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Not long ago, I met a sincere man who asked, "Are we living in the time of the falling away, when the love of many is waxing cold, or do you think that this is a day of revival? I want to know, as I hear people preaching on both subjects." "Both," I answered. There is both a falling away and an out-pouring of God's Spirit. There is a revival of God's power and a revival of demon forces. But I think we should spend our time telling of what God is doing, and' leave it up to others to tell the rest, since they spend all their time doing so. Wasted Years Restored When speaking of the out-pouring of the Spirit in the last days, Joel said that the Lord would do great things, that He would restore unto us the years that the locusts have eaten. We have had m~ny wasted years, in which the gifts were lost to the Church. Many theological locusts have eaten away this precious truth. God will not only give us a good crop in the harvest time, but He will restore unto us the years which have been wasted! The Lord will let the Church make up for lost time (Joel 2: 25). In the same message the Word tells us that the Lord will give unto us the early and the latter rain in the first month. The first month was the month of harvest. That is the time we are living in now the harvest. Compared to what will happen in the last day, the for-. mer rain, which was Pentecost, was modest (Joel 2: 23). God is going to give us that which took place at Pentecost, plus what we now have. No wonder Joel said that the floors shall be full of wheat, and the vats shall overflow with wine and oil! A Bumper Crop In the year of jubilee, liberty was proclaimed to all the bondmen and all the prisoners. The prison doors were opened! All the slaves were freed! All their possessions which were sold were restored. Every man went to his family. There was rejoicing. The land yielded its increase. They ate



all they wanted and were filled. God gave them an "overplus." The poor people were relieved. They were no longer in bondage. God gave them a bumper crop, enough to last three years a three year crop in one! (Lev. 25: 21 ). After the long Revolutionary \Var the Declaration of Independence was signed. The liberty hell was rung until it cracked! The tired soldiers went to their homes! Our nation was free from the bondage of cruel taxation! We won the victorv! \\1e had a free na tion. - the Civil War the slaves were set free. The slaves After were not in bondage any longer. The Emancipation Proclamation was signed. There was a jubilee in the hearts and homes because the victory over slavery was won! The Church is entering a year of jubilee! Families will be reunited. The prisoners and bondmen will be set at liberty. Their rightful possessions which the devil has stolen. will he restored. \Ve are going to have an overplus! (Lev. 25: 27). Our slaves will be turned loose, our debts cancelled, our mortgaged lands restored. We will have a bumper crop! Imagine a tired farmer who is plowing out in his field. H is land is mortgaged. He must work night and day in order to par the interest on what he owes on his home. He has old clothes, run-over shoes, and his hat is falling apart. Then suddenlv he sees his wealthy brother who brings him some papers. The papers say that the mortgage has been paid off; All the debts are marked paid! He is free once again and happy. That is the wav it will be during the greatest revival this earth has ever kn~wn. The church must have full freedom. Bondage will be lifted from the people. They will be liberated. The oppressed will go free. Streams" ill break forth in the desert! The mortgage of the enemy will he hroken! Double Portion Days The spirit and power which was on Elijah rested on Elisha, and he had double the power! This, the people thought, could never happen, but he saw twice as many miracles as his predecessor. Elijah will come and restore all things. He mav not conic as a person, hut his spirit and power will rest upon God's servants in the last d,1\ S'. It happened just before the first advent of Christ and it' will happen again, in a fuller sense. Elijah lived three and one-half years without a ration hook.

There will be people in the last days who will have power to shut heaven that there be no rain (Rev. II). God is going to give some people power in the last days to go forty-two months without a ration book. There will he a place of protection for them forty and two months, while the antichrist is seeking for their lives. The earth will open and swallow up the Hood that tries to devour the people of God. Streams in the Desert The wilderness and the solitary place will blossom as a rose. There will be streams in the desert. There was a great drought iii Dallas last summer. \,Ve drank salty water. The land was parched and cracked. The trees became thirsty. The grass died. Cattle suffered. But after Dallas discharged the man who was hired to make rain, then God sent rain! We could see the land, trees, grass, and cattle rejoice! Today, while writing this article, we received up to ten inches. That is what we should have received for the last two summers. The river is overflowing! Today God is making up for lost time. We are going to have a cloud burst! We will receive the earlv, and latter rain in the harvest month. The dav is at hand when the false rain makers are going to be discharged from the churches. People will break from under their bondage. They will get out in the rain! The weak hands will be strengthened. The feeble knees will be confirmed. The parched grounds will become a pool. God will breathe on the army of dry bones and they will stand up as an arrnv with banners! , Isaiah was not talking about the Millennium for the ~Ievil will be bound then. There will be nothing to hurt or destroy in all His holy mountain. Today is the time we need to have the sick healed. This is the day when the lame man will leap as an hart, the tongue of the dumb will sing; the eyes of the blind will be opened. t\ lost people try to put all good things over in the thousand vear reizn. Thev_ either put all the supernatural back in , I:> the Apostles' days or over in the rnillenrrial reign. But the Lord's name is THE GREAT I AM. In our day is the time God wants to give us power over the devil. Just the other night we saw a girl who had been deaf in both ears, set free by the power of God! She could hear


perfectly. That is a little bit of what God will do. We prayed for a dumb lady, who could not talk; she had to use a tablet and pencil to ask us to pray. She was instantly healed and became an Assembly of God minister! Pentecostal Power Plus Peter said the same thing that took place at Pentecost, will happen again just before the moon is turned into blood, just before the Lord comes. He also said God would do signs, wonders and miracles, and God would pour out His Spirit on all flesh; (Acts 2: 15-20). He said the children and the women would be preaching, that people would see visions. There will be signs, miracles, healings, word of knowledge, tongues, etc. In short, he said there would be a restoration of the Spiritual gifts just before the sun is darkened. He said Pentecost would be repeated, plus many more miracles. Better Covenant Days . The Lord is saving the best wine until the last. The Church is not going out with less power than it had when it came in. Paul saw it; He told what wonderful things the Lord did through such mighty men as Enoch, Noah. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Sampson, Elijah, an Elisha. Then he added these words: "God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect" (Heb. 11 :40). In Daniel we read that the devil will do exploits, but just four verses from there God said that we would be strong and do exploits (Dan. 11: 32). . . I will admit that the antichrist and the false prophet will do miracles in the last days. But the miracles which they will do, will be to bring fire from heaven and destroy men's lives. Satan comes not but to steal, to kill and to destroy. God must pour out his Spirit in such a way to supercede all the supernatural power of the enemy. The Holy Ghost fire will overcome all the wild fire. The power of God, the gift of miracles and discerning of spirits must expose and destroy all the powers of opposition! God did it through Paul. He did it through Peter. He can do it through His servants in our day. All the men who have the Gifts of the Spirit operating in their lives have the master key to this last day supernatural revival! When Moses put out his rod and it became a serpent the de viI's crowd did the same thing, but that did not stop the

