De thi anh van chuyen ngah

Cau 1 .The …tests to make sure no molds or bacteria heva found their way into the peanut butter A.chemical C.sensory B.physical D.microbiological

Cau2. Buffer solutions consist of a …. Acid and its … base or a weak base and its conjugate acid
A. Strong and conjugate

B. conjugate and weak D.weak and conjugate

C. conjugate and strong

Cau3. A special position among such cylic compounds is occupied by so-called….compounds,sixmembered rings containing alternating three single and three double carbon-carbon bouds or bouds between a carbon atom and a heteroatom and. A .pungent C.perfumed B.aromatic D.neutral a distillation of a mixture of two components, the first components to condense into the receiving flask will be: A.the one with the lower melting point C.the one with the lower boiling point Cau5.faster rate of population increase depends on engineering improvenment B.medicine improvenment B.the one with the higher melting point D.the one with the higher boiling point

C.medicine ,agriculture and food engineering improvenment D. agriculture improvenment Cau6.A particle accelerator can increase the kinetic enegy of alpha particle and a beta particle C.a gamma ray and a beta particle alpha particle and a neutron D.a neutron and gamma

Cau7.the air around us is….of gases, mainly nitrogen and oxygen,78.03% and 20.95% by volume respectively,but containing much smaller amounts of water vapor, agon and carbon dioide A.muddle C.composed B.mixed D.mixture

Cau8.soap and detergent manufacturing consists of a broad range of processing and …. operations B.packed operations

De thi anh van chuyen ngah C.35 and 7.45 C.consists of soil and water B. to maintain a PH between: A.7.for the final baking process A.shaped B.ground Cau 10. Wich process makes that the fat globules are so finely divided and emulsified that the cream does not separaten on standing? A.45 B. The 1-butene is separated and catalytically dehydrogenated in the … air environment C.45 D.monomers B.vapor Cau11.roasted C.isocyclic C.steam B.35 and 7.the moulder ia the place where the bread is ….breath wich there is cyclic grouping consisting or several carbon atoms closed into a ring and heterocyclic.phase to produce butadiene A.or mers.polypropylene D.atmosphere A.45 Cau 13.consists of soil and air B. in wich the ring includes one or more atoms other than carbon A.finishing operations Cau9. Polymer is an substance composing of large molecular that are made of many small repeating units called ….6.two C.mixed D. polymers.mixture Cau15.packaging operations D.homopolymer .35 and 8.the hydrocarbon is obtained in fraction of cracking petroleum used for olefins.grinding D.homogennization Cau14.cyclic compounds are classified into ….a buffer of carbonic acid (H2CO3) and bicarbonate(HCO3-) is present in blood plasma. or gasoline.blending C.consists of air and water C.isoacylic B. A.7 and 8.a and c are correct Cau12.7.

A.not all Cau 20.the photoelectric effect C.normal Cau 17.nothing Cau16.ozone depletion C. Substance that increases reaction rate without being chemically changed B. Process of breaking substances apart and putting chemical components together to form new substances .acid rain B.addition polymers D.of the following experimental observations.temperature is the reason that winter tires use a softer version of rubber than normal tires.De thi anh van chuyen ngah is catalyst? A. Building block of all the compounds and substances C.polymer D.the diffraction patterm of electrons scattered a crystalline soid D.condesation and addition polymers Cau 19. wich best demonstrates the wavelike character of electrons? A.amino acids ….starches Cau 18.greenhouse effect.the ionization of an atom B. Molecules that contain both amino and carboxyl groups are A.polyesters are a class of polymer wich use ester linkages (-C-O-C(O)-) to join the monomer units polyesters are … A. the delfection of an electron beam by electrical plates Cau 22.low D.nucleotides B.condensation polymers C.sugars C.the disruption of the atmosphere will causes A. ozone depletion and acid rain D.greenhouse effect B. The resistive action is the result of the equilibrium between the weak acid (HA) and its conjugate base(A-) Cau 21.critical B.high C.

.hydrosphere and lithosphere Cau24. The dough is then kicked out of the mixer into a trough and allowed to relax and ferment.all are not correct Cau well as Cau 26.bacteria B.hydrosphere and atmosphere D.. Atmosphere and lithosphere B. a liquid is heated. the average kinetic energy of the molecules is increased:….De thi anh van chuyen ngah safety Cau plants . This is called….factitious B. Force that holds atoms together in a chemical compound Cau 23.solid-no-fat C.capture the energy from the sun and together with carbon dioxide(CO2) in the air and water convert together those into food enegy A..solid-not-fat D. Natural rubber coming from latex is mostly …. Atmosphere B.for B.spare time D.floortime Cau processing C. time B.animals D. What is the application of food science: A.polymerized D. ….the viscosity of the liquid is decreased. What is the abbreviation of SNF? A.relax time C. technology D.both green plants and animals C.the biosphere consists of engineering D. A.isoprene with a small percentage of impurities in it.polymeric C.plasticized Cau 28.solid-not-fats B.

