0 CityCell back ground In October 1990, Hutchison Bangladesh Telecom Limited (HBTL) was formed as a joint venture between Bangladesh Telecom Limited (BTL) and Hutchison Whampoa Limited of Hong Kong. In March of that year BTL had been issued a license by Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board (BTTB) for operating cellular, paging and other wireless communication networks. However, soon there was legal dispute between BTTB and BTL regarding the refusal of BTTB to provide Public Switch Telecommunication Network (PSTN) channels for connectivity to the BTTB network. The Supreme Court then ruled in April 1993 that BTTB would have to provide PSTN connections to HBTL, and that BTL would have to transfer the cellular portion to the license of HBTL. BTTB gave HBTL the PSTN connections in August 1993 and HBTL began commercial operation of the first cellular telephone service in Bangladesh in the same month. The owners of HBTL decided to sell their stakes in the company due to the legal war. HBTL’s shares were divided into two parts: Type A, which was held by BTL and Type B, held by Hutchison. Each type of share represented 50% title of HBTL. Pacific Motors Limited bought the type A shares while Hong Kong based financial investors Far East Telecom Limited bought the Type B shares. CityCell is the brand name of the product of Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd (PBTL). This is a

concern of Pacific Group, which is involved in the business of banking, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, fisheries, healthcare, and tea. On June 2, 2005, PBTL created a milestone through strategic partnership with SingTel, Asia’s leading communications solution provider. This has opened up a whole lot of opportunities for CityCell to make its position stronger in the market. With the financial and technical expertise from SingTel, PBTL is in a position to bring a host of innovative products and services for the customers at affordable prices. PBTL start its journey in 1993 as the forerunner in the mobile telecom industry, introducing postpaid packages for the high-end-users. It obtained its business license from BTTB on July 26, 1989 under the Bangladesh Telegraph Act, 1885. The license grants PBTL all powers, authorizations, consents, and permission to provide, operate and maintain cellular radio-telephones (fixed and mobile) throughout Bangladesh. Thus it is the only telecom operator in Bangladesh, which has the license for both fixed and mobile phone. CityCell began its operations with AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone Service), a sophisticated technology at the initial stage, which was upgraded into CDMA1 (Code Division Multiple Access) in 1999. In 2005, CityCell further upgraded CDMA-1 into CDMA1X, a 3G technology capable of filtering out background noise, cross talk, and interference, CityCell customers can enjoy crystal-clear voice quality, greater privacy, and enhanced call quality.

1 2.0 History Date Event 1989 Bangladesh Telecom Limited (BTL) was awarded a license to operate cellular, paging, and other wireless communication networks. Apr-90 Hutchison Bangladesh Telecom Limited (HBTL) was incorporated in Bangladesh as a joint venture between BTL and Hutchison Telecommunications (Bangladesh) Limited. Aug-93 1st cellular operation in the South Asian sub-continent Aug-93 HBTL began commercial operation in Dhaka using the AMPS mobile technology. Dec-93 Pacific Motors Limited acquired the entire 50% share holding of HBTL. Feb-96 HBTL was renamed as Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited (PBTL) and launched the brand name “CityCell Digital” to market its cellular products. Mar-97 1st to extend coverage to Chittagong. Apr-97 CityCell began commercial operation in Chittagong. Mar-99 1st to adopt CDMA technology. CDMA technology was first introduced by CityCell. Jan-01 1st to set-up a communications backbone to Chittagong. Apr-01 Dhaka-Chittagong microwave is launched. Nov-01 CityCell introduced the 15-second pulse rate in the cellular industry of Bangladesh.

