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EIGHTY-FIVE THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE GIFT OF PROPHECY TODAY DOES THE SPIRITUAL GIFT OF PROPHECY FORETELL TH E FUTURE? There is a difference in the prophet of the Old Testament, who was a seer, and the Spirit filled Christian today, who has the Spiritual gift of prophecy. Read First Samuel and you will see that the prophet Samuel could look into the future and tell things which should come to pass. But Saul, who leaves no record of foretelling the future, prophesied when the Spirit of the Lord came upon him. The gift of prophecy, which is a gift of utterance, may or may not speak of the future. By this gift the Lord may speak of the past, present, or future. It is one of the three gifts to speak which God has set in the Church. It is as much a miracle of speech as the gift of tongues or the gift of interpretation. THEN WHAT IS THE GIFT OF PROPHECY WHICH GOD HAS SET IN THE CHURCH? The Spiritual _g-iftof prophecy is a supernatural utterance, a gift of utterance, just as interpretation, except there has been no message in tongues. It is a miracle of speech. It is a supernatural utterance in' your own language. It is forth telling, or a flowing forth. IS TIlE PROPHECY SPOKEN IN THE FIRST, SECOND, on THIRD PERSON? It may be in the first, second. or third person, depending upon the choice of the one who is doing the speaking. Prophecy may be in the third person, as "The Lord says that I-Ie is gracious, merciful, and slow to anger." It may be in the second person, as, "The Lord is gracious, merciful, and slow to anger." It may be in the first person, as, "I am gracious, merciful, and slow to anger." IS IT BEST TO SPEAK PROPHECY IN THE FIRST, SECOND, TIIII-t!) PERSON? Most people agree that it is better to prophesy in the second person, as it does .not put all the responsibility on the Lord. The gift is infallible, but people are not. The Lord gives LIS the message. We use our Own vocabu-



lary to speak that message. We choose the words to deliver our soul. God anoints those words. Just as the Lord gives a preacher a message, as he speaks out that message under the anointing, using his own words, so it works with the Spiritual gift of prophecy in most cases. Another preacher may speak, using the same message, but different words meaning the same thing. Two people may prophesy, speaking different words, but delivering the same message. The second speaker may use more or less words than the first speaker. IS TIlE GIFT OF PROPHECY GIVEN ALIKE TO EVERYONE? I have told you the way prophecy is given most of the time. l[OWQVCI' we can't put the Lord in a straight jacket and require Him to work alike with everyone. We can't run everyone through the same "cookie cutter." The Lord is yct sovereign and may work in anyway He chooses to work. Concerning the Spiritual gifts there are diversities of operation (oJ: Cor. 12 :6). Some few folk say they see words written on the wall or in the air in gold letters. That would be a rare exception rather than the rule. IS IT POSSIBLE THAT ONE WITH THE GI?r OF PROPHECY MIGHT BE MISTAKEN? The mistake could be with the speaker and not with the gift. The human can make a mistake, but the Spirit of God cannot make a mistake. A man may make a mistake and fail to receive the anointing of the Spirit, but the anointing of the Spirit is always right. IS PROPHECY EVER OF THE DEVIL? A drunkard lying in a mud hole or in a road house may murmur and jabber. He may be possessed with the d vii, but that is not prophecy. It might possibly be a countcrfcit. But I have never seen that in church. We don't (\ prophecy manifested until we first chase all evil spirits I\WlLY and cover the place with the blood by faith in God. Horne time people who don't live right prophesy in church. '1'11(111 Rom people call it devil inspired. But it is dangerous 10 IIny such a thing. It is the most cruel thing that you -2-

can say about anyone. To say that one is using the power of the devil when he is not is to put fear into the heart of people and make them afraid to seek the Holy Ghost, for fear they might get the devil. If the speaker happens to be under the anointing of the Spirit, then you are blaspheming the Holy Ghost to say that, and committing the unpardonable sin, (Matt. 12 :32). I have checked and watched people for thirty-five years; in most cases the speaker is sincere. He may not have been living right last week, but God may have forgiven him this morning, while you are remembering what he did yesterday. God is more merciful than we are. Man is prone to be unmerciful and cruel. The Lord forgives many times when we do not. IS ALL PROPHECY REAL? If it is prophecy it is real. It is not genuine prophecy unless it is of God. Anything which is of God is real. A spoken word is not infallible. The fact that Paul set judges in the church shows that there may be something spoken which is not anointed of God, (I COl'. 14 :29). They did not judge prophecy, but they judged the individual, to see whether or not what he was speaking was real prophecy or .i ust mere human words. God had a way for the people to .i udge the spoken words by prophets in the Church in the wilderness, to tell whether or not it was true prophecy. God has a way for men to .i udge the spoken words by people in the Church in this age, to tell whether or not it is a real prophecy. The prophets who judge in the Church should have discerning of spirits (l Cor. 1 :29). IF PROPIJECY IS NOT REAL PROPHECY, IS IT THEN OF THE DEVIL? No, many good people, who have the Holy Ghost, may speak without the anointing- or the Spirit. 111 that way they are speaking by their own spirit. It may be a product of their own mind. IS IT NOT WRON(; FOR TIIElVf TO DO THAT? It is not exactly right. But we cannot say that they are sinning by doing so. Some of them are very zealous and -3-

are Teaching out, trying to do something for the Lord. They may speak good words, which are from an impression, or from an inspiration they have received from a sermon. They will soon learn the mind of the Spirit. Before long they will know how to be led by the Lord. They will learn to wait on the leadings of the Holy Spirit. WILL NOT THIS HURT TIlE CHURCH SERVICES? Sometimes altar calls and sermons may be interrupted by someone speaking out without the leading of the Spirit. But who can say that it would be anymore wrong than a man preaching without the leading of the Spirit, or praying, merely using his own words. The Lord says that anytime we speak that it should be as the oracles of God (I Peter 4 :11). It is important that we have the mind of the Lord in any kind of church service. God is a Spirit. They that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit, (John 4 :23). It is displeasing to the Father for LIS to carryon any part of the service in our own human spirit, whether it be sermon, testimony, prayer, or conducting the services, It is worse in God's eyes for one to do so deliberately than to do it with a sincere heart, trying to do something for the Lord. Many sermons are knowingly and deliberately delivered in the own human spirit, using natural ability. This is very sacrilegious and vain. It is bringing the product of man as a sacrifice to the Lord as Cain did. God did not send the fire and consume it. A man who is not anointed and led by the Lord to preach should never critize anyone for speaking out of place in prophecy. A man without the Spirit cannot judge. His own actions show that he has no discerning of spiritual things, or he would not conduct services in his own human spirit. He that is spiritual judges all things, and not he who merely has an education of the natural mind. WILL GOD PUNISH THOSE FOLK WHO PROPHESY lN THEIR OWN SPIHIT? If they are sincere, and do not know how to yield to the Lord, then lIe will bear with them; so should we. They are trying their best and may make the best of Christians


I r your little girl would ask for bread the wrong way wOIII(1 you let her starve? No you would look at her motives.

