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I was told that a farmer in Arkansas was driving his hogs across the mountains every day so they could eat grass. It took him about four hours to go over the mountains and four hours to return. One day a man tried to help the farmer. "Don't you know you could save time," said the neighbor, "if you would just drive your hogs over there and leave them?" "What is time to a hog?" answered the farmer. GOD TRUSTS YOU WITH TIME Some people have no more sense of the value of time than the farmer. He seemed to think he had all the time he needed. He did not realize that time is valuable. It will some day run out as the sand runs through the hourglass. There is only one life and it will soon be past, only what is done for Christ will last. Wasted minutes turn into wasted hours. Wasted hours soon amounts to wasted life. If we are unfaithful in the least, we will also be unfaithful in that which is much (Luke 19 :17). If we waste time we will waste life for life is made up of time. Many people are careful to pay the Lord a tithe on their money which they earn during eight hours each day, but they are trusted with sixteen more hours each day which they must give an account. They must give an account to God for what they do with these sixteen hours. Some socalled Christians let these sixteen hours go by without giving the Lord a tenth of them. They could pray, study the word, or witness to other people, or go to church during this time. Whatever we do, we must do it heartily, as unto the Lord, (Col. 3 :23). Many employees do not consider that when they are stealing time, they are stealing money, for that takes money out of the cash register. They are actually drawing money for the time that they have wasted. They should not accept money for their time when they did nothing. They

must give an account. They must give an honest day's work. It is better to give a dollar and ten cents worth of work for a dollar than to be deceitful and give only eighty-five cents worth of work for a dollar. The Lord is watching and He will reward us according to our works, (Rev. 20 :12). He is depending on you to represent Him. The only gospel that some people will ever receive is what they read in your lives. We are living epistles, read and known of all men, (II Cor. 3 :2). With the same measure you mete; it shall be measured to you again. (Luke 6:38) Work eight hours, sleep eight hours, but not the same eight hours. People find time to do what they want to do. If they want to do something badly enough, they will find time to do it. If you made good use of your time, you would be happy, your employer would be happy, the church would be happy, the minister would be happy, the whole world would rejoice. Time comes to all. Time waits for no man. Lost time can never be regained. What is time to a hog? A minister came upon an auto accident. He rode in an ambulance with a dying man to the next town. Every few seconds the dying man asked, "What time is it?" Time was running out for that young man. He arrived there just a few minutes too late. Many people arrive in torment because they waited one minute too late. Time is valuable. Time .is what everyone has. It is a part of our intangible wealth. It is God's time. He trusts us with something very valuable. We are only stewards of time. We shall meet Him and answer to Him for how we used the precious something that is called time. Then an angel will put one foot upon the land and the other foot upon the sea. He will raise his hands toward heaven .and swear by Him that liveth forever and ever that time shall be no more. (Rev. 10:6) There is a time for all things. A time to laugh ..a time to mourn a time to pray, and a time to work. There is a time to repent. 2

Break up the fallow ground of your soul. It is time to seek the Lord. God is trusting you with time now. Don't disappoint Him. GOD TRUSTS YOU WITH TALENTS Jesus likens the kingdom of heaven to a man travelling to a far country. He called his servants and delivered unto them his goods. They became stewards of his property. It was not their goods, but they were responsible to their master for how they used his possessions. He gave one man five talents. He gave another man two talents and he gave a man one talent. They were to put the talents into circulation for their master. When he returned, he found that all of them had put the talents out into circulation and made profits Of a hundred per cent, all except one man. This one man buried his talent. He had not gained anything at all. A curse was put upon him. (Matt. 25 :14-28) They were stewards of their master's money. A talent is money but that is likened to the work of the Lord which is given unto us to do. It is God's work. We will give an account some day for the way we use what actually belongs to God. Has the Lord trusted you with singing, music, speaking or praying? Do your best and He will give you twice as much. It increases with the use. What takes place during your life span depends on what you do with the potential that God trusts to you. If you are normal, you may become a valuable responsible member of some church. Or you may become a maladjusted liability to the church in your community. It is up to you to develop the talent that God has given you. You must develop your potential. You have the capacity of becoming a statesman, but you may never go to college or prepare yourself. You may have the potential of becoming a great singer or musician which would bless the church, yet you may never touch an instrumant. You may not even know one note from another. You determine what you will do with the talent God has given to you. 3

If you are best suited to be a businessman, God does not demand that you be a school teacher. If you have a capacity of being a school teacher, you would not be happy to shine shoes all your life. The Lord has a job for you which you will enjoy and with which you can be contented. You must stay with the task that is best suited to your personality and potential. God requires you to use what He has given to you. John Cabot's mind blazed a trail through the dense woods of New England. The pioneer who had a burning heart made the trail wider year by year. Strong minds may start a civilization, but strong hearts establish it. The mind of Wren laid plans for St. Paul's Cathedral in London. Those plans grew old and yellow. They were covered with dust. Then a man with a great heart inspired the people to build. Earnest hands changed those plans to marble and granite. What the student could not do, Martin Luther, with a strong heart, brought to pass. We need both a strong mind and a strong heart. Our bodies belong to God. We must dedicate our heart and mind to Him. We are only stewards over what belongs to Him. We will meet Him to answer to Him to give an account for the way we used His property. "I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercy of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice wholly acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service," (Roman 12:1). Present what you have. Use what you have. Samson could find nothing but a jawbone of an ass. Japeth had only an ox goad. Moses only had a shepherd's crook. All these men used the first thing that they could find for God. God did the rest. One boy had only five loaves and two fishes but he realized that it was God's property. He put it into God's service. Lives were saved. One woman only had a little meal and some oil. Another one only had oil. They knew it belonged to God in the first place. They were only stewards in charge of the oil, meal, fiish and loaves.