Jan-02 Value Added Services (VAS). sports. are introduced. Aug-03 CityCell introduces “Amar Phone”. Oct-03 CityCell reaches a coverage level of 51 districts out of a total of 64 (61 districts eligible). Nov-03 CityCell’s 24-hour customer call center opens. 2 Jun-03 CityCell reaches a coverage level of 40 districts out of a total of 64 (61 districts eligible). Feb-03 First operator in Bangladesh to introduce the One2One post-paid package. Jun-03 Network capacity is increased to 240. Dinajpur. a postpaid mobile-to-mobile package offering the lowest outgoing rate per minute in Bangladesh.. services.000. the northern districts of Bangladesh.000. Sep-02 CityCell extends coverage to Rangpur. July-02 First operator in Bangladesh to offer prepaid services with two-way PSTN (BTTB) connectivity. Jan-03 CityCell launched its services in the major northern business city of Bogra. & Syedpur. such as 24 hour billing information. etc. Sep-03 First operator in Bangladesh to introduce IDD and NWD for prepaid subscribers. Oct-02 Short Message Service (SMS) is introduced. news. Network capacity is increased to 280.Jan-02 CityCell commences operations in the Sylhet zone. . Mar-02 First operator in Bangladesh to offer off-peak rates.

” Vision The Vision of the company is “To be the best-quality Service Provider in the country. a pre-paid BTTB both-way connectivity package with the unique “Call2Cash” feature to earn (talk-time) credits upon receiving CityCell calls.” There is an emphasis on strong customer relations. 3. they positioned their packages as high end packages (corporate and business users). no organization can meet their expected achievement.1 Strategic Goals 3 Without a set of specific mission objectives. June-05 Singtel acquires 45% equity stake of CityCell. Has a call option to acquire another 15% by 2007. until recently. Following represents the overall mission statement of CityCell : . June-04 CityCell launches RIM based handsets. “Alaap Call me”. Such customers will require strong support for brand loyalty to develop. This is important to CityCell especially as.0 CityCell mission statement Mission PBTL’s mission statement is “‘To deliver innovative. Mar-05 CityCell introduces. 3. customer focused products and to be the benchmark for customer service excellence.Mar-04 CityCell opens its customer service centres 7 days a week countrywide.

The spectrum of its current ownership is as under: SingTel Asia Pacific Investments Pvt Ltd . (PML) (31.23.57% 4 Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited (PBTL) Pacific Motors Ltd.43%) .31.The current strategic goal of the company is to occupy a unique position in Bangladesh in the telecom sector.45% Pacific Motors Limited .43% Far East Telecom Limited .0 OWNERSHIP STRUCTURE CityCell (Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited) is a privately owned partnership company. One way to achieve this is to develop a strong subscriber base to be able to penetrate in the markets with other attractive products. The ways to ensure a strong subscriber base is to: Ensure quality service♣ Providing customers with the best products available♣ Build strong reputation with customers through customer service♣ To increase market share by expanding the network♣ 4.

57%) SINGTEL (45%) · Meet customer requirements · Establish technological leadership through choice of appropriate technology · Establish service leadership through quality · Expand the footprint of cellular coverage · Expand customer base .1 Management structure PBTL has a total of about 500 employees: Advisor Technicalofficer Executive SrExecutive AVP VP . Ltd.Far East Telecom. (FETL) (23. 5 4.

GM CTO DirectorEngg Engineering Executive SrExecutive AVP VP SrVP Sales& Marketing Officer Executive AVP (Finance) Executive AVP (Commercial) VP Finance& Commercial CustomerService Operation .

Billing& IT Officer Executive SrExecutive AVP VP Officer Executive Officer Executive (Store) SrExecutive AVP VP Accounts Officer SrOfficer Executive SrExecutive AVP SrVP Administration .

Mr.ManagingDirector Chairman Fig 2: Organogram of Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited Senior Management Team CityCell is led by a team of highly qualified executives with extensive experience in the mobile telecommunications industry both in Bangladesh and abroad. M. and Director of other companies within the Pacific Group. Chris Maloy. is on the BoD of AB Bank. CEO . Asghar Karim. is presently performing the duties of 6 Chairman in Mr. he is on a leave of absence from CityCell to attend to his duties for the Government of Bangladesh. the former Vice Chairman of CityCell. Karim graduated from Calcutta University. Khan. Karim. M. Managing Director of PML. and is also the Director of other companies within the Pacific Group. Managing Director Chairman of AB Bank Limited. Currently. Morshed Khan. Khan is a Member of Parliament and is the current Minster for Foreign Affairs for the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh. Morshed Khan’s absence. He is currently not involved in the operations of the Company. Chairman (currently on leave) At present. Faisal M. Acting Chairman Mr. Mr.

