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1. There ace more insane people out of the institution


there are in.

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2. The crowd need not know who spoke; they must know what was said. 3. Compromise them want. is when two people get what neither of

4. Some ministers lay empty hands on empty heads. 5. A wise tomato that knows her onions goes out 'with an old potato and comes back with a karat. 6. You will not find the answer to your problem
bottle. in a

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7. A driver must not risk his life for the sport of it.
8. God gave us two ears and one tongue; listen twice as mum as we talk. so we should

9. Some will sell you a car for a song if they can write the notes. 19. An optimist sees a doughnut; a pessimist sees the hole.

11. We can always face the music if we can call the tune.

12. Do not trust a man too far, or a woman too near. 13. Definition of a Holy Roller - a religious man that likes to shoot dice. 14. A wise monkey does not monkey with another monkey'S monkey. 15. There is no limit to what a man can accomplish if he doesn't care who gets the credit. 16. It is better to dwell in the comer of the housetop than with a brawling woman in a wide house (Proverbs 25:24). 17. Some people read the Bible through; others get through reading the Bible. 18. Some people want a preacher that is a good mixer. They need a preacher that is a good separater.

19. Some people want a preacher to deal with eternal things in fifteen minutes. 20. Some people say, "I feel bad every time I feel good, because I think about how bad I am going to feel when I quit feeling good." 21. The seminary of your choice may prove the cemetary of your faith. 22. You will know them by their fruits and not by their suits. 23. A man on his knees is taller than the trees. 24. Faith is not only a fact, it is an act. Produce the facts: the facts will produce the acts. 25. It is all right to possess money, but money must not possess you. 26. It does little good to shut the door after the horse is out. 27. Late repentance seldom late. is seldom true and true repentance is

38. If we had more switches the children clubs.

would need less

39. Many Christians are seeking a revelation when they need a revolution. 40. I can appoint myself. but I cannot anoint myself. 41. You don't need the limelight; you need the lamplight. He called me people's ears

42. God did not tell me to preach history; to make history. 43. Why tell a deaf man that Jesus healed nineteen hundred years ago?

44. It is not how you go down under the power, it is how you get up and go. 45. God can do more with a fool on fire than with a genius on ice. 46. Some say. "Go home with me and have prayer." some say, "Go home with me and have pie." 47. The man that knows it all has a lot to learn. 48. God does not altar the garments of salvation you. Whittle yourself to fit-the garment. to fit And

28. Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free. 29. The greatest load to carry is a pack of grudges. 30. Reckless drivers are not wreckless 31. Be kind to your enemies because you made them. 32. I am not concerned about God's attitude towards you; I am concerned about your attitude towards God. 33. A lot of people have the talk but they do not have the walk. 34. Swing from the great omission to the great commission. 35. When a lost man makes the right correction. he goes the right direction. 36. A traveler may turn left and go right, or he may turn right and be left. 37. When the center of a child's life is at the Youth Center, the home is off center.

49. Jesus represents me in heaven. I represent Jesus on earth. 50. Some people have too much of the world to enjoy religion and too much religion to enjoy the world. 51. Some are living on the mountain mountain living on them. 52. The him two the top and some have a

Bible says, "Let him that stole steal no more, let labor, working with his hands. Some people make sentences out of that and put a period right after word 'steal'.

53. The guardian angel steps out of the car if you get to 90 miles per hour. 54. God did not deliver Daniel from tlte lion's den; Daniel was delivered in the lions den. 55. We don't follow signs: signs follow us.

56. Healing

is discussed by some and cussed by some.

76. Don't say all you know, but know all you say. 77. It is not what your country can do for you, but it is what you can do for your country. 78: When a man quits fasting, he loses his ministry. 79. Opportunity knocks at each man's door, but some folks don't have the gumption to open the door. SO. If the Lord did not stick with you, you would be stuck. 81. Being humble is to be receptive to the truth. 82. You cannot put a gift in a closed hand. 83. When you are trying to get the people loose, don't sing "Blest Be the Tie That Binds." 84. Don't always tell the truth, but never tell a lie. A diamond is a piece of coal that kept trying. 85. You can't make a race horse out of a mule. 86. It takes 68 gallons of water to Baptize people; it takes 2 drops to keep them out of church. 84. Some use religion just like a bus; they ride on it when it goes their way. 85. One nice thing about the future; it comes one day at a time. 89. A child receives real training on the knee of the mother and across the knee of the father. 90. Don't stare up the steps. Step up the stairs. 91. Too many churches have loose living and tight giving. 92. What the church needs is somebody that knows what the church needs. 93. The government taxes our dothes then bans nudism. off of our back and

