Art 5, Survey of Art, part 1, Prehistoric to Medieval ArtStor webpage accessed using (to Go button, to “find” (toolbar), dropdown file to “browse image groups” to “mierse5” and then files listed a5sum-11) Summer, 2011, Meeting times: T,W,T: 5-8:45 William Mierse, 656-8242 (Emergency only: 651-1029) Office, 405 Williams. Hour: Wednesdays, 2:30-3:30 pm Course Description: This is the basic survey of western art, beginning with the prehistoric period and ending with the European medieval period. It is a narrative, descriptive history which focuses on the key monuments of architecture, sculpture, and painting that are most often regarded as canonical to the development of the western artistic tradition. There are two goals to the course, 1) to introduce you to these core monuments in a way that helps you to understand why they are seen as important points in the history of western art, and 2) to provide you with the tools needed to begin to analyze any work of art. Course structure: This is the same basic course as I teach during the academic year (14 weeks). The only change that I have made is to cut the presentations that are not directly related to the normal narrative of the development of western art. We meet three times each week for 3 3/4 hours. The class starts on time and runs until 8:45. You need to plan on being here every day and on time. Each meeting is a full chapter in the textbook, and the equivalent of a normal week of class during the academic year. We move quickly, and there is little or no time to catch up. Normally I will lecture for 2 hours, take a short break, show a video or dvd related to the presentation in some way, and follow that with a discussion of the presentation and video/dvd. All aspects of the meeting can appear in the examinations. Grading: The class will have two examinations (a mid-term and a final) and an optional paper. You can do just the two examinations (each worth 50 points) or you can opt to also write the paper in which case the points are distributed as shown below, but you must decide when you take the mid-term. The total value of the course is 100 points, and letter grade will be assigned on the basis to the points earned. Option 1 Option 2

Mid-term Final

50 points 50 points

Midterm Paper Final

33 points 33 points 34 points

Class Schedule Textbook: F. S. Kleiner, Gardner’s Art Through the Ages, vol. 1 thirteenth edition 1) Tuesday, July 19: Introduction to class, Prehistoric Art, Kleiner, Introduction and Chapter 1 Art of Ancient Egypt, Chapter 3 Art of Ancient Near East, Chapter 2 (Class begins at 6:45) Art of the Ancient Aegean, Chapter 4 Mid-term examination Ancient Greek Art Chapter 5 Art of Ancient Rome, Chapter 7 Optional paper assignment Art of Late Antiquity and Byzantium, Chapters 8 and 9 Art of the Islamic World and Early Medieval Europe, Chapters 10 and 11 Art of Romanesque Europe, Chapter 12 Optional paper due Art of Gothic Europe, Chapter 13 Final examination

2) Wednesday, July 20: 3) Thursday, July 21:

4) Tuesday, July 26: 5) Wednesday, July 27: 6) Thursday, July 28: 7) Tuesday, August 2:

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