the straight little sapling

ELIAS: “My story incorporates two saplings, both exactly identical, both newly growing; one growing naturally and reaching towards the sun and basking within its rays, and drinking naturally of the rain and resting to the moon. The other is looking around and is viewing the sky and is seeing the sun and is saying to itself, ‘Maybe I should be growing at night. The sun is very hot. It may burn me or it may sap my energy, and the rain is very wet and it gets all over me and I am not sure I am liking of this rain and I am not sure that it is making me grow properly, and maybe I should be investigating where this rain is coming from and I should be analyzing the sun rays to be sure that I am incorporating the proper vitamins, or maybe the moon is more friendly to my growth and I would grow taller if I am growing at nighttime, while this idiot sapling next to me is being stunted by the sun.’ And in the morning, the one sapling is stretching its newly formed branches and uncurling its soft leaves and growing within complete trust, and the other sapling in the morning is viewing the same sun and is looking at the beautifully formed other sapling and it is looking like this: (Here, Elias twists his body and face into a grotesque contortion.) “Now; this story is about belief systems and the noticing of these belief systems. It is also about trust and connection. It also incorporates proper personal responsibility. The one trusting sapling incorporates a genuine personal responsibility in not trying to change or help the analyzing sapling, but as it grows true and strong and trusting it radiates an example. “It shines in its essence as an example to the other sapling, and as the other sapling unconvolutes itself throughout the day, it notices the straight sapling and it chooses the focus of effortlessness and trust as being easier, for it has been shown an example. Therefore, be all the trusting, straight saplings, radiating your example.” [session 37,
September 13, 1995]

Comments VICKI: “I would like to pose a question that was posed to me today by Shynla [Cathy]. (To Cathy) You’re not going to ask it? CATHY: Go ahead. I’m questioned out!

ELIAS: Not necessarily.VICKI: Her question was. within your time element. of essence. We have engaged this specific issue previously within our sessions. your timing has presented itself already. CATHY: I remember that well! (Laughing) Thank you. you may allow yourself the leeway. you may allow yourself a knowing. you already know. for if you hold any element of hurtfulness. Within your fear. But if your expression is to be truthful and also to be expressing from essence as the straight sapling. ELIAS: Be understanding within these expressions also. all is received within energy and consciousness regardless. you may engage the other individual. that you may quite effectively delude yourselves. CATHY: Quite true! . you hide nothing within your lack of expression. Therefore. If you do not experience a continuous nagging to be expressing to this individual. You do listen to your intellect and your rationalization of your expectation of response. you do yourself and the other individual no favor by withholding. then this must be examined first. your timing has already been engaged and is present. Therefore. then within your responsibility within your expression. Within your individual expressions. to be presenting your information when it appears to you to be correct. for they choose also. for you do not listen to your own expression and what your impulses are expressing to you. Notice within your own feelings and thoughts. If you are expressing within what you view to be your ‘best ability. and are wishing no harmfulness to the other individual.’ very limiting terms. the response. within probabilities. Resulting action of the other individual subsequently is their responsibility. This is not to say that you shall engage another individual without examining your motivation. you may express to yourselves. your timing element is not right. If you presently occupy your thoughts and feelings with this subject matter. CATHY: Where does timing enter into this? ELIAS: This. is that then incorrect? (To Cathy) Did I get that right? (Cathy nods) ELIAS: To be expressing? VICKI: To be expressing. you only engage the action of creating conflict for yourself in not expressing. If you are experiencing a continuous nagging. and you feel only a slight noticing. As we have expressed previously. when you have a statement to make to another person that you know or that you feel may be conflicting for the other person.

