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by Rev. W. V. Grant

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I was with three ministers as we walked out of a hotel in Los Angeles, California. A stranger approached us and asked for a quarter to buy something to eat. He said that he was hungry. These ministers turned to me, waiting for me to say something. "I'll give you some money if you are broke," I told the man. "I am broke," he said, "I don't have any money at all. " "I'll have to search you first to see if you have any money," I told the stranger. At that, he began to run backward and refuse to let me search him. He probably had more money than I had. You can call that a word of wisdom, or just using your common sense. I have met many people like that for years. As a teenager, I ran with a group of boys and men. They asked for money many times when they had money in their pockets; then they went off and would brag to each other about how much they had been able to take people for that day. They delighted in getting with others of their own kind and seeing who could tell the biggest story - how they had obtained something for nothing. For instance, one of them told how he went up to a house, asking for some food. The lady told him she would cook him dinner if he would clean out her hen house. She made the mistake of feeding the boy first. He made her think he was too hungry and too weak to work before he ate dinner. After dinner, he went to her hen house. He saw a hen sitting on about fifteen eggs, which were about ready to hatch. He took the hen, wrung her neck, broke all the eggs, and caught the next freight train; he left 1

town without working. He had another story to tell to make the boys laugh. Satan came up to me and said, "You must give the man a quarter. The Bible says to give to them that asketh you". (Matthews 5:42). He told me that I was sinning if I didn't give the man some money. Had I agreed with him, I would have believed the doctrine that we have to sin every day, for we can't feed all of the hoboes of America. Satan also quoted Scripture to Jesus when he tried to get Jesus to jump off the temple. Jesus fought him with another Scripture which said, "Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God. As Satan told me we must give to everyone that asketh, I quoted a verse to him which says: They that don't work shouldn't eat. The Bible says for us to give to them that asketh us. It also says we are given the word of wisdom. It says the Holy Spirit will guide us. It says that he that is spiritual judges all things. TheLord says that everyone that asketh Him receiveth (Luke 11 :9-13). If you read further, you will find that there is a condition to meet before He gives you what you ask for. The Bible lays down a plan for us to follow, instead of giving to every Tom, Dick and Harry that reaches out to us for a handout. MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI As I was walking by a courthouse lawn in Meridian, a man walked up to me and asked for some money. ~ "Let me search you and be sure that you don't have any money," I said. But he refused to let me search him. I went and called the police. Why did I do that? I had rather a man pull a gun on me and take my money than to use vain lies to play on the sympathy of innocent women and children, trying to get the last money that they have. 2

Satan will accuse some good mother and say, "You know if you shut up your bowels of compassion against this man, the love of God does not dwell in you'.' If you agree with him, you are under condemnation just as a sinner. There is another hobo on the next corner, and another one on the next corner; you can't feed all of them. God can lead you who you car. help if you have the Holy Ghost, because His sheep know his voice. When I called the police to the .man, they said, "Yes, we know it, but when we lock him up, we have to feed him. When we let him out, he goes back collecting more money." They couldn't lock all of them up. PORT LAVACA, TEXAS One day on a crowded sidewalk in Port Lavaca, Texas, during the Christmas holidays, a man asked me for some money to buy some food. I reached and hit his pocket. The money rattled. His pocket was nearly full of change. I told him that he had more money than I did. Then I noticed that he was about two-thirds drunk. This man knew people had a giving spirit at Christmas time. In one day's time he could make more money than anyone on that sidewalk by holding out his hand for a "little money to buy some food". No, I don't refuse all of them. I carried one man in a cafe, and bought him some food. While he ate, I preached to him. He promised me that he would go back to his wife and children which he left somewhere in the East. He said that he would live right, and reunite his home. Had I given him money, I, no doubt, would have been buying him beer, for he would have spent the money for drink. God does not want us to spend our money for that which is not necessary. (Isa. 55 :1). I handed one man a quarter in a park. He cried, prayed, and repented. He was a backslider. That 3

touched his heart. We must be led by the Spirit who to help and who not to help. WORTHY CASES

All people are not bad people. Some have been trapped by the devil. 1 went to pray for a man who had a dying child. I believed it was cancer. When I arrived, I saw the most pitiful sight that night. In the first place, who could have lived in the house? It was heated up like an oven by the summer sun, without any windows. As I started to pray, the mother left the room. The dad was so discouraged my prayers wouldn't go to the ceiling of that filthy shack. The whole place smelled like a cancer. What was wrong? They were all backsliders, I learned. They had been discouraged. I tried to talk to them about God, but I talked to deaf ears and to a very hard spirit. Suddenly God showed me what to do. Before I started home, I went into a little side room which they called the kitchen, where the mother was. I told her that we were sending her down an order of groceries. At that she broke down and began to cry. She and her husband both melted. Both of them were saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. The entire family were in church during the last few days of the revival shouting the victory, encouraged to go on with God. Their faces were shining with God's love. If God is in our giving it will surely work. He will guide us when, where, and how to give. THE MIND OF CHRIST We have the mind of Christ. Christ gives to everyone that asketh Him, but it is always on conditions. We remember well during the depression in America when eight million people were unemployed. When you gave to one, about ten more hoboes would come to your home the next day. They were organized. The devil 4

