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Antwert, Belgium – Chemical terminal
The Port of Antwerp can find extremely competitive distribution locations for the most diverse chemical products. Years of expertise in the handling of plastics and liquid chemicals go hand in hand with an extensive storage capacity and numerous added value services. In addition to its logistics strengths, Antwerp also offers many synergy advantages in the field of energy, waste and production management for the chemical players belonging to the most diversified chemical cluster in the world.

Biggest and most diverse chemical cluster

The Port of Antwerp is the biggest chemical cluster in Europe and the most diverse in the world. The high level of integration and diversity throughout the value chain of the chemical players in Antwerp is unique in the world. Port, industry and distribution go hand in hand. The four refineries and four steam crackers in the port provide a stable local availability of raw materials. The port also guarantees a reliable supply of raw materials over sea, by rail, barge and pipeline. The close co-operation between the chemical companies, but also between chemical companies and logistics companies results in an extremely energy-efficient production and cost efficient handling of chemical products.

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the port has specialised storage facilities that meet the strictest national and European standards in terms of fire prevention.000 m3 of storage capacity. the terminals also offer various added value services: filling and storage of drums. Quality checks and stock management are also provided. For the storage of dangerous goods. intermediate bulk containers and isotank containers and the heating and stirring of products. 14 terminals provide more than 5. highest quality and environmentally-friendliest way in accordance with the strictest SHEQ (safety. environment. Specialised partners for storage and added value services The presence of a large number of specialised logistics service providers results in a high level of productivity and quality. health. stainless steel tanks and heated or refrigerated tanks. rail and road. The silos in the port are good for about 300. coated or not. Companies are continually investing in state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the products are handled in the safest. pipelines offer secure and reliable possibilities. The companies in the Antwerp (petro)chemical cluster are connected via more than 100 pipelines which take care of almost 90% of all liquid transports. storage and repackaging of plastic granulates. quality) provisions.000 m³. This multitude of players also means interesting tariffs for the handling of chemical products. in big bags or as bulk in silos. Apart from storage facilities. in octabins. The granulates are stored in bags on pallets.5 million m³ in storage capacity. fire fighting and industrial and environmental safety.Zbenghea Cristina Western European pipeline network hub Grupa 4712 C The Port of Antwerp offers transport by barge. This concerns tanks that are fully adapted to the requirements of the product: mild steel tanks. Page 2 of 2 . spread over tanks of 30 to 50. Different companies in the Port of Antwerp specialise in the handling. but also pipeline. Also for the supply and distribution of chemical products in Belgium and neighbouring countries. Antwerp is known worldwide as the European distribution hub for liquid chemicals and the leading trading hub for oil products and liquid chemicals. The Port of Antwerp is a major hub in the Western European pipeline network.