it seemed to me. Underlyingly. and their belief is to want to help that individual to neutralize their conflict. in one respect. you prevent yourself from initiating the action of engagement. responsibility. But I may also express to you that conflict creates a thickness in energy. or are you intrinsically placing a judgment on their engaging in conflict as not being right somehow? ELIAS: Let me express to you that this is a common thought process within individuals in this physical focus. a lot about conflict – conflict that’s been arising in other places. This is not your. Now. objectively. and it is a chosen experience. You lean in the direction of wishing to be helpful to each other. is it possible to do that. You shall express to yourself that you are noticing that your movement flows freely. you also move in the direction of choosing to be noticing conflict and expressing to yourselves and to other individuals that you wish to be eliminating of these expressions of conflict. therefore providing yourselves with more of an ease in creating your reality. You hold enough responsibility for your own essence! It is not necessary or important that you understand another individual’s creation of their own reality and their expressions. It shall appear to be more difficult. You all hold an agreement objectively within this physical dimension that you do not appreciate conflict. It is important that you understand your own creation of your own reality and your own expressions. It is not incorrect to be expressing yourself outwardly. I guess what I was wondering is. CATHY: I think I’ve got it! ELIAS: Very good!” [session 113. . You place judgment upon the expressions of conflict. 1996] MERRIE: “You discussed. and this be the reason that you move in the direction of not wishing to be creating conflict. for this offers you less thickness within energy and more of an ease in your creation of your reality. August 18. If you are creating conflict. truthfully. If you are creating within any of your expressions within pleasure. Each individual creates their own response. nor is this Kasha’s [Bill’s]. if you are holding no malice. when an individual experiences conflict in another individual.ELIAS: Therefore. as well as with us individually. and you shall move more slowly in your direction within conflict. you hold a knowing that conflict creates this thickness. subjectively. in listening to this expression. It is an experience. Each individual creates their own reality. I express to you that conflict in itself is neither right or wrong. you shall also be noticing a thickness in energy. and you wish to be eliminating of conflict. Therefore. you shall experience an ease. You naturally magnate to pleasure.

but you may be influencing. and may be creating and IS creating their own conflict quite purposefully. It does not offer direction. April 24. for in your creation of this within yourself. which is their choice. but is recognizing that the convoluted little sapling is creating its reality. for the point is not to be concerning yourselves with other individuals and their creation of their reality. Now. It does not offer helpfulness. kind of lump together. you move yourself into a slightly different position with this particular type . 1999] DAWN: “I think my last two questions. You may be influencing if the other individual is accepting of your expression. but that seems to relate to the orientation of soft. Therefore. If the other individual is NOT accepting of your expression. you wish to be eliminating of your own conflict. you may not be creating another individual’s reality. let me also express to you that within this time framework. and sometimes when people act like that. which offers no expression at all to the convoluted little sapling. you also move in the direction of the expression that you wish to be eliminating of that expression also. but merely concerns itself with self and growing in the manner that it is growing and is most efficient for itself. you choose to be helpful. as I have stated. but to be concerning yourself with yourself and your creation of your reality. and in this offers what you term in physical focus to be an example of a direction that creates no conflict and no thickness. in their own assessment or anyone else’s. I have expressed to you many times. In this. like Michael said. I was going to ask about becoming obsessed with people who seem to create lots of drama and seem to be making no progress. I just have a big dislike for them and I don’t understand why. As you witness and view another individual experiencing conflict and creating conflict. ELIAS: Partially. that you may be experiencing less thickness and more of an ease in your creation of your reality. and they themselves wish not to be creating thickness. It offers merely the expression of being that may be viewed. but within another respect you are recognizing that the individual is creating thickness. you are automatically lending energy to other individuals in their discovery of their ability to be creating of the same action. Now.You do this with yourselves and you do this with other individuals.” [session 387. This is the point of our little sapling story. you shall not be influencing. in one respect you are creating a judgment upon the choice of experience of the individual which is creating conflict. If you yourselves are experiencing conflict. and that creation which offers YOU less thickness and less conflict and more of an ease.