57. If God sends you on stony paths, He will give you strong shoes. 58. It is not a disgrace to be poor but just inconvenient. 59. The Holy Ghost is a direct line to heaven and it is a private line. 60. Eat to live; don't live to eat. 61. When some men marry they say to their wife, 'Wilt thou ... " She wilted and has been wilted ever since. 62. Some people get married on puppy love. That is why they lead a dog's life. 63. A living epistle is better than a dead apostle. 64. Gluttoness kills more people than hunger. 65. So many people are so busy laying up for a rainy day, they forget to enjoy the sunshine. 66. It is better to be silent like a fool than to talk like one. 67. Blessed is he who expecteth nothing, for verily he shall not be disappointed. 68. A closed mouth catches no flies. 69. A man with a hearing aid can cut you off anytime. Some people can without a hearing aid. 70. A dog will only trot half way into the woods then he is trotting out. 71. Do what you believe and believe what you do. 72. When it is hard to pray, it is time to pray hard. 73. Seventy-per-cent of the members in the pews are not interested in carrying the gospel to the world. 74. Ninety-four percent of the preachers are ministering six per cent of the people. to

75. God has not turned His back on people; people have turned their back on God .


Americans consume eleven million pounds of aspirin annually but that is not enough to cure their headache.


95. You have to pay a man-called preacher to preach but you can't pay a God-called preacher to stop. 96. There was never a bronco that could not be rode; there was never a man that could not be "throwed." 97. Even a tombstone when he is down. will say good things about a man

112. There are three classes of people: believers, make-believers

and unbelievers. 113. On Sunday morning, night r:

114. The woman

some folk sing, "0,

why not to-

that talks by the yard and thinks by the inch must be removed by the foot.

98. Live through the day in such a way that you will not be afraid to talk in your sleep at night. 99. Elijah hid himself and then he went and showed himself. Some people show themselves and then they go hide themselves. 100. A good name is won by many acts and is lost by one. 101. We saw a sign on an old car: "Out of date but out of debt."
101. While

115. You can't put a man's face in your cash register-even if it is honest.
116. Yesterday is a cancelled check, tomorrow

is a promissary

note, today is ready cash.

117. When some people preach, the members feel like crawling

under the rug. When other people preach, the members feel like shouting on the rug.

some are singing, "Plunge out into the deep," others are singing 'You're drifting too far from the shore." 103. We must believe to receive and not receive to believe.
105. One good

Jesus saves from the guttermost

to the uttermost. scramble.

119. If you happen to be an egghead, you shouldn't 120. If your car starts with

a jerk, why don't you change

104. You don't need to preach much if you do something. proof that Christianity enemies get converted. is right is when its

121. Without

Christ is a hopeless end; with Christ is an endless hope, the waters and its shall return to you after many days: buttered. is precious; but character fault: appreciation is priceless. requires intelli-

106. If a company

makes cars, it can also make parts for them. The One who created me can make a part for me.

122. Cast your bread upon 123, Reputation

107. Jesus wore a crown of thorns that I may wear a crown of

lOS. In coming to God it is not your position, it is your con-

124. It is easy to find

gence and character.

125. If you cannot win, make the one ahead of you break

dition. 109. How can you shout on the streets of glory if you can't witness on the streets of your own city? 110. In a spiritualist church, people talk to the dead; and in God's church, God talks to the living.

break the record.

126. Jumping 127. When

at conclusions some people have.

is the only mental


If God lets America by with the sin and corruption, then

He would have to rase Sodom and Gomorrah life and apologize to them. back to

men speak ill of thee, live so that no one will believe them. downward that makes one dizzy.

12S. It is looking

129. Even if you are on the right track you will get run over if you just sit there. 130. A small deed well done is far grander sincere wish never carried out. than the most the heart

146. Why would you set the sun by your watch? 147. There are no pockets in a shroud. 148. Civilization has advanced from nose rings to earrings. 149. Some people have just enough religion to argue about, and not enough to prove anything.
1;;0. All religions

131. There is no better exercise for strengthening than lifting other people up.

132. Keeping away from the mire is better than washing it off. 133. Even the woodpecker he uses his head. owes his success to the fact that it is because he

in the world believe in praying, only one believes in praising.

