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Tips for giving effective employee feedback
February 7th, 2012 | Posted in Human Resources by Suha Mardelli Haroun | No Comments

Question:Its appraisal time, this time of the year in my organization. Since I am new in my current position, I need some advice on how to give feedback effectively to my direct reports. Answer:The process of giving feedback to your team should be an ongoing affair and should not only be reserved for annual performance appraisals. In order to have a healthy working relationship between you and your direct reports, it is important that your feedback is specific, timely, ongoing and constructive. Here is how to ensure that you provide effective employee feedback: Specific:Make sure that your feedback is information-specific, issue-focused and based on observations. Aim to deliver both positive and negative feedback, along with information on what needs to change and why. Ideally, give specific examples of when the behaviour in question was noticed. Timely:Give feedback as soon as possible, preferably right after the behaviour is exhibited. Research indicates that when feedback is given well after the occurrence, the value of the constructive feedback is lessened. However, for instances where emotions are running high, it‟s best to give yourself some time to let them settle so that you can communicate effectively. Ongoing:As mentioned earlier, don‟t reserve your feedback for annual appraisals, make them a weekly, if not daily, occurrence. While relaying feedback, make sure you express the right emotion. If what you have to say is positive,

13. express concern. In his past professional experience. 2012 | Posted in Employers Blog. relationships with their boss/management/colleagues was the number one loyalty motivation.9%) and growth opportunities (18. and planning and leadership development. This can go something like “Ahmed.5% of MENA professionals. HR Manager at HSBC. If what you have to say is negative. because at Bayt.7% ). . Kuwait February 13th. And by the way. So you need to ensure that you include helpful coaching and suggestions for how to act differently next time.com. he specializes in localization. our research reports prove that effective communication is very essential. so you need to be patient while trying to change or redirect it.For 16. At HSBC Kuwait.7% MENA professionals say that transparent communication channels are very important and affect their loyalty towards the company. .express appreciation. Questions: . recruitment. coming third in the list after salary (27. One example would be using the „Improve and Praise‟ model to give constructive feedback. strategy development. you need to make sure that you send across your sales reports on time like everyone else.5% of MENA professionals claimed that more recognition and appreciation would boost their job loyalty. as well as their motivation levels. Human Resources by Yousef Al Eryan | 2 Comments Bio: Yousef Al-Eryan holds a bachelor‟s degree in criminal justice and psychology. Yousef has held key positions in several leading companies in Kuwait. Here are some statistics from Bayt. good job on closing the deal with XYZ account!” It‟s great that you‟re asking.73.com‟s „Employee Motivation at the ME Workplace‟ poll: . Some behaviour may be the result of habit. Constructive:Always remember – the goal of feedback is to help the employee improve their performance. Interview with Yousef Al-Eryan.

My average day starts by going through my emails. business meetings or interviews. Sometimes it‟s difficult to make everyone happy and whenever you deal with people there is always the possibility of not meeting someone‟s expectations. as well as. the experience and knowledge can be gained on the job. If a new hire has the right attitude and right behavior. the right behavior from the beginning. Whether it is through networking. 2. 6. assignments and projects is extremely valuable for any new hire‟s early development and it helps when someone has the right attitude. 4. I am constantly meeting new people. How do you like living and working in your country of employment?Kuwait is a rapidly growing economy and working in the banking sector is especially interesting because it‟s one of the most competitive industries here. What is your average day at work like?The great thing about my job is that every day is different. Whether that means meeting expectations associated with their salary. I‟m a firm believer in on-the-job training. What is your favorite part of your role?The favorite part of my role is meeting new people. Since Kuwait is also my home country. 3.1. . What is the most important thing you look for in new hires?The most important thing I look for in new hires is attitude and behavior. every day is a new challenge. checking my schedule for the day and prioritizing what needs to be done that day. Learning by working and experiencing different tasks. What is your biggest professional challenge?My biggest professional challenge is managing people‟s expectations. 5. What is the biggest challenge you face in hiring talent?The biggest challenge I face is ensuring that the expectations of new hires are met. career development and/or their training expectations. it is of particular interest for me to see the HR field develop and change every year.

where would that fall?I would want the HR department to become more of a „strategic business partner‟ with other departments. and so it‟s interesting to watch how each country grows in this direction. What is your advice to someone looking to enter the field of HR?My advice to someone looking to enter the HR field in Kuwait would be to actively pursue it. Working with a multi-national bank such as HSBC gives me also a great exposure to regional and global best practices. 11. and I would like the HR to have a more active role in the business decision making process. 10. Each country in this region has managed to introduce unique practices and procedures in this area.7. so the opportunities for career growth and development in the local HR field are very promising right now. How do you see the Middle East evolve as a place to practice HR?I see the Middle East continuing to evolve in HR practice. UAE January 29th. HR is a very “young” field in Kuwait. Regional Training Manager (MENA) at Leo Burnett. a teaching diploma from The . 9. Interview with Rena Khawly Stuart. What has been the highlight of your career in HR?The highlight of my career is seeing individuals I have hired become leaders across various industries in Kuwait. 8. If you could wave your magic stick and make a significant development in one specific area of HR practices worldwide. 2012 | Posted in Employers Blog. What do you read to keep abreast of industry developments?Whenever time permits I try to keep abreast with latest industry developments through various online articles and newsletters. Human Resources by Rena Khawly | No Comments Bio:Rena holds multiple degrees including a Masters in science and engineering from Northwestern University.