You would feed her, even if she did not use the best manners. You would look at her attitude. If a Christian is honest and sincere and it trying to do his best he will not resent correction. If he has a good spirit the past can help him to become a good worker for the Lord. Some preachers after they are through preaching keep on talking in their own spirit. God will bear with them and help them if they are trying their best and doing the best they know how. Many Christians after they aloe through prophesying keep on talking in their own spirit. God will bear with them and help them if they are trying their best and doing the best they know how. _ SHOULD A PASTOR CALL PEOPLE DOWN IF THEY ARE OUT OF ORDER WHEN THEY PROPHESY? A minister should not deal with a case like this publicly. If the one who is out of order is not sincere it will not help him to call him down publicly. He usually counts it as persecution. Ire usually gets certain carnal people to sympathize with him and forms little whispering groups to cast doubts in the minds of people. To call one down publicly who is not sincere advertises for him and gives him publicity. That is what he is seeking when he seeks to take over a service. To call one down publicly who is not sincere will put fear into the heart of some timid person who is sincere, so he will be afraid of making a mistake or displeasing the pastor and will not yield to the Holy Spirit to be used of the Lord. Thus the Spirit would IJe grieved and the service would be bound. Souls would be lost. WILL TIllS CAUSE ANYMOHE DAMAGE? In many cases it will cause the outsider and unbelievers to believe that it is all a fake, that there is nothing to any of the spiritual gifts which God has set in the Church. They will doubt the genuine. If this is the general feeling then the man who does not have the Baptism of the Holy Ghost will be afraid of it, for fear that he will receive a "bogus experience". Sometimes he will think that he is as good as the one who has the Holy Ghost. Therefore he will not see any need of being filled with the power of God. -5-


THEN HOW SHOULD A PASTOR DEAL WITH A PERSON WHO IS NOT SINCERE? The Bible lays down a rule for you to follow when you overtake a brother in a fault. The first step is to go to him, you and he alone. In about ninety-five percent of the cases you win him if you consider yourself. The second step is to carry two or three others with you. lt is very seldom that he will be so bold as to over rule authority. The third step is to tell it to the church. Even then we have no right to make it public to the sinners and unbelievers, (Matt. 18:15-17). Then he is considered as a heathen and a publican. He is no longer a brother. If in one case in a thousand, he keeps coming back and disturbing the service, and you were forced to call the law, then you would not be going to law with a brother. The best route to deal with all offenders is with faith in God, as Paul advised the church to do. That is what he practiced, (I Cor. 5 :5-1 Tim. 1 :30). ARE PREACHERS SOMETIMES MISTAKEN? Yes, 1 have seen preachers call a sincere Christian down for obeying the Lord in prophecy when the preacher was mistaken and did not know the mind of the Spirit. He would have a struggle the resi of his sermon, for he was working against the Spirit instead of working with the Lord. The rest of his sermon would be in his own spirit. But it is very seldom that a minister does this. When he does he is sincerely trying to do his best. He just does not discern the working of the Holy Spirit. The Lord over looks him and excuses him, and does not hold it against him, because he is trying to do his best. The trouble is that he kills his own service by working against the Spirit of God. Sometimes a member may know the mind of the Spirit more so than the preacher, especially when that member has been pray ing more. The Lord is patient with the preacher just the same as lie i~ patient with a member when the member misses tilt' mind or God. All of WI xhould Dray to have' til ' mind of Chritit" ':-ill'('inlly -0-

during a church service. But you cannot have the mind of Christ during a service and keep your mind on carnal things the rest of the time. If you keep your mind on spiritual things between services, on your job, or in your home, you can better understand the working of the Spirit in church service. WHAT MUST A MEMBER DO WHEN HE IS CALLED DOWN UNJUSTLY? As I said, it is a rare thing that this would ever happen. But if it happens to us we should never become bitter in spirit. That bitterness could become worse in God's sight than the minister making the mistake of calling- you down in a service. It is the trick of the devil for you to become cynical and critical, and for your victory to be sapped. Why would you not rather suffer wrong? If you are treated unjustly and take it patiently you will receive a reward. The Spirit and glory of God rests on you. God will take care of that part of it, but it is really the Lord that is being dealt with anyway, when a spiritual gift is mistreated. It is not you at all. Sometimes the Lord may permit something like this for your own benefit to see if you have any spiritual pride, a critical spirit, or an unforgiving attitude. If you overcome you will grow more spiritual; if you don't overcome it, then it will overcome you. Stay sweet and take the pastor over two pounds of steak. Heap coals of fire on his head. Soon the pastor and others will see your good spirit and admire it. IS IT POSSIBLE FOR MORE; THAN ONE TO PROPHESY AT ONE TIME? Had it not been possible then Paul would not have instructed the people to prophesy one at a time, (I Cor. 14 :31). The reason that Paul wrote the instructions, telling them to prophesy one at a time, is that they cross fired each other. Two preachers may feel the same anointing, have the same message, and both feel like preaching, but only one of them should preach at a time. Sometimes a member who prays much may receive the same message the preacher does. In some cases this member may bring out the same thoughts in a testimony. This shows that they are one, and in unity. They both have the mind


of the Spirit for the hour. Five preachers may be in a service; either of the five may preach. They may all feel the same inspiration, on the same subject, but only one of them should speak to the people at a time. Five ministers may be present; all of them may feel the anointing to conduct a healing service. It is all right to appoint one to go ahead with the healing service. There may be five people in one service with the gift of prophecy. Either one of the five may prophesy. But it is best for only one of them to prophesy at a time. IS IT IN OTIDETI FOH THE PASTOI~ TO APPOINT A CERTAIN ONE TO PTIOPHESY IN A GIVEN SERVICE? In most churches this is not necessary. But in other churches, in order to keep down confusion, it is better for one person to know that you are depending on him to yield to the Spirit and prophesy if God anoints in that way. Then that one may way, keep the anointing, and be prepared to prophesy during that service. This would be an extreme case when each one stands hack waiting on someone else, 01' when a stranger comes into an assembly and takes over the service and dominates everything. A pastor knows the man who lives there, hut dol'S not know the stranger as yet. After all, this would Ill' no more than the pastor appointing one of I'iv« pl'('acllt'rs who can preach, or when all of them nrc trying to preach. This is no IlIOI'(' Limn selecting one to take charge of a healing service, or one evangelist being appointed to lead a revival. If each individual knew perfectly how to be led of the Spirit this would not be necessary. In a few churches where a problem arises the pastor may receive a word of wisdom from the Lord to solve the problem in this way. IS IT ALL HIGHT FOn MORE THAN ONE PERSON TO PROPIIESY IN ONE SERVICE '? It is all righ t for two or th ree preachers to preach in one service, one at a time; but still it is all rig-ht to appoint the om's to do the preaching in a given service. II IS all right [or two or three to speak in tongues in one IWI'vin'. in gi ving- ou t a message; hut still it is all right in 80111(1 ('HHI'H, to keep down con fusion, to appoint those three

