Books for the Academic Reader

Reasons for Faith
K. Scott Oliphint

Philosophy in the Service of Theology
Short summary: Sets forth a Christian approach to thinking philosophically. Identifies the Christian position as the consistent, cogent, and reasonable one offering solutions to the problems posed. Book info: • 0-87552-645-4 • $24.99 • paper • 392 pages • November 2006
“If given the attention it deserves, Reasons for Faith should change the discussion in matters relating revelation to reason from now on. There is nothing quite like it in the literature.” —William Edgar, Westminster Theological Seminary

The Sermon on the Mount
The Character of a Disciple
Daniel M. Doriani

Short summary: An explanation of the Sermon on the Mount, the word of king Jesus to his people, that also puts it in its scriptural context. Book info: • 1-59638-003-9 • $15.99 • paper • 256 pages • October 2006

R.C. Sproul

“Here is a thoughtful, probing, down-to-earth, upto-date exploration of Christ’s ideal of kingdom life for his disciples. Preachers and teachers will find it a fruitful resource.” —J. I. Packer

Truths We Confess

A Layman’s Guide to the Westminster Confession of Faith Volume 1: The Triune God
Short summary: In his three-volume exposition of the Westminster Confession of Faith, R.C. Sproul writes with both insight into current issues and clarity for lay readers. The resulting commentary will long serve the church as an invaluable aid for digesting and teaching the eternal truths of Scripture. This first volume, covering chapters 1–8 of the confession, explains what we need to understand about Holy Scripture, God and the Trinity, his decree, creation, providence, the fall into sin, God’s covenant, and Christ the Mediator. • • • • • Book info: 1-59638-039-X $22.00 cloth 288 pages Available

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The Guided Tour Series


Pages from Church History

A Guided Tour of Christian Classics Stephen J. Nichols

Other books in the series …
Anne Bradstreet, 0-87552-610-1, $13.99 J. Gresham Machen, 0-87552-620-9, $13.99 Jonathan Edwards, 0-87552-194-0, $13.99 Martin Luther, 0-87552-556-3, $13.99

Introduces the entire sweep of church history through classics by Polycarp, Augustine, Anselm, Aquinas, a Kempis, Luther, Calvin, Bunyan, Edwards, the Wesleys, Carey, and Bonhoeffer.

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0-87552-636-5 • paper • 320 pages • $15.99


American Reformed Biography
John Williamson Nevin
High Church Calvinist D. G. Hart


Robert Lewis Dabney

A Southern Presbyterian Life Sean Michael Lucas

This biography, written by a provocative, prolific historian, gives readers insights into Nevin’s critique of the revivalist tradition and shows how it applies today.
0-87552-662-4 • cloth • 271 pages • $22.99

Lucas explains that Dabney was “in many ways a representative man, one who embodied the passions and contradictions of nineteenth-century Southerners.”
0-87552-663-2 • cloth • 295 pages • $24.99

Far As the Curse Is Found

The Covenant Story of Redemption Michael D. Williams

Salvation Belongs to the Lord
An Introduction to Systematic Theology John M. Frame

A retelling of the biblical story of God’s unfolding covenant from creation to new creation. Readers are led to wonder anew at the redemptive work of God in our own history, in our own human flesh.
0-87552-510-5 • paper • 319 pages • $17.99

Beginning students of theology and those looking for a teaching tool will welcome this remarkably clear introduction to the doctrines of Scripture. Salvation Belongs to the Lord explores all the major biblical truths, explains key terms of systematic theology, and reflects on their implications and connections under the lordship of Christ.
1-59638-018-7 • paper • 382 pages • $24.99


Reformed Expository Commentary
Richard D. Phillips


Hebrews captures the challenges and pitfalls of people throughout the ages and shows why and how to press on in the faith. Its message of warning and hope centers on the supremacy of Jesus, seen often from the vantage point of the Old Testament.
0-87552-784-1 • cloth • 672 pages • $34.99

The Reformed Expository Commentary is biblical (committed to comprehensive exposition of the text), doctrinal (committed to the Westminster Standards), redemptive-historical (committed to a Christ-centered view of the Old Testament), and practical (committed to applying the text to people today). Coeditors are Philip Ryken and Richard Phillips; biblical editors are Iain Duguid and Dan Doriani.