power of God. Moses did not grow discouraged or quit. He did not resort to methods, forms, ceremonies, rituals and programs. No, he dug a little deeper! He kept on until he received more of the power of God than ever! He did not stop until his rod swallowed up their rods. God is going to have some people who will not grow discouraged because of oppositions. They will not stop and go back to forms and rituals just because the power of the devil grows stronger. They will not rest until the power of God destroys all the power of the devil! A stone is going to come rolling out of the mountains and crush down the kingdoms of this world! The angels desired to look into this day when the Gospel is preached with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven. The prophets inquired and searched diligently concerning this thing. I don't have space to tell what other prophets said about this restoration revival, but I must quote this: "Yea, and ALL THE PROPHETS, from Samuel and those that follow after AS MANY AS HAVE SPOKEN, have likewise foretold of these days" (Acts 3:24) .. It Is Not Impossible How can God wind the ball up so quickly, when there are so many unreached people? That is what Noah must have wondered. But God filled the old ark. He sent animals from every direction, even the skunks! God's power did itall in one day by miracles! The Glory of God! A nation is going to be born in one day . Moses wondered how God could lead teaming thousands of people out of bondage. God did it through miracles, signs, and wonders. God did it in one day. The Egyptians received darkness and judgment. God's people had lights in their dwellings! Jesus is coming after a bride without a spot or blemish. H is people are not going to have a spot on their garments. His people are going to be clothed with the supernatural power of God. Possessing Our Possessions God will give us all the land that we put our foot on. God told Abraham that He would give him all the land that he put his foot upon. He told the Children of Israel the same thing. But there was some of the land that they did. not put their foot upon. They did not take what rightly belonged to them. The Lord is going to have some people in


our day who knows what belongs to them. They surely will put their foot down on their rightful inheritance and take the land! \Ve will possess our possessions! Naomi did not see how God could restore all her possessions, but Boaz gave his name to a Gentile girl, and through him all their property was redeemed. She became the gre<ltgrandmother of jesus. As Boaz, Jesus will redeem our rightful inheritance. \\'e will be given back the property of the Church, which is the gifts of the Spirit. Jesus will take us as His Gentile Bride. Eliezer went down and got a Gentile bride for Isaac. Remember, he did not get the whole family. She was willing to follow. So she was presented with gifts. So is the Holy Ghost doing for the called-out ones today, who are willing to follow.

down fire and shut off rain. \Vhen Moses tried to get Pharaoh to repent, he performed miracles by bringing plagues such as turning water into blood, etc. People will soon be forced to get on one side or the other.

The Anointed


God and One

a Majority

Some thought everything was ruined when Brother \Viggesworth passed on. Some thought the same when Brother Price was gone. God can carryon His work if He takes Brother Coe, vou, me, and ten thousand more of his saints . to Heaven. The early Christians evangelized the world; the Christians todav must do it again. God will have people in the closing days who shut up heaven that there be no rain, turn water into blood, smite the earth with plagues, or do anything to bring men to repentance (Rev. 11). Some say these mentioned here arc two men; some say two groups of people. It does not make anv difference whether it is two or two million; God can do Hi~ work. He did itthrough Moses and through Noah. If vou will dedicate vour life to God He can even use you to perform mizhtv _ works in His name! It is not bv power or b ' by might but it is by the Spirit of God.

God does not say the two witnesses are two men, aI though they may be. I do not say that they are two groups of people the Jews and Gentiles; thev may not be. God savs , thev are the two olive trees and the two candlesticks standing before God. God says they are the anointed ones (Rev. 1 1 ). It seems that all the gifts of the Spirit will work through them. Through the manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit, in Peter, a man and his wife died, and the church rolled on. In the early Church, a man, who tried to hinder God's purpose, was struck blind, as the Gift of the Spirit worked through Paul (Acts 1 3 : 11 ). People were turned over to Satan (I Cor. 5). All this will be repeated, and more. God's servants will turn water into blood. The rivers and fountains of' water will turn red. Everything living will finally die in the sea. Still men will not repent. It happened in Moses' day. The sun will scorch men. There will be mighty earthquakes, Some of the stars will fall. Hail will weigh about one hundred pounds; yet, many of the people then will not repent! The mountains will flee. The islands will move. Grievous sores will break out on men. Even then, many of them will harden their hearts, as Paraoh did.

God's iHcrcy and Jltdgmellt

Prophets Like Unto i\t1oses

Jesus was aprophet like unto Moses (Acts 3). \Ve are instructed to be like Jesus (I Peter 2: 23). He set the example. As He is, so are we in this world. \Ve are to do the works that He did. God performed miracles through Moses and Jesus. He wants to usc us also. \Ve are men of like passions as Elijah. God will have people performing the same kind of miracles as Moses and Elijah for three and one-half years (Hev. 11). When Elijah tried to get Israel to repent, he brought

I see the mercy of God here. His grace is still extended. One fourth of the people will die. Still many of them will harden their hearts. One third of the rest will die. Still people will rebel as did the Egyptians! Suppose there were four billion people in the world. If one-fourth would be killed there would remain three billion people. Then when one-third of the rest were killed, there would remain two billion people. That would be one half killed, and one half would remain alive. One half of the people will die. Undou btcdlv, after seeing all the supcruatural power of God demonstrated, many of the people" ill wait and harden their hearts until there will be no rcmedv,- Thcv . will sa", . "The harvest is ovcr ; the summer is past, .uu] J .uu not

saved". Neighbor, don't remain in the valley of decision too long. Then God will take away death! Men cannot die, even if they try to commit suicide in all sorts of ways. They only increase their suffering. Locusts will sting men, and they suffer for five months. The heavens will roll back. People will look up and see Jesus. They will pray for the rocks to hide them. But many will then still refuse to repent (Rev.





6 ).
God's Mercy Endures Forever Even in judgment He remembers mercy. We will still be in the Grace dispensation. The times of the Gentiles will not be fulfilled until the stone, which is cut out without hands, comes and breaks down the kingdoms of the world, and sets up the Kingdom Age. Then the ten toes of Nebuchadnezzar's image are crushed! I see that the Spiritual Gifts are working in their fullness here. God, in His mercy will still be trying to get men to repent, even during the great tribulation days. It is better to repent now, than wait until then.

I, W,Ufilllj


1'1 ,



, '~



.' .

