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"I therefore 8'0 run, not as uncertainly; that beatteth the air" (1 Cor, 9:6). so fight I, not as one





Paul did a lot of running, but not like many people run today, who spend much of their time running in circles. Paul made all his running count. Paul was not like a prize fighter who hits and' misses, or hits into the air. When he made a lick at the devil he made it count. I have seen prize fighters make a good strong lick, but miss their object and hit into the air. When a man hits into the air he is using just. as much energy as if he hit his object. The difference is that when he hits the spot he save's himself a beating, for he gives the enemy such a blow the receiver is weakened. When you hit the spot you save' much energy, for you make the licks count. Accuracy is more important than energy. Too many today are like the children of Israel who walked around one' mountain forty years. They were going all that time, but they went in circles. They never arrived at their goal. When I was a boy we would go down into the woods, cut down a tree and lay it across the stump. We would fasten it with a peg. One of us would sit on each end. We'd go around in a circle until we became dizzy! This thing we called a "flying gennie." We went fast! We flew through the air, but we went around the same place all day. We never went anywhere. It was like a modern merry-go-ronud. It goes, but it leaves the riders dizzy.


Must Forget What The -'-'

I think how my mother used to act when she lost her needle. It seemed that she spent fifty dollars worth of energy looking for a one-cent needle. Some of the rest of us were the same way. We would go in circles, looking for that needle until we were dizzy. We would look in the same place a score of times. We could have bought another needle much cheaper. The wear and tear of our nerves and mind is very costly. Why can't we save our nerves, so they may be used on something more important than needles. We need to stop and count the cost and decide which is worth more, our energy or the thing for which we are hunting. I lost a hammer. I think I spent more energy looking for that hammer than I have used in hunting for lost souls. I worried and looked for a lost dime more than I did for lost people. We usually find an article if we stop looking for it. Many times we will come nearer finding something if we keep our sense's, and not run in circles. Whether or not we stop looking so hard for a thing depends on how much faith we exercise. I remember one time I left over five hundred dollars on the stove just before I drove seven miles to the country to church. Just before I arrived at the service I thought of the money. I knew the house was not locked. If I went back after it I'd miss service. If I went to church I'd risk losing the money. I tried to conduct the' service but could not keep my mind on spiritual things for thinking of the money at home. I got hold of myself. I made myself practice what I preached. I decided that all things work together for good. I had been preaching "in everything give' thanks." As I began to praise the' Lord I lost my anxiety and fear. Faith and fear won't mix. Praise won't mix with anxiety. I decided that the work of the Lord was more important than money. After I became perfectly willing to lose the money if need be, things were settled. We had a good service. Needless to say the money was right where I left it when I got home. Many things you lose are not lost; they are only out

of sight. If you will keep your head and stop looking, you will soon find it. The lesson you learn is more important than the thing for which you are hunting. It is far better to lose them anyway, than to lose our energy, strength, nerves and senses.
"What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee" (Ps. 56:3).

"Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth. , . " (Luke 21:26).

The first time I knew of anyone thinking about working relaxed was one' day when a salesman walked into my store. He looked at me awhile and then said, "How can you be so calm and cool with all you have to do?" Frankly, I did not know what he meant. I was running five businesses, working several employees, and handling many thousands of dollars. He said he wished he could be as carefree as I. I began to check into this matter and found that many thousands of executives are becoming disabled, and some dying before their time because they work with their mind and nerves tense. They can't seem to relax. Today I stopped and watched a negro working and took a lesson from him. You know how they do. They work so relaxed, so gracefully. Their bodies seem to work in tune with what they are doing. Other people, doing the same work, put out three times as much energy. Stop and watch a gang of men working on a road. One man strains and works real hard, putting out twice as much energy as the man next to him. Why is it? It is because he is afraid of his job. He is afraid his boss will come along and decide he is no longer needed. He somehow believes that his boss is a hard taskmaster. He is so anxious not to displease him. Fear and anxiety cut down his energy. That same man keeps trying all night. He works just that hard in his sleep, In his dream he shovels dirt. He' is just as tired when he goes to work in the morning as when he went home the night before.

Fear gripped that man's mind; so his mind kept working after his body went home. Look at this man's partner, who works with a calm spirit. He has perfect confidence in his boss. He somehow knows he will understand. He goes home at night and sleeps in a contented, peaceful attitude all night. He goes back to his work relaxed and refreshed. His work is a pleasure. He enjoys his life, because he has no fear. We need to do everything we do heartily as unto the Lcrd. We must do all we do in the name of Jesus. We must believe that he will understand. Let's not think that he is a hard taskmaster. After fear is gone from cur hearts we can do twice the work with less energy. This week I ate with a wealthy business man. I listened and learned. He' told me the secret of his success. He lived by a certain proverb. It is original with him, L ut it will work in our lives. Here it is; take it and use it. "Accuracy is more important than energy." Think of that: Where you are going means more than the effort you put forth in going. It is not the work you produce that counts, but it is on what you are working. This man made hundreds of thousands of dollars with less energy than other men use in working for one dollar per hour! His formula works! He gave his men orders not to show houses for sale on Sunday. After a few weeks one of his men phoned him long distance and said they were losing money by not showing houses on Sunday. His answer was, "My decision is not based on experiment, but on conviction." Accuracy is more important than energy. His business made money because it WHS set up on the right foundation. He can relax and work without fear because' he knows he is on the right foundation. He sells about four out of five houses he shows. Faith banishes fear. Fear has torment.
"This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then

thou shalt make thy way prosperous great success" (Josh. 1:8).

and then thou shall have

"N ow the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty" (II Cor. 3: 17).



