Fifth International Conference of the

Indian Association for the Study of Australia (IASA)
18 - 21 January, 2010


Fifth International Conference

Indian Association for the Study of Australia (IASA)

"India and Australia: Negotiating Change"
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Goa 18 - 21, January 2010

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Goa University

social solidarity and economic efficiency help bring bilateral concerns together? Keeping these questions in perspective the Fifth Biennial International Conference of the Indian Association for the Study of Australia scheduled to be held in Goa in January 2010 will focus on the overarching theme: 'India and Australia: Negotiating Change'. School of Social Sciences. In these endeavours what and how can India and Australia. General Secretary. AIC will provide 5 awards of AUD 3000/. At the same time the world of scholarship has to address a series of searching questions: whether the needed changes can be globalised. New Delhi110067. D. School of Language. social justice. Goa (To be booked through IASA) Rs. University of South Australia. security.html Accommodation options: 1. the dimensions and depths of which are as yet unfathomed and un-assessed. 5000/.000/. (To be booked directly) 4. whether fundamental standards can be ensured for all human life and forms of society.dfat. Goa At the dawn of the 21st For.each for Australian participants.per day app. issues of economics. Papers are invited on the sub-themes as identified below: * * * * * * * * Contemporary Australia Literature and the Arts Globalisation and the State Foreign Policy National Security Science. 2009 Communication of acceptance: October to Prof. New Delhi and Adjunct Professor. issues of climate change and high incidence of international terrorism are calling for the imperative need for transformative changes through negotiations within and between nations for reordering the world system.double per day (To be booked through IASA) Rs. Goa University Guest House However. Alongside. science and arts connect to human needs in this fast-changing world. Vainguinim Beach. Gopal. Goa-403004 Tel: 091-832-2454045 Fax: 091-832-2454541/42 E-mail: cidadedegoa@cidadedegoa.Fifth International Conference Indian Association for the Study of Australia (IASA) "India and Australia: Negotiating Change" 18-21. 1100/. Please e-mail: dgopal@ignou. contribute to meet the new challenges of the emerging world? Do shared values like rule of law. Literature and Culture Studies.shared per day 2. Centre for English Studies. the world appeared at the threshold of a new era encapsulated in the term 'globalisation' proffering as many new opportunities as it posed new challenges to the comity of . 10. Cidade de Goa Rs. after 200/. Institute of Hawke Research Society and Development Environment and Sustainable Development Australia in International Relations and Politics Calendar for submission of papers: Last date for submission of abstracts: September 30. the exigencies of the current global crisis necessitate new ways of imagining and imaging. Dona Paula.a copy to Prof. 2010 at Goa University. However daunting. IASA. politics. 2009 Communications may be addressed on e-mail: santoshsareen@yahoo. President. The International Centre Goa Rs. India. Visit: http://www. whether there is a common problematic so that common solutions applicable to all humanity can be evolved. IASA.per day Taleigao Plateau. Adelaide. the role of scholars in social sciences and humanities to help assist the policy makers in evolving new strategies based on fresh approaches and ideas is no less important.per day app. Indira Gandhi National Open University. two democratic and strategically important countries. Faculty of Political Science. January. Prainha Resort by the Sea Near SBI Bank. Goa-403004 Tel: 091-832-2453881/82/83 Fax: 091-832-2453884 E-mail: prainha@bsnl. Admittedly. 2009 Final papers to be submitted by November 30. Santosh (To be booked directly) . 2200/. Jawaharlal Nehru University. an incipient global financial crisis currently under way has introduced a series of uncertainties.