RDA v.

Presented by: Staci Novak, Elizabeth Oliver, Katy Patrick, and Nichole Penley

The arrival of a new era


The happenings of 1978

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In 1978, Garfield made his first appearance in a newspaper The Copyright Act of 1976 went into effect Charlie Chaplin's body was stolen and found There was a blizzard like no other. It was the era of disco and bell bottom jeans

In Library Science
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The British library, American Library Association, and Canadian library association formed the Joint Steering Committee to create one text for cataloguing. This was not the first time that there had been talk of creating one text; for example, ◦ In 1908, the first international code was published. In 1978, there were two editors appointed. ◦ Michael Gorman on behalf of the British Library and Paul Winkler are behalf of the American Library. By 1981, the Library of Congress, British Library, Australian National Library, and the National Library of Canada had adopted the AACR2. AACR2 has undergone revisions throughout the years with the most recent being in 2002. cite http://www.rda-jsc.org/history.html

Defense Exhibit A
Books, pamphlets, printed sheets Cartographic materials Manuscripts Music Sound recordings Motion pictures and videos Graphic materials Electronic resources 3D artifacts and realia Microforms Continuing resources

Defense Exhibit B
0-General Rules 1-Title and Statement of Responsibility 2-Edition 3-Material Specific Details 4-Publication, Distribution, Etc. 5-Physical Description 6-Series 7-Notes 8-Standard Number and Terms of Availability


1.Catalogers are left to their own judgment with little support. 2. There is language that is inconsistent and confusing. 3. It is neither prepared for nor adapting well to materials in the 21st century.

EXHIBIT A: Catalogers are left to their own judgment with little support.

"Seperate but equal skools are inposible."

Correcting it either way recommended by AACR2-2005 is a practical challenge: 1. Sepe i.e.[a] rate but equal sk i.e. [ch]ools are inpos[sfible. 2. Seperate [sic] but equal skools [sic] are inposible [sic].

EXHIBIT B: There is language that is inconsistent and confusing.

"multiple bibliographic identities" aka pseudonyms.

"If a person has established two or more bibliographic identities, as indicated by the fact that works of one type appear under one pseudonym and works of other types appear under other pseudonyms or the person's  real name, choose, as the basis for the heading for each group of works, the name by which works in that group are identified”

EXHIBIT C: It is neither prepared for nor adapting well to materials in the 21st century.

Warning: Video is rated “V” for some violence. Afraid of technology video

Resource Description and Access

What is RDA?

Will replace AACR2R in 2010.
Consists of introduction, description chapter, relationship chapters, and authority control, and appendices.

Based on AACR2R and is aligned with FRBR.

Why it’s better than AACR2R

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Addresses unclear terms
Will reduce discrepancies in descriptions Incorporation of multiple languages

Geared towards the future



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