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FEBRUARY 12, 1961


Thank God for Health
If people would thank God more for good cealth, they would have more good health to thank God for. Divine healing is a priceless blessing. Divine health is equally so. If God has blessed you with good health you should thank Him for it and do all you can to preserve it for H i s glory. Here are some simple rules that will help. 1. Obey the laws of henltlz. There are natural laws you cannot break without suffering the consequences. Proper food, pure air, sunshine, exercise, and sleep are basic requirements of the human body. Give reasonable attention to these matters and you will seldom be sick. 2. Avoid strain alld fatiglrr. Modern life sets a rapid pace. Strain and fatigue are causing many heart failures and nervous breakdowns. Sometimes the cause is overwork. Sometimes it is worry. I n either case it is displeasing to the Lord. If you will quit when you are tired, pray when you are worried, and set aside one day of the week to rest and worship, God will keep you well. 3. Maintain a good coimience. This is essential to good health. A guilty conscience will react upon the body and disturh its natural functions, producing disorders and even diseases. 4 . Keep happy in the Lord. The Bible says, "Rejoice in the Lord alway : and again I say, Rejoice" (Philippians 4 :4). A morbid disposition feeds physical breakdowns, whereas the singing of "psalms, and hymns, and spiritual songs" fosters health. 5. Hazre a sanctified tongue. You can't afford to poison yourself by giving way to a bad temper. Anger is destructive. A n eminent physician has said, "There are diseases that originate from anger and anxiety that no medicine known to man can cure." 6. Let brotlzcrly love cotitintte. Love is a divine force emanating from God and bringing life and strength to everyone who lets it in. Be kind to all, tenderhearted, forgiving anyone who may have hurt you. Avoid self-pity. Think of other people's troubles and your own will vanish. Have an open heart and an open purse. A generous, unselfish, outgoing attitude will contribute immeasurably to your physical health. "The liberal soul shall be made fat, and he that watereth shall be watered also himself" (Proverbs 11 :25). 7 . Dwell in the secret place -a'tlz God. Live in the 9 l s t Psalm. The promise is, "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Aln~ighty." Under H i s wings you will be protected against every attack of the enemy. Here you will commune with your Lord and feed upon H i s Word. Here you will drink H i s life-giving Spirit and lay claim to the protection of the Precious Blood. What a wonderful place to abide! And not only will your life be protected-it will also be prolonged: "With long life will I satisfy him, and show him M y salvation."

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things. H e is not paralyzed 1)y u111:c- Ixliintl him n formula for miracles tllat is imniortal. H e said. "iittft~l~pt great deny them is as unscientific as it is lief. nor crippled liy swcrs. I-le Ilas an ;llmigl~ty Cod e t ~ t h r o ~ ~O ItI l the circlc things ior Cotl. llspect grcat things e sceptical. of t l ~ e universe and kr~o\vs tint a11 i1-0111Gotl." Let thc atheist trumpet his tlisl:eIt ,is in the "attc~npting" that \ve For what lief in the csistcnce of Gotl, of tlivinc po\vcr h v s tlo\vn from H i ~ n ~ ~ r c l ~ a r c ground for divine interthc intervention in human affairs, of life \ve call "energy" in the ntom and "life" ventions. Latent in the \;ortl of God after death: but he dare not deny thc in the seed is tlic same po\ver that is a \vorltl of supernatural po\vcr \vait~s esistctice . of miracles. Tlie facts of opcratcd through J e s ~ Christ the I'tcring only to he released. Fc\v peoplc science a ~ ~ d history \voultl swarm to nal \Vortl, tliat Incorruptil~leSeed. ''I the defense; they \voultl laugh him to am comc tliat they illight have lifz, can split an atom hut a child can plant scorn. F o r by \vhatever name you call and that they might have it morc a scctl. S o si~nplealso is the proccss 11y which the h~uml~lcst saint can plant it-natural law, physical phenomena, aljuntlantly," H c said. 13ut our problem is not \vitli a l x - the 1ncorruptil)le S e a l antl cspcricnce acts oi Gotl, moral force, or hlothcr licf in the n ~ i r a c ~ ~ l o u\re merely thc po\ver of Gotl. Nature-miracles happen within us and s. 'I'here appears to he a four-step about us twenty-four hours a day. \Je stumlde al1011t looking for thc key. Our formula \vhich can Ixcome tlie key to live i l l a world so full of mir a~ es our psh-button age co~~tlitions to deus -1 jaded setises \ v a r y \vitli the r e p o r t i ~ ~ g . mand p~~sIi-l,utton miracles. If God udock these divine resources latent in tlie univcrsc around 11s a ~ ~ \vithin tlie tl For centuries Inan fuml~led \vitli his \v:unts to perform tlic u n u s a ~ l ,we \ill clumsy keys trying to pick the lock of let Him, but wc \'ill hardly lift a \Yortl of Gotl. 1:iy this we set thc stage for miraclcs. God's uni\.erse. Stored up within a tiny finger to co-opcrate. invisible sul~stance \vas a world of But ncither science, commel-cc. inenergy that could do miraculous things. dustry, nor government \vork like this. Miracles begin wit11 tlrcan~s. 'Thc 1heti man found the right key antl I hey Icavc ~ ~ o t h i n g chance-nothi~~g to miracles began to happen. E ~ ~ e r g\vas to coincitlcnce. M'hcther in the Iabora- aivesome sky-scraper, the mighty susy pension I~ridge, the flaming missiles. released merely because man had tlis- tory or at tlit council chambers of tlic orhiting satellites, all I:egan \vith covered tlie right combinations. diplomacy, men sct the stage for mir'The totiil~s of the I-'haraohs held acles 1,y painstaking effort antl t l ~ e n a dream. Someone lived \it11 that tlrcam, con~n~unetl wit11 it, took council their secrets for millenniums until somc- believe \vith magnificent faith-faith with it, till tlcsirc \vas scven times hot. onc unlocked the vaults antl I~rought that puts ours to shame-that miracles For dreams are the fucl of tlesirc. to the world tlie treasures of antiquity: do l i ~ p p e n . 111 like mallner, the first stcp top.arc1 Among them wcre sectls clcpositcd in If men \vitliout Gotl can escrcisc a pcrsoonal miraclc must al\va!.s IIC the urns that hat1 h e n left for tlic I'harsuch faith \vhq not me11 n h o know their aoh's use in a ~ ~ o t l i e r world. They \-ere Gotl? "Tlicy that kno\v their God shall vision of the imagination. For d r c a ~ n s rcach out into tlic world of the unreal small, shrivcletl seetls that a skeptic do exploits." \voultl have tliscartlctl as worthless. But Tlii~s,in thc uorltl of tlie spirit, that and h i n g into sharp focus that \vl~icli at present does not exist. Dreams arc true scicnce has no time to Ile cynical: divinc realm callcd "Thc Kingdom of a part of faith. Hcbrc\vs, chapter eleven, there are too many worlds to conquer. Gotl," miracles happen I>ecaus= spirSomeonc p l a ~ ~ t e tthose seetls, \vaterctl l itually perceptive peoplc painstaki~~gly says: "Ko\v faith is the substance of hoped for" them, exposed them to the s u n : ant1 set the stage for n~iracles. Cotl is a t h i ~ g shoped for." " T h i ~ ~ g s are things dreamed about, things enmiracles of n~iracles, secds that had partner \vith such pcople. lain dormant for centuries burst their Years ago a littlc English ~Iioc~iiakcr \~isiotietl in the n1i11tl as alrcatly cxistitig. vest buttons antl grew, grew, grew. A cml~arltetlfor India on an historic jouri\nd to prove that desirc is imporsul~stance wc call "life" was captive ney. H e was destined to I~ecome tlw within those seeds-as within all seetls father of Protestant mis\ions. Tlie theo- tant to miraclc. Jcsus said, "Whatso-waiting only for someone to set the logians and prelates mocked at such as ever yc desire, \vIicn ye pray believc, stage for its miracle to happen. hc conquering a pagan people for Gotl, that ye rcceive it, antl ye shall have T o the Christian, these are exciting I ~ u t\;illiam Carcy perscvcred and lcft (Continued on page thirty)


Felvuary 12, 1961

Iis xa s-ruli,y1xG \;.it11 i:ilml<to take u tlie ,rI.II: n.1: n x 1x:tctice Gotl

initiati1.e in H i s speci:tl dc:tli~igs \vitli * :: men. H c first of all ~ ~ i a ~ i i f c s t s Flis 1 x ~ s o 1(.)f 1-lis Son. Jesus Clirist. l<c:ttli ,. miraculous p w c r in tlie mitlst of 1-1is i ~ ~ g I h c nest ~iiiglity.11i;t1iit'cstati011of careft~lly \ve find tliat Chi t ; t k ~ s people. : Having clone tliis in sr~cli ;t the initiative. "And Jesus \ v c ~ ~ tl ~ q i ~ t tlie p o \ v u a ~ i d Ix-ecHce of Got1 oca nlaliner that a11 may Iino\v it is the all Galilee, tc:iclii~~gl t l ~ t i r il syrlagopcs. curred :tt thc feast of 1:'entecost \vhc~i hand of Gotl, H e then cspects to sec n ~ i d ~)re:tclii~ig gc-1s1)clof tlie king- the I-Ioly Spirit \vas outpourc(1. 1-lere tlic sonie fruit as the result of this spccial dom. :tnd heali~ig a11 Iinnncr of .sick- ngain.Got1 t q l i tlic i~iitiative,not (-)lily visitation. ness a~itla11 nianncr of tliscnsc :1111011g i l l giving tlie Spirit to T-Tis ~)xop!e1)ut also in ni:tiiiiesting H i s Iiealing po\vcr. . F o r at1 csa'~nplc,ti~licGod's tlealil~gs tlx: people" (AIattllc.\: 4 :23). wit11 t11c cl~iltl'ren of I s r a ~ l in 1Xgyl)t. God :tt the first did ~ i o t ask Tor \Vlie~i the nlali \vlio was 1a111e froni Iktcr :und Note, 11ow H e made kno\vn l-lis prcs- faith on the part. of tlie people. 13ut l.:irtli \vas liealetl t l i r o ~ ~ g h :]oli~i. rccortletl i l l Acts 3 :I - 1 1 , tlicre :ts ence i l l their mitlst in ten 'niighty maniafter our l.,orcl perfo~mctl ninny ~iiiris. I I O n ~ c n t i o ~ i faith o ~ i of Iiis lm-t. It f c s t a t i o ~ ~ of H i s n i i r a c t ~ l o ~ ~ s s power. acles: the11 I-Ie 1xga11to s;;y, ".4ccortl\voultl Inve Ilec~i ':tl~iiost u~irc:tsukd)le Such a revekttion of' tlie po\vcr of Gotl i ~ i g to your faith 11c it u ~ i t o you." sl~oultlhavc ~)rotlucedfaitli i l l t h e ~ nrc- \ V l i c ~ Jesus cnliic to His o\vn coun- to expect. this , Iiave faith i l l ~ t\vo strange 1iie11, \vIio1111~crlia1~s lint1 lie garding their great Deliverer. 'Ihey surc- try, tlie place \vliere He spe~it most never seen. I~cfore. 1y could see that H i s purpose \vas to of His life. I-lc naturally espcctctl the \Vc rexl in Acts 5 :1G. "'l'licr- came bring then1 out of thc land of Izgyl)t. 1)copIc \vould liave hit11 i l l 1-1 i ~ i i , for c~ut ant1 lead thcm illto tliat 'la~itl wliicl~ thcy 1 i ; ~ I heard of l-lis ~iiighty~iiiraclcs. :~lsoa niultii~~tle of tlic cities rounil I~ sick H e had pron~isctl.Tlir nlanller in \vliicli Ho\vevcr, \vc I-eat1 tli:lt "I-lc did licit ; I I I O I I ~ 1111to Jer~~srtle~ii. r i n g i ~ i g H c clivitletl thc Red Sea' lxforc t.licni 11ia1iy tiiiglity \vorli~ therc: 1;euause oi f(?llis,antl tlic~ii\vhich \vcrc vcscd ivit11 u~icle;:~ispirits : and t1ii.y were I~eitlctl \vas more than enough to co~ivincctlic tlieir ~ ~ d ) c l i e f . " c \ v y one. Gotl \vxs I~uiltli~ig faith up most' skeptjcal among then1 of tlic pur0 1 1 tlie other Iia~itl, \vlicrcvcr our i ~ i1-1;s people i ~ i1-1i.j po\vcr a ~ i d\vill-' 1)ose of tlic Alnligl~ty; Lor(1 iou~itl real practical faith 1-Ie s y As soon as tllc c l ~ i l t l r c ~ ~ lsr:~c.l q ~ ~ i c k lrcsl~ontletl, ant1 Iio\v delightctl i ~ i g ~ i e sto Iical. of T h e filial d i r c ~ t i o n s rcg;trdi~ig t11c H c was to healt as i l l the casc oi thc \ere clcar of t11c Red Sea, a n d free of . arc given us ill c c ~ i t ~ ~ riil lo ~ i MattIie\v S:5-10. L41so, \vc 11ii11ist1-y I~c;tIi~ig froni tlie authority a11d Ixxver of I!'lraraoh, tlic Lord began to tcst tlieni. H e find tllat H i s last great comniissio~ito Janics 5 :14. It is cvitlc~it fro111 tliis verse tliat the gospel of Iiealing was tlcsircd to kr~ow11ow 1iiuc11c o ~ ~ f i t l e ~ ~ c c so tl~oro'uglily taught a~ltl so' niiglitily tlicse peoplc ~ i o w1i:ttl i l l H i s faithful~tia~~ifestctl Ixlicvers \vcre esl)cctetl tliat ness antl power. Uut thcy failecl to 1i:tvc faith in ( h t l to Iic:tl tlieir Hini. hfoscs, \vho k ~ i e w the of Imlies. T1i tliis s c r i p t ~ ~ rthey arc cxc Gotl, knew they werc o111y tests; 11c liortctl to call f o r ' thc. cltlers of ,the knew they did not niakc void tlie pronichurch to '1)ray for thc~ii,:111d to 'anoilit ises of God to bring I-lis pcol)le snfelj, then1 -wit11 oil iu the nalne of tlic I..ortl, to their promised posse'ssio~i. 13ut tlle antl tlie premise -is, "The . praJrer of ~ i n s s of thc pcople failed to l)elie\,c ktitli sliall .save tlie sick, :und tlie Lortl Gotl. A s soon hs Hc stepped I)cl~intl sliall raise 'hi111 ul).'' I t docs ~ i o tsay tlie c u r t a i ~ ~ , i t were; thc cry \vc~it as to call for onc of the apostles. nor u p : "\VIiere is Gotl now?" "\,

oultl to for tliose \i.llo liavc tlic gifts of liealGod \ye had (lied by the hand of the ing, 1)ut for tlic cltlers of tlic cliurch. Lord in tlic land of Egypt." \''liere tlicre is faitli 'tliis is quitc sufficient. J I I tlie New Test:ume~~t \Ye read that save the sick. JAMES 5: 5 S o ~ i i cyears ago I knew a sister i l l God again visitctl H i s ~)coplein the Christ \vho \vns suficring lvitll an ill-

heal tlie sick ; ~ n d to tlo 11.iir:tcles \.its giveti 0 1 1 tlic I m i s of faith, as recort1c:l in Mark 36:15-20.