SOc each

"And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh." Acts 2: 17. In short, all the gifts of the Spirit will be restored to God's people just before the sun is turned into darkness. This includes what was happening the day Peter spoke these words, plus miracles, signs, wonders, visions, prophecies. This same Holy Spirit which was working in the Jews at Pentecost will be poured out upon all flesh just before the moon turns to blood (Acts 2: 15-20). Upon the Jews and the Gentiles I saw a Jewish lady in Detroit saved and filled with the Holy Ghost just like Mary the Mother of Jesus was in the upper room. She threw up her hands and cried, "Oh, Jesus Blessed Messiah, Blessed Messiah." She spoke with tongues and prophesied! In our services the other night a little Jewish boy, who was blind in one eye, came for prayer. The growth left instantly. He reported that he could see. After his unbelieving sister saw what took place she came back the next night believing. She was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost and baptized in water. It is amazing to me to see so many Jewish Evangelists in our Bible schools and in revivals, winning Gentiles to the Lord. Some of them are going from city to city, seeing the sick healed and casting out devils with God's power. They have some of the most amazing testimonies! You should hear them tell their experiences. Upon Protestants and Catholics It makes little difference with the Lord what tag we carry or what handle we have. All tags will be cut off before we enter Heaven. Recently a Catholic lady saw miracles in our services, surrendered her heart to the Lord and was saved. She spake with tongues and prophesied. We baptized her in water. A Catholic nun was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost and prayed about one hundred and twenty people through to the Holy Ghost in one of our revivals. Recently a Catholic

priest received the Holy Ghost and spoke with tongues. Someone asked him if he was going to come out of his church. He 'said he was going to stay there and teach all of his members to receive this "full Gospel experience." He said that he would teach them that God is pouring out His Spirit on all people. \Ve have seen thousands of Catholics saved, filled and healed. Not long ago I touched a lady's head, as I felt led of the Spirit. She spoke with tongues and prophecied. Then I learned that she was a Catholic Iadv. Catholics are the easiest people to work with vet. It seems they respect the power of God. They have simple child likefaith. They are hungry for God. In some of the most recent revivals tens of thousands of Catholics have been saved .and filled with the Spirit. Upon the Young and the Old For several vears we have seen children beinz filled with _ n the Spirit. Little four and five year old boys and girls have spoken with tongues and even preached. An eight-year-old boy is now in Dallas, Texas praying for the sick with miracles following his ministry. My little bov was saved when he was four vears old. He was baptized with the Holy Ghost when he was five. \\'e dedicated him to God at an early age. It seems that he has always felt that he belonged to the Lord. There are many thousands of children who are saved and filled with the Spirit five and six years old. It seems that there is a difference in children who are dedicated t~ the Lord and in the children who have been brought up m homes by parents who suck cigars and guzzle beer. ( I Cor. 7: 14). One minister said that you can dedicate a baby to the Lord and the Spirit of God will come on it; then when it gets to the age of accountability it will feel a drawing power to bring it to a born again experience. Recently we have seen more real old people receive the Holy Ghost than young people. About seventy-five percent of the people who answer the altar calls are old people. God spoke to me in a vision and told me that He wanted me to be kind to the real old people and minister to them, I saw an eighty-one-year-old man fall under the pm\ er and come up speaking in a beautiful heavenly language. In Fort \\'orth I prayed for a real old medical doctor; he

spoke with tongues of a cancer.

and prophesied.

He was also healed

Upon the Rich and the Poor

A verv rich cattle man, who also 'owned a plantation in another 'state, and had a home in the North and in the South, came to our meeting. He had made over $100,000.00 each year for many years. He belonged to the United Brethren Church. I slipped down and prayed for him as he sat on the front seat. He was filled with the Holy Ghost just like the rest of us! Several cancers fell off his face. His doctor b zave a statement that he was healed of a heart condition. \Ve were havinab a real Holv Ghost Hevival, where the children were praying through to a Pentecostal experience. The people in that town had never seen anything like tha,t before. So they took me to court for disturbing peace. A l\lillionaire, , WiH) was filled with the Holy Ghost, came in the court and brought his attorney, who was a Church of Christ man, and won the case, without charging me a cent. That Church of Christ man beat most Pentecostal preachers preaching or shouting, as he pled my case. I know of dozens of wealth", successful business men, with the Pentecostal experience; who are spending millions in sending the Full Go~pel to the world. Recently some of them donated three million in one day to send the Holy Ghost and Healing to the people of all denominations and all nationalities. One night, not long ago, I visited a home which was the picture of poverty. \ Ve sent them help from the chu.rch to buy groceries. They had few clothes and no c~)vering for the bed. The husband was dying with cancer. Thev were all saved, healed, tilled with the Holy Ghost and began going to church. U io P, eachcrs an d Laymell I know of a top Baptist minister who went down into the woods to pray, He came back with leaves on his back. He tried to keep it a secret for a few years, but his revivals grew out of his control. People began to find out what he had. People \\ ere delivered and filled with the Spirit. He (lid. n~)t denv it, but he would not confess it, because he was afraid his 'dear wife would leave him. One day he started to die. lust before he died he called some Pentecostal preachers and his \\ ife to his bedside and confessed to them that he had re-11--

ceived the Holy Ghost. God healed him. He jumped all over the house, went to church that night leaping for JOY. He is still jumping and preaching, and seeing people d~livered. His wife, boys and relatives are now baptized with the HoI\' Ghost. . ' I saw a Church of Christ minister in Fort Worth "lvinzb , flat on his back being filled with the Spirit. Just the other night I carried a minister into the office and prayed for him. He came out speaking with tongues. A pastor of a large Christian Missionary Alliance Tabernacle came to our meeting. He had bee~ teaching people that they had the Holy Ghost already. He thought he had been baptized with the Hal" Ghost. God slaved him under the power one night and h~ was aloriollsly 'filled with the Spirit; I understand he went home and spoke in tongues all night. For days he spoke with tongues. He sat down and wrote his overseers to come get the church if they wanted it, for he did not know if he would ever speak in English .' agam. But he did speak in English. He taught his many members to receive the Holy Ghost Baptism as was given at Pentecost. One 'Lutheran minister who had received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, with the "confirmation" of tongues last year in Minneapolis testified this year, that to his knowledge, over 1000 Lutherans and others had been filled with the Holy Ghost in the last twelve months. They are living witnesses in their own churches. The wave of revival is sweeping across all ecclesiastical barriers!
C" ,

A Baptist deacon boarded a plane in Hawaii, came to our revival in Texas, received the Holy Ghost, went back, and is now pastoring a Baptist Holy Ghost church. A Methodist minister in Kentucky brought his little girl down who had never walked. After praying she could walk. This minister is now pastoring a Holy Ghost Methodist Church. I 'know of several leading men who have large revivals, who do not belong to organizations. I know of some who are just as great who belong to organizations. God baptizes hungry hearts'. He calls individuals.
Upon .Missionaries and Natives

