Arts 001

Drawing / Art 1

Meg McDevitt email: office: 110 Williams / office hours by appointment Art 1 is an introduction to drawing. This is the means by which we translate the dimensional world (actual or imaginative) onto a two dimensional surface. Drawing is a very personal form of communication. As a process it can by fast and spontaneous or prolonged and deliberate. We will explore the use of line, volume & shape, form, texture, perspective, proportion & distortion, size and space. Our projects will range from representational depiction to expressive abstraction. We will work from observation, straight out of our heads, and through research. These processes will generate meaning to our drawing as well as developing skill. You will be responsible for turning in a portfolio of your work from this class (including your sketchbook) at the end of the semester for final evaluation and grading. Attendance: All absences affect your grade. This is a hands on class, thus attendance is mandatory. This means the whole class period, no leaving early. Attendance is required and recorded at all class meetings. A student who misses 3 classes without my permission or a doctor’s clearance will receive a failing grade for the semester. Two missed classes without clearance will result in the lowering of a final grade by one letter grade. If you must be absent due to a medical or family emergency, please contact me with the appropriate documentation as soon as you can.

Critiques: We will have group critiques during the semester when we will discuss the projects as a group. I will let you know in advance when these will be. It is mandatory that you attend class on these days. It is also important that you have your projects finished and are an active participant during critiques. Work turned in late will drop a letter grade.

Grades will be based on the quality of the assignment work (understanding of visual and design concepts, originality, mastery of techniques, and problem awareness), research assignments, participation in discussion s and critiques, and dedication to self-directed work.

Grading continued:
I will collect and grade major assignments, and return them to you. Smaller assignments will be critiqued and checked off. Please keep all of your work in your portfolio. As a major part of your final grade, you will be turning in a final portfolio of all of the projects you have done during the semester for this course (including your sketchbook).

Presentation of work:
Homework is due on the assigned date, in class, at the beginning of class, in a manner fit for presentation. Assignments should be done on the paper assigned (or in your sketchbooks if that is required). All of your work should be saved and kept in neat condition in your portfolio, with cover sheets to protect delicate drawings if needed.

Class work and homework:
We will be spending most of our class time drawing or critiquing. Homework will be assigned on a regular basis. Please expect to spend approximately the same amount of hours working outside of class time as we do in class. The drawing room will be available for you to work in when there is not another class using it. Please do not disrupt other classes that are in session. If you need to get your project out of the classroom, please do so in between class periods. Do not use the spray room between classes to spray drawings. I will instruct you in the proper use of that facility. Plan on storing your work in your portfolio, unless directed otherwise. Work stored in the classroom can easily be regarded as scrap and recycled.

Working in a sketchbook will be fundamental for this class. You should be drawing whenever you can, not only for assignments. I will supply you with a sketchbook for you to do your homework and some class assignments in. Remember that you will periodically be turning in your sketchbook for me to evaluate, so please make sure your name is clearly visible on the cover.

Cell Phones and I pods:
I expect your full attention to be focused on whatever we are working on in class. Therefore please make sure your cell phones are turned off during class. Do not make or receive calls (this includes text messaging) during the class period. Unless otherwise directed, the same rule holds true for I pods or other similar music devices.

Lab Fees and Materials:
The lab fee for this class will provide you with most of the drawing tools you will need, as well as special paper. This lab fee covers: Papers Pencils and chalks Erasers Charcoals /Workable fixative Inks and brushes Other drawing materials we use for specific projects Model fees You will need to purchase: Large portfolio (UVM Bookstore) Any additional drawing materials that you like to use that have not been supplied.

Food and Drink:
There is absolutely no food or open drinks allowed in studio classrooms. If you

are hungry, make sure you have eaten before, or wait until after class is over.

Protocol for using Spray room in 416
Spray room may only be used under supervision by professor.