Medical examination and Reference Checks

Introduction1 Certain Jobs require physical qualities like Clear vision, acute hearing, unusually high stamina, tolerance of arduous working conditions, clear tone of voice, etc.Medical examination reveals whether or not a candidate possesses these qualities1 After the selection decision and before the job after offer is made ,the candidate is required to undergo a physical fitness test .A job offer is, often ,contingent upon the candidate being declare fit after the physical examination. The results of the medical fitness test are recorder in a statement and are preserved in the personnel records2. DEFINITION:4 “A medical examination is a process performed by a company physician or an independent physician to ascertain whether or not an individual is able to perform the physical requirement of a particular job” Objectives of Medical examination:3 1. To revoke conditional employment to person who are found to physically unable to perform the essential functions of the job, even with reasonable accommodation.

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WWW. To place individuals in jobs that they are fit enough to handle –for instance. Cynthia D.COM . Candidates are required to give the names of 2 or 3 references in their application forms. These references may be from individuals who are familiar with the candidates academic achievements. Human Resource and Management. James B. Information gained from Medical examination:2 1 whether the applicant is medically suitable for the specific job or not. Whether the applicants physical measurement are in accordance with job requirements or not. to place individuals with chronic bronchitis in jobs which they will not be exposed to high concentration of dust or irritating fumes. who is well versed with the applicants job performance. or from applicants previous employer.schoenfeldt.3. Whether the applicant has health problems or psychological attitudes likely to interfere with work future attendance. To prevent the spread of contagious diseases to current employees or customers. Reference Checks1:Once the interview and medical examination of the candidate is over. and sometimes fro co-workers . To document preexisting injuries and illnesses to prevent fraudulent group insurance pr workers compensation claims. Whether the applicant suffers from bad health which should be corrected before he can work satisfactorily (such as need for spectacles). Lyle F. 3. 2.Fisher. 4. 4. 4. the personnel department will engage in checking references. 6th edition. 2.

5th edition. Text and Cases. Human Resource and Management . Reference checks are taken as a matter of routine and treated casually or omitted . K Ashwathappa DEFINITION:4 “A Reference check is when an employer contacts job applicant’s previous employers. The second purpose is to assess the potential success of a prospect.1.The telephone references also has the advantage of soliciting immediate. Human Resource and Management. schools or colleges to learn more about his or her job history or educational qualifications” Purpose of Reference checks:2 1. Who else can give an objective assessment of an individual than his or her previous employer or a person known to him or her? Companies normally seek letters of references or telephone references. The first purpose is to gain insight about the potential employee from the people who had previous experience with him or her. 2nd edition. Conclusion: The medical examination is often the final step in hiring process. A few companies use strength or fitness tests as predictors of success in physically demanding jobs.Text and Cases. 2. The letter is advantageous because of its accuracy and low cost . VSP RAO 2. relatively candid comments and attitudes can sometime be inferred from hesitation and inflections in speech.

5th edition.WWW.entirely in many organizations. K Ashwathappa 4. Text and Cases. Human Resource and Management.COM . 2.GOOGLE. But a good reference check when used sincerely will fetch useful and reliable information to the organization. .