2011- 2012 GRANT APPLICATION (simulated)

Applicant Name: Elisa Long

Title: Instructional Technologist______________________________________________________________________ Street Address: 500 Dragon Dr. Jasper, GA 30139

Phone: 706-253-1800

Email Address:

Please indicate which school will have direct benefit from the proposed project: ____ Harmony Elementary School ____________________Hill City Elementary School ___ Jasper Elementary School _______________________Tate Elementary School ___ Jasper Middle School ___________________________Pickens County Middle School __X__ Pickens County High School PROJECT INFORMATION 1.Project Title: iPad Mobile Lab for the PHS Technology Leaning Lab_____________________________________ 2. Project start date: January 1, 2013_____________________Project end date: May 1, 2012_____________________

3.List goals of project: • • Improve Student outcomes in various academic subjects through use of technology components in classroom projects Better prepare students to participate in a technology driven community and society

Better prepare students to use technology devices and incorporate technology in their future adult lives

4. Number of students affected by this project: 9th through 12


(Grade Levels).

5. Des cribe how you will impl ement your pr oject in cludin g requested fund s.

Phase I - acquisition of iPad mobile lab equipment (all funds to be spent at this time) Phase II - Phase II would include staff training on classroom use of iPads. Teachers would be required to attend, participate, and learn to use iPads. Training would cover various apps that could be used in classroom lesson plans. Teachers should learn how iPads could be used as Assistive Technology devices in each subject area. Phase III - Phase III is where teachers are allowed to check out the mobile iPad lab and implement classroom lessons with the students. I will collaborate with teachers on lesson plans and help students learn how to properly use the iPads.

6. Expe cted student outcomes: • Improved student outcomes on scholastic tests, homework assignments, and projects Improved student outcomes on standardized tests such as SAT, ACT, Compass Test, EOCT, Graduation Tests, etc

7. How will the success of the project be monitored and measured? • • • • • Teachers and students will be observed using iPads during class lessons. Grades in pilot classes will be monitored for improvement in student outcomes. Scores on tests will be monitored for pilot group of students will be monitored for improvement. Teachers will complete self assessing surveys on the use of the iPads in the classroom Students will complete self assessing surveys on the use of the iPads in the classroom

8. Total amount that will be required for project: 9.Minimum amount needed: $ 22,889.64

$ 22,889.64 _______________


10.Total amount raised or requested thus far from other sources:


11.If your request is only partially funded, will you be able to complete the project? contingent upon school budget process

12.Have you received a grant from the Foundation in the past? yes 13.If so, did you complete and return an End of Project Report? yes


Quantity 32 1

Item iPad Mobile Cart & charging stations

Item Cost $499.99 $4,999.99

Totals 15,999.68 $4,999.99

Equipment Total Tax + Contingency (9%) Project Total

$20,999.67 $1,889.97


Application Deadline March 3,2012 Applications must be postmarked on or before the deadline date. You , may include one extra page of supporting documentation. Be sure your name is on the top of each additional page. This must be typed (double spaced, using no smaller than a 12 point font, with one inch margins) or photocopied materials. All grant recipients are required to turn in documentation on expenses incurred and complete an End of Project Report. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The information submitted is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Signature of Applicant:

Elisa P. Long

Applications should be mailed to: Bent Tree Foundation, Inc. 959 Tamarack Drive

#20340 Jasper, GA 30143 Visit us on the web at : Contact us:

An email acknowledging receipt of application will be sent to applicant.