"It is required of a steward that a man be found faithful," (I Cor. 4:2). Look at the stewardess on an airplane. She represents the company. She can build a good reputation or a bad one for the company. She is trusted. It is not her plane but she must give an account to the company for the way she represented it to the public. If you have knowledge then you must act on that knowledge. You are happy by doing right and not merely by wishing. "If you know these things, happy are you if you do them," (John 13 :17). A friend of mine had a good job which paid quite well. He decided that he could get ahead in this world if he did not take so much time for G0d and the church. He began to hold back part of the finance he had been giving to the church. He began to work on a second job, a second shift, and build a second house and buy a second car. This man's life took a sharp turn. His talents were buried. He was not happy because he did not put the talents into circulation. His health began to fail. He was forced to quit his job. His savings disappeared. He sold his home. This man's family moved to the country. Their home was burglarized. Their clothes and personal effects were taken. This man did not realize that he was only a steward to use his property. Like the one-talent man, he did not use it for God. Although he was trusted with it. Multiply this case by one million and that gets a picture of the world. God will let us have what He can trust us with. How much can God trust you with? GOD HAS TRUSTED YOU WITH A TONGUE Everyone has been given a tongue. but it would be better for some people not to have one. Some use their tongue to bless others. Others use it to curse. Some tear down, some build up. By your words you are justified, by your words you are condemned. In the multitude of words there wanteth not sin. What a great matter a little fire kindleth. If we offend 5


not in word we are the same as a perfect man. Let your words be yea, yea, nay, nay, whatsoever we say more than this becomes evil. From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. A soft answer turneth away wrath. Grievous words stir up anger. A man and woman were in a wagon hauling wood. The mules were pulling together perfectly. "Why can't we pull together like that '?" asked the woman. After thinking for a long time the man finally said, "You see, there is not but one tongue between them." Whatever you say with your mouth wields an influence of some kind on someone else. We will have to give an account to God at the day of judgement for every idle word we have ever said. Everything we have said in secret shall be proclaimed from the housetops. Someone said, "I know I should not say this, but I am going to say it." If you know you should not say it, then why do you go ahead and speak? Sister- - - - - had a vision of many darts flying through the air at church. God spoke to her and said, "Unweighed words have become darts." If we weigh our words we will prevent many darts from piercing the heart of some lonely person. Let every man be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath. Think twice before you speak. If we know when to talk and what to say, we are a powerhouse for God. Jesus said the Holy Spirit will guide us and show us in the same hour what we shall say. If a freight train pops off steam all the time, it will never have any power to pull the grade. It should only blow the whistle when it is absolutely necessary, otherwise the whistle would mean nothing. Jesus knew when not to say anything. A man who can hold his tongue is mightier than a man woo can take a city. A fool uttereth all that is in his heart. A wise man holds his words until afterwards. A fool is known by the multitude of words. Life and death lie in the power of the tongue. By your words you are justified and by your words you are

(WOlds yon a:N;)condemned. You can encourage people or discourage people with a word. Many times people are at the forks of the road that lead to min or success. Your mouth is the door of your soul. Speaking of a group of sinners, the Lord says, "Their throat is an open sepulchre. With their tongues they have used deceit; The poison of asps is under their lips, whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness." The Lord warns us about foolish talking and jesting. If we are faithful in the least, we will also be faithful in much. If we are guided by the spirit in the everyday conversation of our home, we can be guided in the church when to say, "Arise and walk in the name of Jesus." If any man speak, let it be as the oracles of God. That is saying a lot. The words of God were spoken through Joshua and made the sun stand still. The words of God were spoken and man came into existence. The words of God were spoken through Elijah and the heavens withheld the rain. We are men of like passion as Elijah. Words of God were spoken through Jesus and the fig tree died. Peter spake the words of God and the little girl lived. His words are life. It is possible for us to live so His words can be spoken through us. He that is of God speaketh God's words. He shall have whatsoever he saith, (Mark 11 :23). We can follow Jesus as an example. We must be as our Master. The works He did, we are asked to do. (John 14 :12) As He is, so are we in this world. Jesus spoke God's words, He spoke to the storm, and there was a great calm. He trusts men with a tongue. If they are faithful, there can come a time that He will trust them with His.word. I saw a Baptist lady in an invalid chair. I said, "Get up." She arose and walked for the first time in many years. Those were not my words. They were His words. God only trusted me with them. What a great matter a little fire kindleth. The tongue is a fire. It is an unruly member. When it is on fire it is on fire with hell. That is speaking of a natural man's tongue. Let's get it on fire with the Holy Ghost. It is not the unknown tongue that is raising the devil all over the world, 7

it is the tongue that you can understand. The unknown tongue builds your faith and edifies you. Trade your language for a heavenly language. Your tongue should be God's tongue. Give it back to Him. Trade your language for His language. Forbid not to speak with tongues. I would that ye all speak with tongues. Can God trust you with a tongue? Speak evil of no man. If we can't say anything good about someone, let's not say anything. A man was riding on a train. He looked ahead of him and saw a gentleman holding a little baby. He could not keep it quiet. He was very awkward. The baby was disturbing. Finally this man had stood it as long as he wanted to. He rose to his feet and said, "Either keep that baby quiet, or take it to its mother." This gentleman with a heavy heart already broken and bleeding with sorrow replied, "I am sorry but the baby's mother is riding in her coffin in the car just ahead of us." If only the irritated passenger could have been understanding, the broken-hearted father's burdens would have been lighter. GOD TRUSTS YOU WITH THE GOSPEL Brother B- - - - - was the pastor of a fine church. He told his son that after he professed religion, it was absolutely impossible for him to go into sin and be lost. His son had license to do anything anyone else did. He drank, cursed, lied, murdered and stole, whatever was convenient for him to do. He got in with a rough bunch and one night at a drunken dance he was killed. As weeks went by, Brother B- - - - - began to worry about his son's condition, but it was too late. His theology crashed. He became so desperate that he went to a spirit medium and asked if he could arrange a meeting so he could speak to his son. Brother B- - - - - wanted to be sure that nothing was framed. He asked the medium to arrange the meeting at a neutral place at a hotel room so he could be sure that no one was pulling any gimmicks. The spirit medium consented. He went with the medium to the hotel. Finally the medium told him that he must go alone into the .room and arrange the audience with his 8