Now. they are not accepting of your expression. Therefore. But you are also noticing that you are experiencing frustration as they are not accepting your expression. in this. recognizing that you may be helpful to them in the most efficient manner by being accepting of yourself. but you are not creating their reality. although in part. and as you are noticing of your own responses. what you are creating is another opportunity. You hold aspects of belief systems which direct you in certain manners that express quite defined methods of helpfulness and supportiveness to other individuals. . for in being accepting of yourself. It matters not. within your present probabilities and within your present movements. But another aspect of this. They are creating their reality. be it good or bad. what be the matter with these individuals? I express to you. Therefore. This is not merely related to your choice of orientation.of draw that you create with yourself. as do other individuals. it is related to your orientation. They are not following your advice. you allow yourself now to view them differently and to be interactive in approaching other individuals. in why you draw yourself to these types of interactions with these individuals. or you may also be attempting to be offering helpfulness and supportiveness to other individuals in attempting to be easing their expression. is that you may recognize your own participation and REDEFINE HELPFULNESS. and they are creating it in the manner that is the most beneficial to them within the now. in offering yourself the opportunity to be interactive but to be accepting of their choice. They are equal in judgment. Once again. and the expression is to be offering to them another ‘method’ as to how they may be repairing their ‘broken’ situation or as to how they may be creating more efficiently within their situation. as I have stated. this once again is your opportunity that you are presenting to yourself in not creating the judgment upon the choice that other individuals are engaging within their focus. your interaction engages a change. in continuing to draw yourself to these types of situations and expressions of other individuals. understanding that they may hold dissatisfaction with their own creation and you may hold dissatisfaction with their creation also. you also shall be noticing of your behavior and your responses. for you do draw yourself to interactions with individuals in these types of expressions and situations. you shall also notice each time you are placing a judgment upon another individual’s creation.

You look to your earth and you separate. it is a choice individually of many. You need not offer any other expression. You need not be directing. this earthquake has occurred as a direction that is projected by the energy of all of the individuals within that location that participate in a collective expression. your planet and your universe is responding to your energy that you are projecting collectively. Therefore. not vice versa. Therefore. ‘This is nature’s way. within the identifications of your belief systems. Your planets are moving into expressions of alignments. (1) and the innocent women and children and people who are just coming into this life. attending to self. and elements within your universe and within your planet are responding to your directions. as you all are moving into more of an objective awareness and you are lending energy to this shift in consciousness and it is gaining momentum – and within this particular time framework of this year. and therefore. You need not be assuming personal responsibility. This is outside of you. but merely being expressive of your own acceptance of self and continuing within your own trust and your own direction. and this shall project the straight little sapling. particularly young ones – is it more a part of the bigger plan. ‘Nature is creating something independent of you. You express the terms. are these people who are being affected – Hungary. this earthquake [in Turkey]. May 26. 1999] NATHAN: “… I’m wondering. many individuals to be disengaging. THEY have created this.” [session 404. This is your universe. nature’s way is going to move energy in a different direction? Do you understand what I’m saying? ELIAS: Now. the energy is expressed very intensely – this is energy that you all collectively are projecting. by offering the example of the straight little sapling. Nature is compensating. You need not be offering helpfulness in suggestion. which shall be more helpful and supportive than any other expression that you may offer. What I am expressing to you is that these are responses that individuals are choosing in conjunction with the . In this.NOT in judgment but merely in supportiveness. or is it because there’s actually something in this life and they’re not choosing to walk into the light.’ These are belief systems! I express to you. violence.’ Or. as I have expressed. let me explain to you in clarity. Many other individuals choose to be disengaging in other manners which you term to be.

