3rd April 2012

times Monday night, and he was being moved Tuesday to a different prison that has medical equipment he needs. Khawaja dies on hunger strike in prison," said Mary Lawlor of Front Line Defenders.

Bahrain hunger striker's life in danger, daughter says - 03/04/12

The move is because of fears that he may go into a coma at any time, as his blood sugar and blood pressure have further dropped, she said.

Jailed Bahraini activist on hunger strike may die: NGO 03/04/12
A human rights watchdog warned on Tuesday that Bahraini activist Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, who was on the 55th day of a hunger strike, could die in jail.

The human rights activist who entered the 55th day of a hunger strike in Bahrain on Tuesday may not survive the ordeal, his daughter told CNN. Abdulhadi al-Khawaja "is entering a critical phase, where his life is at stake," his daughter, Maryam al-Khawaja said. She said two doctors accompanied her father at all

On Tuesday, the attending physician at the Correction and Rehabilitation Center recommended that he be transferred to the Public "It is impossible to imagine Security Fort for constant medical observation and care, that the Bahrain Grand Prix will go ahead if Abdulhadi ala spokeswoman for the government's Information Affairs Authority said. Read More Reprinted here:
• Bahrain hunger strikerʼs ʻlife in dangerʼ | Updated News

"The Bahraini authorities clearly want to present an image of business as usual but their seeming indifference to the plight of Abdulhadi, who has reached his 55th day without food, risks tragic consequences," she added in a statement. A team of Front Line Defenders wound up its three-day visit to Bahrain on Tuesday. Read More serving a life sentence in Bahrain for anti-state crimes. After landing in Cairo airport, Al-Khawaja was initially denied entry due to being "blacklisted and banned," said Al-Khawaja on her Twitter account citing the Bahraini embassy. However, her lawyer was able to get her through customs hours later. Al-Khawaja and another Bahraini student activist, Iman Oun, each spoke at the conference held Monday afternoon about the Bahraini uprising and current conditions in the island kingdom. Read More an unmarked car; we welcome the authorities following up this case and hope to see those responsible put on trial. Such a killing is inexcusable and is a frightening indication of the levels of radicalisation of extremist elements within our society. When individuals respond to violence with further violence, then the consequences of such a senseless cycle of retaliation could be inestimable for our country. Read More

Minister for the Middle East encourages further reform in Bahrain - 03/04/12
They discussed the current situation in Bahrain, UK/ Bahrain relations and the progress made since the Independent Commission of

Inquiry published its report in November 2011. They discussed plans for a political dialogue, the security situation, specific human rights concerns and areas where the UK could provide assistance. The Minister for the Middle East emphasised the importance of reform and reconciliation if sustainable stability is to be achieved in Bahrain. Read More 2007 and 2008, the recent European monetary crisis, and the internal political troubles of 2011 have battered the Bahraini economy. Banks are seeking mergers in order to survive, and the industrial sector has declined by 26.7 per cent, according to a March 2012 report. Al Jazeera's Mohammad Vall reports from Manama. Watch Here

Visiting Bahraini activist Al-Khawaja tells of state-led torture and killings 03/04/12
Prominent Bahraini activist Maryam Al-Khawaja arrived in Egypt on Monday to give a conference at the office of Nazra for Feminist Studies in Cairo's downtown district. Al-Khawaja is a human rights activist and head of the foreign relations office for the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights (BCHR), co-founded by her father, Abdulhadi AlKhawaja. He is presently

Bahrain economy battered from inside and out - 03/04/12
Prices in the capital city of Manama have risen sharply, partly due to the state of the world economy, but also as a result of the current political instability in Bahrain. Experts have said the world financial crisis in

Bahrain: Citizens of Bahrain condemn killing of Ahmed Ismail03/04/12
Following is a statement sent to The Muslim News from Citizens for Bahrain: We utterly condemn the senseless killing of Ahmed Ismail during a protest march. Reports suggest Ahmed may have been killed by gunmen in

Jailed Bahraini activist health worsens on day 55 of hunger strike 03/04/12
Bahrain Center for Human Rights says the health of prominent Bahraini human rights activist Abdulhadi alKhawaja has deteriorated as he entered the 55th day of his hunger strike in jail.

Khawaja was transferred to the prison hospital on Tuesday due to deterioration of his health. On April 2, the Court of Cassation in Bahrain refused to release Khawaja and 13 other detained activists. The court said it would announce its verdict on the case of the 14 activists on April 23, according to Bahrain Center for Human Rights. Read More

Bahraini regime forces arrest two female activists - 03/04/12
A group of Bahraini women gathered in front of the US Embassy in Manama on Tuesday to hold a demonstration against the detention of Khawaja. Bahraini police arrested two activists as they tried to

disperse the demonstrators in Manama. Meanwhile, Bahrain Center for Human Rights said on Tuesday Khawajaʼs health has deteriorated as he entered the 55th day of his hunger strike in jail. The prominent Bahraini activist was given a life sentence in June last year. Read More