wanted to tell you that you were not a Christian if you did not give them all something to eat. It was impossible to feed them all. You couldn't even support your own children. So you will understand. Many people are under condemnation continually. The devil condemns them and they condemn themselves. Then the devil told them that it was also written in the Bible that if you didn't provide for your own household, you had denied the faith and was worse than an infidel. Now how could you do both? How could you support dozens of hoboes and also support your own children? Many people were working for fifty cents per day or less. The devil tries to make it impossible for you to live for God. The "accuser of the brethren" had beaten people down. Sister Burnett was a saint in our city. She prayed for God to give her the word of wisdom what to do. She said to the next man who came by, "Here, you read this New Testament until I get your dinner ready." The man flew into a rage and yelled, "I don't believe in it. If that is what you want me to do, I am on my way." So he went down the road in an angry fit. I have seen an independent spirit and a stubborn spirit at work among the hoboes more so than in any well-to-do business man. That is why they are on the road begging, and going from place to place. Most of them are too independent and too stubborn. They can't hold down a job and they can't get along with anyone. They don't know how to get along with people. So they choose that independent spirit. They love that more than they do making a living for their family. They can't get along with anyone - not even their own folks. They leave their wife and children on the welfare and they hit the road. They are the ones that God is talking to when he says if one does not provide for his own house, he is worse than an infidel. LOAN EXPECTING NOTHING

Mr. F. D. came to my grocery store asking me for a 5

few groceries. He said his wife and his children were hungry. He said he had a job and would pay me for the groceries the following Saturday. I was living for God. Satan reminded me of the Scripture as he reminded Jesus of the Scripture. He said that I was a Christian and if I was living for God, I would not turn anyone away who wanted to borrow from me. Saturday came and Mr. F. D. was in a worse condition than ever. He wanted a few more groceries. I wanted to be a good Christian. I thought a Christian wouldn't turn anyone away, so I fed the hungry. Within a few days he couldn't stand to face me. He sent his dear wife and children. They came to me crying, saying that they were on starvation. So I let them have some groceries. I wanted to be big-hearted. I tried to help all the men like that. I thought I couldn't be saved and turn anyone down. Satan cited the verse to me that said if we knew to do good and did not do it we were sinning. So I did good. I was really doing bad, for Mr. F. D. became worse. He got drunk and gambled his money away. He wouldn't work. Dozens of others like him learned that I was a Christian and came to me for a hand-out. Soon my creditors came to collect. lowed for the groceries. I couldn't pay for them when I had promised to. Then Satan told me that I was not saved because I had broken my promise and couldn't pay my bills. He reminded me of the Scripture which says, "Owe no man anything." He knew the Bible. He is the accuser of the brethren. He works night and day to bring us under condemnation. When we are under condemnation, we don't have faith. BRICKY ARD STRIKE Some brickyard workers were trading with me, buying groceries and gasoline - most everything that they 6

needed. If I didn't have what they wanted, I would get it for them somewhere and put it on their bill. They were to pay me each week. They all went on a strike which lasted for several months. They said if I didn't carry them through the strike that they would boycott me. They said that other people would quit trading with me also. I wanted to be a true friend and a Christian. I had read the verse that said not to turn anyone away who wanted to borrow from me. They made me some promises that sounded better than money. They said that they would work their fingernails off or pay me. I don't know how much they have worked, or how many fingernails they have left, but after twenty years, they still owe me. I was the one that the strike hurt. I worked day and night for years to pay for merchandise I let those men have. lowed for that merchandise. Yes, we are supposed to say, "Yes," but they are to make it possible for us to say, yes. We give, we loan, but there are conditions for us to meet. We are to be led by the Spirit in making these conditions. You help these men and there will be dozens of others apply for help. In India there are one million people sleeping on the sidewalk in Calcutta alone. Mothers and babies are there on the sidewalks with their clothes barely hanging on. They are there because of religious persecution. They have been run out of Pakistan because they happen to believe in the Hindu religion. Could we feed one million women and children? I gave some money to some of them. In a little while, a mob had formed. About fifty people were in front of me. About fifty people were behind me, and about the same number was on each side of me. I was told by a man who lived there to never try that again. He said I would cause a mob to form, and how could I feed one million people? When we first arrived, one of our party gave a man 7

a coin. The men were soon in a fist fight, and it looked dangerous for us for awhile. Satan tells us we aren't living right if we don't give to everyone who asketh us, but God teaches us that there are conditions to be met. OWE NO MAN It is not God's will for one person in the world to be a beggar. I know of one beggar who went to heaven, but that does not mean it was God's will for him to beg. One Christian died with tuberculosis and went to heaven, but that does not mean that it was God's will ?or him to have tuberculosis. David said in his lifetime he had never seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread. It is God's will for us to prosper and be in health. (III John 2) The Lord said we must loan but not borrow. He said whatever we do will prosper. (Psalms 1:3). Job, Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac were not poor people. God provided for them. He prospered them. God offers us power to get wealth. (Deut. 8: 1). It is the Lord that teaches us to profit. Every beggar is out of God's will. When man fell, the curse fell upon man. Jesus was made a curse for us. We can be redeemed from the curse of poverty. Everyone doesn't know that, just like everyone doesn't know we are supposed to be redeemed from sin and sickness. FEDERAL AID Uncle Sam will lay down conditions for people to receive federal aid, but the conditions are not on Scriptural basis. You only need to be broke without any money in many cases. Federal welfare makes crooks and liars out of some honest people. My dad and mother worked hard all of their life. Finally in their later years, they owned the little farm. They couldn't get on the government relief 8

