=================================================================== pstotext.txt 11 October 1996 =================================================================== pstotext 1.5 - PostScript text extractor. Requires Ghostscript. The files pstotxt1.

dll (Win16), pstotxt2.dll (OS/2) pstotxt3.dll (Win32), and pstotext.zip (sources) constitute the pstotext package, which was written by Paul McJones and Andrew Birrell of Digital Equipment Corporation's Systems Research Center. These files are copyright by Digital Equipment Corporation. You may use them subject to the attached END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT. You can build a Unix command-line version of pstotext using the source files in pstotext.zip (use makefile). Alternatively, you can fetch this version from: http://www.research.digital.com/SRC/virtualpaper/pstotext.html pstotext was developed as a part of the Virtual Paper system, which is a high-quality viewer for computer-generated or scanned documents. See: http://www.research.digital.com/SRC/virtualpaper/ We appreciate Russell Lang's willingness to incorporate pstotext in GSview, and his help in redesigning the API to the DLL module and in debugging the final version. You can contact the authors at <mcjones@pa.dec.com> and <birrell@pa.dec.com>. ========================== END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT ========================== GRANT. Subject to the provisions contained herein, Digital Equipment Corporation ("Digital") hereby grants you a non-exclusive license to use its accompanying proprietary software product and associated documentation ("Software") free of charge pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. You are not entitled to support or telephone assistance in connection with your use of the Software. SOFTWARE AND DOCUMENTATION. Digital shall furnish the Software to you electronically or on media in source code form. This license does not grant you any right to any enhancement or update to the Software and Documentation. USE RESTRICTIONS. You may use, copy, modify, and distribute the Software in source code or object code form, subject to the following conditions: (1) If the Software is modified, any Software containing modifications must prominently state in the modified product or documentation (i) that it has been modified, (ii) the identity of the person or entity that made the modifications, and (iii) the date the modifications were made. (2) Each copy of the Software made by you shall be subject to the terms of this Agreement and shall contain all of Digital's notices regarding copyrights, trademarks and other proprietary rights as contained in the Software originally provided to you.

TERMINATION.(3) The Software may not be transferred to any third party unless such third party receives a copy of this Agreement and agrees to be bound by all of its terms and conditions. It may be amended only by a writing executed by both parties. EVEN IF DIGITAL SHALL HAVE BEEN INFORMED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. without warranty of any kind. EXPORT CONTROLS. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. INCIDENTAL. and such decision shall not affect the enforceability (i) of such provision under other circumstances or (ii) of the remaining provisions hereof under all circumstances. except as governed by . The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the Software is borne by you. TORT. WITHOUT LIMITATION. By downloading or using the Software. The Software is protected by the copyright laws of the United States and international copyright treaties. SHALL DIGITAL OR ITS SUPPLIERS RESELLERS. ownership rights. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. OR OTHERWISE. Since the Software is provided free of charge. MISCELLANEOUS. and not Digital assume the entire cost of any service and repair. such provision shall be reformed only to the extent necessary to make it enforceable. TITLE. fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. You may also terminate this Agreement at any time by destroying the Software and all copies thereof. and intellectual property rights in and to the Software shall remain in Digital and/or its suppliers. DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF GOODWILL. CONTRACT. This disclaimer of warranty constitutes an essential part of the agreement. and intellectual property rights in and to the content accessed through the Software is the property of the applicable content owner and may be protected by applicable copyright or other law. CONTENT. OR LICENSEES BE LIABLE TO YOU OR ANY OTHER PERSON FOR ANY DIRECT. OR ANY AND ALL OTHER COMMERCIAL DAMAGES OR LOSSES. This License gives you no rights to such content. You may not download or otherwise export or reexport the Software or any underlying information or technology except in full compliance with all United States and other applicable laws and regulations. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be unenforceable for any reason. the Software is provided on an "AS IS" basis. Headings shall not be considered in interpreting this Agreement. including without limitation the warranties of merchantability. OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY CHARACTER INCLUDING. ownership rights. you are agreeing to the foregoing. SPECIAL. STOPPAGE. INDIRECT. Should the Software prove defective. Title. Title. you. This Agreement shall automatically terminate upon failure by you to comply with its terms. in which case you shall immediately discontinue the use of the Software and shall within ten (10) days return to Digital or destroy all copies of the Software. This Agreement represents the complete and exclusive statement of the agreements concerning this license between the parties. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY. OR FOR ANY CLAIM BY ANY OTHER PARTY. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES AND UNDER NO LEGAL THEORY. COMPUTER FAILURE OR MALFUNCTION.

.S. duplication or disclosure by the Government is subject to restrictions set forth in subparagraphs (a) through (d) of the Commercial Computer-Restricted Rights clause at FAR 52 227-19 when applicable. or in subparagraph (c) (1) (ii) of the Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software clause at DFARS 252.227-7013. Government Restricted Rights. This Agreement will not be governed by the United Nations Convention of Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. Contractor/manufacturer is Digital Equipment Corporation. U. and in similar clauses in the NASA FAR Supplement. Use. the application of which is hereby expressly excluded.Federal law.