Nurpur Foods “Marketing Report on “

TERM PROJECT 1 (Group) MARKETING MANAGEMENT BBA-09 SEC#Hons Report No#04 SUBMITTED BY:       M.Bilal Bashir (09-NTU-1211) Abdual Hannan (09-NTU-1183) Umair Raza Khan (09-NTU-1180) Riyyan Khilil (09-NTU-1172) Atif Adrees (09-NTU-1208) Rabia Tariq (09-NTU-1172)

SUBMITTED TO: Mr.Farooq Jamal

1. which has since been raised to 4000 MT per day. They are trying their best to improve their brand and remain in the forefront of the country and they are the first dairy company to be certified under ISO 22000:2005. It has a paid up capital of Rs. turnover of the Company has grown from Rs.600 million.311. 660 million for a cement plant having a production capacity of 2000 TPD clinker or 630. THANK YOU .3.000 liters/day of industrial alcohol.61 million in 2009.850 million including export of 75 million. The cement company was incorporated in 1985. 745. Their sugar was incorporated in 1964 as a Public Company for setting up a plant for the manufacture of white sugar in the province of Punjab.Sir in the last weak we work to know the current the marketing situation of the company and try to know the reason of failure of the company Current Marketing Condition of Nurpur The Company has achieved a growth of 460. Future Planning In this weak we will conduct a focus group for this project and after this we will make a presentation and visit the Nurpur industry for sponsor ship.954 million with a total investment of Rs. The company is currently putting up another line of 6000 MT/day. The plant is currently under expansion of additional capacity of 8000 MT/day.300 million with total investment of over Rs. Annual sales revenue amounts to Rs.80% in turnover in a span of four years i. through a dedicated and experienced sales team.27 million in 2004 to Rs. Company behind Nurpur Noon group of companies lies behind the Nurpur brand and along with the dairy products and juices the noon group is developing in cement and sugar industry. The total number of employees is 683. The present equity of the company is Rs. The plant went into production in 1966 with a daily crushing capacity of 1500 MT of sugar cane. An alcohol distillery of French origin was added in 1986 with a production capacity of 50.e.000 tons cement per annum.