only four different taste. sour. Write down and compare your answers. It can tell if something is sweet. Elaboration Picture of the child doing the activity Maria Francessa L.TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig What to need Mirror Partner 1. 4. 3. The nerve endings in the tongue are connected to the brain. Tongue helps in chewing and swallowing food. Using a mirror open your mouth and ask your partner to tell you what are the things that he/she can see in your tounge. Change roles and do the same with your partner. Our tongue is our sense organ of taste. It helps us in speaking.

We must take care of our tongue. List down the foods that you can see in your kitchen. Write down what could be the taste of foods you see. 2. clean also your tongue.TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig Go to your kitchen Search your kitchen for the different spices and foods. Sip hot soups slowly 3. Avoid putting objects into your mouth. Write them on the space provided. Share your answers in the class. Evaluation A.When you brush your teeth. Do the following reminders 1. Abat . 1. Name some foods for each kind of taste.Sweet _______________ _________________ __________________ ______________ Maria Francessa L.

Maria Francessa L. Bitter _______________ _________________ __________________ ______________ 4. Color the pictures that shows proper tongue care with GREEN. Sour _______________ _________________ __________________ ______________ 3. (Show picture) 2.Sipping hot soup fast. Put objects in your mouth.Brushing the tongue (Show picture) 3. color the things you should avoid with RED.TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig 2. 1. (Show picture) Sense of Touch Engagement Different pictures of skin feelings. Abat . Salty _______________ _________________ __________________ ______________ B.

Abat . What are the different things that you can feel? What do you use to feel? Exploration Picture of the student doing the activity Maria Francessa L.TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig Look at the pictures above.

heavy or light. Tell whether these are soft. smooth. Ask a partner to do the same with your things and compare your answers. cold.TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig Open your bag. hard. Explanation Our sense of feel. Touch the things using your hands. Identify the things that you can see in your bag. Bring out the things you can see in your bag. hot. rough. Maria Francessa L. Abat .

TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig We have our sense of feel to be aware of the things around us. We touch things to know its texture whether it is smooth or rough. Evaluation Encircle the object that matches the description in each number 1. Fill in the table below to classify the following materials. Sandpaper Basketball Ballpen Cotton 2. Compare your answers with the class. Feel each of the materials. (Picture of Smooth and Rough) We touch things too to know its temperature whether it is cold or hot (Picture of Cold and Hot) We touch things to determine if it is soft or hard. (Picture of soft and hard) Elaboration Sense of touch Materials needed Silk Rock Twigs Sponge 1. Soft Hard Cold Hot Smooth Rough 3. one which is rough) Maria Francessa L. Rough (Show pictures of different things. Abat .

How does it feel? Maria Francessa L.TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig 2. Smooth (Show pictures of things. one should be hot) 5. Soft (Show pictures of things. one should be hard) 3. one should be smooth) 4. Hard (Show pictures of things. Abat . Hot (Show pictures of things. one should be sof Our Skin Exploration Touch your arms.

We are able to touch and feel things because of our skin. We know if things are hot or cold. Does it feel like yours? What do you think would happen if you don’t have a skin? What do you think your skin is for? Explanation Picture of skin and its parts. Here are some tips for us to take care of our skin. Abat . scratches and diseases.TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig Touch the hands of one of your classmate. soft or hard. Maria Francessa L. That’s why we should take good care of it. rough or smooth because of our skin. Our skin serves as our cover and protection of our body from wounds. Elaboration Our skin is a very important body part.

France puts on sunblock before going to the beach. ____________4. ____________3. Abat . (Show picture) Avoid pointed materials (Show picture) Avoid too much exposure in the sunlight (Show picture) Evaluation Draw hand on the line of the statement that shows proper care of the skin.TX_ Science2_ Unit1_Orig Take a bath everyday (Show picture) Do not scratch our skin too much (Show picture) Do not play with fire. Maria Francessa L. Daniel washes his hands after planting. Mike likes to play with fire. ____________2. Rashel plays with knife at home. ____________5. ____________1. Ella likes to take a bath everyday.