conversion of the enegy Cau 36.proof boxer /head roller B.soft B. Etan C.thermoelectrometer D. Saponification of fast and oils is the most widely used soapmaking process. Sodium soaps are ….De thi anh van chuyen ngah Cau 30. Etherification C.metan B.for shaping. In many reaction in organic chemistry. Rounder/hopper C. When the alkali is sodium hydroxide. A. Receiver adapter Cau 31.matter B.esterification D.heavy C. Transforming heat C. and the yields are controlled more by the relative rates of reaction than by…… A. A.hopper/rounder D. Round – bottom flask B.hard and soft Cau 32.then to the….hydrolysis Cau35. extract this mixture with 5% sodium hydroxide and then wash it with water.thermodynamics B. Which hydrocarbon. and many industrial processes. inorganic chemistry.hydrogenation B.hard D. What does the “saponification” mean? A. with the formua’CH4’.erlenmeyer B. the products are not in the state of equilibrium.separating funnel D.roller/rounder Cau33. a sodium soap is formed.soaps A. is the simplest alkane? A.material . The procedure I found in the library says that I need to add dichloromethane to the reaction mixture. Structure of matter(molecular structure) is a broad area of experimental and theoretical description of the properties of …. What piece of glassware should I use to carry out this process? A. And is divided into loaf-sized pieces.ethane D. The dough goes to a ….methane Cau 34.

1.improper disposal of sliod wastes Cau 40. at STP.. Wich of the following BEST completes the sentence : organic chemistry is the study of: A.biologically active compounds Cau 41 .this fact is readily explainable in terms of the kineticmolecular theory.plant dericed compounds D.indefinitely-beginning B.indefinitely-constant Cau 42. what is the total number of liters of hydrogen gas produced when 300 moles of hydrochloric acid solution is completely consumed? A.action B.pharmaceuticals and drugs C.a polyester B.6L B.4 L D. Noise pollution B.change in hydronium ion and the hydroxide ion concentration.for after a time the volume of the liquid remains ….improper disposal of solid wastes. nuclear wastes and noise pollution D.issue D. A condensation polymer B. evaporation of liquid in a closed vessel does not appear to proceed ….protective D. A.polystyrene is A.2 L addition polymer D.carbon based compounds B.4.. A.resist Cau 39.oppose C. buffer solutions are solutions wich …. The pollution produced by modern technology denpend on A.. A polyacetal Cau 43.substance Cau 37 .immediately-constant D.2. Rubber can also be ….33.immediately-beginning C.8 L Cau 38 .given the balanced e quation: Mg(s) + 2 Hcl(aq)=Mgcl2(aq) +H2(g)..De thi anh van chuyen ngah C.nuclear wastes C. .

Mechanism B.De thi anh van chuyen ngah A. Elastomer B.. the repeat unit is A.hydrogen D.setting Cau 46. Synthesis Cau 44. –CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2-C(O)D.long-term or permanent damages to ecosystem Cau 49.oxygen C. an advantage of biological feedstocks is their high …. the material properties of natural rubber make it an ….oxygen.mechnical C. oxygen A.hydrogen and metal Cau 50. C-C double bond B.. –NHCH2CH2CH2CH2CH2-NH- . buffer solutions are used in fermentation processes and in ….proficient Cau 45. Long-term or permanent damges to ecosystem D. Synthesized B. Short-term damages to ecosystem B.getting Cau 47 . –OCH2CH2CH2CH2CH2-C(O)B.plastic B. In some cases.harmful effects on human health B. C-C single bond B. Given that the nylon 6 is produced by treating caprolactam with aqueous sodium hydroxide.elastic D. –NHCH2CH2CH2CH2CH2-C(O)B.automatic D.metal B. Chemical kinetics deals with the rate and …. short-term.the correct condition for dyes used in colouring fabrics A.content. Polimer Cau 48. Industrially.of chemical changes A. C-S single bond D.synthesizer B. Cross-link in wool accomplished with A. S-S single bond B. Problem caused by hazardous substances are A.and a thermoplastic A.created D.harmful effects on human health. Making C.

00 5 ĐƯỜNG CONG TỐC ĐỘ SẤY THỰC NGHIỆM.nitrogen and phosphorous atoms A.chains Ca54.00 0. ĐƯỜ CONG T TỐĐỘ S SẤ THỰC ĐƯỜNGNG CONGỐC C ĐỘ ẤY Y THỰCNGHIỆM.00 22 1. Current research has produced inorganic polymers known as poly phosphazenes.00 2.polymerization is the process in wich many small…. Mercurial C. ……rubber has the elastic properties of rubber .. wich consist long chain of …. b and c are correct Cau53.quicksilver B. Molecules B.states D.6 mm of …. A.00 00 0 20 50 40 100 60 150 80 100 200 120 250 140 50 100 150 200 W (%) 250 W (%) W (%) .De thi anh van chuyen ngah Cau 51. as well as the properties of a thermoplastic.monomer C.copolymer Cau 52.interchange C. A.blinking B.fasten D. Vulcanization of rubber creates more disulphide bonds between …. Successions C. discontinuous D.50 0.50 3 2.mercury D.artificial-shapes N (%/ph) 6N (%/ph) 4. 5 3. Nature-sates C.50 11 00 it makes each free section of chain shorter A. This mean it can be remelted and moulded into different…… A. alternating Cau 55. N 6 (%/ph) NGHIỆM.polymer D.thermoplastic-shapes B.50 4 3 4 3. synthetic. The vapor pressure of water at 00C is 4.