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They say that anyone that goes to a psychiatrist needs his head examined. That is not always true. People go to a psychiatrist about 90 per-cent of the time when they should not have gone. They could go to a friend, their parents, their minister or figure things out for themselves. It is very easy to make yourself believe that you are not normal. Mr. A went to a psychiatrist because he was not concentrating. He was told that there was nothing wrong with his mind except it was just tired. He knew that already. He could have figured that out without going to a psychiatrist. Mr. A. had been getting too little sleep. He had kept irregular hours. This made his body not function normally. He also had a system-poisoning due to tobacco, alcohol and tranquilizers. He had not been getting enough fresh air, recreation, or exercise. His mind was tired. He was normal, because a tired mind will shut off new impressions. When Mr. A. corrected his faulty way of living, his symptoms disappeared. Mrs. B. went to a physician complaining of a poor memory. She found that her mind was shutting out new impressions. It was tired. Nature was preventing her from having a nervous mental breakdown. A physician assured her that no one ever lost his mind because of bad memory or poor concentration. The physician assured her that she was normal. She felt much better. Mrs. C. had a feeling that nothing was real. She was frightened. She felt like she was dreaming or looking through a mist all of the time. She was surprised when a physician told her she had a very normal mind. She did not need to go to a psychiatrist. She knew what was wrong all the time. She was trying to escape reality. She had suffered a severe disappointment in a love affair. She had told herself if she could not have

the one she wanted, she would never be interested m anybody or anything. This was only nature acting to protect her mind from being overworked. You may not like your job or you may not find a job. You may have circumstances that you can't face. You don't see clearly the path ahead. What is your reason for wanting to withdraw from reality? Mrs. D. believed that she was going insane. She went to a psychiatrist. She first told him; then he told her. She told her troubles all of the time. She wanted to go insane to escape her troubles. If you will search yourself and find what it is that you are trying to run away from, the fear of insanity will disappear. You will just have to get rid of the fear. No insane person fears that he is going insane. If you fear that you are going insane, that proves that you are not already insane. If you were headed toward insanity, you would not fear it. Mrs. E. lies awake all night. She can not sleep. She went to a psychiatrist. After she told him her troubles, he told her. She knew all the time. After searching herself she found what was trying to keep her awake. She did not have the proper perception in her home. Your brain will take a lot of punishment before it gives out. You are strong. You can resist these foolish ideas. You can break the hold of the devil; resist him, and he will flee from you, If you are a Christian you have power to resist all of these things, (Acts 1:8; Luke 10:19). It could be that all of these troubles come to you because you have a guilt complex. If this is true then remember, "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrigh teo usness." We can trade the worried, natural mind for the mind of Christ. We can be a new creature in Christ Jesus. All things can become new.

SHORT CIRCUITS There are three things that may deplete your nerves, and pull down your energy as a short circuit pulls down a battery. The first one is worry. We may look at worry as having both good points and bad points. Worry is a healthy instinct if it is used right. For instance, a woman is worried about her husbnad. She is afraid that she may lose him. This can be used for a good purpose. It may cause her to take a bath, change her clothes, fix her hair; it may cause her to show her husband more affection and stop nagging him continuously. She may act in a certain way that will cause her husband to fall in love with her allover again. This kind of worry may be necessary. Most worry is unfounded. If you are worrying over something that you can't help, then you are depleting your nerves and pulling down your energy. Thousands of people become worried about something that is not important. They take their problems to a psychiatrist when they can solve their own. Some people worry over their schoolwork, schoolmates, or they worry because they want their own way. Some worry about finding the right mate. Others worry over relatives, deaths, security, disappointments, loneliness, and jealousy. All this kind of worry will play havoc with your nerves. Ulcers are a common result. Then follows heart troubles, artery trouble, headaches, tenseness of muscles, indigestion, kidney upsets, and nervous exhaustion. You may have nervous disorders mental trouble, poor memory, bad concentration, depression, suppression, loss of appetite, or an irritable disposition. Many people may worry themselves to death. if the Lord would heal some people of these troubles, they would continue to worry and be in their original condition in just a few days. Why not get healed of your worries"! You should rise above these things which you cannot help. Practice


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casting all of your troubles on Him. He cares for you. Be anxious for nothing. Believe that all things work together for good to them that pray, (Romans 8:2630) .



Worry is only a point of view. Change your point of view. It is not the condition of things, but the condition of you. The wrong use of sex pulls down your energy, depletes your nerves, and causes you to have a guilt complex that you cannot overcome. Many people deliberately violate their conscience, teachings, their principles. They are stimulated by alchohol, bad books, movies, television programs, smutty stories, and impure thoughts. If you are healed and do not control this God-given normal impulse, you will likely be sick again in a few days. Guilt will also deplete the nerves. There is a right kind of guilt, and there is a wrong kind of guilt. If your conscience smites you because you have deliberately walked into sin, then you know exactly what to do. There is only one route. Right the wrong. Make things right with your Maker. Make things right with your neighbor. As long as you have unconfessed sins, you will likely be sick again even if you happened to be healed. . Turn to Him that forgives all of your iniquities and heals all of your diseases. Some people have a guilt complex because they have condemned themselves. After the Lord forgives them, they refuse to forgive themselves. This uneasiness and anxiety makes a short circuit that makes them sink and lays them low. Why not have a frank, honest heart-to-heart with yourself. Figure out if you have grounds for selfcondemna tion. Forgive yourself. Control yourself. Don't do anything . that will produce guilt. Be sure the Lord has forgiven you. Then don't condemn yourself anymore. If the Lord has done something for you, then you should begin to do something for others.

