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Chapter One THE MINISTRY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT Recently, upon finding his wife hanging from a clothesline wire, one husband could tell only how depressed and despondent she had been of late. In trying to solve her own problems, she had found life too much for her. Apparently, she had refused to give the Holy Spirit authority in her life. Many institutions are overcrowded today simply because people are victims of their own circumstances. They try to find answers to their own problems without the assistance of the Holy Spirit and this is an impossibility. Every believer should realize the importance of the Holy Sprit. Only as He is allowed complete authority can He make known the ". . . peace which passeth all understanding," Philippians 4:7. After you have been cleansed from sin by the blood of Jesus Christ, the weapon against Satan is your complete committal to the Holy Spirit. He brings the victory!

As you live the Spirit filled life, even in the darkest hour of your life, you are able to look beyond the clouds and see the radiant light of the sunshine. In the lowest valley, you can still see the mountain tops. You do not have to be victimized by the cruel circumstances of life. The enemy is unable to rob your victory if the Spirit has complete control. This is the perfect will of God. Every believer must learn the secret of walking in the Spirit, being motivated by the Spirit and allowing Him to be captain, king, and final authority. Do you wonder why some people's church attendance is spasmodic? Why many have no time at all for God? Instead of walking after the Spirit, they have chosen to walk after the flesh. Many, who in the past have had an actual experience in the Holy Spirit, fail to walk daily in that Spirit. So their life is one of defeat. 1

One of the great joys of the Holy Spirit is knowing He is more than an experience. Webster described an experience as actually living through a thing or event; something that has already happened, something already witnessed. Experiences are past tense. If the Spirit dwells within as God desires Him to, you will have more than just fine memories. You will discover life in the Spirit. Well do I remember the place I first received the Holy Spirit. It does not have the appearance of a church today. Instead, a tremendous sports stadium stands nearby and an asphalt parking area covers the place. However, I can show you the location of that platform on which I stood when He came in. Yes, I remember the time and place. It was a glorious experience!

the things that are after the flesh, but they that are after the Spirit, the things of the Spirit." (verse 5). Who is more concerned about the pleasures of life than revival in the church? Who is more concerned about material gains which are really secondary than the things of God? That individual is walking after the flesh. Some people who testify about how much they love God and appear so spiritual are never seen in the church until another revival. Can they possibly be looking for Jesus when the very action of their life indicates they have busied themselves with the things of the flesh? Announce a social for the church: then amid the entertainment announce an all-night prayer meeting for the next night. Soon it will become more and more evident who is walking after the flesh. "They that are of the flesh do mind the things that are of the flesh."

I am able to live victoriously today not only because of that night in 1945 when the Holy Spirit first made entrance into my life, but because He still abides there. What happened that night would be of very little value now if I only had that one experience of many years past. But praise God, this very day I can testify of the personal indwelling of the Holy Spirit. He abides within this moment. He is walking with me now. Not just an experience, but a real life. As a result of the Spirit-filled life Christ can be exalted.

In his eighth chapter to the Romans, Paul speaks nineteen times of the ability of the Holy Spirit to lead us "in Christ." He begins by teaching that those who are in Christ are those who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. Here is the secret of remaining in Christ: the divine leadership of the Holy Spirit. "There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus ... " Romans 8:1. Who is in Christ? Those who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit. (verse 1). "For they that are of the flesh do mind 2

Busy yourself with those things which are carnal and you are writing your own death warrant, committing spiritual suicide. "For to be carnally minded is death ... " (verse 6) The ultimate to all things material is despair, failure, heartache, and finally death. It is only through seeking "... first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness ... " (Matthew 6:33) that all other things will be added unto you. They come automatically when you seek Him first and you can only do that successfully as you are led by the Spirit. Walking under any other direction makes it impossible to know the true meaning of life. There is no other way! God's Word declares your life and your peace can be found only in Him. " ... but to be spiritually minded is life and peace." (verse 6). Any other life makes of you a spiritual corpse. Life is the Spirit! Only those in whom He dwells know the meaning of real life. "To be spiritually minded is life." The only life! This is the life which produces peace, for " . to be spiritually minded is ... peace." 3


The indwelling of the Holy Spirit does not eliminate trials, or troubles, or heartaches, or battles. His abiding presence simply assures peace in all the circumstances of life. It may not be the super highway. Occasionally, you may be detoured to some of the washed-out side roads of life. But you are promised peace! It may not always be sunshine. Sometimes the storm clouds may gather, but you are promised peace! No matter what the circumstances of your life, if you are walking according to the Spirit, you can have that peace. You do not have to fret and worry. You can rise above nervous disorders. You can walk according to the Spirit and to "be spiritually minded is ... peace". Praise God, you can sing from the depths of your soul "I've got Peace like a River." There will be something bubbling within and flowing out. Peace which " ... passeth all understanding," Philippians 4:7. Oh, for every believer to grasp this glorious truth: The secret and the privilege of walking in the Spirit. Your feet may be on the earth, but your head is in the clouds. Do not get so heavenly minded you are no earthly good. Just realize you can be no earthly good until you get a little heavenly minded. This is one of the great purposes for the indwelling Holy Spirit. "... the carnal mind is enmity against God ... " (verse 7). That is the reason it is death. "So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God." (verse 8). Many decide they can eliminate God's Spirit from their life, but it is impossible to please Him under such conditions. Before you can survive on your own, you will have to force God to rewrite the Word. He must eliminate a few verses. The Word says, "They that are after the flesh cannot please God." Many times God is grieved when His children busy themselves walking after the flesh because He knows that, no matter how hard they try, they cannot please Him. 4


"But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit if so be that the Spirit of God dwells in you ... " (verse 9). Here the word "dwell" takes on great meaning. Not if you rereceived the Spirit in the past, but if He dwells - present tense - in you. Not just an occasional blessing, but an ever present Spirit: He lives within this very moment! Many who have received the Holy Spirit are now empty vessels, because they have not allowed Him to set up His abode in their life. It is through this method He confirms the Word. His ever present Spirit is the only up-to-date testimony of a past experience. "If ye through the Spirit, do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live." (verse 13). If ye, through the Spirit, take authority over things of the flesh - things of earthye shall live. Refuse to allow the enemy to defeat you any longer. Get tired of many earthly things taking the place of God's best for your life. Take authority over Satan and all the powers of evil as you live in the Spirit. Start acting like you are an heir to God.