people to give out messages in that one given service, (I Cor. 14 :27). It is right for two or three to prophesy in one given service, but still it is right in some cases, to keep down confusion, to appoint those three people to give out the messages in prophecy. IF TWO OR THREE PEOPLE SPEAK IN PROPHECY IN THE SAME INSTANT WOULD ALL THREE SAY THE SAME WORDS? No, they would not have the same vocabulary. They may each begin to explain a thought with a different phrase. One may speak in the first person; another may speak in the second person; wh ile another may speak if! the third person. They would all three have the same message; but they would choose their own words to express the thoughts, or the message which God gave. God would anoint those words as they spoke them. There are dlversities of operations. If God wants to He may give each of the three persons a message, speaking the same words. But in most cases He lets them choose their words. One speaker has more words at his command than another speaker may have. The Lord may anoint two writers to write on the same subj ect. They would both bring out the same truths, but would not speak the same words, or use the same style in writing. One would need to use ten pages, while another with more words at his command would use only eight pages. The holy men of God wrote as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. The same Spirit was prompting each of them to write the Scriptures. But each of them had their own style of writing and own vocabulary. The gospel writers all wrote the same message about the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. But all you need to do is to search tile [our Gospels for yourself to cee that they told the same story, using different words and different phrases. WHY DOES TIlE LORD NOT GIVE EVERY SPEAKER THE SAME WORDS AS THEY PROPHESY? If He were to do that some of the speakers would not know the meaning of the words which he was speaking; for



some folk are very limited in their vocabulary. In different sections of the country people have different expressions and dialects. So God lets each speaker speak the language which he can understand, and which his neighbors may understand. Either of three ministers may speak the same message, using different words. They may use different illustrations, adjectives, and adverbs. One preacher may use one hundred words to explain a point, while another would use seventy-five. Two people may testify, but they may use different words to explain their feelings. Yet both of them may be inspired. SHOULD A PASTOR LET A RANK STRANGER COME INTO AN ASSEMBLY, TAKE OVER THE SERVICE AND DO THE PROPHESYING? God holds a pastor responsible; He said that He did not want a certain lady, who posed as a prophetess, to speak in the church service (Rev. 2 :20). He held this against the leader of the church. If the pastor has no one to prophesy, and God shows him that the stranger is all right, then it is all right for him to ask them to feel free to give out prophecy. The pastor should have discerning of spirits enough to know if the stranger is all right. But if he has discerning of spirits he knows the mind of the Lord and does not need to depend on the stranger to prophesy. lIe would have more influence than the stranger. Most of the time he may give out the prophecy himself. Why would he turn the service to a rank stranger? If the pastor has someone to prophesy, and has the least doubt about the stranger, then he should ask the one who has been proven to go ahead with the m issagea. Would the pastor be obligated to let a rank stranger into his pulpit and preach unless God led him to do so? Would the pastor be obligated to let an evangelist who has not been proven come into his church and conduct a revival unless he is led of the Lord to do so? Would a pastor be obligated to let a stranger come into his church and conduct a healing service, without an invitation, unless he is led of the Lord to do so? A pastor would not want a stranger to come visit all his members and teach them unless he know him. -10-

Would he want a stranger to advise his members and counsel with them unannounced? No, the Lord is the chief shepherd. The pastor is the undershepherd. God holds the pastor responsible. His is concerned about what the sheep are fed. He is ever looking lest there may be a wolf in sheep's clothing. SUPPOSE THE PASTOR MAKES A MISTAKE SOMETIME AND TURNS DOWN A GOOD PERSON AND DOES NOT MAKE HIM WELCOME? Suppose you do not invite a "good person" home with you for dinner? There is always another day. The Lord understands our motives. He is willing to overlook our mistakes if we are doing our best. He will bless us for trying. He rewards us not because we are always successful, but because we are faithful. A bachelor who has never reared children can ten others how to rear children. Some folk who have never pastored are ready to tell us how. SHOULD A PASTOR STOP ME FROM PROPHESYING IN HIS SERVICE WHEN I AM IN THE RIGHT, WOULD I BE FAILING GOD? You are not sinning by cooperating with that pastor. The responsibility is on the pastor. If he is deliberately wrong God will deal with him. If he is doing his best God will bless him and try to teach him the right way. Ninety-nine percent of the time they are doing all they know. The Lord does not require you to go into a church and take over the services against the wishes of the pastor. The one that does so is not showing a good spirit. WOULD I BE SHOWING A BAD SPIRIT TO PROPHESY AGAINST THE WISHES OF THE PASTOR? You would be showing a very bad spirit. The pastor is the head of the church. You are commanded to obey those who have the rule over you. An unteachable spirit, a spirit of stubbornness, a rebellious spirit, and a spirit that does not cooperate with the head of the church is a bad spirit. But many sincere people think they are above the pastor, so they go ahead and criticize him. Like James and John they don't know what manner of spirit they are of. The reason that I would criticize the presi-11-

dent of the United States may be that unconsciously I want people to think that I know more than the president. The reason some good folk criticize the pastor is unconsciously they would like people to think they are more spiritual than he. HAVE YOU EVER MET PEOPLE LIKE THAT? A few, but not too many; a very small percent of the people are that way. The rest of them are in God's will and are being used of God. Just because a banker finds a counterfeit dollar he does not discard all dollars and throw them away. Just because you find a hyprocrite once or twice in a year does not mean that you would throwaway all Christianity. Just because you may find a small percent of the people who do not use prophecy perfectly is no proof that you should discard all prophecy and despise it. CAN YOU TELL AN INCIDENT WHERE SOMEONE REBELLED AGAINST THE PASTOR? I don't like to mention the negative side, but I can use one case as an illustration: A pastor asked the leader of the young people to dismiss services in the young people's department Sunday evening at 7 :00 o'clock, com" to the main auditorium and be ready to begin the Sunday night evangelistic services all together. There were not too many in the large auditorium without the people from th irty-Fivc years old downward. Most of the people wanted to be under thirty-five; so they were in the young people's service. The pastor waited until about 8 :00 o'clock. Several outsiders and sinners were in the auditorium waiting for the evangelistic services that had been announced and advertised. The pastor had studied all the week and prayed, preparing for the main service. He was looking forward for souls to be saved. He wanted to build his Sunday night services. Ilo was embarrassed and miserable. He hated to say anything to the young people. But finally he sent word for them to dismiss their services, 01' rather move their services to th main auditorium. 'l'he young folk's leader said that she should obey God mllllll" than man. The Lord was blessing their services in

