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Group Assignment Principles of Marketing MKT: 202 Sec: 5 Submitted By: Group Name : Creative’s

Name: Monowar Hossain Sarker Id# 101 0357 030 Name: Sakib Ahmed khan. Name: Md. Assad Al Mamun Name: MD. Saifullah Name: Sazzad Hossain Name: Syeda Tanzina Aziz Submitted To: Farzan Mitu (FrM) Semester Title: Spring 2011 Date of Submission: 19th April 2011 Id# 101 0690 030 Id# 101 0403 030 Id# 101 0874 030 Id# 101 0015 030 Id# 092 0673 530


If you have any questions and/or comments regarding the interpretation of this project please feel free to contact us.LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL Farzan Mitu (FrM) Faculty BBA Department North South University Bashundhara Residential Area. Assad Al Mamun. This project will work as a partial fulfillment of our MKT 202 course for Spring 2011. Id# 101 0357 030 Name: Sakib Ahmed khan. Enclosed is a copy of the group project on the business analysis of Wedding Dreamz. This report also includes an assessment of the business and recommendations. We completed the project on schedule and met all our required objectives within the allotted limitations. Saifullah. This file includes all the necessary information and evalutaion. This project includes everything as per the outline. Name: Md. Name: Monowar Hossain Sarker. It will aid in promoting our entrepreneurial skills and analytical ability. Dear Madam. Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to work as a team for this interesting project. Thanking you. Dhaka. We gained invaluable experience via this project and it was a pleasure. Name: Syeda Tanzina Aziz. Name: Sazzad Hossain. This project was assigned to us by you in Fubruary 2011. Id# 101 0690 030 Id# 101 0403 030 Id# 101 0874 030 Id# 101 0015 030 Id# 092 0673 530 3 . We took a face-to-face interview of the entrepreneur of such kind business and gathered all other information from trustworthy and reliable sources. Name: MD. We look forward to working under your guidance again in the near future.

Table of Contents Contents Introduction Company Ownership Outline of Proposed Launching Wedding dreamz Start-up Summary Source of finance Target market profile Differentiation strategy Positioning strategy Service Price Promotion Place SWOT analysis Competitors analysis Strategy and Implementation Summary/Process Conclusion Page Number 5 6 6 7 7 8 9 9 11 17 18 18 19 20 20 20 4 .

People want to make their marriage ceremony special. and let us carry your headache and build your dream in reality . So take a nice seat and relax have a chill drink.Introduction Marriage happens once in a life time. They might know or may not know the proper way of arranging a ceremony we are here to guide you and help you to make no mistake in once in a life time memorable event. everyone has a dream to make their wedding party special and we are here to make their dream come true. 5 .

6 . The rich people of Dhaka are really in need of an efficient wedding planning company who can properly plan. typical or traditional wedding. So whether our customers want western. we can help them. photography etc. Our services include: Decoration of the venue. wedding reciption. How ever it’s the strategy of wedding dreamz to give a perception of higher value than its competitors. We will listen to their needs and work with them to create the events of their dreams. Wedding dreamz is ready to take the responsibility of satisfying this types of customers need. stage design. Wedding dreamz will be the perfect wedding planning compamy for those people who always dream to complete their wedding ceremony in a beautiful way. The experienced employees and other dedicated professionals will work for wedding dreamz by the guidelins of their educated management to satisfy their customers. Our prices will be competitive with other upscale wedding planning company’s. organise and design their wedding functions with quality service. designing the invitation cards. Our customers wishes become our command.gaye holud. Wedding dreamz is unique because we will give our customers our undivided attention.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Wedding dreamz is a full wedding planning service company situated in Dhaka that provides complete planning and organizing services for weddings and other functions related to wedding such as. We will always try to serve the best quality service and satisfy our customers. mehendi. providding the food according to their want. arrenging musicians and dj.