individually and en masse. within your societies and within your exchange of communications. for this is the point. You pay attention to conflict. more and more energy is projected into these waves in consciousness and addressing to all of these belief systems. as I have expressed. NATHAN: Because we’re so used to having conflict happen. to be accepting these belief systems. even collectively. As your time framework progresses. for this is the familiar. and this attains your attention.’ in the expression of this shift in consciousness. they lend energy to the accomplishment of this shift in consciousness. and they hold very tightly to their familiar expressions and behaviors and they express in extreme lack of tolerance – lack of acceptance within self and within each other. Some individuals choose to be disengaging. for they are dispersing energy and they are also creating an expression which brings to all of your attention movement that is occurring. and in your terms. It is all movement that you have all created collectively in response to this energy of this shift in consciousness and to the belief systems that are being addressed. It is VERY INTENSE in its expression of energy. Some individuals view these events as signs of great beginnings. Now. those individuals. The ease is unfamiliar. individuals create a natural movement in retreat into the familiar. but these freedoms are confusing and they are very unfamiliar. reacting. You shall be noticing that this sparks great debates within individuals! Some individuals view these [events] as signs of the end of your times. in the ‘big picture.movement of this shift in consciousness. ELIAS: Correct. some individuals are not experiencing conflict. in this. and therefore. Now. You are being offered within yourselves great freedoms. that are not experiencing conflict and are channeling this tremendous expression of energy into an ease and calm and acceptance are not afforded within your society the recognition objectively that is afforded to the expressions of devastation and violence. recognizing that they hold limitations with you and also recognizing that as you are opening your awarenesses – as you objectively are allowing yourselves wider awareness of all of your reality and eliminating your obstacles and your limitations and actualizing all of your abilities – you also are. but you do not pay as much attention to pleasure! .

and expressing objectively to each other amazement and elements of confusion that they themselves may not necessarily be experiencing this conflict. regardless that your societies are [not] objectively affording recognition to these expressions of ease and acceptance. ELIAS: But you are not drawing this to yourselves.. but it appears to them that many individuals that surround them ARE experiencing conflict. But through our observance. within your lack of conflict and your expressions of acceptance. .. what do we view but the expression of these individuals that are experiencing the ease in confusion. ELIAS: Within your belief systems. And you each sit quietly. you all afford yourselves the opportunity to exchange..But in this expression. but what you’re saying is.’ but you are also drawing to yourselves many individuals that are experiencing an extreme difference.. NATHAN: Like attracts like. those individuals that are channeling this energy into an ease and a lack of conflict are encountering many individuals that are experiencing conflict.. and those are the people that you would find yourself being around. that sort of belief? Like attracts like. and do you question to yourself why you shall draw to yourself all of these expressions about you that are so very different? I shall express to you that the reason that you draw this to yourselves is [to be] offering you the opportunity to be the little sapling and to be lending energy to all of these individuals that are experiencing conflict. it IS occurring en masse and many individuals ARE experiencing that avenue of channeling energy. would it not? NATHAN: Yes. and in that. In this.. this would be the natural course of action. in this is your opportunity. for why shall it be that you draw to yourselves and you present yourselves with all of this rage and conflict that surrounds you? Why shall you not necessarily be drawing to yourself masses of individuals that are also experiencing this ease and not be encountering those individuals that are experiencing. are you? You are drawing to yourselves some individuals that are ‘like attracts like. to be easing this conflict. (Smiling) Now. and watch the rage of conflict that occurs about you.

’ but within your behaviors. and that’s been a big lesson for me ‘cause I feel like maybe I can just say too much and turn them off and they never even go back to it again. ‘Turn your attention to self and be accepting of self first. let them ask you the question. and NOW you may begin to project your helpfulness outwardly to other individuals. have been inquiring to myself. August 24. ELIAS: It is the acknowledgment that you each hold differences in perception – you all hold differences and this is not wrong or bad – and the acceptance of those differences. not merely expressing within your language to each other. 1999] .Individuals throughout the engagement of these sessions. you are creating a reality of acceptance. much expression of acceptance. You may BE the example now of the straight little sapling. ELIAS: Correct. but you are moving into the expression of the reality of acceptance. They will come to you and ask you the questions. and within your offerings. When I was learning all this information. you HAVE turned your attention to self. but in your recognition of self and your acceptance of self. and this is the awareness that many of you now are allowing yourselves in objective terms. recognizing that each individual creates their reality in the most beneficial manner for themselves. NATHAN: I think one of the biggest things I’ve learned is. You HAVE afforded yourselves much assimilation of much information. NATHAN: Because we’re all going to the same place essentially. I felt like I needed to express it to everyone – how come everyone else isn’t remembering this? But now I’m learning that they’re coming to me. ‘What shall I do to be helpful in the action of this shift?’ I have offered for much time framework. not merely subjective knowing. or a solution. but this does not create the definition that your method is better. not necessarily in the manner of offering a ‘thing’ to another individual. You have allowed yourselves. individually and collectively. ‘I am so very accepting. within your actions. I am so very accepting. from the onset of this forum. and you create your reality in the most beneficial manner for yourself. much movement within the addressing to your individual belief systems. which is an entirely different matter!” [session 454. and offer that energy of helpfulness to all of these individuals that ARE experiencing tremendous conflict and trauma.’ Within this now. and you don’t want to do that. before you are moving into expressions of helpfulness to other individuals. and you present them only what they ask. and your method may be quite different from another individual’s method.