in those days during the depression unless they either lied, sold their farm, or gave it to somebody. Our neighbors who gambled, lied, and spent their money for whiskey, came home with sacks full of groceries. These groceries were paid for by the government. They laid in the shade and never tried to work. That is like socialism. I was told by a gentleman in Los Angeles today that the federal government gives aid to "dependent children" in their state. They are crying for more tax money because they don't have enough to take care of all these "dependent children". "Dependent children" are illegitimate children. If the father is in the house, they get no help. If the mother claims she doesn't know who the child's father is, and she does not know where he is, she draws a regular check. If she knows who the daddy is and he offers her some support, she refuses the support because that will stop her check. As a result some of the mothers are living in expensive apartments, wearing the best of clothes, eating the best food, drawing a monthly check for eight or ten "dependent children". They are attending the night clubs, wanting more children so their checks will be larger the following year. You and I are paying for their support with our tax money. I am saying that God does not want us to encourage sin to continue by unconditionally giving them money. There should be conditions to meet. His glory he will not give to another; then how can we bless who God has cursed? CHURCH HOBOES Beware of those people in the church who are always looking for a handout. A young man recently waited just on the outside of the church; he wanted to borrow some money to buy something to eat. Of course, Christians are supposed to never turn anyone away who wants to borrow, you know. 9

This was not good for the young man. He learned to live without working. He soon took things from the store nearby. His parents didn't believe that he would do things like that, so they quit church when they learned that someone suspicioned him of doing such a thing. They believed the boy instead of what they heard about him. He is now serving a term in the penitentiary because the Christians were too easy on him and didn't want to correct the boy. They loaned to him, but he never did pay the loans back. They believed that they should unconditionally give to anyone, because they wanted to be a good Christian, and no one had the backbone to :;ell him what he should do and what he shouldn't do. There is another verse in the Bible that says to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness. Then the rest of that verse is "but rather reprove them." A good brother came to us not long ago. He wanted to borrow twenty-five dollars. I checked into it and turned him down, because he wanted to use it for a very foolish matter. Later he came back for ten dollars. A brother in the church let him have this ten dollars. This man paid it back; then he came for more. The next time he didn't even come back to church. He violated the Scriptures by spending his money for cigarettes (Isaiah 55: 1). His dear wife took some things from the church that did not belong to her. He has had that kind of reputation for many years past. His record speaks for itself. One dear lady who lives on the welfare, relief, Salvation Army, and any other way she can, feels that everyone owes her a living because they happen to be Christians. She joins a church; she begins to tell of her needs. She sits in the back of the church, criticizing people in her heart. She won't take part in the service and she never pays a cent tithes. She passes notes from one member to another telling her needs. There is some weak person who feels condemned if he does not "chip in". She also goes 10

around and gets others to help. This lady has dirty clothes and dirty children. A check on her finds that she has become angry, raised a fuss, and left about three other churches because the people there could not supply all of her wants and give her regular "handouts" . She may be poor, but there is plenty of water in the world. We would be willing to give them soap for them to wash their clothes and take a bath, if they would be willing to do so. Because of this kind of people, the Apostle Paul said, "He that won't work neither shall he eat." He laid down a strict rule. He commands us to refuse them if they do not measure up to certain standards. One good test is to check and see if this kind of people constantly pay tithes. No one in the world is too poor to pay tithes. That is to give God a tenth of their income. He has promised to make the nine-tenths go farther than the ten-tenths. I would rather have the nine-tenths with God's blessings on it than to have the ten-tenths with a curse on it. The curse is pronounced on all that refuse to tithe (Mal. 3 :8-10). How can we bless whom God has cursed? WIDOWS INDEED If we say we love God and refuse to keep His commandments we are a liar. We are commanded to refuse to help those widows who do not measure up to the following standards: 1. If they have children or nephews, they must take care of these widows. 2. The widow must be 60 years old. 3. She must be a woman who hasn't been married over once. 4. She must be well reported of for her good works. 5. She must have brought up children. 6. She must lodge strangers. 7. She must have washed the saint's feet. 8. She must have relieved the afflicted. 9. She must be a woman that diligently follows every good work. 10. She must absolutely be desolate. 11. She must be a woman who trusts in God. 12. She must be 11

a woman who continues in supplications and prayers night and day. 13. She must be blameless (I Tim. 5:1-10). The same Word of God that says for us to give to them that ask us also sets down the standards that we must go by in our giving. If we violate these rules, we are to blame for making church tramps out of people. A widow phoned me the other day for help. She could not measure up to these standards; still I did not feel like turning her down. I prayed. I sought God. We did not put her on a regular list to be supported. I did not want to fail God. In our conversation I learned that she had a private telephone. She used it to phone many churches and places of business for help, day by day. She wanted someone to give her some money so she could purchase a new radio. She had just installed a new air condi, tioner in her home. Then I found that she was drawing a regular check from the welfare for her expenses. When we offered her food, she didn't want that food, because she said the welfare had given her all of her commodities. She wanted the money for luxuries. The thought came to me that she was only about 27 years old. She could live with her husband, but she wouldn't do it. She was no better than I to sell books. I sold millions of books which made it possible for me to give away millions to foreign countries and to people who needed God. I gave her a hundred books and asked her to sell them. The next day this lady phoned me. She was overjoyed. People were glad to buy her books. She read them herself. Finally she came to church. She was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. She quit her habits and went back to her husband. Some people phoned Pastor Edgar the other day for help. They were in need and they were hungry, according to their own statement. His heart was touched and they wanted some money for food. He would not give them money, but he gave them groceries. The 12

same day they were seen spending their money for a stack of sex magazines. It is displeasing to God for us to build up the devil's kingdom by paying for sex magazines, to inspire some dirty mind to commit sex crimes. I think Brother Edgar did exactly right by giving them food instead of money. Why do this kind of people come to the church for help? It is because they cannot measure up to the standards that the welfare sets; the church has no standards. We want to be goody, goody Christians and play Santa Claus to these people that would take the last nickel that would buy your children food, and then spit it out in cigarette smoke, and curse the church and bite the fingers that feed them. God says they are cursed with a curse. They expect us to bless them when not even God will bless them. God has conditions for them to meet. They refuse to meet these conditions. He expects us to have conditions too, but we are too spineless.