Also Available: Galatians, Philip Graham Ryken, 0-87552-782-5, n $24.99 n Esther & Ruth, Iain M. Duguid, 0-87552-783-3, $17.99

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The Gospel According to the OT
Hope in the Midst of a Hostile World
The Gospel According to Daniel George M. Schwab

Other books in the series …
Faith in the Face of Apostacy, Raymond B. Dillard, 0-87552-650-0, $12.99 Immanuel in Our Place, Tremper Longman III, 0-87552-651-9, $12.99 Living in the Gap Between Promise and Reality, Iain M. Duguid, 0-87552-652-7, $12.99 Living in the Grip of Relentless Grace, Iain M. Duguid, 0-87552-655-1, $12.99 Salvation Through Judgment and Mercy, Bryan D. Estelle, 0-87552-656-X, $12.99

Demonstrates how believers living among unbelievers, and as citizens of countries with increasingly hostile governments, have opportunity to reveal God-inspired wisdom and discover hope.
1-59638-006-3 • paper • 216 pages • $12.99

Justification and the New Perspectives on Paul
A Review and Response Guy Prentiss Waters

The Federal Vision and Covenant Theology
A Comparative Analysis Guy Prentiss Waters

Guy Waters lays out the theoDefines, describes, and crilogical, historical, and cultiques the “Federal Vision,” a tural antecedents to the New recent theological phenomPerspective and examines its enon within Reformed and leading proponents. He offers a Presbyterian circles. Assesses trenchant critique of their work the writings of individual FV and warns us of problems that the New Perspective proponents and concludes that the distinctive views of may pose for the doctrine of justification. the FV are counter to the Scripture and to the Westminster Standards. 0-87552-649-7 • paper • 273 pages • $16.99
1-59638-033-0 • paper • 432 pages • $20.99

Academic Books from P&R Publishing!
The Holy Trinity
In Scripture, History, Theology, and Worship Robert Letham

Genesis 1–4

A Linguistic, Literary, and Theological Commentary C. John Collins

When it comes to the doctrine of the Trinity, evangelicals have underachieved. In The Holy Trinity Robert Letham helps to redress this shortcoming. He offers a well-researched volume about “the One who is utterly transcendent and incomprehensible.”
0-87552-000-6 • paper • 551 pages • $24.99

Collins employs a literary-theological method informed by contemporary discourse analysis in order to read passages as coherent wholes. He shows how later biblical and intertestamental writers have used Genesis 1–4, and reflects on how these chapters shape a Christian worldview today.
0-87552-619-5 • paper • 328 pages • $17.99

The Christ of the Covenants
O. Palmer Robertson

Evangelical Ethics, 3rd Ed.
Issues Facing the Church Today John Jefferson Davis

“By understanding correctly God’s initiatives in establishing covenants in history, a solid foundation will be laid for unraveling the complex question of the relation of the two testaments,”writes O. Palmer Robertson in the preface.
0-87552-418-4 • paper • 308 pages • $12.99

This classic brings mature biblical thought to bear upon pressing issues such as abortion, war and peace, and homosexuality. New chapters on environmental ethics and genetics, as well as other revisions, bring this popular ethics textbook up to date.
0-87552-622-5 • paper • 359 pages • $17.99

Scripture Alone
The Evangelical Doctrine R. C. Sproul

The Doctrine of God
Series: A Theology of Lordship John M. Frame

In the twentieth century, the doctrine of Scripture became a particular focus of criticism. R. C. Sproul has been a leader in the evangelical defense of Scripture. Not all of this material is in print, and no volume before Scripture Alone has ever collected his best writings on this pivotal doctrine.
1-59638-010-1 • cloth • 210 pages • $15.99

Readers familiar with Frame’s analysis of historic doctrines and current questions will welcome this second installment in the Theology of Lordship series. Here Frame examines the attributes, acts, and names of God in connection with a full spectrum of relevant theological, ethical, spiritual truths.
0-87552-263-7 • cloth • 864 pages • $39.99