151. Man is made to pray and not to bray. 152. I don't believe in beating the devil around the stump, I believe in picking the stump up and beating the devil with it.
1;;3. A double

134. If Satan does not attack you regularly, is pleased with what you are doing.

13;;. Some people talk to express their thoughts, some to conceal their thoughts and some without thought. 136. Jesus saves from the alley-rat to the artistocrat. 137. Life's heavy burden 138. Nothing is to have nothing to carry. it.

minded man is unstable in all of his ways. A devil-minded woman is unstable all of her days.

1;;4. Some people talk faith by the mile and act it by the inch.

ruins the truth like stretching

1;;5. The trumpet will awake the dead and bury the live. 1;;6. Civilization shoes. has advanced from shoeless toes to toeless

139. Don't be SO busy working for God that you have no time to let Him work for you. 140. Someone told the sun there was a dark spot on the other side of the earth. The sun went to look for it but could not find it. 141. Some sing, "I Feel Like Traveling anywhere. On", and never go Jesus was the

157. Most wrecks take place after dark; where headlights and light heads meet. 158. Some people can name every television personality but cannot name one of the apostles. 159. Some children know about so than they do Jesus. 160. God has no pastel shades. 161. The Lord put back on me what the devil took off, put back in me what Satan took out, too out of me what Satan put in, and took off of me what Satan put on. 162. Some preachers are called, packed up and went. 9 some are sent; some just 'Slop-Aong-Cassidy" more

142. Jesus was not a man with a message: message.

143. Just a short prayer will reach the throne if you don't live too far away. 144. Here are seven "oughts" to salvation: God thought itGrace brought it=-Christ bought it-Satan fought itPaul sought it-I caught it. 145. Some disciples cast out devils; some cast lots. 8

163. There is more money spent to put capsules than there is to put men in capsules. 164. You must have fire to start a fire.



181. God supplies every bird its food, but He doesn't throw it into the nest. 182. He who throws mud loses ground. 183. The man who expects to get to heaven will study the route that will get him there. 184. The following shows you the time to be alarmed: If you find yourself beginning to love any pleasure better than your prayers; any book better than the Bible; any place better than the house of God; any table better than the Lord's table; any person better than Christ; or any indulgence better than hope of heaven. 185. It isn't how much we have, but how much of us God has. 186. He that getteth a wife getteth a good thing. He that getteth not a good wife, getteth a thing. 187. Only those God can melt can be molded. 188. The three triplets of the devil are legality, carnality and formality, but Christ's faithful followers will have the only reality. 189. Hardening hardening of the heart ages folks more quickly than of the arteries.

165. A sign, "All night Sinning" will draw more people than a sign, "All night Singing." 166. Worry kills more people than work. 167. I had rather roll into heaven than to slide into hell. 168. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 169. Most women are interested in reducing and seducing. 170. Some people censor what practice what they censor. they practice, other people

171. Being poor is poor psychology.

172. I had rather be a little preacher with a great big God,

than to be a great big preacher with a "little bitty" God. 173. If a lawyer makes one billion dollars he is successful; if a doctor makes a million dollars you will patronize him; if a preacher makes a living, you will curse him. 174. Talk poverty and you will be poor. 175. Even a green employee will do more work than a blue one. 176. Joy is what you share with others, sorrow is what you suffer alone. 177. It is good to dream, but it is better to dream and work. 178. A diplomat is a man who remembers a woman's birthday but forgets her age. 179. God's crumbs are better than the world's 180. You may whitewash you white. loaves.

190. Vitamins may strengthen the body, but only genuine salvation can save the soul. 191. Every businessman knows that all reservations must be made in advance when he starts to make a trip. Have you made your reservations for heaven? 192. $ucce$$ does not spell success. 193. Some men are hiding their light under a bushel, when a thimble would serve just as well. 194. You can't make glass into a diamond by polishing it.

yourself, but only God can wash



19~. You should be an engine and not a caboose. 196. The reason some folks get lost in thought it is unfamiliar territory to them. 197. To say the right thing most of the time. is because

