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Would you go to hear Jesus preach tonight if He announced a subject like this: "The Coming of the Son of Man?" Yet He preached a sermon on this subject. Here is His text: "But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be." (Matt

IN THE DAYS BEFORE THE FLOOD MAN MADE HIS O'VN RELIGION TO SUIT HIMSELF. When men brought the fruit of the flock, as Adam had taught his children to do, they were saying, by their actions: "This is a sin offering. It represents a Saviour that shall come and die for rnv sins. "This lamb is a type of the Lamb of God that shall take away the sin of the world. "This is a substitute for the real Substitute that will someday be offered for my sin. "This is an atonement for my transgression. "This is the first fruit of the flock, a type of the only begotten Son of God. "Man is not able to save himself by his own good works: we must depend on the sacrifice God gives. "This blood is a type of His blood, which cleanses m v soul from sin. "I cannot lift myself by my own boot straps. I depend on Him to lift me from ruin. "There will be a God-Man who will come and die in my place.


. . .. BRONC RIDING . .... JESUS PASSED BY SIN FINISHED . \. .: We Would See Jesus ... THE CROSS

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"There is no other wav in which I can be saved. Those who come up any other way are thieves and robbers. "The wrath of God abideth on all who do not believe in God's substitute for sin. "If we do not believe in the Saviour we will be damned. "We trust only in the blood sacrifice. Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins. "We look forward to the Saviour. We believe in the Divinity of Christ, His blood sacrifice and His Virgin Birth." In spite of the known fact that God had ordered a blood sacrifice, Cain brought to the Lord the fruit of the ground, as his sacrifice. (Gen. 4 :3) He disobeyed the plain commandment of the Lord, which his parents had taught him. He went against his mother's religion, which she had been taught of the Lord. When Cain did this, it revealed his natural desires, selfishness: his disobedient, rebellious spirit. Down within his heart he was saying: "I am not depending on the goodness of the Lord, but on my own goodness. "I am not depending on the works that the Lord does for me, but on the works I do for the Lord. "It is not who the Son of God is that counts, but who I am. "It is not what God does for me, but what I do for the Lord, that saves me. "I can lift myself up by my own boot straps. "I really don't need a Saviour; I can save myself by my own righteousness. "It is not His righteousness that counts, but my own righteousness. "I am not depending on the Virgin Birth to save me, but my own pedigree.


"It is not by the linage of the Christ, but by my own family-tree that matters. "It is not by grace, but by race. I look to myself and not to Him. "I am not depending on God's plan, but I have thought of a plan of my own. It will do just as well as any other plan. Just so you are sincere in what you believe, you will be all right. "It is not God's sacrifice that counts, but my own sacrifice. I am beginning a new and better religion. I don't want to be narrow. I want to be broad-minded. "It is not His blood that amounts to anything, but by my stock of family blood that makes me what I am. "Sin is not real. It is just wrong thinking. We are growing better each day. We can save ourselves by our own righteousness."


IN THE DAYS BEFORE THE FLOOD PEOPLE STRA YED AWAY FROM THE LORD. Cain had a selfish spirit and tried to exalt himself instead of exalting the Lord. Finally an envious spirit took possession; then a hatred spirit; then a murder spirit. Cain argued with his brother as they were out in the field. He criticized him; found fault; hated him, and finally murdered him, because Abel's works were righteous, favored above his own. Cain's countenance fell. The glory of God left him. This left him lonely, dissatisfied, empty, full of doubts and disobedience. Although God was willing for Cain to repent and bring a sin offering, which would have a blood sacrifice, Cain still refused to do so. He was cursed with a curse and driven from the presence of the Lord. He became a fugitive and a vagabond. He was cut off from the presence of the Lord. God's Spirit departed from him. He went the downward road!


THE WAY OF CAIN God said that people would go the way of Cain in our day. "Woe unto them! For they have gone in the way of Cain ... And Enoch also the seventh from Adam, pr ophesied of these, saying, Behold the Lord cometh with ten thousands of His saints, to execute judgment upon all and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him." (Jude 11-15) Enoch lived in the time of Cain, just before the flood. God showed him that the same conditions which took place then would exist in the last days just before the coming of the Lord. Jesus also said that in the last days times would be as they were before the flood. This truth was revealed to both Enoch and Jesus by the Holy Spirit of God. In this day religious people are jealous of God's servants. They are full of envy. They criticize them as Cain criticized Abel. The reason they do so, they see that God blesses His people and puts His approval on them. As Cain fussed, and argued with Abel in the field, so the modernist criticizes us, and argues with us as we labor in the field for the Lord. People are jealous of us when we preach the Virgin Birth, a born-again experience, the Divinity of Christ, and a supernatural experience. Ged puts His approval upon our lives; this makes the modernists angry. They would like to get us out of the way. They do their best to put us off the radio and stop us from advertising in the newspapers. Their countenance is not right toward us as we meet them on the street. Their face does not shine with God's glory as it should. They frown and look off. Their handshake is not so warm. The glory has left their life.