except that it was there. 2000] . Therefore. accept. throughout its duration as a little tree without any growing pains. it IS being helpful. because I couldn’t figure it out. for each experience that any of you engages within the action of this shift. In this.” [session 600. You are also creating an action of ease. would be.’ is not necessarily that you are creating any particular action specifically to be individually helpful to this one individual. April 09. But another sensation I got or impression I got – that I just refused to accept over and over again and yet it was just always there – has to do with a very dear friend who has been very ill. lends to the expression of the whole. in a manner of speaking. you are not merely creating an action of example. ‘I’m doing this for my friend. In other terms. we’re going to soon be out of time. it is not attempting to be instructive or even helpful to any other little sapling. The sapling may not necessarily grow. It is accepting of its growth. and in that. to this individual and to all individuals in the action of the sapling.MARGOT: “. what I am expressing to you is that the reason you have associated in this manner. and experience is in actuality lending energy to the insertion of this shift and the lessening of trauma. in diverting the creation of trauma within your individual focus and moving into the expression of altering or turning your perceptions to be avoiding trauma. what you have offered to yourself in communication is in relation to this shift. It is recognizing and noticing of its movement. if I put it into words. move through. of its creations.. in your physical terms. as example to other saplings. All that you are creating and participating within and allowing yourself to recognize and notice. But in its action of concentrating its attention within self and its own movement. but that you are being helpful. and it was especially on my mind during the time that we were doing the actual movement into the new place (2).. It just didn’t mean anything to me at all. and the impression that kept coming over me so strongly. that you are ‘doing this for your friend. that I would be getting this sort of a sense. but it is not concerning itself with all that is occurring outside of itself. Why should that have been such a strong sense with me? ELIAS: For what you are offering to yourself is information through the communication of impressions translated into thoughts in what you may identify as a personal manner.’ And this just seemed insane to me. The situation that she’s going through has been on my mind a great deal for some time.

This is the nature of acceptance. and you recognize that you are not teaching. For the term of ‘teaching’ within your reality is being redefined as you widen your awareness. In view of my draw toward teaching. You share experiences and information to be allowing yourselves and others a greater exploration of your physical dimension and an expansion of your participation within it. Would you comment on that? ELIAS: Very well. I wonder if someday I might hold the knowledge and experience that I might help others assimilate this information. I will express to you. or that there are individuals or essences that are set apart or greater than others. you recognize that the expression of teaching. and therefore also redefining your reality. saplings grow upon your earth in proximity to other trees. for there is no creation of a sapling independent of other trees. so to speak. in this. You are dropping the veils of separation. and this also is incorrect. and therefore offering an expression of example and a vulnerability or OPENNESS to be interactive with other individuals but holding your attention upon self naturally. As you allow yourself to visualize a sapling. It also implies that the learner is less than. How could this be accomplished most effectively? And should I follow some particular path. or yourself. knowledge. Now. . and experiences with each other. You are travelers. for you do. For as you redefine your terms and your reality. and you are moving into the expression of genuinely becoming the straight sapling. and other individuals. and to me the information that you present in these sessions is so fantastically important that I am compelled to study it and try to completely comprehend it and experience it. this is not to say that you do not share information. and this offers a beneficial expression to other individuals. and you are sharing. Now. that this is the nature of redefining terms in relation to this shift in consciousness.MERRILL: “It seems to me that every major choice that I have made in this focus has drawn me into another teaching experience. you are turning your attention to self. you may also view the analogy of the straight little sapling. and this is incorrect. or is it sufficient to just be the straight little sapling and make myself available to answer questions and interact with others? Is there some such particular role in all this for me? I am interacting now with a few people as pen pals around the Elias materials. are not learning. is that which implies that there are individuals or essences that hold more knowledge than others. It is not isolated unto itself only. my friend. And in that sharing. you offer energy to each other in widening your awarenesses. and this once again is incorrect.