son, then the medium would let him come in later. Brother B - - - - - asked the spirit medium if he would leave the hotel so he could be sure there were no tricks or throwing voices. The medium consented to do so. The pastor watched for a good while until he saw this spirit medium crossing the street in front of the hotel about a block away. He went toward home. Brother B - - - - - says as he entered the room, he heard his son's voice. "Son, I have been worried about you. i can't keep from wondering if you went to heaven or hell" .h:e began. "Oh, Dad," answered the boy "I am up here with your dad and mother and with my mother. I am at rest. Don't worry about me." "Son, I want to know one thing. I want you to tell me. You know how I have preached for years about a literal, eternal burning hell. Is that true or not?" "No, Dad, that is absolutely wrong. Don't preach that anymore," answered the voice. Brother B - - - - was puzzled. He began to suspicion something. He had been told that these spirit mediums only call up demon voices, now he began to believe it. He began to think about what he must do. He began to pray. Then this pastor began, "Son, let me ask you one more question. How about the virgin birth of Jesus, is that right or not?" "No, absolutely not, Dad?)"answered the voice. "That is not right. Don't preach that anymore either." At that Brother B - - - - - said, "You are a liar, I command you by the authority of the name of Jesus to tell me who you are. You are a demon spirit aren't you?" The voice then answered, "Yes, I am. I am forced by that name to tell you the truth." Then the voice immediately left and did not return. We are told to rightly divide the word of truth. We will give an account at the judgment for how we handle God's word. Too many people have stopped preaching the virgin birth, or a literal hell. 9

The gospel belongs to the Lord. He trusts us with it. We are only stewards. We must not change it, but preach it as straight as a gun barrel, and not compromise with the devil and sin. God can't trust a novice with the gospel. He will be lifted up with pride and fall into condemnation of the devil. I took a young convert to apply for the pastorate of a large church. He had a good experience. He could preach well. But when opposition arose, he stumbled and fell. If the word of God is committed to you, preach it just like it is. If He said, "These signs shall follow them that believe," don't change it and be careful and do not preach, "These signs only followed the apostles," (Mark 16: 16-18). You may be called to take the gospel to a man across the street, to the next home to the next state or even overseas. Wherever you take it, preach it just as it is. Don't change it. The gospel is not just for one group or one organization. It is for all. Avoid the easy route. Regardless of how it cuts, preach it as it is. Don't sugar coat it. When my mother used to make me take pills, I sucked the sugar off of the pill and spit out the bitter part. They did me no good. The careless Christian must be preached to. The murderer must be preached to. It is up to us to be faithful in preaching to all groups. We shall meet Him again. We do not want their blood required at our hands. If you can save a man from a burning hell and fail to do so, you are guilty of murder. If we can reach the lost of our parish and neglect our duty, we are guilty of their soul. Church notices should be put in every public place: The Yellow Pages, the billboards, ads in newspapers, over the radio and everywhere. Each hotel and railroad station must have notices in plain view. We must put the announcements on the radio and on television. We must see that a Bible is kept in the school and in the hotels. No education is complete without a knowledge of the gospel. God trusted Paul to carry the gospel. Paul heard and 10

heeded a call to be a witness. Everyone can be witnesses. He heeded the call to come over and help. He said, "I am a debtor." He was a debtor not to one organization, but to all men. Everyone God calls is called to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. If you are partial, if you are willing to leave off certain groups, then God can't trust you to carry the gospel, the highest calling in this life. If God calls you to carry the gospel, don't shrink down to be the president of the United States. CAN GOD TRUST YOU WITH INFLUENCE? No man lives to himself and no man dies to himself. Everything you do influences some one in some way. I was talking to a Christian lady who was riding in a car with another woman's husband. She took the attitude that it was no one's business. After I talked to her she saw things differently. I told her that she had good intentions but she was dealing with souls. The Lord said for us to not let our good be evil spoken of. He said for us to provide things honest in the sight of all men. We are instructed to shun the very appearance of evil. Even if we are doing no wrong, if things appear to be wrong then we are responsible. If we do anything to cause a Christian to be offended, then it would be better for us to have a millstone hung around our neck and be dropped into the bottom of the sea. Should you allow your liberty to offend a weak brother, then you are sinning against that weak brother's conscience, for whom Christ died. How do we influence our neighbor? Ninety per cent of professing Christians have no family altars. We are commanded not to stand in the way of sinners nor sit in the seat of the scornful nor walk in the council of the ungodly. We are living epistles, read and known of all men. The only gospel that some people will ever read is in our lives. We talk about the gospel according to Matthew, but what is the gospel according to me and you? Influence is of great value. It is hard to estimate the

value of a newspaper in a city. It can lead the public any direction. The influence of television has a tremendous effect on the people of our generation. Every time a child looks at a program that advertizes tobacco, whiskey or crime, this child is influenced. He is never the same again. What effect does the picture of nude women have on our young men? If you look on a woman to lust after her, you have committed adultery with her already in your heart. Not long ago I was told that a wicked man went to church and was converted. The preacher asked him what part of the sermon converted him. "It was not anything you said," answered the man. "It was the neighbor woman." The old lady had not said a word. He had watched her for years. She passed his home going to Wednesday night prayer meeting. He decided that the woman had genuine salvation to attend prayer meeting regardless of the weather. Whether we attend prayer meeting or not influences people one way or the other. A young doctor took over the practice when an older one retired. The old doctor had the trust and respect of thousands of friends. The young doctor betrayed the confidence that was put in him. He betrayed the good will and respect of the old doctor who had spent a lifetime building influence and reputation. We are called to take up the ministry that Jesus left off. He set us an example that we should follow His steps. He did no sin, neither was guile found in His mouth. What kind of influence do we have on the people who are looking for the right way'? Will their blood be required at our hand? Are we building confidence or betraying people that put confidence in us? Patents, copyrights and trademarks hold a high standard for some merchandise. One bad man can lower the standard and betray confidence. One man spends his lifetime building a church. He had performed wedding ceremonies, dedicated the children and conducted funeral services. He had stood by the people in

