Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I join Pakteam? Click on Join Now Send a short CV of required details via Email O

2. When will Pakteam send me my account username and passsw Maximum time for response is 48 hours. Normal time is 24hours.

3. When I will be paid for my work? Pakteam Pay when a member reaches minimum Payout(3$ or 7$) 4. What methods are used for payment? Easypaisa, UBL Omni, Money Order, Bank Transfer 5. How much time will it take after payment request? All payments are made within 24 hours.

6. Do I need to have an account of Alertpay or webmoney. No. You just need to work and Pakteam will pay you in Pak Rupee 7. What is timing for my wrok? You can work 24 hours but best timing is 8PM to 8AM. 8. Why rates of $ are low in payment plan? Pakteam have to pay a big commission to withdraw all earnings to Pakteam's account in Pakistan. 9.Can I trust on Pakteam? Yes. We are Paying from 1year. And Remember 2 things
1. Your are going to pay nothing from your pocket to join Pakteam 2. Pakteam Payout is as Low as 3$, so ou can check us within 24hrs.

10. When will my account be suspended? On more than 15% mistakes or on committing same mistakes aga 11. When should I contact to Admin? You can contact anytime time via Email or 4PM to 11PM via SMS, Call or Google talk.
(Only valid questions are answered)

Our working style
*We don't require any registration Or Joining fee. *Just send your details via Email to get a free account.

* We have not any big or complicated projects to achieve them. * We pay via Easypaisa, UBL Omni or money order within 24 hou * We pay when you reach minimum payout even if you reach it in * We make no big promises. What u can earn, is told clearly and w * If account is suspended permanently. you can work on a new fr * You don't need to have a personal website or blog to start your * Your earning will increase with increment of activity bonus. * You don't need to make many referrals to earn more. * Our minimum payout amount is as low as $3.0.

Terms and conditions
* Internet speed more than 1MB * Typing speed more than 20WPM * You should be over 18 years old

* * * * *

You will Work 2hrs or more daily To have a PC and cell Number Pakistanis are preferable for Us No tempering forbidden options Be sincere with work & Pakteam

Account will be suspended
*if you go against company policy. *if you don't login more than 7 days. *if you make many mistakes in data entry. *if you don't login more than 7days your balance will be ZERO. And you can not claim any payment.

Rates Per 1000 entries
Night Hours: $0.50 to $1.00 + Activity Bonus(5% to 50%) Day Hours: $0.40 to $0.60+ Activity Bonus(5% to 50%)

Activity bonus increment
Younger Sticker Bonus : The senior Sticker Bonus : Silver hammer bonus : Gold hammer bonus : the smith bonus : The gold smith bonus : Kuvaldo bonus : Gold kuvaldometr bonus : T he younger borer bonus : The senior borer bonus: +2% +5% +8% +10% +15% +20% +25% +30% +35% +50%

(monthly) of the total entries after:100 of the total entries after:1000 of the total entries after:5000 of the total entries after:10000 of the total entries after:18,000 of the total entries after:30,000 of the total entries after:50000 of the total entries after:80,000 of the total entries after:120000 of the total entries after:170 000


Estimated Rate: Earn 1$ on 1200-1600 entries

You can click on Payments to check your earning You can withdraw your payments according to these rates

Payment Rates
On On On On On Dollars 3 Dollars we pay 8 Dollars we pay 14 Dollars we pay 50 Dollars we pay 100 Dollars we pay Pak Rupees Paymen Methods Rupees. 0200 (Pay only in shape of 2 mobile cards) Rupees. 0600 (Mobile balance,Easypaisa,UBL Omni) Rupees. 1060 (Easypaisa, Money order, UBL Omni) Rupees. 3850 (Easypaisa, Money order, bank trasfer) Rupees. 8000 (Easypaisa, Money order,bank trasfer)

How to Withdraw Minimum payout is $3
When your Total Earnings reach $3.0 or $8.0 Send an Email Or SMS containing following details Username:..................? Total Earning:.................?

All Payments are made within 24Hours
(Transaction charges apply on all payments) (Please no bargaining on payment rates)


1. Apply Via Email
Go to your gmail or yahoo account Compose an email of following details and send at

or 2. Apply Via SMS
You can also send your details via SMS Go to Write new message add your details and send at

Required Details

Your Name....? Your City.......? Your age........? Join via gmail

Cell Emai Refe

Reference of a person who informed you SKHK Business

Join via yahoo

ls via Email Or SMS.

e and passsword? e is 24hours.

yout(3$ or 7$)

in Pak Rupees.

mistakes again & again.

hieve them. within 24 hours. ou reach it in 24 hours. clearly and we'll pay surely. k on a new free account. to start your work. tivity bonus.

e rates

Cell No........? Email...........? Reference....?

KHK Business Service