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. they look to minimize risk and capture “α” by diversifying trading in a global market. with real-time pre-trade risk management and exposure monitoring capability. sell-side firms are under pressure to set themselves apart from the competition by offering new investment products and innovative services. Surging trade volumes and fleeting trade opportunities call for a high throughput. Also. Concurrently. As a result. anytime’ trading access to investors.As investors grapple with stagnating returns and concentration of risk in local markets. and compelling firms to look for efficient risk management practices. Broking firms should be able to provide the convenience of ‘anywhere. The ideal solution should support the easy creation of new investment products. increasing commoditization and competition is causing reduction in commissions and the market share of sell-side firms. What does it take for a sell-side firm to prevail over these challenges? High on the priorities of sell-side firms is an integrated front-to-back office technology solution that can enable investors to identify and take advantage of global trading opportunities with advanced analytics and trading functionalities across asset-classes. increasing market volatility is leading to higher client defaults. low latency solution. which is essential in managing operational risks across markets and asset classes. The abrupt increase in cross-border trading is leading to a surge in trading volumes for sell-side firms.

while also aiming to create new revenue streams. By adopting this solution. multi-channel and multi-lingual solution for both institutional and retail broking firms. from Tata Consultancy Services. and control revenue leakage through sophisticated trading services to investors. Sell-side firms can create new revenue streams by offering sophisticated trading services to investors. through an improved risk management competency. how can a trading firm adopt a winning strategy and make a lasting impression in the broking business? TCS BaNCS Securities Trading platform. Amid such dynamism. Broking firms that are able to provide their investors with access to such a comprehensive and scalable platform will be able to gain customer retention and engagement capabilities. broking firms can improve their decision-making capabilities thereby realizing higher market returns. On the other hand. with real-time risk management and exposure monitoring capabilities. In short.TCS BaNCS Securities Trading . leading to increasing market share. investors are looking forward to capitalizing investment opportunities from across asset-classes. low-latency trading capabilities whilst improving trading efficiency. multi-asset. It is a functionally comprehensive and scalable trading platform. Broking firms that fail to provide their clients with access to global investment opportunities. higher the trading volumes. run the risk of losing valuable market share to more capable and responsive competitors. It is imperative that brokers respond to these demands by providing access to global markets through a single integrated trading platform. .Making a lasting impression in the broking business: An Overview Increasing commoditization of services coupled with commission reduction is forcing brokers to re-look at customer acquisition and retention strategies. is an integrated multi-market. It also offers high-performance. more the investors.

and IVR to improve market accessibility for investors. increasing dealer productivity and efficiency Custom trading strategy definition for greater control over trade execution n Future-proof architecture design enabling horizontal and vertical scalability. thus facilitating STP n n Support for all types of executions. care orders.Benefits TCS BaNCS Securities Trading can accelerate business growth for a sell-side firm through the following benefits: n n n Convenient access channels --such as the Internet. Blackberry® and Android phones n Pre-trade validation for buying power limits and market-specific regulations prior to sending orders Highly effective order-level risk management and overall exposure monitoring via an extensive rule base n n n n Flexibility to trade in local language across global markets Connectivity to buy-side and sell-side order routing networks/global order management systems to speed up access to multiple markets n n n Standard interfaces for real-time connectivity with TCS BaNCS Global Custody and other backoffice processing systems enabling real-time risk management. Support for increasingly popular smart phones such as iPhones®.direct market access and algorithmic trading. and providing high throughput to manage growing business volumes Low latency trading capability enabling split-second response to fleeting trading opportunities n n n n Advanced charting. mobile. viz. trade push and allocation. trading and decision support features over multiple investor channels enable investors to trade profitably whilst increasing trading volumes for the sell-side . position monitoring. ATM.

Connectivity ATM/IVR Marco Polo Order Management Order Routing System Order Management Order Blotter Risk Management Limit Management Execution Management Direct Market Access Electronic Desk Access Algorithmic Trading Connectivity Exchanges Reuters Order Routing Partner Brokers Mutual Funds. IPO Mobile/PDA Bloomberg Position Management Pre-trade Compliance Clients Exchange Traded Bonds/ETF’s Reuters Order Routing Third party Order Management Systems Call Center Call Center Portfolio Basket Trading Waving & Scheduling Broker Strategy Access FIX Risk Manager Listed Derivatives Active Trader Decision Support Market Data Sales Trader Charting Exchange Market Data Internet Trading Reuters Market Data Trader Work Station Trader Equity Reuters News Interfaces Access Channel Payment Gateway I Depository I Post-trade Settlement and Back-office Systems Institutional I Retail I Financial Superstore I Bank Broker Entities Asset Classes Models .