They are empty and their soul is vacant. They have lost the blessings of God. God wants them to have another chance as He wanted Cain to accept His plan. But they rebel against God's way. They refuse deliverance, miracles, and all the supernatural. They have a form of godliness, and deny the power of God, just as God said they would do in the last days. They are haters of God. When you hate God's people you hate God. You don't love God any more than you love His power and His people. The modernists are despisers of those who are good. (II Tim. 3) The curse of God is upon these modern religious leaders who hate the power of God. The Lord said for you to turn away from them. (II Tim. 3 :5) If you bid them God speed, you are partakers of their deeds. (II John 11) They are dried up in their souls. They are raging waves of the sea, clouds without water, twice dead, plucked up by the roots. God will hold you responsible for supporting a church that denies the supernatural power of God. God said from such turn away. They no longer have the presence of the Lord. They walk out of the presence of the Lord as did Cain. The Spirit of the Lord has left them. Compelled as a teacher of religion to explain the atonement, virgin birth, and redemption by the blood, they explain it, but they explain it away! They are scoffers, making light of our preaching of the soon-coming of the Lord. But the very fact that they are scoffers and apostates, prove that is one more sign that we are in the days of the coming of the Son of Man. For Jesus said as it was in the days before the fleod, so it would be in the day of His coming. THE WORLD BECAME HIGHLY CIVILIZED BEFORE THE FLOOD People became civilized, but they were out of the

presence of the Lord. Just because our nation is what we term, civilized, is no sign that we are pleasing the Lord. Recently in Rome, Athens, and London we saw, what people call civilization; but the people in general are strangers to the old-time religion. In the time before the flood, people built cities but they forgot the God that made them. The descendants of Cain had cattle, riches, and farms, but they had no approval of God upon their lives. They were rich in goods, but they were barren and poor as far as God's power was concerned. The descendants of Cain invented many kinds of instruments. They had all kinds of music, but the Spirit of God was not in that music. They were artists in wood and stone. They were skillful with iron and brass, but they had failed God and cared nothing about serving Him. The children of Cain followed in the footsteps of their father. They also became murderers. He had set the example before them and they followed that example. The judgment of God multiplied ten times. "And Lamech said unto his wives, Adah and Zillah, Hear my voice; ye wives of Lamech, harken unto my speech: for I have slain a man to my wounding, and a young man to my hurt. If Cain shall be avenged seven fold, truly Lamech seventy and seven fold." (Gen. 4 :23-24) We have come through the dark ages. Civilization has advanced in this generation, but people have departed from the faith, as Paul predicted that they would. "Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils." (I Tim. 4 :1) As people modernize their cities, houses, lands, highways, and church houses, they also try to modernize



the old-time religion. They try to streamline their church services. '1 hey move, but the direction is the downward way. Men build cities but they forget Christ. We have more cattle, lands, property and money than ever before, but the men are dried up in their souls. Todav we find manv fine artists who know how to make beautiful instruments of iron, brass, gold and silver. But they know less than ever about the Spirit of the Lord. Men today have better musical instruments, very beautiful, polished, and expensive. They can play beautiful music on these instruments. This is wonderful if they would use those instruments for God and the church. As in the days before the flood they use these instruments for the devil. Instead of honoring the Lord with the instruments, men use them to promote night clubs, roadhouses, honkytonks, circuses, dances, carnivals, and all kinds of jazz music. Millions of records are being put out, with music that incites the sexual passion of the teenagers. Men choose for their idol someone that can use music for glorification of sex and passions. We have much modern church music, but not as much "Amazing Grace" as we one time had. We have more church songs than ever before, but the modern churches omit the songs as "When I See the Blood I'll Pass Over You." Thev don't teach about the blood. • They leave the blood out of their songs and sermons. They have gone the way of Cain. They have substituted a man-made religion that suits their own taste.
• v


MEN HAD MORE THAN ONE WIFE IN THE DA YS BEFORE THE FLOOD "And Lamech took unto him two wives: the name of the one was Adah, and the name of the other was Zillah." (Gen. 4 :19)

They departed from the plan God had given unto them. They did not feel condemned over it. They said they wanted to be broad-minded. God had joined together Adam and Eve. He said that the two should be one flesh. Now men had considered the religion of their grandparents in the back number. They did not consider it so wrong to have two wives. Whether it is polygamy or divorce, it is two wives anyway. It is wrong in the sight of the Lord. As God brought judgment on the people before the flood He will do the same today. Men no longer tried to please the Lord, but satisfied their own base desire. When people do that they depart frem the Lord. As the men made their own plan and forsook the old-time religion, so it is the same way in our day. They followed the lust of the flesh instead of the leading of God's Spirit. When you do that you have departed from God, regardless of how many churches you may build, or how many forms of godliness you may invent. If people have the fruit of the Spirit they are of God. When they produce the works of the flesh they are not of God. (Gal. 5) A house divided against itself cannot stand. We cannot serve the Lord and the devil both at the same time. No tree can bring forth both good and evil fruit. The fruit must be either good or evil. A sinning religion is man's religion. God is not in it! Why would people ignore the plain commandment of God and yet claim to be right '? These men who claimed to be religious were unholy • and ungodly. Men would rather have two wives and have no power with God than to have one wife and have power with God. They thought more of public opinion and popularity than they did of God's approval. They said, "Well, everyone is doing it. I'll get by if they do." But if your life does not measure up to the books you will never