the basement. They were praising the Lord and prophesying. They were enjoying it and thought it was more spiritual than the main services. They could take their freedom better down there where there were no visitors. She told the pastor that she would be failing the Lord and sinning if she "quenched the Spirit" and came up to the main service. She backslid and went to the devil. She influenced several of the young folk to quit the church. The church was split. While I was there in a revival she came over and woke me up about two o'clock in the morning. She had not slept any. She told me her story and expected me to agree with her. I did not agree with her: I told her this: "The pastor is the head of this church. Anything with two heads is deformed. "Even if you were right and the pastor wrong, you would still be wrong for rebelling against authority and splitting the church and causing souls to be lost. The Lord would not have held you responsible had it not been His perfect plan. The pastor was responsible to God to lead the church the best he knew how. You should have done what you were asked to do and moved your service to the main floor. "As long as you are in a church 'you are working under the leader of that church. If you cannot cooperate with him, and don't intend to, then gracefully move to a church you can work with, and keep serving the Lord. Why try to tear up the church T" The lady made everything right with the Lord and the pastor. We had a long, fruitful revival. The church rolled on! SHOULD TI-IE PREACHER'S MESSAGE EVER BE INTERRUPTED BY A MESSAGE IN PROPHECY? I have seen a service, once in a great while; after a minister makes a mistake, goes over the climax of his message, and keeps on talking; that the service was blessed by a message in prophecy. The minister appreciated it when he saw what the Lord did. In some cases an individual Christian feels the same anointing which the preacher feels. This Christian who is in connection, feels the same inspiration which the preacher feels. He is so overjoyed that he just takes the message -13-


away from the minister and says the same thing the minister was going to say! He has the same anointing and the same message as the minister, although it may not be the same words. Had he waited the minister would have brought out the same truth. The individual may not have as much influence as the minister. It is even possible sometime for the altar call to be affected, and not as many souls saved as there would have been had the preacher given out the prophecy himself. If the preacher is anointed with the Holy Spirit why would the Holy Ghost interrupt himself? Sometimes the Lord may see fit to work a service in that way, and let a real anointed sermon be interrupted, but it would not be that way in every service. It would be an exception rather than the rule. WHAT WOULD YOU ADVISE IN A CASE WHERE THE MINISTER IS INTERRUPTED EVERY SERVICE? There is no set rule. One must be led by the Spirit. If you are led by the Spirit at home, between services, you will know how to be led by the Spirit in church, and when to prophesy. If you listen to a worldly program on the radio or television between services, then you may not know the mind of the Spirit in church. You may get ahead of the Lord and prophesy too soon, or wail too long. Don't be too anxious to display your gift. If the minister ~as the gi.ft of ~rophecy he will bring out the same message if you will walt just a minute. The more anointing the preacher has the easier it usually is for you to prophesy. You can tell if your prophecy adds to the service. Everyone else can usually tell also. If the pastor and evangelist appreciate you and invites you to continue prophesying then you may be doing good. If they don't seem happy about it; if they ignore you, and frown on you, then it may be best to leave it to them to do the prophesying. God is not the author of confussion. He will hold the leaders responsible, and not you, if you are resented, and refused. IN CASE THERE ARE FIVE PEOPLE PRESENT WITH TIlE GIFT OF PROPHECY, WllICH OF TlIEM SHOULD GIVE OUT MESSAGES '? NoL more than two or three of them should speak in


one service, and one at a time. If they cross fire each other. and if there is confusion, then the pastor may feel free to appoint certain ones to give out prophecy. That is seldom the case. In most of the places we must spend nine-tenths of our time trying to encourage people to obey the Lord. Most churches don't have enough to regulate. They all hold back and are too timid to go ahead and obey the Lord. Should the pastor appoint one to prophesy in the church it should be someone who is not a novice, one who spends much time in secret prayer and in reading the Word of God, one who lives a life above reproach, one that pays his grocery bill. The one who gives out prophecy is as important in the services as some who preaches a sermon. HOW THEN WOULD A BEGINNER HAVE A CHANCE TO PROPHESY? In many cases the beginner should begin prophesying in prayer meetings, in grove services, or midweek prayer services. The gift will soon develop and the beginner will grow more bold. Soon he will have faith to prophesy in regular services. The Bible says that we should prophesy according to the proportion of our faith (Rom. 12 :6). As we exercise our faith it will grow (II Thes. 1 :3). Many people who have faith to prophesy in a midweek service do not have enough faith to resist the pressure that would come- against them in a revival service, or in a convention of ten thousand people. IS TIIERE MUCH GOOD ACCOMPLISHED THROUGH PROPHECY? Had there been no use in prophecy then God would not have set it in the church (I Cor. 12). Prophecy reveals the secrets of men's hearts and causes them to fall down on their face and report that God is 4n you to a truth, (I Cor. 12 :24-25). Prophecy comforts many broken hearts and wounded spirits. Prophecy is for exhortation (1 Cor. 14:3). Great revivals have broken out as a result of prophecy. After the secrets of men's hearts are made manifest a general confession and restitution follows many times, which sets off a revival spark. Prophecy is one of the greatest gifts, which brings valuable results. -15-

IS SOME PROPHECY MORE EFFECT1VE THAN OTIlER PROPHECY? Some preaching is more effective than other preaching. Some sermons have a heavy anointing while other sermons are not so anointed. The one who prophesies should spend much time in reading and seeking so that the prophecy will be more anointed. We prophesy according the proportion of our faith. Faith comes bv hearing the Word of God and praying in the Holy Ghost (Jude 20). After much prayer and seeking God a man has much boldness, a better deliverance than one who keeps his mind on carnal pleasures at home. The man who has more faith can take authority and dominion over the powers of darkness and opposition which come against the church service; thus his prophecy goes over in a greater measure. Some prophecy has more effect just as some preaching has more effect. SHOULD ONE STAND WHEN HE PROPHESIES? There is no set rule. People do differently in one part of the country than they do in another. Most people conclude that it is better to stand when you start to give out a prophecy. It is better in most places and under most conditions. If you will stand and raise your hands and speak forcibly then people will know that the prophecy is going forth: then they will be reverent. The doubts will flee and you will have freedom. You will see more results. If you do not do this someone on tht' other side or a larg"l' auditorium, who is not in hearing- distnucc or you. may not know that prophecy is being given. They may talk, or they may give out prophecy at the same Lime. SHOULD WE SEEK PEUSONAL GUIDANCE THROUGII PIWPllECY? The Holy Ghost will lead and guide you into all truth. If that is true then 'you have the Holy Spirit to lead you without someone else speaking to you by prophecy. If you have the lIoly Ghost to guide and lead you then you don't need to depend on the prophecy of the other fellow. You receive the loadings of the Lord and know His will; then prophecy may confirm it. -16-