211. To handle yourself, use your heart.

use youe head;

to handle


212. Patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping youe gears. 213. Always do right; this will gratify some folks and astonish the rest. 214. Happiness adds and multiplies as we divide it to others. 215. One thing better than to have religion and know it, is to have religion and show it. 216. Prayer is the key of the day and the lock of the night. 217. Even a fish wouldn't get caught if it kept his mouth shut. 21S. Life's big responsibilities things. come by doing well the little

at the right time; keep still

19S. We can't entirely control the span of our life, but we can control its width and its depth. 199. Buried seed will grow: Buried talents will never. 200. Faith makes the uplook good, the outlook bright, the inlook favorable, and the future glorious. 201. If your children disturb the church service, give them what they want. If that won't do, give them what they need. 202. Joy is the ripe fruit that grows on the tree of Christian activity. For lots of Joy, do lots of work. 203. Don't worry if you are not one of the world's It is far better to be one of God's elect. elite.

219. Don't be envious of the other fellow's Lincoln; Thank the Lord for your jalopy. 220. Kind words can never die, but without kind deeds can sound mighty sick.


204. Where you go hereafter, depends on what you 'go after" here. 205. Be generous to a fault, especially the other fellow's. 206. Most American homes are no longer saving institutions, but an institution that needs to be saved. 207. We lie to God in prayer if we do not rely on Him after prayer. 20S. Even the teakettle sings, though it is up to its neck in hot water. 209. A man who says just what he thinks, should think. 210. A pessimist is a person who is seasick the entire voyage of life. 12

221. We can be faithful in a topsy-turvy world if our own lives are right side up. 222. Make life a ministry of love, then it will always be worth living. 223. It is better to doubt your doubts and believe your beliefs than to doubt your beliefs and believe your doubts. 224. A pessimist sees only the dark side of the cloud and mopes. A philiosopher sees both sides ~d shru~, an optimist doesn't see the clouds at all: he IS walking on them. 22~. The worst thing that can befall a church is not religious differences, but religious indifferences. 13

226. Every time a foreigner called a hospital to see how sick his wife was, they said she was improving. About the fifth day, he found that she was dead. He said, "What did she die of, improvements?" 227. The church has made so many improvements they are spiritually dead. 228. Most churches lately, that

241. If you don't play to win, why keep score? 242. Some folk sing, "Have Thine Own Way, pout if they can't have their own way. Lord", then

243. No man is completely worthless; he can always serve as a horrible example. 244. Some people claim they want advice, but. they really want some place to dump their worries. 245. When some people start to throw themselves away, they aim exactly at you. 246. Humdrum is not where you live, but what you are. Died at

need better deeds and less creeds.

229. We sing, "Sweet Hour of Prayer", then never show up for prayer meeting. 230. God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform, plants His footsteps in the sea and rides upon the storm. 231. Our God is real, available and adequate. 232. Some people sing, "Stand Up For Jesus", but when it comes to taking a stand for Him, they are only too happy to keep their seat. 233. High conduct never remains alone: it will attract others. 234. Great works are performed serverance. not by strength but by per-

247. On many people's tombstone should be printed: thirty, buried at sixty. 248. Social tact is making wish they were. people

feel at home when you

249. Some people are bookworms, others are just worms. 250. When you do not believe in yourself, unanimous. that makes it

235. Some people sing, "There Shall Be Showers of Blessings", but they stay home from church if it looks like it is going to rain. 236. Doing things by halves is worthless; be what counts. the other half may

251. Be friendly with the folks you know, if it wasn't them, you would be a total stranger.


252. People usually get at odds with one another whenever they try to get even. 253. Don't be sure about anything. Remember, a hole is nothing at all, but you can break your neck in it. 254. If you deceive me once, shame on you. If you deceive me twice, Shame on me. 255. Being wrong and doing wrong are both wrong.

237. The heaviest debt is that of gratitude. 238. Some people sing, "Blest Be the Tie That Binds", and let the slightest offense untie it. 239. It is better to give a dollar than to lend five. 240. Some people sing, "The Whole Wide World for Jesus" and never invite their next door neighbor to church.

256. Strengthen your life to fit" the Bible don't try to crook the Bible to fit your life.


2~7. People are now in hell who wasted time trying to find where Cain got his wife. 2~8. You do not have to look like a mule to

274. Liquor has many defenders

but no defense.

be holy.