The United States plays Santa Claus to far too many nations, on the left field. We break our backs working and pay billions of dollars into the tax treasury to buy the friendship of these pagan nations. That is wonderful. But don't dare stop giving them their "handouts" or they will switch over, be on Russia's side, and curse us. Down in Africa, we can feed the monkeys, but don't dare stop feeding them or they will jump on you. . We support the pioneer preachers in those countries for about $15 or $20 per month. That is wonderful. But when they fail to get a check" they sit down and quit working for the Lord. We can build churches over there for less than a hundred dollars in some places. But when we quit sending money, they quit trying to build churches. There is a plan we are using. They are no better to sell books than other people. So these pioneer preachers are sell13

inz the books for 1 shilling each, which is 14c. They sell 100 books each month. We let them have the proceeds for their living expenses. They are learning to support themselves. They also keep the shilling that they receive from 600 books to build a new church house. Then when the white man is driven out of the country, they will know how to be self-supporting, because they will know how to work for what they receive. If they work for their living they appreciate it. If they pay for a church house, they appreciate it. If they give something for a book, they will treasure it for years to come. He that does not work, does not eat. Some folks never give the church an opportunity to say yes. They make it impossible. They hold out their hands for help from every welfare organization they can contact. They may look at the church as if it were put here to act as an agency to feed them. They would not dare come to the service, nor be seen at church, even after the church helps them. The husband drinks, gambles and runs with other women all night on Saturday night. Then he lays up like a grizzly bear all day on Sunday. He eats, sleeps and growls at his wife and children. He refuses to let them attend church. He refuses to let her go to Sunday School. Shall we not help the poor children? We would be glad to do so, if we could. And we do help them some. But it does no good. You cannot regularly support a million families like that. How can we bless whom God has cursed. There are some people who deliberately walk out under a curse and carry their families with them. Some desperately bring their cursed children into the world. The iniquities of the parents are visited upon the children, even to the fourth generation. How can they blame God for what the devil does. The devil is to blame for children being raised where they have to eat out of garbage cans all of their lives. Millions of our hard-earned dollars go to charitable 14

institutions in tax money. About one-half of the money we spend on gasoline and about half of the money we spend for a new car goes for taxes. Taxes are being raised higher and higher each year. Welfare institutions and other charitable organizations make it their regular business to employ thousands of people to support the people that are unfortunate. If they can't measure up to the standards that the welfare has to be able to even partly support themselves if these people don't care for themselves, then how can they ask God to supply their needs 7 God says, "Why ca1I you me Lord, Lord, and do not these things that I say 7" The Lord says your iniquities have separated you from your God, and He will not hear you. He says, "My glory I will not give to another." He says, "No man can serve two masters." The money is given to harlots and drunkards, by many institutions. No Biblical standards are considered. These people take this money. They spend it for drink and prostitution, then they reach for more money; they grow worse every night instead of better. Pastor Raiford received a phone call from a certain family. They wanted some money. They used their baby to reach a soft spot in his heart; they said the baby was real hungry. Of course, he was more than glad to help them. He was delighted to do so. He sent a few dollars over to them by his brother. The brother was curious to know more about this family. He followed them. They filled up their gas tank at the first service station and started on a pleasure. trip instead of attending church. They bought a new carton of cigarettes (cancer sticks), they bought no food at all for the starving children. Buying the cigarettes was not so bad, but lying to the Holy Ghost about money is a thousand times worse. Ananias and Sapphira were struck dead for lying to God about money. The church needs more men as Peter, who has the


gift of discerning of spirits and the gift of miracles. Then people would be careful about joining the church just to get a "handout." (Acts 5 :13» We cannot buy members with our money The truth will set men free. BOWELS OF COMPASSION We have not shut up our bowels of compassion. There is a vast difference in a brother in need and a church tramp, or one who hates the church. If any man lack wisdom let him ask God for it and it shall be given him. Ask them if they qualify. Ask them if they will attend church and pay their tithes. Jacob promised God that if He would bless him and protect him, he would pay tithes of all that came into his hands. (Gen. 28:21-22) God met that challenge for Jacob; He will meet that challenge for other people. That is the only solution to their problem. Any other way is like destroying the web without killing the spider. You will work on them all their lives. They will always be in trouble. They will never get out of hot water until they are taught to treat God right. If we refuse one of the least of these His brethren, we refuse Christ. But who are His brethren? Someone that will eat His good food, breathe His pure air and then spit it back in His face in smoke and taking His name in vain? God said if they don't work, they can't eat and how can we improve on what God says? CHURCH TROUBLE The first trouble they had in the early church after Pentecost was when a few people began to murmur about a "handout" from the church. Revival was over, (Acts 6:1). The Apostle says that they were not supposed to leave the Word of God and serve tables. Our job is to administer the word to the hungry soul. 16

