Bean soup Ingredients

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3 qts / 3 l water ½ lb / 250 g dried beans 1 carrot 1 parsley root 1 onion 1 tablespoon butter or oil chopped parsley salt cubed toasted bread

Directions Pick over and wash the beans and pre-soak in tepid water the preceding night.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Then drain this water and set to boil in fresh tepid water. After boiling for a minute or two, change the water. Repeat this procedure three times. The last time, add, in addition to the beans, the onion, carrot, and parsley root. Let boil, covered, at low temperature. When the beans are tender, remove the carrot and parsley root, strain, then sieve the beans with the onion. 7. Thin with a little of the strained liquid. 8. Set the soup to boil again, with a tablespoon of butter or oil and salt. 9. After coming to a boil, add the chopped parsley. 10. Serve with croutons.

Oltenian tochitura- mixed vegetables with meat and souce
500 gr pork meat 100 gr bacon 200 gr mushrooms 2 onions 150 ml tomato souce 3 garlic cloves 100 ml oil salt and peper

3.while potato consumption per capita has more than doubled since 1990.Directions 1. the chopped garlic. drain the water and put the potatoes with the rest of the ingredients. After the potatoes are boiled. Ingredients • • • • • • • 1 kg potatoes 1 onion 200 gr bacon 3 spoons of oil vegeta salt and peper parsley Directions 1. Fry the pieces of onion and bacon till it gets browned. Cut the potatoes into pieces. 3. fry the pieces of meat and bacon till it get browned.8 million tonnes in 1961 to more than 4 million tonnes in 2006 .Cut the pork meat and the bacon into small pieces.from 2. After you put salt and peper. It can be eaten with polenta or with grated cheese. the pork meat and the bacon and you wait to boil 2-3 times. 2. Boiled potatoes with bacon Romania is among the world's top 20 potato producers. . 2. Put the pieces to boil into water with salt and one spoon of oil . TIP: After the potatoes are boiled. After 5 minutes you add the tomato souce. put some cold water over them so it maintains the firmness. It is also one of the few European countries where potato production has actually been increasing . You can serve it like a gasket or simple with parsley. Cut the mushrooms and the onion and fry them together for 5 minutes into the same oil you fried the meat. 4.

Homemade chocolate Cooking time: 40 minutes Ingredients: 150 gr. with a wooden spoon start mixing vigorously. 3. Mix it briefly and then let it boil at low temperature for about half an hour. Let it set for a few minutes and then cut it with a clean string. 1.Boiled polenta Ingredients 1 lb cornmeal • • 1½ qts / 1½ l water 1 teaspoon salt Directions Set the water to boil. If it comes out clean. let the polenta boil a little longer. butter 250 gr. 2. cacao 500 gr. the polenta is done. Grease the tray with butter before you put the paste inside. If the polenta seems soft. 3. 2. After a few minutes. . Rotate it fast between your palms and then try to pull it out. milk powder 100 gr. Then you wet a wooden spoon in water and gather the polenta to the center. If not. hold the wooden spoon straight. Mix continuously. Then. add the salt and a little of the cornmeal. 5. when the water is boiling. add a little bit more cornmeal. 4. When the water is boiling. To test if the polenta is done.Mix very well the butter with milk and cacao till it forms like a homogeneous paste. Boil the water with sugar and after it is boiled add the syrup over the paste. Let it boil a few more minutes and then shake the pot a few times and pour the hot polenta on a wooden cutting board (not recommended to pour on a plate). add the rest of the cornmeal. You can add in the paste some vanilla powder and peanuts and you have to let the paste to get harden. sugar 150 ml water Vanilla powder Peanuts Directions: 1.

2. 2. 4. without burning. Add the turkish delight. . Add some oil. Cut the potatoes into small pieces and put them to boil for 20 minutes. 3. vinegar. adding salt. peper oil Directions: 1. add milk and the rest of the sugar.200 gr nuts. peper and mix. 4. Rum. let it cool and add butter. Split the composition into 3 parts. the nuts and the raisins. 200 gr raisins. 700 gr simple biscuits. After the potatoes are boiled mix them with the eggs. using cellophane sheets.Break the biscuits into pieces and put it into a large bowl. TIP: It is not necessary to use turkish delight . Add some spoons of water. Vanilla powder. You can tapestry the cellophane with ground nuts. 5 spoons of cacao. and the result will be a luxury biscuit salamy. but before that you greased it with butter. and let it cool. Romanian salad Ingredients: 6 potatoes 1 onion 2 pickled cucumbers 5 eggs 150 g olives salt. Directions: 1. chopped onion and olives. Put on the heat. and put this paste over the mixt biscuits and mix. nuts and risins.Biscuit salamy Ingredients: 1 l milk. Let it cool very good. in a bowl a spoon of sugar and let it melt. 250 gr butter. After the sugar is all melt.200 gr turkish delight.Boil the eggs till they get hard (5-6 minutes) and after cut them into pieces. cacao and flavors. 15 spoons of sugar. 3.