SHOULD SOMEONE PROPHESY OVER ME AND TELL ME TO GO SOMEWHERE AND PREACH? Just after I was converted, while I was in South Texas, about eighteen miles from town, in a country church, one night two ladies laid hands on me and prophesied. They said that the Lord was calling me to go into the work in the full time ministry. The next morning I mentioned it to my uncle, who had been a minister for many years. He said, "If the Lord wants you to preach lIe will talk to you about it." It was not long until the Lord led me to go into business. Then about ten or twelve years later He did call me to preach. Had I relied altogether on prophecy I would have IIlO doubt gone to preach right then. Undoubtedly the prophecy was real. But the Lord had a schooling to send me through before He could use me. You see the folly of relying on the other fellow and not being led of the Lord yourself. You have the Holy Ghost to guide you. After God spoke to me and dealt with me about preaching then I was sure. A LADY PROPHESIED OVER ME AND TOLD ME THAT THE LORD WAS CALLING ME INTO CERTAIN TOWN TO PREACH. MUST I GO? First, you should have the Holy Ghost to lead you. He will guide you into all truth. Then it may be that God will confirm it with prophecy. If you ,should go to that town, not knowing the will of the Lord, ignorant of the leading of the Spirit, then you wouid have to take the lady with you to prophesy and tell you every move to make after you reached that town. His sheep know His voice. After the early Church had fasted and prayed the Holy Ghost spoke and said, "Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them (Acts 13 :2). The Lord had already caned them and spoke to them about that ministry .The y did not rely altogether on prophetic utterance. IS IT POSSIBLE FOR SPIRITUAL GIFTS TO BE GIVEN BY PROPHECY? It may be possible for a Spiritual gift to be given to you while someone is prophesying. Even at that God would deal -17-

with you and tell you how, when, and where to use that gift or it would never do you any good. Even after you receive a gift there is a danger of neglecting it. Sometimes it needs stirring up. A gift was given unto Timothy when the presbytery laid hands on him and prophesied (l Tim. 4 :14). This may have been a ministerial gift which was given unto him as he was ordained. He was to be over a church. God is yet sovereign. He divides the gifts to people as He wills, not as we will (I Cor. 12: 11). We cannot set a fast rule and say that God must give gifts in that way. He knows the how; He knows the place; He knows the time. We can't announce that in a certain service night, that God will be giving the gift of prophecy, unless God shows us before hand that He is going to do it then and there. WHAT IS THE USUAL WAY FOR GOD TO GIVE THE GIFT OF PROPHECY? God first deals with you along this line and uses you in this way; then if He so desires. He may confirm it with prophecy. If you claim a certain gift because someone prophesied over you and said that you had it, before God deals with you about it, you might be mistaken. The one who prophesied over you would need to go along and show you how to use that gift, since you wouldn't know the mind of the Lord for yourself. DOES ANYONE EVER DO THAT WAY? It would be a very small percentage if any. One man in Seattle, Washington wanted a special interview with me, which I consented unto. The next day he revealed to me his problem. "I have five gifts, but I don't know how to make them work. I notice they have been working in this meeting. I wish you .could tell me how to make my five gifts work. I can give people gifts anytime I want to, but I don't know how to make my five gifts work." I studied awhile and then said, "Brother, you are far advanced. I can't help you. I have never been that far along. I have never read in the Bible that any man said that he had five gifts but did not know how to make them work. But such as Peter had he gave it to the lame man, and -18-

it worked!" ARE YOU IN DANGETI OF HECEIVING THE WRONG SPIRIT WI-IEN YOU PROPHESY? If you are under the blood the devil cannot touch you. A teacher in a school put a coin under the water and told a student to get it. lIe could not close his hand to pick up the coin, because the water was electrified. If you are under the blood you are electrified; Satan cannot touch you, as far as making you prophesy by his power. A drunkard, who is devil possessed out in a honkv tonk with the other man's 'wife may jabber and have counterfeit prophecy. But in OUl' churches we don't have freedom to prophesy until we plead the blood, rebuke Satan, and wait until the Holy Spirit anoints us to prophesy. If your little boy asks you for a fish you will not give him a serpent. IIow much more will the Lord give the Holy Spirit to I1is children! (Luke 11: 13). If you ask for the Holy Spirit you will not receive the devil, according to what Jesus said. Trust the Lord; rely on Him; don't be afraid that He will give you the wrong spirit. God does not give bogus experiences to His children. In prophecy God does not speak to your mind, 01' to your ears, but to YOLlI' spirit. Spiritual gifts work through your spirit. God speaks to your spirit and gives you a message just as he gives a minister a message. As you begin to deliver the message God anoints you to do so. A preacher walks to the pulpit to deliver a message. He knows the message that he is going to deliver, hut he does not know the words which he is going to chose. He chooses the words as he gets to them. Cod anoints them. So it is with prophecy. IS TIl EnE ANY DANGER IN SEEKING PERSONAL GUIDA CE BY PHOPIlECY? If you have the Holy Ghost to guide you why would you need someone to guide you by prophecy'? If you do not know the leading of the Lord you may put your own interpretation on prophecy. For instance one person may want to go to California; another wants to get married; another wants to sell his -19-

farm; another wants to preach; and other wants to get a divorce. Someone speaks in prophecy and says, "Yea, the Lord says unto you go." One man goes to California; someone gets married; another sells his farm; another gets a divorce; another goes out to preach." The best way is to know God for yourself; get a leading from God; then if the Lord wants to confirm it by prophecy, well and good. A lady recently had it in her heart to get a divorce and remarry. Someone spoke out in prophecy, "Delight thyself also in the Lord and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart." She began to rej oice and said that God had granted her the desires of her heart. His sheep know His voice. DOES PROPHECY EVER CONDEMN OR PASS JUDGlVIENTON PEOPLE? Prophecy is for exhortation and comfort. Prophecy mostly encourages God's people to have faith in God and trust Him to help them to overcome their problems. While you are exhorting people by prophecy you may warn them of the coming judgment and tell them that they must straighten up their lives and be prepared. In the case of the ministry of Jeremiah prophecy uncovered sin and warned the people of coming .i udgment. It reveals the secret of people's hearts. It is not a general rule that it would get personal and embarrass an individual in the audience. The chief purpose of prophecy is to exalt Jesus. The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy (Rev. 19:10). IS IT IN OIu)ER TO PROPHESY OUT OF THE CHURCH HOUSE? God has set the gifts in the Church. We are the Church. In the New Testament days there were no church houses. God used the people anywhere they were, in the highways, hedges, open air meetings, in the homes, and on the streets. As Saul was on a journey and reached a certain hill the Spirit of God came on him and he prophesied (I Sam. 10 :10). Saul's messengers began to prophesy as they carried a mesage to Naioth (I Sam. 19 :20). Eldad and Medad prophesied in the camp. Some of the people thought they should not -20-

do it; but Moses told them that
11 :26).

