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NBCU is one of the leading Media and Entertainment company in US.

Our team supports the wing to wing Fixed Assets maintenance activities of NBCU.Starting from the set of Project System (SL) for Capital spent to disposals of Assets.FA a\c's for NBCU are maintained in infinium(sub-ledger) and SAP(GL).

Our team role starts when the capital spent starts accumulated in CIP A/C. CIP is the total cost of construction of asset which is not yet completed.we have to analyze the CIP account and check whether that asset is eligible for capitalization and recommend the busunessess accourdingly.if yes, then we prepare closeout forms which is a template prepared for capitalization of asset and follow up with clients for approval and captilatize the asset in infinium(sub-ledger).

We also performs other activities like retirement, transfers, disposals of FA upon the request's of clients or when the NBV of Asset becomes ZERO. Once all the activities are done for the month the we analyze the depreciatinon for the month by doing dep run. once the dep is analyzed we ensure the flow of dep JE from infinuim to sap.we also provides dep projections reprots for the customers and also providing the montly reports like capitalization additions,retirement, transfers, disposal,capital spent(project system) etc.

General Ledger:

Posting of Adjustement JE's for Capitalization,retirement,disposals.we post this entires becaouse infinium does not support the posting of JE for multiple company codes or intercompany for transfers of asset JE should be manually posted in SAP.

We also post different reclass entries.

SAP has different set of accounts for different activities. however, infinium which is SL for FA supports only one type of accounts. this is a constaints. so when compared to retirement & transfers Additions are more . thus additions accounts are mapped in infinium. whenever retirement is done JE gt posted to additions account instead of retirement account. we manually need to reclass it form add to retirement.

Category Reclass: when spent is in one asset category and capitalization is in other category. this is due to wrong account coding by the PO requisitioner.(dr cap code cr cip spent code) PY Reclass: spent in previous year and capitalized in current year.tell y u cap should show true spent of current year explain. Reconcilations: Once all the reclass entries are posted we prepare recounlations of Fixed Assets accounts, Accumulated depreciation account and CIP accounts.preparing reconcilations ofr balance sheet accounts

CIP GL balances are compared with Project systems balances. Fixed Assets accounts, Accumulated depreciation account's GL balances are matched with infinium balances.

Closing of Open items in GBS: any balance which normally should not be part of an ending balance of that account account is an open item.(Part or should not be part)