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The Meridian PBX's x11 software divides information into Overlays or Loader Programs ("loads" for short). Each Load has a specific function for example. LD 20 is where you can print information about telephones on the system. The loads range from LD 01 - LD 143. If you see any prompts that I don't mention just "enter" past them. ALWAY LOOK UP ERROR MESSAGES!!!! Error messages indicate to you what you are doing incorrectly, ignoring them can lead to hours of fustration. To look up a Error message you have a couple of options depending on the Software Release of you PBX. 1. You can look up an error message while in a load working. Hold down the Shift Key and press 1. This will bring you to the > prompt. Then Type in: ERR "the error message here". I.e. If I got an Error while Printing a new phone: REQ: PRT TYPE: FNB SCH0001 TYPE: | (here is where I would hold down the Shift key and press "1") Then Type: >ERR SCH001 This is what should display on the screeen: SCH001: Invalid Input type for Designated Prompt. USE: TNB, DNB, Or Phone Type..... This is just an example. 2. If you are using Optivity there is a feature on there that looks up Error message for you. It is in the System Terminal:It looks like "!?" it will read you the last error message. Overview What I am going to show you should work in a Meridian PBX's with Release 19 and above. We will be using the Following Loads or (Loaders) programs LD 10 - Creating and editing Analog phones. LD 11 - Creating and editing Digital phones. LD 18 - Speed Call Lists- How to set them up. LD 20 - Moves, Adds, and Changes, Most of the common programming will be done here. (in Release 19 and above LDs 10,11,and 32 are accessible through LD 20.) LD 23 - Programming ACD's , Here we will program Telephone number that will ring directly to Voicemail without using TN's. LD 32 - Stating, Enabling and Disabling Telephones LD 43 - Backing up the PBX LD 95 - Name Changes, This is where we add, delete, or change the Display Names for any numbers we program. The Meridian Programming Language is a series of Prompts and Responses. The system will usually prompt you for what it needs and will wait for your response. Here are some typical prompts the system asks for: REQ: The Request prompt, Requests information. The system is waiting for your command. valid responses are different for each load. i.e.: (LD 20) Valid commands are: -PRT -DISU -NEW -ENLU -CHG -OUT -STAT -COPY... *DataHeads please note: BackSpace does not work if you mess up in this programming. Please refer to below: (Shift a.k.a. (the Star key) is used when you make a mistake see below: * Allows you to reenter information at that specific prompt ** Takes you back to the beginning of the Load. **** Takes you out of a load or type "END" TYPE: This is the type of item you want change. 4/18/2008

. If you dial someones 2-digit intercom number it will wait until it is answered before you will be able to talk. Step SIZE: 1-1000 . 2112.3902. *Speed calls override the telephones NCOS* You should change to match the telephone's NCOS Step 7) DNSZ: 4-(16)-31 – This is the maximum amount of Digits allowed for each Speed call list.a. 09 00 00 02 would only be 9 2.Maximum Telephone #’s allowed per List Step 9) WRT (YES) NO – This tells the PBX to back it up in the “Data Store” Step 10) STOR xxx yyy…y .x6500 CUST: Customer number (almost always "0" unless you have more then one customer set up) Short Cuts 1. 3905.the position in the list Yyy-yyyy is the telephone number-*Remember to program a “9” if you use it to dial out PABX and Te. 3903.Terminal Number (port number on the switch) i. 01 9. Page 2 of 8 i. i.k.. There are two ways you can set up these groups: R.e. 3904. 2008. 2317. 2. Valid inputs are: Phone Types-.Meridian Crash Course Programming Guide .e.1-800-555-1212 Step 11) WRT (YES) NO . Short Cut's For Option 11c's: When entering the "TN" information you don't have to insert all the 0's. 4/18/2008 . If you see OVL400 this means you are locked out.Which means Voice This will ring once then automatically pick up so you can talk or listen. Logging in: Be carful not to log in more than 3 time incorrectly. 2006. V. Phone extension)i. You should see this when youpressreturn:">" or "OVL000" Then press: Return then type "LOGI" Then you should see "PASS" Type: "your password" How to Program a Speed Call List Step 1) LD 18 Step 2) REQ: NEW Step 3) TYPE: SCL Step 4) LSNO: (0-8190) Pick an unused number for Speed Call List Step 5) TOLS: (skip this) To list (new speed call list number) Step 6) NCOS: (0)-99 – 0 is the default. Ex. 12 00 01 00 12=Loop 00=Shelf 01=Card 00=Unit *Please note: Enter "spaces" between the numbers: Not 12010!(its not a zip code!) DNB. The default Lock out time is 45 minutes.2616.Directory Number (a. http://www.Which means Ring.This tells the PBX to back it up in the “Data Store” Creating Intercom Groups Basically Dial Intercom Groups are an internal paging system for the Meridian PBX Info :: Your Free PBX..e. TNB..