Yes, they had food for the people You understand, there were many thousands of people put out of their homes because they became Christians. The Jews disinherited them. They were out of the streets. That is why the Christians had to sell their property in order to provide for them. That does not mean that we are to join the Communist party today and give everyone equal amounts whether they work or not. That would be very unscriptural, You wouldn't give all your school children the same grade, whether they studied or played hooky. STUMBLING BLOCKS


Who wants to attend church where people pass notes and go up and down the aisle asking for a "handou t"? You would be glad to help them if you knew that they were worthy, but you make them worse if you give to a chronic. They may have more than you. A committee should be appointed to help in case of emergency. A group of women in the church should have some groceries on hand in the storehouse in case there is a funeral or someone has their house burned to the ground suddenly. They can take the dinner over there and serve it. Those people will appreciate it. It may win their hearts to God. It is good to take them some flowers or take them some kind words. What about the church tramps who never get beyond asking for help? A lady this week asked people all over the church for money to pav the beauty parlor for fixing her hair. She spends her time watching television and using her phone asking the church people and the businessmen for money. She was offered a job, but wouldn't work. She can make more begging. My wife gave her five dollars. That made her angry. She kept giving, but the lady kept going from one to another demanding money. Another lady kept demanding money. My wife carried them over some groceries. She found four grown, able-bodied, men and women lying around in a filthy


house. They were willing to watch television, but they were not willing to sweep their house. They would not move a hand to take a bath or to wash their clothes, to sweep their floors, to clean up their kitchen, to Sun the beds. They all had cigarettes in t~eir mo.u~h, laughing at two dogs in an obscene act In the living room. There are many people in the church that are expected to support that kind of people. They are not able to own and support dogs, and they don't live in a hou~e with dogs, especially them stinking when they haven t taken a bath for a year.

wrong to work and to have anything. but they criticize others for trying.

They don't try,

God says, "Occupy till I come." He wants us to get busy. He wants us to use the printing presses, the television, the radio, the automobile, the airplane and every means available, to reach the world with the gospel; the Bible says the gospel must first be published to all the world, and then the end will come (Matt. 24: 14). We can't do these things if we are a pauper. It pleases the devil for us to be bankrupt. The devil knows that if he can stop the financial channel he can stop us from evangelizing the world. God wants you to have a home, a car and a good living. But what would you do with it if you had $5,000 per month? Some of you would backslide. Some of you would Jjve On a tenth of it and give the rest to reach the unreached for God. God will give you all He can trust you with. You should labor working with your hands that you may have to give to him that needeth. A pastor preached to his members one time; he told them if they saw a brother in need and shut up their bowels of compassion, that they did not have the love of God in them. God said that He would supply all of our need. (Phil. 4:19). But He decides what we need. If you give your children what they think they need, you may ruin them. A father can give his Son $25,000 to begin in business. Many times his son will go bankrupt and ask for more. Then he may give another son $5,000 to begin in business. He will make a good business and make it payoff. Every dad should teach his boy to work for what he gets; then when he is grown, he will not be on the mercies of the people.

Many people quote the Scripture that says for us to consider the sparrows .They say God provides for the sparrows, so He will surely provide for us. . That particular Scripture is speaking of us worrymz or fretting. God feeds the birds, but they must. go get this food and not depend on other birds to bring the food in to them. . They should read that Scripture that says "Consider the ant, you sluggard. In summer he provides food for the winter (Prov, 6:4-10; Provo 30:25). You should have as r-iuch sense as an ant. God told Joseph to save enough food in the fat .years to supply them food during the lean years. That IS the wisdom of God (Gen. 41 :3). . Too many people sell out all their property, their home and everything; they never try to have any prope~ty. They criticize other peopl: who work and ~ry to have a home. They spend their mone~ for m!l~shakes ice creams, and Coca-Colas; they SIt aroun~, In the shade laughing and talking "till the Lord comes . God says if you sleep during the harvest, you are a sluggard. Some people want a little more sleep and a little more folding of the hands; so their poverty comes upon them. This God detests. Some people are under the impression that it is

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told his members

to not shut up

their bowels of compassion, he was not talking about taking- up a public offering. That kind of giving is t"alled alms. Jesus said for you to do this in secret; we must not do it for show (Matt. 6:2). If you take up a public offering, for someone in need, you will have about fifty applications next week. Then you will have a problem that you cannot solve; you will make more people angry than you help. III Old Testament times the people were required to h"ing- each tenth cow, sheep, and such like, to the Lord. Thev broug-ht a tenth of their farm products to the s torchouse, so it was necessary for them to have a storehouse ill the farming communities. That is needed ill a g-reater way today in rural communities. It is needed in some cities. When God says bring all the tithes into the storehouse that there may be meat in my house, that was equivalent to Him saying to some rhu rrhes be sure and pay your tithes so all the bills «an be paid, so there will not be any hot checks written. I have already said all churches should have the g-roceries Oil hand in case of emergency. The Christians should do that so that their minister will not need to leave the Wore! of God and serve tables (Acts 6:2). LEMON ADE SOCIETIES There is a dang-er of the ladies of the church spendillg- all their time in attending lemonade societies and other organizations to help the needy and never have time to worsh ip God. You can backslide and become critical while you are working for the church. It is possible to be more faithful to your church than you are to God. Don't lose God while you are working for God. Speno some of your lime worshipping God. Both work and worship are necessary for us to be healthy Christians. All the relig ion some people have is "work religion", or "do relig-ion". Some only have "worship religion", but we need both. Be ready to work. It will do good if you are led by the Spirit of God.