Three time's in this verse we find a small word, "is." It is a little word with a great meaning. It is present tense if it is anything. We fail to receive things from God many times because we change' it from present tense to future tense. People change God's Word! Once in this verse we find the word, "now." It doe's not take a college education, or years of Bible school training for us to know what these words "now and is" mean. is not necessary to consult the Greek or Latin. It is so plain that a wayfaring man, though a fool, need not err therein. You may not always feel a hot flash, a cold chill; you may not fall under the power. You may not become' unconscious. You may not jump. The question is: Do you have the Lord? If you do, you have His Spirit. The Lord is that Spirit. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty . You are (now) set free! You are not required to be in a certain church, or even to have a very special man with a certain gift to lay hands on you. You do not need to put it off until next week, until tomorrow, or even one hour longer. Now is the' accepted time. Now is the only time God has ever promised to deliver you. Jesus came for one purpose. It was "the opening of the prison doors to them that are bound." He did just that. He bowed His head and said, "It is finished." " ... by whose stripes ye were healed" (1 Peter 2 :24). There was a man in 1930, by the name of George Watson, who was sentenced to be hanged by a United States Court in Philadelphia, because he robbed the mails and committed murder . President Jackson pardoned him. Mr. Wilson refused the pardon, saying it was not a pardon unless he accepted it. Since this problem had never come up before in the




United States Court it was left to the Supreme Court to decide' it. The court ruled, "If it is refused it is no pardon. George Wilson must hang." Weare free moral agents, God will not force us to accept the pardon. He will not force us to walk out of prison after the' doors are open. Before we accept the pardon we must believe it is true. It is left to us to take what God has given us. For a gift to be given it must be accepted, When Peter was in prison it was left to his decision to believe the angel and obey him. He was told to arise, bind on his sandals, put his garments about him and follow the angel. Had he not believed the angel he would never have arisen to his feet, put his garments about him, or followed! Had he' not believed the message he wouldn't have walked toward the gate. As he walked the gate really was unlocked. It opened of it's own accord. You must follow the way God is leading. He will not tell you anything else to do unless you do what He has already told you. My car lights will shine no farther unless I drive farther. "He that doeth His will shall know of the' doctrine." Don't have a Naaman nature. Obey God's command. You will if you believe what He has said, and if you want to be free. Faith without works is dead. But you must work according to God'r will Our work is wasted energy! Jesus usually commanded people to do something before He healed them. He yet does. He wants to break your stubborn will. Arise' and walk! Believe the pardon. Here it is: Act on it. Walk out of prison, for the prison door is open.
"With his stripes we are healed" (Isa. 53:5).


"Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest" (Josh. 1:9).

So it is a commanndment from God for us to be' of good courage. It is not only a privilege, but a commandment ! Let's not break the commandment of the Lord. This Scripture proves that it lies within our own choosing to be discouraged or to be encouraged. Remember that David encouraged himself in the Lord (l Sam. 30 :6). So can we! Do you want to be strong? Then remember that a man with courage is a strong man. A man with courage is a brave man, he is a man who will hold his chin up and live, facing all life's problems. He is a man who will not bow to discouragement. A man who walks out into the street in front of a gangster's shotgun is not a brave man. He is a fool! A brave man is a man who walks out into the street in the front of life's problems, conquers them; takes his wife and children to church in front of a frowning world. A brave man looks on the bright side of life when others are frowning and finding fault. Delight thyself in the Lord and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart. A weakling is a man who is discouraged, afraid, and dismayed. He refuses to believe that God is with him everywhere he goes. That man is afraid to walk in the darkness of despair! He is a coward! I met a Bible salesman yesterday, who told me his troubles. When he went into a place to sell Bibles he was tilled with fear of failure'. He was sorry for the poor people who didn't have very much monev. He was weary and tired when he arose in the morning, even before' he started out to make his sales. All night he had been afraid he was not going to make any sales. Worry and fear had him weighted down. He hurried, tried, and talked; but trying reallv hard, he was exhausted, did not keep his head from whirling; he returned home very tired in mind, spirit. bodv and nerves. I know another man who is selling the same kind of Bibles. He is full of courage. If a man does not buy a Bible, he smiles, thanks him, and goes to the next fel9


low. People are delighted to have him. They usually buy a Bible. This man is a man of courage'. He gives thanks in everything. He lives like he believes all things work together for good. He acts like he believes he can move a mountain if he has faith as a grain of mustard seed. He is relaxed and rested. He makes friends because he is friendly. He does not rush, because he feels he has plenty of time. He seems to look at life from an over all picture. It seems that he has a keen sense of security. Without trying nearly as hard he sells three times as many Bibles as the man who use's so much energy trying to make sales. He is not filled with anxiety, fear and effort. He is not fussing, fuming or fretting. Sister F. is tired all night because she is afraid. She is afraid that she cannot receive healing. She comes before the Lord with a frown. She murmurs and compains to the Lord. She is filled with hurry and worry. Her head is whirling, which is caused by doubts, despendency and despair. She has perplexing problems, caused by anxiety and effort. Sister S. receives her healing without any effort, The reason why she is healed is because she trusts instead of trying. She does not spend all her energy begging and pleading. Why use energy'? She has contentment and courage. That is why she recovers: She stops working and lets God work!
"Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart; wait, J say, on the Lord" (Ps. 27:14).