275. A checkered career sometimes ends in clean stripes. 276. Wild oats take something out of the soil of a man's life.

2~9. Some of the biggest lies ever told are on tombstones. 277. There 260. The devil can catch some people with a bare hook. 261. The devil uses short-wearing bait. women sometimes, as live 278. If you do not restrain your pleasure, you will restrict your power. 279. Man may not have come from a monkey, but many of them are going to the dogs. 280. You do not drift into manhood. 263. Strangers to prayer are strangers to power. 264. Temptation is Satan knocking on the door; sin is opening the door and letting him in. 265. God drives our ships, but we set the sails. 266. One lady said that she would come to church if she ever got straightened out. One day she got straightened out and they rolled her in, in a casket. 267. A pastor should appoint his Sunday School teachers, and if they don't teach, he should disappoint them. 268. We should make a life instead of a living. 269. You may give until you are rich, and keep until you are 286. Rivers and men become crooked by following of least resistance. 287. Many people aim at nothing and hit the mark. 270. Nothing is inevitable that is wrong. 288. Some people have life insurance but no life assurance. 271. A hi-jacker will either take your money or your life; a booze dealer takes both. 272. A few drinks are bad for everything that is good, and good for everything that is bad. 273. Liquor costs us more than war, pestilence and famine combined. 289. Your spare time is the acid test of your character. 290. Success comes in cans; failure comes in can'ts. 291. Some people spell the word "sucess", with three dollar signs in it: $ucce$$. 292. When a man acquires riches, God should get a partner. the line 281. If you throw yourself away, you will not like the place that you land. 282. We must spend money to make character, but we must not spend character to make money. 283. Some people will never come to church until they ride in a hearse. 284. It is easier to be critical than correct. 285. It is better to say a good thing about a bad fellow, than to say a bad thing about a good fellow. is no food value in wild oats.

262. We would have more church goers, if we would have more going churches.




293. The poorest man in the world nothing but money.


the man who has

311. Your position doesn't make you happy: position. 312. Worry is faith in the devil. 313. Remember, blank cartridges

it is your dis-

294. If you want to be rich, gIve; if you want to be poor, grasp. 295. If you want abundance, scatter; if you want to be needy, hoard. 296. Do you want to be cured of drunkeness? man when you are sober. 297. Are you wise or otherwise? 298. We must distinguish between money and wealth. Watch a drunk

make a lot of noise. alike.

314. The words, brag and bray, spell almost

315. One man would do most anything to get his boy into Sunday School, except to go himself. 316. Don't let your parents down; they brought you up. 317. Tolerance many times means a stretched conscience. 318. When two share a joy, it is doubled. When two share a sorrow, it is halved. 319. Investment in the Sunday School pays more ~ than investments in any bank. 320. There are no victories without a conflict; without a cloud. no rainbows

299. Take D from the devil and you still have evil. Add 0 to God and you still have good. 300. If you don't share Christ, you cannot keep Him.

301. One of the shortest sentences in the Bible is: "Enoch walked with God, and it is the longest journey. 302. Two-thirds of promotion is motion.

303. Blessed are they that run around in circles, for they shall be known as "Big Wheels." 304. Employ life instead of enjoy life. 305. The soul of improvement is improvement of the soul.

321. Alcohol gives you a red nose, a white liver, a yellow streak, and a blue future. 322. Failure is the path of least resistance. 323. Ten cents worth of help will do more good than a dollar's worth of argument. 324. Be game, but not everybody's game. 325. Brooding over trouble will make a perfect hatch. 326. Worry is like a rocking chair; it will give you something to do, but it won't carry you anywhere. 327. Sorrow makes us better or bitter. 328. Defeat will not be bitter if you do not swallow it. 329. To bemoan the past is to becloud the future. 19

306. Think twice; then say nothing. 307. Life is a measure to be filled, not a cup to be drained. 308. Many things are opened by rnistake=-for mouth. 309. If you want to break a habit, drop it. 310. You can't change the past, but you can ruin the present if you woccy over the future. 18 instance, your

330. The best place to find a helping hand is on your wrist. 331. Ability will not avail much without dependability. 332. The word, 'American", ends in "I can".