YOUR ALMS ~rother John taught his members not to shut up their bowels of compassion against the ones who are in need. Suppose you start down the highway and see a man dying; he has been beaten, robbed and left half dead. Would you depend on the charity to help him? Would you depend on the government to come to his rescue? Would you just lay hands on him, ask God to bless him, and walk On down the road like the priest and the Levite did? Would you leave him there to starve or thirst? Would you tell him to go see the church? Would you leave him there to starve or bleed to death '! The priest and the Levite walked on by. They walked around him. The pastor and the deacon may do that. They may leave the man there who has been beaten and robbed, who is suffering. The Good Samaritan came to him, bound up his wounds, and carried him to an inn. You see, people need help at that particular time. That is where your Christianity comes in. When someone is in an emergency and you know he needs you, don't pass him by. You' can have pure and undefiled religion before God. You can visit the widows and the orphans in their affliction and keep yourself unspotted ''-rom the world. We are told a man was praying. He said, "Oh Lord, please supply the Jones family's needs. They are out of groceries." His oldest boy touched him on the back of the head and said, "Daddy, give me the key to the smokehouse and I will answer your prayer for you." That man had an opportunity to say "Yes."



The man in Los Angeles wouldn't let me search him. He had something to hide. Some people are afraid to let the Lord search them when they are asking Him to answer their prayers. A sister said that she had all sorts of faith but she could not receive her healing. She did not realize that she was making a serious accusation against the Lord. She should ask the Holy Spirit to search her heart so she can realize what manner of spirit she had. Maybe that was the reason that she did not receive anything from God. She had all sorts of faith. Everyone that has the real faith is healed every time. If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible unto you. There is a condition to meet when you come to the Lord. Still He says that everyone that asketh receiv. eth (Luke 11:9-13). Yet some people will not be willing to meet those conditions. They are not willing to be searched. One lady said, "God said if I raised my children right, they would be saved. And I raised my children right, but they are not saved." She did not realize that she was making God out a liar. How can He work when you deliberately insult Him'? You must make it possible for Him to say yes. Sister F - - - - told me that God was partial. She said God promised to give us what we asked Him for. She said that God gives things to other people but would not give things to her. I knew this was a serious charge so I talked to the Lord about her spirit; He showed me a certain parable. Some of the workers came out at the eleventh hour; they received the same wages as the people that worked all day. Still the Lord of the vineyard had told them to go out into the harvest and work and whatever was right, He would pay them.

It looked like the Lord of the vineyard was partial. But he wasn't. This did not prove that there are not degrees of reward, for other parables prove that we all don't receive the same reward for our work. The reason the ones who worked all day did not receive any more was because they murmured and complained. That just brought out the spirit that was already there (Matt. 20:11). God knows the spirit we have as we work for Him. He rewards us according to our attitude and our spirit that we have while we are working for Him. He knows when we pray the Spirit and the motive that we have. It is not how much we do; the spirit that we have plays the main part. Sister F - - - accused the Lord of being partial. She made it impossible for Him to deal with her as He does with some people. Judas murmured and complained about offerings. John leaned on Jesus' breast. Some no doubt thought Jesus was partial because He let John lean on His breast. Both of them did not have the same spirit. Give God an opportunity to say yes.

GOD'S PARTNER Suppose you and I become partners in a basket factory. You do all the work and I furnish all the money and the know-how. I know all about it. We are to divide the net profits equally. At the end of the year, I find that you have collected all the money and escaped. I don't get one cent. That would be the end of our partnership. How could two walk together unless they be agreed? Mr. X - - - - agrees to make God his partner. He agrees to pay tithes and give offerings. In God's book, He sees where Mr. X - - - - has collected all the money and spent it. He has left God out of the partnership. He has made it impossible for God to say yes. He has walked out under a curse without his partner (Mal. 3 :8-10).


We make some cases impossible. A little lady by the name of Jane holds a man by the hand. She agrees to stand by him until death parts them. She faces life with hope. Children are born into this family. She is standing on the promises that the young man made her. The man falls for another woman. He goes on with the secret triangle affairs for two years. Suddenly all of this comes out into the open. The whole world falls on Jane. She has been true, but now she is bordering on a nervous breakdown and a mental crackup. She condemns herself. Jane, don't condemn yourself, you are not to blame. You can't keep your side of the agreement unless he does. I Ie has made it impossible for you to keep your agreement and live with him till death parts you. He is living with the flapper now. lIe did not give you an opportunity to say yes. Keep your agreement with the Lord. Be His partner. Make it possible for Him to give to him that asketh Him. There is a condition to meet. There are people today who say that no man can pluck us out of His hand, but we must be willing to be kept. Some say that He will in no wise cast out. But we can walk out. No man could legally take the prodigal son away from his father, but he deliberately walked away from home. He that eateth of this bread shall never hunger, that is, if he continues to eat. Not if we just eat one time and never eat any more. We must continue in His love, and in His presence. YOUR WORD This man who bought things on the credit from me soon came to the place where his word was not worth a dime. I put him on a cash basis. He forced me to do it. He would not give me an opportunity to say yes. Mr. X - - - - promises God so many things and breaks

his promises; his word is not worth a dime with God. Now he is put on a cash basis. He must begin to do something for the Lord. lIe must make good some of his promises to the Lord before God will do things for him. Up until now he has been given things in advance, or blessed on the credit. If you will lie to God, you will lie to anyone. If you are dishonest with God, you will be dishonest with man. If you would steal from God, you would steal a hog, if you thought no one would know it. If God can't trust you, no man can trust you. If YOLl won't be true to the Lord, you will not be true to anyone. You can let an honest man keep his own record and fill out his own pay check. You won't need to be there to watch him. The Lord trusts you with your own timebook. He trusts you to figure your own bills and pay Him His part. He said if you obey Him, all the blessings would overtake you. If you do not obey Him, you make it impossible to live under His blessings.