Upon Denominational People and Independents

Three hundred thousand Italians in one country have the Holy Ghost. This thing is not done in a corner. It is not fenced in. It will jump the fence and spread to all people. . Two Mennonite Missionaries in Colombia were reading a healing magazine. It made them seek God. As they prayed both received the blessing. WhiJe they were wondering if it was like the experience we have two native girls began to speak in perfect English, which they did not know.. The missionaries then knew it was the Bible experience, so they reasoned that if God could do that He could heal people just as they read about. They prayed for a blind man and he was healed! From that time things began to happen. Now they have a nice new church with signs following their ministry. The other night I saw a Baptist Missionary from India who was filled with the Holy Ghost. The signs are following her ministry there. A lady in Seattle, Washington was healed of a blind eye. Now she is in Formosa, with signs following her ministry. -:
Upon Laborers and Professional Men

We have people who wonder how God can fill a man with the Holy Ghost if he does not belong to their denomination. Others do not think they can be filled with the Spirit and belong to an organization. God is baptizing people in and out of organizations. Most people with this experience belong to an organization, but we have thousands of people who are independent. A recent survey shows that there are about ten or eleven million people now filled with the Holy Ghost. There are 300,000 Methodist in Chili alone with the Pentecostal expenence.

I prayed a doctor through to the Holy Ghost who had been an infidel for thirty-one years. He is now a Holy Ghost preacher and is head of the International Gideons. A policeman came to our revival and went to the prayer room. It was the first time he had been in church in years. Almost instantly he was saved, filled with the Holy Ghost, and delivered from a devil. Now he -preaches with signs following. A Nazarene school teacher was filled with the Holy Ghost in our meeting and healed. Two Methodist school teachers came to our revival. Last Sunday they came to church, telling how they had both been

healed and baptized with the Holy Ghost. One of them started a healing line in the school building and saw people delivered from crutches and saw other notable miracles. Two policemen fell in the sawdust in our meeting in Houston, Texas. One lay there until about midnight with his gun on his side, and it cocked. I took it off of him and he was filled with the Spirit. The other policeman was healed of a large rupture. \ Ve saw four doctors and twelve nurses in one meeting who were saved and tlJled with the HoI" Ghost. One doctor started holding healing revivals. I knew of a sheriff who lived here where I pastured. He was filled with the HoI\' Ghost. \ Vhcn his debutics failed to arrest a dangerous man, when they came back without him, this sheriff would go get him without a gun.lIe commanded him to come along; and he did. I owned five businesses. I was a merchant. I was a used car dealer. For twelve vears God would guide me bv the Holy Spirit. I knew othe'r merchants in my home town, who were filled with the Holx Ghost. l\1en todav , full of the' Holv. Ghost, own the leading businesses, including the world's largest dairy, one of the leading plow factories, and some of the largest Heal Estate businesses.

his district superintendent. A Church of Christ minister who speaks with tongues, with several members wrote me last week to come hold a healing campaign. This week I baptized a Lutheran man and his wife who were saved and filled with the Holv, Ghost the other Sunday morning. In the same service a Christian Science man and his wife were saved and filled with the HoI" Ghost. Also a Baptist man and his wife were filled. Brother Sam Todd went to Korea and saw about one hundred modernist ministers baptized with the Holy Ghost in one meeting. They have now started deliverance meetings, I understand. Brother L. D. Hall has just returned from Thailand telling how hundreds of Budhists were saved, filled and healed, including some priests. Several spoke in the Enzlish lanuuaze which thev, had never learned. Two I:> I:> I:> native boys were praying one day, they laid their hands on some folk and thev were filled with the Spirit. \Vhen they saw this thev went alI through a crowd of people who had zathered lav'ino their hands on them, and thev saw hundreds filled and speak with tongues!

~ ~ ~ ~

Upon All Flesh

if we saw ten thousand people filled with the Spirit in one service. One Baptist minister who was the leader of several groups recently said, "I have the Holv Ghost, and I speak with tongues. \Vhen I pray for people they fall under the power; they are healed; they speak with tongues. I have been following some of your meetings in America. \ Ve are getting all the facts and results. Soon we are eoinv to recommend to all churches of all denominations I:> I:> , bI that thev must have the experience. Then you won t be a e to tell one denomination from another. We shall see the Spirit poured out on all people." In Russia todav the people who have the real power of God , who are fill~d with the Holv, Ghost, those who preach and practice miracles must hide out to worship God. When thev meet somewhere in secret to have service, they don't ask' each other what church they belong to. They are all olle big family. . Jesus prayed for all H is people to be one. I believe that pra\ er will be answered. If the people of different denorninatiOI~S don't meet together \\ illingly and lay down their dif'-15-

I would not be surprised

UPOIl People at Home and Abroad A Church of Christ ladv recentlv received the Holy Ghost, .
went back to her home ~nd S3W' several more Church of Christ people filled with the Holy Ghost. Mv mother, who is Church of Christ, received the Holy Ghost Baptism in her bed at home. She had never heard it preached. She jumped out of the bed speaking with tongues. Mv Daddv is Church of Christ. l\1y Uncles and Aunts arc Cl~urch o'f Christ. One uncle from the Church of Christ holds revivals and sees hundreds receive the Pentecostal experience. I went to a l\lethodist church which has three thousand members. God did miracles! The General Superintenden~ was healed of a deaf ear. A prominent judge's wife was filled with the Spirit, spoke \\'ith tongues and prophesied. Todav I received a letter from a Methodist pastor who wants me to come and hold a deliverance revival in a church which scats one thousand. It is endorsed by his hoard and


ferences and worship God as they should, they may have to do it as they are doing in Russia today. We must be in one accord to receive what God wants us to have, to be ready for the soon coming of Jesus Christ.



WHICH IS THE BEST GIFT? Paul tells us to covet earnestly the best gift! Which one is the best? Paul said, "Follow after charity and desire spiritual gifts," but some seem to interpret it, "Follow after charity and despise Spiritual gifts." But there are some folk who follow after one certain gift and despise the others. Even in the Early Church there were some folk who wanted the gifts . of healing but they cared nothing for prophecy. So Paul instructed;

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Despise Not Prophesyings (I Thes. 5; 20) I know of a church that has a lot of speaking with tongues, but they brand a man a fanatic who stands to prophesy. They will have none of it at any time. They don't understand it and don't want to understand. Who are we to tell God that we want part of the gifts at the expense of the others? ]oe] said that even the women would prophesy in the last days. Paul said that we may all prophesy (I Cor. 14: 3 1). Moses said he wished tha t all of God's people would prophesy (Num. 11: 29). Saul, who was a plowboy direct from the farm, prophesied, even without a university degree. When we prophesy sinners fall down and report that God is in us of a truth, because the secrets of their hearts are made manifest (I Cor. 14: 24). Prophecy edifies the church, therefore covet to prophesy. How well I remember that when I was a boy I liked lean meat very much. We would raise our own hogs, kill them and put them into the smoke house, where we would cure the meat with smoke from wood which we cut from hickory trees. I would eat the lean meat and leave the fat meat , around my plate. It became necessary for my dad to make a rule, that I take both the fat and the lean or receive nothing. Then I finally became willing to eat a bite of fat and a bite of lean. It became necessary for the Lord to tell some folks that they must be willing to let any of His wonderful gifts work through them, or none of them. The gifts of the Spirit are God's and we are God's.