it was all right


This does not mean that a private group of people in a church should start a little group, that is opposed to the pastor, without making the pastor welcome. The pastor is the head of the church. IN ONE PLACE THE BIBLE SAYS FOR THE PROPHETS TO SPEAK ONLY TWO OR THREE. IN ANOTHER VERSE WE SEE THAT ALL MAY PROPHESY (I Cor. 14 :29-31). IS THERE A CONTRADICTION? There is a difference in prophets and those who may have the gift of prophecy. A prophet is one who has an office of a prophet. It is a ministerial gift (Eph. 4 :11). He mayor may not have the spiritual gift of prophecy, which is a supernatural utterance. You may have the Spiritual gift of prophecy and yet not have the office of a prophet. A prophet is over those who have the gift of prophecy. He is to .i udge whether or not the service is in order (I Cor. 14 :29). IIe has more authority. He is over the rest of the Christians (Acts 20 :~8) . WHY DOES SOME PROPHECY PRODUCE SEEMINGLY LITTLE RESULTS? Some people who prophesy pray more, just as some preachers pray more. They have more results. Some pray less and have less results. Some know less of God's Word. Some have less faith and boldness. Like preachers some folk who prophesy stop when they reach the climax. So the people cool off. The message loses its punch. They start in the Spirit of God and end in their own spirit. They feel good; they mean well; but miss the leading of God's Spirit, as they are in their enthusiasm. The Lord is patient with them as He is a preacher. He sees that they will make wonderful instruments for Him to work through some day. IS IT NOT WnONG FOR THEM TO END IN THEIR OWN SPIRIT? There are not many of them who do it intentionally. They soon will learn the leadings of the Lord. The Lord sees their zeal and their motives. He understands as a mother understands her child that tries its best and has not yet learned -21-

to perfection. She is not quick to punish the child that is doing all it knows to do. The Lord looks at it as He would someone that finishes a wonderful testimony and keeps talking because he is blessed. WHY DOES A CERTAIN MAN QUOTE SCIlTPTURES DURING MOST OF HIS PROPHECY? Two preachers may preach the same message. One preacher may know hundreds of Scriptures by memory. The other preacher may not be able to quote any Scripture. The first one may weave dozens of verses in his message, because he knew the verses that would express what he wanted to say. This would make his message more effective. The second preacher may deliver the same message without quoting Scriputure by memory. So it is with prophecy. It is certainly in accordance with the Scriptures. It agrees with the Scriptures and is never contrary to them. Tf you have a knowledge of the Word and a good memory you may find a verse to express what you are going to say, especially when the Holy Ghost is the author of the Scriptures and prophecy also. Some folk know enough songs to express most any message that is on their hearts. Others can't sing. So they must express themselves otherwise. One man in his testimonies may deliver his soul by quoting' Hihlo verst's; another may testify in a different way. Both arc real. It is not necessary that prophecy be Scripture; it must be gaged by Scripture. Mere Scripture quotations are not always prophecy. WIlY IS PROPHECY ALWAYS ON TIlE SAME SUBJECT THAT THE PREACHER HAS TN IllS MESSAGE? If the minister and the one who prophesies both have the mind of the Spirit they both have the same mind, for both the sermon and the prophecy are inspired by the Holy Spirit. They have the same burden, or the same goal. If the Spirit is dealing with the sinner then both parties will feel a spirit of conviction. If the Spirit is dealing with the saints both parties will direct their messages the same way. If the Spirit is speaking about the coming of the Lord, or judgment, or moving on UI(.~ saints to rcj oict-, then hoth -- ~2--

the sermon and the message in prophecy will have the same Spirit and the same kind of anointing. It would not look right for the preacher to be under a burden for sinners, and someone prophesying, telling everyone to rej oice and shout. SHOULD PROPHECY BE FOR OLD SAINTS OR FOR YOUNG CONVERTS? Some very few people have taught that prophecy should be left altogether for the preachers, or those who are old in the Lord. This is not always true. In the last days your sons and your daughters shall prophesy when the Spirit is poured on all'flesh (Acts 2:17). We are now in those days. All the Spirit filled Christians may prophesy (I Cor. 14 :31). Paul said he wanted his members to prophesy (I Cor. 14 :1). Sometimes a young convert may be more yielded to the Spirit and be depending on the Lord more than an educated man who depends on his talents. His words may be more simple so the smallest Christian can understand him. Sometimes people may be greatly moved by a little child's prophecy, knowing that the child is not talking over their heads; that the child is not using its own wisdom. A little child shall lead them. Out of the mouth of babes has He ordained praise. However, as a regular one to give prophecy before a cold critical world in a mixed congregation, an old saint may have more boldness, more faith, and more Scriptures digested. He migh t be better to break the ice and pray down the anointing so God can use the children. He may not be so easily discouraged in case of opposition. God knows best. SHOULD THE ONE WHO PROPHESIES BE EDUUCATED? The right kind of Bible education may even add to 'and enrich his prophecy. But he must not depend on his education instead of the Spirit of God. God does not put any prize on ignorance. The Lord may use anyone of His children. Once in a great while an educated man may be lifted up with pride and depend on his education more than he does the Lord. Saul was a plow boy who Wag on his way to hunt his work -23-

animals. The Spirit of God came on him and he prophesied, (1 Sam. 10). Elisabeth, Marv, and l Iannah prophesied. Eldad and Medad prophesied ( Tum. 11). The Lord uses the weak to confound the mighty. He has revealed these things to babes and hid them from the wise and prudent. DID PEOPLE PHOPlIESY BEFORE PENECOST? As 1 have mentioned, Saul, Elisabeth, Mary, Hannah, and many of the Old Testament saints prophesied. The Holy Spirit moved upon certain individuals from the outside. He moves from within us, using any member He may choose. They were filled with the Holy Spirit. We are baptized with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit dwelt with them; IIe dwells in us. The anointing abides in us. In our day God has set the gifts in the Church; we are the Church. While God used them occasionally to prophesy, we can't say that they had gifts divided to them as is described in I Corinthians Twelve. Our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. CAN PROPHECY MEAN THAT ONE IIAS BEEN BAPTIZED WITH THE HOLY GHOST'? Since people prophesied before the day of Pentecost we cannot say just because someone prophesied they have the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. All the gifts except two were manifested before Pentecost, as the llolv Spirit moved UPON certain individuals. IS IT ALL IUCllT FOI~ A WOMAN TO PIWPIIESY? Mary. l':lisal)('t h. l lunnah and Deborah prophesied. Philip had foul' rluugh tcrs that prophesied. Paul permitted women to prophesy (I Cor. II). (;ocl said that in the last days, just ])CfOl'C tho sun t urns to darkness that the women and the girls would prophesy (Act 2 :15-20). CAN ONE rn.OPHESY AT ANYTli\IE HE IS ASKED TO DO SO'? Maybe he can with his own spirit, which docs little good. A man may make you a gift of an electric iron, hut it would do little good unless it was plugged into the socket and the switch turned on. A soldier boy may he given a gun, but he must not fire until he is given orders to fire. You cannot have a dream or a vision at anytime you -24-