"He that hath entered works" (Heb. 3:12). into rest hath ceased from his own

We have' another verse of Scripture which says, "But wilt thou know, 0 vain man, that faith without works is dead'?" (James 2:20). How can we explain these two verses? It is simple. When the real faith comes we step out of our own works into God's works. When we have the 10

real faith we will have less of our own works and more of God's works. As our faith dwindles away we have less of God's work and more of our works. . This explains why Peter and John at the Beautiful Gate did not need to pray a long prayer. They did not shake the man or scream. I don't think they even prayed for him. Quietly, with assurance, they simply said "In the Name of Jesus Christ arise and walk." The~ used less energy than many of our use when we' pray for a headache. Not long ago I watched a man as he prayed for the sick. He screamed. He cried. He begged. He stamped his feet. He shook the sick and rebuked him for not believing! He would stop and preach to each one of those people who were seeking healing before he prayed for them. I know how he felt, for I .h~ve felt the same way. The fear of failure' caused him to use all that effort and energy. I went to another man's healing service. He quietly spoke the same words which God put into his mouth. Blind eyes were opened; deaf ears were' unstopped. Devils obeyed and came out. He simply spoke the words of faith in a low tone. He' used less than onetenth of the energy of the other man. The work was done! . Paul even cast out devils and healed the sick through handkerchiefs and aprons which had touched His body (Acts 19:11-12). We see that the following verses tell us of seven men, the Sons of Sceva, a Jew tried to cast devils out of a man. The devils cast them ~ut. They were depending on their own strength and effort. They spoke the words of Jesus with their mouth with no results. The name' of Jesus is not a mere charm of some kind of magic. Name means authority. If I go in the name of the state, I go in the authority and power of the state. I'd be a representative of the state. The seven sons of Sceva could have held "campaigns." They could have screamed, jumped and shouted. They may have played a guitar and sung. If they were' here today, perhaps they would even be on television and radio. But the devils would not recog11

nize them if they only talked about the Jesus Paul preached. They used many times as much energy as Paul used. Brother H. prays before service. He prays loud until he is wet with perspiration. He screams until his throat is so sore he can hardly talk when he steps into the pulpit. Brother C. goes into a quiet room. People may even think he is asleep. He waits before the Lord in quietness. He lays under the power for two hours. He used much less energy than Brother H. He sees many times as much results when he is in service. I saw a man preach a six-minute sermon. About twelve hundred people came forward to be saved. I have preached an hour and a half and seen less than a hundred saved. Yet I put forth much more energy! I used a lot of my energy while the other fellow used spiritual energy, the kind that causes a mustard seed to go to war with a mountain and whip it! Faith has more energy than dynamite or the H bomb! I see now why Jesus was not in a hurry when Lazarus w~s sick. .He refused to go in his own strength. He waited until the Father which was in Him moved Him. Then he' saw results. He did not need to rush and hurry until he had a nervous breakdown.
" ... He that believeth shall not make haste" (Isa. 28:16).


" ... for the battle is not yours, but God's" (II Cor. 25:15).

Too many of us wear ourselves down fighting when there is no need for it. We fight as one who beats the air. Since the battle is too great for us we must let the power that is stronger than the enemy fight our battle's for us. . Why are thousands of ministers working overtime for God? Why do they break down their mind, body and nerves while they do it? The answer is, whether we realize it or not because of the fear of failure. It is not always to plea~e the Lord. Many times it is because of competition and the demand that comes from the members. Therefore, many ministers have become men-pleasers. Can we ever learn not to drive ourselves to death, not to over-tax our mind, heart, and nervous system? Can we ever learn to work relaxed and leave the results to the Lord! It is amazing what we can do if we will leave all the credit with the Lord. We need to learn a lesson from a very successful business man I recently talked with. He makes hundreds of thousands of dollars; he used less effort and energy than the average' person. I wanted to know how he did it and he told me: "You wouldn't think of Jesus overworking while He was here. He wouldn't drive His body. He didn't hurry and rush, trying to get to the next ~eeting. Yet he had no planes or high speed cars. He did not have a heart attack or a nervous collapse for fear He would b~ late." That made' me think. After all we are working for