A young ball player went into the World Series. He was tense and rigid. He tried his very best. He knew that 75,000 people were looking at him. He tried hard but failed. He lost the game. Another young man wearing glasses started to pitch the ball in the same World Series. He took his own good time. He was relaxed as if he were playing on the lawn back at home. He was not thinking of making a name for himself. He was not trying to get applause. He was not endeavoring to get his name in the paper. He was thinking of his team instead of himself. As 75,000 people anxiously waited and watched, he calmly took off his glasses as the boy at bat grew more tense. He slowly wiped his glasses. All of the Chicago Cubs fanned out; the game was over! Someone made the remark that all the players should wear glasses, take them off and clean them, and waste time. It was not the glasses. It was the calm spirit that helped the boy to work relaxed. How did the boy receive this calm and quiet spirit in the tenseness that gripped the whole nation? He did not think of himself. He just knew how to relax his mind and his body, so he could draw on the Higher power. Some people are tense while they are praying. They think only of themselves instead of others. They pray a "Gimme, Gimme" prayer. They are selfish. They never pray until they are in need, or in serious trouble. Then they come to the Lord complaining about how they have been treated. They come telling about what a hard time they have. They do all the talking and never let the Lord do any talking at all. They tell God instead of letting God tell them. We must come into His presence with thanksgiving. We are created to worship. God is everywhere. Tn Him we live, move, and have our being. Most people are so tense that they are tired before
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they begin. They drive seventy-five miles per hour to beat a train across the track. They get a speeding ticket on their way to play golf; going to a quiet place to relax, they carry their portable radio with them. They get angry when they hear on the news what is taking place in politics, because their party is not winning the election. At one time J thought I was not praying unless ] was on my knees saying words. I used to go to sleep while praying. 1 would become, angry with myself. Then I decided to go ahead and sleep. Thousands of people can't sleep. He gives His beloved sleep. In the back of my grocery store or at the house lying across the bed, I would sleep five minutes. I would awake relaxed with plenty of energy. I was alert as I lay there under God's power. The solution to an important problem would come to me. I would know what to do about a car or real estate deal. As a ball player we can worked relaxed. High tension causes the number one trouble in America. Americans have too much expression on their face. They go with every nerve and action. Americans even invent rocking chairs so they can go while they are sitting. Overseas 1 noticed that those foreigners lay down and relaxed fOI" an hour or two in the afternoon. They never got in a hurry. If they can do that, why can't we? Over half of the hospital patients in the nation suffer from mental trouble. Physicians know how to control the germ-caused disease, but most of our troubles are because we do not relax. We must learn that He will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed upon Him. One-fourth of the deaths of men over fifty is caused by high tension. These men do not take time to settle' one problem until they go to another. Their minds never relax. By faith in your Maker, you can maintain a constant inflow of energy just as an electric clock operates by the constant contact with electric power. You can have an automatic renewal of this supernnatural power.
W. V. Grant P. O. Box 353 Dallas 21. Texas Send postage for free book, How To Keep Calm and Cool In Crisis.

SELF APPRAISAL How immature are you? Do you have any puppywool? Are you given to temper-tantrums? Are you given to impulsiveness'? Have you laid aside peevishness, stubborness, pettiness, self-indulgence, boastfulness, criticisms, oversensitiveness, self-pity, self- consciousness, timidity, or jealousy? Do you have a crying spell? Do you want your own way? Are you too impulsive'? Do you go to any length to receive attention, praise, or recognition? These childlike habits form a pattern in your life that effects your character, and undermines your success and happiness. Your entire nervous system can be broken because of the wrong ethics and principles. Sue could not make up her own mind. She was always leaning on others. She moved quickly. She was always asking someone if she had on the right color of dress or if she had her hair fixed just right. One day Sue stopped and wrote out a long list of her thoughts. She took an inventory of the things that held her in control. The things that she could not seem to overcome were in this list. There were too many of these thoughts. They were too long established and too firmly fixed in her life. She always depended on her mother even when she was grown. She wanted advice and guidance from others and never made any decisions. One day Sue decided that she was going to make some decisions of her own and not depend on others an of her life. . Suddenly she began to get a real thrill out of tackling her own problems - unaided by anyone. She broke her backward attitude toward other people. These things had been such a drawback to her. She was in <1 fight to overcome doubt and uncertainty. She started tackling her troubles constantly and found that they disappeared. She cut all the strings that had held her in bondage. Her success gave her courage to start in the right direction. Her nervous system was strong. Her mental trouble was cured. We asked Sue what happened to her life and how she

came out of her shell. Here is the formula she gave US: Sue had read a verse which went like this:' "Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice; and be ve kind one to another, tender hearted, forgiving one' another, even as God for Christ's sake has forgiven you." She first wondered how she could do this. She tried reading a book on positive thinking. That really helped her, but at certain times an uncontrollable urge overtook her - her base nature took advantage. She read another book telling how to have ethics and principles. All this helped her, but still she gave way to something within. This had been there from a child. This "something within" made her lose all self-control at times. One day Sue read, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." She memorized that verse and it helped - so she memorized another verse, "All things are possible to him that believeth." Suddenly she realized she was not in Christ. Althouzh she had been baptized when she was a baby, she realized she was not a believer. She believed with her mind, but could not seem to believe with her heart. She memorized another verse, "With the heart man believeth unto righteousness." She read in one place that you must be born of the Spirit. That was the answer. She stayed in her bedroom all of the morning. She saw ..that she could not do good within her own strength. She remained until she know she was born of the Spirit; she was in Christ. She came out of that room a new creature. She was in a new world. All of the people she met saw the difference in her. Now it comes natural for her to be unselfish. She can practice ethics and principles, for she abides by a certain rule every day. "All things whatsoever you would that men would do' unto you, do you even likewise unto them."