get by the judgment (that means the sixty-six books of the Bible instead of the books in the divorce courts.) Rev. 20. We cannot afford to have a religion to please ourselves. Millions of people today have two wives. Most of them belong to some modern church. You may get by man's books, but will you get by God's books? People get a divorce without a scriptural reason, and then seek to justify themselves. I know people who leave their wife because she is not as young as she once was, or because she put her hands into the dishwater and did not look quite so nice as before. They run off and marry a young woman. They are living with that woman that does not even belong to them. Then they actually have the nerve to teach a Sunday School class! How can they influence or teach people the right way? My purpose in dealing with this subject is this: what you see all around you every day speaks of something. It means that this is another sign pointing to the soon coming of the Lord from heaven. When you see men and women forsaking God's law and leaving their companions for another, know that the end is near even at the door. Such conditions have never existed since the days before the flood. Jesus said it would be the same way in the time of His coming. IN THE DAYS BEFORE THE FLOOD THERE WAS PROSPERITY The average man can stand adversity better than prosperity. History proves that most people who backslide do so when they have plenty. When people have trouble then they begin to pray and make promises to the Lord. In the days before the flood the people built cities. But great buildings do not prove that a nation is spiritual. Look at the cities which were built by the Roman Empire and the ungodly nations of the world.

In those days the people married wives. They ate and drank. They built expensive homes and began to prosper. They had religion. But it was their own, man-made religion. They had lost out with God. They prospered and made good wages. They had a high standard of living, but still they were too busy to hear Noah preach the message of judgment. They thought a message of judgment was old and out of date. They were busy; but being so busy caused them to lose their souls. They were drunken on the cares of the world. It is strange that people usually leave God when all is going well. In our day people are prospering as never before. Men and women spend their lifetime eating and drinking. It seems that is all they are living for. The main thing about them is their stomach. All the time men are building more and more fine restaurants. They build more and more fine homes. All the time people are working shorter hours. They are getting more and more of the luxuries of life. But instead of spending that leisure time reading the Bible . . ' ?raymg or gomg to church, the average person spends It for themselves, to satisfy the lust of the flesh. The places of amusement are full day and night. People are drunken on the pleasures of the world. People today have time to travel and go on vacations. But they have no. time for God. Men are busy going, but they have no time to hear a real warning from God. They would rather hear a man-made sermon, which has no warning of judgment. They go to ball games, wrestling matches, carnivals, circuses, roadhouses, and boosedives of the devil, but they don't go to church. Thev spend hours looking at their favorite program on tel~vision, but they have no time for church. If they go to church it is on Sunday morning a few minutes to hear a sermcn that tells them they are fine people. But they must get out of church exactly on time, so they can go

with their friends no time to attend Prosperity does Prosperity makes

to an expensive dinner. They have an old fashioned revival. not prove that a nation is religious. many people forget God.



BEFORE THE FLOOD THEY HAD MANY INVENTIONS As people began to invent modern machinery, that also caused more leisure for them. They chose to use that extra time for themselves instead of using it for the Lord. The results were that they forgot God. They ventured into more ungodliness. An idle mind is the devil's workshop. They worked less and played more. They were wise toward the world; but they were fools in the sight of God. They lost their soul; for they refused to hear the divine warning of judgment. Inventions do not prove that God is blessing a nation, or a generation. The people were going at a tremendous speed; but they were going in the wrong direction. The direction that they were going was the downward direction. THERE ARE MODERN INVENTIONS IN OUR TIME God told us in advance that in the day of the coming of the Lord that the chariots would jostle together one against another. He said that they would run like lightning and look like torches. (Nah. 2 :3) We have seen that take place in our day. The automobiles at least partially fulfilled this prophecy. Today they say spaceships go the speed of light. Our streets, highways, freeways, expressways, and turnpikes are filled with cars. That is the number one problem of many of our cities. Forty thousand people each year, in this country alone, die as the result of car accidents. The problem is increasing more and more all the time. We have seen the airplane invented in our genera11

tion. This was prophesied for the last days. (Isa, 31 :5). Recently I came from London, England, in about seven hours. The same plane went over there in a little over five hours. We have rocket planes and jet planes now that break the sound barrier. We have washing machines and modern conveniences in our homes. We should use that extra time in worshipping the Lord and getting ready for the coming of Jesus. But a great number of people use this time fer romance, drunkenness, and night clubs. Women have electricity to do their work while they spend many hours in another man's arms on the dance floor. They go to the roadhouses, nightclubs, honkytonks, and hell-holes of the world. Many of our cities are equal to Sodom and Gomorrah. Many wemen leave their homes and go to work in the modern factories while their children are not taught the principles of Christianity. Juvenile delinquency is the sad result. People are so busy that the family altar is the thing of the past in most homes. The Sunday Schools and mid-week prayer meetings are neglected. We have teen-age criminals until we can find no solution to the problem. The Lord told us that this would also be a sign of the last days when children would be disobedient to their parents. (II Tim. 3 :2). Men and women travel to and fro all over the world. The airplanes, trains, and buses are full. The hotels and motels are doing a landslide business. That also is another sign of the end of time. God's holy prophet looked down through the telescope of time and told us that people would be running to and fro just before the coming of the Lord. (Dan. 12 :4). People go across the nation. They are not satisfied. They then go back again. It was a common thing to see Americans in Europe, Asia, and Africa this year, as we went on our missionary tour. The world seems small today. People are too busy traveling and going places to go