Every h i ~ i t l r a ~ ~ c ciaith swli as tle- acts. It docs ~ i o t rcquirc great gr;~ce to curaldc tliscasc. Shc Iicartl that :I great scriljetl i l l Jolili 5 :44 sllo111tl1 ) rcniovc:l. ~ Ilor faitli to I)clioltl God \vorki~ig tlirougli I I I ~ I I \vas c o ~ l l i ~ lto co~iduct :I revival g a~~tl l~caling c:mq)aig~~. Slic Ii:~tl I ~ c r a ~ i dGot1 1ii11stl)e I N I ~first in : ~ l l t l ~ i ~ i g s . otllcrs. h t Iio\v Iiiariy can t r ~ ~ s t (.;otl Only t l i e ~\.ill \vc c o ~ i ~illto our full ~ c f r i c ~ ~ t ltake her to tile ~ i i ~ t i ~ i g s iu a wl~cn I-tc s c c n ~ i ~ ~ g l y stcllpc(l Ircha.; the ? sl)i11:11carriage. Sllc \vas prnyctl ior. i~ilieritancc.Lct us not tlii~~l\: I..ortl is 11i11tl the c ~ ~ r t a i ~ i hut \V:IS 110 hcttcr. \~

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hilc slic \vns frcl- .nslccp, tliougl~ H i s eyes scc111 closctl "Tliricc I)lcssctl is IN: to \vlio111 is to u s : "His eyes Ijdioltl, H i s eyclitls i ~ ~ g tlisal)poi~itctl.tlic ILortl sj)crl;,: very given l'lint i ~ ~ s t i n c t that call tell to tier a ~ i t l toltl licr t h t - if she lint1 try the cliiltlrc~iof ~ilcn" ( I"sal~ii 1 1 :4). hIoses knew the \vnys of G o d : ttic That Gotl is on the ficltl \vllcl~ I-[c g o ~ ~ c 11icct \vitli a great ( k t 1 in.twtl to c l ~ i l t l r cof ~ ~ ,Israel only sn\v H i s ~iiigtlty I.< ~iiost i~~visil)lr." 44 of goiug to liiect wit11 n grcnt 111:111. slic \voulct 11ot Invc I)t.c11 t l i s n l q ~ ~ i ~ ~ t e c l . S l ~ easked tllc l.ortl to forgive I ~ e r for having crretl. a11tl a fe\v (lays latcr persuaded lier f r i c ~ d s take 11-r n g : ~ i ~ ~ to to t l ~ c 111ccti11g.She \,as 1)raye:l for by the cva~~gelist \vas I~calctl coniantl plctcly. She toltl nie that after\vartl.; she was able to \valk five 111ilcs.

* * *

Al)out fifty years ago God ~ ) o u r d out H i s Spirit i l l I'c~itccostal Ixxver. This outl~ouri~ig, like tlic for~iier,\vns acco1i11nnietl Ijy sul)er~~attiral signs, a~itl t l ~ o u s a ~ ~ t lis people were I~ealctl of o all Inaluler of diseases. H a v i ~ ~I)ccn g presellt during tllose early days oi Pentecostal revi\-al, I 1)elicve it was Illore n case of God taking tlie i~iitiativet11:in the result o i nnrvelous faitli 011 tile part of tl~ose who were used in tlie healing of tlie sick. 'fllc time of the latter rni~ireferred to in Zc~Iiari:~li 10: 1 lincl come, nntl Got1 caliie tlo\vn to f d f i l l H i s \Tord. EPISCOPAL RECTORS PRAY FOR THE SICK A T SPIRITUAL HEALING MISSION Looki~igIrack over tlic \v:~ysin \vl~icI~ The ministry of Divine Healing is not confined to the Pentecostal MoveGotl has dealt with H i s pcol)lc fronl ment as some may suppose. Churches of various denominations have adopted the ti~iieof Rloses to tlie 1)rescllt (la!., the practice of praying for the sick and there are many testimonies of let us ask: I s it the ~ i i i ~ i of Gad that tl miraculous healing in answer to the prayer of faith. H e sliould al\.n\.s take tlic i ~ ~ i t i a t i v c ? The photograph shows a public "laying on of hands" service in progress Surely Gotl \ v : ~ ~ ~tos lead us; 011. t recently at All Saints' Episcopal Church, Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Alfred W. as H e lias al\vnys \-anted to lend His Price (left), rector of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Philadelphia, prayed people 011, froni faitli to fnitli. H e does as he and the rector of All Saints' placed their hands on the heads of k n d take the initiative at t l ~ cl ) e g i ~ i l i i ~of g ~ ing worshipers who came up to the communion rail four at a time. . a clisl)cnsatio~~.' 1-Ie cs1)t.cts ~ ~ ~ o r c "Defend, strengthen, and heal, 0 Lord, these Thy children with Thy Imt heavenly grace," Dr. Price said, "that all pain and sickness may be banished from us \vho Iiavc Iwen on thc \Yay and the blessing of health be theirs according to Thy gracious will. Amen." for years tlia~i H e does fro111 11c\v Offering a different praycr each time, he repeated the cercmony until the "ljahes i l l Christ" \vho Inust al\vays 1~c long line of nearly 100 men, womcn, and children had passed the rail and recarried Ijecausc they c a ~ i ~ i o t \.all<. "\'e turned to their seats. \wlk 11y . faith, not I)y sight." During a three-day spiritual healing mission conducted by Dr. Price at hliraclcs should l~rotlucc faitli, antl All Saints' last November nearly 1.000 persons attended the services, some iri tun1 faith ~ v i l lp r o t l ~ ~ c~iiiraclcs.:Is e of them on crutches or in wheel chairs. a result o i faith, n~iraclcs can r e ~ i i a i ~ i Dr. Price has had a ministry of spiritual healing for eighteen years. He \vith us always as a , constant 1)roof is warden of the Order of St. Luke the Physician, an international and interdenominational society stressing Christian healing. Included among its memthat "Jesus Cllrist is tlic same ycsterbers are clergy, doctors, nurses, and laymen. day, antl totlay, and forever." "Healing,!' he told a reporter, "may be mediated through physical treatIYhat God desires no\., as al\vays, ment and material remedies, but healing is not limited to the physical realm. is faith on the part o i ]-[is 1)coplc. There is more healing in the spiritual realm of faith than in any other." "l<ut \vithout faitli it is i~lil,ossil)le to He said he is convinced that spiritual healing should be practiced b y , please him: for lie that cometli to God twentieth-century ministers just as it was by th- first Christian disciples. He must helieve that I-Ie is, antl tint H e pointed out that while the Episcopal Church in this country and other is a re~varcler of tlie~ii that diligently Anglican communions abroad have pzrhaps taken the lead in re-establishing seek I-lim" ( H e l r w s 11 5).'I'liercthe healing ministry, other traditional Protestant denominations also are fore, let 11s exercise faitli i l l tllc livir~g doing much in this field. Cod to fulfill His \Vortl.




T h e Birthday of Abraham Lincoln, a truly rican, takes us back to one of the hich he strove a hundred years ago.

Lincoln freed the slaves of liis day and proclaimetl all meti free-lx~t still there are slaves! If you t1011't Ixlieve me, go ~vitlime to the skid rows of oltr great cities. Allo\v me to ~)ointO I I ~ tlie mistreated slaves over &om King Alcohbl rules -with a bottle for a scepter! Note, wit11 aching heart, their blootlsliot eyes. their unshnven faces, their looks of despair. They're "irce" men-l~ut sla\,cs to alcolnol ! Houses of i l l fame arc full of "free" men who are slaves t'o lust. Gamlding dens resound with the rasping, voices of "free" men who are slaves to greed. Are you a slave? If not, ho\v free are you? Are you tlne master of your passions, desires, antl appetites; or do they master you? Do j'ou cat to livc, or just live to e a t ? Do you make money in order to live, or do you live just to make money? ICcmcmI~er that Christ said : "Whosoever committeth sin,is the servant [slave] of sin" (Jolnn 8:34). Hundreds of years ago an unhappy man cried out : "For the good that I would I do not: but the evil \vliicli I woultl not, that I do. . . . 0 \vretcInetl man that I am ! who shall deliver me?" (Romans 7:19, 2 4 ) . If you arc like this man, you are not free.

1311t I have good nelvs for you! "lf the Son therefore shall makc !.OII'free. ye shall I)e frcc intlc:tl" (Jolnn S : 3 6 ) . A n aged colored man lived a seclutletl ltfc in the hills of Kentucky. IZscapetl from a cruel master, he feared lest lie IIC caught antl forced to return. J-Iirlitig in liis lonely cahin in tlne hills, he no communic:~tiotns \ 1t11 the outside \vorltl from one j ear to another. 17inally he was so in t~cctl of pro\.ision that lie set off for tlie village store to get hominy, syrup, corn, and the other items \vhicIi mxde 1111 his meager menu. Lest some slave dealer see him, lie ca~~tiously slipped along a m d tlne silent shadows a t ~ t lto\ ering trees near the village. "Hey, you!" a loud voice callccl. ' h h y is yo' creepin' along like a frighten' possum ?" The fugiti\.e slave almost fell tlirol~gln fright till he discovered it \vas only Jeremiah Jones, tlie colored preacher, drinking peppermint tea. -4 smile pullcd at the corners of tlne preacher's mouth. "llon' you know 01' A l x Linco111 set us colo'tl foll\s frcc? No mo' slave clays fo' us !" "\Vhen did all tlis happen ?" asked the wondering man. "Why, we been frcc fo' a yeah," ans\verecl preacher Jones.

.A tear trickled down the old man's check as lie replied. "Jus' think! Hcah Ah Ijccn livin' like a slave fo' a \hole ~ ~ a l run' all the time Ali've I)ecti frec !" n, Unsaved reader, you're like our colored friend. You'vc bee11 a slave to sin for years ~vliileall the time you could lnavc been free. \Thy? 13ecause Christ tlefeatetl Satan antl sin \vhen H e died for your sins on Calvary. When 1-Te said. "It is finished,': it \vas l~ecause I-lc lint1 I ~ r o l x ntlie boadagc of sin for all \vho woultl trust their case to Him. 'I'licrc is frcetloni for you through Christ-freedom from cvil habits, frcetlom from a guilty co~~science, freedom from fear allout tlie present o r the future, frccclom from eternal death. Slavery still csists. l3ut yorr don't need to Ile a slave to sin antl Satan any longer. Clirist can set you free. 12epe1it now of your sin. In other words : stop hugging your sin ant1 hegill 1nati11git ! Come to Christ, recei\,ing H i m into your heart as your o\vo personal Saviour. You lnavc this unfaili'l~g promise : "As many as recei\,etl Him, to them gave I-Ic p o w , - to Ixxome sons of God" (Jolnn 1 :12).
( T h e foregoing is available i l l tract form from the Gospel Publishing House, Springfield, Missouri. Ask for Tract No. 4441, "Slavery Still l?.xists.")

is not : ~ g a i ~ ~liquor. 1311t Ilc ritlcs out s;t oi his o\m co~ii~iiunity gct it, H:: to Cliarlesto~l.South Caroli~ia,st:~rtlctl I ~ i s tlocs~i't \.ant it t l i c l ~ for t l ~ c rc:~so~i co~igregatio~i tlie otlicr quiet S:~bl~atli ~iic~itio~ietl-it tleilates \-alucs ill real niorni~ig \it11 some questions about estate. liquor that still have his listcucrs \vall.;1~II: G~:\ce ing 011 tlieir heels. \,'c pass tlic~ii:~lo~ig. 6. "1-l:~vc you ever k ~ i o \ v ~ i doctor a 1. "Have you cver k~io\vna liiali to to say to a sick patielit. 'Your clia~iccs lose his job bccausc Iic tlra~il.;too litfor survi\xl \voultl I)c ~iiuch I~etter ii tle?" T l ~ a tq~~cstioii \voultl tr~licall tlic \.ou 1i:ltl l~ccii :I tlri~iki~ig 11ia11' 0 1 1 i" time for one sernioli. I~iitiicdiatelytlierc tlic co~itrary!R l a ~ ~ yInall has had Iiis a comes drifting before us t l ~ e\veathcrcd retitlczvous wit11 tlcath-a~itl st~t~nl)lctl faces of frie~itls u.110 have lost out to off to tlic gravc for tliz very rcasoll lifc at thc other e x t r r ~ n e . th:~t Ilc ztus a (Iri~iki~ig 1iin11 and Iiatl 2. "Have you ever kno\v~i a11 elii- to 'tlri~ikcrso~ily' You call stake your 1" tlcstroyctl tlie tleic~isestliat niiglit Iinve ployer, sccki~iga Inan for a rcspo~isible life you've .Iie\rcr Iieutl sue11 a silly made the tliikre~icc. position, to say-'Only a drinker need proposition. 0 1 1 tlle otll8:r lia~itl,thott7. "Have you cver k ~ i o \ ~ n Iviic to a apply'?" One reason you find Iiien of sa~itlsIiave ~iiatlcthc~iisel\.es" u ~ ~ i ~ i s u rlift l ~ c rtear-stai~ietl face to say, ' ~ 1 ) . superior character working ill liquor able" bccausc of tlieir devotion to the I~usl>a~id \vould be tlie I~estliiali i l l the stores is they ivon't take ally other 11ottlc. 0 1 1 e of the I-iclicst nisi T k ~ i c \ \ \vorltl i f he 011ly tlr:~~ih: little'?" i \ ~ i d n kind. That's o w l~usiness\.here a11 eni- i l l lily earlier clays \vas t ~ l r ~ l c tdo\v~i tliat finislies tlle clucstio~ison tlic silliest l ployee must not patro~iizehis o\vn Imsi- for i ~ i s t ~ r ; ~ \.it11 tlie 11otatio11"a Inti a~itl sntltlest notc o f all. With Inore ~icc 11ess. uior:~l risk." IJusiticss~iie~i \vill sonic- than half of the adults in Anicricn 11: O N L Y tinies drink, 1)ut they don't \va~it to listctl 5s "niocleratc tlririkcrs" a~itlniore wit11 so11;conc than tlirec uiillion hopclcss alcol~olics 3. "I-Iave you e\.er hno\vn a tlefe~itl- get tictl LIP ill I~usi~icss alllollg LIS, there i s 110 xondcr that the ant iu court to say, 'If I had bcen clsc wlio docs. 5. "Have you ever k ~ i o \ v ~ i vnl~ie atio ion is littered \vith the tragic r t ~ l ) l ~ l e the drunk I Iie\,er \voultl Iia\e tlo~ic it'?" In my own files of sad cases I have of a 11on1e or a I~usinessto rise when of l~rokeii homes. i\bc Lincol~i lincl it riglit-"Liq~~or doze~isof yello\v, fadctl cards tliat tell a taver~i is opened nest door ?" 0111y rccc~itly a Inan asl.;etl Inc i f I \voultl lias liialiy tlcfe~itlcrs.I x ~ tit has 110 clcthe other side of that story. g -Pirrc.c, I-lnrris 4. "Have you ever kno\v~iall i11sur- appear against the o p e ~ i i ~ iof a lirluor fe~isc." i n IIIC .4tlu11/(1 10111IIUI H a w e co~npauy to offer rccluc'ctl ratcs storc i l l Iiis comniu~iity.I r c f ~ ~ s c d . c

A be Lincoln
Was Right

c .