ROR. basket orders) and charting from multiple investor channels Pre-built integration with fundamental and technical analyses tools from our alliance partners enabling informed decision-making by investors Support for multiple asset types. web-based trading. mobile phones/tablets and ATM Standard interfaces. or through partner brokers over FIX Multi-market. including dealing and advisory desks. ETFs. including equity. buy-side/sell-side connectivity using industry standard FIX Protocol over Global Order Routing Networks (Bloomberg EOR.Features TCS Financial Solutions. among others) n . such as: n n Multiple access channels. via native / FIX protocol. equity-based futures and options. Facilitates creation and introduction of new investment products in a rapid manner Multi-lingual trading Centralized and real-time order-level risk management across asset classes n n n n n n n Connectivity to global liquidity pools either directly. commodity derivatives as well as the collection of IPO and mutual funds. slicing. high-speed trading terminals with streaming market data. with its extensive experience and knowledge of capital markets has built this comprehensive best-in-class trading solution that caters to the needs of retail and institutional brokerage firms. to help manage lien marking for funds and securities in real-time Support for direct connectivity to exchanges as well as partner/broker model (disclosed/omnibus) Support for advanced trading (conditional orders.

This trading platform helped the customer to streamline their trading operations and provide a convenient.and back-offices n n n n n TCS BaNCS Securities Trading platform can certainly help sell-side firms improve client acquisition and retention. Future-to-Future) as well as access to algorithms developed by brokers or with third-party systems Integration with algorithmic workbench for creating customized algorithms Automated. TCS implemented the integrated multi-exchange. time. with intelligent rule-based routing to liquidity pools Program trading along with management of lists. n Arbitrage-Cash-to-Futures. and quantity. . Volume Participation. the firm was able to capture market share and moved into the Top 5 league. rule-based trade allocation and electronic connectivity to the middle . TWAP. VWAP. multi-asset. Marco Polo. and partner/broker) over FIX Algorithmic trading support for industry standard protocols (eg. disparate trading systems. For the broking subsidiary of a leading Saudi Arabian Financial Group. bi-lingual (English & Arabic) securities trading platform and helped in replacing their existing. and trading on baskets Direct market access to liquidity pools and order routing networks (ROR. In a year's time. increase their revenue stream and control operational risk to help them compete successfully and make a lasting impression in the broking business. baskets.n Electronic access to the order blotter as well as Direct Strategy Access for portfolio managers/fund managers over an optimized embedded FIX engine Scheduling and waiving of orders based on combinations of price. easy-to-use and feature-rich single point trading access to their investors.

consulting and business solutions organization that delivers real results to global business. and transaction history size. highly scalable technology architecture that supports financial institutions with the highest capacities for transaction volumes. modified. The plug and play. posted or distributed in any form without prior written permission from TCS. The content / information contained here is correct at the time of publishing. For more information. connect with us at www. India’s largest industrial conglomerate. No material from here may be copied. TCS offers a consulting-led. which is why we have embedded an Alpha (“α”). reproduced. ensuring a level of certainty no other firm can match. visit us at All content / information present here is the exclusive property of Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS). our solutions deliver a competitive edge with unmatched certainty! We aspire to be better than established Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services. transmitted.tcs. it is only natural that the TCS BaNCS product suite can help financial institutions of any size gain a distinct. recognized as the benchmark of excellence in software development. transform and experience certainty through our Securities Trading solution. uploaded.Why TCS BaNCS The TCS BaNCS product suite for banking. competitive edge. integrated portfolio of IT and IT-enabled or tcs. republished. peak transactions per second. TCS has a global footprint and is listed on the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange in India. Copyright © 2011 Tata Consultancy Services Limited TCS Design Services I P I 08 I 11 IT Services Business Solutions Outsourcing . Unauthorized use of the content / information appearing here may violate copyright. With such a track record. Contact To learn more about how we can help you innovate. A part of the Tata Group. Increasing operational efficiency and helping financial institutions stay agile. component-based product suite consistently turns in impressive benchmark results. This is delivered through its unique Global Network Delivery ModelTM. capital markets and insurance enables business transformation in financial services. trademark and other applicable laws.bancs@tcs. engineering and assurance services. representing superior returns delivered to our customers. with a fine-tuned. and could result in criminal or civil penalties. consciously and prominently within our brand.