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Chapter I THE WORD OF KNOWLEDGE VERSUS MENTAL TELEPATHY Do some evangelists use mental telepathy in church services? Some people say so; some say, no. Telepathy is the passage of thoughts from one person to another without the use of words or signs. Samuel told Saul all that was in his heart. He told him many things about himself. Samuel knew that Saul was hunting his asses; that they had been lost three days; that they had already been found; that Saul's father had left home worrying about him; that Saul had been chosen of the Lord to reign over His people; that he should anoint Saul king; that Saul would save the people out of the hands of the Philistines; the time of day that he was going to meet Saul; that Saul would meet two men just after he left to go on his way; that the two men would speak to Saul; that Saul would meet three men as he went up to Bethel; that one of the three men would be carrying three kids; that he would meet them at Tabor; that one man would be carrying three loaves of bread! that another would be carrying a bottle of wine; that they would salute Saul; that they would give Saul two loaves of bread; that Saul would come to the hill of God; that he would come to the city; that he would meet a company of prophets; that these prophets would be carrying musical instruments, namely a psaltery, tabret, pipe, and harp; that the company of prophets would prophesy; that the Spirit of the Lord would come upon Saul; that Saul would prophesy with them; that Saul would be turned into another man. In the ninth and tenth chapters of I Samuel we see at least two dozen things that the Lord showed Samuel. He knew the exact details. -1-

The Natural Mind Rebels The natural mind does not accept the fact that God showed Samuel these things. Natural reasoning undoubtedly tried to explain the revelation of God away. In those days the unbelievers branded such things as soothsayings, which is condemned by the Lord, (I Sam. 28 :3). They would say that it was divination, or that" it was prompted by familiar spirits. A natural man cannot understand the things of the Lord. They are foolishness to him. "Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God... "Which things also we speak, not in the words which man's wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing Spiritual things with Spiritual" (I Cor. 2 :13). Ananias Branded a Mystic The Lord spoke to Ananias: He told him the name of a man; the exact house where the man was staying; the name of the man who lived there; the name of the street on which the house was located; the name of the town which Paul was from; that Paul was there praying; that Paul was blind; that Ananias' name had already been revealed to Paul; that Paul knew Ananias would lay hands on him, pray for him to be healed of blindness and receive the Holy Ghost; that Paul (then named Saul) was chosen to suffer for the Lord; that Paul had a ministry to the Gentiles. The Word of God says that God spoke to Ananias. But the natural man is always ready to discredit such reports. He always-eeies to explain them away or say such things .are the work of the devil. The carnal mind is not subject to the law of God. It is enmity against God (Rom. 8:7). Not long ago I was in a big tent revival where the Lord was blessing the evangelist, even showing him the names and addresses of strangers. He knew the names


of the towns and states they came from. He told them many things about themselves. They acknowledged that he was right. Some of the leading ministers of our day branded him a fake. They said that the evangelist was using mental telepathy. One fine, well meaning pastor asked me, "Do you think that it is morally right for a preacher to use mental telepathy in church?" "But as it is written, Eye hath not seen nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart ofmen, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him, but God HATH REVEALED THEM UNTO US BY HIS SPIRIT" (I Cor. 2 :9-10). Peter Branded A Mystic Peter was on top of the house praying. The Spirit showed him that three men were seeking for him; that the Lord had sent them; that God had granted life to the Gentiles; that all people were equal in Goci's sight. God had just shown Cornelius that his prayers were heard; that he must send men to Joppa, call for Simon, whose surname was Peter. The Lord showed him the name of the preacher; the name of the town; the name of the man who lived there; his occupation; the location of that house; and what Peter was going to do. That was a revelation from God. That was the word of knowledge in operation. That was one of the Spiritual gifts working in the lives of Peter and Cornelius. Had the editor written that story in the newspaper he would have branded it fanaticism; but it is the Baptism! God has hid these things from the wise and prudent and revealed them to babes (Matt. 11 :25). Before I went to the Philippine Islands the Lord showed me some things which were happening among the missionaries. We dealt with the problem even before we arrived. The only way that I could know it was by a supernatural revelation. But people today


would say that I knew it by mental telepathy. They try to explain away the miraculous. Jesus Branded A Mystic I asked for some religious books in a book store in Washington, D.C. The lady told me the only way their books mentioned Jesus was in the sense that He was a mystic. They branded Him with all the spiritualists. Jesus knew that Nathanael was under the fig tree and knew what he was doing there. He knew this by a word of knowledge (John 1 :45). This Spiritual gift caused him to believe. Jesus knew that the disciples had been discussing which of them would be the greatest. He knew that the Pharisees had been reasoning in their hearts. Many times things were revealed to Jesus. Jesus said that we can do the same works that He did (John 14 :12). That would be through the anointing of the same Holy Spirit that anointed Him (Acts 10:38). The Pharisees said that Jesus did all his works by the power of Beelzebub, the prince of devils. They could not understand the things of Spirit because they were carnal. Paul Branded A Mystic He saw a man over in another country saying, "Corne over into Macedonia, and help us" (Acts 16 :9). He knew even before he went to Jerusalem that he would be bound there. He knew beforehand that the ship would run into a storm. He knew that the ship would be lost, but all the men would be saved. He knew that he was going to reach the city of Rome. The Lord had revealed these things to him. But could the educators of that day understand such things ? They thought that he had gone mad! They beat him, put him into prison, and finally cut off his head! While I was praying the Lord showed me that a certain lady in a distant town was blind in her left eye,