3~0. It is good to be too busy to worry in the daytime, and too sleepy at night. 351. If a man is so hungry that he steals a loaf of bread, he is put in jail. If he is so wise he steals a railroad, he is put in Congress. 352. If you want God as your Father, accept Christians all churches as your brothers. from

333. Those people who can, will do; those people who can't will criticize. 334. If you resent criticism you despise progress. 335. If you want to succeed, start at the bottom and wake up. 336. If only the birds sing which sing best, the woods would be silent. 337. The truth needs no crutches, if it limps it is not the truth. 338. Ignorance denounces what it does not understand. 339. Knocking is an indication of carbon, or envy. 340. If you use a hammer, build something.

353. It is impossible to spell "brothers" and not spell "others". 354. A Christian does two things: He gives and forgives. 355. That which is done for self dies; that which is done for others lives. 356. We should spend our energy giving reasons for that which ought to be done, instead of excuses for the things left undone. 357. PEP stands for preparation, enthusiasm and prayer.

341. A switch in times saves crime. 342. Some people never like anything, they dislike some things more than other things. 343. Truth crawls; scandal runs.

358. The trial that makes us fume and fret, the burden that makes us groan and sweat, are usually things that haven't happened yet. 359. When a person and passion meet, then the person must retreat. 360. A fight is the first thought of a savage, and the last thought of a gentleman. 361. A real Christian will not insult me; no other person can.

344. Drivers are safer when roads are dry; roads are safer when drivers are dry. 34~. Pick your friend, but not to pieces. 346. Setbacks prepare you for comebacks.

347. Safety first saves your own life; service first saves others lives. 348. It takes a live fish to go upstream. 349. Many people who boast about their ancestors are like a potato vine: Their main good is under the ground. 20

362. Profanity comes from a vulgar mind, a weak vocabulary and a vacant soul. 363. Swearing is the cesspool of conversation.

364. Schools of kneeology are needed more than schools of theology. 365. The steps of progress are shortened of prejudice. by the short skirt


366. The middle letter of pride is "I". 367. Stubborness we detest; but firmness we condone. Stubbornness is our neighbors trait, firmness is our own. 368. When you have a fight with your conscience and get whipped, you really win. 369. If you drop a habit, you are liable to break it. 370. Genius without 371. Effort without 372. Power without 373. Beauty without Chritianity can be a curse.

385. Big men wrestle, little men run. 386. Seven days without prayer makes one weak.

387. The only way for a church to save itself is to save others. 388. If you give you are the boss of money; if you don't give, money is your boss. 389. Man does not have equal rights with woman until he can cross his legs, wink at the judge, and get alimony. 390. What was it that you were worrying about a year ago? 391. The darkest hour has only sixty minutes. 392. You don't lose your religion by a blowout: a slow leak. it is usually of

a purpose is blind. judgment



virtue is an enemy.

374. Evil for good is devillike; evil for evil is beastlike; good for good is manlike; good for evil is Godlike. 375. Juvenile delinuency has increased since there have been so many woodsheds converted into garages. 376. Never feed your body until you have fed. your soul. 377. Some people think a sermon is too long, so they substitute an hours television program. 378. Juvenile delinquencies increased woodsheds into garages. when men converted

393. I have never heard anything about the resolutions the apostles; it was about the acts of the apostles. 394. God did not make me for the world: world for me.

He made the

395. The best way to stay ahead of the devil is to stay behind the cross. 396. Fame is a vapor; popularity wing; character endures. an accident; riches take

379. He that lendeth books has no books. 380. A librarian said people may be poor mathematicians they are all good bookkeepers. but

397. The only difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is the way that you use them. 398. Some have the gift of prophecy; others have the gift of gab. 399. There is no substitute for sincerity. 400. A powerful nation has character ahead of commerce.

38l. Without Him I cannot succeed; with Him I cannot fail. 382. Todays mighty oak is yesterdays little acorn, that held its ground. 383. When God touched Jacob's thigh he had power with God: he got his pocketbook converted. 384. Wisdom is knowing what to do next; skill is knowing how to do it; virtue is doing it. 22

401. Creed is interesting;

deed is convincing.

402. Gold is tested by fire; man it tested by adversity. 403. Diamonds are chunks of gold that stuck to their jobs. 23

404. The most valuable

jewel is a virtuous woman.