YOU HAVE POSSIBILITIES There is enough atomic power in you to blow New York City off the face of the earth. Yet some remain a weakling. You should look in the mirror each morning and point your finger at yourself and say, "I can do all things; I have possibilities." Just after I started to school a man came along one day and gave a simple but powerful talk. The story he told went something like this: A farmer was on his way to the city to sell some produce and dairy products. He had a large milk can full of whole milk. It so happened that two frogs fell into the milk just before the man started to town. Not. knowing the frogs were in the milk, he put the lid on the can. On the way to town one of the frogs became despondent. He reasoned with himself, "I can never get out of here alive. I am doomed for failure. I have had trouble all of my life. I am so weak. I will die anyway. There is no use in trying anymore. I am so tired of kicking, trying to get out." He had a negative attitude. He thought the thoughts of defeat. Poisonous fumes went all through his mind. He was a pessimist. He sank to the bottom of the can of milk - a totally defeated frog. In desperation and humble resignation, he sank to the lower part of the milk can. Inferiority complex killed a nice little humble frog. 'The other frog had a better background. He thought positive and had good training in a good environment. He reasoned like this: "I may die, but I will die fighting. A quitter never wins and a winner never quits. If I die, I won't die defeated. I will die happy. 1 don't want to be a coward. As long as there is life there is hope. If I go down, I will do it with the flags flying full colors. I will fight my way out of this thing if it is possible." He kept fighting. He swam around and around. He kicked and kicked. He thrashed and beat the cream. He made a great stir. He began to feel something solid

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under his feet. His legs were going like pistons. As he felt a more solid footing he rested; then he began again. When the farmer reached town he found one frog at the bottom and the other frog at the top of that can of milk. One was dead, drowned at the bottom of the can. The other was very much alive on top of the milk. His trying had ch urned the can of milk. There he lay, resting on the top of the butter. You can use obstacles as stepping stones to cross over from failure to success. Perseverance will get results, but the best way to change circumstances is to change yourself. Do not accept the idea of defeat. Know yourself. Everyone is tempted to think themselves into a dull and gloomy attitude occasionally, but not everyone yields to it. You can change your thoughts. Too many people are trying to imagine themselves into trouble until their nerves break down. An inferiority complex is fear. This power can dominate your mind. A physician told me about a woman that came to him for help. She told this physician that she could not get well because there was a constant turmoil in her home. He tried long and hard to help her, but he was not successful. The family decided that she must be helped regardless of the cost. On pressing this physician he made a decision. He 'exploited an idea. He let the three children go on a two weeks vacation, one at a time. The turmoil remained in the home. The husband went on a two weeks vacation; still there was no peace in the family. When the wife went on a two weeks vacation, there was a great calm in the home. Everything was peaceful. She was a good woman and was willing to take teaching. She changed herself by repeating these words, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. If God be for us, who can be against us?" This faith was stronger than fear, so it pushed out all fear and inferiority complex out of her life. She said over and over, "If I have faith as a grain of mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible unto me."



Anyone can succeed if he is willing to make a comeback and try again. Anyone may be knocked down in the prize ring, but he does not necessarily take the count. A baby may stumble, but if it never gets up and tries again, it never walk. If you are in the lowest valley, there is something very encouraging I can tell you. Anyway you start is the upward way. On the other side of the valley there is a mouuntain. Go to the top of the mountain. You should always have a trusting friend to whom you may carry your troubles. Someone who will listen and understand. You can unload. You get beside yourself where you can see yourself as others see you you may be surprised to see that you have magnified all of your troubles. Millions of people are having just as hard a time as you are. Problems are just what you make them. It is not the condition of things, but the condition of you. It depends on how you take these problems. Your life depends on your reactions. Your point of view has much to do with your life. A girl was walking down the street. She was grumbling about the gloomy day. She stumbled into a streetcar and was injured for life. The same day another girl was smiling as it rained. A man came along and held an umbrella over her. She later became his wife. Now she thinks rain is about the most wonderful thing in the world. What happens in the world, you have very little control over. The way you look at it is quite another thing. It is not conditions as much as it is your attitude. It is not conditions of things; it is your condition. You can't change things, but you can change yourself. Your getting down can teach you a lot. You may profit by your experience. Let your experience teach you something. If you were in a shipwreck and were caught out in the ocean in a little life boat, you would let the waves carry you to shore. You would have no




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control over yourself. You would not fight the waves; you would go with the tide. Learn to adapt yourself. Why not compromise with circumstances? Don't fight against the odds, lest you take a nervous breakdown and a mental crackup. Your disappointment may be God's appointment. Be careful. Examine yourself. You may be fighting against the Lord. If He is going one way and you are going another, you may tear yourself apart. I went through an awful depression. We almost starved back in the 30's. I can look back and see now that it taught me the value of the dollar. It taught me to manage. There are many valuable things in a depression that can teach people. A man went into a doctor's office and sat down. He explained to the doctor, "Doctor, I am a total failure. I'll never amount to anything. I am an alcoholic. I have never held a job over two weeks in my life. People don't like me. I have spent most of my life fn jail. I am hopeless; I am totally defeated." This man had a lifeless expression in his eyes. "Then why are you here?" asked the doctor. "Well, I hadn't thought of that," answered the man, "I must have some hope left or I wouldn't be here." His hopes sprang up again. He started all over again from the small ray of hope he discovered he had, and he made a great success. In spite of everything, this man discovered he had a little hope and a will to live. That ray of hope lies within every man. If he will just look for it, he can find it. If you feel like you are on a dead-end street, take a check and see if you are going the opposite direction. See if you are going contrary to the Lord's will. If you are going wrong, turn around and run for your life. You were not born under an unlucky star. Get rid of your sense of guilt. Get forgiveness and go God's way, then the rest of your life will be a success.