Him. It is His field. It is His battle. He is our example and pattern. It seems that Elijah had a collapse when he thought he was the only one to do the job. When he learned that there were seven thousand more men to help him he recovered from his collapse. J esus said there are twelve hours in the day for a man t~ work (John 11 :12). Did he say that just to he~r HImself talk? Or was there a meaning to what He sa.Id and had recorded in Holy Writ? He' put that in HIS Word for us. I remember reading that He hid Himself away all night in prayer. There He was alone in the mountains. Was He wasting time? The enemy would have us think so. Jesus took time to minister to the smallest child, to the woman at the well or Mary the sister of Martha. He was not too busy to do per~ sonal work! Jesus didn't rush or hurry. Even while Lazarus was sick He took His time! He took time to thing before He spoke or answered a question. He would be silent or write on the ground. It would help many preachers today to take time to write in the sand. J esus woul~ not plan His meetings so close' together that He. was In a very nervous tension all the time. He spent time to pray that laborers would be sent into ~he harvest. He commands us to do the same. I wonder If the man that is trying to work night and day prays that God will send laborers to do some of that work. Jesus did not worry about the winds and waves. The tempest did not give Him fear and anxiety. He was calm and collected. He was relaxed and rested while others were tense and afraid. That is faith. A calm man IS a strong man. Two swimmers start out to swim. One swims fifty feet w~en his strength gives away. The other swimme!" with less energy, swims the English Channel. One SWImstense while' the other swims relaxed. ~ately a colored lady was heard to pray. After she said everything she could think of in her prayer that was good she closed with these words, "Dear Lord, let the very motions of this being be in honor to you;: great name all the day long. Amen."

" ... leaving us an example that we should follow his steps" (I Peter 2:21).

"And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life" (John 3:14-15).

Many people the world over quote John 3 :16, and so they should, but the two verses preceding John 3: 16 are just a important. These words were spoken by the Master Himself! This Scripture contains a two-fold sermon. It contains a message on divine healing for the body as well as salvation for the soul. All the people who looked at the brazen serpent were healed All who looked! If Jesus cannot do as much as the brazen serpent did, then Jesus did not tell the truth. He spoke' the words recorded in the above Scripture, and Jesus is the Truth. He can do just as much as the serpent which was a type of Himself. Can you imagine a woman in the wilderness, in the day of Moses, who refused to look at the serpent, while thousands of others who had been bitten by a serpent, were' healed as they looked! Can you imagine her living there in her home with her children in a dying condition. All of them are swollen four times their normal size. The neighbors try to tell them to look at the serpent and be well, but she says that it is too simple. "Why don't you receive your healing?" asks a friend. "I am trying as hard as I can," answers the wellmeaning woman, as she struggles and puts forth all the effort she can. When nearly all her energy is gone, in despair, she says, "I don't understand, I am living as good as some folk who are healed." All of her energy and anxiety will not heal her! She is depending on her work instead of the work of Christ. She is trying to substitute her own wisdom for God's wisdom. She is trying to pay for something that is too costly for her to buy. She does not realize that the whole thing is marked, "Purchased and Paid."



"He was wounded for our transgressions ... and with His stripes wfJ are healed." Those folk who work and worry for healing are doing exactly the same thing as a sinner who is trying to work himself into salvation. All his righteousness is as filthy rags compared to the debt he owes. Billy Graham was driving down a highway in his car about ten miles faster than the speed limit when he met a policeman who picked him up by radar. He was arrested and carried to the judge. As the judge came out of a local barber shop, and looked into Dr. Graham's eye's, he thought he recogn-· ized him as being the evangelist he had been watching on television. After gazing at the minister awhile he said, "Don't I know you?" "I hope not," answered the famous evangelist, and then confessed who he was. The judge hated to charge him the ten dollars, but the law had been violated and the penalty had to be paid. After studying for awhile the judge said, "I'm going to pay that fine for you." He took out his own money, marked the bill paid, and pinned a ten dollar bill to it. God has done something much more important for us. A bill which we could never pay in a lifetime God hassettled for us. Man has received a "traffic ticket" for breaking the law. The penalty is much too heavy for anyone to ever pay. Jesus has paid the debt in our place. Look away from yourself to Jesus. Stop working and worrying. Realize' that it is finished. Don't fear and fret. Don't look on God as being a hard taskmaster, asking you to do what you cannot do. Think of Him as one who loved the world so much that He gave His Son. When you see this truth your work is over. There will be no more energy, no more anxiety. You'll be calm, cool, and contented. When you are rested and relaxed, then you will recover.
I .

"For he that is entered into his reet, he also hath ceased from his own works ... " (Heb, 4:10).

" ... for I have learned in whatsoever state I am therewith to be content" (Phil. 4:11).

Many people need to learn to be content in whatsoever town they are. If you try to live in two towns at one time you are being pulled apart. It is hard on your nervous energy; it causes mental anguish. It would be wonderful if you could make a decision to live in one town or the other. Then you can rest and relax. Other people need to learn to be content in one church. They run from one church to another like a hobo without a home. They are not settled. If they would make a decision to settle down, become interested in one church, and work for the upbuilding of a place to call home, they would be working for the upbuilding of their nerves and constitution. The other day I tried to help a lady receive healing for her mind and nerves. Her body would not heal as long as her mind and nerves were torn apart. On questioning her I found she was trying to attend two different churches of different faiths. This tore her theology to piece'S. I advised her to make a decision for one church or the other so that she would become settled on the inside. After the inside' is adj usted the body and nerves will take care of themselves. Paul may have learned his lesson the hard way. You can .profit by Paul's experience and be contented without learning it the hard way. God commands you to "be content with such things as you have" (Heb. 13 :5). If you could not be content why would the Lord so command? With each commandment from God comes the grace to help! Recently a minister's wife' complained because she only had two rooms in which to live. Later on her husband secured three rooms and it was the same way. After they moved into four rooms she was still dissatisfied. Then they bought a nice brick home, but the 17