joined CityCell in November 2003 as the Company’s Chief Executive Officer. Mohammad Tipu Sultan. Chief Financial Officer Mr. Faisal Hyder. Chief Technical Officer Mr. Director of Engineering Mr. The job . Chief of Corporate Affairs and Company Secretary Mr. Mr. USA. an Australian citizen. Intekhab Mahmud. Mr. Mr. He joined CityCell in 2001 as Head of Finance bringing with him 10 years of business experience. Mr. Koichiro Takeda. Hyder holds an MBA degree from the Institute of Business Administration. Miah holds an Engineering degree from BUET and a Telecommunications degree from General Telecom and Electronics. Maloy. Takeda joined CityCell as the Chief Technical Officer in September 2002.. Sales & Marketing As the name implies. this division’s job is to conduct marketing promotion of CityCell. D. Prior to joining CityCell he headed Grameen Phone’s Marketing Department for seven years. Mr. Miah is also responsible for successfully implementing CityCell’s CDMA system. Miah has 42 years of experience in the telecom sector.Mr. including two years with the ITU. Southeast. Mahmud joined CityCell in early 2004 to head up Marketing operations. S. Head of Marketing Mr. University of Dhaka. Siddique Ali Miah.

a) LC preparation and Purchase. preparing. Main activities of this department includes maintaining data base of the customers. and corporate clients. interchanging of the CDMA sets. Corporate Sales and Direct Sales. media. there are Market Communications. changing CDMA sets and so on. Here LC is opened for purchasing of sets and equipment. and collecting the bills. distributing. returning repaired sets. helpline service. This division also deals with value added services. deactivating connections. and all the funds . The Senior Vice President is the Chief Marketing Officer of this Sales & Marketing Division. brand and product design. and b) Fund Management. Product Development and FWT & Backbone Departments. 7 activating new connections. In the Sales Division there are Channel Sales. collecting the faulty and repairable sets. In the Marketing Division. Billing and IT This department deals with customer after the sale occurs. Details about the departments have been discussed in the following chapter. Customer Service Operation. This department is divided into three divisions: a) Billing and IT b) Service Delivery Fig 3: Billing and IT Fig 4: Service Delivery Finance and Commercial This department is divided into two divisions. Brand.of its employees is to maintain relationship distribution channel. VAS.

Power. Radio Frequency. This department is also responsible . Microwave. Fig 5: Finance and Commercial Engineering 8 Billing and IT Risk Management Revenue Generation Service Delivery Front Office Account Verification Collections Workshop Finance and Commercial Commercial LC & Purchasing Fund Management This department is responsible for the setting up and maintenance of the heavy equipment and the major telecom channels required for providing services to customers. Base Transceiver Station. This department is divided into 7 divisions. Fig 6: Engineering Accounts This department is responsible for collecting direct cash or check or charging credit cards from the customers who are paying for the service and equipment.collected are used and controlled for the maximum benefit of the company. They are Switch. Planning and development. This department is also responsible for the budgeting which takes place once a year for the next three years. Central Base station.

The Purchase & General Maintenances is responsible for Purchase & Support and Estate & Properties. Legal and Protocol & Government affairs. The Human Resource department is responsible for procuring future employees according. this department has three major divisions. . Fig 7: Accounts Administration and Human Resource 9 Engineering Switch Central Base Station Control Base Transceiver Station Planning & Development Microwave Radio Frequency Power Accounts All type of payments collection Store (Sets and equipments) As the name implies. This department is also responsible for maintaining the database of all employees. The Administration division is responsible for Contract.to maintain the balance of store where sets and equipments are gathered for future purpose and present operation. Maintenance & general security.