to Sunday School, or to see that their children go. They are prospering. They have many modern inventions. But they don't have time to hear the warning that God is sending into the world. Many people today think that these modern inventions are a sign that God favors our nation. Some have gone so far as to teach that we can keep on until we bring our own heaven on earth. They say the world will grow better. They say the people will grow better. They say that we will keep inventing modern machinery until we will have our own millennial reign. That sounds like self righteousness, or a man-made doctrine. 'I hat sounds just like Cain before the flood. He wanted the honor and the credit of making a religion of his own. That sounds like people are setting aside God's plan for one of their own. I am glad that we still have some ministers who are still preaching the true word of God. We have people who still believe God's Word; they know that something must be done. Something is going to be done. The earth will be destroyed with divine judgment once more. VIOLENCE INCREASED IN THE EARTH IN THE DAYS BEFORE THE FLOOD The whole earth was filled with violence. (Gen. 6 :1). The people grew weaker and wiser. They were full of hatred, envy, lust and pride. The men forgot God and became as wicked as men could be. They robbed and killed until God had to do , something, or the whole world would have been affected by this wickedness. When a farmer sees that his orchard is being affected with the blight, he at once begins to prevent it before it spreads to every tree in the orchard. When God saw that the whole earth was filled with violence, He immediately began to do something about it, before the corruption spread to all the men of the earth.



In our day crime has increased as never before. It has increased several hundred percent in our generation. The world is becoming about as it was in the days before the flood. We have millions of murder cases yet unsolved. Each second that goes by there is a major crime committed. The national news is filled with holdups, robberies, and murders. Look at the newspapers and you will see that prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes. We have many colleges and schools of different kinds. Men are educated; but they are educated to. be crooks and criminals, educated to fight and despise the power of the Lord. All over the world men are forgetting God and turning to devilism and spiritualism. The whole earth is filled with violence. Before it spreads much further God is going to do something. He is going to send His Son after the people all over the world who are ready for His coming.

~ (


BEFORE THE FLOOD THE CHILDREN WERE NOT TAUGHT ABOUT TRUE RELIGION They were taught about modern inventions and natural education. They had their religion, but it was a form of godliness; it was against the supernatural power of the Lord. The children were taught how to. make money and to run factories. They were taught the new, modern religion. They were taught the new dances, worldly games, and sinful amusement. They were taught corrupt politics and godless government. Their education was not for God and the true church. The people had civilization, but it was a wicked civilization. They learn violence and crime. God said that in the days just before the coming of Christ that the children would not obey their parents. (II Tim. 3 :2). All over the world we have children who have education, but they have not been educated to know about

the true power of God and supernatural moving of the Spirit. They study fiction, physical education, science and evolution, but they are taught against the miracles, Virgin Birth, judgment, a burning hell, atonement, and the Divinity of Christ. The children learn to make money; but they learn to. spend that money on themselves instead of God's work. People read history and politics but they do little Bible reading. It is all right to receive an education, if it is the right kind of education. The criminals in the prisons are educated criminals. Educated people go to the electric chair and to hell. People may be educated to rob, steal and kill. Today the televisions teach our young folk to smoke, drink, make love, divorce and almost everything except to be filled with the Spirit of God. Today we have eleven-year-old harlots and thirteenyear-old car thieves, gangsters, and murderers. The authorities do not know how to cope with the crime wave among our youth. MORALS REACHED A LOW LEVEL BEFORE THE FLOOD Men and women were filled with passion and pride. Women had relations with evil spirits. They married and gave in marriage. They were loose , and low in morals. There were sex perverts. They had relations with evil spirits, or the devil's angels. It reached a startling climax, until God had to. do. something about it. He had to destroy them and start again. As a result of the relations with evil spirits there were demon possessed men born in the world. They were supermen or giants. (Gen. 6 :4). Today supermen are popular, The children are taught to look for a superman who can do supernatural things. They are going to find one. People in general are look15