and has since then moved into her current regional role that better compliments her background in education. I am a working mother with a 2 year old and a 7 month old baby. My day depends on the project. has so far been tremendously rewarding. I work in an advertising agency where creativity is the life-line for success. so making sure I am a successful professional at work and a successful mom and . She started off 5 and-ahalf years ago as a recruitment officer with Leo Burnett Dubai. For me. specifically in Dubai. I am often given objectives and am simply asked to „make it happen‟. and I love being a part of it. Dubai is the city where I started my family and so far it has been wonderful living here. What is your average day at work like?My position is unique in our industry. Rena is also very eco-conscious and has been a primary advocate for the „Go Green‟ campaign at Leo Burnett. Questions: 1. I do. my answer would have been very different. My biggest professional challenge is actually a personal one also. I get to work with people from all over the world. and so. What is your biggest professional challenge?If this question was asked of me two years ago. She is a firm believer in a changing behavior through knowledge and leading by example. communications and advertising firms have someone assigned strictly for learning and development. Since Dubai is such a metropolitan city. How do you like living and working in UAE?I moved to Dubai when I joined Leo Burnett in 2006. 2. workshop or event that I am working on and the deadlines that I have set.College of New Jersey and a Certificate in Personnel Practice (CPP) from The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) – which is UK‟s leading professional body for HR. My days are quite hectic because I am a big „multitasker‟ and love juggling multiple assignments at the same time. that was 5 1/2 years ago and counting! Working in the UAE. 3. since very few media.

there are various personal attributes that we look for in new hires. I was a recruitment officer for Dubai (UAE) and Kuwait and was later promoted to be the „Regional Training Manager‟ for all of our Middle East and North Africa offices. collaborative and connected. We look for people who have a drive to win. would be to continue my own professional learning in HR. possibly even pursue a higher degree or HR certification. visionary.wife at home is my biggest challenge. 5. transparency and commitment. I love working with the talented minds behind who run our various regional offices and I really enjoy working closely with the COO. 2. I also like candidates who display a sense of respect for others and for the world they live in. passionate. I learn so much all the time that I don‟t have to ask for more! Thank-you Leo Burnett! 3. I get to attend and evaluate every workshop. The exposure has allowed me to mature and to consider our agency from a management as well as an employee perspective. I personally like people who are energetic and aren‟t afraid to do things differently. What is your favorite part of your role?I feel like the luckiest person for three reasons1. naturally when the right time comes. What is the biggest challenge you face in hiring talent?The biggest challenges with us would have to be the length of the recruitment cycle and the limited talent pool that we find for this industry. What is the most important thing you look for in new hires? At Leo Burnett. 4. 7. What has been the highlight of your career in HR? Moving from a local role to a regional role has been the highlight of my career. The next step for me. I am not micro-managed. 6.this has added value to how I approach things. such as being creative. . brave. we like people who are good at heart and display a sense of honesty. CEO and the MD‟s. I get to work with great people. seminar or event that we run. Another attribute that we look for is integrity.

What is your advice to someone looking to enter the field of HR?Be resourceful. don‟t introduce a cut on the entire training budget. many HR departments end up focussing time and energy on this whereas they should be focussing more on strategic planning.8. naturally. shrm.com employers?When you want to introduce budget-cuts. What do you read to keep abreast of industry developments?For HR industry news: I often follow twitter links of popular HR sites to read the latest articles and I often check websites such as: Hbr.communicate. diversity and the other sweet stuff. I wish there would be an easier way to measure the ROI of training programs and to measure if our programs have changed behaviour and to what extent. 12.org.com/) and Communicate magazine (http://www.com. where would that fall?I know this is quite cliché. How do you see the Middle East evolve as a place to practice HR?I think that HR is being taken more seriously and companies are realizing the value of HR but I don‟t think they understand how much added value this discipline can actually give. besides there are many creative and cost-effective ways to keep . Strategic planning would include change management. 11. but since I have been in learning and development for four years now. thehrreview.ae/) and creativity-online. They will appreciate this and in turn respect you for respecting them.com.org. If you could wave your magic stick and make a significant development in one specific area of HR practices worldwide. For advertising industry news: Campaign Middle-East magazine (http://campaignme. Anything else you’d like to share with the community of Bayt. no matter how small the task may be. workplace engagement. 10. Recruitment is always the biggest point of concern for companies and so. 9. Having limited budget cuts is fine. People appreciate it when you help them.

your staff happy and well-trained. I believe that training truly does change employee behaviour positively regardless of whether it is measurable or not. .