THE LUNTIANG ALAB INITIATIVE A community in Rodriguez Rizal called Sitio Malasya has a widespread case of the traditional

“kaingin” system and charcoal production. This system is their method of establishing a farming area which served as one of their means of living. Due to the prevalence of this practice, it has been detrimental to the integrity of the soil, the forest, and of the Dumagats. As an urgent answer to this call, the Luntiang Alab initiative was formed; this intends to establish an eco sustainable culture to the Dumagat community by means of education and eco sustainable initiatives, to further develop alternative means of livelihood to alleviate if not eradicate the prevalence of the practice of “kaingin” system and charcoal production, and to establish initiatives towards achieving the goal.

CALL FOR LUNTIANG MISYONERO This calls for all the individuals who have a heart for service and nation building. 10 individuals shall be chosen to fulfill these initiatives, they shall be extensively trained in the field of environmental sustainability and research therefore further equipping them with the necessary skills that they will use as they go and immerse to the Dumagat community, and eventually towards their own communities.

They shall serve as the first batch environmental envoys from the Dumagat community into the urban community, a significant contribution towards turning the tides of the next generation and leaving a mark in the nation’s history.

In behalf of Tamaraw Volunteers, a word of gratitude to you for taking an initiative towards answering this call.

Michael Miatari
Vice President External Tamaraw Volunteers

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How did you learn about Lunitang Misyonero initiative and its volunteering opportunities? Posters Webpage Past Events From students/professors others (Please Specify) Affiliations and Volunteer Experiences (Use additional sheets if necessary) Organization Nature Position Held Period

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Years Known: Contact #: Statement of Attestation I hereby attest that all information indicated herein are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and any falsified statement or document on this application shall be ground for dismissal

I am willing to commit for this initiative. Therefore, I’m willing to commit my time whenever there is a call to take action.

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