A bout Liquor


The Greatest Emancipator

J/IOSES. Yes, Moses is surely one
~ ofO the ~great I story oi I tlie struggle in Iiistory's

I+'lroi~l did h;Ioscs e m a ~ ~ c i p a t e ? Is'flic
raelites. A ~ i d l ~ o l alh n t did he set thclll j l frcc ? Fro111 tlieir I)o~~dagc. rclneniYou her how the cliildre~i of Israel \vcrc licld it1 captivity by tlie I<gyptia~is. God's \'ell, lrozel did Moses e ~ ~ l a n r i p a t c pcoplc? L3y faith lie led the111 out of l< arid sct tlietn frcc. After God Iielpcd bloscs to get the people out o l Ixgypt a~itl a\.ay from thc \vicketl rulers \vlio liclcl t l ~ e ~captive, ~ I o s e s ii gave tlie c h i l t l r e ~of Israel ne\v Ia\vs to live 1)y. ~ the I:~\vs of Gotl. MAIZTlrV L U T H E R . I-Ie too is O I I C of history's great c~xia~icipators. TJ~~ho~rr tlitl he set free? Tlie German people, that is rigl!t. . h d fro111.iidlot did L ~ ~ t l i c r sct the Gcrmin people free? From rcligious bondage. A~icl lroxl did Ile do tliis? 13y t r a n s l a t i ~ ~ g the 13ible and tcaching the people tliat "tlie just shall live ly faith." Yes, Marti11 I d l i c r gave tlic \'ortl of Gotl to the Germall pcoplc so they coi~ldthink for thcmselves, nntl so they coultl cnjoy frcctlo~il of
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"11; T I I E SOX T1II:HI:fore shall make you free. ye shall 1): free i~~deetl" (Joliu S :36). Torla),, boys a~iclgirls, 1 \voultl 11he to tell you a l ~ o ~ ~ tGreatest 1Giia1icithe pator. But before i\.e can talk allout tlie Greatest E ~ n a ~ i c i l n t o\ve nlust ask r, ourselves tlie question, "\C'l~at is all

y w say to your fric~id,"1 \.ill let you have the enliar?. for fifty cents." S o let us s ~ ~ p p o s c your fric~itloffers you fifty ccnts; a d as you ope11 one baud to lakc tlic nloncy, yo11 o p c ~the ~ other lia~~cle l c r s i ~ ~the \viltl ca~iary. r g 'The I~ird is happy to lie free mice more a ~ ~flics a\v:ly. Your good fric~itl tl Ins bouglit the bird out of your Iiat~tl, \ \ h t does it meall to cn~ancipnte? 11ot for Iiiuisclf but for itself. H e has p T,et me try to explain. This long word clmigccl the o w ~ ~ e r s l i ioi the 11ird by setting it frcc. Tliis is \vlint it niealls has been ~iiatlc up I)y I ~ u t t i ~ ~ g together thrce short \vortls ~ n e a ~ ~ i "to takc to e ~ n a ~ ~ c i p a t ~ . ng No\ that \.e bettcr untlerst:~~itl the out of so~neone's Iia~itl." Let us sup~ tlic pose you have gonc iiito tlie \voocls ~ n e a ~ i i ofi g \vortl, I \vontlcr \vlictlier atitl- havc caught a ~vild canary. A yo11 can lialiie somc of Iiistory's great friend colnes alo~igand sees you hold- cma~icipators?Tliere have 11ce1111ia11y ing the canary in your hand, and wants and Ive n d l talk Iricfly :bout sotiic to see the bird free a d flying again. of thc~iibefore \vc comc to tlie GreatBut it is your bird; you caught it, and cst l h n n c i p a t o r .

February 12, 1961

r e l i g i o ~and practice freedom of war~ ship. ABRAHArld Llh;COL!Y. Surelj cvery boy and girl remembers tliis great emancipator. Do I need to ask re40 it was that Lincoln set frec? Yes, it was the American Negroes. H e set tliem free froni slavery or so-ial I~onclage. And llorw clid L i ~ ~ c o l n tliis? Uy do liis great E~nancipation Proclamation, even though men had still to go to a a r to make it come true. Jt was tliis great clocunient which on January 1, 1863, proclaimecl all slaves then i l l the United States "forever free." 'e are profounclly thankful for these great emancipators of history. But no\v we come to the Greatest Emancipator of all. I wonder if you know H i s Name. Let me read our text and see if this helps you to decide : "If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed." This is a verse from John's Gospel. \Vho is tlie Son of our text? Yes, Jesus. And you know, too, tliat His very Name Jesus means emancipator, one wlio saves, one who sets free. Uut Jesus says tliat if H e sets you free you will be really free. I n other words, there is no other emancipator like He. Now, boys and girls, I want to ask you the same three questions about Jcsus that we asked about the great eniancipators of history. J,et 1 s see ho\v 1 well you can answer tliem. First, x h o i i ~ clid Jesus emancipatc? People, that's right. If tlie great emancipators of history gave their livcs to jet people free, certainly you \vou!d expect the same of tlie Greatest Emancipator, since nothing in tliis worlcl is more important than people. I n fact, Jesus even said on one occasion tliat H e came "to give His life a ransom for manyv-that is, for many people. God cares a lot about human beings, and Jesus cared enough about them to come into tlie worlcl and die upon a cross to emancipate them, to set theni free. O u r second question is, jroir~ rclhat does Jesus ,emancipate? I can think of several things. Yes, srlPcrstitio~t is one. Superstition is really ignorance and Jesus sets the minds of men free by giving theni knowledge of the Trutlieternal Truth, because it is tlie trutli about God. Jesus said, "If you continue in My word, you are My disciples, and you \.ill know tlie trutli, and tlie trutli will make you free." Jesus is the Greatest Emancipator of
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M h t e v e r elsc tliis figure of speech is intentled to portray, it clezrly sho\vs hat :i lien-pecking wife wears a man B Y N E L L F. H A L L c1on.n like a dripping faucet, or , water SOLOhIOPi 1 1-11s PROVEI<l3S GIVES continuously clropping from the eaves some very favorable comments concern- on a tin pan. Perhaps there are few ing good \vowen, but lic must have hat1 hindrances to the cause of Christ as experience rvith a nagging \vom:ui, too. effective as a hat1 clisposition on tlie people. T ~ i e woman w ~ i o F o r lie \rote in Proverl~s 21 :9 (and part of GOCI'S \voulcl not ga~iil~le. smoke, or ator it is the favorite passage of some men), tend pl:ices of \vorldly amusements, may "It is belter to dwell -in tlie corner of tlie housetop than with a 11raivli1;g \.om- yet ~nanifesta churlish temper aiicl keep hcr fa~nily in terror with her acid an in a \vide liouse." llien again, in verse 1'3, lie indicated tongue. Ancl let us not forget tliat there are tliat even tlie hausetop \vould not afford sufficient relief from tliis uncle- some husbancls wlio by their fussiness sirable companion, for hc said, "It is destroy the peace in the honie. A man better to dwell in tlie \vilderness t l w i who will fight for the faith once delivcrecl to tlie saints nlay be so hart1 with a contentious and angry \voman." to live \vitli that liis familv breathes Some render tlie word "contentious" as "fretful"-and what a frec~uentcause a sigh of relief wliqnever lie leaves the liouse. of matrimonial misery is thi's fussi!icss Nor docs it stop here! Cliilclren, about little things! The Speaker's Commentary clcscril~cs sensing a tense atmosphere, add to it the "corner on tlic housetop" as a cor- with their o\m incliviclual and varied ner of the flat roof on an Eastern contril~utions of fretfulness and contentious~~ess, that the usual forbearso house, exposed to all tlie changes .of weather. "All \vincls and storms a man ance -and colrrtcs~l (that ''IOZJE in /ittlr might meet with in sucli a spot," says tlrifrgs") arc forgotten. How easy then ~11ewriter, "\vould be more enclural~le for little irritations and frayed tempers than this kind of chin-music from a .to built1 up, until a slanimecl door may announce that someone lias found tlie wife inside tlic liouse." Ancl this is not tlie h s t that Solornoti house too small, antl is putting an exhas to say on tlie subject. Can it be clamation point to Solomon's longing that tlie Holy Spirit saw that this woulcl for the wilclerness. One mother found licrself perilously itdeed be a conlmon cause of troublc near tlie end of her patience during ijl our homes, and tliat these vivid pictures would be'neecled by many of us tlie morning race of getting the cliilto make us take stock and change our clren clressecl antl ready for school while ways? F,or tlic next picture in Prov- they engaged in more than the usual erbs 27 :l5, 16 lias in it further details amount of arguments and petty clashes. of the unpleasantiiess of life with that Quietly she reminclecl tliem of tlie Uinagging, fretful person. "A continual ble admonition, "Be yc kind one to dropping in a very rainy clay and a another." "]jut tliere aren't any strangers here," contentious woman are alike," lie said. "\rliosoever hicleth her [R.V., 'restrain- remarked one of the children. "There's eth her'-tries to keep her temper with- only tlie family." H o w exactly does tliis unexpected in limits] liidetli tlie wind." T o try to control sucli a person would be as answer put a finger on the rodt and rational antl as possil~le as to try to cause of so much of the home unpleasantries! I t seems so much easier control the wind!


to manifest the lovely Christian graces \vhen there is cotnpany, or \lien \vc are away f r o m home, atltl to "let up" on them in the honle, the very place they are most needed. There is a verse which speaks of the Christirin's 'witness to his housclioltl. H e ' i s . spoken of as a li~htctl candlc, ~ r o l ~ e r lplaced where "it giyetli light y to all that are. in the Irorrsr" ( M a t the\. 5 :15). A famous actress y a s .asked wllat advice she would give to American women in ten wortls. She said shc ~ ~ e e d eo111y t\vo : "Stop complai~~ing." d l'aul says, "Neithcr inurmur y e . . ." ( 1 Corinthians 10 : l o ) . \?:hether the fault lic with wife o r liusl~ancl,it is certain that the perpetual wear a11d tear of tlo~nesticdiscord 1)rings clepression ancl ultimate brcaktlo\vn to the ~ilostcheerful nature, and God warns severely against it. H o w much nicer wives'antl huslnncls would be to live \.ith if they \vould count their blessings and try to see the good in every situation ! But thank God, that stormy home can be brought into perfect calm when the appeal for help is ~ n a d eto Jesus Christ, as Head of the I~ouseholcl.Once it is.seen that these dispositional sins are fully as injurious to the Christian cause a s the more overt acts of \vickeclness, and are the cause of the breakdown of homes, victory and help can be found at tlie Cross. Often the tendency to nag is the rcsult of all inner feeling of frustration and anxiety. The secret of victory is as simple as the i~ivitationof the compassionate Saviour, "Come unto me, . . . and I will give you rest." \Yho could need this proffered rest nlorc than that scusitive, irritable, fault-finc!ing, peevish one \vhose f e e l i ~ ~ gfind s vent in words that Solomon says are like the continual monotonous dripdrop, drip-drop on a very rainy d a y ? God's Word, if it !)ccomes your daily resort, wi,ll givc strength for the conflict that otherwise provcs too much for y011. That Word abiding in you richly will give comfort in place of ansiety that would otherwise rulc your heart. Come to Him, then, as a little child seeking comfort and love from its parcnt. Forget that you are a person uith big responsibilities antl pressing duties, and let the hurry and fever be tlraw~l from your soul by thc cooling, soothing. healing hand of the Lortl. Nagging \ill change to singing, and the house will once more be large enough for the 44 \vhole family.




PnssmGms I n o m coAc11 clmnk, s~nokecl,ant1 playecl cards. The atmosphere was intlescribablc. As \ve crossecl Arizona, the condition improved but \vas far from satisfactory. Toward afternoon as I sat in a corner reading my Biblc, I felt the urge to siug. "No. Lortl, I can't," I nnswerecl. Then the \iord of tlie Lortl came to me, "\ihosocver shall confess me hcfore men, him shall tlic Son of nlan also confcss before the angels of God : but he that clenieth me before Incn shall he denied beforc the angels of God" (Lukc 12 :S, 9 ) . "But," I protcstctl, "singing is not pcrmittetl here." Thcre was neither escape nor escuse, so I took my songbook to the front cntl of the car. I t was hard to begin. A Imby sat in a buggy antl I played with her for a while; I askccl her name, ho\v old shc was, where she was going, and so forth, but I line\. that \vas not \vhy I had come thcre. I took courage at last, opened my songbook; antl. turning to the passengers, closccl my eyes and sang: " I have a F r i e d , oh, a rc~orrdo-fir1 Friend, H e i s all i l l all to U l C , Patierlt arid szcmt, arld SO teri(1~1- I I ~ O l:hd, S o lonirrg arrd good 1s H r .

Witlrolrt a hope irl tllc rclorld, T o Calzwry's ~rrolrrltain rc~ertt lcsrrs for.

