A Project synopsis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Award of Bachelor of Engineering in

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Submitted by:

Mahesh Kumar


Under the guidance of Lect. Mr. Deependra Sharma Dept. of Electronics’ and Communication


At night he went to sleep and water is wasted. how much water supply is needed to crops. INNOVATIVENESS & USEFULNESS:- . The farmer in village cannot supply water on time in crops. Our project will helps the farmer to know the time when light is coming.INTRODUCTION: In know days scheduled power supply is major problem in village. In the project the different water level in the field are shown by the different led’s indications. sensors. Sensors will indicates how much water supply is needed in crop. Power supply unit. Some time he misses the time when the supply comes in night. In the project we are changes into the water indication unit less or more according to environment situation through rheostat.   The other major problems arise for farmer is to give water in crops.   Automatic motor off when over water supplied. PROJECT DESCRIPTION : Project is made by using microcontroller. driver unit for driving AC motor.    Buzzer will indicate farmer for supply when on. comparator. buzzer.

Current status of development:   Schematic diagram of Circuit for project is complete and makes this circuit on PCB is in under processing. such as water pump with motor. for irrigation in villages. water tank.    Very economical. Code for making intelligent to project is under development on avr studio software. Future implementation:    We can attach the temperature sensor to this system and through this the water level indication system is automatically changed according to changes into environment. Show the time duration in which the motor is continuously running. sensor placement in field. Saving water and power supply. Easy to operate. for water level indication and automatic system in biggest water tanks etc. Can be used many places like in gardens for plant. Implement into the alarm system to make the system expert Give the protection circuit such as check the voltage and empire of power supply. in loading condition the motor turn off automatically. . Platform of project is also in under processing.

. Circuit for project:- Fig.circuit diagram .