\Vhile growing up, there were certain things which I claimed as rnv own. I would want to have the controllinv . power over those certain possessions. I would say, "This little (hollle-made) wagon is mine". l\lother would sav, "\\'cll, you arc mine; so that makes the wagon mine too. SO even if the wagon is yours, you yet must do as I tell you with it." It is the same way with the gifts. They arc ours; but we are the Lord's. So we must still do with them just as He instructs us. One man asked, "Are the gifts resident in use; arc thev resident in the HoI\' Ghost, or are thev resident in the Church ?" The answer is this: The gifts are resident in the Holy Ghost. The Holv Ghost is resident in us. \Ve are the Church. All these statements are right. \\'e arc the temple of the HoI\' Ghost.

prayer room. I never talked with him after then, but it seemed that he had a good experience of the Pentecostal experience!

Despise Not Interpretation

Paul, speaking by inspiration said hc would that we all speak with tongues (I Cor. 15: 5). He also said that if we speak with tongues to pray that we may interpret. God will never ask us to pray for something and refuse to give it to us (vc rse 13 ) . I can take you to a church that goes "overboard" in tongue-talking, but thcv arc so afraid of the false that thcv discard all interpretation. Then another group of people go to seed on prophecy and despise interpretation, which is given by the same Spirit. In no place does the Bible say that prophecy is the greatest gift. One preacher so despises tongues and interpretation that he says they should not be used in evangelistic services. But God says that tongues arc a sign to unbelievers (I Cor. 14: 22). Now how can tongues be a sign to unbelievers if there are no unbelievers ncar? Instead of praying, "God, give me the gift of healing", you should pray, "Lord, manifest any of the gifts through me which are needed in this service." I went twentv-Iivc miles to town with mv father when I was a little boy, and stayed in the wagon-yard that night. \Ve had about fifty rabbits for sale. That was my first business experience. \ Vhen Dad came back to the wagon I had the rabbits all sold to a hot-tamale man who was culling out some and taking only the fat ones. About that time my dad came and told the man if he did not take all the rabbits he could have none of them. That is what the Lord is saying to us concerning the gifts. He is sovereign. He divides gifts to us as He wills. We can't pick some and despise others.

Despise Not Tongues

"Forbid not to speak with tongues" is a command just as "Thou shalt not commit adultery," but we have people today who think they can improve on what Paul taught by inspiration. I can show you ministers who go wild about the gifts of heulings and preach against speaking with tongues. \\'e have heard people say that tongues are the least of all gifts until it almost seems like a passage of Scripture. One man recently wrote me that tongues are the least of all gifts, because tongues were placed at the bottom of the list (I Cor. 12.). I did not want to puncture his balloon, so I did not answer his letter. In the very next chapter Paul puts charity last, but says that it is the greatest ( I Cor. 13: 13). E\'erything can't be at the top of the list. Of course, Paul said that tongues edify one's self and prophecy edifies the church, but how can you edify the church unless YOU are first edified vourself? Paul teaches . that tongues with interpretation is equal to prophecy ( I Cor. 14:5). One Church of Christ preacher friend came to me and wanted me to pray that he would receive the oifts of healinv. I carried him to the prayer room and told him to be filled with Spirit. He insisted that he only wanted the gifts of healing but did not want the tongues. I told him he must be willing to take any of God's gifts or nothing. The last I saw of him he was lying flat on his back in the

Despise Not Healing

They are not all outside the Pentecostal ranks that oppose the gifts of healing. They jump up and down and speak with tongues, but they prepare Sunday morning sermons against divine healing. They don't want to bear the reproach that goes with healing meetings. Therefore, doubts arc built in the minds of even the Full Gospel people. Some ministers are saying by their actions, "I would like


to have the gift of faith, but away with the gifts of healing in this church!" Oh yes, they pray for the sick, by slipping into the homes, or waiting until services are over and most of the people are gone, but then they pray "If it be God's will," or "Help her to be submissive to God's will." In the Early Church they did not wait until after services were over or 'until after the anointing was gone, or even until after the sermon was finished. That was the main part of the service! Thev even filled the streets full of cots and beds. They hung out of the windows and dropped through the roof. The Early Church was for the deliverance of the people, not special singing or programs. Ministers were se~t to deliver the sick and oppressed and not merely to entertam , people with oratory. . . . Some folk think that the smaller a church the more spiritual it is. In the Bible days the more spiritual the church became, the more it gre,~ and multiplied. Healing and miracles were not done in a corner. Jerusalem was filled with the doctrine by the people who "turned the world upside down." . Paul and Barnabas came from revivals telling how God did signs and miracles by their hands (Acts 15 : 12). God said for us to make known His deeds among the people. Too many people today want to leave it to the Jehovah Witn~sses and the Christian Scientists to put out books and magazmes. Yet people say that we should be modest and not tell what God has done in other revivals. Paul and Barnabas told what God did for them. God commands, "Make known his deeds among the people". Despise Not Discerning of Spirits All the gifts were manifiested in Peter's life, yet he ~~d no choice of which Gift God manifested. Instead of figuring out what gift he had, he said, "Such as I have give I thee." I am sure he wanted to lay hands on Simon and see him filled with the Holy Ghost just like the rest of Philip's converts. Instead of the gifts of miracles it was discerning of Spirits that was manifestd (Acts 8). He saw tha~ Simon was full of the devil. Simon would not have received the Holy Ghost had Peter laid hands on him all day. Why didn't Peter lay hands on Ananias and S~pphira and cast the devil out of them? or see them refilled with the Holy Ghost? It was because Peter had no choice of which gift God