their problems. His son came along am! destroyed all that his old minister dad had done. Customers all lose confidence in the bank if this bank does not perform the right duties. One time many custorners lost confidence in a certain bank and they started to draw all their money out of that bank. The books were in order and there was no cause for alarm but a false rumor caused this whole thing. Just as a long crowd of people assembled to draw their money out of this bank, a man with influence and respect walked in and deposited a large amount of money. One by one the people changed their mind. One by one those that had withdrawn their money returned. The bank was safe. A rumor can do very much good or very much harm. What kind of rumor are you helping to carry? An expert was called to repair a machine. He tapped the machine three times. His statement for the job was $1,000. The man who called him to do the job objected on the ground that he did it in three taps. He demanded an itemized statement. He was given one like this: 3 taps, $1.00; knowing where to tap, $999.00. If you are an expert in the field of Christianity, you will know not to carry a rumor on when it begins. Speak evil of no man. Some people don't say much but their influence as they walk down the street is worth $1,000 a day to that town. A pastor trusted a man to be an assistant. He was trusted with influence. He used that influence for bad. He split the church. He took half of the people and started another church. He went to court. He claimed his group had helped build the first church. He sued the first church for sixty thousand dollars and collected. If people could trust God, that would be fine but can God trust people? If God could trust you with more influence, He would certainly give it to you. It would have been better had the young preacher never been trusted with the influence. He used it for bad. I know a man who is paid a large salary by a big com13


pany. All he is expected to do is to let the company use his name. This man has influence. A name is valuable. We hate to see some people leave a town. It would be better for others to leave. An agnostic started to move his family to a city. When he learned that there was not one church in that city, he did not move. He did not want his children to grow up in a city where there was no religious influence. If light is in you, then you shine. If darkness is in you, then you shade. If your heart is frozen with selfishness, then you chill. If you are corrupt, then you poison. Your influence is more powerful than the sun in its splendor. Your influence should always be on the side of right. Whether it is in politics, commerce or society all Christians must be on one side of a moral issue. You either lower or raise the moral tenor of your town. You add or you subtract from the influence of your church. You cannot stay in a church or community without having some influence: good or bad. This is why you should be identified with a local church. This will strengthen fellowship and encourage new converts. This is why you should become acquainted with Bible doctrine. This will be a strong weapon against false doctrine or evil forces. We should continue steadfastly in the apostles doctrine. Paul tells us, "Holding fast the faithful word as he has been taught that he may be able by sound ·doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayer," (Titus 1 :9). Influence is something you have whether you want it or not. You are only a steward. You are trusted with it. You are the one to decide how you will use what has been entrusted to you. You' are the one who will give an acount for how you use this influence.

Chapter LET



One night a boy by the name of Norman was praying like the world was on fire, trying to get the Lord to renew his fellowship and restore to him the joy of his salvation. I knelt down by him and talked to him and here is what I spoke in his ear, "Norman, you have told the Lord so many lies. Just when can He believe you T" I suppose that shocked him. At least I hope it caused him to wake up. For many years he had promised God he would live for Him and then he would go back on his promise. He came to the place where all of his promises were not worth one penny to the Lord. I hate to see a man throw a nice juicy sandwich down in the sand and put his foot upon it. Many people will throw joy, peace, happiness and contentment to the four winds. A man walked into the bank. He was in desperate need. His wife and children were suffering. He told the banker he knew where he could make several thousand dollars just in a few days if he only had $500.00 to begin with. The banker turned a deaf ear. How could he do that? This man had told the banker all these things before. He took the money and fooled it away time after time. Finally the banker couldn't trust him with one dime. His word was not worth the time to listen to him. Brother - - - - _ promised the Lord that if He would give him the Holy Spirit, he would' never smoke again. God trusted him. He smoked more than ever. He was a bad influence on young converts. Even worse than a criminal would be. A criminal does not fool anybody. People know that he claims nothing, and he has nothing. A professing Christian whom God has filled with the Spirit can have a bad influence on the people who are looking for the reality. Mr D- - - - buys a bill of groceries on the credit. The gro. ceryrnan trusts him. He passes that grocery man up on paydav and goes to a cut rate chain grocery store that has

If) 1·1

groceries on sale. The groceryman feels badly. He trusted Mr. D - - - - - several times. Then he finds that he will not keep his word. One day Mr. D - - - - - comes to the groceryman in desperate need. He says he has unexpected company and must have a few g-roceries for a day or two. He says his children are sick. No one believes Mr. D - - - - -. His word is no good. The Lord trusts you with something more valuable than all the groceries and all the money. He trusts you with a soul. He washes the soul white. That took a great price. You promised Him that you would never disappoint Him. You promised Him that you would always live so no one would stumble. Are you going to keep that promise? Will you make your word good'? Can the Lord trust you? When you come to the judgment if your soul is washed white as snow, you have had a successful life. The United States was fighting a war. The enemy raised a white flag. Our army ceased firing. The enemy kept on fighting. They raised their flag back in the air and fought more than ever. The next time the enemy raised a white flag, the United States Navy ceased firing. The enemy kept fighting. The third time the enemy raised a white flag, the U.S. Navy did not trust them. They kept firing. Finally the enemy took their flag down, tore it up and threw it into the ocean. They proved that they meant to keep their word. The Lord is looking for someone that will keep his vow. Someone that will mean business. If God cast out His best angel from heaven because he could not be trusted, how can you be trusted to go to heaven to serve God in eternity if you lie to the Lord every time you open your mouth '? It is not how much you can get from the Lord, that counts. It is how much service you can give to Him. Abraham Lincoln was called "Poor Old Abe". His life was not measured by the size of his bank account. It was made rich by the service he rendered to his fellow countrymen. It is not how much vou get out of the church that counts 16