Start-up Summary Our start-up costs come to TK. Assad Pappu.50. At the beginning we’ll mainly spend 7 . Achieve 12% return on investment to investors for the first two years and 15% for the next three years Expand our business to divisional districts Averaging sales between TK.000 per year. November-December-January is the wedding season in Bangladesh that’s why we are looking forward to launch our business in August so that we can earn some experience and grab some wedding project in the wedding season. furniture. 00.00. 00.000-TK. Vision “Serve the best”.60. start-up labor and other executive employees. It will be a partnership business owned by its founders Monowar Hossain Sarker. MD. As this kind of a business does not need huge amount of capital we are expecting to launch this business on 1st August 2011. six months operating cash. Syeda Tanzina Aziz and Sazzadur Rahman. painting.Company Ownership Wedding dreamz is an event management company. rent. Our objectives for the first three years of operation include:     Keeping employee labor cost between 24-29% of revenue.000 which is mostly expensed equipment.Our vision is based on it.40. and legal and consulting costs associated with opening our company. Our vision is to provide the best quality service to the customer and become the best wedding planner company in Bangladesh Outline of Proposed Launching Wedding dreamz The service that we have selected is becoming more and more popular for this reason many entrepreneurs are trying to gain profit through such kind of a business. Sakib Ahmed Khan.Saifullah.

A luxurious office in a good place will create a good impression to our target customers mind. Start-up Funding Start-up Expenses to Fund Start-up cash in hand Total Funding required TK.5.10.000 TK.000 TK.000 TK.00.000 TK.5.000 TK.00.000tk.00. 45.000 TK.15.000 Source of finance As we said earlier that it’s a partnership business so each partner will contribute to raise the capital according to the total fund. tk. TK.00.000 TK.5.000 TK. Saifullah Syeda Tanzina Aziz Assad Al Mamun Total Capital & Liabilities Total Funding: TK.00.000 8 . A table is given below which will show our source of financing: Liabilities: Long-term Liabilities (Bank Loan) Capital: Planned investment Sakib Ahmed Khan Monowar Hossain Sarkar Sazzad Hossain for our office.00.000 TK.000 TK. From the bank and rest of the money will be provided by each partner.00. Because we are targeting the higher middle class and high class people.45.5. We will take long term loan from the bank and it is obvious that bank will not provide the whole money which is 45. These are the start-up requirements to the best of our knowledge and experience in the industry.00.00. So we’ll take loan of 15.00.

They want maintain their class and that’s why they want to make their wedding ceremony very luxurious. Celebrity 3. Highly decorated stage 3. These types of people have enough money. And we are here to make their wedding luxurious. Celebrities are always wanted to be the center topic of the media. They always have news making tendency in their mind that’s why they also want to prepare their wedding ceremony in a gorgeous way and they have enough money to spend.high class people 2. Innovative ideas from the wedding planners 4. They want to spend money and we will provide them the service.Target market Profile Our main target market is given below: 1. Another very important target market is NRB’s. Rich food supply etc. Their requirements for a wedding are given below: 1. Celebrity: Celebrities are the most important customer for our business. We are targeting upper middle class to high class people because they are highly interested than other to make a gorgeous wedding ceremony. Upper middle class. Normally celebrities are very rich. Why we are choosing this target market? Upper middle class & upper class people: 90% of our target customers are upper middle class and high class people. lots of rich people and other guest who are related to the media are 9 . Many other celebrities. Gorgeous venue 2. They are willing to spend money for their wedding program. NRB (Non residence of Bangladesh) There are lots of reasons for choosing this target market.

 Working to exacting standards and timely delivery.  High professionalism and dedication. Positioning statement To luxurious. unique and perfect and try to earn customer satisfaction through provided services.  Our development department gives new concepts and designs.  Highly cost effective.invited in their wedding.  Hassle free Wedding.  Covering every aspect of wedding and giving a symmetric touch to it. Weeding Dream takes the responsibility to make their weeding dreamful. We will satisfy them with our planning and service. So we will provide them all the facilities.  Ensuring that all the dealings with clients and suppliers are carried out with integrity and honesty and complete transparent manner. They want beautiful venue with gorgeous decoration. and different ideas for the wedding. Differentiation strategy  Your one stop shop for designer weddings. We have different types of services for them. There are some personalities who established their career in abroad but they always have a dream to complete their wedding ceremony in their own country with their family members and other relatives. 10 . They look for a wedding planner who can make their wedding ceremony very special.  We help you to figure out the best service providers of your town. highly desired people who want to make every big moment of their life so colorful.  Designer touch to enhance the ambiance. NRB (Non-Residence of Bangladesh) : Most of the NRB’s are rich. rich food items.  Strong network to offer you various specialties.  Uniqueness to your wedding event. That’s why they always plan to do the wedding ceremony in a luxurious way and we are here to help them.