The first person who needs to know of this heirship. is you. You need to realize God does love you and you do belong to Him. The hour has arrived for you to claim your place in God. Get tired of the devil. Rise up as a great army against him. He will be the first to realize you are taking your place as a Spirit-filled believer and as a son of God. For many years I was elated over that fact that I had met Jesus Christ and knew Him as my personal Savior. Now I am even happier since I realize that Jesus Christ actually knows me. I know many great men, but few know me. However, Jesus Christ, the greatest of them all, knows me intimately. This makes me certain of my place in God. He sees to it that heaven is always at my command. I am an heir to God. Have you realized your place? Those who have not con-


tinue to live defeated lives. In church they go through a ritual, but before they even arrive home, Satan has robbed them of their victory. They find it impossible to live a victorious life. There will always be something to destroy you, but the very thing that will give you victory over those things is the power of God. Praise God for this power! The lasting victory comes with the receiving of the Holy Spirit. He helps you understand how to claim your place in God.

Take advantage of this service of the Holy Spirit. He will enable you to take authority over Satan and all those circumstances which have been keeping you defeated. I heard a minister who, after hearing a request from a little lady who felt the devil had been after her so long, say, "Sister, he ought to be after you if you are not smart enough to get after him." Perhaps there was a more diplomatic way to prompt her to thought, but this is the tragedy of this hour. Too many have allowed the enemy to rule over them. Have you ever wondered why you always feel defeated? Why everything seems to go wrong for you? Why you have to live on tranquilizers? Why you always feel as if you are living in the valley? Perhaps you have failed to claim your place as a Spirit-filled believer. Satan knows of this shortage of power in your life so he is continually nipping at your heels, keeping you on the run. Much of your feeling is more than just a physical condition. It can be caused by a spiritual condition. When you are prayed through, you do not even see many of the minute details in your life which otherwise become insurmountable mountains before you.

Just as I started to pray, the Holy Spirit moved on me to inquire if they had ever received the Holy Spirit. Everyone standing before me had. I then realized their problem was due. to their failure to allow the Holy Spirit to minister unto them and rebuild that which the enemy was destroying. I instructed them to worship God in the Spirit and He would give them new strength. Each of them testified of a refilling in the Holy Spirit that day and later many testified how God had taken care of a physical condition while they were praying in the Holy Spirit. God was able to bring them victory when they allowed the Holy Spirit to do his office work in their lives. "If the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwell in you, He that raised Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal body by his Spirit that dwells within you," Romans 8:11. Here is the secret! Not just an introduction to the Holy Spirit, but again the ever abiding presence of the Holy Spirit. If He dwells in you! Not just an occasional visitor, but a permanent occupant! Paul spoke more of the Spirit "dwelling within you than he did of "receiving" the Spirit. You must receive Him, then give Him first place in all your life. This is the will of the Father. Notice the word "mortal" in that verse. Not your soul, it never dies. Not your spirit, it only lives within the tabernacle for a season, then departs. It is your body, your flesh and blood. This mortal shall be quickened. When the enemy seeks to destroy you, the Holy Spirit, if He is abiding within, will quicken you. He will rebuild what the enemy has torn down. He will refresh that whieh is weary. He will touch the mortal body.

Realizing there were many, in one of our services, who were so nervous they could hardly live, I invited them forward that I might join them in prayer for their healing. 6

That word mortal originally meant your "dying but not quite dead body." This touch from the Holy Spirit remakes the old weary body and gives new strength. It is worth more than many hours sleep. In one revival, an elderly man came to me to explain that since he had given the best years of his life in the 7

ministry, he was now unable to enter into worship the way he would enjoy, he was too weary. Then one night during the fourth week of that revival, I heard one voice ring out above all others in praise to God. I soon discovered it was that retired minister. He had moved near the altar and was standing praising God. Later I reminded him of Our conversation in the beginning of the revival and asked what made him now able to respond to the Spirit in the very manner he had told me was impossible. With a twinkle in his eye, he said, "If the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the . dead dwell in you, he that raised Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal body by His Spirit that dwells within you." The Holy Spirit had quickened that 'dying but not quite dead body. If you will yield yourself to the Holy Spirit, you too can have power over the flesh. Some do not wish this power over the flesh and over sickness. They would rather have sympathy. They are afraid to get well, they may not receive much attention. But thank God, all those who hunger after Him, find Him. He will defeat the enemy for and through you once He has complete authority.

people. I was soon informed the reason the crowd was so small was because the people worked so hard, they just couldn't come very much during the week. I was told theirs was a "Sunday Church". How typical of many churches, so busy walking after, the flesh, they have no time for the ways of God. God is not pleased with such a condition. Many in the church have not been able to grasp this message and are wandering in darkness, finding nothing but despair. Before long that fahhful group began to accept the message and soon discovered it worked for them. Their lives were changed and revival was on. They began putting Him first and suddenly nothing else really mattered. Everything seemed to fall in place for them, now. Immediately, problems in their lives began to work out. They were amazed because they had not spent much time praying about those things. God had just taken care of them as they had sought first His Kingdom.