422. Liquor is in the red: a red rose, red eyes, red career. It IS a liability and not an asset. 423. In the narrow path, the traffic is one way. 424. Most waste can be utilized unless it is the waste of time. 425. Leisure is the time that people do things that are not useful. 426. The only way to redeem the past is to enrich the future. 427. If you have time to spare, don't spend it with people who don't. 428. The measure of a man's life is not the length of it, but it is how he spends it. 429. Our problem is not where life started, but where it will end. 430. You are not too old to have influence. 431. Some people grow under responsibility; others puff up. 432. Egotism is like dope: it deadens the pain of a fool. 433. There is no substitute for self help. and cents,

405. The largest room is the room of improvement. 406. Make the most of life before most of your life is gone. 407. Men are not always what they think they are; but what they think, they are. 408. You can't whitewash yourself by making others black.

409. Your limitations are not what you want to do but can't; but what you ought to do and don't. 410 God will not look you over for medals, degrees or diplomas, but for scars. 411. We don't know the exact age of the human race, but we know it is old enough to know better. 412. When it comes to ideals in politics. people usually leave out the "i". 413. Kindness is a language that the dumb can speak and the deaf can understand. 414. Sometimes a hungry soul dwells in a well-fed body. 415. A rose without fragrance is like beauty without virtue. 416. The national anthem of hell is "everybody's doing it",

434. Success is more than just dollars

435. In society it used to be who's who, now it is who's whose. 436. Brightening up the life of someone else, will put a fresh shine upon your own. 437. Many people are too religious to enjoy sin and too sinful to enjoy religion. 438. Don't ask favors; do them. know what's what than to be listed

417. A new pair of shoes will not mend your wife's broken heart. 418. Some people think their weakness is inherited and their virtues are original. 419, Alcohol at its best reduces men to their worst. 420. If I convince you against your will, you are of the same opinion still. 421. It is better to have nothing to live on and something to live for, than to have plenty to live on and nothing to live for. 24

439. I had rather who's who.

440. Christmas giving is better than Christmas swapping, 25

441. The exercise that some people take clusions. 442. You cannot carve rotten wood.


jumping at con-

459. We need more than degrees to be educated; more than creeds to be a Christian.

we need

443. Bring up a child, in the way that you would have it to go, and when he gets old, away he will go. 444. The things that is most needed in the homes of today is a family. 445. It is easier to be critical than to be correct. 446. Some people keep their property in their wife's name. Some people keep their religion in their wife's name. 447. He who toots his own horn runs down his battery. 448. There has been no reduction in the wages of sin. 449. The people who think so much about themselves, think little about God. 4~0. If children were brought up, they wouldn't sent up. have to be

460. Give more attention to the highchair, and you will not need the electric chair.

461. A home should be something besides a filling station.

462. A slap on the back will help many children is low enough down. are about direction. 464. In algebra, X is something that is unknown, that is why some people write Christmas as Xmas. 465. Those who think they can't are usually right. .... if it

463. We must not be more concerned about speed than we

466. The best angle from which to approach a real problem is the try-angle. 467. Don't quit trying in trying times. 468. Cheerfulness 469. Inspiration is the key that will open the door. is born in desperation.

451. Awol f resembles a dog. A flatterer resembles a friend. 452. Killing time is not murder; it is suicide. 453. A religious debate doesn't have many spiritual calories in it. 454. That which lies beyond the will of God lies beyond the reach of pr~yer. 455. Don't leave your religion in the racks with your hymnbooks. 4'6. Every day is judgment day. only

470. Some people make difficulties out of opportunities; others make opportunities out of difficulties. 471. Why patch up failure with excuses? 472. If you want to make a dream come true; wake up. 473. The sun has a sinking spell in the night, but it always rises again. 474. To miss a fortune is not always a misfortune.

475. Men should make money, but money must not make men, 476. Nobody can make a success in a bad business, 477. You can't make peace by overpowering 27 your enemy,

457. God and the devil are never in business together, one of them is behind your business. 458. We can't serve God by proxy. 26

478. What

counts in religion is work and not wealth.

479. Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday, 480. You can put your best foot forward without kicking. 481. War doesn't always determine who is right, but who is left. 482. Permanent wives are better than permanent waves. 483. Do your best; leave the rest. 484. Service is not always sacrifice, but sacrifice is always service. 48'5. It isn't what you would do with a million if riches would ever fall your lot; it is what you are doing for Jesus with the dollar or the quarter you have got. 486. People spend more for dog food than they do for all the religions combined. 487. If you try to raise yourself by lowering somebody else, you have our machinery in reverse. 488. It is easy to mistake your prejudice for good judgment. 489. You have a right to do as you please, if you please to do right. 490. The best thanksgiving is thanksgiving.