discontentment is still there. Because of that discontented spirit, because she tried to live in two homes at once, she was torn apart. She had no energy to carry on her work. The results were she was unhappy all the time. The house was not the cause. It was her. You can be contented regardless of your circumstances, if you will do as Paul commanded, "In everything give thanks." Last night a lady asked me, "Why is a person dissatisfied and discontented all the time regardless of what he does?" I asked her one question, "Are you in the will of God?" "I don't know," she replied. "Do this," I said, "Decide that you are in God's will until He shows you differently. I think that would be alright with God. You are not out of His will unless you know it." The devil is the accuser of the brethren, and the sisters, too. The devil will tell you that you are out of God's will. As long as you believe it you are torn between two opinions. This will cause you to use' all your nervous energy, it will give you mental anxiety. Your body and nerves will be depleted as a short circuit deplete'S a battery. Your pep will be gone. You will have no drive. Your physical body will be pulled down. Your resistance will be pulled so low that disease can enter. It will hinder your rest and healing. Just after I was saved and filled with the Spirit I felt impressed to go to South Texas, about seven hundred and fifty miles away. Immediately I felt a sense of dissatisfaction. I felt that I was doing no good, so I started to leave. As I prayed and waited upon the Lord, He showed me a verse in the Bible that told how the angel told Joseph to go down into Egypt and "stay there until I bring thee word." He waited in Egypt two years before God sent for him. But he' was there when God was ready to use him. Through this verse I was made to know that God wanted me to stay there until He brought me word. So I decided I was in God's will. When I did, the anxiety and worry lifted. I had courage and energy

to go about my work, for I felt that God would be with me. A contented man is a strong man. Many people have not learned the profit in contentment.
"But godliness with contentment is great gain" (I Tim. 6:6).

"But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think that he shall receive anything of the Lord" (James 1:6-7).

A wave is tossed to and fro. There is a strong, unseen force behind it that drives it and makes it go anyw here, and almost any direction. Many people seem to have a strong, unseen force behind them that compels them to go just any direction. A strong wind drives a wave and causes it to do much damage. Many people are driven and tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine. They do much harm to the cause of the Lord. First it is the east wind; then it is the west wind. Then it goes from the north to the south. They are unstable in all their ways. A wave never gets anywhere, although it goes fast and hard. It is always busy. It uses much force. Many people go fast and drive' hard, but they have no goal. They put forth much wasted effort. Like a wave, after a week of toiling and trying they have gone exactly nowhere. Every time a wave' climbs up it falls right back where it was before. Many people are always climbing, but they always fall back. All the effort and energy put forth is wasted. They are like a man who is climbing out of a well. Each time he' climbs a step he falls back a step. People are like a family who pays payments on their furniture, but let it go back before it is paid for. Before the last installment is paid it is repossessed. For many years they make payments, but they never get the furniture paid out. All that effort is wasted. "Though the wave's thereof toss themselves they cannot prevail; though they roar, yet can they not pass over it" (Jer. 5 :22).

I know a woman who "tried and tried to quit tobacco." She walked the floor and tried fo~ weeks, day and night, but it seemed to be all In vam. Each time she "swore off" she finally went back to using it. This went on for many years. She is now old and still trying. All of her effort and energy has been wasted, because she' did not make the right decision. I know a man who did not try nearly so much, but he just simply quit. Once when the tobacco made him sick he made a decision. And it was made. He looked at the' tobacco and said, "You have fooled me thirty years and then do me this way! I'll never touch you again!" He didn't! A man who tries to "taper off" a habit a little at a time is like a man who cuts a dogs tail off an inch at a' time each month for one year. About the time it heals h~' cuts off another inch. It hurts just as much each time. He should cut it off all at once. A wave of the sea does much fuming and fussing. It roars and makes much noise. It tosses itself into the air. It is windy. It is full of hot air. It boils. I know people who fuss and fume. They toss themselves into the air. They roar, they boil over. They are full of hot air. They spend their effort and energy for nothing and never get anywhere. They wear the knees of their pants praying for work. Then they wear the seat of their pants out backslidding from work after they find it. The waves bother other people, and tries to sink their ship. It is contrary! It is crosswise! Some people are the same way. If they would use that energy the right way they could help people instead of hinder•

be roaring. The sea stands for people, multitudes and nations. You needll'Hei- the sea cause you nervous tension. Jesus told us exactly what to do.
" ... and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and waves roaring; ... and when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh" (Luke 21:25-28). "If our heart condemns us not then have we confidence toward God" (I John 3!21).

Have you been tossed to and fro by the contrary winds? Remember Jesus arose and rebuked the winds. There was a great calm! The waves straightened out and went to sleep. The tempest was past and gone! The disciples made the right decision when they decided to call on the Master of the waves. You can also make the right decision just now. Jesus said in the last days the' waves and sea would