I remember well one congregation to which I ministered which was allowing the flesh to have authority over them. After a hard day's work, they were too tired to be in church. Before long they were faced with many difficulties. Spiritual, physical, and financial difficulties. Everything they tried failed, all because they had chosen to walk after the flesh. I began teaching them the privilege of walking in the Spirit. Not a super-spiritual attitude, but simply yielding a life to the Holy Spirit so He can direct you in the minute details of life. The Sunday School averaged over 300 and the first few nights of that revival we were having about thirty 8

The church organist had a complete nervous breakdown and had been unable to fill her position for many months. One night she was brought to the revival, a picture of torment. She was very near the point of no return. She was so tormented, she did not recognize anyone. Once full of life, now she sat staring. How the heart of God 'was grieved. She had once had the Holy Spirit, but now had allowed Satan to rob her of her place in God. I walked over and asked her to look at !De. She just sat staring. I asked if she wanted to be healed. She just sat staring. Then I reached down, took her by the hand and raised her up. As she stood. facing me, I asked her how long it had been since she had worshiped God in the Holy Spirit. She could not be sure, but knew it had been over a year. So I raised her hands and told her I was going to pray with her and while I was praying I wanted her to pray in the Holy Spirit. I watched as very slowly she began to respond. She 9

was beginning to yield to the Holy Spirit and He is always ready to take charge whenever He is given free reign. She opened her mouth and I could hardly hear her, but the Holy Spirit began speaking through her. She spoke stronger until suddenly the glory of God filled that young lady and all the congregation witnessed the change. She stepped out and began walking around that church praising God. He had given her a miracle, she was healed! Soon she walked over to the organ and began playing with a glorious anointing and never missed another night of that revival. Again the Spirit had proven He is the weapon against all the powers of Satan. He was able to rebuild that "dying but not quite dead body," when He again was given authority in that life.

believer to remain defeated, never having any victory, and being despondent all the time. That promised refreshing in the Holy Spirit is yours this moment just for the asking. He will so bless you that your daily walk will be a walk "in Christ". Chapter Two

Satan had taken over the very instant she had failed to give authority to the Spirit. Even so, you will, either be motivated by the Holy Spirit or you will be subjected to the powers of the enemy without a weapon with which to defend yourself. Every time Satan sees you are not walking in the Spirit, he sees an opportunity to destroy you and always remember, he never passes that opportunity. He is 'well versed in this battle and you have been in it at the most a short life time. Who are you to withstand him? He will get you, he will defeat you. If you are opposed to such a pessimistic attitude, then get full of the Holy Spirit and let Him control your life. You can have that quickening power now. Have you been trodden down, not knowing which way to turn? Ask the Holy Spirit to again quicken your mortal body. You can have victory. In the name of Jesus, wait no longer for the minister to turn on a magic light. Simply take advantage of your place in Him. It is not a shame to be weary after all the pressures of a day, but it is against the will of God for a Spirit-filled

The church at Corinth had just received a glorious outpouring of the Holy Spirit and were now witnessing an experience beyond anything they had ever imagined. God not only was giving the Holy Spirit to them that asked, but now the gifts of the Spirit were being given. Paul, being a wise man in the things of the Spirit, realized they needed to be taught concerning these things, they were so excited over their new found experience. Since the gifts of the Spirit had just begun operating among them, the church was much in need of teaching on how these gifts were to operate. In the very beginning, there was no knowledge among them. They had never been taught that the Spirit was subject to the prophet and that God expected them to use wisdom in His operation. Paul had to teach them. This could be done without quenching the Spirit. This experience was so wonderful that almost immediately the church as a body, began using especially the gift of speaking with tongues and they were using this gift carelessly. Paul told them "... in the church, I had rather speak five words with my understanding, that by my voice I might teach others also, than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue," I Corinthians 14:19. He was not doubting their validity or in opposition to them. He believed strongly in the gifts of tongues. In verse eighteen he said, "... I thank God, I speak with tongues more than ye all." His position is very clear. He would not be able to teach them in the things of God if he only spoke to them 11


in an unknown tongue. He indicated that even if he said ten thousand words in an unknown tongue, they still would not profit thereby. When he was before them, he wanted to teach them the things of God and the only way they could be blessed and be able to know these things was through their understanding. Since Paul was not an advocate of excessive use of the unknown tongue in public and at the same time spoke with tongues more than all the church, he must have had a private life of tongues. Paul, without doubt, prayed in the. Spirit. He realized the Spirit would " ... make intercession for us with groanings that could not be uttered" Romans 8:26. He had a prayer life of tongues, or inte~cession.

"Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as We ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. And He that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God," Romans 8 :26-27. Here our thoughts focus to the importance of praying in the Spirit, in our daily, private life. We do not have the vocabulary to adequately present our petitions before God. So our privilege as a Spirit-filled believer is to have the Holy Spirit pray through us and serve as our representative before the throne of God. He knows the heart and He also knows what is the mind of the Spirit. He then, knowing the desire of our heart, prays - presents that petition - unto God for us according to the will of the Father. Sometimes our own desire may be detrimental to us, so He asks according to the will of the Father. The Father always knows best.

was of the opinion that the only thing that could quench a thirst was a Coke. Everytime he was thirsty, he asked for Coke. However, if we had given him Coke every time he asked for it, his teeth would have soon been ruined and his health could have well been broken. When he asked for Coke, I knew he was thirsty. So I answered his request according to the will of his father. I gave him water or milk to quench his thirst. I met his need, but not according to his understanding. Since I was a bit more mature, I knew what was best for him. Even so, the Holy Spirit knows what is the desire of our heart and he also knows what is the mind of the Spirit. When we allow Him to intercede for us, He grants our desires, not according to OUrway which could be harmful to us, but according to the will of the Father. This is the reason the next verse became such a blessing to Paul. "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God ... " (verse 28). Paul says that when a man gives the Spirit final authority in his life, he will see the Spirit allow only those things into our lifethat will work together for our good. He will work all things out for us if we will yield ourselves completely to Him.