Did you ever match wits with someone? When intelligent men with sharp minds gather around a conference table for days at a time, it is quite a tense feeling. In conferences I have walked out in the middle of an important session because my mind needed a little rest. I especially feel for our senators and representatives in our National Capitol. Many of them break down under the strain. Did you ever watch two perfectlymatched men in a wrestling match? Strength comes against strength until they are both exhausted. That is the way it is when several intelligent men match wits hour after hour and day after day. The mind is tired and tense. If you do not relax then, before long some kind of emotionally-induced disease affects the heart, and colon, and several other parts of your body. A problem is just as large as you make it. Some people make great problems out of small things. Other men make the same problems easier by the way they are able to take them. Mr. Smith, an intelligent man came into our church services after he had been in a streneous conference for several days. He had battled his mind against problems until his whole system was tense. His mind was so tired he just sat there and tried to forget all of his worries. Suddenly as he sat there in service, the answer seemed to flash across the congregation from somewhere. Like a flash he had the answer that he had been seeking for months. He went back with the solution. The conference was over. The problem was solved. That solution is one of the spiritual gifts God has set in the church. It is called the "Word of Wisdom." As Mr. Smith relaxed his mind and body and shut out all thoughts, God's thoughts suddenly came to him. God has no problems. His thoughts are as high above our thoughts as the heavens are above the earth. One executive, as he sat in church, caught an idea as the preacher spoke. It was the idea of profit-sharing. He now has one of the most successful businesses in the United States. His employees are happy. Their prob-

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CONTROL YOUR THOUGHTS lems are solved. That idea now has spread over most of America. It is used by some of our largest companies such as Sears and Roebuck and others. One man had always been backward. He had an inferiority complex and could not get started in business. He was a failure, but suddenly he changed! He is one of our most influential businessmen now. He has a very powerful personality. He says it took place suddenly as he sat in a church service. The thought came to him that there is no respect of persons with God. What He has done for others, he will do for him. I must believe that I am what the Lord says I am. Everyone means me. Everyone that asketh receiveth. This man felt a sudden change. He became a new creature. Old things passed away. All things became new. He heard the preacher say, "All things are possible to him that believe. I can do all things through Christ which strength, eneth me." The preacher, as he was preaching said, "Hear and your soul shall live." We must hear with our soul. Our spiritual deaf ears must be unstopped. We must hear him say, "Come unto me all you that are laden and are heavy laden and I will give you rest." If God created lis in the first place, then He is well able to recreate us. Worship is a fine art and we must do it regularly. We must leave our thoughts at home. Go to church in a regular manner with a spirit of enjoyment. Have a relaxed body and an open mind. Don't be rigid. Dismiss your problems. Don't carry any ill feelings with you. Don't think about yourself. Get your mind on others. Above all, expect great things. You will receive what you expect. A minister told me. that a merchant came to him. telling him his aches and pains and talking about the depression. After counselling with this businessman, the minister found that he was full of hatred, resentment, and criticism. He could not forget people's faults. The wise minister said, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could do just as a surgeon would do? Suppose I could get a surgeon to cut the top of your head off and scrape all of those impure thoughts out of the inside of your head. Then it would be great if I could take a machine and blow the effects of it out of your brain." The businessman said, "Yes, that surely would be wonderful." Then the minister said, "Suppose I could be there to drop some Bible verses down into your brain before he put the top of your head back on. These verses would cause the perfume to go all through your mind. Love, peace, and kindness would go through your whole system." The businessman said it would be good if that could happen, but he said it was impossible. "No, it is not impossible," said the wise pastor. "The hole doesn't need to be cut into your head; it is already there. There are two holes called 'eyes'. Through those two holes you can pack many verses from the Bible. You can memorize many passages which will send the perfume of faith, 'love, and peace all through your whole system. "There are two holes in your head called 'ears.' You can attend church and hear the sermons and songs. Through these two holes you can pack contentment, courage, and cheerfulness. That will send peace through your whole system. Faith comes by hearing. "You don't need a surgeon's knife to correct the inside of your head. The good thoughts will drive out all of the bad thoughts just as light drives out darkness. Faith will drive out doubts. Love is stronger than hate. Courage is more powerful than fear. Forgiveness chases out all guilt."

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ARE YOU SUCCESSFUL? This merchant went home and put the simple truths into practice. He memorized a Bible verse each day. He attended church twice each week. He heard the minister say, "When the evil spirits have left a man, he wanders about in dry places seeking rest, but does not find it. Then he says to himself, '1 will return to my house from whence 1 came.' When he comes back he will find that there is no one there, but that the house has been swept, garnished and put into order. Out he goes again and returns with seven other evil spirits more wicked than himself, and they go in and dwell there. Thus the last condition of that man is worse than the first." The merchant saw the point. He decided that he would not leave his mind empty. He had always been able to cast these bad thoughts from his mind, but like a flash they would always come back. This time he put something in their place. He put good ideas in his mind. He put up a sign, "No vacancy." He filled his mind with pleasant thoughts. He memorized the words of the Master which are more powerful than evil thoughts. This perfume not only went all through his mind, but through his whole system. Every customer he met saw the difference. He had a beam in his eye, a spring in his walk, and a glow on his face. His business soon doubled. He had friends on every side. You go to your dentistor your doctor regularly. Why not make a regular trip to your spiritual adviser? You even let your doctor see on the inside of you. Don't be afraid to let the minister see your inside life. He will not criticize. He will understand. Just as you tell your lawyer everything, let your minister know it all. He is instructed to be your spiritual adviser. He can help you over your guilt complex. Then you can get your sins forgiven and get your soul right with your Maker. I knew a businessman whose nerves were tied up. His nervous energy was very high. He has very little strength. Thinking about his tremendous problems defeated him. His strength was depleted as a sharp circuit pulls down a battery. If it had been possible to put a metered machine on him the hand would have shown negative. The hand would have discharged over into the red, He had drawn on all of his reserve. This man would not get out of the bed until nearly noon each day. He was grouchy, irritable, and cranky. He was oppressed and depressed all the day long. His "get up and go" had got up and gone. Each morning his sweet little wife would come and say, "Honey, how are you feeling?" She would bring his breakfast to bed every morning. He always had shadows, obstacles, and a defeated spirit. One day he heard a lecture on the subject, "Think on These Things." He decided to change his way of thinking. This man's wife was shocked the next mornnig when she came to ask him how he was feeling. "I feel like getting up," he said. She was lifted off her feet. He kissed her and went singing into shave. He ate his breakfast at the table as he should. He surprised all of his employees when he came in on time with a big smile! This businessman had a regular checkup on his physical condition, but up until now he had never had a mental checkup. His whole nervous system had been depleted as a short circuit would deplete a battery. His mind had been engaged in intellectual "freewheeling." At the beginning a thin line of worry had come across his mind. As that worry grew it changed his thought pattern. As he changed his way of thinking toward fear, a thin line of faith began in his mind. As he kept thinking about good things this line broadened until it formed another thought pattern. Faith pushed out that fear as light chases darkness, as an ocean is more powerful than a river. When this businessman went to his business from then on, he sat aside one hour to do nothing but think. He refused to admit any salesmen, employees, or customers for one