2009.e. This will give you the Phone "Type" i. PABX and Te. Type: "TTAD" .e. 2616 and the TN i.2008.e.3903.e. To Create Intercom Groups.2112.3904.e.. 10 and 11..(this tests time and date) Printing a Phone LD 20 REQ:PRT TYPE:DNB CUST: 0 DN: i. Group 1 members can only talk to other group 1 members…so on and so forth Setting Time and Date To set the time and date of your system you program in load 2: Step 1) LD 02 Step 2) STAD "Day Month Year Hour Minute Second" i.2016. or 2616 3xxx -For Taurus sets (Release 24 Later) 3901. i. You must assign everyone you want to be able to talk to on the same Group number. first print your existing groups..Meridian Crash Course Programming Guide ..e. STEP 1)LD 20 STEP 2)REQ: PRT STEP 3)TYPE: DIG STEP 4)CUST: 0 then "Enter" This will give you the list of groups already programmed.2006. The Dial INTERCOM Group "1" The persons personal group number "10" V= Voice. 4/18/2008 . STAD "24 11 1976 15 41 49" = November 24th 1976 3:41pm 49 seconds" To test it.pbxinfo. Person 10 would press his Intercom Key (key and dial "11" and if the other person "11" is off the phone it would ring once then automatically pick up Then you can just speak to them without them having to press anything. To create a new Intercom Group. "12 00 05 00" Then type: REQ:PRT TYPE: (Phone type)or ("TNB ") Valid phone types 2xxx -You may enter: 2000.. You need to program this on at least 2 phones with the same Intercom Group numbers but with different Personal Numbers i..PBX Info :: Your Free PBX. 5555 Then press "Enter" until it begins to auto scroll.2216. Page 3 of 8 It will only ring continuously if the person is on the phone.2018.3902.2317. or 3905 http://www.. Adding an Intercom key: This example is on a M2616 Telephone STEP 1) REQ: CHG< STEP 2) TYPE: 2616 STEP 3) TN: xx-xx-xx-xx STEP 4) ECHG:YES STEP 5) ITEM: KEY 8 DIG 1 10 V This is the 8th key on a persons phone.2003. To use the feature. just create an Intercom Key on the phones that you want to be in the same Intercom group. Crash Course Programming Guide ... Then do REQ: MOV TYPE: 2616 TN: 12 0 0 10 TOTN: 12 0 0 0 Then Enter Through. Now just swap their Physical telephones places Deleting a telephone http://www. PABX and Te. Page 4 of 8 i2002. i2050 TN: This is where you put the TN info you printed above.."Shift 8") " **** " Step 3) Type "Shift and the "1" Key Step 4) Type "ERR then "space" the "error message" Ex. Now Louise is in limbo right now. now Thelma is moved to where Louise was. i2004. Here is an Example: Thelma X5000 TN 12 0 0 0 TYPE: 2008 Louise X5001 TN 12 0 0 1 TYPE: 2616 Find and empty Digital Tn that is not programmed (i.. You now Successfully Swapped Thelma and Louise's places without having to change any wiring.PBX Info :: Your Free PBX..12 0 0 10) Then In LD 20 do a: REQ: MOV TYPE: 2616 TN: 12 0 0 1 TOTN: 12 0 0 10 then Enter through.. SCH0600 (Shift) "1" ERR SCH0600 (enter) SCH0600 Moves/Adds/Changes Moving a Telephone (*NEVER MOVE AN ACD SET! Corruption can occur) To move a Telephones between exsiting location: LD 10 for Analog LD 11 for Digital LD 20 (for Rls 19 and above) REQ: MOV TYPE: (Phone Type) TN: (Terminal Number) TOTN: (To new TN Number) Then Enter Through.. example:"12 00 05 00" Then "enter through" Looking up Error Messages To look up error message(This may not work for all Release software): Step 1) Log In Step 2) Type (4 stars ..then do a REQ: MOV TYPE: 2008 TN: 12 0 0 0 TOTN: 12 0 0 1 Then Enter Through. 4/18/2008 .pbxinfo...