l t

ing for some man who can perform signs and wonders; one who will not tell them to stop their wicked ways. The stage is being set for that superman who can bring fire down from heaven. Jesus said He came in His Father's name and they rejected Him; but another would come in his own name, him they would accept. (John 5:43). Today men are filled with passion and lust as never before. God said that it would be so just before Jesus cemes. (II Tim. 3 :3). They are heady, high-minded, proud, and are trucebreakers. They have loose morals. A large percent of the magazines sold at the grocery stores teach sex freedom and a large percent practice it. The unmarried mothers in our high schools have become a major problem. In the United States we have eight million homosexuals. It is about as bad in other countries. Sex perverts are on the increase each week in America. In the United States there are schools that teach students to have sexual relations with evil spirits. Things are coming to a startling climax in a hurry. The results will be a "god-man" or a demon possessed superman that will take the stage. He will be the antichrist or the man of sin that can work miracles to bring fire down from heaven to destroy men's lives. You will see this prophesied in Revelation 13. It is to take place just before the end. It seems that we are nearing that time. IN THE DAYS BEFORE THE FLOOD THE IMAGINATION OF MEN'S HEARTS WERE EVIL CONTINUALLY (Gen. 6 :5). The devil took control of men's minds and hearts. He caused them to imagine almost everything. The devil actually took over men and possessed them. They were so taken up with evil spirits that God's Spirit ceased to deal with them anymore. God said, "My Spirit






will not always strive with man." (Gen. 6 :3). The devil had taken the people over completely. They sola out to oatan. it seemed tnat they nan no more control over themselves. T he enemy 01 our souls is really busy today, trying to make us imagine anythmg . Even the members SIt in the church and imagine tnat the preacner IS preaching at them. Une SIster imagines that another does not like her. One man imagines that hIS neighbor does not like him. lie gets it mto his head tnat ail the people of the country are trying to move him out, that they are trying to get rid of him. Imagination causes enemies. It leads to life-long enemies. It leads to quarrels, fights, and killings. It causes misunderstandmgs, because it is of the devil. Imagination is what comes into a man when the Lord leaves him. It causes men and women to have trouble in their homes and suspicion each other. It causes the mental institutes to be filled each day. Demons make people imagine everything. They imagine that no one loves them anymore. Tney believe that until they commit suicide. Imaginations lead to every other kind of sin. Imaginations cause people to think they are going to have cancer, tumor, heart trouble, arthritis, and every kind of sickness. When imagination comes in faith leaves. Imagination opens the door for doubts, unbelief, criticism and all kinds of spirits of infirmities. There are more insane people on the streets than are in the institutions of this nation. Many of them will shoot you at the bat of an eye. One psychiatrist recently said that soon there would not be enough sane people to care for the insane. People will imagine that you don't like them. Next they imagine that you are talking about them. Then they will talk about • YOU in return. • The Holy Spirit is able to cast down every imagina,


tion of the devil. God hates vain imaginations. (Prov. 6:18). Imaginations cause people to hear demon voices, go off into comas, and shoot out window lights. Recently a man in Brother O's church not far from here imagined that the Lord was telling him to kill a woman. He killed her, cut off her head and cooked her blood. He took her head down to the Catholic church and left it. He said that the Lord told him to do it. That is what happens when men listen to vain imaginations. A man recently killed his little children and said Go~ told him to do it. He listened to vain imaginations, WhICh would never have taken possession of him had he not departed from the Spirit of God. Today people imagine everything against God's people. They blame the preacher, the deacon, the teacher, the sister, and the whole church for everything as soon as they lose out with the Lord. They turn against the one who helped them the most. Recently a good sister phoned me about how her husband was having dates with a neighbor woman. I listened to her story for a long time, which was a sad one. Then I questioned her and learned that she had no evidence whatsoever. It was all a product of her imagination. That is what causes many good men or women to be killed. Men's minds are being possessed with Satan. Many of them God no longer deals with. They are out of reach of the Lord. They are sold out to the devil. The devil has taken them over. Their mind is defiled. MEN \VENT INTO APOSTASY BEFORE THE FLOOD As we have already said, they had a self-righteous religion. They had a Satanic religion. They were controlled

by the wrong spirit. It was because they refused to give up sm. They wanted a relrgion that would permit them to S111 a1J they wanted to and still be counted rehg ious. 'They came to a place that they really thought they were right. '1 hey made a covenant with tallen angels. That is a picture of a big part of the people in our dav. Men today have a selr-made religion. Men today ha~'e relatrons with fallen angels from the devil, because they will not turn loose from their sins which they love so well. They are reaching for a religion that WIll not condemn sin. They are finding a religion like that. They are finding a religion that worships Satan instead of God. They commune with evil spirits. 1 hey talk to the dead. They are not ashamed to come out in the open with it. Many of them do it now in the name of the church. Look in your telephone directory and you will probably see an advertisement which advertises a "Spiritualist Church." If you go there you will find out they commune with the dead. They claim to call up your dead relatives. It is not your dead relatives that you will hear talking. It is demon voices. God always condemned the practice of talking to the dead. He says that is devilism. The judgment of God is against all people who take part in such devilism. Men follow after such devilism because they want the supernatural, but they want to serve God without giving up their sins. They teach and are taught that you have to sin every day, that no one can live right. That is doctrine of devils. People think they are talking to the dead. They think they are communing with men from outer space. They are deceived. They are traveling a dangerous road. They are controlled by the wrong spirit. False cults are on the increase because people can

contact the supernatural without giving up their dirty sins. It is the supernatural; but it is the wrong supernatural spirit. People are hungry for the supernatural. Most churches have failed them and discarded the supernatural; so people have turned to the seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. This is a sign of the last days. "Some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils in the last days." (I Tim. 4 :1) We have many people in this nation who worship Satan. They draw a picture of Jesus on the floor. They stomp Him and spit in His face. Then they worship Satan and glorify him. That is why God is going to force everyone to get on one side or the other. That is why God is going to destroy this world with judgment. God's Spirit is going to stop striving with men. The elements will melt. The waters will turn to blood. The heavens will depart. The moon will turn into blood. The sun will become dark as sackcloth! The earth and the things thereof will be burned up.