496, Some people suffer from a run down physical exhaustion. Others suffer from a "wound up" hypertension. 497. Religion is man reaching out for God. Salvation is God reaching out for man. 498. Religion lation. is human reasoning. Salvation is divine reve-

499. Religion is earthly. Salvation is heavenly. 500. Religion is what man does for God. Salvation God does for man. 501. Religion brings outward inward transformation. 502. Religion reformation. Salvation is what brings

is good views. Salvation

is good news.

503. Figures don't lie but liars figure. 504. If God rains on our spiritual field our harvest will bring forth an endless yield. 505. A nation that is full of corruption, liquor, sex, and lust is a liar when they say, "In God we trust." 506. If we bow humbly before before men. God we can stand boldly

507. If we want to be a nation of survival we must book an old time Spiritual revival. 508. An open heart filled with Spiritual Christianity longer a part of this world of insanity. is no

491. We can't impose brotherhood. 492. A smooth sea does not make a skillful sailor. on the

493. We have millions of laws but no improvement ten commandments.

509. The Rock of Ages is the cornerstone

of democracy.

494. If the preacher's sermons were as trashy as some of our shows, not even the janitor would be there at the benediction. 495. Regardless of what the Supreme Court says there will be prayers in school as long as there are exams. 28

510. The brain like a fine instrument is supreme by command, is touched up, and turned up by the Master's hand. 511. Some people don't have much to say. You find it out after listening an hour. 512. Some people claim to live by the Bible and stay as far from it as possible. 29

513. The only book where you can look - read your life story and have your picture took - the Bible. 514. The millions of recourses of religious vanity, are killing the true resources of true Christianity. 515. Do some repenting and do it quick, if your measurements won't come up God's yardstick. 516. Hatred in the human heart is where strength and where weakness starts. 517. If your children are good, get them something. are bad, give them something. departs If they

529. If you have your head in the clouds keep your feet on the ground. 530. We can't protect ourselves from a situation, but we can in a situation .. 531. If we spend all our time getting even with people, we never get ahead. 532. The servant on his knees is more powerful on his throne. than a king

518. We, like the Roman Empire, with all the might and mystery, are heading for the immortal pages of history. 519. Observation is nine-tenths understanding, but nine-tenths of those that can understand no longer observe. 520. How can you expect much in "The Name of the Lord" if you live like the devil in one accord? 521. Our life, liberty and rights can be put in an awful fix by the power and corruption of rotten politics. 522. The best Board of Education is a two by four. 523. Money once talked; then it would mutter-now so little it can't even utter. its worth

533. If we leave the earthly plane of fuming, fussing, and and fighting we will reach the heavenly plane of feeling, faith and filling. 534. If Christ does not do something anything for you. to you, He can't do

535. Blessed is the man that telleth not what he knoweth not. 536. One foot is better than two crutches. 537. Outward glory comes only from the inward light.

538. The Holy Ghost transforms babes in Christ into men of God. 539. The best prayer enemies.

any language is love praying for its

524. If we are to stay happy-hopeful-healthy and hearty we must have a Conservative people's party. 525. Those people that live for self are left in poor company. 526. We will not see heavenly attractions detractions. if there worldly

540. Rockets may get to the moon; only love can get you to heaven. 541. The value of love is no less than the value of a soul. 542. If a man will not work, he shall not eat. (I Thess. 3: 10). 543. It takes more love to live for God than to die for Him. 544. Love is the anchor that keeps two boats from clashing in the storm of life. 31

527. Leaning becomes a delight if knowledge becomes a desire. 528. It is nice to be important; but it is much more important to be nice. 30

545. Love is not centered in one person, but is spread among

many people.
546. As faith in God goes up fear of man goes down. 547. You cannot have communion with God and remain an

ordinary person.
548. We pray mostly for ourself, but Jesus prayed mostly for

549 Man shall not live on bread alone. He must have a little

peanut butter to go with it.

550. We can't expect God to remember the prayers we so

easily forget.
551. If you don't profit from your mistakes why make them? 552. I had rather be dead physically and live Spiritually than

to be alive physically and dead spiritually.

553. Put a sick church on a praying diet. 554. If Christ died for what He believed, we should live for

what we believe.
555. No loaves to the loafer.
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