wanted to use. Suppose he had said, "Lord, I want the gifts of miracles, but please don't let me have the gift of discerning of Spirits." He would have been unfit for God to lISC. God gives us two commandments in one verse: "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them" (Eph. 5: 11). Many people find !t easy to obey the first commandment, but it is hard to obey the last one. Many people today want the gifts of healings, but they do not want to obev the command, "Rebuke them before ali," , "Tell it to the church," "Turn them over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh." I started to pray for a lady's deliverance. Instead of the gifts of healings being manifested as I expected, I looked at the lady and said, 'You are deceitful. You are a hypocrite. You are hiding sin in your life." She denied it, and that made me pray, "Please, dear Lord, turn this job over to someone else." But later it proved out that she was wrong and God was right! She gave birth to a premature baby, out of wedlock, and died confessing her sins to God! Despise Not IHiracles God performs miracles according to His will (Heb, 2: 4) .. Peter would have cast the devils out of the two liars, but, after discerning the spirit in them, he spoke the word that destroved them. That was the best gift for that moment. That was the more excellent way. \ Vhen we are full of the Holy Ghost the only thing we will do when someone hits us is what the Holy Ghost does through us. Instead of de1ivering Simon, after he discerned the spirit in him, Peter pronounced a curse on him. Paul enjoyed saying to a lame man, "Stand upright on thy feet" and seeing him walk, but to another man after discerning the devil in him he, through a gift of miracles, struck him blind (Acts 13). \ Vhy did God use Paul? He was dead and God was working his will in him, regardless of which' gift was in action. All of the gifts worked through Paul. I'm sure it was Elisha's will to deliver his servant From leprosy. Instead, after discerning the spirit in him, he spoke the words that placed the curse on him for life. It is God that worketh in us to will and to do. Don't you know that Elisha wanted to lay hands on -21-


Naarnan and heal him? By the Spiritual gift of disccrning of Spirits he perceived that' Naaman was p~oud an~1 hau~,h~y, Bv a Word of Wisdom he knew that hlgh-ranklllg otficial must dip, not six times, but seven times in muddy Jordan, God works in liS to will and to do. \Vc don't please ourselves. Even Jesus pleased not H imsclf. Despise Not the Gift of Faith " , , I'm sure Paul wanted very desperatciy the gIft of mIracle~ to be manifested in order to still the storm in tl~e midst ~),f the stormy voyagc. Instead, God saw fit to manifest ~hl' g~h of faith civinu him the assurance that all the men with h un '0 0 I . I would be saved alive. At one time God perfonnc(. '~ mIra,c (.' and shook the jail, delivcring Paul. But anothcr, tlml: God saw fit to give Paul the assurancc that He was wit h him. The gift of faith worked through him lInc~pcctcdly. Hecentlv I was called to a home to pray for a ladv \\'I,1~) was grievo~lsly vexed with a devil. I wanted God, by the, glf.t of miracles, to deliver her instantly. Instead, a sweet assl1l.ance was dropped into my soul that my praycr \\'a~ heard. God chose to manifest the gift of faith. \\,ithin a Fcvv d,\y~ this ladv was seized bv a strong conviction. Shc repcntcd ,1l1ti was instantlv deliver~d by the gift of miracles! James and John wanted to perform a miracle b\ calling fire down from heaven to destroy people, but Jesus saw fIt to work differently. You say, "Oh, the spirits of the prophets ~H,esU,bj;-ct ~(~the prophets" (I Cor. 14:32)., Yes but the SPIl:lt o~ God.:s, not subject to the prophets. The prophets must bl subJld to the Spirit


of God.

Not tlte \,\Iord



I can show vou a man who likcs the gift of he,lling,

when God ma~ifests the word of kno\\'l~dge tl~rough ister he says, "Sooth-saying, fortune tellIng, ,,:Itchcraft. 1 the word of knowledoe God showed Elisha that NaaB) 1"> f " I man was not ready for healing, by ,0 SPlrI,tS. 1e In1. know wlw, and by a word of "Isdolll ' }',lIsha to ma d e h , knew how to solve the problem. But \\'l' have some Il1111Isters who think we should run everyhmly through the sa~l,le "cookie cutter" and expect them all to be healed b\' the gIftS

l~ut ,a /,11In-

of healing. . Not "long ago in a service a lady came for pra\ the gifts of healing to be manifested, but suddenly -22-


wanted God made


to know something which happened in he( life a few vcars ago. It "'as after she confessed and was delivered that she received what she was seeking. Some folk would cry "Mental telepathy" if we would do as Ananias, receive a revelation of somconc's need at a dislance. If we arc not willinv ..-, for all God's vift to work throuuh us, we will receive none. Recently I read in the Pentecostal Evangel that a certain Christian lady started to pray. God revealed' to her that a certain missionary was in trouble in a foreign country. She. prayed and a miracle took place thousands of miles awav. God can reveal people's trouble to you whether thcv arc across the sea, across town, or across the isle. Despise Not the H,'ord of W isdom Far too man v ministers toclav. want to relv on methods and . means, picked up out of some book written by a man who has never had the Holy Ghost. They pass the methods on from one conference to another. But what will work in one church will manv times not work in another. \\le need a supernatural solution to each new problem that arises. Had Elisha not received the word of wisdom as to how to lead Naaman into healing he would have remained a leper. Suppose he had put him in a healing line and patted him on the head. He would have gone home sorely disappointed. In a recent scrvice, instead of the gifts of healing worklng, God, hv the word of wisdom showcd 111e what to do in a certain case. I sent for some dirt, made mud of spittle, and put it into the ears of a lady who had no ear drums. God then, by the gift of miracles, created eardrums. The woman could hear perfectly. That was not my will and not my plan. A pastor does not need to wait for a certain wash woman to come to church before the interpretation can be (iven to a message. !\. wash woman does need not wait until a certain preacher arrives at church before a message may be interpreted. \ Ve don't lIse God He uses us. \\'l' don't need to wait until a certain person comes to church in order for any certain gift to work. No one can get a certain gift, stay away from church, and keep it at home. A man with the gifts of healing does not need to sit idle just because there is no one at church who needs healing. The best. gift is the one which God sees fit to manifest in a given service for a certain need. If you covet that gift,
~ ~ ~

God will show you a more excellent way. God delivers, in a given service, to each one of us, the gifts as He wills, not as we will. All the gifts are necessary or God would not set them in the church.