.. ':---'_ ''-SALVATION


By Evangelist


There were righteous people in the earth before the flood. Don't forget it. We have people today who are being led by the Spirit of God. Some day they will no doubt feel led to stop their cars as they are traveling down the street. They will pull over to the curb and park! They will look up and see the Lord coming! Their expressions will be changed. The anointing of the Spirit of God will come upon them. They will lift their hands, pull up their feet and take off to meet the Lord in the air! Maybe some will go that way. Maybe some will not even stop. Probably they will just go right through the top of their cars! Perhaps some will feel led to get out of the bed at midnight and go down to the church house. Maybe they will look around and see a great group of people coming from every direction to the church house. They will say that the Lord told them to get out of bed and come to church. They will start singing and praying and shouting. They will grow lighter and lighter! Soon gravitation will lose its hold and they will go sailing through the air! If the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwell in us it will quicken our mortal bodies by the Spirit that dwells in us. As many as are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God. The Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth. Enoch prophesied to the wicked of this day. He told


us that Jesus was coming with ten thousand of His saints to recompense judgment on the ungodly sinners. (Jude 14). Well, we have a group of people today who are warning the world as Enoch did, that the Lord is coming with ten thousand of His saints. As it was in the days before the flood it is the same today. Some hear us and some don't. The church will not go out with less power than it came in with. God is restoring the New Testament power to the church. In the midst of apostasy, God is doing signs and wonders. He is getting His people ready. God's people are opening the door of the prisons. They are setting the captives free! They are doing exploits. They are letting the oppressed go free. We will be there with Jesus while millions are suffering torment with the devils, while the door of heaven is barred forever in their face, while they are possessed with demons throughout the eternal ages on ages. Now is the time to listen to the message that is going out into all the earth. As it was in the days before the flood, so it is today. Will you be one of the wise who will hear the message of God and be saved'? Or will you be one of the foolish who wait a little too long '? THE LAST DAY MOVE Let no cne think for a moment that the Lord did not have people who followed Him in the days before the flood. When people read of the awful apostasy in those days they may be prone to think that everyone was corrupt. Abel died, but God gave Eve another man in his place whose name was Seth. He was the beginning of a Godl •v line . Adam lived nine hundred and thirty years. Many 22

sons and daughters, no doubt, were born to him and Eve. Seth lived over eight hundred years and raised sons and daughters after he begat Enos. God's Word says of him, "'1 hen began men to call upon the name of the Lord." (Gen. 4 :26). There were Godly people also in that day. Enos lived after he begat Cainan over eight hundred years and raised children. Cainan lived over eight hundred years after his son, Mahalaleel, was born, and raised children. Jared begat children for over eight hundred years after his first child, Enoch, was born. Enoch walked with God over three hundred years after his first child was born. During this three hundred years that he walked with God he raised more sons and daughters. Methuselah raised children for about eight hundred years. When you consider the fact that the United States has only been a nation less than two hundred years, and that we have already nearly two hundred million people, you can faintly imagine how the line of Seth could multiply in these years. GOD IS ON HIS JOB He knows how to deliver the Godly. (II Peter 2 :9). While the devil is on his job the Lord is also working and doing exploits. People did not understand how Moses could lead the three million Children of Israel out of the land of bondage. They had been there over twice as long as the United States has been a nation. But God knew how to perform signs and miracles and lead them out. He did it with the supernatural moving of His Spirit, It did not take Him long to do it. Elijah, moved by the Spirit of God brought a whole nation to its knees in one day by miracles! They said, "The Lord, he is God." God tells of the wicked people there will be in the last days. He also tells of the mighty outpouring of the 23

Spirit in the last day revival, when He will restore the gifts to His church. The Apostolic power is to be restored. We are about to enter into the latter rain days, the better dispensation, the double portion days, the best wine days, the final move of God! The Lord will not be outdone by the devil. At the same time the devil's people will be doing exploits, God's people will do exploits. (Dan. 11 :28-32). At this time people from all denominations are being filled with the Holy Ghost as fell on the day of Pentecost. The Lutheran, Presbyterian, Catholic, Baptist, Mennonite, and Methodist churches all over the worldhundreds are filled with the Holy Ghost in a single night. We are seeing doctors, policemen, merchants, politicians, and people in all walks of life being filled with the Spirit of God. "And it shall come to pass in the last days saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those clays of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy ... before that great and notable day of the Lord come." (Acts 2: 15-20) REVIVAL IN OUR TIME The Bible speaks of Enoch being caught up alive. He escaped the wrath that was poured out on the world by being caught up without dying. There may have been thousands of others caught up alive also. In some way God had a way to protect His people from the judgments which were coming upon the ungodly. It was either the ark or the translation of His people. You don't believe that Enoe h's wife and children were lost do you? In these last days untold thousands will be snatched