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KEEP CALM AND COLLECTED hour. lIe seemed to draw energy from an unseen source. He thought creative thoughts. As he sat there his energy came back to him. He acted and talked like a new person. Solutions came to him to meet the most difficult problems. His debts were paid; his business doubled; he made much more money; he spent much less energy. Other businessmen sat up and took notice. They wanted to take lessons from this man. The secret of his whole success was one verse he learned to memorize, Philippians 4 :8, "Finally brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are .i ust, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think on these things." "But how can a man think on these things?" he was asked. Then he had a chance to explain, "Commit your ways unto the Lord and your thoughts will be established." Too many people try to think good thoughts without committing their ways unto the Lord. When they would do good evil is present with them. They have not been born again or become a new creature. They have only joined the church. This businessman was filled with the Spirit. That made the difference. Even after you are filled with the spirit. you must "think on these things." As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Mental thoughts only will not change your seat of affection and your sub-consciousness and sub-consciousness thoughts. They will not change your sense of guilt. Doubts and worries will hinder the recovery of any patient. Go to the mirror and point your finger, call yourself by name, and say, "You will, think on these things. You can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth you." Mr. Perfectionist walked into a house and became angry because some article was misplaced on the table. He blew his top at the bellboy in the hotel because this boy did not get around quick enough, or give him good enough service. He storms out at a businessman if he is not waited on in the right manner. His employees are miserable because they can never please him. His wife took a nervous breakdown trying to meet his demands. He spent so much time trying to dress and talk perfectly. He tried to use words too big for him. He introduced me this way one time, "We are glad to have this 'extinguished' visitor." I look for this man to take a nervous breakdown at middle-age because he pushes himself trying to be something that he cannot be. He has the perfectionist complex. Mrs. Perfectionist is never at ease. She isn't satisfied with the training of her children, the keeping of her home, personal appearances, her love life, her social relationships, or anything she begins. This complex nags at her to no end. It is the major cause of unrest, dissatisfaction, and unhappiness. Her nerves are on edge all of the time. She wastes every ounce of her energy trying to be perfect. This nagging impulse becomes a nightmare. It is never gratified. Susie is cleaniness personified. She has always been a dirt-chaser. She combs her hair a dozen times a day. She washes her hair each time she takes a bath. After being in the kitchen no one can find a grain of dirt. She has no time for anything else but to stay clean. No one could please her. She must do her housework. She won't trust anyone else. She will spend the last part of her life in an institution if she continues like she is going. Joan said she would never marry unless she got the man she was looking for. She never found him for there are no perfect men. Every man has faults. Joan was kept waiting. She is still waiting. Men do not like women who appear perfect. It frightens them. These men are always tense around these women. They can never relax. They don't want to be tense all of their lives. Men want to be able to teach

W. V. Grant

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the woman a few things. They like to bend them to their will sometimes. Being overcritical of yourself is hard on the nervous system. Miss Patterson goes through agony. As a stenographer she tries to be exacting. She works overtime free of charge, trying for perfection. She writes a whole new letter instead of erasing an error. She lies awake at night if part of the work is left until the next day. That is her nature. She stands before the mirror each morning prancing and fussing. She spend hours on her hair, make-up, and perfume. She spends hours at the beauty parlor. Much of this is because she has an inferiority complex. Mr. Jones has to sit tense all the time he is at home because his wife strives to be perfect. He can't relax, lie on the bed, or lean back comfortably in a chair. Mrs. Jones is overcritical of the way other people keep house. She criticizes the singer, the preacher, and the people she dines with. She criticizes the English they use. She slurs the way someone dresses. Why does she do this? She is trying to show that she is superior to other people. She is trying to build her ego at someone else's expense. Don't let success go to your head to the extent that you are hated by everyone. Don't try to get people to think that they are inferior to you. Don't shut off an of the people that do you wrong. You may need to can on them again sometime. If the door must be shut, hold onto the knob and let it ease to. Do not ever slam the door between you and someone else. There is none good, no not one. There is none good but God. That is why we must have a Saviour. We cannot save ourselves. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.




