MORNING YOGA (QR) 6:15am - 60 min - Dave NEW! GENTLE FLOW YOGA (QR) 8am - 60 min - Karen SPINNING (CS) 9:15am - 60 min - Dave BODY JAM & PUMP (S1) 9:15am - 60 min Betty AQUA TONE 9:15am - 60 min - Wendy LEAN PHYSIQUE (S1) 10:15am - 60 min - Caite ZUMBA DANCE PARTY (S1) 11:15am - 60 min - Kristy FLEXIBLE FLUIDITY (QR) 11:15am - 60 min - Elaine RHYTHMIC TONING (S1) 12:15am - 60 min - Mafalda AQUA FIT 4:30pm - 60 min - Betty J MARTIAL ARTS (S1) 5pm - 60 min - Richard SPINNING (CS) 5:15pm - 60 min Mike EASY YOGA (QR) 7pm - 60 min - Regina ZUMBA POWER (S1)* 7:15pm - 60 min - Kristy SPINNING XP (CS) 6:30am - 45 min - Cindy MORNING YOGA (QR) 8am - 55 min - Jan VINYASA FLOW YOGA (QR) 9am - 60 min - Chrissy SPIN XPRESS (CS) 9:15am - 45 min - Mike F BOX FITNESS (S1)*** 9:15am - 60 min - Betty NEW! AQUA FIT & TONE 9:15am - 60 min INSANE ABS (S1)*** 10:15am - 30 min - Betty AERIAL YOGA* (QR) 10:15am - 60 min - Caite GENTLE YOGA (QR) 11:15am - 75 min - Cheryl ZUMBA FUSION (S1) 12pm - 90 min - Jim AQUA THERAPY 2pm - 60 min - Dr. Munley AQUA FIT 6pm - 60 min - Stephanie ZUMBA DANCE PARTY (S1) 6pm - 60 min- Mafalda YOGA FLOW (QR) 6pm - 60 min - Beth SPINNING (CS) 6pm - 60 min - Nancy CARDIO BARRE (S1) 7pm - 60 min - Mafalda MORNING YOGA (QR) 6:15am - 75 min - Dave GENTLE FLOW YOGA (QR) 9am - 60 min - Karen O SPINNING (CS) 9:15am - 60 min - Cindy PUSH HI-LO X (S1) 9:15am - 60 min - Betty T AQUA FIT 10:15am - 60 min - Jim JUMP SPORT CIRCUIT (S1) 9:15am - 60 min - Betty J NEW! VINYASA AQUA FIT 9:15am - 60 min - April AQUA TONE 10:15am - 60 min - April PYOLET/ CORE ESSENTIALS (S1) 10:15am - 75 min - Betty T YOGA FLOW (QR) 11:15am -75 min - Theresa ZUMBA DANCE PARTY (S1) 11:30am - 60 min- Kristy SPINNING (CS) 5:30pm - 60 min Mike/Lauren TENNIS BOOT CAMP (TC)*** 6pm - 60 min - Brad HIIT TABATA (S1)*** 6pm - 45 min - Nancy KUNDALINI YOGA (QR) 6:30pm - 75 min - Ania FABULOUS “5” (S1)*** 6:45pm - 60 min - Nancy AERIAL YOGA* (QR) 8:15am - 60 min - Dave SPINNING XP (CS) 8:15am - 45 min - Cindy HOLISTIC STRESS MANAGEMENT (QR) 9:15am - 60 min - Gloria SPINNING (CS) 9:15am - 60 min - Sandy MORNING YOGA (QR) 8am - 60 min - Jan SPINNING (CS) 8:15am - 60 min - Kathy HARDCORE BODY (S1)*** 9:15am - 60 min - Betty SPINNING (CS) 9:15am - 60 min - Mike SPINNING (CS) 8am - 60 min - Nancy AQUA FIT 9am - 60 min - Stephanie VINYASA YOGA (QR) 9:30am - 90 min - Beth ZUMBA DANCE PARTY (S1) 10am - 60 min - Cheryl SUNDAY RIDE XP (CS) 8am - 60 min Paolo GENTLE YOGA (QR) 8:15 am - 75 min Regina/Rob BOSU CARDIO FUSION (S1) 8:30am - 75 min Nancy ZUMBA FUSION (S1) 10am - 90 min - Jim AQUA FIT 10am - 60 min - Elaine

AQUA FIT 9:15am - 60 min - Betty J AQUA TONE YOGA FLOW (QR) 10:30am - 90 min - Chrissy 10:15am - 60 min - Beth BRAZILIAN ZUMBA GOLD FUSION (S1) BODY BLAST (S1) 10:30am - 60 min - April 10:15am - 60 min AQUA THERAPY Mafalda 2pm - 60 min - Dr. Munley AERIAL YOGA (QR)* AQUA FIT 10:30am - 60 min 6:00pm - 60 min - Elaine Chris/Caite BUFF YOGA (QR) POWER ZUMBA (S1) 6pm - 60 min - Dave 11:15am - 60 min SPINNING (CS) Mafalda 6pm - 60 min - Steve YOGA FOR A ZUMBA FIESTA (S1) HEALTHY BACK (QR) 6pm - 60 min - William 11:30am - 60 min - Fran BRAZILIAN BODY BLAST (S1) 7pm - 60 min - Mafalda AERIAL YOGA (QR)* 7:15pm - 60 min - Chris P ZUMBA FUSION (S1) 5:30pm - 90 min - Jim

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* Indicates sign-up is required ***Indicates advanced workout; assigned instructors may be subject to change

Please note that there will be no tness classes on Easter Sunday.