When our little boy, Irby, was just two years old, he

Paul was a man whose action was of the same language as his conversation. When he spoke, people listened. When he did something, it was final. To be this kind of person it takes more than just bravery, more than just a good bluff. It takes the assurance of the presence of the blessed Holy Spirit. Paul's personal strength was in his prayer life which was done in the Spirit. For "he that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself," I Corinthians 14:4. By praying in the Spirit he was able to build himself. Then when he met the forces of evil, he was full of power. Even before mentioning praying in the understanding, Paul said, "I will pray with the Spirit," I Corinthians 14:15.



Even after spending much time in prayer, many times you will not be satisfied that God has met you. But if you take advantage of your place as a Spirit-filled believer, the Spirit will pray through you in the language that will cause heaven to listen. You will then have the assurance your prayer is heard. We inflict upon ourselves many hours of self-sacrifice because we do not yield ourselves to the Holy Spirit in the very beginning of our praying. It is not beautiful words that please God. It is the anointed prayer, when the Holy Spirit serves as interpreter between God and man. After I have prayed for awhile in the Spirit, then I am able to pray with my understanding, for then even my understanding is anointed with divine leadership. Oh, how important is this speaking with tongues. Through this medium, the Spirit helps us know right direction. We learn through Him when and how to use this great privilege.

of Jesus let us become so full of the Spirit, we will have a testimony. We will be able to witness, for we will be divinely led.

It is the will of God for all the gifts of the Spirit to be

Many wonder, "Must I receive the Holy Spirit in order to go in the rapture?" The sad story today is too many want to see how little of Christ they can possess and still make it to heaven. They want to see how much like the world they can be and still feel the Holy Spirit near them. However, I must tell you I did not seek the Holy Spirit so I would be ready for heaven. Instead, I realized I could not be my best for God here on this earth if I did not have the Holy Spirit. I have received the Spirit so, I can be fit for the Master's use right here on this earth. God spoke to me recently, "Son, you have been telling people how to die; Now tell them how to live." Praise God, real living is in the Spirit-filled life! There are many powerless Christians who live good lives, but have not given the Spirit full place in that life, therefore cannot be what God would have them be. The world is looking to us for power and for help. In the name

operating in the church today and this can only be done when the believer has given the Holy Spirit charge of their life. Then in any circumstance of life, the Spirit knows exactly which of the gifts of the Spirit is necessary to meet that particular need. He does not want to be limited only to one gift in a life. He desires to be ruler in that life so all the gifts of the Spirit can operate. If you are full of the Spirit, you have access to all the gifts of the Spirit and you can have power over the devil. This is the privilege of every Spirit-filled believer. All the forces which may be at work to mar the image of God in you will be subject to the Spirit which dwells within. It is not pleasing to God for any Spirit-filled believer to live a defeated life. It grieves Him deeply when we are willing to let the enemy have first place in our life. There is no defeat in Jesus Christ. In Him, it is all VICTORY! There will be shadows, there will be valleys, there will be thorns, but praise God, there will always be VICTORY IN JESUS! By the Holy Spirit we are able to understand and have confidence in God. Many meet with disaster when they see those in whom they have placed their confidence fail. So God, through His Word, is emphasizing we must be led by the Spirit into the knowledge of Jesus Christ and center our eyes on things above. Then all hell may rage about, but it will not destroy your hope.

In writing to the church at Corinth, Paul told them he was not coming in the excellency of speech, nor with enticing words of man's wisdom. He taught them they needed to see Christ, .and Him crucified. He wanted to acquaint



them with the Spirit and power of God, for then they would be able to stand. I came " ... in demonstration of the Spirit and of power: that your faith should not stand in the wisdom of man, but in the power of God," I Corinthians 2:4-5. Your faith in the power of God! Every person you meet may fail, every Sunday School teacher you ever have may disappoint you, every church member you ever placed confidence in may let you down, but if your faith is in the power of God, you will come through victorious. This is the secret! FAITH IN THE POWER OF GOD! Man may fail, but I will not be shaken. My faith is not in the ability of man, it is in the power of God and He will never fail. The power of God shall never be destroyed. It will never lose. Paul was an educated mil-noHe was no fool. He sat at the feet of the well learned of his day. He spoke more than one language and was considered one of the best personalities to be found for a debate. Now he says, "I will try to be of service to you. I am here to be a blessing. I want to help, but I am still human, subject to the old nature, therefore I might disappoint you. So put your faith in the power of God, He will never disappoint you." The important fact of the church's new found experience was that the Holy Spirit personally was abiding within. More important than a testimony of particular gift of the Spirit was the testimony of His abiding presence. With this assurance, every child can approach God's throne in the Spirit and can be divinely led.

What is truth? Jesus said, I am the ... truth," John 14:6. Our entrance to God is through Jesus Christ, the Truth. Jesus is the door (John 10:7) and there is no other way to God. Recently, upon finding our religious beliefs quite different, a man said to me, "I don't think it really matters what you believe, just as long as you are sincere." I tell you today, it does make a difference, sincerity is not enough. My little boy may be very sincere when he decides it is time to cross the street, but that does not spare him from the oncoming automobile. More than sincerity is needed. He must be taught the true way to cross. Even so, the Holy Spirit must reveal, as only He can, what truth really is.

Even though there are many who feel they have the privilege to worship God as they please, John made it clear that if you are to please God with your worship, you must worship Him in Spirit and in truth. "God is a Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth." John 4:24. 16

Some say there are so many churches they do not know what to believe. In so doing they are making a public confession they are not being led by the Holy Spirit. "... when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, He will guide you into all truths," John 16:13. It is the responsibility of the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus, the Truth, to every believer. It is impossible for you to understand Christ and the things of God unless they are revealed by the Spirit. "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man, the things God has prepared for them that love Him, but it hath been revealed to them by the Spirit. For the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God," I Corinthians 2:9-10. Paul is not speaking of heaven, as many believe in this scripture. He speaks of something that has been revealed BY THE SPIRIT! The preaching of the cross is foolishness to many, but when the Spirit reveals the true meaning of Calvary, it becomes a sacred place. No man knoweth the things of God except the Spirit teaches him, (I Corinthians 2:11), and we have received 17

the Spirit of God that we might know the things that are freely given us by Him, (verse 12).