To brirzg rrrc safe llorrie to 'tllc fold." I sang all three verses, ancl scarcely dared look up. \'arm and perspiring, but light of heart, I closed nly book and sat d o w ~ ~ . o w glad I was to H have fulfilled my mission of u' ~ t ~ m s 7 ing for the Lord Jesus! A lady seated across the aisle from me lcanetl over a 1 ~ wit11 tears espressecl 1 her gratitude for the song. Shc \vas on her \Yay to her father's deathbed, a ~ l d admitted that Christ was not a reality in her life. After a while the man \vho the previous night had been drinking the most sat doum hcside me. I had the privilege of telling him of Christ \+o is mighty to save. IVhen later I walked tlow~lthe aisle of the coach I sa\v a man and woman sitting together weeping. "\Ve are ~cksliclden,"they confessed. "\Von't you pray for us here that we may be restored to fellowship with God ?" Of course I ~voulcl,and as the train rushed across the prairie these two souls were brought hack to the fold. They stepped off the train somewhere in M i s s o ~ ~ r joyfd and happy, and I i, expect to meet them both on Eternity's morning. -Cl~ristinrt Lijc ni~dTirrlcs


nieet tlic educational sta~idarcl.Exempt plus supplics 1 cre includetl. 1 i\hout hall of tlie relicl was shipped from the ~ i c w stantlard are ministers I)y the Catholic licl~ef Services. Thc ortlainetl heforc 1965. SMUT DEALER HEAVILY SENTENCED ( I t ~villbe noted tlnat it is thc North- American Je1i.i4i Joint Distri1)ution A convicted seller of o l x e n e mac;n Eaptists, not tlic Southern Baptists, Committee sent $14,300,(330 ~vortln of terial in New York Cit). has Ixen or~vlioarc making thew tle~iiantls for a supplies Other totals lor the six-month dcretl to serve a three-!.ear prison tcrm more lniglnly-etl~~catetl ministry; antl yet period were : Church \'orltl Service antl pay a $12,500 finc. Sentencing of it (l'rotestant) $7',697,343 ; Luthcran the book antl magazine ~ ~ u b l i s h cn . 1 ~ ~ is thc Southcrn Ihptists ~ v h o arc r registering tlic grcnter mcml~crship \-orld Relief $S.922,244 ; CAlZIZ $22,reportedly grossed $1,500,000 a year 257.OCO: National Association of Evanfrom the smut trade was hailed 1)). gains.) gel~cals'l

Related Interests

orltl Rcl~efCommittee $353,law cnforccmcnt officers as "tlne start 1 5 s ; >\~sembliesof God Foreign S c r ~ of a long campaign to rid our city of ice Committee $73,950. a dirty growth." AMERICAN CITIZENS SEND $1 17 MILLION I t probal~lyIvas the stiffest sentence MILLIONS GIVEN FOR REFUGEES ABROAD THROUGH VOLUNTARY ever handed tlo~vn in a poruograplny AGENCIES UN Secretary General Dag H a ~ n m a r case. I n passing sentence, the jutlgc sLjoltl announcctl that $83,000,000 1 as 1he G o v c r n m e ~ ~ t announced that re1 said he had becn "sickened 11y reatl- lief shipments to foreign 1:unds during givcn or pledged by 97 go] ernments ing the books entered into cvitlencc." the first six months of 1960 were 16 antl co~untlcss iutlik itlualz tou,artl the H e denounced specifically the litera- pcr cent larger than c l u r i ~ ~tlie first g succcss of tlne \'orltl Refugee Jrcar, turc's tlcmoralizing effect on youth. half of 1959. Anierican religious and 1 l~icln ended last Jul~e. H e said that 1 voluntary g r o ~ ~ l > ~ l i s t r i l ~ $1 t c t l u 17,025,- the Sol iet Union a ~ ~itsl satellites gave t DOCTORS N O W SMOKING LESS nothing to the \'orltl Rcfugcc Ycar l I5 worth of food, clotlni~~g, other antl Next time you are conironted kritln fund. H e praised religious organizamisleading ads about' the kind of ciga- supplies to nectly persons overseas tlurtions u hich Iiave raised large sums to ing, this period. Alniost one billion rettes doctors recommend, remenilxr of -nt surhclp the refugees this fact. 01ne out of lour doctors in po~~ncls food froni governlin, the U. S . who smokctl five years ago Inas quit, according to Dr. Da11it.1 Horn, Director of Program Evaluation HALF A MILLION SCRIPTURE POSTERS DISPLAYED IN GERMANY of the American Cancer Society. Dr. Horn was co-author with Dr. E. Cuyler Hammond of the American The 500,000th placard i n Canccr Society study which slnpws a campaign to carry the tlnat lung cancer death rates are ten Word of God directly. to times as high among regular cigarette the public is mounted i n smokers as among those u.110 never West Berlin by Heinrich smoke. Broshalm, founder of the

7 .



Christian Poster Service. Since 1949 Evangelical workers have extended the project to many other West German cities, dotting not only their streetcars b u t street-corner advertising pillars, waiting rooms, hospitals, schools, and prisons as well with Bible verses and gospel appeals.

T o be ordained as a minister, a person s h o ~ ~ l have at least four years of tl college and three years of s t ~ ~ din a y seminary. So said a comnlission of the American (Northern) Baptist Convention recently. The connnnission on the ministry set 1965 as the date on which it hopcs to apply this minimum requirement for education. After that date, ministers should not be ordained unlcss they



S111)criorCourt Judge ILL!-montl 1:. K c l l ~ (Spokane, \'aslii~~gton) rnlccl that the "relcasctl time trailling . - program" of tlic Spoknnc Council of Clir~rches is constitr~tio~nl. "I fear that some." tlic jr~tlgcs t ~ t c t l . "in their nplxrrent zeal to Iiccl) the \vall of separation I)et\vecn Cliurch : ~ ~ i t l Stntc ri~~l,renchctl. Inay 1-)e u~i\vittingly -raising n \vall separating tlic St:rtc a~itl our children from Gotl."


Will those who are saved in big evangelistic campaigns, but fail to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit g o up in the Rapture?

"'J'lic 1.o1-d kno\vcth thc.111t1i:it are his" (-3 .l'ili~c:)tl~!;: 1 9 j . 'l.Ile prcm2 iic of the l<aptr~rc to the Cllr~rch,tlic I)otly oi Clirist. Ii l ) o r ~ ~ - : ~ g a i ~ i is I)c.licvcrs are i l l tlie I~cxl!. c ~ i Clirist. I csl)c.ct 1(.) scc tlieni in the Raptr~rc.

What is a lie?



.-\ lie is enclca\w- to tleceivc, .cithcr- l ~ y \vortl vr clcccl. C h t l \.ill c s cluck from the cclcsti:d tit!. not o~ll!. those \vIio Iia\.e tdcl u~itrrith;;.I)ut also him \:llo "niaketh n lie" (Ke\:cl:ltio~i 21 2 7 ) .




Can we support the military program of our country and be in the will of Cod?

The Arclil~isl~ol) Canterl)rtry, folof lo\ving his reccl~t visjt to tlic Vatican and corlferences ivitll Romn~i Catholic and ]?aster11 Orthoclos leaders, proposetl that a "Coni~iio~i\vealtIi Clirlrclies" of he forniccl. I-Ie said tliis \voultl 1)riclge the gulf-\vitliout co11q)lcte ecclesiastical u~iio~i-tliat lins separated easter~i atid \vestern C h r i s t i n ~ ~for 1.000 years, s and C:~tholics ant1 Protestants for 100 years. Tlie ~ n o v e ~ i i eto\v:~rtlunion of apos~it tate Cliriste~ido~ii call I)e esprctccl to gathcr force alitl speed, as tllc e~icl of the age tlra\vs Iicar.


, ,


I l~elieve this niust I J ~k i t ' to .ititlivitl~lalcorisciclice. . I l l ( : .;\sscnil)lics of God is o/iici:~ll! on record as Icing willing to clo a~i!.tliing for 0111goverliment in tinw of \-ar that cloes, not reqr~ire the I)e:~ring of nrnls. But 111anyof c u r Spirit-filled young liic~i II:I\:~ reil-ailiccl irom c l a i ~ ~ l i ~ i g .tliis cscnll)tio~l.Ilor tlo tlie!, scyii to feel the!. tlicl \:rang I)y t;tki~igul) arnis to tleie~lclour cou~~tl-!-.
Is it right to worship God on Sunday morning and play volley ball in the afternoon?


The Ilible says! "lle~iiciiilxr the aalil);~tllday to keel) it lioly." I i lie Iuav play wllcy I n l l S~~tirlny aftcrrloolls, \vliy isn't it ~)erniissil.)leto go fisl;ilig, Iiunting. or s \ ~ i ~ i i ~ i i i ~/i g ? d o tlicie tliillgs \ve i ~ r e I ue ctq)yilig tile \,orltl. H o w the11 are \ve ali ernnll)lc (:)i rc\rcrclice for Gotl, ior His \.orsliip, and ior His cia! tliat is set nlmrt fclr \vorsliip?
Who gave the keys to the kingdom? And to whom were they given?

1he ~ ) r c s i d e ~ iof tile Inter~intio~ial t Council of Cliristia~i Cliurclics Iias chargcd tllat the \.isit of Dr. Fisher, il~iglica~l :lrcld)isliop of Cnntcrl)ury, to I:'opc Jolln S S I I I \v:~s "a tragedy of the first ~iiagnitutlc,for it c o n f ~ ~ s e s tlie true bvay of salvation." Said Dr. Carl A'IcIllt'irc : " l ~ t c r ~ i a l life may be recci\:ecl rmly 1)y faith. Tlic Protcstant n~itl R o I ~ ~ :syitenls LI~ prescnt irreco~icilablc\vays to Iicnveri." H e chargcd that the 1 a t 'lcall nlcct; i ~ i g "\as a cnrcfully calcl~lntetl Illo\.e i l l the l o ~ i g - r a ~ ~ g e progranl of thc ccuiiic~iical ~iiovemc~it Protcstn~ltis~ll ill to 1)uiltl a one-\vorltl cllurcli." "Trrle I'rotcsta~it forccs arori~itl thc \vorlcl arc cliallcngctl to sta~itl agairist any acconmiotlatio~i to tlic Catholic Chr~rch," said h k l n t i r c . "Thc tonibs of tlw refor~ilersI,r~ried i l l \lrcstminstcr Xlhey sl~oultlI)e shaking c~iouglitoday to c r u t ~ d ~ l e tlint Protestant citadel. Thesc martyrs died 'for tlic primacy of Scripture ovcr t l ~ e authority of tlie cliurch."


Jesus said H e \vonltl give Pctcr "tlw k q i oi tile ki~igcloniof Iicavc~i" (i\Iatthew 16: 19). Tlierc is no J3il)licnl I-ecortl tllat lt'eter c\:cr pssctl these keys 011 to a succcsstrr. 0 1 i e of tlie keys Iic used to o p c ~ ithe door of the gospel to tlie Jc\vs on tlie da!- of I'e~itecost (Acts 3 : 14). The other he usecl i l l operiing tlic tlvor to tlie Ck~itiles:t.; rerurtlctl i l l Acts 10 :34-46.


Jesus said, "I am the bread of life" (John 6:48-58). of the literal body of Christ in the Communion?

Do you believe we ~ a r t a k e





Thcsc scriptures 11iust I)e corisiclcrctl ill a s p i l - i t ~ ~ ~ l iclise. ~ i o tlitc~xl. No one ate tllc literal I)crtly o i Christ. \:lic~iFIc \ins 011 e:~rtli,.norIla\:e tile!since H i s asce~isio~i the F:~tlicr.,jesrts sTio\vctl tl~at His ~ ~ ~ c n ~\v:~s l g to ii~ spiritual, not literal, 1)y e s p l a i ~ i i ~ ~ g . is tlie spirit that clt~iclie~letli: "It tlic flesli .profitetli,nothing : the \.orcls t h t 1 speak r~rlto~ O I tlic!; arc spirit.. I. mid they arc lifc" ( j o l i ~ iG 6 3 j .
Do you think Communism or Catholicism will overrun our country?
0 1 1 1 ~ .Gotl k~io\vsthe future. It sceliis prol)alh iron1 Rc\;cl:~tio~i 17 that Catliolicis~n (tlie \ v o ~ n aj~ \.ill Ila\.e strong politic:~l I)o\vcr rilitil ii~ixll!; l o\:crtT~ro\v~i tllc A~iticl~rist l)y (the I)cahtj \vlw \,:ill klailii lio~iiagc for himself alone. Observing .co~iclitiolls i l l tlle \vorlcl totlay, I tlii~ik\vc 111:ly be liearer tlie c ~ i dthan ~iiost of us suppose. Colitlitioris u~itlcr Icatler.. ship of the Beast 111a!. I,c ver!. si~iiilal-to Corlmir~liis~ii.At prcscnt tlit: \vllole \vorltl secn~sto I)e going niore and liiorc tlie \::I! o i socialiwi.





. I



p a i ~ ~ t i ~ i g I X r c r ' ~tlinli tliosc Iiantls; oi tlie hands of liis dearest fricntl claspetl in tlic a t t i t ~ d eof prayer. i \ l t l i o ~ ~ gtliat story is very ~ i i o v i ~ i g l~ xntl I)e:tutiful, it I?ril~gsto m i ~ dsomctlii~ig more \vonderful. \Vc liavc many far I-eferewes in Holy \Vrit to tlic hands, not of a mcrc human, hut of tlic Divine M a n , tlie So11 of .God. \,1cn the sick :uid suffering \ere I,rouglit to Jesus, \vc read tliat "I-Ic loid H i s lratds ora tlrclrr," or ,"Hc sfr~clclrctl jortlr I-lis hnr~ds:" You re~ n e ~ n l ~ c r time \vlien Jcsus was in the I3et.lisaitla and they brought a I~lintlman to Hi111. i\lark tells us in chapter eight, verse t\venty-t\vo, that thcy brought him "arid Ocsorrglrt I-li111 [Jcsrrsl t o f o u c l ~ hirrr." T h e story goes on that aftcr Christ l n t l spit 011 his cycs and laid hands on him, H e asked the man if he could see anything. The man rcported that his vision was distorted. 'The IIil,lc continues tint Cllrist again laid His linntls O I I the man's cyes. Tliis ti~iic he " S C I P C IGZ'CI-J' irlnn clcnrly." I t is jntercsting to ~ i o t etlint t h e is no m e ~ ~ t i o n Christ praying for this nian; of H i s merc touch had po\w. BY 'ALBERT J . G U N T E R 'l'lic pcople of H i s timc had faith in His 'touch. Parents 1)rought their clliltlre~ito Jesl~s,tliat H e n~iglittouch Onc clay, Iio\vevc.r, \vlic~iIic r c t ~ ~ r ~ ~ e t l T11F111c 1s : slovlKC s,roRv tlien~. \,\;li;lt a I~eautiful picture of t l ~ c told of thc famous Gcrman artist, Al- homc from liis stutlio earlier tIia11 usual, intcrcst Christ had in people. H e was 1,recht Diirer. \vho \as I ~ o r nin XIII-em- lic found his f r i e d talking to God. T h e 11c\-cr too busy to Ix I~otheretl \.it11 sight. lie saw when lie opcnetl tlic door Ixrg in 1471. cliiltlrc~~. i s disciples did not like thc H tliat \Yhile still quite yo1111g.Diircr nntl so fixed itself ill his ~ i i i ~ i d , lie cle- itlea? 1)ut our Lord rebuked them, saya bosom f r i e ~ ~ tof his tlccitletl tl~ey citletl thew and tlien that hc would l i ~ g"Sirjjcr little children t o corrrc rrn, paint it as soon as he got hack to his would like to be great artists. They lo Aft.'' O n e can picture the scene, \vorketl hard during the clay c a r n i ~ ~ gstudio. Christ l a y i ~ ~ gi s h a ~ ~ tg s ~ ~ t O yI thcsc H le lI Quickly lie got out his sl;etch pad a s much money , a s possiblc so tliat ill infants. \'lint a lovi~lgSaviour we have. l tl the evcnings tlicy could study a ~ i d 1)rac- autl ~ m ~ c i a .~ ~ stnl-tetl sketching t l ~ i s 1 tliirik tlie most Ixautiful illustrasigl~twl~icliwas tlcsti~ietlto I,e his niost ticc tlie career tliey lint1 chosen. ti011 of our T..ortl's huniility is that This arrangenlent, ho\vever, soon famotls painting. scclle i l l the upper room at the last H i s clearest. f l - i e d was k~leeling ill supper. Jesus had \vrappctl a tou.el proved I I I I S I I C C ~ STliey ~ . S ~ U fou~itl tliat prayer, praying for i\ll)rccht. Diirer. around Himscli, antl I~cgan to \vash they could not devote c~lougli ti1112 to their pai~iti~ig.o they decided to givc 13ut it was ~ i o ttlic 111-aycr that mo\:etl S tlic dusty feet of I-Iis tlisciplcs, wit11 Iliirer s o ; it \vas the clasped hands up painting for a wliile, earn as uiuch IHis Iiantls. as they cotlltl, antl then quit working of his frie!ltl. 'I'liosc I l a ~ ~ t \vl~ichhad I~roughtI~enlls Tliose h a ~ ~ t l s could [lever n g a i ~lioltl ~ after a time and j t ~ s t pailit. S o after (Continued on poqe twenty-nine) 1,rush. l'liose hands \voultl nevtheir normal work they \voultl go to n a p n i ~ ~ t local hotel and spend their cvcniags those hands he \vould never beconlc a washing dishes. g After some time the friend said to great painter. I n ~ i i a k i ~ iAlbert Diirer Durer, "All~rccht, we have quite a lot a famous pai~iter,tliose ha~itlshad bcen of money saved now, enough for one coarsened to liartl manual \vork. 111 of us to give !~p working. S o you quit mnkiug his friend All,reclit's tlrc:u~is working a ~ ? d spend all your t i ~ n e paint- come true he had put his I~nnds illto tlie w t c r so ~iiuchthat thcy wcrc now ing." Durer, the younger of tlie two, therc- stiff and out of joint: he \voultl ne\-er realize liis on n a~nbition. upon gave up work and started paintl'liere a~itltlien. Iliirer tleter~ninetlto ing. H e painted picture aftcr picture, make his nest painting his uiost f a ~ i ~ o m until the small studio he had was filled with paintings by the then u ~ ~ l a ~ o \ ve \ w . And histor\~ bcars out his amn bition, for tlierc is 110 u!ore famous Albrecht Durer.