for God. It is how much service you can render to save people that are lost. Jesus came not to be ministered to, but to minister; and gave His life for many. He set us an example and we should follow His steps. As He is, so are we in this world. We are to do the work that He did, (John 14:12). Obedience is better than sacrifice. Many people acknowledge their sin but continue in disobedience. Look at the lies Pharaoh told the Lord. Look at Balaam, Achan, Saul and Judas. What a mess they made of their lives. Esau desired beans rather than his birthright. Hardened Pharaoh prefered slave labor rather than to be faithful to God. Balaam was so double minded he coveted the reward of a pagan king. Achan was remorseful. He stole from God. Insincere Saul took God's part of the cattle. Even sick children in the hospital recover quicker if they have been taught not to be rebellious. If you are praying for something you do not support, then you are acting a hypocrite.Would you pray for a Sunday School class and then refuse to teach? Would you pray for a pastor that you do not go to hear on Sunday? Would you pray for a child and then let that child starve? Would you pray for missions and then refuse to go across the street to witness to an African? Would you pray for missionaries and let them go the best way that they can? This is not your salvation. You are only trusted with it. It is God's salvation. You are only a steward. But you will answer to Him for the service you gave. He can't trust everybody with this salvation. Some have crossed the deadline. Some have gone to the place where there is no remedy. CAN GOD TRUST YOU WITH PROPERTY? A rich man was showing a minister over all his land. His conversation went something like this, "You see all these buildings to the east'? I built them. All these cattle to the west? They are mine. I own the crops on our left and all the woodland on our right. All this belongs to me." Pointing upward the wise old minister asked, "And how much do you own in this direction?"


The farmer had been too busy trying to accumulate earthly possessions to try to lay hold on eternal life. The truth of the whole thing is this: The farmer does not actually own anything. He had been trusted with a little property as a steward. To handle God's property, he had made a miserable failure. He had claimed it as his very own. At the day of reckoning, he will be the most miserable and poor person present. He will be cast out into outer darkness because he did not recognize that he was only trusted with that property for a short time. When he comes to turn it back to its rightful owner, he will be condemned. "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. The world and they that dwell therein," (Psalms 24: 1). These are the words spoken by David the man with whom 'God trusted very much of the earth's wealth. Yet he turned it all back into God's hands. He was only appointed over it for a season. Job was not a poor man. He was the richest man in all the South. After he lost everything, the Lord sat down and had a little talk with him. He let him know that none of it was actually his. He was only a steward. He was trusted with the cattle, sheep and lands for a little while. He would some day give an account for the way he used it. After Job understood this tremendous truth, then the Lord could trust him with twice as much as he ever had before. God is speaking to Job, "Who has prevented me that I should repay him. Whatsoever is under the whole earth is mine." David wanted to build a house for the Lord. Since David was a human being it seems the Lord could not trust him to be over such a tremendous amount of property. So the Lord finally let David's son be steward over this great temple. Even Solomon staggered under such a tremendous undertaking. He spent about twice as long building his own house as he did the Lord's house. God will give us all He can trust us with. When He trusts some ministers to build a work for Him, they put most of it in their own homes,

as if it were their own possession. There will be a reckoning day. "Thus saith the Lord, The heaven is my throne and the earth is my footstool, where is the house that you will build unto me? and where is the place of my rest? For all those things hath my hand made and all those things have been, saith the Lord." You are only a steward. The Lord will give you what He can trust you with. It is a shame that many of us are not trustworthy. You don't actually own anything. You don't know what time God will call for a reckoning. The record may say that the home is yours, but you are only trusted to manage it for the Lord. The Lord made it plain that He owned even the land in early Bible times. The people are only stewards. "The land shall not be sold forever. For the land is mine. For you are strangers and sojourners with me;' That is why God's people could go into Jericho and take the city. This land belonged to the Lord all the time. Those pagans had counted it as their own. They had not paid the Lord the tenth of the increase as rent. We have pagans today that claim certain land belongs to them. They do not recognize that the Lord is the rightful owner by giving a tenth to His work for use of the land. They do not know what time their number will be called. God will call for a reckoning day. Although our present government may require that you pass a deed along to the next man, even that deed is on a piece of paper. It only trusts you with the land for a little while. Can the Lord trust you to be manager over His property? God is sovereign. We are subject to Him in all things. The land is not our own. We are permitted only to oversee it. Even the people in olden days would let their land rest each seventh year and each fiftieth year. Adam was only put over the Garden of Eden. He played the fool. He tried to be his own boss and rule everything just like he owned it. He did not recognize the Lord as having authority. He took all and did not give God His part. People today with property will take everything. They


won't recognize God's ownership by giving Him even a tenth of its increase. Abraham acknowledged the Lord as possessor of all the land. He was trusted to be steward over much possessions. He proved a man can be trusted and still be true to God. He gave something to God's work for the use of his property. "And he blessed him and said, Blessed be Abraham of the most high God the possessor of heaven and earth ... and he gave him tithes of all," (Gen. 14:19-20). All God's people acknowledge God as owner of the land by giving Him ten per cent of the increase. We are managers of God's property. In the New Testament Jesus was recognized as owner of everything. He was Lord of the Sabbath. (Mark 2 :28) He drove out the moneychangers in the temple. Even Jesus was not His own. He came to do the will of His Father. We are not our own. We are bought with a price. We must use our time, strength and possessions for Him. We brought nothing into the world, and it is certain that we cannot take anything out. It is God's will that we be responsible. It is God's will that nobody be irresponsible. He ordained it that if anyone does not work, neither shall he eat. Some try to take over all the property as their own. They fail to recognize the Lord as the rightful owner. They soon develop ulcers and can't eat. They spend their health trying to get wealth, then they spend their wealth trying to get health. CAN THE. LORD TRUST YOU WITH HEALTH? Brother Garrett came to me one day telling me that he had prayed for hours the night before. His ears were hurting very badly. "Suppose you were not suffering, would you have prayed?" I asked. He said he was sure that he would not have prayed. I explained to him that if we would pray while everything was going well, we would not be sick nearly so much. The Lord said the goodness of God should lead us to repentence. We shouldn't wait until the badness of the devil comes along to drive us to prayer. The Lord tells us to be patient. If we wait until God makes us patient, we will 20