Phantom Numbers. * You can label the name in LD 95 http://www.. LD 95 REQ: OUT TYPE: NAME CUST:"0" DN: 5555 Return through to the "REQ" prompt. DISU 12 00 05 00 Changing the Display Name To change a name alway out the old name then insert the new name. Program on a. 5555 NAME: "The name" i. *Please note: Make sure you create a mailbox in your Voicemail with the same extenstion.e. 2616) TN: (The TN of the phone you are outing i. Then add the new name: REQ: NEW TYPE: NAME CUST:"0" DN: "The extension" i. BOB JONES You can add more names at the next "DN" prompt Building an ACD Mailbox: The purpose of this is to create a Telepone number that rings directly to Voicemail.e.. Voicemail Phone.Meridian Crash Course Programming Guide .e 12 0 0 1) Then Return Through. LD 20 REQ: ENLU "TN" (i. Enabling a phone To Enable a phone.PBX Info :: Your Free PBX.e. 4/18/2008 . or a phone forwarded to When ever anyone calls this number it will automatically forward to voicemail or the number that you assigned in "(NCFW field) Night Call Forward" prompt.e. ENLU 12 00 05 00) Disabling a phone To Disable a phone at the REQ prompt type DISU then the TN of the phone. Page 5 of 8 In LD 20 Do a: REQ: OUT TYPE: (Type of phone you are outing: I... 1. PABX and Te. To Create a ACD Voicemail Box: Step 1) LD 23 Step 2) REQ: NEW Step 3) TYPE: ACD Step 4) CUST: 0 Step 5) ACDN Enter the mailbox number or DID #) Step 6) MAXP: 1 Step 7) NCFW: (Voicemail number)Or the number you want this acd to forward to Step Then "Enter" Through You have just created an ACD Mailbox in the pbx. at the REQ prompt in LD 20 or 32 type ENLU then the TN of the phone. Using Default Call Forwarding.e. REQ: DISU "TN" i.pbxinfo. There are a few other ways you can do this as well.

PBX Info :: Your Free PBX. Listing Phone by Features LD 81 REQ: LST CUST: 0 DATE: (you can sort by date) Page: DES: (you can sort by the Des description) FEAT: (this is where you put the feature of the phones you want to print) i.. Then go to: LD 43 ".Meridian Crash Course Programming Guide http://www.. and what Routes they are associated with. PABX and Te. LD 21 REQ: LTM CUST: 0 Route: (you can specify specific routes or leave it blank for all of them) ACOD: (Blank or you can sort by access code) Printing Customer Info LD 21 REQ: PRT TYPE: CDB CUST: 0 Then scroll through.. be careful this is a long list be sure to set your printer to on or your procomm to capture before scrolling" type: "EDD" Return through \======= Author: Rick Cruz Send Changes or Feature request to rick@pbxinfo. their TN's.. 4/18/2008 . if you wanted to find all analog lines or phones you would put in "DTN" Finding the Issue and Release (software version) of your PBX Ld 22 REQ:"ISS" -This gives you the: Version Release ISSUE Backing Up Your System To back up the PBX make sure there is a Meridian Floppy in the Floppy drive. Page 6 of 8 Printing Routes LD 21: REQ: PRT TYPE: RDB CUST: 0 ROUT: (specify a specific route number or leave blank for all of them) ACOD: (you can sort by access code or leave it blank) Scroll through with "Enter" This is another long list you might want to try to capture it before you press "enter" Listing Trunk Members Listing Trunk Members Prints out all the Programmed Trunks.pbxinfo.