to full event planning packages. neither are the packages we offer. Whether you are looking for an experienced wedding professional to be there and guide you every step of the way. Because no couple's wedding is the same. Whether you are looking for complete coordination from beginning to end. Here at wedding dreams. or just a fantastic team to set up and work on the day of your event. or just a few tips and pointers along the way. we can do everything from "day of" wedding coordination. wedding planner wedding dreamz is offering exclusive services for honorable clients.Service Wedding dreamz offer a wide variety of packages to fill all of your wedding coordination needs all over Bangladesh. wedding dreams promises to customize and create the right package for you Our services are: Decoration 11 . Our promise to you is to provide the organization and knowledge it takes for you to completely enjoy the wedding day you deserve! Keeping the coming bridal season in mind. we are here to furnish your every need.

Mercedes Benz SLK.a. Bentley. Gold package All events (Holud+Wedding+Reception) Lighting (using all kind of modern equipment) Flowers for every event depending on client choice (any kind of flower you want) Hall decoration with highly professionals group Car decoration / Luxurious cars (BMW 7series. Bentley. Silver package Single event Lighting (using all kind of modern equipment) Flowers for every event depending on client choice (any kind of flower you want) Hall decoration with highly professionals group Car decoration / Luxurious cars (BMW 7series. limousine) Basor ghor decoration (with highly trained groups) b. Mercedes Benz SLK. limousine) Basor ghor decoration (with highly trained groups) 12 .

c. We value our client’s importance therefore we will hire top class professional chefs of Dhaka city for your perfect satisfaction. You can order any kind of food for your wedding . Bronze package Single event Lighting (2 type of lighting from your choice) Flower (4 type of flower from your choice) Hall decoration with highly professional group Car decoration Basor ghor decoration (with highly trained groups) Catering service Food item is the most important service in a wedding.Our chefs is always ready to fulfill your wants. 13 .

Silver package Single event Photographer: 2 Duration: As long as the event continues Number of Pictures: Unlimited (approximately 1000+) Print: 100 5R + 20 6R in 2 Albums c.Photography For capturing your dream moments we have professional photographer. Gold package All events (Holud+Wedding+Reception). Photographer: 6 Duration: As long as the event continues Number of Pictures: Unlimited (approximately 2000+) Print: 200 4R + 20 5R in 2 Album b. a. We provide a wide range of packages of photography. Bronze package Single event Photographer: 1 Duration: As long as the event continues 14 .

Video service a. Edited 8 DVD b. Bronze package DV Single Event Edited 2 DVD Entertainment a. *All pictures taken at the event will be delivered on a DVD. Silver package HDV Single Event Edited 4 DVD c.Number of Pictures: Unlimited (approximately 600+) Print: 50 5R + 10 6R in 1 Album *A surprise gift for the complete program (Holud+Wedding+Reception). Gold package Single Event Exclusive Music Nights 15 . Gold package HDV All Event (Holud+Wedding+Reception).

Sound systems and Lights. Sound systems and Lights or/ DJ. Silver package Single Event Singer. Bronze package Single Event DJ + Sound system and Lights (top class DJ in your town ) One LCD Invitation cards As we said we have all kinds of wedding planning solutions. Musicians including Flutist. Sound systems and Lights (top class singer /DJ in your town ) One projector c. 16 .2 Singers. (Famous musician in town) 2 projectors b. Musicians. We will design the invitation cards as you need or you can choose the design from our collection. We will provide you invitation cards that you want to distribute among your guests. Designing the invitation card for a luxurious wedding is very important.