How childish are you? Have you grown up? Examine yourself now. When my first son arrived I thought he was very delicate. I handled him so carefully as if I were afraid he would break. Later I saw that he could take rough treatment. Soon I was throwing him into the air. I would catch him as he came down. He laughed himself hoarse and then cried for me to do it again. I would get tired but he never got enough. I have tried to do other little children the same way. I did not enjoy it as much. They did not enjoy it as all because they were afraid. Being afraid that they would fall, they grew tense. They would not relax like Junior did. What was the difference'? I was Junior's daddy. He was my son. He felt that I would not drop him. That love drove out fear. Love is stronger than fear. Since he was my son, I would naturally catch him and not let him fall to the ground. I would put Junior on a rock wall. He would jump into my arms as he laughed and enjoyed the trip through the air. I noticed when I had Junior in my arms, he did not cry all the day long being afraid I was going to drop him. He was not worried; he was not afraid that I was going to let him freeze to death or starve to death. He was relaxed and had faith in me. I heard over the news last night that a man hung his eight-year-old boy up by the thumbs for almost a day because the boy ate one of his bananas. In this case the father was abnormal. He had no love for the boy. A twenty-five year old lady was afraid because her husband left for the army. She was afraid that she would be a widow. She almost worried herself sick. She looked and noticed her baby sitting in her lap perfectly relaxed. The baby was trusting her com-

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pletely. It was not afraid that she would drop it. Then this young lady thought of the scripture which tells us to be converted and become as a little child. She sat there in that chair and thought to herself. She imagined herself, her husband, and the baby as all being in the Lord's arms. She said, "I will trust and not be afraid. Perfect love casts out fear. Then she injected a medicine into her mind. This medicine drove out the infection of fear. This was "word medicine." She took it not as a liquid medicine from a bottle; she did not take it through her mouth. She took this medicine through her eyes as she read the Bible. Here it is, "For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a strong mind, (II Timothy 1 :7). Needless to say, when this lady became as a child again and believed that God was her Father, she relaxed and rested. The worry was gone. She kept herself from taking a nervous breakdown or becoming very "tired-minded" and emotionally sick. Memorize II Timothy 1:7, and quote it daily. It will build faith, a sound mind and power. It will heal the mind, soul, and body. This spiritual idea is as much stronger than the diseased idea as light is stronger than darkness. It will drive out fear as light drives out darkness. The whole world is filled with worried, anxious, and defeated people. They are taken captive by the thoughts they happen to think. Another way to partake of the healing medicine is through the ears. Faith comes by hearing (Romans 10: 17). Attend church and listen to the Word through sermon and in song. Get rid of the sense of guilt and that abnormal fear will leave. You will not dare open up a fine watch and put gravel into the works. No, you would carry that watch to the jeweler and have it cleaned. , As you hear the Word at church, your mind is cleansed from th'e gravel of fear. Your mind is oiled by faith which has healing virtue. It gives you a pure, sound, workable mind capable of creating new ideas,

ARE YOU NORMAL? Test yourself and see if you are any different than other people. There are two common things that can pull down your nerves. First, you may be over self-conscious. You may feel timid and inferior to others. You may be afraid you are not being accepted and approved. You may feel that you are not appreciated, that your ability is not recognized by others. Are you self-centered? Do you m~ke friends slowly? You can come out of it. Talk to your next-door neighbor. Greet people with a cheerful, "Good Morning," and cheery, "How do you do?" Let them feel a sincerity in your voice. Do not draw back in your shell or isolate yourself. To have friends you must show yourself friendly. One lady said that no one shook hands with her. I asked her if she shook hands with other people. She said, "No, I never thought of that. Maybe that is the reason they didn't shake hands with me." Recognize your work and believe in it. There is nothing wrong with having some ego. It is not pride but self-respect. Secondly loneliness can deplete your nervous system. It can cause your energy to be discharged. Some people can be lonely in a crowd of a hundred thousand people. Other people would not feel lonely even if they were in a forest with just squirrels for two weeks at a time. Loneliness is not a condition of things, but the condition of you. I know loneliness grips and hurts the heart. It produces melancholy thoughts and feelings. It causes you to feel unwanted, inferior, tired, and shunned. You are not queer. You are only lonely. You need fellowship, friendship, and comradship. You were not born to be misguided or to be misunderstood. If you are lonely, you are repressed. If you are lonely, no doubt, you are an introvert. You were not born that way. Something has caused this condition. Something has caused you to be self-centered. Whether you realize it or not, your attention is drawn to yourself.


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INNEH The cure for this is to give your attention to others. Help someone today. Visit a neighbor. Help the sick. Give to charity. Think about the problems of other people. Interest yourself in a hobby such as sewing, or building something. Find your inner possibilities. One girl wore glasses. She had a physical defect which made her feel inferior to others. You have qualities. If you have a hobby, learn to display your achievements. I am sure you can cook hamburgers. Invite omeone to come and eat some of your cooking. J cin in the crowd and do good to someone. Pick up a book; answer a letter, straighten up your room. Do some mending. Hang up some pictures. Plant some flowers. Re-arrange the furniture. Change the color of your bedroom. Re-design your wallpaper. Create some activities. Get busy. Knit or embroidery. Work your garden. Use your imagination in self-expression for good. Remember an idle mind is the devil's workship. You will find that you are not as unwanted and shunned as you imagine. Give some affection to others and you will receive it back. Give and it shall be given. Of course you know, if you are bound by a guilt com, plex, you cannot and will not do these things without the help of your Maker. You know you can't get by with hidden wrong. You cannot do wrong and get by. A man got rid of his guilt complex. His loneliness left. He soon became a normal man. The text he heard and memorized, that changed his life was, "Let the wicked forsake his ways, and the unrighteous man his thoughts, and let him return unto the Lord, and He will have mercy upon him and to our God for he will abundantly pardon."