I walked into one of the main stores of Sears and Roebuck Company. A man was almost fighting mad. He did not want his picture taken. They have a camera installed that will take your picture if you want to cash a check. I did not object to my picture being taken. What was the difference '? This man did not want to be checked or investigated. Sears, Roebuck Company would cash checks, but this man made it impossible for them to say yes. This company can look at their books and see your record. If you ever beat anyone, you will beat someone else, if you get under pressure. If you never beat a bill, then it is very likely you will follow that same pattern. Sears, Roebuck Company knows that they extend credit to all, but they have a condition you must meet 25


before you can obtain that credit. All they need to do is look at the book. People have learned they can't fool that company so easily. You can't fool God any of the time. He has a condition for you to meet. All He needs to do is to look at your record. He looks at your heart, mind, nature, intentions, attitude and approach. He savs that everyone that asketh receiveth, but some people won't give Him an opportunity to say yes. There is a record kept on you. A bank put up a large sign which can be read about a block away, "Give us an opportunity to say yes". That has two meanings. It means they want to say yes, but you are the one to make it possible, or impossible. Too many people make it impossible for the bank to loan them money. Sometimes you force them to say no. You do not meet the conditions. Should they hand money out to people regardless of the conditions, they wouldn't be there long. It would also be unfair to you. lt would not be fair to the man who does meet the conditions. It would show respect to persons. You are responsible to measure up to the standards laid down by our Lord. In order to get credit a man told me that his mother was dead. In order to get a "hand-out" a man told us his grandmother was dead. He told that same story four different times. You may tell the church a lie and no one will detect it, but the Lord knows when you are meeting the conditions. Why do you say, Lord, Lord, and do not the things that He tells you to do? A neighbor man was saved and tilled with the spirit. One day he was tempted to take up the old habit of tobacco, which he had promised God that he would never do. To justify himself one day he tolel me it was not wrong to consume the tobacco, but he did acknowledge that he would have to have this tobacco even if his children were starving to death. He said if he had no tobacco for one week and his children had no food for

one week, and he had only fifteen cents he would first reach for the tobacco. Would God supply the fifteen cents to this man after he lied to the Lord? Two men with long cigars came to our revival, and asked for their healing. I asked them to stay for the service, which would be about thirty minutes. They did not want to be seen at the services. They flew away in a rage. They called a taxi and left. One thing about Naaman, he did turn around. He came back and received his healing. These two men made it impossible for the Lord to help them. Many people want us to deliver healing to their home through the back door. They don't want to be seen worshipping God. They do not give God an opportunity to help them. HEALING CONDITIONS

Everyone who had the blood over the doorpost, when the death angel passed through the land at midnight, was spared. If the blood was not over the doorpost, the oldest child died, (Ex. 12 :7). Everyone who looked at the brazen serpent was healed. Those who refused to look, died. The Lord laid down the conditions by which they could be healed. It wasn't Moses. The Lord lays down conditions for us to be healed. "And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which 1 have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the Lord that healeth thee." (Exodus 15 :26) "If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you." (John 15 :7) "And whatsoever we ask, we receive of him, because we keep his commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight." (I John 3:22) 27


It turned cold last week. We told a man to go to the church on Saturday evening and turn on the stoves. We found that we had not put in a gas meter. We shivered in t he church over the weekend without any heat. We had not met the conditions. We violated a certain law. \'c failed to prepare. We couldn't curse the gas company; we did not give them an opportunity to say yes. There was plenty of gas but we had no meter. We did not make it possible for the company to say yes. We had waited too long. If ou I' heart does not condemn us, we have faith toward Cod. If we disobey the Lord, we are under condernnat ion. Our faith does not work. I tell rnv boy I will let him go swimming if he will mow the yard. I come home and find he has been playing-. The yarn is not mowed. He has no confidence (hat he can go swimming. He has made it impossible. I lend .V(JlI my car one Sunday. It needs new tires. YIlU do not feel like buying new tires for it. I give you my ca r. it is yours to keep. You overhaul it and buy a rornplel c set of tires for it. You go to church on Sunday. You live anyway you want (0 through the week. You have no faith to believe Cod will overhaul your body, and fix it up when you onlv lend it to Him once a week. Give vourself to God for keeps. Present your bodies a living sacrifice, (Romans 12: 1). Cleanse yourselves from all fil t h iness of the flesh, (II Cor. 7: 1). You expect Cod to take care of His own property. His glory He will not give to another. Cod said, "Let mv people go that they may serve me." lie did not want them to go in order that they might serve Satan or serve themselves. His kingdom would be divided against itself and it could not stand. He sets before LIS a blessing and a curse - a blessing if we obey and a curse if we do not. The curse includes all the disease and the blessing includes healing of the disease, (Deut. ~X), \Ye can't blame Cod if we don't

give Him an opportunity to say yes. It is you and who walk out under the curse or under the blessing.