S1=Main Studio QR=Quarry Room SC=Spinning Center PA=Pool Area SU=Specialty Class Sign up required - Available 30 min prior to class TC=Tennis Court BB=Basketball Court


All classes are formatted for all levels and abilities unless noted.
AQUA FIT: A shallow water exercise free from impact. AQUA TONE: Take your gym routine into the pool. Total body toning in the heated outdoor pool. BODY BLAST: A total body workout fusing weight training & functional fitness into one workout. BODY CHISEL: A series of resistance & toning exercises to chisel your body. BOSU CARDIO FUSION: Bosu & Cardio together with strength training, plyometerics & intense core work. Total workout! BOX FITNESS: Funky intense cardio & strength conditioning using great moves & tunes. This will set your fat on fire! BRAZILIAN BODY BLAST: A total body workout using ankle weights, just like they do in Brazil! Get that Rio beach body with Mafalda. CARDIO BARRE: No impact excercises using the ballet bar & light weights. Get long & lean like a dancer. CHAIR TONING: Gentle resistance with no impact on your joints. All done on a chair. Perfect for seniors. CORE ESSENTIALS: 100% core & abs work to strengthen & toneyour core. CYCLE: High energy indoor cycling class that will increase your cardiovascular endurance & muscular strength. Located in Quarry Room. CYCLE EXPRESS: Quick & effective - in & out. You will feel the burn. CYCLE ROAD RAGE: Intense cycling intervals performed to a variety of great music. It’s all the RAGE! TURBO CYCLE: Ride your butt off…literally! High energy indoor cycling that will increase your cardiovascular endurance & muscular strength. FABULOUS “5”: 5 pieces of equipment- 1 great strength & cardio workout. GOLD TONING: For the older adult to help tone muscles & burn fat. GYROKINESIS: Gentle yoga, pilates, swim & dance movements incorporated. HARDCORE BODY: Mix of boot camp, box fit & ball training. HIIT TABATA: Intense core cardio drills/High Intensity Interval Training. Fat burn! INSANE ABS: Got 30 minutes?! Work, sweat, and get ripped fast! INSANE ASSYLUM: Are you fit? Take it to the next level with this insanity workout. The name says it all! JUMP SPORT: Non-impact cardiovascular exercise done on mini trampolines- all levels. LEAN PHYSIQUE: The Hollywood craze comes to Minerals for all levels. Dynamic exercises that elongate, tone & strengthen. Very effective. LIGHT & SCULPT GOLD: For the older adult to help tone muscles & burn fat. POWER PILATES: A mat Pilates class that utilizes balls, bars, bands & weights to give you a powerful Pilates total body workout. PILATES FUSION: A mat Pilates class that utilizes balls, bars, bands & weights to give you a powerful Pilates total body workout. Core-challenging. PIYOLET: A fusion of pilates, yoga & ballet to build strength, flexibility & balance. Will burn lots of calories & relax your mind & spirit. RYTHMIC STEP: Calling all steppers. This class is full of intricate choreography & great music. Take the challenge. Advanced. URBAN REBOUNDING: Zero impact exercises done on mini trampolines. Too many benefits to list. Lots of fun! STRETCH & RELEASE: A full body stretch class utilizing various therapeutic techniques (myofascial, pnf, yoga) with foam rollers, straps & fusion theraballs. Open, release & restore. STRIDE: It’s here!! This latest craze workout mixes easy to follow hip hop dance moves with hard core conditioning. TEAM MEAN HIIT: Fit? Take it to the next level with this insanity workout. THE METHOD: 75 mins of non-stop movement- 40 mins of Hi-Lo funky cardio, followed by 35 mins of unique muscle shaping techniques for a major calorie burn & total body workout. TURBO KICK: Funky intense cardio conditioning with cardio blast. This will set your fat on fire! TURBO SCULPT: Pump it up! All weights. This fast paced class will build muscle & tone you up. URBAN REBOUNDING: Zero impact exercises done on mini trampolines. Too many benefits to list. Lots of fun. For all ages & fitness levels. YOGA: Increase flexibility/strength & work the breath for focus/centering. YOGA FLOW: Flowing postures move to move for stretch & strength. AERIAL YOGA: Yoga, stretch & flexibility done on silks to increase your range of motion & burn major fat! BUFF YOGA: A fitness lass that offers a combination of Yoga & Strength Training. CHAIR YOGA: Bring your practice to the chair with this safe & effective workout. IRON MAT YOGA: Mix fitness & yoga moves to strengthen your entire body. KUNDALINI YOGA: Breath work/movement. Kicks butt- wakes up inner fire. MORNING BLEND YOGA: Wake up your body with a blend of yoga & stretching. GENTLE YOGA: Give your body a break with a gentle class incorporating props for support to move deeper into your postures. ZUMBA: Easy to follow Latin dance moves for a cardio workout. ZUMBA FUSION: Zumba adding light weights- great workout ZUMBA DANCE PARTY: Mix Zumba Dance & ZumbaTone for 90-min total body workout.