Presented by : Mayur Antre -63 Aditya Patil -77 Kapil Shirurkar -87 Kantilal Kamble -96 Nishant Dhanke -119

Presented to :Prof. Purshottam Patil


Kharghar. Operated by owner himself Started by Mr. Game behind the name Hours of operations from 5pm to 11pm. Graduate Mechanical engineer.Introduction  A          fast food outlet located at Hiranandani Complex. Sarfaraz Jamal Mukri. Earlier worked at a consultancy in Kurla. Worked experience of six months. . Specialized in serving chicken delicacy exclusively. Later joined an organization at Bangalore.

The Dynamic Entrepreneur .

Lets know the Product  Ingredients  Bread:   Chicken Shorma Samoli(Bread used in Foot long)  Khalus(Bread in shape of Roti made out of Maida)  Spread:  Mayonnaise sauce  Tomato sauce  Butter .

Contd. Lettuce  Chopped chicken  Chopped cabbage  Garnishing:  Cucumber with vinegar  Green chilly  Filling:  ..

per piece .50/. Chicken shorma in Khalus roti: Rs.40/.per piece Pricing of the Product  Chicken shorma in Samoli bread: Rs.

2000.000/ Various costs incurred to run business: Material cost: Rs.6000/-(Monthly)  Electricity charges:Rs.5000/-(Daily basis)  Rent:Rs.2500/-(Monthly)  Daily sale of nearly 130 to 150 Chicken Shorma’s . Technique learned from Qatar  Initialization of the Business  Machine imported from Qatar costing Rs.90.

. Reasons to Start the Business  Opportunistic market for fast food in Mumbai.  Family support and need of the family. Mitigation of Idea.  Wanted freedom.

Why Kharghar .

 Second outlet started at Thane after 6 months.  Outlet at Kharghar started after 8 months in January. Problems faced  Inception of the product failed initially due to environmental factors.2012.  Initially product was unknown to people. First outlet started at Mumbra.  Well established fast food outlets in Kharghar. .

 Use of filter water supply like Aqua sure. Promotions through pamphlets in Kharghar. which will be a problem in coming months. Burger). .  Should establish new outlet in near areas like CBD Belapur.  Improved sitting arrangement.  Has to take care of rainy season.  Social Networking Media. Suggestions  New variety of product(Chicken Kebab.  Usage of different spread(Schezwan sauce).

Yummy Shorma .

Observing Modus Operandi .

“Feel Good Eat Good” At Caca Chicken Thank You .