I delight to speak of Jesus. He is the theme of my ministry. I love to preach about Him, but until the Holy Spirit reveals Him to your heart, it is impossible for you to know Him in His fulness. If your approach to God is through any other channel, it is in vain. He is still the door! When you follow man's path to God you will be filled with fear, trying to be acceptable to man. One church will give one direction and another church will point you another way. Soon your life will be a mass of confusion. If you sincerely want to worship God, you will worship in Truth and the Holy Spirit will lead you so that Jesus, the Truth, might be revealed. As you follow Jesus into the presence of God in your worship, the shackles of fear will fall from you and you will stand boldly in the presence of God through Jesus. You then have a glorious liberty in which to worship God. It is easy to commune with Him. You are no longer bound for "ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free," John 8:32. You know Him and He makes you free!

In speaking of this Spirit of adoption, Paul does not mean you will find an escape from the laws of God. He is emphasizing the tremendous obligation that is now yours to know what is the will of God. You can now do as you please. No taskmaster stands over you with direction. You make your own decisions. Now that you are mature - this maturity is the result of the Holy Spirit coming in - you put away childish ideas. The veil in the temple has been destroyed and now you have direct access to the throne of God. It is not a matter of being able to get by man, but now you must answer directly to God. So your obligation is now greater. " ... whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required," Luke 12:48.

"Ye have not received the Spirit of bondage unto fear, but ye have received the Spirit of adoption." Romans 8:15. Many never get away from the Spirit of bondage. They do not enjoy life because of the fear of man. They are afraid they may lose their position so they are more concerned about living after the regulation of man than pleasing God. However, when the Holy Spirit comes in, He leads you out of that Spirit of bondage into the Spirit of adoption. Only the records of heaven could reveal how many have met with despair and never found God's will for their lives because they became so involved seeking man's approval, they had no time to be led by the Spirit.

Now that the Holy Spirit abides within, you can lay the blame on no other if you do not survive, because you are not to be childish anymore. Little things do not warp your attitude now. You are a mature Christian. This is the Spirit of adoption. Instead of using the word adoption as we know it today, Paul was speaking of adoption as it was known in his day. It meant "the placing of a son." It was more a word of position than a word of relationship. The believer's relation to God as a child results from the new birth (John 1: 12-13), whereas adoption is the act of God whereby one already a child, is placed in the position of an adult son, (Galatians 4:1-5). The indwelling of the Holy Spirit reveals this sonship in the believer's present experience, (Galatians 4:6-7). The schoolmaster no longer has authority, (Galatians 3 :25) . H. A. W. Meyer says "among the Greeks and Romans, persons, for the most part slaves, had the responibility to educate and give constant attendance to boys until they became of age. The argument is not one as to the exact extent or nature of the schoolmaster's authority, but to the

19 18

fact that it wholly ceased when the child (Galatians 4:1) became a son (Galatians (4:5-6), when the minor became an adult The adult son, now having received the Spirit of adoption, does voluntarily that which formerly he did in fear of the tutor. But even if he does not, it is no longer a question between the son and the tutor (the Law), but between the son and the Father (God)."

The Spirit of adoption, the transition from a child into adulthood, is all manifest by the Holy Spirit. This is a thrilling experience! When you receive the Holy Spirit and He leads you into the Spirit of adoption, you are now considered trustworthy by God the Father. He knows that as long as the Spirit is given authority in your life, you will make the right decisions, for you will be led by the Spirit. Now the ministry no longer has to pamper you. You no longer lose your victory when evil is spoken of you, you are mature. This maturity helps you o~ercome those small things which before seemed so severe. You keep moving forward, you are an adult.

Yield yourself to the Holy Spirit so He can lead you to your place in God. He will guide you into all Truth. He knows the way of God's perfect will for your life. What a glorious privilege, living a life that is being led by the Holy Spirit, assured that He will never lead astray. Much emphasis has been placed on the speaking with tongues. So much that to many this is the primary purpose for having received the Holy Spirit. However, on the day of Pentecost, this was only the evidence that the Holy Spirit had arrived as Jesus had promised. You may be certain that everyone who receives the Holy Spirit will speak with tongues, but the basic purpose in the Holy Spirit coming was to endue Christ's church with power to witness for Him. "But ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth," Acts 1:8.

Oh, how needed this message today. Too many testify about how much of the Spirit is in their life, then allow many petty things of life to keep them drained of their victory. Too many are living so far beneath their privilege as a Spirit-filled believer. You have received the Spirit of adoption - maturity - so grow up now. You want the privileges of an adult, so take the responsibility of an adult. How it grieves the heart of God for His church to have access to so much, then settle for so little. God needs believers who will stand up and be counted. He has not given you the Spirit of bondage. You are not to remain as a child. Get out of your chains! Get loose from your fetters! Begin following God's divine will and accept nothing less than His best.

This experience is not the end. We have not attained when we receive Him. It is the doorway into the deep things of God. It is the dressing room for the believer to equip him so he can follow Christ's command faithfully. To exalt Christ through our testimony and service. When we receive the Holy Spirit, He speaks that we might be assured He is now ready to go with us as we undertake the task set before us. The book of Acts records more than once that, when the Holy Spirit came, many were inspired to go. " ... They ... went everywhere preaching the Word," Acts 8:4. Jesus said, "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me," John 12:32. So the Holy Spirit, realizing that Jesus must be lifted up, came not to speak of Himself, but to exalt Jesus. This is the theme of the Holy Spirit. "Howbeit ,when he the Spirit of truth is come, He will guide you into all truth ... He shall glorify me: for He shall receive of mine and show it unto you," John 16:13-14. 21


Immediately after the Holy Spirit came, He focused the attention of all the people on Jesus.