When you are at war with yourself, you have inner conflicts. You are going two ways at once. You tear yourself apart. You have a battle within. A young lady by the name of Jane worked as a private secretary to an executive vice-president of a large company. Jane was only twenty-eight years old. She had successfully worked her way up the long ladder of success. She was very efficient. She possessed honesty, pride, hard-work and perseverance. She had built a very wonderful reputation for ten years. She drew a large salay. She demanded respect from the executive and from everyone in the large company. For years evervthing went well. She did not seem to resent the way the executive piled things upon her desk even though it was during the last few minutes of the day. She was willing to stay overtime or come back before bedtime and finish the work. Jane had one quality. When her boss was cross or tired, she managed to remain calm and relaxed inside. Her future seemed to be assured. After she had worked 25 months Jane was pale and tired. She lost too much weight. She had a pain over her heart. She could not understand it. She had a worried look on her face. She reported that she had nightmares. At a certain time she was depressed. Jane went to a good physician and was examined. I-Ie told her that she was overworked and that she must go on a vacation. She spent sixty days in the West Indies, but her nerves and exhaustion became more severe. The real trouble with Jane was not really her nerves. but the real trouble was an inner conflict. She was at war with herself. She had an internal strife and confusion. She refused to admit it or tell it to anyone until it was almost too late. Jane had so much pride that she would not even admit it to herself that she had fallen in love with her boss. He did not know it, but she did. She had battled it for months, but finally let it get the best of her.

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If you are in tune with your Maker, you can awake in the morning with the feeling that the world is a nice place to live after all. You will be in tune with the people, the weather, and everything about you. The birds will sing sweeter, the trees will seem to clap their hands for joy. The scary-head lions in the thicket will not upset you. The crowds around you will seem remote. You will be relaxed. You will not notice the irritating street noises. Problems will seem to solve themselves. You will not be disturbed by small things. You can experience peace within and get rid of inner conflicts. Your fears lie within whether you confess it or not. Find someone that you can absolutely trust and tell everything. Be honest with yourself. If you can't trust a single person, then tell it to Jesus alone. He understands. He knows. And most of all, He cares. One person was nervous because she was not sure that she was deeply enough in love to marry. She was afraid to marry because she was afraid that her affection would not be genuine. The truth was her mother had an unfortunate experience and as a result, a feeling of distrust for all men remained in the conversation in the home. One day she quit relying on her mother to make her decisions. She quickly recovered. She is now happily and normaly married. Her health is normal now, because she is living a normal life with no conflicts. Stop being depressed. Don't try to be different to everyone else. Be sincere. Think for yourself. If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything. If you find yourself leaning towards sarcasm and cynicalisrn if you find that you have become too critical, you can find an inner peace by confessing everything and getting all of your guilt washed away. Get in tune with your Maker. Trade your load for a release. When He forgives you, then forgive yourself. Peace will automatically flood your soul and mind if you will believe.
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Can you remember anything you want to remember '? Do you want to have that ability to do so? Can you forget anythng you want to forget by simply saying, "Be Gone'?" It is not that simple with most people. The more they try to forget some unpleasant things, the more intense it is fixed in their mind. The secret of putting the thoughts out of your mind, and forgetting it, is to substitute a more powerful thought in its place. A friend of mine thought his employer was unfair to him. The employer was cruel, unfair. hateful, unkind, dishonest, and had bad principles. After having an ill-will toward his employer for some months, my friend discovered he had a peptic ulcer. The physician told him the ulcer was caused by his disturbed state of mind. My friend was sick because of the thoughts of hate, revenge, ill-will, and unforgiveness. He had trouble trying to forget. Our problem was to get my friend to change thoughts. It was necessary for him to put more powerful thoughts in the place of these bad thoughts. The bad thoughts kept coming. The poison of resentment had gone all through his body and caused the ulcer. We talked to this friend and told him that the only thoughts stronger than the hate thoughts were love thoughts. The Lord said, "Vengeance is mine and I will repay." My friend and the Lord framed up on the employer. We prayed for his employer. We decided to let the Lord take care of him. My friend reported that he felt like a new man after he turned the whole thing over into the Lord's hands. The Lord will keep whatever we commit into His hands. Love is stronger than death. Hate a man and he is still your enemy. Kill him and he is still your enemy. Love him and pray for him. He can't stand that. Love will overcome.

SELF Yeu can't forget? Then all you need to do is to get full cf God's love. It will come naturally for you to forgive and forget. The poison which is brought on by ill will disappears if you will practice good will. Some people destroy their efficiency. They make themselves miserable. They ruin a happy future all because they will not forget insults and unfairness. My daddy lived in the house with my sister for about ten years without speaking to her. That was their nature. Once they fell out with someone they would never speak to that someone again. One night my sister went to a revival meeting. She prayed. The love filled her soul for everyone. She felt like a new creature. She began to inject love thoughts towards her daddy. She spoke soft words. Soft words turned away wrath because they were more powerful than cruel words. Soon my sister and my daddy were friends and were talking again. A higher power had destroyed that hate feeling. I know of one man who would not speak to his daughter for thirty years. Finally he went out into an old field, dug a hole, put some dynamite in the hole, and blew himself into eternity. Hate thoughts get the best of people. One man complained that he was never contented. He snapped at people. He blew his horn at all of the cars that got into his way. He was soured on the world. This man was a businessman and he hated people because they were competitors. They were of another race and they were more prosperous than he. The preacher told him to pray each day for his competitors, asking the Lord to prosper them as much as he was prospered. That was hard medicine to take. This man practiced doing this each day. He began to speak to his competitors and take them out for lunch. One day as he was praying for them he felt clean and happy inside like he was a new creature.