It may not be expressed in the same manner that you interact with other individuals. As it continues to question itself. 2001] AILI: “You told me earlier that we were in a transformation. the convoluted little sapling notices the straight little sapling. I have presented a story of two little saplings. my friend. In this. workshops and presentations. the sapling is born of other trees. One is a straight little sapling. I’m not quite clear I understand it. I may incorporate no more conflict. It accepts itself. The greatest offering that the straight little sapling expresses is to merely be. that I have expressed myself as much as I choose at this point to express myself. It grows. I’m realizing that after 25 years in the field of education that I need to go and move on and express myself in other ways. It is continuously analyzing and questioning how it shall grow. for it offers an example. but there is interaction. whether it shall be incorporating too much water or too much sun. July 03. upon my leaving education this year? ELIAS: (Softly) Be the straight little sapling.” [session 860. 2001] . whether it shall be more beneficial to it to grow within the darkness and the moonlight or whether it shall facilitate its growth more within the sunlight. and it merely is. In this.’ It shall straighten itself. in a manner of speaking. in what direction it shall grow.” [session 937. and it expresses no need to be creating any other expression but its mere being. it offers no bending to the convoluted little sapling. the convoluted little sapling views it and expresses to itself. also. Therefore. perhaps if I am incorporating like action to this little sapling. The sapling interacts. The straight little sapling offers no advice.For in your terms. for your species are created differently. and it questions how this straight little sapling is not bending itself and is not incorporating conflict and is merely radiating. there is no separation. there is interaction. and all the while the straight little sapling merely continues to grow in its natural expression. Alongside of this straight little sapling is a quite convoluted little sapling. and I think in some ways it’s an alignment with what we’ve been talking about. and this convoluted little sapling is continuously questioning its existence. AILI: Help me with that. it trusts itself. And in its being. It merely continues to be. and it merely is within its being. My second question is this: what attitude must I hold in order to increase my service to others through my private practice. it twists and becomes more and more convoluted. ‘Ah. ELIAS: I have offered a small story nearing the onset of this phenomenon. October 27. but it grows without instruction and without instructing. and it radiates.

caused falls and landslides. (2) Paul’s note: Margot and Howard recently moved to a new home in Flagstaff. There was major damage to buildings. The electric power.000 killed and many more injured.Exercises: see also the no-conflict game. He also refers to flooding that occurred in Hungary during July 1999 that affected 30. measuring 7. some of them above 4 on the Richter Scale. 1999.000 inhabitants in 9000 homes. potable water and telephone services were also partially interrupted. The earthquake was followed by a wave of aftershocks. Arizona. 1999. that occurred in western Turkey on August 17. some 65 miles east of Istanbul. End Notes: (1) Paul’s note: Nathan refers to the major earthquake. that had already been wetted up and saturated with water due to the long wet period. 20 houses were destroyed and more than 800 severely damaged. the soil layers. . In addition.5 on the Richter Scale. The epicenter was located close to the city of Izmit. with more than 17. infrastructure and industrial plants. On July 15.