I:ega~i to be trouldetl a l ~ o u t lier SOLII, antl one e\:ening she gai~ietl enough courage to call on tlie minister of tlie M u r r a y Street C l i ~ ~ r c l i , r . John $1. D Mason. -.Is she timidly approacliecl liim, ~ i o tkno\-ing ho\v to state lier proldem, the n ~ i n i s t e rlooked up and said Iiindly, "lcaty, have yo11 come to talk wit11 m e about your soul's salvation ?'! . T h i s opening made it easy for tlie Ilervous little I~lack girl to open lier' heart to tlie n i i ~ ~ i s t e r to tell liim ahout lier a11c1 1,urtlenetl soul. T l ~ a tnight \vl~en .lCaty \valketl out o the stud!; onto tlie f B Y KATHERINE BEVlS street, lier heart \vas light-she had iouiitl a peace and joy in her Savionr ,. I hat t h y , al~iiosta c e ~ i t u r y ago, K a t y that slie Iiatl I I O ~ I)elie\:etl possib!e. T w o years later, \vliet~ l h t y was trouble a s soon a s slie saw tlie \ \ d l - took her cliildre~iover to the M~irra!; r just sistcen, t\vo wealtliy f r i e ~ i d s 1,ouglit tlressetl marl, \veasing a clcrgytiia~i's Street Cliurcli autl uiauy c o ~ ~ s i t l ethis ~~; ~ her for the suui of $200 a ~ i t l set her garl,. \valki~ig11risl;ly up lier front \-all<. tlie first S I I I ~ s ~ l i o oIl in Aic\v Yorl; I t was comforti~ig to realize tliat tlie City. free. K a t y F e r g ~ ~ s \vho~started tliis great . \Vlic~i she \vas eigliteeti she iiiarrietl, o~ . L o r d k ~ i e \ v she lint1 I I O ~ meatit to d o work, 11eg:ui life a s a slave. S l ~ e\-as i ~ successive tragedies soon rol~betl t anytlii~ig \vrolig! S h e was j ~ i s t trying I ~ o r n o n I~oartl ship \vliile lier ~iiotlier lier of lier l i ~ ~ s l ~ n n t ~ t l :11so of lier a l to teach poor little street waifs, botli I h c k and \vhite, about a Saviour \vho \vas Ixiug transported f r o n ~Virginia to two precious I ~ a l ~ i e s . Ne\v Yorli. 'l'lie~i, wlie~iK a t y was only T h r o u g h all tlie lo~ieli~iess tliat folloved them so ~iiuclitliat' H e l ~ a t ldied eiglit years old, Iier ~ n o t l i e r was sold, 1o\vetl slie kept lier lieartaclies Iiitltle~i, for tlie rede~iiption of tlieir souls. I3ut \voultl tlie grave-faced visitor a11c1 K a t y never heard of lier a g a i ~ i . confitlelit tliat tlie Gotl \vho liad take11 Tlie sad meliiory of those lonely years care of lier u p to this ti~iie \:as diu ~ i d e r s t a ~ iher reasoli for liavi~igthis d r e c t i ~ i g lier life. g r o u p of cliiltlre~igathered i l l lier 11~1111- of lier cliildliootl \vitliout a mother Ci~li~iary work ope~ietl u p for Iier, ble house on M u r r a y Street, i l l Ne\v stayed \-it11 K a t y tlirougliout licr entire life; :md nlniost fro111 tlie tinie slie a ~ i t lshe I~eca~iiC f a ~ ~ c y ,York. City? a cook, catering On tliis S u ~ i t l a y after~ioon, a s tlw \vas torn fro111 her o \ v ~ i ~iiotlier, slie to large parties. M a k i ~ i gelal~oratecakes g stranger stood outside die door, he tletlicaietl her life to c a r i ~ ~for ~iiotli- \as lier specialty, a ~ i t l tliere was a erless cliiltlren. heard tlie sound of cliiltlisli voices singt i ~ i i ein N e w Yorl; \lie11 a big \vedtli~ig ing a great old Iiyiiin. H e pausctl until Gotl \vas good to K a t y i l l giving lier \voultl not Iiave I x e ~ i consitleretl conitlie chorus was fi~~islietl, tlieii tapped a kind mistress \vho allo\vetl her to plete \vitliout Katy's Wetltli~ig Cake. H e r \.ages \;ere tlever Iargc, but all 011 tlie tloor. atte~itl cliurcli services \vlie~-etlie 1iii11P o o r K a t y \-as friglitc~ietl, feeling ister slio\vetl a great i~iterest in 1 1 ~ 1 - . the Iiioliey tliat slie ear~ietl slie spent s u r e tliat the ~ i i i ~ i i s t ewas ;Iligry. S h e r Altliough slie Iie\,er l e a r ~ ~ e t l rend, i l l caring for u ~ i f o r t u ~ i a tcliiltlren.~ to e liuslietl tlic cliiltlre~i a ~ i t l opened t l ~ e K a t y had a ready Illemor!; tliat was Tt is said tliat t l u r i ~ i g her l i f e t i ~ ~ i e tloor. T o lier surprise tlie I I I ~ I I ' S eyes stored \.it11 Uil~lc verses \vliicli she slie took into lier lio~iieforty-eight cliil\-ere t e ~ ~ t l eer\ w i tliougli lie tried to lieard a t cliurcli. dreii, t\ve~ityof tlieni \vliite. Tlie C-hil~ i i a k ehis \.oice stern a s lie said : "\'hat \Vlie~i &ty \:as just f o ~ ~ r t e e ~e~ , d r e ~ i came fro111 ,the poorliouscs, o r di is this tliat you are doing, Katy-lioltlfro111 parents \vlio could. not care for ing school on tlie S a b l ~ a t h D a y ?" tlieni. All of tliese little olies K a t y T h e n I~eforc.slie could nns\ver the cared for herself 111iti1 slie could find visitor continued, "This m u s t not he. lio~iiesaliiollg lier f r i e ~ i d si n . \vhicli to AIust \ve al\vays search for comfort Katy. You niust not be allo\vctl t o tlo place tlie~ii. \ V l i c ~ ~ Comfortcr is lierc? tlie all tliis \vorl; alone. A ~ i t l I a m sure Al\vays, \vIiile t e ~ i t l i ~ ito tlieir t k g RTust \ve struggle blindly, fearful, tliere a r e Inally o ~ l i e r cliiltlren who poral. needs out of lier meager earn\'ticn our Saviour is so near? 1 \,oultl like to comc ;f you had room ings. Katytauglit them a b o i ~ tJesus, tlie Rlust \ve seek for joy and blessing to accommodate tliem. So, I'll tell you \'lien t h e Blesser livcs within? Lover of her o \ v ~ isoul, until she could Alust we pray, "Our hcavcnly Father," what I \vant you to d o : bring tliese fi~itl a good Christian home for t h e ~ i i . Th:n continue on in sin? cliiltlren to tlie cliurch. \re \.ill get M a y God bless tlie meniory of tliat soiiie helpers for you antl you shall clear black slave \vlio loved l i u ~ p a ~ ~ i t y AIust \e \sit till \ve reacli'heavcn find plenty of room for classes of a11 so i i i ~ ~ c tliat, ill spite of niaiiy 1iaiidili For a life of victory? Did not Christ upon Golgotha ages." caps, slie gathered souls illto tlie K i l ~ g \'in our pardon, sct us frce? K a t y liad been speechless before, but tl0lll. Since God loves us and tnkcs pleasurc now words could not Iiave expressed 111 tliat clay \vlieli the T.ord gathers I n IIis peoplc-Christ's o\n Rridcher Iiappy state. Joy flooded lier heart H i s je\:cls, we can be s u r e K a t y F e r Lct us then atlorc atid servc Him Radiant atid satisfied ! a s tliis man of God brought to lier guson \:ill have a front sent, a~icl all -.lIildrcd -4 Jcffcrjj tlie slicaves slie has garnered for Christ what seemed to be "manna from lieavwill I)e tliere to lio~iorher. 4-4

More Than Conquerors


F e b r u a r y 12, 1961

Crowd attending the Djakarta Assembly during the meeting with Evangelist and Mrs. Watson Argue

Brother and Sister Argue praying for the sick. serving as interpreter

Brother Busby is

Revival In Indonesia
B Y R. A. B U S B Y .I~/is.riorror'y lrldorrrsiir lo

1 Argues with us for revivals on \Vatson
T \V:\S

S u m a t r a antl Java. W e were so glad that they were \villing to give of their time to minister to our very smallest Assemblies. Not only were thc nationals hclpetl, but also our missionaries were blessed I)y their ministry. Brother and Sister Argue spoke i l l our churches in Java. 1:eginning in 130-

gor-about 35 miles from Djakarta. From there we covered most of l a v a antl then went to Sumatra wherc they ministered in Karo-land. The impact of these mcetings has lxen tremendous, Many havc testified of hcaling. I n Rletlan. Sumatra, \ve Iiatl the largest cro\vtl5 we h a \ c ever kno\.n in that area. During the meetings in the Karo tribe the nationals rented I~uses

antl came night after night from far inland. The church was fillet1 antl the local congregation was \~ontlerfully I~lessetlantl helpetl. W e hcartl so many people sa?., "\%y can't the Argues stay longer?" \Ye fclt the same way, kno\v> ing that if the revivals coultl have continued longer \vc \voultl haye seen many more saved. Thank Gotl for this He\., rcvivnl surge in Indonesia. tleavor to keep i~eoplein spiritual tlarkncss antl ignorance. Thus, we realized tlie need of an cxtcnsive literati~recampaign in Taniale ! As one part of this literature program the Read-the-Uilde 13001; Store has been opened in Tannlc. Uil~lcs and New Testaments are fcaturetl, but we also have gospel literature from our Asseml~liesof Gotl Print Shop i l l Tamalc. \re have bee11 able to obtain other items from various Sources in Englarid and Nigeria. 13ible and gospel portions are carried in t\vclve different languages. Interest is keen and peoplc are aski~ig more antl more for Christian literature. 111 this cquntry it is far better to sell a picce of literature than to give it away, for in that way the reader values it and considers it \rorthwliile. W e try to keep the price of most everything we sell low enough that nearly any of tlie natio~ials can afford it. Howe\.er, e\ cryone who enters the shop receives a piece of free literature in aclditio~i to what he may purchase. "How do I know what to believe:"' a young Inan asked nie with some belligercnce in tlie Bible Store one day. "How can I tell what is right? I hear

Bookstore Opened in Ghana

eraturc ?" "Are there some Rilossi New Testaments available ?'' "Do you kno\v where I can get some inexpensive English Bibles ?". S o went the inquiries day after day as we began to take up the station responsil~ilitiesat Ta~iialc,Glia~m,\Vest Africa. "Yo11 kno\v, the Go\-ernnle~itschools here in Ghana are teaching English even in the begi~ming classes." "And did you know that English is fast becoming the trade language in G l i a ~ i a ?Even in the remote bush villages, one can nearly always find someone \rho can speak a little English." W e listened &refully to such- comments as these and felt coml~elled to meet this challenge. Ghana a new nation among nations and is placing a great e~nphasison reading antl gain-

ing lalowletlgc. Ghanians have learned how vitally important lino\vl~tlgeis antl are avid. for anything to reacl. Here are people \vlio, in future years? will help to shape world decisions antl 'plans. I-Ierc arc approximately five million souls being greatly influcucetl by Islam and Catllolicism-two forces \vhicIi cn-


Mrs. Wheeler Anderson ossisting Ghana notionols i n the Reod-the-Bible Book Store

Jel~o\:al~'s \'itnessrs a11tl tllell the C'atllolic \'llitc Fathers sav somc.tlling cl5c. How (lo ivc k11oiv \ 110 i c telling 11. I rigllt ?" "IYhy must yo11 taLc any man's u o r d ? Ha1.c you cyes l Call you rent1 ? \*!I!. not rcatl Gutl'5 \'ortl for yor~rwlf?" COMING: Miss Norma Johanson 1 aslictl.

11~s rc-

say," Ile ansiveretl. I I I I t c l l i ~yo11 it 111catts ;illything," 1 reasonctl. " I f yo11 ask (iod to guitle you 1)y His Holy Sl)i~-it you as rexl H i s 70rtl. 1-Ic \.ill hclp yo11 to 111;tlerstantl. liead C;otl's \Vortl pnycrf111Iy and Ilo~~estly y o ~ ~ r s c l iCod will hell) for . you to kno\: which way is right." "Yes." Ile agreed. "I like your cva11gelism. I'll comc again to hear sonw

31 1'.

0.1 3 0 ~ 404, s t a l l t ~ ~ lT , x a s . le


I ~ t r ~o f r

GOING: Mr. and Mrs. John Hurston Ilavc
rcturnctl crvicc. tt, I\nrc;i

Miss Esthcr Fritz 11;i; left i o r a l l o t l ~ c r tern1 of 111isbion:iry hcrvice i l l 111dia. Miss Florence Steidel 11as snilctl iur I..iore." I ~ c r i a t o rcautllc I ~ c r ~\.url; a t Xc\. I-Iopc Colo11y. Thc potenti:~ls are a l ~ ~ l o s t~ d i n ~ i t c t I.c~"' ~ l! Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Kinzsriter Ilrlvv Icit M'e plan to go to larger \:illages O I I fur Xyasalat~tl. 7'11cy \vcre i o r ~ l l c r i y 11licnlarket clays \:it11 a q ~ p l yoi guspcl literature to t l i s t r i l ~ ~ t c . 'l'llerc is mucll siollarics t o 'Tallgallyilia. Xe\,ly-aI!l,oi~ltctl lis .~ Mr. and to be done. \Vc must \.ol-I; \:llilc tllis Mrs. Lyle Phillips, nIlavc~ ik~itt~ a r i c J a l,~ a l l . for I , c a v i ~ l g for I..ilx~-iai o r spccinlizetl nlilli5try a t Xc\v 1,el)cr Cololly a r c Mr.