If we' are not under condemnation we have faith. If we have faith we have no fear. If we have no fear we are contented. If we are contented we are happy. If we' are happy we are calm. If we are calm we are relaxed. If we are relaxed we are strong. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, "In obedience and -in confidence shall be your strength." At one time I was under condemnation. I felt a sense of guilt. This caused me to be filled with fear and frettings, torment and tension, and perplexing problems. I was not calm and cool, relaxed or rested. After I received forgiveness the guilt was erased. Since that time I have had a sense of security, for I'm saved from sin! That quietness, and calmness is worth more than many millions of dollars. Night before last about twelve o'clock, just after I returned home from church, a neighbor came to my home and called for me to come outside. He' said he could not sleep, so he came for help. His eyes were glas.s.y. He was full of fear and fright! I was astonished as he told me' his condition. At one time he went to the front of the church. He failed to pay his tithes to God. He could go no farther than the center of the church. Later he could go no farther than the back seat. Then he could go no farther than the front door. At one time he parked his car and started to the church, but he' froze in his tracks half way between his car and the church. After that he quit going to church altogether. An almost uncontrollable urge took hold of him to kill his children. It was pitiful to look into the eyes of this poor man. His resolutions lay shattered at his


feet! Fear caused him to think he had turned over to a reprobate mind. He was talking, as it were, in circles. His mind was shattered. He was saying these words : "You can't tell me. It changes your whole life to probe into your backgroun d" . . . t Then I learned that he had gone' to a psychiatris for help, who had gone into his background from the time he was a teenager. "You simply catch yourself drifting back there," he said. . This was his condition: All the things, for which Christ had forgiven him years before, had been brought afresh to his mind. Satan had taken advantage of this. Condemnation had placed itself f!esh on his conscience. The sense of guilt had crept In. The sense of security and contentment had slowly crept away. You can't have both contentment and guilt at one time. Fear has torment. His sins were continually gnawing at him! He' was ready for the hospital. I told him to remind Satan that the blood covered his sins that his sins had been put into the sea of God's f~rgetfulness, never to be remembered. against him anymore. They should have never been discussed. I read to him a most comforting promise from God's Word. He went home, layed his head on that promise and slept all night. The next day he came back to tell me how he appreciated a good night's sleep. When condemnation left, rest and relaxation came back. His eyes looked normal. His fear and sense of guilt were not there. Since' he was contented and calm he had strength. He could then work with less energy and less effort because the strain of anxiety was gone! That is why a Christian can produce better work with less energy. "There is therefore no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who talk not after the flesh but after the Spirit." The verse I read to him will help you if you will memorize it and use it for your pillow tonight.
"But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil" (Prov. 1:33).


"These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace." .

Jesus is the source' of all peace. He is the Prince of Peace. Many people are praying for peace, but they do not know the source of peace. The United States Postoffice has put a postmark on the' mail "Pray for Peace." I noticed those words across, or beside the stamps. It is a beautiful thought indeed! I am for it with all my heart, but in order to receive the answer to our prayers, we must pray in the right way. If we do not pray according to the will of God we' are using our energy for nothing and wasting our time. Jesus said whatever we ask in His Name He would do it. That is the correct way to pray, in order to receive the answer. SOME DO NOT BELIEVE IN PRAYING IN THE NAME OF JESUS. Thousands of people in our country believe that Jesus is an imposter, that He was born out of wedlock. They pretend to pray to God. If they speak to God, while they curse His Son, they are guilty of blasphemy. Let not these people think they will have peace! I have known presidents of The United States who prayed to God, but you would never hear them pray in the Name of Jesus, or use' that Name in prayer. They are afraid they will insult the antichrist group. A man who does not have the courage to pray in the name of Jesus will never receive the' answer to his prayers. Their energy and effort is wasted. ,



Thousands of people in our fair country pray to Buddah, or to some other man, who has set himself up as the Messiah. Surely they pray for peace, but they reject the Prince of Peace. They are ignorant of the' born again e'Xperience. They are wicked sinners. They are thieves and robbers (John 10 :1). The wrath of God abideth on them (John 3 :46). There is no peace, saith the Lord to the wicked. Many people in our land kneel and pray to .idols. They pray five times each day. They are more faithful to their god than we are to God. Millions of people today pray to the sun god, moon god, rain god, or to thousands of other gods. They are faithful in praying for peace. Their god cannot see, hear, or answer prayer. . What good will it do for you to pray for peace If you pray to dead saints, or' pray to a man ? Your feeble prayers will fly back into your face or fall to y?ur feet! Why do you want peace if you bypass the' Christ, the source of all peace? SOME PEOPLE WANT PEACE TO SAVE THEIR OWN SELVES. They ask, and ask amiss, that they may consume it upon th~ir ?wn lust. T~ey want peace so they can go on in their SIn and polutions. I suppose the people in Noah's day wanted .peace'. At the same time they rebelled against going Into the ark. Concerning this day, God says, "When they shall say peace and safety then sudden destruction cometh." The antichrist will be a man of peace and flattery. "Because, even because they have seduced my pe'c;, ple, saying, Peace, and there was no peace ... (Ezek. 13 :10). DON'T PRAY AGAINST GOD'S WILL. If you pray against His will in anything, you are' going the opposite way. You will tear yourself apart! Jesus did not come to bring peace, but a sword (Matt. 10 :34). Now Jesus will bring peace to our soul, but some day He will return and bring a thousa~d y~ar~ of peace on earth to His people. All the anti-christians, who refuse to pray in Christ's name will be destroyed. There is no other name given among men whereby we may be saved.

PRAY ACCORDING TO GOD'S WILL. God told us what would come to pass. He told us to pray always that we may be counted worthy to escape those things which will come on the earth. Pray that He will send forth laborers into the harvest. Be willing to be' one of those laborers. If you pray according to God's will you pray in faith. You will save much energy and effort. You will have contentment and rest.
"Then had thy peace been as a river ... " (Isa. 48:18).