up alive to meet the Lord in the air. (I Thes. 4 :16). They will have on the wedding garment, the whole armor, and the spotless robe. They will have their vessels filled with oil. They will be overcomers! They will be at the marriage supper in the air during the period when the devil is turned loose on the world with al1 his fury! (Rev. 12). Do you want to be in the number with the overcomers? If you want to be an overcomer then you must be an overcomer now. By overcoming one thing you will gain power to overcome another thing a little harder. If you can't overcome the small things you cannot overcome the greater things. Summing these things up we conclude that there will be two great revivals in the end time: one will be a revival of Satan's power. The other will be a revival of God's power. Of which group will you be? You must decide now! I am praying for each one that reads these lines that you will decide to be on God's side.


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Many people ask the question, "Have all the signs been fulfilled yet? Can Jesus come any day now? Are there any more signs to be fulfilled? All the signs are fulfilled that we know of, except the one sign, which Jesus spoke of, "And the gospel must first be published among all nations." (Mark 13 :10)? Jesus spoke these words and they should be stressed, especially the word, "PUBLISHED.'" What is the world's most translated writings? At one time it was the Bible, but it is not the Bible now. In the year 1955 the writings of V. I. Lenin took first place. He is the leader of the Russian Revolution. In one year the Bible was translated into 99 new languages; but the writings of Lenin were translated into 371 different languages or tongues. Lenin's works were translated into 968 languages in seven years. During the same period the works of Stalin were translated into 699 languages. Stalin's writings rank third in all total translations. The writings of two other Russians hold fourth and fifth place. These two men are Tolstoy and Gorky. LEADERS OF THE WORLD Russia also led the world in total titles which were published. They published fifty-four thousand titles during this time. The United States holds fifth place amcng the nations in publications. Russia is leading in the total number of volumes published. Russia has printed enough for each person in the world two pieces each. You will find this information in "Washington Note" published by Peter Edson. Communism has taken most of the world and its

bidding for the other part. How did they do this? It is not because of its doctrines. But it is because of the publication of its propaganda. They would have never made such achievements had they not published their doctrines, even if they had believed exactly the same. The Communists spend three billion and four hundred million dollars each year that rolls around on printed prcpaganda. This flood of ink from the Reds has persuaded hundreds of millions of people that the Communist way of life is the best. This same literature has mocked Christianity and the American way of life. The people who have read this literature have been brain-washed into believing this doctrine. China has been conquered by the point of the pen instead of the point of swords. The pen is more powerful than the sword. They are shaping India now by their dangerous doctrine. When we were in India the sidewalks were loaded with book-stands until we had to walk around those books! AMERICAN LITERATURE While the Communists are busy printing their doctrine the Americans are busy printing millions of pounds of magazines and books on sex and murder stories. As a result the young Americans have their minds taken up with romance, love, sex, fiction, murder mysteries, and such like, instead of sound doctrine. That is why false doctrine has prevailed. We must do something about that. We are doing something about it! That is why we have a stream of full gospel books flowing into many parts of the world, in many different languages. That is why we have thousands of men, women, boys and girls taking our correspondence courses. Jesus said that THIS GOSPEL must be published into all the world before He comes again. That is the sign of the end. Up until this generation there were


only a few people who knew how to read. Now there are one million people each week who are learning to read Fifty-two million people each twelve months are learning to read. We are trying our best to see that they read the literature on the Gospel of the Kingdom. The Gospel of the Kingdom is the gospel of healing the sick and casting out devils. What we read becomes a part of us. We are what we read. What are our boys and girls going to read? What do you have in your home for them to read? Do you have full gospel literature? Or do you have theories on evolution? POWER OF THE PRINTED PAGE The printed page is the most effective. The Communists did in China what the missionaries failed to do in one hundred years. After the missionaries had tried to take the gospel by mouth for one hundred years there were many Chinese who had never heard the name of Jesus. After the Communists distributed literature ever that vast nation for ten years they boast of the fact that every man, boy, woman and girl know about Stalin. The printed page is the most effective. Yet many full gospel people have been taught that it is wrong to read books. The Christians in China who were sent as missionaries preached, built hospitals, orphanages, and Bible schools; but paid little attention to the printed page as a way to get the message out to the multitudes. The Communists specialized on the printed page. As a result the Reds occupy the hospitals which were built by our missionaries; they use the buildings which were once used for Bible schools to teach their dangerous doctrine. They use the orphanages to educate Communist missionaries (spies) to send to the free nations of the world. They have driven out the missionaries and won the battle with books!