473 1.393 1.558. compared to last year and as a result EBITDA and net profits were recorded at a high level.leaves.448.843.448 1.503 Financial cost (135.776) (246.255.695 2.964 212.735. The slow significant growth in subscriber base has made a little bit positive contribution to the revenue.253. health care and related fields of employees.1 Enhanced Value of Shareholders’ Investment: CityCell continued to enhance the value of its shareholders’ investment.577.514.924 Total equity 2.008.791.573 3. 5.866 2.221 2.845) Interest income 330. attendance.738.358) (311. EBITDA and .976.550 1. Fig 8: Administration and Human Resource 5.700.059.199 1.660 350.022 Total liabilities 2.718) (1.750 Total Operating expenses (2.263.668.304) Balance sheet 2004 2003 2002 Total assets 4.778.006.0 Financial management Income statement 2004 2003 2002 Total Operating Revenue 3.374) (1.352 1.375 Revenue in 2004 grew by 57percent.298 Long term borrowings 1.

Revenue in 2004 grew by 38 percent.net results. levies.Percentage of EBITDA. 5. how ever. in the last eight years of operation. the company has contributed around BDT 30. declined slightly compared to last year due to higher in take of prepaid customers and change in tariff plans.0 Overall policies and strategies adopted by City Cell Customer Focus At the generic business level strategies. in line with the expectation of the shareholders. compared to last year and as a result EBITDA and net profit were recorded at a higher level . license fees and interconnection charges. 6. Since its inception. Major part of the profit was reinvesting in the expansion of network in order to meet the pressing demand for Citycell coverage in new areas. Net profit and ARPU. Citycell is well position in the market with its firm focus on the strategic goals and we look forward to increasing value for shareholders in the years ahead. During the year 2004. the organization focuses on distinction through superior .2 Citycell Contributed BDT 11.50million to the National Exchequer 10 Administration and Human Resource Contract.46 million on account of various taxes. Legal and Protocol Procurement Purchase & General Admin Citycell has become one of the largest contributors to the Government Exchequer.

QFD or Quality Function Deployment We earlier defined quality as “ the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that.” Consequently. bears on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs. making it easy enough for them to do business with the company. The company is committed to provide high quality and value to the customers to enrich their lives and enhance their business success. an effective TQM program translates the customers stated or implied needs into specific features and services. Identify what should be the price which CityCell users would like to pay for the desired service Identify what flexibility and reliability customer wants to be provided Relate customer “wants” with products “hows”: Identify relationships between firms how’s . Thus the company believes that central to its success is the focus it places on its customers. CityCell’s QFD refers to both 1) Determining what will satisfy the customer and 2) Translating those customer desires into the target design. The organization strives to serve the customers by understanding and anticipating their needs. CityCell obtains these two by following the next steps : Identify customer wants by identifying what type of features and performance the CityCell users want.customer service.

¬ By this they improves their response to the market¬ Organizational practices Leadership Mission statement Effective operating procedure Staffs support Quality principles Customer focus Continuous improvement Employee empowerment Benchmarking Just-in-time . which will satisfy the existing users and potential users.CityCell develop importance ratings to determine the most important product & service. AKTel etc. Evaluate competing products 11 Relating customer wants of performance and features with how CityCell is going¬ to provide it Relating flexibility and reliability of CityCell’s services which is wanted by the¬ users with how CityCell will provide them CityCell interrelates the different services and products and identifies how to combine force with one product to another CityCell often evaluates their product with GP.

Team Work PBTL recognizes that it is organized with individual business units with distinct objectives. Personal Excellence The organization believes that leadership and superior performance are only achieved through the pursuit of personal excellence. The management takes the utmost pride in what they do: working to the highest standards. Whenever the management of the company faces any kind of challenge. However. and one is for all’. they never say cannot rather they question themselves” Why not”. people and cultures. This is the main theme of challenger spirit practiced by the management of PBTL. the company believes in and works towards unity in diversity where ‘all is for one. reflecting on their performance and growing their capabilities .Tools of TQM Employee empowerment Empowerment Organizational commitment Customer satisfaction Meeting customer needs Repeat customers The flow of activities necessary to achieve TQM Challenger Spirit The challenger spirit drives the company’s business and operations.