want to. We don't lise gifts; gifts use us. Spiritual gifts are operated hy the Spirit, not our own spirit. We must be led by the Spirit. Spiritual gifts are not operated separate from the Holy Ghost. ARE NOT THE SPIRITS OF THE PHOPIlETS SUBJECT TO THE PROPHETS? Yes, but that does not say that the Spirit of the Lord is subj ect to the prophets. The prophets must he always subject to the Spirit of the Lord. You may he expecting one gift to work through you, but the Lord would decide to manifest another one through you. You may want to prophesy, but God would decide to manifest the gifts or healing through you. lIe divides the gifts to every man as HE wills. 1 KNO\\' A ~TAN WHO rIWPIIESIED AT CHURCH WHO OWED A GROCERY BILL. IS THAT TRUE

The g rocerrnen may not think so. He mav stumble over him. The man would have more influence if he would pay tho hill. Somet in.es it may even he better to let others prophesy. if thev are available, until the man pays the bill. Anyone who would deliberately heat a grocery bill would steal were not for public opinion. Rut nearly all the people who heat a grocery hill are .i ust bad managers. Brother S. did the preaching and his wife did the managing. She bought all the groceries. After Sister S. died it was left for BrotherS. to make a living for his six children. All he k now to do was to go to the store and huy groceries when his children became hungry, just as his wife did. We found that he had no more business ahility than a six year old hoy. lIe sincerely meant to pay, hut good salesmen would sell him more than he could pay for. lIe cried and pl'ay('d nearly all the time. God blessed a sincere, honest, had manager. IS IT RTGHT TO EN(,OURAGE ALL THE PEOPLE TO rltOI'III~SY AT ONE TIME'! If people are being addressed in the prophecy then only one should speak at a time (I Cor. 11 :31). If the prophecy is in the form of a praise, 01' worship-25-

ping the Lord, then several may speak at one time; for the Lord can hear all of them. (Acts 19 :6). Elisabeth, Mary Hannah, Deborah, Moses, and David addressed the Lord in prophecy, in a prophetic prayer or praise. (I Sam. 2:1-11). SUPPOSE I BEGIN TO PROPHESY IN AN EV ANGELISTIC SERVICE, ADDRESSING THE PEOPLE, AND SOMEONE ELSE BEGINS TO PROPHESY AT THE SAME TIME? You should prefer your brother and be subject to him. Let him go ahead and give out the message. DOES THE GIFT OF PROPHECY ABIDE IN TIlE OHURCH, IN THE HOLY GHOST, OR IN THE BELIEVER? We have people that teach the three different ways, and all three groups are right. The gifts abide in the Holy Ghost. Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost (I Cor. 6 :19). And you are the church. The church is a group of HQ!y Ghost filled people. SHOULD PROPHECY BE PERMITTED IN THE CHURCH WHERE SINNERS ARE PRESENT? We have a few pastors that don't think so. They will permit prophecy to be given out in the basement, in a believers' meeting, but not in the main service where sinners are. It is good that prophecy is permitted somewhere. Saul prophesied out in the open. Eldad and Medad prophesied in the camp, (Num. 11:26). Paul said that prophecy would cause sinners to fall down and confess the Lord (1 Cor. 14 :24-25). No doubt the words that Peter spoke on the day of Pentecost were spoken through prophetic utterance. Three thousand people were saved. SHOULD PROPHECY EVER BE WRITTEN? The prophecy of Moses, Hannah, Deborah, Mary, David, and Elisabeth was written. People who are full of the Holy Spirit can understand it. Others may put the wrong interpretation on it. Some one told me I had the gift of prophecy. Do you think I have? If you have the gift of prophecy you will usually prophesy. -26-

It will be as fire shut up in your bones; you can't forbear (Jer. 20 :9). You don't need to tell a rooster that he has the gift to crow. You can tell him not to crow all you want to. He will not worry whether or not he is called. He will crow! It comes natural with him to crow! I HAVE THE GIFT OF PROPHECY BUT I AM TOO TIMID TO PROPHESY. WHAT MUST I DO? It may be a lack of faith or boldness in the Spirit. You must prophesy according to the proportion of your faith. If you will begin in a small crowd then your faith will grow as your crowd grows. IS IT ALL HIGHT FOn SOMEONE TO LAY HANDS ON ME AND PL~AY THAT GOD WILL GIVE ME THE GIFT OF PROPHECY? There is no set rule. God can give you the gifts as it pleases Him. Sometime God uses different means to stir up the gift that is alreadv in you. 1f that is God's plan you will see results. If He is not leading in that direction then you will see not results. You may stir up the gift in you by fasting, praying, reading, listening- to preaching, or by agreeing together with someone in prayer. You must be willing to receive anv gift God wants you to have. You may h(' seeking the gift of prophecy and God would give you the gift of tongues. lIe is the one to decide which gif't« fit your life. COUll> TIlE GIFT OF PROPTlECY BE DOHMANT IN MY LIFE? It seems that it is sometimes the case. As you obey the Lord and go from faith to Iaith you will soon have boldness to prophesy. As you hegin to obey Cod lIe will begin to add fuel to the fire. The man who had two talents used them, and Goel gave him two more. The man who did not use his talent lost what he had. IS IT ALL nTGTIT FOR ME TO PRAY FOR THE GIFT OF PHOPHECY? Daniel prayed for a word of knowledge and God answered his prayer and showed him what the king dreamed. Earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the saints. Covet

earnestly the best gift. Be willing for the Lord to give you any gift IIe wants to. IIe gives as He wills. IS PROPHECY THE GREATEST OF ALL GIFTS? The Bible does not say so. We don't see that prophecy is any greater than healing, miracles, or the gift of faith. The best gift is the one that is needed in a given service. You may seek what you think is the best and He will show you a more excellent way. We are the vessels of God. A vessel does not say what is to be put into it. WIlY DO SOME FOLl< DISLIKE PROPHECY? The natural mind cannot understand it. Like Cain some people want a selfrighteous, carnal, home-made religion. Men have replaced prophecy with education, natural wisdom, and programs. They have no Holy Ghost, but are strangers to God's power. WHY DO SOME CHURCHES DISCARD PROPHECY? For the same reason that some denominations have disc~rded shouting and substituted will-worship, programs, rituals, and man-made forms. Since they have learned how to have church service, they don't feel their dependence on the Holy Spirit. Some good pastors have discarded praise services because some took advantage of the service in testifying and preached. Some good pastors have smothered out all prophecy bpeause someone took advantage of prophecy and used that as a way to take over the service. The pastor should have. dealt. with the individual privately and let God keep blesaing Ills service. In stopping the had, he has stopped the good. WHAT M(IST TilE PASTOn DO WHEN SOMEONE SPEAKS [ ms OWN SPIIUT? . Firs.t, he must realize that they arc good people with good intentions who do so. In this case the pastor should read I Thessalonians Five, "Quench not the Spirit. Despise not prophesyings. Prove all things; Hold fast to that wh ich is good." That explains itself. He should prove all th ings. One way to prove all things is this way: When you reprove a good person he will not get mad at you. lIe will have a nice spirit and keep coming to church. If he is not a good person -28-