WORLD BECOMING LITERATE After we were in India a few hours we saw that Communism was a great force. If there is any Christian literature over there at all it is very poor. It is so cheap. It is skimpy and one hundred years out of date. We are swiftly losing the nation of India. The Christians are being driven from the field by the battle of books. One man in India said, "The missionaries have taught our people to read, but the Communists have given them what to read." When are we going to see this? I believe that we have already awakened to the fact that the pen is powerful. We see that if the gospel goes to all the world that it will be by the printed page. If we do not get the gospel out by the printed page the Lord will raise up someone who will. A key man in Tokyo told us that Japan is one hundred percent literate now. The rise of literacy in the world has given the Communists their great opportunity. These minds are fertile fields in which to sow the gospel of Jesus Christ. These new literates offer fertile minds for any type of printed propaganda. These people are reaching out for something to read. They are deeply impressed with what they read. Most countries have law of compulsory education. Communists, Christian Scientists, Jehovah Witnesses, and other cults are battling for the chance to shape the minds of these people. WE MUST A w AKEN We must awaken to the peril, use initiative and take advantage of our opportunity, unless false doctrines beat us to this task. We can do something about this by the help of the Lord, and we are going to do. something about it! We are already doing something about it! We are sending out millions of books! False

cults are not going to drive us off the foreign fields at this late date. A soul can be won for approximately each twenty cents invested in the literature crusade of the Faith Clinic. The average Christian mind is not prepared to know the value of the printed page. Most of them hear preaching several times each week for years. Sometimes they hear the vocal voice for forty or fifty years in succession and think that is God's only way of spreading the gospel. But the Christian world is waking up now! They have been like a sleeping giant. When they really a waken the devil will be sorry. They will change the thinking minds of the world by the printed page. That is why we have our presses going for twenty-four hours each day for weeks at a time. That is why we have one press that can put out one hundred thousand pages of books each hour. There are enough full gospel people to spread this gospel of the kingdom to all the world in a few months by the printed page. It is the sign of the end of time when men awake to the tremendous force of the printed page. This has only been true in this generation. It is the sign of the scon coming of the Lord. When this is done the Lord will come (Mark 13 :10); that is, when the gospel is published to the world. Jesus is ccming soon! We want Him to come; so we are going to be ready . We are going to evangelize the world by the printed page! Before the Communists take a nation they sow it broadcast by the printed page. Then' they take over! Before we take a nation for Christ we must distribute the gospel into each home with books, magazines, and tracts; then we can take it in one big meeting! To distribute the gospel in printed form is to lay the foundation for the last day revival. The Word will not return void. The signs will follow the true gospel! God has chosen to reveal Himself and His plan


throug h the written Word. It is the final standard of doctrine. Goel Himself made that decision. He knew the power and authority of the written word. Jesus very often used the expression, "Have ye never read," or "It is written." He constantly referred to that which was written. Paul was your preacher. He is also my preacher. He was a great preacher. He reached far more people by the written message than he did by the spoken word. He died, but yet he speaketh. We don't mean to say that the written word should take the place of the spoken message. The spoken message is supplemented by the written word. The written ministry must be given its proper place. Just because the false cults have specialized in the written message is no sign that we should slack off publishing the message. We must publish the true message more than ever. They must not steal the plan which Jesus left us. The written message is a message that lives. Talk is sometimes misleading and empty. The written message is ccncrete. It is an honest pact between the reader and the writer. It may be weighed and measured by the fullest measure of concentration. Men turn to the written word when they want important words to be translated into action. The written words live and strike home to the reader. The surest way to convey a message is by the printed page. It is usuallv rich in detail and exact in its delivery. If you want the message to work and last, put it on paper. God put His message to mankind in writing. In this way there is no mistake. Hundreds of people have gone back and translated the Word and found it to be correct. My own school teacher, with hundreds of others did that. Why doesn't the church put more stress on this tremendous truth? That is the way to get the gospel to

-every creature and obey the great commission. The generation that puts the message out in the printed page has great revivals. The church that sows the city and community with the printed message is the church that grows and captures men for God. The era that produced the least amount of literature we call the "Dark Ages." The reformers, such as Luther, Calvin, Huss, Wesley and others, valued the printed page. When the printed page was kept from the common man, darkness and superstitution covered the earth. Gross darkness covered the people. Every revival in history, from the first century until now, has been related to the powerful pens of inspired men of God. It is a bright ray of hope when we see that many churches are awakening unto this great challenge. Missionaries, pastors, evangelists, and laymen are now sounding the alarm by the printed word. They are now raising their voices for the powerful literature which is spreading the gospel to the four winds of the earth. We must have many people who will come to our rescue and see the fact, that can invade the foreign fiel+s by the printed page, which is more powerful than bombs, swords and guns. The era of publishing the gospel is well under way. The gospel must first be published into all the world. Then the Lord will come. God help it to take place "over night." Pray with us as never before about this. Have a certain time each day to pray. What are you doing to bring back the King? Are you going with the gospel in your own community by distributing the printed page? Are you helping send the gospel to every ceature? Are you helping distribute correspondence courses among your friends and relatives? God bless you. Write me today. I'll try to answer each question and help you solve your problems.



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