7. customers and employees. The organization and its management do so by being honest in its dealings. The objective of CityCell’s HR strategy includes those employees: Are efficiently utilized within the constraints of environment. which guides them in making the right decisions.to continuously improve the business. They always put their best 12 ( ( ( effort to run the organization proactively. regardless of circumstances.0 Human resource management Human resource or employees of an organization are very important and vital to the organization’s success.♣ Fulfills the objectives of the firm with full motivation. doing what they say. taking responsibility and being accountable for their actions. The management is dedicated to identify issues early to avoid surprises. Again. Integrity The reputation of PBTL depends upon its ability to fulfill its promises to shareholders. The company acknowledges the potential of the individuals and creates opportunities for their growth. the management ensures the highest ethical standards. Equally important is the HR strategy.♣ Are provided a reasonable quality of work-life. recognizing individual contributions and celebrating success stories.♣ .

Human Resources Department functions in the following distinct sections: Planning. Sometimes the advisors also join in. promotions and benefits as they have been carried out and given out until now.Although this department has not yet come into real existence as yet but we can take it as an opportunity to discuss the human resource policies like hiring procedures. The interview board usually consists of VPs and AVPs. Officers are hired on the basis of their . Then according to the importance of the post he may have to face more than one interview before getting the final appointment. The candidate must first pass a written examination. As already mentioned the human resource activities were carried out by the Admin Department and for that matter. training. Strategyν & Compensationν Recurringν & HR Operations Learningν & Development and Internal Communication Office Servicesν Protocolν & Legal Affairs Hiring Procedures In order to become an executive of CityCell a candidate should at least be a graduate from any recognized university in Bangladesh or abroad. Executives are also sometimes hired on the basis of extraordinary performance during the internship period. it still is for the time being.

Tertiary level education is however a must.StrategyandCompensatExecutive-HumanResourc es (LearningandDevelpment) Executive.HumanResources (RecruitmentandOperations) Executive-PersonnelOperations SeniorOfficer. The advisors or the directors as they are called are hired on the basis of vast experience in the related areas.experience and skills related to the specific field. These people have already served in high positions either in government or private sector with success.ContractsOfficer (shared) AssistantViceMaintenance LogisticandAdmSeniorVicePResident-HumAdvisor ChiefExecutivManagingDireViceChairmaChairman Training . They are hired on a contractual basis 13 Organogram:HumanResoExecutive-HumanResources (Planning.PersonnelOperationHumanResources&OD Receptionists(sTelephoneOperSeniorExecutive SeniorExecutive Executive GeneralStaff(sOfficer(shared) GeneralStaff(shAssistantVice(Logistics.

An increment varying from Tk. For appointments at higher posts than executives the salary is negotiated. During the training the employees are given a very small briefing on rules. An employee is allowed a total of 41 days leave with pay. .. But they are charged a much cheaper rate than the usual charge rates. He can take 10-days sick leave and 9 days casual leave in a year. But promotions are very hard to come by. 2000. People have been serving on the post of executives for six years but yet have not received the promotion even though performances were better than ordinary. Promotion Promotion comes on the basis of excellent performance. The training is mostly provided through work. Benefits When an executive joins in he usually have a basic salary of Tk. Two festival bonuses are given to the employees every year. An employee gets a 21-day vacation leave with payment. 12. But some idea is given on the 14 D i r eS c V t Po A r .Training is actually provided by the experienced people at work who can be executives or senior executives. policies and the code of conduct of CityCell.000 and a mobile phone with maximum usage limit of Tk.500-12000 thousand is given to people working at CityCell based on the post and performance.V S E P Ca n -l F ge ISOsiT n V ae H P ne e -rd a i nHS dM g R-V aCPr software of CityCell before they can be actually used by new recruits.