have tribulation, (Romans 5 :3). He tells us to pray always. He said be instant in prayer. If we wait until we are driven to prayer, then we will have trouble. Some people seldom seek Jesus till trouble overtakes them. Sister Lennie was called to preach. She was one of those people that rebell against God's will. She broke her ankle several times. She repented and promised God over and over that she would obey Him. God healed her several times. This took place over and over for years. Finally, her word was not worth ten cents to the Lord. Sister Jesse was called to be a missionary. She rebelled. She was afflicted. When she became well, she rebelled again. After God healed her again, still she rebelled. It seemed that the Lord could not trust her with healing. She rebelled over and over against God's will. It was not God's will that she walk out under a curse. But she did. And when she came back and promised God again, that she would live for Him, her word didn't amount to anything. Some folks are like Samson, each time they are blessed of God, they go out into sin again. His glory He will not give to another. He will not give you strength and health to be used for the devil. God has not promised to help the devil in his work. God sent word to Pharaoh, "Let my people go that they may serve me." You are given health and healing to use your strength to serve G"odand not to build up the devil's kingdom. Ten lepers were healed. Jesus seemed disappointed when only one returned. He said there were ten cleansed but He inquired where the nine had gone. About nine out of ten people today lose their healing because they use 'their health for themselves instead of God's work. One woman wanted to be healed so she could pick cotton better. Another wanted to be healed so she could dance with another woman's husband. Some people have lied to God so much that He will not believe them anymore. Glorify God with your body and with your spirit which are Cod's; The body you have belongs to God. It is not yours. You 21

are not your own. He wants you to present your body to Him as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to Him which is your reasonable service, (Romans 12:1). Your body is the temple of God. He dwells in your body. He commands you to present your body holy. He expects you to do more than just watch television, when he gives you divine heruing and divine health. He only trusts you with that health. It is His strength. Let all you do in word and deed be all to the glory of God. Why would a man or woman want to eat God's good food that He created, breathe His pure air that He gave them and then spit this air back into His face with curses, soaked with nicotine? Your life consists not in the abundance of things you possess. You can't win the world if you are interested in the material things only. Life comes from God. Life goes back to God. It is just lent to you for a season. You will answer to Him. at the judgment for what you did with it. It is the most sacred trust. Paul said of the Macedonians, "But first they gave themselves to the Lord." The world cannot be redeemed with diamonds, money and pearls. That is not enough to redeem us. It takes the precious blood of Jesus. William Carey gave his life to India. Taylor gave his life to China. Livingston gave his life to Africa. We all need to pray, "Take my life and let it be consecrated Lord to thee." CAN THE LORD TRUST YOU WITH THIS MINISTRY? I know a real good Christian woman who was trusted by' her pastor to do visitation work. She was one of the best. People liked her very much. She had God's anointing with her. Suddenly, without any warning or any reason, she decided that she would visit for another church. That was not so bad, but she took the same list of names with which her pastor trusted her. She spent her time visiting the members of one church, trying to get them to go to another church of like faith. 22

What good is she doing? She is not winning the outsiders to the Lord, she is only confusing people and dividing the body of Christ. If her pastor cannot trust her to do the little things, how can God trust her to do the great things? God will always give us all He can trust us with. If we are not faithful in that which is little, we will also be unfaithful in much. Everyone who has the Holy Ghost is in the ministry. They are mostly going through training. If they are faithful in the manuevers, they will also stand true on the front lines. No doubt, if God would trust this same woman to hold revivals and give her a few hundred converts, she would visit those converts and try to start a new church with them in the same town. There are such things. The Lord will not trust the people 'who have no principles or ethics. Then they wonder why the Lord does not call them to do greater things. Sometimes they have the same spirit as Benedict Arnold who turned traitor and fought for the enemy against his own people. They bite the fingers that feed them. It costs Uncle Sam $40,000 to train one marine. He won't let just anyone be a marine. They have to measure up to qualifications and go through training. He must measure up to certain standards and have certain potentials. Uncle Sam spent a lot of money to train one young man to be a perfect marksman with his rifle. This young man took a high powered rifle and put a bullet through the head of the commander in chief of the United States Army, President John F. Kennedy. That took place within a few blocks of where I write these lines here in Dallas, Texas. This young man turned traitor to his own government. He had denounced his citizenship in this country. He had been accepted back. We paid hisfare back from Russia. Many people turn traitor on the Lord. They deny the name. ['hey breath His pure air and eat His pure food. They curse and swear. Then God accepts them back, but He cannot always trust them with a place of authority or influence. He knows they are weak. He does not want a 23

novice to be trusted with a place or prominent position, Or he will be lifted up with pride and fall into condemnation of the devil. Just the way you treat God's leaders, that is the way you treat Jesus, (John 13:20) (Matt. 25:45). You are no more faithful to Jesus than you are to His church and to His man. If you offend God's man, it is better for a millstone to be put around your neck and for someone to drop you five miles down straight to the bottom of the ocean. When God trusts you with fellowship with His saints, you have a very responsible place, You will have to answer to Him for what you did with that fellowship. If you go to the altar, and remember that your sister has something against you, then you must be reconciled to her before God will accept that gift. One lady said, "That sister cannot be right because she has treated me wrong." Well if you think she has treated you wrong, then go to her and be reconciled to her. They that are strong should bear the infirmities of the weak. If you sin against the conscience of a weak brother, you sin against Christ. Don't do anything that will cause your brother to stumble. Provide things honest in the sight of all men. Shun the very appearance of evil. God only trusts us with the glorious fellowship- of the saints. I have to answer to Him. If I am faithful, He will trust me with more, then I can do more for Him. You speak of 'your' church. Have you stopped to think that it is God's church that He purchased with His own blood? (Acts 20:28). We speak of Solomon's temple, but did you think that it was Solomon's temple? It was God's temple. God planned it, (I Chron. 28 :12-19). God gave the blueprints. God will only trust His people as stewards to watch over His house. No individual group, denomination or organization owns God's church. There will be a reckoning day. They will answer to God for the way they treated God's church. Jeroboam wanted to make worship easy by erecting places of worship closer by. He wanted to create methods -of 24