he will get angry, take it as persecutions, quit church, or fight against the pastor under cover. The pastor did not need him in the first place. After the pastor proves them he should hold fast to that which is good and keep them. Never despise prophecy and discard it all. It discerning of spirits and a word of wisdom for this in many cases. The pastor must be much in prayer. THE BIBLE TELLS US THAT PROPHECY SHALL CEASE. WHEN WILL THAT BE? It will cease when that which is perfect is come, or in that perfect age, (I Cor. 13 :8-10). Now we know in part. Then we shall know all things. Paul said that he would be in that perfect age (v. 12). Spiritual gifts were put in the Church at the same time that ministerial gifts were placed in the church, (I Cor. 12:28).They will pass away at the same time, when we come to perfection (Eph. 4). We will need Spiritual gifts as long as we need pastors, teachers and evangelists. Prophecy will not pass away before the great tribulations, which is in the future. God will have people to prophesy then, (Rev. 11). DO ALL CHRISTIANS HAVE THE GIFT OF PROPHECY? . In speaking of the gift God said it is given to certain ones (I Cor. 12). All may prophesy one by one, but all don't have the gift (1 Cor. 14 :31). The Lord wants all His children to speak with tongues (I Cor. 14 :15), but all don't have the gift of tongues (I Cor. 12 :30). You may he healed. You may pray for someone else to be healed, and yet not have the gift of healing. Just because you may prophesy sometimes does not mean that you can claim the gift. IS IT I'()SStnLE TO lIA VE TIlE GIFT OF PROPHECY AND NOT ]lAVE LOVE·! The Bible did not say so. Paul said, "And though I have the gift of prophecy ... and have not charity I am nothing." In one place he said, "Though an angel from heaven come preaching any other gospel ... " An angel from heaven would not do that. He meant, "Though it were possible that -29-

I could have the gift of prophecy without charity." Faith works hy love. Prophecy works by love. God is love. You can't have true prophecy without God. If you have God you have love. David prayed the power down on Saul and Saul prophesied; but you can't say that he had the gift of prophecy. CAN ANYONE PROPHESY AT WILL? Prophecy comes not by the will of man, (II Peter 1 :21). God divides that gifts as He wills. We prophesy in part (I Cor. 13 :9). The Holy men of God spoke as they were moved hy the Holy Ghost, not hy their own spirit. IF I WANT TO PROPHESY ] row MUST I BEGIN'? Receive the 110ly Ghost and speak in tongues. Be 'willing to receive any gift God wants you to have. Pray regularly; read God's Word. Pray until you <Ire acquainted with the Spirit and know Ilis leading's. Appear regularly in prayer bands. Talk ahout Jesus. The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy. CAN PROPHECY BE ADDRESSED TO AN INDIVIDUAL? God can do what He wants to. Prophesy is usually addressed to people. Prophecy was addressed to Timothy to confirm a gift. But we are sure lIe spoke to Timothy about it also. WILL PEOPLE ALWAYS ACCEPT PIWPHECY? If you prophesy you will receive much persecution. You will he criticized and despised; some folk will misunderstand you (Num. LL:27) Micaiah and Jeremiah were put in prison (II ChL 18 :26). DOES j'IWl'fll';(,Y I:JU (; CO 1H~i\INATIO ION PEOPLE? Here is what Cod spol\(' t hrouuh .Jl'r .miah : "Thus saith LIlt' Lurrl of lu rxl x, the (;od of Israel ... I will deliver them into till' hallds or Ncbuchadnezzar king of Babylon; and he shall slay 1.11('111 I)dorc your eyes." "When I prophesied, that Hl'Ilaiah died" (Ezek. 11:13). DOES PROPlIECY I:U I Ie IU,;VI VAL '? Ezekiel prophesied to some dry hones. Flesh and skin came upon them. Breath carne into them. They stood up a great army. Chapter thirtv-seven tells of a great revival that comes by the means of prophecy. -30-

Many times prophecy touches off a spark, causes people to yield to the Lord, and causes the other gifts of the Spirit to operate. IS IT ALL RIGHT FOR US TO PRAY FOR PROPHECY? "Wherefore, brethren, covet to prophesy." (I Cor. 14 :39). God's Word will not tell you to seek after something which is not His will. IF YOU PROPHESY DOES THAT PROVE THAT YOU HA VE BEEN LIVING RIGHT? While Saul was chasing David the Spirit of God came on him and he prophesied. He had not been living just right. When he came neal' the power of God which David prayed down he no doubt felt it, confessed, asked the Lord to forgive him; and he prophesied as the Spirit of God moved on him. The Lord blesses us sometimes, not because we have been living right, but to encourage us to live right. I had some hogs I tried to lead into the pen with feed. The most unruly hogs got most of the corn. The Lord can forgive a man and manifest His power through him the same night. Just because you prophesy you can't say you are more holy than everyone else. IS IT RIGHT FOR SOMEONE TO HAVE AUTHORITY OVER THOSE THAT PROPHESY? They are not judging the gift; they are judging the people, whether or not they have the gift operating. He that is Spiritual judges all things (I Cor. 2:15). Some day we will judge angels (I Cor. 6:3). That is God's order for those with prophecy to be under subjection (1 ChI'. 25 :2). WILL THERE BE PEOPLE AT THE JUDGMENT WHO HAVE PROPHESIED IN JESUS' NAME THAT HA VE NEVER KNOWN GOD '? To believe that is to believe the false prophets' word instead of the plain words of Jesus (Matt. 7 :22). They said that they had been in His name. Jesus said that He had never known them. Mark !) ::~9 shows that no one can cast out a devil in Jesus' name ahd not be His child. DOES I COl1lNTHIANS 14 :22 MEAN THAT PROPHECY WILL NOT HELP THOSE WHO DO NOT BELIEVE? -31-

No, verse 24 shows that prophecy will cause people to be saved. This verse means that tongues are for a supernatural sign to them that do not believe, just as the supernatural language was a sign to Belshazzar, (Dan. 5). Prophecy is not so much a supernatural ::;ign to the UI1believers, but it bri ngs conviction on them and causes them to be saved.


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