But it does not have to be on Fridays and Saturdays especially for the CSO people. Usually the emoluments would be sent to the bank account of the incumbent. Salary & Pay Day Monthly salary and allowances shall accrue from the commencement of the active service of an employee and shall generally become payable on a working day during the last week of the current month. Each employee of CityCell is entitled to a two days holiday in a week. group and organizational performance. CityCell offer a range of financial and non-financial rewards and benefits. then a pro-rated bonus is paid based on the number of days served during the period. This bonus is linked to a measure of individual. This is equivalent to one month’s basic salary for employee serving one year or more with the company. . CityCell has an attractive and competitive compensation package that is aimed to attract and retain talent and motivate our employees to do their best to contribute to the company’s success. Festival Bonus All the permanent employees are eligible for two (2) festival bonuses each year. They do not pay any extra benefits to its employees who may be seriously ill. Performance Bonus CityCell has introduced a performance-based bonus for employees at the level of Manager and above.Executives and officers are not given incentive based payment. If length of service is less than one year.

is entitled to obtain the Leave Fare Assistance. Provident Fund All the permanent employees of CityCell are entitled to become a member of Provident Fund. If length of service is less than one year then the leave will be calculated on a pro-rata basis based on the number of days served. employees are entitled to get a one-month’s basic salary. Leave Fare Assistance (LFA) Any confirmed employee of CityCell. Net income of the fund each year as on the 31st of December is ascertained and interest is credited to the members account at rate determined by the trustees. will not be entitled to get any portion of company’s contribution. who has not completed three (3) years of continuous service. Upon granting the requests for LFA. who requests for an annual leave of minimum nine (9) consecutive days. Gratuity Gratuity is provided to all permanent employees on basic pay. It will be admissible to an . Any member.Leave Entitlement 15 All the regular employees of Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited are eligible for annual leave of 25 days and sick leave of 9 days in a year. Every month 10% of the basic salary of an employee is contributed to the fund along with the same amount from the company’s account.

employee. Transportation CityCell has introduced a unique car scheme for the employees at the level of Manager and above. employees at the level of Officers and Executives are provided with pick and drop facilities upon availability and on priority basis. Cellular Phone Facilities All the executive staff of CityCell is provided with a cellular phone. Under this scheme. who has rendered continuous services to the company for a period of seven (7) years and more. Moreover. where the company bears . Completed year of service for the purpose of these rules means twelve (12) months of active service. company provides medical and hospitalization benefits to all employees through a well reputed insurance company. driver’s salary. Group Life Insurance The company provides coverage of life insurance to all its permanent employees after their confirmation with the company. Medical Assistance scheme To ensure proper and timely treatment/medical care of employees. insurance & other maintenance costs. the company bears and reimburses necessary & reasonable medical expenses incurred by an employee while in hospital confinement for treatment. Under this scheme company assists the Managers in purchasing a car through purchase contribution and other running & maintenance allowance which covers fuel.

proposed and applicable for CityCell employees. which are of considerably low rates.1 HR Policies & Procedures A good number of HR policies and procedures introduced. Performance Bonus awarded in♣ April.♣ . Draft HR policies and procedures manual developed. Job Evaluation 64 benchmark jobs to be evaluated using Hay method. Currently the following amenities are available for regular use: Cafeteria Gymnasium Learning Center Snooker table Table tennis Man Power Status 7. Performance Appraisal & Bonus System Rollout of an MBO based appraisal system completed. 2005.the charges up to an allocated limit based on the position held by the employee. Recreation Center 16 A full-fledged Recreation Center has been introduced for all the employees to congregate and relax during their lunch breaks or after work hours. Beyond this limit the employees must bear the charges. To be made accessible via Intranet.