It’s a symbol of Bangladeshi wedding.000 BDT to 50. NRB and our special attention for celebrities they want to expose their luxury and by our service we can provide them what they want so they are bound to take our service . 17 .000 BDT.Therefore our profit margin will be high even though our sale volume is low. We targeted society’s upper middle to upper class. Our market price is inelastic because our targeted customers are society’s rich people. Our service is for luxury so we do not have regular sale. At the beginning we will apply price skimming. So we have the ability to provide you gorgeous sari. Price Our target markets are society’s high class people so our price and quality will be high. **All services can be customized to the client’s needs. Our company makes fewer but profitable sale. Especially the brides’ sari has to be very gorgeous. All the brides and other women wear sari in the wedding. We will provide some discount for our client (maximum 10-15%). Our price ranges from (for all our services) 10.Provide Sari The most important element of a Bangladeshi wedding is Sari. 00. 00.

We have our office at Gulshan Avenue. banani. lee. Place: According to our target market we will provide our service in the whole Dhaka city. dhanmondi to attract attention of the customers. banani. We will make ads about us which will make sure that the customer will know about our service categories. Our service pattern will be the same for all different locations. Customer can visit our office & know about our services. As we are not known at all to our target market. We will give commercial advertisement in face book which is very popular online social network. women’s world etc. their demand & their booking schedule. baridhara. 18 . We will use media. bashundhara first to give our service. billboard. dhanmondi. We budget high for the advertisement of our company. the mission of our company. then the parlor will offer the discount card of our company to take our services. We will set billboards on some busy roads of gulshan. People can like our page and they will get updated information about our services. As we are new in the market we will try to strict with our target market to provide services. We will also allow online contact service so that the customer can contact with us in online about our services. People can also visit our website to know about us. We will give advertisement in the magazines which are most popular to our target customer. our services and features.Promotion: Promotion is our main priority portion to make people knowledgeable about our weeding dreams. So we will not target any secondary geographical locations to target now. it is most important to make sure that our target market is well aware of us. We will target primarily high-class known residential area like gulshan. Our special promotion will be to give discount offer if the customer take services from renowned beauty parlor like persona. Our service cost will not differ for different location. and website for our advertisement.

Strong financial position 3. Efficient management 5. Huge time will take to achieve the target customers 19 . Efficient workforce 2. For the first time. Main competitor. Inexperience 2.SWOT analysis Strength: 1. Increasing number of NRB’s Threat: 1. Proper planning 4. coming up with different features for the wedding Weakness: 1.Shadibondhon company 2. Less competitor 2. Lack of management efficiency Opportunities: 1. Customer demand 3. Geographic segment 3. Fashionable people 4. High probability of increased government regulations 3.

Immagination event organizer. We will keep our standards high. the business we are going to do is all about satisfying the customers with quality service. We will direct all of our tactics and programs toward the goal of explaining who we are and what we do.Competitors analysis There are many business organizations related to event management in our country and they all offer various organizational facilities related to various events. fame and brands but we have the expertise to focusing in single business. To compete in the business we are having better quality of resource with performance and the utilities. We are only focusing in wedding events. We have the monosubjective organization who has the main subject as wedding planning to plan the wedding ceremonies. Our main focus in marketing will be to increase customer awareness in the surrounding communities. For different even they focus but they don’t prefer any perticular event. And wedding dreamz will work keeping one thing in mind that “your satisfaction is our responsibility”. These organization are: KDR event planner. we intend to succeed by giving people a combination of excellent and interesting service. Strategy and Implementation Summary/Process Our strategy is simple. Conclusion At the end of the day. For the competition in the business market it may not be tough but it is always tough when you are competing in business. 20 . They don’t focus on a perticular event. We will focus on maintaining quality and establishing a strong identity in our community. These are our competotor in the market we are dealing with. Wedding dreamz will penetrate the market keeping this concept in mind and will try to give its customers the greatest experience of wedding ceremony through providing different and best quality service. The competitors have name. 21 .br/images?hl=ptBR&source=hp&biw=1024&bih=578&q=bangladeshi+wedding+pics&gbv=2&aq=o&aqi=g10 &aql=&oq= ny&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&fp=8b55df3c7e943900 http://www.cfm