In Peter's sermon on the day of Pentecost, after he had explained this glorious phenomenon, he immediately began to preach to them Jesus (Acts 2:22). Even so, there is a tremendous urgency that will take hold of every believer to tell others of Jesus Christ. Witnessing for Him is definitely an attribute of a Spirit-filled life. On five of the six occasions mentioned in the book of Acts where the phrase "filled with the Spirit" is mentioned, it is also recorded that they "witnessed." Soon after Pentecost, at the Hour of Prayer, Peter and John started to the Temple to pray. As they passed the gate called Beautiful, they saw a man, lame from his mother's womb, begging alms of those entering the Temple. Peter said, "Look on us." The Bible says he gave heed unto them expecting to receive something from them, (Acts 3:5). Many today are looking toward the group with the Pentecostal fervor, hoping to receive something from us. They need something for their weary soul. They may not always know what they want, but we will be able to give them even more than they really expect if we are filled with the Spirit. Peter did not have what the lame man wanted, but he was able to give him a far greater gift than silver and gold.

Because of their Spirit-filled lives, Peter and John then had the ability to turn the eyes of all those who wandered toward Jesus. Always remember, the Holy Spirit always directs attention to Jesus, not to man. Man is only a yielded vessel through which the Holy Spirit works. Later when they were questioned about this miracle, Peter answered in the power of the Holy Spirit, "If we this day be examined of the good deed done to the impotent man, by what means he is made whole. Be it known to all 22

of you, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even QYhim doth this man stand before you whole," Acts 4:9-10. He immediately was directing the attention back to Jesus Christ. Before long they had filled all Jerusalem with this doctrine of Jesus Christ. This is one of the greatest evidences of the indwelling Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit reveals Jesus in us. A Spirit-filled life always radiates the personality of Jesus Christ. The love of the Holy Spirit for Christ is such that He desires every saint to be like Him, and to this end He works, " ... til Christ be formed in you." Galatians 4:19. When first the egg is laid, there is amid the fluid, a tiny speck of life. Gradually, as the egg is incubated, the embryo increases, while the fluid diminishes. By the end of about three weeks, all traces of the fluid is gone. The chick formed in the shell then pecks its way out and embarks on its new found life. Then after birth, it must be nurtured. Even so must we, after the new birth, "as new born babes, desire (wish for) the sincere milk of the Word, that ye may know thereby," I Peter 2:2. Through the media of devout meditation on the Word of God we allow the Spirit to feed, foster, and develop that life from within until the image of Christ becomes more apparent without. The carnal self-life is mortified through the Spirit and Christ is enthroned.

Issuing as an insignificant trickle from beneath the threshold of the sanctuary, came the river of life of which Ezekiel spoke in his 47th chapter. That river flowed past the altar; mingling its crystal waters with the crimson blood of sacrifice, then broadening and deepening as it flowed. This was the foreshadowing of the intimate connection be-


tween Calvary and Pentecost. The rock had to be smitten before the water could gush out. The outpouring of the Spirit and the sacrifice of Christ cannot be divorced from each other. Pentecost would have never been possible apart from Calvary; Calvary would have been incomplete without Pentecost. Calvary opened the fountain from which all the blessings of Pentecost flow. Had Pentecost been omitted from the divine Councils, it would have been like perfecting a costly machine, then failing to supply it with the necessary motivating power. PENTECOST IS THE POWER HOUSE OF CHRISTIANITY! Not until the descent of the Spirit on that memorable day was there heard the throb of power in the machinery God had perfected for human salvation. Previous to the day of Pentecost many of the followers of Christ hid themselves, for fear of being put to death. They had known of the miraculous power Jesus possessed, but not until they personally experienced the infilling of the Holy Spirit did they become truly Christ-like. Not until now did they have the necessary boldness to face the enemy. Now they realized they were not facing the enemy alone. Instead their Spirit-filled lives were radiating the personality of Jesus Christ. These men had been with Jesus by the sea shore, on the dusty roads of Galilee, in the storm, in the chamber of death, when He touched the leper, when He gave sight to the blind, when He unstopped deaf ears, when He loosed tied tongues, when He cast out devils, when He fed the hungry and when He comforted the bereaved. They were with Him at the judgment hall, at Calvary, near the empty tomb, after the resurrection, and in the upper room. Then they had obeyed Him and tarried until they received the promised Holy Spirit.

had crucified one Christ, silenced one mouth, nailed two hands to the cross, nailed two feet to the cross, and quenched, they thought and hoped, one personality. However, when the Holy Spirit had accomplished His office work in the believer, Jesus was multiplied by eight thousand, one hundred and twenty believers. The Holy Spirit had stamped Christ's own deathless personality on the souls of these thousands. Now everywhere the opposer turns, he sees Jesus, the one he crucified. The Holy Spirit forms Christ within us. His life was so perfect that it defies imitation, but the method of the Holy Spirit is that of reproduction. Now we no longer seek to imitate Jesus, but we allow the Holy Spirit to reproduce Him in us. The measure of his success is the measure of freedom given Him to remove that within us which mars the image of Christ, and to impart the virtues of Christ which are lacking. Therefore, the Spirit-filled life inevitably grows more and more like his Lord. Jesus said, "I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another comfortor, that He may abide with you forever. Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth Him not, neither knoweth Him; but ye know Him for He dwelleth with you and shall be in you ... At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me and I in you," (John 14:16-17 and 20).