18 18 IT 16 16 HR Automation HRIS installed.♣ 17 Division wise Staffing of PBTL Existing End of 2005 Customer Care 174 200 Sales & Marketing 79 166 Engineering 135 255 Finance 58 72 Corporate Affairs 8 12 HR & Admin. 4. Data population is in progress.♣ Corporate Intranet .026 man hrs. HR♣ & IT jointly working on online leave administration system. Learning & Development Training♣ & Development Policy developed TNA for Sales♣ & Marketing division completed.Evaluation of most jobs below the manager level completed♣. Manager level JE to be completed soon. of training were provided so far♣ Soft skills♣ & leadership program to be launched this month Employee Learning Center Equipped with a good number of books for use by the employees.

♣ It is first and only using AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone System). which creates a very good working situation. 8. The technology is changing at a rapid pore and it is very hard to keep pace with♣ .0 SWOT ANALYSIS 8.Currently at beta testing stage♣ Will be launched soon♣ HSE Initiative in line with the IFC guidelines HSE department created and staff engaged♣ Enhanced focus on employee health. And when there is financial support it took a lot of time to implement the new♣ technology. The relationship among their staff is very good and friendly relationship among♣ themselves.♣ CITYCELL first and only user of the CDMA technology which allows them to transfer♣ twice as much data as oppose to the GSM (Global System for Mobile) technology. safety♣ & hygiene 8. 18 Because of the financial lucking CITYCELL is forced to withdraw technological♣ resource from one place to another.2 WEAKNESSES: The unreliable economic condition of our country means that main investors often refrain♣ from investment.1 STRENGTHS: CITYCELL is the first cellular operations in the South Asian sub-continent.

. The price was in getting♣ increasing intense which is cutting down their profitability. There are still some customers using the AMPS technology and would not switch to♣ CDMA. There are some departments like the HRD and Billing And IT. which lacks staff. CityCell does not have a uniform♣ charge rate structure for prepaid mobiles and for the postpaid mobiles. a bit more difficult than it should be.technology The mobile market now has reached cut that competition level. In the Billing and IT department people of Risk Management have to do the job of Revenue Generation and vice versa. There are some problems♣ regarding call drops and delays in receiving SMS. For set replacement a customer has to go to PBTL and at same time have to wait for at♣ least a day. For them CityCell is forced to maintain a separate database which makes the job. Comparatively lower network coverage than Grameen Phone. Set options are much lesser for CDMA users and at the same time more expensive too as♣ CDMA sets costs higher than GSM sets for the same model types. But with GSM sets the replacement is as easy as going to the market and buying a new one.3 OPPORTUNITIES: The ability to expand into new services that require an approach that is compatible with♣ PBTL’s strengths. For example provision of wireless data transfer services by corporate clients (corporate clients generally require less technical or otherwise support).♣ Inability to get the best out of the current CDMA technology. which is basically cheaper than CDMA sets. 8. The data transfer business has good future in Bangladesh. A varied and sometimes confusing tariff structure.

are more expensive then the market price of phones. . 8.19 Legalization of the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) business is a good opportunity♣ for FWT to sell more. have access to and from any phones including mobile-mobile phones and thus connecting abroad would be possible through this FWT with mobiles that do not have BTTB connectivity. Illegal import of GSM mobile sets means that CDMA sets. They are facing new kind of competitors like fixed phone operators who are also using♣ CDMA and GSM technologies to provide land phone services.2 per minute) to use. People would tend to use the FWTs as they are very cheap (only Tk. GSM sets are cheap and replacement costs are much lesser. People might switch rather than replace CityCell sets.4 THREATS: The outthought competition in the market means that CITYCELL is going to lose their♣ profitability. If the♣ prices are reduced and they can establish strong network coverage they can get a customer segment of low income people. High degree of acceptance of GSM technology over CDMA in local market. which are provided by♣ CITYCELL. They are considered as a major threat to the mobile telecom industry. Expansion into landline services from dedicated stations across country that will provide♣ compatibility with other Bangladeshi telecom networks The biggest opportunity for CityCell is that the market is far from being saturated. High degree of bargaining power of suppliers as no one else uses CDMA technology in♣ Bangladesh to provide cellular telecom service.

High network coverage of major GSM utilizing company like Grameen Phone♣ .