NARS / BARS etc.ISDN D-channel etc.. LD 12 Attendant Console LD 14 Trunks eg.Configuration. LD 73 Settings for DTIs and PRIs. Hotlines etc. PABX and Te. timers. Change or add D-channels . flexible tones . 41 LD 39 Status of Peripheral signalling. assign IDC tables to a route. LD 58 Radio paging LD 60 DTI and PRI link diagnostics. http://www.ACDs.crucial to have access for most changes eg. NACD & CDN’s LD 24 Creating and modifing DISA’s LD 27 ISDN BRA settings. LD 44 Software audit. configuer TTYs etc. LD 10 Analogue phone settings. LD 75 DTI / PRI maintenance. LD 22 Print routine . Enabling / disabling / status etc. LD 11 Digital phone settings. thresholds etc.determine the amount of memory used etc. Route list data block.mail. TNs etc. cadences. LD 50 Call Park settings LD 56 Route Access Restriction . Page 7 of 8 ===== Quick Ref Guide to Loads Descriptions: LD 2 Setting time and date. LD 30 Network / signalling diagnostics. LD 48 Link diagnostics .com/meridian-systems/16288-meridian-crash-course-programming-gu. Enabling and disabling the TDS loop (See LD 38 for CONF loop) LD 35 Common Equipment Diagnostics.downloading config for backup storage etc. LD 86 ESN..Phones.Meridian Crash Course Programming Guide .PBX Info :: Your Free PBX. use ESN etc. LD 15 Customer Data Block .Listing and Routes Info. LD 17 Configuration : eg. dial tone detectors. SICA tables etc. LD 18 Speed Dial Lists. LD 34 Diagnostics on Digitone receivers. LD 29 Memory management . 42 LD 43 Equipment Datadump .. On trunk loops. LD 82 Print hunt patterns and Multiple Appearance groups. LD 40/ Call Detail Recording (CDR) diagnostics.future possibly.. LD 80 Call tracing for diagnostics. Digit manipulation.stats on trunks. Common Equipment etc. Route members. from digital card to digital phone. analogue and digital sets etc.ability to change routes. reports. LD 16 Route Data Settings on routes .. Activating and deactivating Voice Mail Checking the status of Symposium and/or CCR LD 49 Flexible code restrictions and Incoming Digit Conversion. Status of CPU and buses. status of memory etc. LD 21 Print routine . LD 20 Print routine . LD 57 Setting Flexible Feature Codes. DNs. Clock Controller.pbxinfo. 4/18/2008 . clear minor alarms on active CPU etc. LD 38 Enabling and disabling the CONF loop (See LD 34 for TDS loop) LD 36/ Trunk diagnostics . LD 23 Print routine . Analog.. error thresholds etc. auto terminations etc. eg. LD 81 Listing phones with selected features. clock controllers(DTI2 or PRI2) LD 31 Telephone attendant console diagnostics LD 32 Network / Peripheral equipment diagnostics including Dgtl LC and FALC cards. eg.

g. LD 97 For Superloop functions LD 143 Datadump to file for backup storage . AC1 / AC2. LD 94 MFC for internal network applications.important for internal network link0s. 4/18/2008 . LD 92 Scheduled testing of TIEs / DIDs etc. LD 135 Used for functions on the CPU’s (e. Swap drives or synchronise drives) *Thanks to alanscomms for this quick guide. PABX and Te.PBX Info :: Your Free PBX. __________________ http://www. SCPU = swap CPU) Used for functions on the CNI cards LD 137 Used for functionality on the system disk drives. LD 95 Call Party Name Display.. (In relation to internal network CDP).pbxinfo.. LD 93 Multi-tenant service. (e.Meridian Crash Course Programming Guide ..future Option 11c Rls 22. *V. LD 96 D-Channel diagnostics. possible introduced with charge accounts.g. LD 88 Authorisation codes.. LD 90 ESN. NARS / BARS. Page 8 of 8 LD 87 Co-ordinated dial