T h e John Hurstons

and Mrs. Ivan Haqar. T h grcatcst need at present is for a hrgc stock T11e Lee Roy Wards Ilnvc r c t u r ~ ~ c .tlo of Biblcs and books to sell at J lo\ pricc. I f \on would likc to 11clp in sprcxlinfi thc ~ ~ r i n t cgmpcl d Ilcria for a n o t l ~ c r t o u r c ~ f >crvicv. in Ghana, scnd >our o f f e r i ~to ~ ~ Foreign h l ~ s s ~ o i ~ s ; I : * * Ikpartment, 434 \'cst I'ac~fic St., Spri~~gficltl, Alo. Designation: \'l~cclcr .\ndcrrol~for Bookstorc. B I R T H : Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Emory

Forlence Steidel

Send Foreign Missionary offerrngs lo

ASSEMBLIES OF GOD Foreign ~ i s s i o n s Department


434 W. Pacific St., Springfield, Ma.

Mr a n d Mrs Lyle P h ~ l l ~ pasn d daughter

Mr. a n d Mrs. Ivan Hagar

Miss L~llian Trasher, surrounded by her orphanage f o m ~ l y , conducting cornerstone-laying ceremonies last Thanksgiving Day a t Assiout Orphanage f,,r the new "widows" building

Mr. a n d Mrs. Lee Roy W a r d a n d family

J A M E S W.


M I S S I O N A R Y IN S P O K A N E . W A S H I N G T O N

Tm ,*w. sEvm*L PnEw~ulsl.rlis l r l to evangelizing tlie Jeivs. The first is a "l~orn-again" espcrience on tlie part of the Iwliever, a ~ d Christian life a and conduct i l l conformity \:it11 that experience. OTl1)3R [ ? K I ~ R I ~ Q U I S I T E S The second prerequisite is a tliorough knowledge of tlie 13ible, especially the Old Testament. and an unclcrstancling of the plan'of God and His promises concerning Israel. A third prerequisite is to have somc backgrou~~cl knowledge of Jewish history, customs. and present religious beliefs. A fourth prerequisite is to know of Je\vish prejudices concerning Christians and Christian doctrines and to avoid all points of antagonism ! ATTITUDEOF T I I E \,

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JTNESS Althougl~the \Vorcl of God is plain in its dcmands that the gospel of Jesus Christ is to be preached to thc Jczu jirst, it is sometinies difficult to approach the Jew in an attitude that brings acceptance on his part. hlucll of the difficulty would be erased i f the Christian ivoul? stop ancl think through a fcw funclamental truths first. F o r instance, how Inany Christians realizc that evcry bit of their Christian

experience is due to the writings oi tlie Jr;cisll proklrrts urrd opustlcs. O u r csl)eriei;ce of the Nciv Birth :mcl our 1.~1c~sccl hope for the future' arc outgrontlis of the Jclre.is11 Sl'riptrrrrs! Once we have come to realize thcsc facts \vc h a w n mosc humhle n t t i t d c \,liich will gain listeners. .l'Iiat attituck was csprcssecl by the apostle F'aul i l l tlie worcls, "I am clel~tor!" My first cspcriences witnessing t3 thc Jews 1)rought little success; so I sought the Lord in pr:lycr. 'She abovc approach the Lord gavc mc. I t has ne\.er failed to open the Jc\vish mind an(l Iieart to mc. Recentlj. ivc .were invited into a Jewish home to discuss the Scriptures. Prior to our visit n preacher of a fundamental group had approachccl thcsc same Jews. H e preached to thcm a l ~ o u t needing a New Covenant and so forth (\vllicll is true). As .a rcsult, hc ivas I~ranclecl a .fanatic and they ivcrc clisg~stccl wit11 him. \'hen we arrived, I scnsetl they \vcr-. on thc defensive, so I made it plain I did not expect to convert them. (That is God's part ! My part was to estal~lish friendly r c l a t i o ~ ~with thcm and s to give the IVord o j C o d in such a

way .as to get the111 to Ixlievc on Jcsus Christ.) \.\%en I cslmssetl myself in this m:ulticr tlie men relaxed immediately. \Yc opc11etl our 13il1les and had four most ivontlerful hours of 13ible study :uncl cliscussion. I took thc attitude of a learner, more than a teacher. I ~ u t I w:~s ~rivilegetl to bring them things from 110th Old and New Testaments all of that timc. And ive left with their personal invitation to return. 1 ~ 1 1 1 A l~~I ~ I ' R O L ~ C , I I \ T h c approach to the Jcnish pcople must omit the terms "~nission" and "missionary" as those n.orcls, to the Jeiv, indicate something concerned with rescue nork. H e resents the idea that he ncetls rescuing. The nan)e Jrsrrs is distasteful to some j cii s (lie has heard the name used so often in cursing from Gentile lips) so \ve are cnrcful to use the name I'rshrra Iro ~ldrrshioclr,the Hebre\v tcrm for Jesus Christ. After \ve have establishecl friendly relations with them, ivc are nblc to use thz name of Jesus morc freely. \'c 1)elieve in g a i ~ ~ i ntheir config clcnce bcfore preaching to them too strongly. It Ilelps to be a good listener! \re helieve in going to them privately, according to thc method Paul clescribes i l l Galatians 2 :1-2 : "Then fourteen jears after I went up again to Jerusalem wit11 Barnabas, ancl took Titus nit11 mc also. And I went up by revelation, and com~~iunicated unto t l ~ e ~ i i that gospcl which I prcnch among the Gentiles, but privotcly to tlrerlc mhiclz 7ewr.r oj reprltation, lest by any means 1 should run, o r had run, in ~ a i n . " \:c believe in encouraging tlic Jewi b l i people to read the New Testament for tl~cmselves-with no strings attached! That is, no denominational barriers. \Ire give a specially prepared New Testament to each Jew who promises to read it. These Testaments are 0117


streets of Chicogo

talks to Jews about the Messiah

1 6

for ~ proached me ant1 nsketl. "\-y tlo~i'tyo11 Illan \vho \vas s h l y i ~ ~ his doctor's \-!. go to tlie Ge~itiles? 1)otltlcr 11sJews?" degree. \{'lien we introtlucetl ourselves "Sir," I ansivcretl, "I'tl mtlicr talk as Christians I I l)oi~~t-tl n Bihk 011 ~ to ivitli you than \vith tcn tliousancl Gen- tlie 1)ookshelf a11d s;iid. "I read the POISTS O F ;IST.\COXIS\I 13il)lc many ti~llcs.I H I ~ I tlon't urltlcrtiles." "Yeah, \vllnt's your mission ?" Those "

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ah. yell t-11, mc someti~ik.

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y (Icy sthntl it." wcrc tlic \vortls spol\e~i to Ine I)? a all the .tiiilc .call us Christ . Killer< "lf you \ill allo\v 11lc to," I rcplietl. Jcwisli I,usincssma~i n h c n I approached Iic askc(l. "Evcn o n ~ t l i eradio at Clirist- "T 1)elicve I call slio\v !.ou iron1 .tllc him one day. "I have no mission," ulas city say, 'IHe came u ~ i t o his oivn I3il)lc itself \vli!. you or nllyouc else was rnj. quick reply. Tlic~lI conti~~uetl, alltl l ~ i s u ~ l o received liim uot.' \ (ley cannot ~~llrlertantl nntl I \.on't IISC ' p it, "But I am a Cliristia~i and my f a d l say (lot l" any itleas' of my own. Is that fair is I)asetl on tlie Jewish hlessiall and "Jjecnusc of ignora~ice." I re1)lietl. enough ?" tlic Jewish Scril~tures therefore, I all1 : I' gave him tlie wortls of Jesus \vho "Fair eno~~gll,',' saitl. "Go nlicntl." lic i~itlebtetl to you." said the Gentilcs would crucify hi~ii. I turned first to Isai5li 2 3 9 1 2 . AftBefore I Icft, this man acccptetl a Then the Je\v changctl tlie s ~ ~ h j e c t 11er reading tlie passage n l o ~ ~ t1 snitl. l Nciv Testament antl seieral tracts and telli~lg of their s t u l y of Solomon i l l "Here n a s a l e a r ~ ~ e t111n1i. l likc .):ojtrpromised to read tlicm. H e , too, l ~ a d thel.s!-~lngog~~e evening Ixfore. That the self, \vho ivas having the same tro111)le been preached at by others and re\vns my ctie! I begall at tlie samc scripin tiying td i ~ ~ ~ t l c r s t a t lt~ i s\vo~itlerful n l sented it! \'hen I left lie saitl, " y o u ture nntl prcaclled m t o liim Jesus,!. 11 book. No\- let's turii to the Book of come Inck any time, Rcvcrentl Pulvcr." few ~ninutes Inter lie gladly acce1)ted I~e\~clation t l ~ e Nciv Testan?ent." I in T H E TRISITI. n 11urn1,cr of. tracts a11d ~ ~ r o ~ ~ ~ i s e t l to then turned to tlle fifth chapter oi The idea of a Triuity, to tlie Je\v, read them. I ? c \ & t i o ~ ~ nrd reid the first iii~ic bespeaks a polytheistic system of worTI4 E ~ "I DOX'T U X D E R S T ~ ~ N D< I ~ L I C " \.erscs. ship. Since he reads i l l the Old TesOne day we mct a young Je\visli I e s l k ~ i ~ l c t"'l'liis clearly states that l. tament of the judgments which lia\,e oilly one Inal! \vas found \vortliy to I~efallenIsrael I~ecauseof turni~igfrom tlie worship of olle God (monotheism) SOURCES FOR J E W I S H LITERATURE ol)ell tlic !\?ord o f God to thc untlcrstanding of all pcoplc, and tliat man to \vorsliil)i~lg niany gods (polytheism), . . is tlescril,cd as t l ~ e1-ion of Jutlali, tl;i Shalom Center, tlie ilssernl~lics. Go4 Hcof tlie idea of a trinity or thrrr gods. brew hlission, 4503 North Kedzie .\venue, Root of Dn\.icl. 1?11t let 11s look at O I I C as Iic P I I ~ S it. is ~mtlii~ikal)le. is n t Chicago 25, HI., has some escelleilt tracts an(l It this point thr Jc-crl fcrls thnt thr Grn- literature available to hose who work among lllorc scri1,ture i l l tlic I h o k of Revclation-cli,ai)ter 19. \.erses 1 1-13." filc Chrisfiar~s w r d rrsc-11 ! Tliere- thc Jc\vs, at very reasonable prices. . irrg Then I contin~~ctl, "011c meanin$ of Pllillio~i'Tcsta~nents Campaigns, Inc.. 1505 fore, it is best to avoid ! n e n t i o ~ ~ of Race 5tr;cet. Philadelphia 2, Pa., oflers spethe \vortl z!rst.irrr is arl rtzz~clopc. \-IIPI! the Trinity on first approaches. cial I+glisli 'Prophecy New Testaments for l~e I remember offering some tracts to Jewish Evangelism. I t also provides. Testa- all e ~ ~ v c l o comes in t l ~ cmail we niust thc seal.before \vc can reatl a ~ ~ t l an elderly Jewish couple one day. "Ye ments in dillerent la~lguages for Jeu.5 all ~mtlerstnnd the c o n t e ~ ~ tof tllc mess 'ust belief in w n Gott." was t l ~ elady's over the world. ,Tile ..\mer,ican T r a c t Society, 513 \*est sage contninetl therein. The h'ortl of opening remark. 166th t , New 'l'ork 32. N. "That's fine," 1 replied. "I just be- special S Jc\vish tracts availahle Y., liasa4some Gotl, the Uiblc, is similar, I)ut tlie seal "I : such. to its contents is I)rokcn only 1)). tlic lieve in one God too: the God of Xioderti Jew Looks a t Christ'' atid "How Can acceptance of the I)lootl atonement Abralrar~r, the Cod of Isaac-, and the I K n o v ?'' made ,for 11s by r\Iessinl~Jesus." The .All i~iquirics regarding tlic above items God of Jacob." vou~igmall was nmnzetl! H e acceptetl "Vot did he say?" quericd her 1111s- should br rnai!ed directly to the adtlresscs - . shown. some Gospels and tracts and pro~iiisc(l harid from a back room. The Gospel PuLlislii~ig H o u k , 131 \'est "He said he 'ust belief in zwn Gott Pacific St., Spriligfield,, hio., puhlislies the to rcntl them. 'ust like ve do," tlie lady answered. followinn tracts for Jewish people : A C I I . \ I . I . I : ~ G E A I L C'IIURCIII:~ TO She then accepted t l ~ etracts \vllich I No. 1-43-10 1 Fourrd tirc 7'r.trc ,ldcssinlr Tl~e total ~ ~ ~ i s s i o ~program of thc lary No. 4-1311 Il'ns Jrslrs nl! l ~ r l j o s t o r ? offered. kllurclics ~vould be iucreasingly blessed No. 4-4375 Dr~ltrrirtrr Bny, 7.11~ CHRIST KIILERS if each church and each 11le1nl)er\voultl , N o . 4-1393 Blood of fhc Ato~rrri~clrt. l'lrr This epithet is particdarly distastc- KO. 1-4426 Lrnd, Kit~dlyLight catch , vision of t l ~ edivine pro@-am i f d to niany Je\vs, and it is not justi- Prices: $1.00 for 175; $2.50 for 500; $1.50 for missio~ls.\vllicll is to the J ~ Z P first, fied. I n three out of the four Gospels, for 1,000 ; $20.00 for 5,000. hfini~iiurn order and set ,aside a set anlount or pledge one dollar. Ordcr i l l mult~ples 25. of Jesus Himself stated that H e wo111tl to Jczcid~Evnwlclisrr~r e g ~ ~ l a r liu their y Jewish books available from tlie Gospcl be delivered to the Gc~rtilcsantl thry Publishing House arc : missio~~ary giving. After the mptnre of \vould crucify H i m ! No dotdrt this KO. 3-23;s Tlrc Rcbirtlr of thl. .Cf& of Is:.~Ic~, the Church tllerc \ill he a \:oiltl-\vide by Arthur \V. Kac, hi.L). r e f e r e ~ ~ cwas to tlie lionlans. If the e . . $3.95 .. revival in \vhicIi t l ~ e Je\vs, i n seven Jcws llad carried out the execution of KO. 3-1810 Isracl Rctrrrrls Horitr .-lc~.orditr,q ycnrs, \vill acco111plis11 more i n bringto Prnplrccy, hy George T . Jesus, H e \.auld have died I)y stoning No. 2-759 TC'licrc Is thc Kill!/ R.ofDavis . S O ing the \vorltl to Christ than the Churcli Isrocl? instead of on a Rantart cross! ~ ~.35 ~ lias acco~nplishetl i n nearly' t\vo thou~ ~ ~ . . by bfyer Pearlman sand ycars. i\nd the Cliurch of these I had been passing out tracts from No. 2-478 Tltc Rut1 rind 1:lowcr o j J~rdnisl~r, Ruth Rachel Specter ........ 3.00 by last dnys can I!ave a part in that great door to door in one Jewish neig1il)orNo. 2-611 T l ~ cS.yiin~oguco j thc revival by Ilelpi~lg to cvnngelize the llood when I noticed a Jewish mall of .Vnznrcrrcs, by I\i ycr P c a r l ~ n a n . . 25 Jews with their nlcalls, tlleir witnessing, small stature watching me. \'he11 I ant1 their prayers. reached the corner of his street he aptai~letl fro111 tlie hIillion Testaments Canlpnign. C a r e f ~ ~ l lselected tracts arc y also used.
, ,