The believer who is filled with the Spirit is transformed by that Spirit, " ... therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew Him not," I John 3:1. The personality of Jesus Christ becomes our personality. Our life no longer is our own. "... Ye are bought with a price ... " I Corinthians 7:23. Oh what a wonderful thrill, what a glorious opportunity, what a joyful feeling, what a beautiful life. A tabernacle of clay, made from the dust of the earth, so weak and so frail it "... cometh forth like a flower, and is cut down ... and ... fleeth also as a shadow and continueth not ... " (Job

Herein lay the supreme problem of the Sanhedrin. They 24


14:2). Yet God has chosen that insignificant tabernacle in which the personality of His Son shall dwell. Therefore, that wretched, despicable, loathesome, abominable, detestable creature, the highest of all God's creation, yet the most ungrateful, has now been transformed into the greatest creation of Almighty God. "Not of works lest any man should boast," (Ephesians 2:9), but because of the personality of Jesus Christ which becomes the occupant of the tabernacle as the Holy Spirit is given full control in that life.

have you realized it yet? Here and now we are God's children. We do not know what we shall be in the future. We only know that if reality were to break through, we should reflect His likeness ... " (Phillips I John 3:1-3). If reality were to break through, we should reflect His likeness. JESUS REVEALED IN US! If the world could see within us right now as we really are, they would see Jesus.

"Who are thou?" cries Satan. "I have seen you before. I have been near you. Was I not your master in the past? Now I see you, yet I do not. There is a look of triumph on your face. Your countenance is sparkling with a familiar brigh tness." Just as Satan recognizes that familiar brightness and that look of triumph, Jesus Himself begins to speak. "Satan, this tabernacle has been sand-blasted, treated, cleansed, separated, purified, and set apart by the Holy Spirit. A new personality now occupies the temple. That familiar look on the countenance of this temple is the look you saw at Bethany when Lazarus was raised from the dead. It is the same gleam you saw when you were commanded to leave the lunatic and had to obey. It is the look of triumph you saw on the face of a dying man at Calvary. This temple radiates the personality of Jesus Christ, your conqueror. This temple is headquarters for the Holy Spirit and every Spirit-filled life radiates the personality of Jesus Christ." The Holy Spirit always reveals Jesus in us. "Conider the incredible love that the Father hath shown us in allowing us to be called children of God... and that is not just what we are called, but what we really are ... Our heridity on the Godward side is no mere figure of speech, which explains why the world will no more recognize us than it recognized Christ. Oh dear children of mine,

Since the believer, once he is filled with the Holy Spirit, begins to radiate the personality of Jesus Christ, a great change takes place in his life. He then takes on a new personality, his old nature is changed. Then all men he meets feel the impact of that change. A Spirit-filled life transforms humanity. Webster defined the word humanity as the "nature of man." When you receive the Holy Spirit, your nature changes. The nature of Simon Peter was changed when the Holy Spirit came into his life. Before this day he found it difficult to witness even to one individual, now he stands with such boldness and fervor that about three thousand respond to his message. At the hour of prayer he walks with holy boldness to the man at the gate called Beautiful and because of the indwelling Holy Spirit he is able to change the nature of the lame man. Peter said, "Silver and gold have ~ none; but such as I have give I thee," Acts, 3:6. 'He imparted unto him an anointing that was able to straighten every crippled limb. The beggar was made well. There is always a price to be paid by those who would have the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Peter and John were brought to trial as a result of this anointing upon them. It had produced results.

While they were on trial the man who had been healed stood with them. The authorities bitterly assailed the men 27


and their religion, but there stood the impotent man, healed! They sought to discredit their ministry, but there he stood WELL! When their argument would become especially heated and would in the opinion of the rulers, seem to be making some headway, that man would step forward a little, shift his weight from one foot to the other and perhaps even clear his throat just to .remind them he was still there. Always throughout the trial there stood that man with Peter and John. His presence was very embarrassing to the court, but very comforting to the Apostles. The living, indisputable evidence stood before them and they could say nothing against it. Finally they had to admit that the miracle could not be denied. Who can speak against an accomplished fact? The message of the Holy Spirit always produces sound and satisfactory result. There stands a man who had been saved from drunkenness, now he is sober. Who is opposed to that? Here are men saved from profanity, lying, gambling, unholy practices, and dishonest living. Who has anything to say against that? Here are homes formerly broken by sin, marred and blighted by malice and discord, now restored to peace and harmony. Who will seek to discredit a message that will do that? Here are people who formerly trusted in good morals to take them to heaven, now redeemed by the blood of the lamb having experienced the joys of Christian living, cleansed from all sin and filled with the Holy Spirit. Here are hundreds of Bible-reading, praying, tithing, singing, happy Christians who delight in the service of God. Who will dare speak against an experience that will do this to a man?

man rather than God, affirming that "we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard," Acts 4:20. The Apostles knew what they were talking about! They were possessed by a spirit of certainty! They were not groping in the dark, their message was not empty speculation. It rested upon sure foundations. The baptism in the Holy Spirit makes the facts just that real and the message just that sure today to all who have this blessing. It could have been that Peter was answering the court in a rather apologetic manner. He was saying, "Sirs, we do not wish to take offense against you, but there is a message burning and we must deliver. The lion hath roared, who will not fear? The Lord has spoken, who will not prophesy?" They preached their message because they were overflowing with Pentecostal compulsion. They felt a divine woe hang over them if they preached not the gospel. A Spiritfilled life will continually be testifying.

The Jewish high court, unable to bodily punish Peter and John because of the wide-spread publicity of this miracle, forbade them to speak or teach in the name of Jesus. Peter asked whether it was better for them to obey

The testimonies of a Spirit-filled believer are a result of a vast overflow. There is within them a spiritual current that must flow out and onward. Jesus said, "Out of him shall flow rivers of living water," John 7:38. One unmistakable evidence of the fulness of the Spirit in the life of the believer is that selfsacrifice replaces selfishness. The reason the Dead Sea is dead today is because it has no outlets. It greedily engulfs all the streams that flow into it and imparts none of what it receives. Here is the cause of much spiritual barrenness. We try to make all the rivers flow into our own soul, whereas God's intention is that they flow out to others. When we begin to live for others, we will find our own blessings increasing many times. This is a true mark of a Spirit-filled life. The rivers will flow from that life to all the world.