worship contrary to God's plan, so God's judgment fell upon this king, (II Chron. 13 :8-12). We have people today that want to go the easy route. They have stopped preaching holiness, deliverance from sin, or a born-again experience. They have reduced the church to a lodge or a social club. They will answer to God for this. Sunday morning my six year old boy told my eighteen year old son to get out of bed and go to Sunday School. He said, "What kind of church would we have if everyone was like you?" When we see 80% of the professing Christians never go to midweek prayer meetings, we ask ourselves, "Can God trust us with this ministry of soul winning?" Who can He trust? CAN GOD TRUST YOU AS A LEADER? In Hot Springs, Arkansas, I drove around several blocks several times. There was no place to stop. I only wanted to pick up a passenger. Finally I double parked long enough to take the passenger into my car. I remained under the wheel, the motor was running. A young policeman came by my car. He said in a most kind and polite way, "I have been asked to keep this clear along here." The way he said these words made me like him and appreciate him. I will never forget him. He put himself in his rightful place. Unfortunately I can't say that about all policemen. I have seen other policemen who talked like they owned the whole town and that they were dictator over the people. They are anxious to show their authority. I have seen ushers in the church who acted like that kind of policeman that stopped me, the one who stayed in his place. I have seen other ushers who said, "Bless God, I am going to have order or know the reason why." They usually. know the reason why. The more authority he shows, the less that be has. People respect a man who will stay in his place. My dad had authority. He was the deputy sheriff in the roughest 25

part of Arkansas for about eighteen years. He could deputize scores of men to help him if he needed them. He did not need them, for the roughneck men who were bootleggers and gang fighters would say, "If Lester Grant will come for me, I will go back with him. But if that other deputy comes for me, he cannot take me back." The difference was, the other deputy showed his authority too much, so he didn't have any authority. He got shot seven times right through the stomach. The Lord's people make the best leaders that don't appear to lead. Somehow people just naturally want to follow. It is better to get ten people working than to do the work of ten people. Some men kill the church by trying to do everything themselves. They preach, sing, pray, lead testimony meeting, do all the visiting and all the detail work. They take a nervous breakdown, they wonder why the church won't go. All the other people dry up and blow away because they have nothing to do. A Sunday School teacher keeps the best order when she does not appear to be trying to keep order. She makes things so interesting that people want to follow. They want to listen. Can you imagine Jesus spending half the time screaming to people to keep quiet, you are making too much noise? The Lord can trust some men to lead His people. Others cannot be trusted because they would scatter the flock in three months. A leader must not be a broiler or a striker. If God can trust you as a deacon, He can someday trust you as a pastor, if you will prove faithful as a deacon. If you throw a "monkey wrench" into the machinery every board meeting while you are a deacon, don't worry about the Lord ever trusting you as a pastor. David and Moses first managed sheep before they were trusted to manage men. Ahishar managed the palace. He knew that the people belonged to God, (I Kings 4:6; Deut. 7 :6-7). I always shudder when I hear a preacher say, "My people." "My church." Those people are God's people. It is God's church. You are only trusted to lead the people as one that will give an account.

Moses took a group of slaves and made a great church out of them, (Acts 7 :38). Some people take a great church and try to make a group of slaves out of them. They think they are called to be dictators. They want the people to hop when they say frog. Paul felt obligated to help the poor saints. Some leaders feel the poor saints should be obligated to help them. As we minister to people we minister to Jesus. (Matt. 25: 31-46) "As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith," (Gal. 6:10). One of the greatest things with which we are trusted is the Great Commission. We must rightly handle the program Jesus left to us. A man had a vision of Jesus after He returned to heaven. He asked the plan left for His work to be carried on. Jesus said everyone was to tell it to every creature, even to the end of the world. "Suppose that down through the years someone failed to tell it?" he was asked. "I have no other plan," He said, as He hung His head. If you fail to carryon the Great Commission with which He trusts you, you have failed as a steward. You are to fight principalities and powers and not personalities. Too many preachers preach at persons instead of powers. They cast out people b~t they don't cast out the devil. God trusts some people with authority and influence but they use this authority and influence to get money instead of to win souls. When the Lord trusts us to rightly handle His program, we must not become as Samson. He was the weakest of all men. Ninety-five percent of Gcd's people never win a soul. In one leading Full Gospel denomination last year, it took 427 members to win one soul. You say "I am not a minister." Everyone that has the Holy Ghost is in the ministry. He may not be a pastor or an evangelist, but he is in the minis27


try. Ask yourself this question, "What kind of church would this church be if each member were just like me?" It seems God can trust some people with a home church. If others had a home church, they would run off and leave it. They would cause the young converts to stumble. Thirty percent of the members never attend their church. Some want to be free. A hobo is free but not free to leave their wives and children and little babies on the mercies of the world. They should not be free to thumb a ride down the road any direction that the wind blows. They must not be free to hang on the outside of the freight train and never pay any fare whatsoever. They must not be free to drift with the wind. Any trash can blow with the wind. A dead fish can float downstream. Fifty per cent of the members never attend Sunday School. A freight train is free, but not free to jump the track. Sixty per cent of the members never attend a Sunday night service. Thousands of hogs eat acorns from a big tree but never look up to see where those acorns are corning from. Each church is a large tree in your community. The influence spreads out and like the limbs of a large oak. People enjoy that influence and then many times they curse the church. Everyone has habits. They make impressions on other people for good or for bad. There is no discharge in this war. God has trusted some saints with a prayer life that reaches out far and wide as the roots of a great oak tree. Yet some of these dear saints have become so interested in programs from Hollywood, until fhat spirit of prayer has left them. God can't trust them with the spirit of intercession any more. Some have been faithful to God in their prayer life so God has trusted them with more and a greater spirit of prayer. He will take the one talent that He has given to a fellow that is not faithful, and give it to the man who has ten talents, (Matt. 25 :28). So the man who had five talents finally had 11. The prayer of a righteous man availeth much. 28

