An Essay about Myself: A Daunting Task or as Easy as ABC

Essay about myself is the assignment, given practically to every student, who intends to enter college. In the essay about myself you must convince the audience that you can assess your strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, you should show that you know about those challenges, awaiting you in the future. For some people essay about myself is the task which can be done in the twinkling of an eye, yet, many students often struggle with it. To be frank enough, it takes a long time for students to learn how to write essays about myself. At first, one needs to remember an old English proverb “Honesty is the best policy”. Do not try to paint a pretty picture of yourself. In this way you will not impress the tutor. More likely, he/she will not believe hollow promises. Normally, essay about myself is a good chance to prove you can think critically. You may need to write essay about myself for different purposes, though it seems, these instructions can be helpful almost in every case. 1. Define your reader: essay about myself is intended for a certain person: tutor, member of admission committer etc. So, keep your writing style more formal and avoid clichés. 2. Keep balance between self-praise and self-humiliation. Never try to sound too pompous as an experienced reader will always detect falsity. 3. Be specific: essay about myself must be concise and to the point; otherwise it will bore the reader to death. 4. Do not repeat yourself. Do not set stress one idea only. Do not turn your paper into a soap opera. 5. Stick to the topic: essay about myself must never remind a stream of consciousness. Be creative but do not let your imagination lead you too far away. 6. Remember about word count: essay about myself usually takes two or three pages. Do not write your paper either too long or too short. P.S. Do not think that essay about myself is some kind of ordeal. Even if this task is an ordeal, it is quite within your power to cope with it

In today’s society. along with the path they have set for me. I will receive the degree that will not only put me on the right track to my future. Due to my previous instruction. in Criminal Justice. and thus be able to achieve higher aims in my future. I would like to diversify myself using education. if I were to realize this ambition. Without it. I will achieve the goals that I have set forth for the growth of my future. my goal of meeting other people that have the same career interests as I do or have already been in the police field. I will receive my Bachelors in Science in Criminal Justice. Third. I would like to receive my Bachelors in Science with a degree in Criminal Justice. A good example of when goals are important to have is when people attend college. . I have developed three personal goals that I consider important in achieving during my time here at the University of Phoenix. you will be given more respect than those who are less educated. For that reason. I would not be where I am or who I am today without the education I have received. I am going to talk to other individuals that have already worked for a police agency. My second goal of becoming more diverse and more rounded will make me a better person. some of the personal growth goals that I have set for myself will require a higher level of education and the knowledge that the University of Phoenix will give me will help me to achieve my aspirations. but also lead me beyond the career goals that I have set for myself. Therefore. With the goals that I have listed. In order to achieve this target. if I were to stay with my Associate of Arts in Science degree in General Business that I already have. Furthermore they will be able to give me ideas regarding what it will take for me to get my foot in the door in the Criminal Justice field. First is the goal of meeting other people that have the same careers that I do. By doing these things. I believe that I have achieved a great deal in life and wish to further my schooling. we would not be able to accomplish the many tasks society needs completed in order to survive. Secondly. education is incredibly important and if you are educated. I feel that it will benefit my career and educate me further in the criminal justice field. On the other hand. if they are willing to talk to me about past experiences they can give me tips and other information that they have learned and are willing to help other people learn from their mistakes. I will be able to achieve this degree by attending the classes that the University has set forth and my own commitment to completing them. Furthermore. I feel that I will not have a problem talking to people that already work in the field because I have learned that people in the police force are friendly and are willing to help others because assisting others is what this career entails.S. Also. and finally. My third and final goal is to receive my B. Education is what runs the world and moves our economy. it would give me the option to go beyond what I have already established and it is always a good idea to have those options open. Firstly. With the education. Therefore. However. thus making me a better rounded individual. It will give me the option of moving up in ranks in criminal justice field that would not be possible if I stayed with what I have right now. I would achieve the career goals that I have already set.Sample Essay on Personal Goals Everyone should have goals when they are striving to achieve a specific task. meeting others that have the same career ambitions as I do makes this goal an extremely important one. Furthermore.

and served as treasurer and president. if I keep on track. not goals. they would only be notions and most likely would only achieve ideas. I have volunteered my time to inform individuals about what nursing involves. I come to their aid. I believe that my chosen profession will enable me to fulfill my desire to help others. I am involved with many other activities. balancing work and school. I teach a class of 3-6 year olds. and to travel. Without writing them down.Goals are immensely important to have and everyone should have them written down if they want to be successful. and acting as a patient advocate and educator. I have participated in community cleanup. In addition. such as blood pressure screening. I enjoy listening. During high school I was an active member of several clubs.Flint Scholarships. always wishing to make the most of my education. As a result. I will attain my educational goals at the University of Phoenix and it will set me up to accomplish my personal career aspirations that I have set for my future. I have managed to work to provide some of my basic educational expenses. and I have willingly given my time. Despite the time consuming practices for concerts. and receiving my Criminal Justice degree are important to my future. I belong to the National Student Nurses Association as well. I would one day like to give back what they have given to me by becoming an . Presently I work eight hours a week in the neonatal intensive care unit at Hurley Medical Center for premature infants. I enjoyed the arts and was involved in art. (You should list scholarships. and who have had an influence on my life. Sample Scholarship Essay/Personal Statement (Nursing Student) I am applying for the University of Michigan. I worked 16-20 hours a week to provide for educational expenses. I have also done community work. I have striven for academic excellence. nursery day and choir. type. Currently I am involved with fellow nursing students on a class and university level. to expand my knowledge base. and choir. With these goals. I am involved with my local church. Through my work experiences I have learned more about what to expect upon completion of my nursing program. I enjoy working because I am able to see newborns in progress to a state where they can finally be discharged to their families. and offering information for those at risk for hypertension and diabetes. and the excellent program offered in my major. My goal is to become a registered nurse so that I can perform tasks that clients cannot do for themselves.Flint because of the smaller class size. I have written down the goals I spoke of above and will reach them. I was able to maintain an excellent GPA. All of these experiences have helped to shape me. often involving travel to other parts of the United States. Presently I am a junior in the nursing program. I enjoy the arts and participated in many performances. I have faced many challenges. Meeting other people in my career field. In addition to school related activities. Furthermore. I enjoy teaching parents about their infants. Throughout my life I have participated in extracurricular activities. I decided to stay near home and come to the University of Michigan. I feel that by participating in community-related activities I am setting a positive example for the children to follow. I have a large number of nursing instructors who are wonderful. Work is also part of my life.) Although education plays a significant role in my life. becoming a well rounded individual. When other teachers are unable to teach Sunday School. and date here. Until recently. musicals and exhibits. band. and chemistry. my future will look bright and I will have an exciting life in the years to come. parades. allowing me to graduate with honors. including valuable volunteer experiences. working with others. physics. I frequently tutored middle school students by offering my time before and after school. such as advanced placement English and calculus. I have received many scholarships since I began my college career. Education has always been an important aspect of my life. While in high school I took challenging courses.

I know that when my goals are realized. I will be able to provide something meaningful to all of the patients.instructor. Prepared by UM-Flint Faculty .