"I will fear no evil, for thou art with me" (Psa. 23:4).

Fear depletes our nerves, weights down our mind, presses our heart, and runs down our body. It cuts energy and slows down production. Fear is from the devil himself. Fear is a monster! Fear hath torment! Weare' promised deliverance from fear. Perfect love casteth out fear. Yesterday a minister came from another state, seeking advice and help. She was planning to resign her church, because of her run down condition. Her heart skipped; her nerves were tense; her body could not relax. Her eyes refused to sleep. After she stopped her body, her mind kept going. After talking with her, the Lord helped me to know her trouble. "Here' is what is wrong," I said, "The fear of failure takes ninety per cent of your energy. You only use ten percent of your energy in pastoring the church. You are afraid the devil is going to tear up the' church, because you know of two more churches (out of thousands) that have been torn up and divided. "You don't want the church to go down on your hands, mainly because of pride and of what the people will think. "Therefore, do this: Ask God to help you to become perfectly willing to be called a falure if necessary! (After all the battle is not yours, but the Lord's). Become willing for the church to go down on your hands.

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Then your battle will be ninety percent over. . "There is not a thing you can do anyway to keep It from going down, unless God helps you. He is more interested than you. If God can't keep it together I'm sure you can't. If it is God's work He will take care of His own. If it is your work it ought to go down. "Do you think God wants to keep it going? Is it He able to keep what you commit in His hands? Then why take it back in your own hands? He has not promised to keep what you do not keep in His hands. Let Him do the worrying." Although her church was prospering 'She had a constant fear that something was going to happen to tear it to pieces! Many people are pastoring a church with three thousand members with much less energy than others use who have a church of only one hundred. They have no fear, because they simply believe God will take care of His own. They take no credit for success and no blame for failure. It is God's work. They are' simply led by the Spirit each day. We are dead and our live's are hid with Christ in God. A dead man does not turn over in his casket because he is afraid of something. He does not take the "big head" when someone' brags on him, or become discouraged when he is criticized. Someone asked a missionary if he were not afraid he would be killed in a foreign country. "I died before I started," he answered. Within a few days we heard from the pastor. She said everything seemed like old time's! They were greater than ever. A pastor, as well as members, may just think that things are going down! When we become killed out to fear and failure we can relax our nerves, slow down our heart, rest our body and comfort our spirit. We can rest in peaceful sleep and not "pastor" the church all night, in our sleep. We' won't get up in the morning with our mind and nerves as tired as when we went to sleep. The reason I mentioned this is because thousands of other people are having as much trouble with other things as this sister did the church.

"Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. "It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth His beloved sleep" (Ps. 217:2).

"Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth is come, he will guide you into all truth ... " (John 16:13).

What a blessed privilege offered to any human being! Look at the trouble you are saved from when you are guided the right way. Personally I have saved many years of wasted time and effort, because I had something greater than myself to guide me. Think of the thousands of people who must start life all over again just because they have made the wrong move in business, marriage, or other important matters. We need to find some way to keep from spending half our life in wasted effort and then try to start life' all over again in latter years. After all, when we waste energy and time we waste life, for that helps to make' us live. You spend about half of your time storing energy. You even take breaks during your work hours to rest. You are off your job sixteen hours in order to rest, sleep and eat. You are off your job on Saturdays and Sundays. You are off on holidays. You spend about five hundred hours each year eating. Your wife spends more time preparing your meals, your beds, and your room than you do working. You have spent about twenty years in school learning how to work with less energy. You sit in the doctor's office for hours in order to take care of your body. Since you spend so much time to produce energy don't you think you should be very careful how you use that energy? I know people who spend more energy trying to make minor decisions, which are not worth worrying about, than our president uses to run our nation. One woman can hardly decide what dress she' wants 27


to wear. She will go back to the looking glass five
times and change dresses three times before she goes to church. A man makes a big problem out of deciding what tie he wants to wear. He will walk the' floor until he is so tired that he cannot enjoy church. Then after all his worrying he will pull off the red tie and put on the one he first tried. I have worried myself almost sick in a department store, trying to decide which suit to buy. I became so confused that I bought the wrong one. All the effort and anxiety I spent was worth more than the price of five suits! A lady kept her husband awake nearly all night, and then fussed with the car salesman the next day, because she could not decide which car she wanted. A family just across' the street can make all these decisions without any anxiety or effort! What is the difference? They simply have more faith in the higher power to guide them. These' indecisions tax the mind and deplete the nervous system. This state of mind is like leaving the switch in your car on all night. It burns out the condense'!", and your car won't run the next day . You should turn off the switch and let your mind's motor cool off. Then you can rest and relax. Yesterday I talked to a nice young teenager, who is far above the average person. She' is above normal in every way as far as talents are concerned. She has a promising future. She is qualified to do more and better work than the' average adult. She told me that she was very nervous and was afraid of loosing her mind. In checking I found that she was torn between two opinions. She wants to live by the teachings of her dad and mother. She wants to use her talents for the church and do the' right thing. She wants to get married, settle down and be contented and happy. She also wants to stay single, go to Hollywood, and use her talents in night life'. This indecision tears her apart. It seems that she never turns the switch off her mind. She works and battles with this problem twenty-four hours each day. Her mind and nerves do 28

not relax, This effects her heart, which effects her health in general. She must make a decision soon or loose her mind.
" ... 24:15). Choose you this day whom you will serve" (Josh.