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"And IT shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men slhall dream dreams: And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy: And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath: blood and fire, and vapour of smoke: The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and .notable day of the Lord come:" (Acts 2: 17-20). What is IT? What did Peter mean by It? It shall come to pass in the last days saith God". What is that It which shall come to pass in the last days, jut before the moon turns to blood, just before the Lord comes? It was that which was taking place on the day of Pentecost. It was that which was spoken by Joel. What were they all doing at Pentecost? For one thing they were speaking with tongues. It is a settled fact. Since It shall come to pass just before Jesus returns, then we know that in the last days

The Gift of Tongues Will Be Restored

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FAITH CLINIC a.x 353, D.II ,Tex

to the Church. God said that He would show "sign in the earth beneath" (verse 19). Tongues are a part of the signs which shall come to pass. Peter said that exactly what was taking place there would be repeated in our day. Tongues are a sign to unbelievers (I Cor. 14: 22). They are, for one thing, a sign of judgment. A heavenly language was written on the waIl of King Belshazzar's palace, while he, and thousands of his lords, and their women, were defiling the vessels of the Lord with alcohol. The message was "God hath numbered they kingdom, and finished it . . . Thou art weighed in the balances .... "'The King and the kingdom were destroyed. God is sending a message of judgment today to a nation that is defiling the temples of the Holy Ghost with legalized


alcohol. Unless it heeds the sign of .judgment todav. it's da\. s are numlx-nxl ! F"l'n time \tIU hear SOn1(,'OIll'speak with tongues it is a sign that the sun wil] soon turn into darkness, that l'\'l'J"\ mountain will flee (I\\'()\. that the islands \\ ill not . . be found. it is a sign lor \OU to get rea<.h for the coming of the Lord! ' I know pnsonalh that the gift of tongues is real, just as real as .inv other gift. I har spoken in about fortv different langlltlgl's as the Spirit of God ga\'l' utterances. On one occasion I wa~ one of the manv ministers who were pra\ ing in the Biblt! School at Ilot Springs. Arkansas. About six of \\T ministers \HTl' slain under the po\HT of God at the same time. I ga\'l' a message in tongues. Sister Barnes interpreted it. Brother Gaugh. who had made a study of languages for years. said both the language and interpretation wcrv perfect. The langauge was Arahic--thl' same language Jesus spoke, while lie was on earth. llcccntlv in h'ie, Penns. lvania I spoke a llll'Ssage in other tongues and I':\,angdist James Dunn interpreted it. The italian pastor and his wife said it \\ as perfect Italian language. God knows that I don't even know one language \\,(,,11.I . ' , don't know a word of Italian. I Gill relate Illany instances as these. \\ hell God speaks in scvcrul different languages. telling about the SOOIl return of Christ and l lis purposes of lx-stowiug the gifts of the Spirit on the Church in our time. l nterprctatlon of TCJIlY-IIL'S H' ill He Bestoret/ to the Church. How do \H' know? God said that intcrprctation of ton gues goes along wit h ton gues. "Wherefore let him that spcakcth in an unknow n tongue pray that he may interpret." (I Cor. 14: 13). "But if there be no interpreter let him keep silence in the Church ... " (I Cor. 14:27). Tongues with interpretation is equal to prophecy. (I Cor. 14:5). Since it is God's \\ ill that tongues be restored in the end times; and since it is His \\ ill that interpretation accompanv tongues; it is equally His will that the gift of interpretation be restored to the Church in this final revival. Onlv- yesterday. I stood in the pulpit to minister in a . Church in Tder, Texas. 1 had llO llles~agL'. Yet 1 kllL'w God ' sent me there. I \\'a~ blank! I felt the presence of God, J
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had al1 the people to wait silently on the Lord for a minute. Suddenly a message in tongues was given, followed bv a beautiful interpretation. This gave me the mind of the Lord. Suddenly the anointing of the Spirit came upon me. I spoke the words of God for about thirtv minutes, which revealed the secrets of men's hearts. Scores of people rushed to the front of the church seeking God! That night in the service the good Pastor, Rev. Lewis, said to the people, "I saw more happen this morning than happens in many three week revivals" . \ Vhv did this happen? It was because a consecrated lady in the audience dared to obey the Spirit of God. She simply used the key which God had given to her, and unlocked that service and brought revival. Prul'h cc)' ~ViLL Be Restored to the Church. There is no mistake about that. It is God's own words. He said that the women, the boys, the girls,His servants would prophesy in the last days, when He poured out His Spirit on all flesh. (Verse 18). Prophecy will last until the perfect age (I Cor.. 13: 10). \ Ve know that prophecy will not pass away before the tribulation days, when God will manifest the gift of prophecy through His two witnesses (Rev. 11: 3). God will usc women and children to prophesy just before Jesus comes. (Acts 2: 17-18). \\'e may all prophesy (I Cor. 14:31). How many hundreds of times have I been struggling along in my sermon before large audiences when suddenly a prophecy would burst forth like a stream in the desert! Hundreds would rush to the prayer room and be saved, filled with the Spirit or refilled; I felt compelled to use the key which God gave to me to unlock that particular service. Prophecy edifies the church. Prophecy speaketh to men to edification and to comfort. Prophccv- tunis the parched , ground into a pool! , \\/hen we read that in the last days "vour old men shall . dream dreams" it makes us know that the Spiritual Gift of

TJl(' \Vunl of Kl101l'iCtigC Shall Be Restored

to the Church. In many instances God speaks to us by dreams and makes us to know things He wishes to reveal. He does not make us to knm\' everything, but a word now



and then as He sees best. Here it is called a wort! of hnow-

God speaks to people in diverse manners, but the most common wav is in dreams. The Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream by night; and God said, -"Ask what I shall givc thee". That \\"(IS the word of knowlcduc. the ke\ to a most successful life for the king. The Lord appeared to Paul one night and made him to know that he must see Home (Acts 23: 11). On top of the hou sc. by a word of know led ge, God gavc Peter the kcv. He used it to unlock the door of faith for the Gentiles. One niuht in Oakland, California the Lord told me to go to Seattle, \\'ashington instead of Hawaii. I arose from bed and 'phoned a minister in Seattle. He said at midnight they were making plans to send for me. I went there and for eight weeks I S..1\\' many people turn to God. The word of knowledge was the key to that revival. Manv ministers don't believe in the revelation gifts. As it was with Fli the priest, they have no open vision. They turn to politics and passing of laws. " ... yc han' taken away the key of knowledge ye entered not in \ ourselves, and them that were entering ye hindered" (Luke 11: 52). God said that in the last days the young men would see visions. Since in munx cases \H' receive the word of wisdom in a vision, \H\ understand that in our day the spiritual gift of The \\'ord of \\'isdulIl Be Hcsturcd to the Church. Through the Spirit many times the Lord gives us the solution to certain problems. He shows us how, when, where, why, and who, by a word of wisdom. B\' a word of knowledge Paul was made to know that he must see Home. Still he needed the word of wisdom to know how he must go. (Acts 19: 21 ). In the court 1'00111 he received the word of wisdom telling him what to do. He simply said, "I appeal unto Ceasar". (Natural wisdom would not have known how to do it that wav.') Acts 26: 3 1). Natural wisdom said that he did the wrong thing (Y. 32). One time just before service I W ..1S \'cry much concerned how I should take up the offering. The financial load was becoming heavier than the spiritual load. Usuallv the offert"'I ~ ....
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ing would not have been over $40.00. God knows that we cannot have a revival without paying our bills, so He helped me. Just before service God gave me a vision. I saw the several sections of people in that large church. In section two there were five hands went up that they would give $100.00 each. In section three, two hands went up that they would give $100.00 each. No hands were in the other sections. During the service I arose and told the people I wanted seven hands to go up that they would give $100.00 each. Instantly, without any pulling, five hands went up in section two, two hands in section three, and no hands in the other sections! God showed me how! The other Sunday morning in Texarkana I was sitting in my car wondering what to preach about. The Spirit spoke, "It does not matter whether you preach this morning or not. I'm going to fill five people with the Holy Ghost." I simply went into that auditorium and told those who wanted the Holy Ghost to come to the front. I watched, five filled and walked out. Again God had given me the key to the service by showing me how. He gave me something without my asking Him. Since God said that in the last days He would show wonders and signs, and in the Bible days healings were included in the wonders and signs, we know that