The Bible says that whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. One man asked a boy, "Did you call on the name of the Lord?" The boys said he did. "Then you are saved," said the man. lie proved it to him by that verse. He gained another member for his church. He furnished the boy mechanical proof that he W!IS born again. There is a condition to meet. You must believe with your heart. You must repent, which means to stop your sinning. Unless you repent you shall likewise perish, (Luke 13:1-3). One man said to a young lady, "Did you confess your sins ?" The lady said that she did. "Good" said the man. "You are saved then. The Bible says that if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins." He gained another member. He proved to her by mechanical proof that her sin was gone, but still she had not repented. There is a condition to meet. The Lord says we must confess and forsake our sins. People sing that song, "Only Believe", but Jesus said repent and believe the gospel. Uncle Sam may dish out federal aid to even harlots and gamblers. He may freely give out money to Communists nations. The Lord does not try to bribe people into being on His side. There are conditions to meet. We must give Him an opportunity to say yes. Don't make it impossible. A BLESSING

People read that Jesus said, "Everyone that asketh receiveth." They write and tell me to pray that they


will make much money. They don't make it. It is impossible for the Lord to answer. The Lord laid down conditions for us to go by. He said if we will bring all of our tithes and offerings to Him that He will open up the windows of heaven and pour us out a blessing that we won't have room to receive. He said He would rebuke the devourer. Our fruit will not fall off before it is ripe. He has set before us a blessing or a curse. How can we ask God to bless a man who He has cursed? You are the one to make it possible for God to do something for you. CLEAN VESSELS Many people are praying for God to call them into the ministry and use them, but they don't make it possible. He wants the one who carries His message to be clean. How can He use the man whose blood is full of alcohol and nicotine and his mouth is full of cursing? A young man went to the altar. He cried out and prayed until he was hoarse. He wanted God to use him, yet he was not willing to carry his brother's wife back to him. How could he defile himself daily and be used in God's service. He was the one who made it impossible for God to use him. It is not lawful for him to have his brother's wife. Your iniquities have separated you from your God and He will not hear you. If a fuse is blown which hinders your light from burning, you don't curse the light company. Give the company a chance to say yes. Don't blame the Lord, the pastor, or the deacon if your children will not go to Sunday School. Maybe it is because they have heard all the faults of the pastor of the church around the breakfast table at home. You haven't given the church an opportunity to help your child. Brother H - - - - put out a fleece. He told the Lord if it was His will for him to go to another state to hold revivals to be sure and heal a certain woman. 30

God had promised to heal the woman anyway, if she prayed the prayer of faith. It looks like the preacher was forcing God to lie if he was not supposed to go to another state. He was not giving God an opportunity. A white lady came to me and my wife. She wanted me to pray that her three children would all be white. They were half colored. "Suppose the father was praying for them to be all colored?" I asked. That shows how some of us make it possible for the Lord to say yes. Sister 0 - - - - prayed, "Lord if you will give me the Holy Ghost, I will never dip snuff again. After she received the Holy Ghost she yielded to temptation and took up the habit again. One day she said, "The Lord gave me the Holy Ghost and 1 dip snuff." One man was given a big juicy sandwich. He threw it down in the dirt and stomped it with his feet. So many people have lied to God that they have made it impossible for Him to keep on giving and giving and giving again. It is their next move. They must settle the old account before they open new ones. What do you want with your healing? What do you want with the Holy Ghost ? What do you want with the gifts of the spirit. Do you want them for the glory of God? Or for your self glory? The answer to this determines whether or not God answers your prayer.

"And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty." (II Cor. 6:18) "Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God." (II Cor. 7:1) "I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, 31

holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable services." (Romans 12 :1) .Then tell the Lord that you will present your body to HIm as a living sacrifice, holy 'and acceptable to Him. Tell Him you are not your own and you will let all you do in word or in deed be done all to the glory of God.






I am loin, to s.nd you 60 of my a..st faith books, on casting out devils, h.aling the sick, faith, Holy Ghost, ,.ro,.h.cy, and almost every subject of the libl •. You will b. on my ,.ray.r list .very day until Jesus comes. I'll pray that you will have a doubl. portion ministry. I want you to b. my partner and pray for m•. Wh.n you finish r.... in' th.s. Itooks an" filling out the test papers we will s.nd you a .. illioma which you can frame .nd have on your wall. It will r.mind you that I am prayin, for you every day, that you are my partner in pr.y.r. If you are a minist.r you may rec.iv. a lic.nse to preach. There is no charge for the lIacking, boxinl, storag., shillping, lIostage, exam papers, trading, s.cr.tary .xpense, dililomas, or ordination papers. Your dues will be paid UII for lif•. (Oth.rs char,. $12.00 ,.r year and u,1. You can pay for them $.50 per we.k or s.nd in the n.m. of one n.w stu"ent per month, either one you ou choose. If you s.nd one nome ,., month all the textbooks are free. ear TVD Staff: -







, 0

'lease send the 60 W. V. Grant f.ith Itooks. If I like them I will send 50 cen;r: p.r week, or on. name ,..r month, of som.one who wants this course. V) Put me on your prayer your ,artn.r. list. !"ray for me at a c.rt.in time each day. I'll b~


o o

I want a lic.nse to preach when I finish the books. I understand costs no money anti my tlu.s will It. lIaid for life.

the licensQ


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