.Trrrrdng Sclrnol Lrssoir f o r I;c.l)i*rrary 19. 1961 J o i r ~6 :2, 5-14. 25-27 T H E GXTI-IERIXG O F T H E M U L T I T U D E \iv. 1-5. 1. Motives for corili~lgto Christ. "A great m~rltitutlefollowed him, because they sa\v his m~racles \'ere they to be contlemned for Ixing thus motivated in following Christ? Not necessarily! Do not comparativel! lo\ niotives lead many to accept Christ as Saviour? .&\re not such motives then replaced 11y highcr oncs? 2. Tlrc zvlrfc of miracles. \:bile mir:~cles ~ v i l l not s a l e people, yet it cannot I)e denied that rcal miraclcs \vrouglit in the power of the Holy Spirit are of great atlvcrtising value. Tliej, are the best-ant1 most s:riptural-n:~) to get a crowd. 3. Christ's comidci~atroir of lllatci in1 urrds. "\licnce shall we I ~ u ybread that tlicsc may eat?" \'lint a hea~rtiful and to~rcliingpicture here of Christ's concern for tlie ld~ysical neetls of men ! THE P E R P L E X I T Y OF T H E D I S C I P L E S \-v. 6-9. 1. T h e i)rsrtfficie)tcy of llr~iirnr~ rcso~rr+ccs.No :lmo~rnt of h~rmaningenuity or cleverness coultl p~-oviclefood for this crowd. Neithcr can tlie highest ant1 hest which human intellect antl ability procluce toclay ~ ~ i e e t spiritual neetls the of the human heart 2. Tlrc ~irrstakcof Icnzfirlg Chi-is! orrt of 011,- rrc1:or~irlg. Apparently Philip was a l~~iisness man, quick to calculate ways and nleans. Yet his business acumen, which sccms to have been a strong p o i ~ ~ tI,~ e c a ~ ia~ ewealmess when Philip failed to count on the powcr of Christ. 3. Littlc becoii~rs rirrrch Z C I ~ ~ C Jblrssrd of God. Antlrcw I did not do much Ixtter than Philip in rcsl~ontlingto Christ's question-"five loavcs . . . two small fizlies . . . n l ~ a tarc thcy among so many ?" There was indcetl a glariiig tlisproportion between availal~leresources and current nectl. Yet the little which tlie lad possessccl, ~untlert l ~ cl~lessingof Christ, fed the multitude. Let us be quick to place every talcnt at the disposal of Christ, remembering tliat n very littlc ability o r a very little dccd \lien quickcnctl by tlie Spirit may have tremendous spiritual influence! T H E D I S T R I B U T I O N 0 ;T H E I3REAU. \iv. 10, 11. 1 1. The time to sit donvl. "Make tlie men sit c1ow11," said Jesus before distrilmting tlie brcatl. I n a 11~1sy world characterized by feverish haste, tlie Christian must take time to "sit ~ O H I I , in ortlcr to feed upon Christ and H i s '' Living Word. \re cannot I x s p i r i t ~ ~ a l lhealthy and useful y if we try to get along on "sliritr~nlsnacks" hastily gml~bcd while we are on the run! 2. The iiiiporta~~cc ovdcr-. Luke tells us tliat t l ~ evast of tlzrong was arranged in groups of fifty, probably in orderly rows. \VIzile it may be true tliat, to enjoy the spontaneous and sovereign movings of the Spirit in our scrvices of \vorship, we must not I x bound to a rigid form o r order, it is equally true that God has given us principles of law and order in regard to services \vithout \vIiich

conirrs~on, c:~rnnlity at~tl selfishness \~orrltl prevail! Scc I Corinthians 14 :6-20, 36-33. 3. Tlrc pri;,ilrge of d~sciplcship.\.hy tlitl not Christ fectl thc multit~rtle nithout tlie help of H i s disciples? Simply I~ccauscit \vas contrar! to H i s program from thc I~egir~ning. privilege of I~eing "co-lal~orers God gave to mcll the g l o r i o ~ ~ s together \vith him." \'c are to givc out the "Rreatl from licavcn," \:hich H e , in t ~ ~ r n , givc11 to us. Iias

: 1'1-IE G ~ \ T H l 3 < l N GO F T H E FT<.4GMEN7TS. 1. 12. 1.'s' gciw-ositj! a d ccoIloiirJr. 3'hougli Christ's I~lessings arc always Ix!.ontl man's fondest hopes o r neetls, yet therc is a11 economy i l l tlie divine metliotl. 13lessings ought not to be.clissipated. Ant1 all wastc 1~0th in the natural and spiritual realms is out of Iiarnlony \vith tlic \vags of the Lord. -- ..# 2. Tlrc u!istloirr of ptlrci:i~rg f l - a g l r ~ c ~ ~ t s .e words of Th Jes~rs give an insight illto thc soul of Jcsrrs, symho1izi;g H i s tleep l o w and interest in fragments of every kintlof time, of manliootl, of h;oke~i things. W;hy s o ? I n ortlcr . "chat nothing be lost."

T H E -4l ' P L I C ~ \ T I O NO F T H E AI I R A C L F . \iv. 26-35, 51 H c r c iz the heart of tlie story of the miracle of the loavcs and fislics. I n f k t , thc miracle is really an objcct Icsson illustrati~igand emlhasizing tlie great truths wl~icli follo\vctl it. T h e crow1 n c n t ~vildover tlie hlan who coultl do such a mir:icle. and tried to take H i m Iy force to make Him their k i ~ ~ g . they hat1 no interest in a king Rut \vliosc I<ingtlonz was not of this world, arltl \vho came to deliver men from the tyranny, not of Romc, but of sin. Thus, \vliile they accepted tlie miracle, tliey rejected the tr~rtlinliich it illustrated; namely, that ally and all religion is vain ~ r h i c hdoes not ccnter in an intimate and real per5onal contact nit11 tlie Living Christ. H e alone is the 131S\lZ.-\l1 nithout \vhicIi a man cannot have spiritual life! -J. Bash ford Bislrnp


E 1


1 1 1 I:


\~oultl be if there were no rain for three antl a half years. I n some places it \voultl Ix l~artlantl cracAet1 ; in otliers the santl \~oultl be hot enough to cook your feet. The trees \voultl he dead, antl there \~oultl 11e no grass. Such was the situation in Isracl when Elijali toltl his servant to go to tlie top of tlie mountain to see if there were any sign ot' rain. Several times he went antl brought bacli a negati\e report, yet each time the prophet EliB Y E V A N G E L I S T W. V. G R A N T jah toltl him to go again. Ho\v discouraged he must have been. Elijah refused to look upon the ~11s- is the sound of abuntlance of rnil~. You love the Lord. You care 11ot11il1g couraging sight H e placetl his head beI he answer is coming. for the \vorltl. I want to do something tween his knees and considcretl Gotl's for you. \?'hat request do you have of pro~nise of rain. the Lord ?' 111this last-clay revival Gotl is doing Before he prayed for the rain, lionGotl \-ill [lever 11e in t1el;t to any a new thing. "The cyes of the 1)lintl ever, Elijah said to King A h a l ~ ."Get man. You cannot trade evetdy \vith thee L I ~eat and drink ; for there is sliall be olxnetl, al~tl the ears of the Him. Go into H i s harvest a11t1 work. , a sound of abuntlance of rain.'' \.\iith deaf sl~all be unstopped. Then shall \hatever is right H e \v111 pay you. his spiritual ear he could hear the rain the lame man leap as an hart, antl Elisl~a desired o11c thing above all coming. This is faitli. \lie need such the tongue of the dumb sing; for in else. H e saw the miracles Gotl wrought Inen totlay-men that are holy, and the \viltlerl~essshall waters break out, in E l ~ j a h ' s ministry and as a result who pray with persisting faitll-for tlie and streams i l l thc desert. And the lie was ne\.er the same again. Nothing prayer of tlie righteous man availetli parched ground sliall become a pool. else mattered to h i n ~ . Above everyantl the thirsty lal~tl spriilgs of \later" much ! t l i i ~ ~else lie \va~~tetl t l o ~ ~ l dportion g a e (Isaiah 35 5 - 7 ) . Already rain is falling \Ve live in tlie day of tlie latter of Elijali's spirit. H e wanted t\.ice as here and there. Soon it \.ill be a genrain outpouring. The Lord sajs, "Ask many miracles as Elijah hatl esperiye of the Lord rain in tlie t i n ~ e of eral rain, a spiritual cloutlburst. "The encetl. the latter rain; so tlie Lord shall make \ilderncss 'and tlie solitary place sliall 110 you \v:lnt a tloul~le portion of briglit showers of rain, to everyone grass be glad for tliem; antl tlie desert sliall Gotl's Spirit? Do you \ant tliis more in the field" (Zecharial~ 1 0 : l ) . God rejoice, antl I~lossomas the rose" (Isa- t l m ~anything else? More than food, is will pour out I-lis Spirit upon all flesh iah 35 : I ) . The tlro~~glit about over ! raiment, home, job, car, farm, or tlie just before the great antl notable clay God has a supernatural experience for comforts of tliis life :' IHo\v eagerly do you. I-Ie has a miracle-ministry for evof H i s wrath (Acts 2 : l j - 2 0 ) . j.ou \.ant a n~inistry of t l ~ e superAre you asking for that rain ? T h e ery I~eliever in tliis last-clay outpouring natural ? people \vho have a spiritual ear, tlie of tlie Spirit. Elijali told J<lislia that lie 11atl asked ones \vho cover their natural eyes antl a hard tliit~g.It takes sacrifice to follook to Gotl in faitli, are hearing tlie I<lijali's work increased until lie low Gotl, but it is not in~possible.The sound. They do not look at tlie natural needed a helper. H e selected tlie one godly life is not an easy life. I t resituation that might discourage tliem. to whom the Spirit led 1iil11.God looks quires d e ~ ~ y i l ollesclf many things. ~g Each time tlie s e n a n t became dis- at the heart and not the intellect when "I3ut you can have it if you will folcouraged and wanted to stop, Elijali H e chooses a man, so Elijah was led low as closely after me." saitl Elijali, toltl him to go again antl see if the by tlie Spirit to a bald nlan plo\.ing "as I aln following after the Spirit rain was in sight. Elijali knew it \-as with oxen in a field. God saitl, "'This of Gotl." coming. H e was persistent. H e was tle- is tlie man." If you are as tleterminetl as Elislia terminetl. God uses such men. you follo\v Jesus as closely as Elislia promptly I~urnetlhis plow and -if Have you l o o k d for the rain sev- followetl Elijali. H e forsook all and fol- Elisha followecl 13ijal1-yo~1 too may ' eral times? Have you gone frecl~~eutly lowed tlie Lord. H e desired a double enjoy a double portion of Gotl's Spirit. to the church to pray? Have you IieItl portion of tlie Spirit of God. God does Don't get interested in anything .else. revivals \vitliout results? Have you [lot promise a double portion to a Keep your mind antl interest on God. prayed for healing with no victory? spineless, double-minded man without Have an eye that is single to tlie glcry Have you suffered a long tlrouglit in determination. Christ's follo\vers cannot of Gotl. Many things \ill try to upset your life? A r e you seeking the gifts look back. No man \vho puts his liantls you. You will have to fight persecuof the Spirit? Are you longing for a to tlie gospel plo\v and looks back is tions from withill and without. People may not understand you. Don't seek revival tliit will bring your loved olles fit for the kingdom of Gotl. honor from men. Don't seek promoElijali walked with God antl realized to the L o r d ? Don't give up. Pray again. that God was goillg to take him soon. tion. Follow tlie Spirit. \%ile others Regardless of how parched the ground or hot tlie santl, go again. Keep pray- One day he said to Elisha something are debating, spend your time i n prayer. ing. Tune your ear to heaven. There like tliis: "Son, you have been faithful. Mrliile others are enjoying success and

Do Y o u Want a

Portion M i n i s try?

r .

security Gotl may call you to fast. antl pray. Keep going. Doll't let anything turn you aside.