The Gifts of Healing

\Mill Be Restored


to the Church. When the lame man was healed in thc early Church the people wondered at the miracle of healing. Philip and Stephen did wonders and signs amongst the people. They were not Apostles. Healing is one of the signs to follow the believers and to confirm God's Word. (Mark 16:17). When the lame man was healed there were five thousand people who turned to the 'lord. (Acts 3). Peter and John had used the master key. Peter said to a man who had been bed fast many years, "Aeneas, Jesus Christ maketh thee whole; arise and make thy bed". After he was healed "all that dwelt at Lydda and Saron saw him and turned to the Lord". (Acts 9: 3 5). The key of divine healing unlocks the door to revival in many towns in our day. It is easy for people to be saved after they see the goodness of God. The goodness of God



leads us to repentance. Manv times in the middle of a healing line, just as a little deaf boy is healed, or when the cripple walked, as faith rose high, I han' made the altar call and seen hundreds go to the pra\cr room sceking God. Mavbe not more than two would respond to a sermon. The Kingdom of God has come nigh unto them. Just last night when a lath, who had been deaf in one car for many years was healed people were anxious to surrender to God! God plainly said that just before the great day of the Lord there would be wonders a nd signs ( v. 19). So we sec clca rlv that the spiritual gift of .

Miracle ~Vill Be Restored

to the Church. T Ill' rc will be wonders, signs, blood, nrc and v a pour of smoke. Some boys passed the house where we were praying and reported that they saw Hames of fire on the house. Should God suddenly open our spiritual eyes we might be surprised what we would see in the spirit world. Elisha asked God to open his sen ant's en's and let him see the clements full of horses and chariots of tire all about them! I'd like to remind YOU that miracles will not cease before the tribulation days. Then God will use people to \\'()rk miracles (Rev. 11 :6). Neither ministerial gifts or spiritual gifts \\ ill pass away before the perfect age ( Eph. 4: 13; 1 Cor. 13: 10). This is a copy of a letter I received yesterday: "I want to thank you for praying for my brother who was a habitual drunkard. I Ic had been drinking for about 25 vcars. Fi\'e ycars ago you held a rcviv .. 1 at \Vaco,. Texas. You praycd and gan.' me one of your prayer cloths. God dcliH'red him then. And hc hasn't wanted a drink since." I\lrs. Brown, 528 No. 11, \\'aco, Texas. \\'c ha\'e our filcs loaded with such tcstimonies testcd and prove;l. God will show signs in thc carth. Casting out de\'i)s is onc of the signs to follow thc belieH'r (l\lark 16). Pl'ter said God would perform signs just before Christ's return (Acts 2) . Thrce nights ago I started to pray for a woman who came to the altar. God showcd mc that shc had bccn using too

IlH.l<.'hsedatives. She was bound bv the spirits of oppression. I Fe1t led to rcbn kc iha t demon of dope. Last nigh t she returned rejoicing in the Lord for deliverance. i\1any people" ill never receive the l lolv Ghost until thev arc first set free from evil spirits by the gifts of miracles. . Since many evil spirits will never be cast out until thcv arc first discerned \n' understand whv . The Gift of /)isc'rllillg of S,;irits \V ill He Hes/()rctl to the Church in our time. If it is God's will for us to cast out devils it is equally Ilis will for us to discern them. Th~' girl possessed with a fortune telling spir it Iollowcd Paul tor days. Ilad it not hecn for discern ing of spirits no doubt he would IWH' maclc her a charte-r member of his church. She passed wonderful compliments on him. lie din not deliver her for a few da\ s. But after God helped him to discern the spirit in her sht: \\ as dl'li;'l'rl'd. Thcv h\ avain opened the door to a real revival in Philippi. (,\l'{S '16 ),...,. Simon believed and \\as baptized. ~o doubt the people thought he was saved. lie I1W\' han' become a deacon in Brother Philip's church had God not given Brother Peter discerning of spirits. After Peter discerned that he was in the g:dl of bitterness Simon was soon begging for the prayer of deliverance. (Acts H). \ Vhcn God showed me what was wrong with the lady three nights ago, that was discerning of spirits. \\'hen she was delivered, that was the gift of miracles in operation. 1 was in a church not long ago when the pastor started to take in some new members. I discerned that one man who came to join the church was not saved, Bather than to embarrass him and the pastor I went to him then and there and prayed for him. After he was delivered then he could be baptiled and join the church, \\'ith'out reproach. Since God will give visions in the last days; 'since the gift of faith is oftcn gin'n by visions, we understand that , Thi' (;ift of Faith \ViIl Be Restored to the Church in our time. No one denies the fact that "Now abicleth Faith". (I Cor. 13:13). \\'hen the Spirit drops the answer into our heart that our prayers arc ans\\'Cred, even before we see it come to pass \\'ith ollr natural eyes, that is the gifth of faith. Jeslls knew that the roots of the fig tree were cursed even hefore anyone could see the tree whither. Before the walls


of Jerico fell the people marched around them saying, "God has given us the city." They shouted the walls down. Paul, by the gift oJ faith, received the answer to his prayers before the storm was over, and said, "God hath given me all that sail with .me." He could say it because God had said it (Acts 2 7 :24). I was praying that God would give us victory in a certain service when I fell into a semi-sleep and saw a marvelous vision. The Spirit tuned me in on a future service. I saw a lady who was brought into the church on a stretcher. I took that key to that service and saw that lady perfectly healed! Hundreds of people in that meeting were filled with the Holy Ghost! I received the answer to my prayer while I was yet praying. God says, "Covet earnestly the best gift." The best gift is the one most needed in a certain given service. It is the master key. God says, "I give unto you the keys of the kingdom. Wha tsoever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." The keys of the kingdom are the spiritual gifts which are bringing deliverance and revival in our time. The master key is the gift which is in operation in each service for a given purpose. I covet IT.






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