Some people can't be trusted with the spirit of intercession because they would pray, "My kingdom come," instead of praying, "Thy kingdom corne." They pray "save us four and no more." We are stewards of this prayer life. Will we be faithful with what God trusts us? CAN THE LORD TRUST US WITH FINANCE? There was a lady in our home last week. She carne to be healed of what she thought was a cancer. She was healed instantly. I marveled at her faith. After talking with her, I learned that she and her husband owned a large trucking company. They gave 70% of their income to the Lord. There are people today, including the writer, that give 90% of their income to reach souls for Jesus. What would you do if God would give you $5,000 a month"? Would you buy a fleet of Cadillacs and a yacht? Would you get a mansion? Would you invest in stocks and bonds? If you would, then the Lord can't trust you with finance. You might go ahead and get the finance anyway, but all the reward that you will ever get is in this life. I-Ie wants you to be out of debt, have a nice horne and a car, He wants you to be able to take care of your children. The balance must go to reach the unreached, to win souls. Lay not up for yourselves treasures on earth. Put all that you can into circulatiun for God and it will corne back to you with the blessings of God upon it. God filled the Ark by a miracle. He brought His people out of the land of bondage by a miracle. He will evangelize this world by a miracle. Should He use the natural talents and the riches of carnal men, to take the gospel to all the world, then He alone would not get the glory. Why don't you enter into an agreement with the Lord today. Tell Him that you will put all over a certain amount each week into His wurk to reach the unreached. And then see what happens. Some of you can live on $50.00 a week. Some of you want a hundred dollars a week. Some would need just a little more. The Communists do this to carry their gospel to all the 29

world. And we should be as dedicated to the true gospel as they are to the gospel of atheism. A ladv asked me to pray that she would get a job. The Lord showed me that He could not trust her with a job. She would buv a new car. She would be visiting on Sunday instead of worshipping God. She would have large banquets and invite all her unsaved friends in for a feast, and cause some of the Christian people who visited her to miss a spiritual feast at church. A t the .i udgrnent you will answer for the way you spend each penny. None of it is yours. You are only trusted with it to use for God's work. It all belongs to Him. You are an administrator to manage His business. He trusts you to keep the books and spend His money for His zlory. If you are faithful here. He will someday trust you with over a million times that much. If you can't be trusted here, He can't trust you with the true riches there, (Luke 19:17). The safest people are the most dependable people. If you are not faithful with dimes, you will not be faithful with dollars. If you are unfaithful with dollars, you cannot be depended on to spend thousands for Jesus. If you defraud your neighbor of $!1.00, you will not be trusted with wealth. A. If you give nothing, you are voting to close the doors of the church. You are sugg-esting that all the other Christians do likewise. R. If you only give the current expenses, you are voting against missions. You are disobeying the command to take the gospel to all the world. C. If you give gr udg inglv. you will miss the joy of giving. D. If vou are not a regular giver. you do not seek first the kingdom of God. E. If you give less than 100/,·, you love the Lord less than the Jews loved Him. (Matt. 23:23). If you give at least 1(',o/r of vou r income. then you believe: A. That God is the owner of all things and you are only a steward. R. That vou live under an obligation each day to seek first l I is k irurdorn.



you can


on His grace


all condi-

tions. D. That there is something sacred about what you possess, since it is God's property. E. That God will bless the man or woman who is dedicated to Him. F. That you should make a covenant with God as did Jacob, then you can become His partner, (Gen. 28:22). When money is spent for any purpose, that is spending yourself for that purpose. Money given to God's work represents what you want to see clone for your Lord. A. Jesus endorsed tithing, (Matt: 23 :23; Luke 11 :42). B. We should love Jesus as much as the Jews did, (Luke 18:12). C. The words, "even so.", in I Cor. 9: 13-14, brings God's plan of giving even down to us, (Numbers 18 :24). D. We are followers of Christ, who is a priest after the order of Melchisedec, who received tithes, (Heb. 7 :1-10). Some say they don't want to pledge to the LORD, as Jacob did. You pledge to pay for your home, car, telephone, lights, gas, insurance, deep freeze, refrigerator, cook stove. Be honest with yourself and with God. You pledge to stand by yr ur husband until death. Why put God second '! If God cannot trust you with finance then He may not trust you with a good wife and children. He may not trust you with the comforts of your home. He may not trust you with a good husband. Suppose Cod would take everything away from people that hindered them from going to church and putting Him first. Some would lose their husband, children, car, home, and money, for these things stand in their way from worshipping God. The Lord can't trust a certain man with a nice family. This man would not provide for them. He would be worse than an infidel, (l Tim. 5 :8). He would not train his children. JIe would let them grow up in sin and be lost instead of training them to atlend Cod's house and becoming a g'ood citizen. This man can't be trusted :il with friends, which are a

greater treasure. He would not. value them. He would influence them the wrong way. He would break their heart, disappoint them and cause them to make a shipwreck of their life. We must place a high value on the worth of friends in this life. If God can trust you with a lesser thing, He will trust you with opportunities of which you have never thought before. These opportunities are nearing you right now, even at your fingertips. You are His property. You are not your own. How much can He trust you with? Dedicate all to Him right now. It is required of a steward that a man can be found faithful. Friend, dear reader, I present you "unto Him that is able to keep you from falling and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy," (Jude 24) .








I am going to send you 60 of my best faith books, on casting out devils, healing the sick, faith, Holy Ghost, prophecy, and almost every subject of the Bible. You will be on my prayer list every day until Jesus comes. I'll pray that you will have a double portion ministry. I want you to be my partner and pray fOf me. When you finish reading these books and filling out the test papers we will send you a diploma which you can frame and have on your wall. It will remind you that I am praying for you every day, that you are my partner in prayer. If you are a minister you may receive a license to preach. There is no charge for the packing, boxing, storage, shipping, postage, exam papers, grading, secretary expense, diplomas, or ordination papers. Your dues will be poid up for life. (Others charge $12.00 per year and up). You can pay for them $.50 per week or send in the nome of one new student per month, either one you you choose. If you send one nome per month all the textbooks are free. Dear TVD Staff:



who certain I will send 50 cen;r: wants this course. \,/') time each day. I'll b~ prayer list. Proy for me ot

Please send the 60 W. V. Gront faith books. per week, or one name per month, of someone Put me on your your portner.

< Q..

SO, each


I want a license to preach when I finish the books. I understond the IicensQ costs no money and my dues will be poid for life. (To forge another's --I signature is fraud.) --I


u.J Ll-