To this present world we Owe a gigantic debt. This is a shattered, bewildered, disillusioned world. Men are losing faith in their social institutes and even their religious organiza tions. The Frankenstein monsters of their own scientific and mechanical genius are frightening and shocking them. From these fears and sufferings they seek an "anchor steadfast and sure." We have found that anchor! To us has been given the secret! With reality of experience we joyously sing, "I've Anchored My Soul In The Haven of Rest."

has come, that the promised guide is here, the Divine Witness has arrived, and that the seal is upon our soul. We have the message. The "wells of living water" (John 4:14) are springing up within us unto everlasting life. Now the river must flow.

I ask you now, shall we enjoy such safety and rest and fail to rescue those about us? Shall we sublimely sing, "This Is Like Heaven to Me" and not be stirred by the fact that crime is on the increase and nearly every home in America is feeling the impact of nervous disorders? 21 million people enter the hospital annually, over 73 million office calls are made by out-patients annually. This world needs help and we who have received this Pentecostal experience have that help. Thank God, we have the answer! We no longer are just willing to go, but in the light of these facts we are compelled to tell the story, we are now ready. We have a message and by the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit we will deliver it. To this shocked, broken world we are thrilled to offer this indescribable, glorious, all-sufficient gospel. Thank God for the Fountain filled with Blood. Thank God, men can be new creatures in Christ Jesus. Thank God, we not only can lead souls to forgivenness, but further, we can tell them of the privilege of both living and walking in the Spirit. In addition and beyond words to describe, is our joy in being able to say to this world right now, right here in this present battered, blood-stained, tear-drenched world men and women can have abiding in them the personal, glorious Pentecostal baptism. Our voices are raised to declare that the Cornfortor 30

Full flowing rivers are irresistable! They flow onward with a mighty current. Peter answered the court, "We cannot but speak." (Acts 4:20.) The message is within us and we are bound to let it flow forth. You might as well forbid the sun to shine, or forbid the wind to blow, or forbid the rivers to flow as to forbid a Spirit-filled believer to speak forth this message of eternal hope. You might as well try to empty the Mississippi river with a tea-cup, or stop a hurricane with a palm leaf, or blast the rock of Gibraltar with a pop-gun, or back the waters of Niagara over the mighty falls with a toothpick as to try by any human means to quench the fiery message of a Spiritfilled man. Dungeon, flame, and sword have been tried again and again, but it has all been in vain. "The Faith of Our Fathers" once and forever delivered unto the saints "is living still." Every Spirit-filled minister has a message, every Spirit-filled Christian has a testimony. Thank God, the river still flows! Thank God, humanity is still being transformed. These rivers flow through those who are filled with the Spirit. There is no substitute for the power of the Holy Spirit. There might not always be the consciousness of power, but there can always be the possession of power.

W. P. Nicholson, an Irish evangelist, went for special electrical treatments in Edinburg. He was asked to sit on a chair while the doctor read the daily paper. After awhile, he asked that the treatment might begin. "You are being treated," the doctor replied.


Reverend Nicholson said he felt nothing. Then the physician took a board with several electric lamps on it and placed it against the evangelist's chest and immediately they glowed with light. "Mr. Nicholson," the doctor said, "there is enough power flowing through your body to run the tram car on the street." When narrating this incident, Mr. Nicholson said, "You may have all the power of Almighty God passing through you, yet be unconscious of it because there is no special call for it, but let the need arise and the power will be manifest, because it is there if you are filled with the Spirit." I challenge you to take advantage of the power of the Holy Spirit you can possess. If you are not already filled with the Spirit, do not be satisfied until you receive this glorious blessing, (Matthew 5:6). If the Holy Spirit already abides within, put it to work in your life this very day. Some people possess dynamite power, but have it wrapped in firecracker packages. Unleash that power now! Renew your consecration! Pray God to allow you once again to feel that surge of PENTECOSTAL POWER! There is no such thing as a "once-for-all" filling. We can and should be filled with the Spirit again and again. Whenever we become conscious of our need for a refilling we should immediately, by prayer and faith, appropriate a fresh filling. It is possible for those whose lives are normally full of the Spirit to experience special fillings whenever special needs arise. Today a special need has arisen, it is before us now. This world must be reached with the great message of Jesus Christ. If we will seek God for that fresh filling now, we can then go to every crossroad of the world full of PENTECOSTAL COMPULSION, proclaiming to all men that when the Holy Spirit abides within a life, from that day forth, IT IS ALL VICTORY!




I am going to send you 60 of my best faith books, on casting out devils, healing the sick, faith, Holy Ghost, prophecy, and almost every subject of the Bible. You will be on my prayer list every day until Jesus comes. I'll pray that you will have a double portion ministry. I want you to be my partner and pray for me. When you finish reading these books and filling out the test papers we will send you a diploma which you can frame and have on your wall. It will remind you thaI I am praying for you every day, that you are my partner in prayer. If you or. a minister you may receive a license to preach. There is no charge for the packing, boxing, storage, shipping, postage, exam papers, grading, secretary expense, diplomas, or ordination papers. Your dues will be paid up for life. (Others charge $12.00 per year and up). You can pay for them $.50 per week or send in the name of one new student per month, either one you you choose. If you send one name per month all the textbooks are free. Q Dear TVD Staff: -


....L. V')



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Please send the 60 W. V. Grant faith books. If I like them I will send 50 cen;J: per week, or one name per month, of someone who wants this course. V') Put me on your prayer your partner. list. Pray for me at a certain time each day. I understand I'll


b~ __J __J


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the licensO