then confess ~t to God, antl go on. ;\ IICRICIIO. ESI~I:KII<SCIS I t took the supernatural power of Then Elislla ivas ten~ptetl to settle Gotl to enal~le t11el11 to cross Jordan. at Jericlio, not far from the experience he \vas seeking. I-[is goal was almost E l ~ j a h\as reatly. Elisha was not far 4 G I L & I ~ ESITRIKXCE. I)ehintl. Tt ivas his part to follow closein sight, 1)ut not quite attained. Elisha was ili'vitetl to stay at Gilgal. Jericllo is the city that ivas c ~ ~ r s e i l . I). antl Ije ready. I t ivas God's part H e probably was- tempted, just as yo11 You must not stop lierc. I t \vas noted to divide the waters. I-Iatl Elisha 1)ecti would have been, but he pressed on. for outlaws; closc 1)y crumpeil rolhers Imsy ivith the natural thilrgs of this H e kept near Elijah. a~lcl thieves. I-Tcrc :Achan ivas content 11fc the waters uoultl have parted a~itl Gilgal ivas the first campsitc after to. settle, h o a r t l i ~ ~ g Lca~~tiful a Baby- come Inck together again u l ~ i l ehe \as t l ~ e Israelites crossed Jordan. They lol~ish garment antl gold and silver. I~usy elsewliere. wanted to settle antl raise cattle there H e covetctl the~ii antl then he took . Itime comes \I lien the E ~ I JI I~I I~ ~ s I S and go no farther. Some people ne\.er lea\; their ~nantlesantl take up higher them. Eut thesc spoils of \var ivcre get past their first experience in th: scriice \'ill you be reatly for their cursed. Lord. T l ~ e ytalk about it the rest of 'roo many arc te~ttpcetlto settle ~ O I V I I mantle to fall 011 j o u ? So close together life. But Gilgal. is a land of droughts, just in sight of the pronlised I~lessing. \.ere the two men walking tliat it took parched ground, antl starvation. See 2 l'hey hegill to covet t l ~ e gold antl silver. a chariot of f ~ r eantl liorses of fire Kings 4:38. ' Their eyes are o n nloney. T l ~ e y feel from heaven to part tl~elil. A nhirlDo you \ant a douldc portion? Do the neetl for. security. Gold is \vort11 wind carr~ctl E l ~ j a h into hcaven. not stop at Gilgal. Press on! Follow more to them than Gotl's glory. Many If you \ant the same anointing closely after your RIastcr. Yo11 havz ha?c stopped within sight of God's 11la1i Christ had. you must f o l l o ~Jesus closeasked a ' hard thing,' but it is not im- for thcm. Likc Elisha, keep going. n c ly, in H I S steps. H e saitl tliat you could l>ossible if you bclicve Gotl. F o l l o i ~on determined to, follow on to victory. do the \0rli5 that I-Ic did and eve11 to further experiences: Fast antl 'pi-ay. greater \arks (Joli~i 14:12) ! Do you JORIIAN ESITRIICXCE , and you will hear from God. n a ~ i tto takc L I ~ l ~ eministry I-Ie left? t J'ortlan .has aliirays bccn an obst,~cle The11 follow a little closer. Get the A BETIEL E S P E H ~ E K C E to tlie progress of Gotl's people. Joshua, anointing of tlic Holy Spirit upon your A t Bctliel Jacob saw a \.ision antl I<lijali, Elisha and Ilavitl, as \veil as hfe (Acts lO:38). made a vow to .God. But this did other men of Gotl, met this last Ellslla cried, "The chariot of Israel little good as long as he did not make opposirion ,before they stepped into the antl the horsemen thereof." Elisha the consecration. Honest confession is pro~nisetl Ijlessing >nd achieved vic- gral,l)etl the ~ ~ ~ a oofl Elijali atld went t e not good for the soul if yo11 d o nothing tory. I t represents the last ol~stacle Inck to the waters antl tried it. H e about it. You may make a vow, but I)etwecn yo11 antl rcccivi~lg a t l o ~ ~ b l e saitl, "\liere is the Lord Gocl of Eliyou will' neetl .to go beyond , this.. to portion of Cotl's Spirit a d poiver. jah?" The waters parted for tlie mantle have polver with God. Had Elisha Conr111er it ! \orketl. Nothing could \ t a d before stopped at Bethel he would have failed \'hat is there i l l your life that bin- him IIOW,for Gotl \as working with to receive a double portion of tlie Spir- ders you from receiving poiver with 11im antl signs follo\ved .it. Gotl? I s it p o 1 ~ ~ ~ l i r pride, or mo'ney ? ity, H e ;aisctl tlie tlcatl, madc the iron Bethel was the home of 'the sons. of I s it ~ u i w i l l i ~ ~ g n etos fast until God to suim, healed tlie bitter \later, s the prophets ( 2 Kings 2 :2, 3 ) . That meets you ivitli b l e s s i ~ ~ g ? .\:hat is keep- stopl~etl tlie drought, m~~ltiplieclthe may be called the place where secoi~tl- ing you frolu the final victory? This food, increased the oil, healed a bargeneration Pentecostals live. Being the is your Jortla~l.J-ou know ~vlialit i s ; ren \omall, took poison o11t of thc ,son of a prophet does not guarantee gourds, antl did tivice as many rethat God will bestow gifts upon you. corcled miracles as Elijah had c1011c. You must dig for y o ~ ~ r s e land get an f Earnestly contend for the faith t l ~ a t experience with God. . . TRAVEL AND STUDY 113s once delivered to the s a i ~ ~ tCovet s. The priests .lived at. Bethel. T o asin the Bible lands .withthe best gifts. Ce as earnest as Elisha. sociate with then1 is not enough. If Expect s t ~ p c r n a t ~ ~ results from God. ral you want tlie signs to follow your millTHE CBI BIBLE LANDS hlany ha\ e goue past Gilgal, Eethel, istry you must ' g o beyond the proJer~cho,and Jordan. \-ou may be makSTUDY TOUR fessionals. Don't pattern y o i ~ rministry ing !our last stand. You arc at Jorclali. after anyone else. Seek Gotl for yourSailing April 24, 196 1 . . SmitE the \vaters and cry, "\'here is self. *. 17 Days in Palestine tlie Lord God. of Elijah?" Break the There was a' stone of nien~orial a t * Lectures on Ship last opposition' that keeps you from Bethel. I t calletl attention to the "good the double-portion niinistry you are * ~ x ~ e r i e ' n c Leadership ' ed old days." I t may become an, obstacle seekiug. World - Pentecostal Conference to advancement. Too many live in the Take up the 111ru1tle left by the aposIncluded past, recalling how nonderful the Lord . - .. . --tles and s n ~ i t etlie ~ z a t e r sof opposition was twenty years ago when they saw FOR I N F O R M A T I O N . W R I T E : and cry, "IYhere is the Lord Gotl of a vision, an angel, or madc a vow to CBI BIBLE LANDS STUDY TOUR Peter, Paul, and tlie prophets?" T h e Robert Cooley, Director God. W e need to leave the memorial CENTRAL Bl8LE INSTITUTE waters \ill roll back. God will revcal behind. . W e need a new up-to-date exS P R I N G F I E L D . MISSOUR!' H i s power to you. H e \ill anslver, ''I perience witil God. Set your sights '~; . , . . l n k c l'otrr ~ c s c r ~ w t i oNow! am you alway, e i r n to tlie end higher. Go on with .God to. the clot~hle. 44 of the world. portion experience.
' ' '





READ: 2 Timothy 4:9-22 LEARN:"And the Lord shall deliver me from every evil work, and will preserve me unto his heavenly kingdom" ( 2 Timothy 4:18). FORT H E PARENT: the Apostle penned his last words, he AS was conscious of some past associations. Notice: (1) his desire for a visit by Timothy, vv. 9, 21; ( 2 ) the backsliding of Demas and the reason for it, v. 10; ( 3 ) Paul's evaluation of Luke, v. 11; ( 4 ) his condemnation of Alexander, v. 14; ( 5 ) Paul's love even for those who failed to stand by him, v. 16; ( 6 ) his joy in knowing the Lord was always with him, vv. 17, 18. QUESTIONTIME:Why did Demas backslide? (v. 10) What warning is here for us today? MISSIONARY BIRTHDAYS: Milton Pier ( D e a f ) , Pa.; Mrs. R . J . Renfroe, Liberia; Virginia E . Watts, India.

the Multitude" will be found on Sunday's Lesson page.) Have the group review this familiar story. Then point o u t : ( 1 ) why the multitude was following Jesus, v. 2 ; ( 2 ) the problem of finding food, v. 5 ; ( 3 ) the purpose of Jesus' quest~on,v. 6 ; ( 4 ) the efforts of the d~sciples,vv. 7-9; (5) the miracle, vv. 10-13; ( 6 ) the reaction of the multitude to the miracle, v. 14; ( 7 ) Jesus' evaluation of their motives concernmg the miracle, VV.25-27. QUESTION I M E : Why was the multitude following Jesus? (v. T 2 ) What was His counsel to them after the miracle? ( v . 27) MISSIONARY BIRTHDAYS: Mrs. Paul A. Berg, Japan; Mrs. Paul Demetrus (Russia), California ; Mrs. T . L. Johnson ( I n d i a n ) , Arizona.

READ: Titus 1 : l - 9 LEARN: "Holding fast the faithful word a s he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and t o convince" (Titus 1: 9 ) . FORT H E PARENT: wrote this epistle a t about the same Paul time he wrote 1 Timothy. From this passage point o u t : ( 1 ) Paul's greeting, v. 1; ( 2 ) his hope, v. 2 ; ( 3 ) his commission, v. 3 ; ( 4 ) his desire for Titus, v. 4 ; ( 5 ) the reasons behind the work given t o Titus, v. 5 ; ( 6 ) qualifications for elders, vv. 5, 6 ; ( 7 ) qualifications for bishops, vv. 7-9. Apply these qualifications to the lives of all Christians. QUESTIONTINE:What was Paul's commission? ( v . 3 ) Why did Paul leave Titus in Crete? (v. 5 ) What are the qualifications for a bishop? (vv. 7-9) MISSIONARY BIRTHDAYS: Vivan I . Smith, Ghana; Kenneth E. Weigel, India; Mrs. Raymond A. Fox ( I n d i a n ) , Arizona.

READ: Luke 9 : 18-22, 28-36 (Sunday's Lesson for Juniors) LEARN: "Thou a r t the Christ, the Son of the living God" (Matthew 16:16). FORTHE PARENT: e Bible firmly declares that Jesus was Th the Son of God. And this lesson emphasizes that truth. From it point out: (1) Jesus' question to his disciples, v. 18; ( 2 ) the ideas of the people about Jesus, v. 19; ( 3 ) Jesus' second question, v. 20; ( 4 ) Peter's answer, v. 20. Stress that this is a question each person must answer himself; n o one else can answer for us. And the answer shows the condition of our hearts. Show also from the story of the Transfiguration how God declared Jesus was His Son. T : QUESTION I ~ EWhat two questions did Jesus ask His disciples? What were the answers? (vv. 18-21) : MISSIONARY. BIRTHDAY Charles L. Hunt ( I n d i a n ) , North Carolina.

READ: Titus 1:lO-16 L E A R N :"Unto the pure all things are pure" (Titus 1: 1 5 ) . FOR THE PARENT: Review yesterday's material, stressing again the qualifications for elders and bishops, and relating these t o the lives of all Christians. Then point o u t : ( 1 ) the contrast of those who try to deceive, v. 10; ( 2 ) their false doctrines must be stopped, v. 11; ( 3 ) one of the reasons for their false doctrines-money, v. 11; ( 4 ) the method of correcting such, v. 13; ( 5 ) the purpose of correction, vv. 13, 14; ( 6 ) the difference that correct attitudes make, v. 15; ( 7 ) the awfulness of profession without possession, v. 16. What is one reason why some spread false QUESTIONTIME: doctrine? (v. 1 1 ) How can such be corrected? (v. 1 3 ) MISSIONARY BIRTHDAY: Robert Oakes (Indian), Arizona.

READ: Judges 13 : 1-5; 15:4-20; 16:2, 3, 16-21 (Sunday's' Lesson for Primaries) LEARN "Be strong in the Lord''. (Ephesians 6:lO). : FOR THE PARENT: Have the group review the story of Samson, beginning with the story of his miraculous birth and the Nazarite vow which even preceded his birth. Samson is known for his physical strength-he was the strongest man who ever lived. Yet this accent on the physical led him into gratifying all the cravings of his physical nature. And this sin led to his ultimate downfall. Use the story to stress the importance of depending on God. TIME: Why was Samson's birth miraculous? ( 13: 1-5) QUESTION What was the Nazarite vow? (vv. 4, 5 ) MISSIONARY BIRTHDAYSRalph Holder ( I n d i a n ) , California; : Henry C . Ball, Spanish Literature. MISSIONARYBIRTHDAYS FOR SUNDAY: Margaret Anderson, South Africa; Ruth Couchman, Argentina; Morris 0. Williams, Nyasaland.

I f Invested a t 5 % in Assemblies of God Bonds Write: General Treasurer M. B. Netzel

READ: John 6:2, 5-14, 25-27 LEARN: "The bread of God is he which cometh down from heaven, and giveth life unto the world" (John 6:33). FORTHE PARENT: (Additional material on "The Feeding of F e b r u a r y 12, 1961

From a Wail of Despair to


0 L o r d , revive T h y work in the midst of the years, in the midst of the years make k n o w n ; 3 :2 in w r a t h remember mercy.-Habakkuk

rie op n I E 1mo6s 0 1 ,rIII: B T I ~ I . I corrupt tl1:111 they? Got1 tlitl not ;ulswer Gentile ~iations i l l R u m a ~ ~ 1s :I7 :lntl ~ begins with a sigh antl ends with a him. Ant1 1-l:~ldikul<hegan to realize Galatia~is3 : 1 1 , antl to the Helrre\vs in tliat God's ivays are 110t man's, neither J-lehre\vs 1O:Btl). song. I refer to the littlc propliccy of H e r c is a \.crsc that shook the ivorltl Habakkuk, written at a time \vlie~iin- are H i s thoughts our thoughts. Tntleetl, iquity, strife, antl l~crvertetl jwlg~iic'~it Cod Iiatl s;litl t l ~ tH i s thouglits and antl changctl the desti~iy of ~iations. \ \ a s are as. mi~cli Iligher that1 n ~ a n ' s Here is a vcrse tllat climgetl I-Idnkruled in the natio~i of Jutlah. r. are I he reason for the prol~het's sigh as tlie Iica\:e~~s Iiigher than the earth k111i's wailing into rejoici~ig. Herc is life for the just \vho Iiave faith-real (1sai:h 55 :S. 9 ) . was the fact that Gotl seemed to takc triu~nplia~it,~ i d vica S o Malxtkl\-ilk decided that lie w o ~ ~ l t l life-everlasting, no 11oticc of the sins of H i s people, ask Gotl no 1llol-equestions l ~ he ivoi~ltl torious. '1-lere is a verse that seems to t nor of the prophet's 11raycrs for tliem. tl "How long." Halnkkuk \vailetl, "sh:~ll s t a ~ ~ 11p01i his "\vatc11" antl sct Iiim- be the exit from the first portio~i of I cry unto Thee of violence antl 'TIIOII self upon t l ~ e"toiver" a11t1 "\vatch to the 1,001i a~ltlthe cntralice into the sccverse seems to bc the \vliat the Lortl \voultl say to him. o~ltl.T~itleetl, wilt not save?'' ,. I hat Gotl had an ansiver he ivas sure. I<e\.note of this entire propl~ecy:"The There is no greater pain to a child H e would \nit for it. I.

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liat a u i s e just shall live I)y his faith" (Halxtkof God t h a ~ ifor-God to-seemingly turn kuk 2 4). decision hc made ! a deaf ear to his prayers antl remain 1he future of J ~ ~ t l a~hI K I the world Gotl did havc all aris\vcr-a visio~i iritlifferetit to his cries. of coilling e v e ~ ~ t not o111y i l l tlic life- tvas ~io't to Ire olle of eternal woes. s, Ilut God \vas not indifferent. I-Te told t i ~ n eof the prophet Intt away tlo\v11 to - .here were to be great, ~unhelieval~le 1 the propliet that H e k ~ i e w all about the e ~ d of tin~c. I-Ial>aliliuk was to clia~~ges. Gotl Himself was to comc . tlie sins of His people antl His -jutlg- ivait for it, .for it \as for all appoi~~tetl down, antl H i s glory ivoultl covcr the nie~its upon tllelll &ere to he full of time. heavens, and the cart11 \voultl be full of woc, woe, woe. (Icead the second chapI,\fc f i ~ dthis prophecy repeated i l l I-lis praise (ch. 3 :3). "For the eartli ter.) I~itleetl,l-fe was to scnd the Chal- I-Tel~reivs 1 0 3 7 ant1 we untlcrstantl that sliall Ile filletl with the knowletlgc of deans to utterly destroy tl1e111 (ch. 1 : it is yet to he fulfilled in the return of the glory of the Lord, as the waters 5-11>. our Lord and the setting up of H i s co\.er the sea" (ch. 2 :14). This \vas not thc kind of allsiver the millennia1 kingtlom. Notice t i k t here I ollce stood ullon a peak of the prophet had wanted or expected. I-Ic thc pronoun "He" is used instead of grcat Himalayas in India, from \vIiich was' surl)risetl to lear~ithat deliverance L was alrlc to look into three great the pro~ioun "it," reading, "I-fc that was to be by the way of jutlgme~it. sliall come will comc antl will not tarry." ,Innds, all closed to tlie goslrel-Uliuta~~ Hoiv often God's answers to our . A ~ i t l the same verse follows this that to my right', Ncpal to 111y left, anti prayers are not what we would have followctl ill the prophecy of Hahak1ihet in f r o ~ ~ t me. RIy 1ie:lrt Ircof chosen b t ~ t just the opposite! kuk, "-l'he just s11:~ll live hy faith" ( v . came heavy as I thouglit of the t l e ~ ~ s e darkness of tllcse lantls, Irut sutltle~ily God's answer created another q11cs- 38). Let us look for a 111ome11t at this this prophecy of I-Iabakknk caliie ruslition in tlie prophet's mind. I

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