"As the mountains are round about Jerusalem. so the Lord is round about his people, from henceforth forever" (Ps. 125:2).

The mountains completely surround Jerusalem. So the Lord completely surrounds us. He has a hedge round about me, so that I will be protected from my • enemies. My life is hid with Christ in God; so there are two partitions between me' and the devil! When I am under the blood the devil cannot touch me. Should he come through the blood he would be converted. He will run from the blood, because he is afraid of it. Jesus said, "I am with you alway even to the end of the world." The end of the world has not yet come, so Jesus is still with me. Even when I don't feel Him, His Word is still true! His angels encamp round about them that fear the Lord. Since I fear the Lord an angel is close to me all the time, whether I feel him or not! One angel has power to bind the devil and put him in the pit. I have the Lord. I feel His Spirit. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. I am free because God says I am free. The word "henceforth" means from now on! If it means anything it means that. If the Government of the United States should tell me that I would draw a pension "from NOW on" I would expect to be paid from the date the state~ent was made. The United States Government may break a promise, but God will never tell me wrong! Therefore, God is round about me now! When I married my wife the minister asked her 4'Do you take' this man to be your lawful wedded hus: band; do you promise to stand by him, forsaking all

others, through sickness and all adversity, until death do you part?" Holding my right hand, she said from the depth of her heart, "1 do." I expected it to begin there, from "henceforth." I didn't expect her to mean she would begin a few weeks, months, or years later. I didn't take her to mean that she would begin at some indefinite time. She did not mean she would be faithful to me unless she changed her mind. If my wife goes to town for a few hours I don't worry, nor think that she has forsaken me for someone else. I believe that she is still faithful! If she is not in my sight all the time; if her hands are not in mine; if she, is not saying all the time that she loves me, I have confidence that she' is still true. If she is true, how much more is my Lord true to His promise. He solemnly said, "I am round about you from henceforth forever." That did not mean that He would begin at some indefinite time in the future, maybe a month, a year, or longer. He meant from "henceforth." If I am not shouting; if I don't feel His hand in mine, I know that He' is yet faithful. He says "nor will I suffer my faithfulness to fail." That is faith faith in His faithfulness when feelings fail! He is true; He is round about me now! When your husband firmly held your right hand, p-d said with a lump in his throat, "I do," he meant "from henceforth." It is possible for him to change' his mind. His love may grow dim. He may not be faithful from "henceforth," but the Lord is the faithful bridegroom.

" . . . as the bridegroom rejoiceth over the bride, so shall thy God rejoice over thee" (lsa. 62:5).

"My yoke is easy and my burden is light" (Matt. 11:30).

Many people do not believe this. To look at most Christians you would think the yoke is hard and the burden is heavy. It is the' devil's yoke that is hard.

His burden is heavy. Jesus will carry the heaviest end of the cross. Some folk seem to think they must carry it all alone. Recently I saw a lady step on the bus. She was standing, but finally a gentleman gave her a seat. After she sat down she kept her load in her arms. She did not want to load the bus down too much. She did not seem to know that the bus was carrying both her and her load. Too many people go shopping today. They purchase worries, fears, and troubles. Worse than that, they keep them in their arms. A man recently related the following story: "I worked hard trying to defend the Christian faith, and solve the problems of the world. I was taken up with my neighbors' troubles. I tried to carry the load of the church, the world, and other planets. I made my troubles as large as the rocky mountains. Yet I was a speck in God's sight, compared to the mountain ranges. "I worked up a high nervous tension by toiling long hours. My heart would not stand up to it. My constitution was not made to carry that tonnage. My blood circulation became very low. I went to bed with my socks on my feet. I sat up late at night to do all my studying and worrying. Believe it or not, I broke down working for the Lord. "One day I saw that I was carrying the heaviest end of the cross. I changed my philosophy and revolutionized my theology. I stopped! "I decided I'd let faith defend me instead of my defending faith. Instead of defending the Bible I let the Bible defend me. It is like a lion; turn it loose and it will defend itself. I found that I was not strong enough to defend the angels. I now let them protect me. God can solve my problems better than I can solve' His. Instead of my using God, He now uses me. I don't give Him orders; I take orders from Him. I used to love the work of God. Now I am in love with God. I don't have a breakdown, since' I work in His strength instead of my own. Instead of my carrying God, I let Him

carry me. I depend on what He has done for me and not what I have done for Him. "My tension is gone! I have become calm and quiet. -My heart has become normal. My blood pressure is all right. I no longer need to wear my socks to bed. I go to bed on time and let God do my worrying. Since He never worries, it is not done." Doctors say sixty percent of their patients are' suffering from worry and tension of nerves which medicine cannot help. They need to slow down and quit driving too hard and going too fast. People try to overcome fear and worry in our day by attending church once each week. That will never get the job done. They are afraid their children will not grow up right, but they can't remedy this by taking them to church on Sunday morning, and letting them worship the silver screen of Hollywood every night during the week. Rest in the Lord; relax your nerves; rejuvenate your youth; rely on Psalms ninety-one.
"Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence . . . Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday . . . there shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways."

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