What do you think of yourself"? Do you always agree with people who criticize you? You are just as good as I am. I am just as good as you are. They are as good as we are. And we are as good as thev are. Maybe something has happened to cause you to lose your self-esteem. Perhaps you have been fired from a job. Maybe someone got you told. You may feel like you have been a failure in some way. You need to regain that self-confidence. Some people look on themselves as a permanent failure. They feel they have no place in this world. They have tried everything. Guilt and failure stare them in the face. It is mostly because they condemn themselves. They feel they have no wealth, no health, no worth, no importance. no ability, no judgement, no future, and no past. There is no bottom to the feeling of despair. They are the most miserable, the sickest, and most deplorable of all people. They are depressed, discouraged, and disgusted. The hopelessness of hour after hour brings them to the end of themselves. Maybe you started out with an inferiority complex, and sunk to a sense of failure. Your accomplishments and achievements have never measured up to expectations. After two or three setbacks your self esteem can vaporize. Thurman was a confident fellow who bragged on himself and criticized others. He was ready to set the other fellow straight On his religious or political views; he regarded his boss' view on things lower than his. Thurman set his boss straight and stormed out of the office. He walked oft' his job. and went to a larger company. Here people die! not have as much patience with him. Thurman's views were not good. He was never advanced. He talked sharp to everyone he met. He had formed that habit in life. After he was fifty he was told his services were not needed anymore. At this age Mr. Thurman looked a long time between


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BREAKDOWN jobs. He found a job but was discharged in six months. Mrs. Thurman began to' show her bitterness and criticized hour by hour. Mr. Thurman was a totally defeated man. He saw his mistake and his delusion. He soon was on the welfare. He did not have enough self-confidence to go on. In fact all of his bragging and criticizing others was just a cover-up for his inferiority complex. When he fell, he fell hard. Anxiety and unrest followed. Depression was the result. Mr. Thurman's body was found in a closed car. Part of a vacuum cleaner was run from the exhaust pipe to the inside of the car. His life taught us a lesson. We must show ourselves friendly if we want friends. We need a little security. ·We need to exercise creative expression, have hobbies, and recognize others. You must believe that you are what God. says you are. You are capable of seeing your guilt and shame. You are capable of confessing your sins. He will forgive you as quickly as you confess. He will forgive as quickly as He will forgive any man, woman, boy or girl who ever lived. When He says, "Everyone that asketh receiveth" that includes you. When He says, "Everyone that seeketh findeth," that includes you. Everyone means you. Put your name there instead of the word, "everyone". Read, "Whosoever that believeth on Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life." Put your name in the place of the word, "whosoever". Believe that means you. "My God shall supply all of yeur needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus." If you really believe that, you can look up and say, "My God shall supply all of my needs."


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A doctor friend of mine told how he gave Mrs. Worldly a substitute diagnosis. "To tell her the main trouble would confuse her more than ever," he argued. He had learned her trouble, but would not tell her. So he prescribed "pink pills" one day, "white pills" the next day, and some larger pink pills the next day. Of course, the lady did not get any better. Mrs. Worldly came back with the same story. Her nerves were upset. Her stomach was out of order. She was tense all over. This tension caused her head to ache; then the pain would move and go back to her back, and then to her hips. Mrs. Worldly was surprised when this kind physician said, "Your case is dismissed. I can't take you as a patient any longer." "Why are you dismissing me," she said, "I am no better than I was." "Because I can't help you," said the kind, honest doctor. "But doctor, I have the money to pay you. You must continue treating me," said Mrs. Worldly. "I can't treat you any longer. I can't continue taking your money when I know I cannot help you. You are not willing to do what I ask you to do," he told her. "Please doctor," said the anxious lady, "you must help me 01' I will die. I will do anything you tell me to do." The doctor asked her to sign her name to that promise on a piece of paper. Then he proceeded to give her an outline of what he wanted her to do. She did not want to do what he wrote down on the paper. He asked her to go to church twice each week. Mrs. Worldly said, "I came to a doctor. I didn't know that you were a preacher." She stormed out! Then she came back and signed the paper. Each time she decided not to attend church rezularly, the doctor showed her the piece of paper she signed. At church Mrs. Worldly was in a different atmosphere. She began to think on spiritual things.

She remembered that she had hated her sister for many years. Her sister had married the boy she had planned to marry. She resented her for many years. When her spirit was adjusted, her whole life war straightened out. There was nothing wrong with her health then. Many people are at our churches because the physicians have tried everything else and sent them to church. Others are there because the judge gave them their choice to either attend church regularly, or go to prison. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all of these things shall be added unto you. In our soul, we have a receiving set. We can tune in and receive from the higher power. In Him we live, move, and have our being. If we are in Him, we are where the flow of power, goodness, and strength is. We then have the same peace and power that He has. If you are in the atmosphere where the healing light of God's wonderful power shines, the sense of strain and tenseness will soon go away and disappear. You will relax. Your body will recover completely. Your tortured and tormented being will be soaked with this light. This light of God will soon reach the spot from which your trouble originates. It will spread throughout your mind and your nervous system. Your '-whole heart, liver, and stomach will become normal again. God is that light. God has the power to take a common individuala common man, woman, boy, or girl, and make of him or her a very extraordinary human being. He will do this only if your will yield to Him with no reservations. "Dear Heavenly Father, In the name of Jesus I command trouble to leave right now. Reveal Yourself to every human being that reads these lines. And I will give you the praise. Thank you for it. Amen."






I am going to send you 60 of my best faith books, on casting out devils, healing the sick, faith, Holy Ghost, prophecy, and almost every subject of the Bible. You will be on my prayer list every day until Jesus comes. I'll pray that you will have a double portion ministry. I want you to be my partner and pray for me. When you finish reading these books and filling out the test papers we will send you a diploma which you can frame and have on your wall. It will remind you that I am praying for you every day, that you are my partner in prayer. If you are a minister you may receive a license to preach. There is no charge for the packing, boxing, storage, shipping, postage, exam papers, grading, secretary expense, diplomas, or ordiQation papers. Your dues will be paid up for life. (Others charge $12.00 per year and up). You can pay for them $.50 per week or send in the name of one new student per month, either one you you choose. If you send one name per .month all the textbooks are free. Dear TVD Staff: -





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Please send the 60 W. V. Grant faith books. per week, or one name per month, of someone Put me on your prayer your partner.

I will send 50 cen;r: who wants this course. V') time each day. I'll b~



list. p'ray for me at a certain

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I want a license to preach when I finish the books. I understand the licensQ costs no money and my dues will be paid for life. (To forge another's ....J signature is fraud.) ....J