that the eye ball was paralyzed. I went to that town. I went to the tent meeting which he showed me. I prayed for the lady. God healed her perfectly! The carnal minded people would say that I was using mental telepathy, or reading her mind at a distance. But really God had given me a word of knowledge and made me to know a little of what He knows. So Called Mental Telepathy I was riding through the city of Chicago with Brother Branham. Suddenly I turned to him and said, "There is no such thing as mental telepathy. If you know what a man is thinking, without anyone telling you, th;at is not natural; it is supernatural. There are only two supernatural spirits, God or the devil. Everything which is not of God is of the devil". "Now you are looking right down the barrel", Brother Branham said, "You have your sight right on it". Brother Branham is a hunter. Had he been a carpenter he no doubt would have said, "Now you are hitting the nail right on the head". I had never heard anyone say that. The Lord showed me. Since then I have made a research on this and found this: No one can teach mental telepathy on a natural level. Scientific boards have offered prizes for many years for people who can use telepathy at will. No one can be found. If the stock markets, banks and business houses can find a man like that they would give that man millions of dollars to practice for them. The politicians would give billions for that man. The theory has no support. There is no evidence of the reality of telepathy. No natural man can train pupils to use telepathy. Only quacks teach the reality of telepathy.



Sensible educators know that just anyone cannot use telepathy. Telepathy is not a sicence. It deals with the spirit of man. Telepathy Is A Coined Word People did not know anything about telepathy until 1882. The word was coined in this generation. W. H. Myers, the noted spiritualist coined the word, trying to get the average man to practice spiritualism. Mr. Myers said, "It is spontaneous, uncontrolled and uncontrollable. It is not in a man's own ability." Then again," Telepathy does not need to be the mind of living persons. It works mostly by the deceased, rarely by the living." Mr. Myers was a spiritualist who believed in talking to the dead. The word of God condemns this practice and teaches it is of the devil. Mr. Myers wrote other books on such subjects as phenomena of hallucination, hypnotism, automatism, double personality, mediumship, clairvoyance, seeing the dead, supernatural relations, precognition, and such books as you see in spiritualist book stores. One title is "Human Personality And Its Survival of Bodily Death". Another is, "Phantasisms of The Living". This man tried to bring spiritualism on a normal plane for everyone. So he coined the word "telepathy" defining it to be a product of the natural mind. As far as the natural is concerned there is no such thing. Hypnotism A Coined Word. Hypnotism was coined about the middle of the nineteenth century, about the time there was a revival of demon forces in America. The practice has always been counted the work of demons until Mr. Braid coined the word "hypnotism". It is not a science. Mr. Braid tried to introduce this practice into the medical profession. A man who uses this practice has

been counted a quack by the best medical authorities. It is impossible for everyone to learn the practice of hypnotism. Lately the practice of hypnotism has become popular on television, because all people are hungry for the supernatural. Churches have disappointed the people because they have not given them the supernatural spirit of God. Spiritualism is a ripe field for the antichrist to take over this world. Anyone even looking at people practicing hypnotism are in danger of being bound by the wrong spirit. Hypnotism In Hospitals Several women have tread places angels would not dare tread. They have placed themselves at the mercy of a man with such strange powers. Some are said to have lost their minds. The insane institutions are running over with people who have corne under the evil power of imagination and superstition. Women give birth to babies under this evil power. What will the babies be in later years if the mothers are swayed by satan! Some women turn themselves over to men with this power in order to reduce. It seems that voices speak to these women and tell them not to eat certain foods. They seem compelled to obey these voices. We know women who have starved themselves to the point that they never regained their health. They had arthritis and their joints melted! The devil comes only to kill and destroy (John 10:10). Certain quack psychiatrists use hypnotism on innocent children who cannot help themselves. A nurse recently told me that the physician she worked under hypnotized a boy, who did what he was told to do afterwards. Many think that the boy will be under his spell for years to corne. Before the middle of the nineteenth century this



practice went by various names, including "animal magnetism'.' It was considered an occult force. It was practiced by magicians and those people with familiar spirits. In the Bible it is condemned as sorcery (Acts 8:11). Some claim they can hold the victims under their spell for months and years to come. They say they can tell them to read a certain chapter in a certain book at a certain time on a certain day a year later. When that hour rolls around the patient will read that chapter. Supernatural Powers Hypnotism is undoubtedly a supernatural power, but not the supernatural power of God. In high school our principal let a man come to school and hypnotize the pupils. Some of my classmates were hypnotized. One of them danced to imaginary music. He was under a strong power. In the natural he could not dance. Another boy was told that a girl was in bathing, motioning for him to come to her. Suddenly he began taking his clothes off. The man caught him and forced his clothes back on him! The man said he got the black magic from India. People have been said to do anti-social acts and crimes while under this strange power. No one can hypnotize you against your will. Satan will not take you unless you yield to him. The anti-christ will try to make magic power in reach of all people. The Unpardonable Sin Everything the devil has, he has copied it from God. It is counterfeit. If the devil can show people things, then God has more power, and can reveal things to His children for soul winning. God Uses the word of knowledge to deliver people from sin. I would not serve a God that did not have as much power as the devil. Modern ministers brand all revelations of the devil and make people afraid to seek God.

Jesus received revelations from God under the anointing of the Holy Ghost. All His miracles were done by the Holy Ghost anointing. But the Pharisee.s said that He was working under the power of the devil. The religious leaders knew that Jesus was using a supernatural power, so they said it was the evil power, for they were strangers to God's power. Jesus told them they were committing the unpardonable sin if they accused him of operating by the power of Satan. They were not speaking about Him, but the Holy Ghost that performed the works (Matt. 12 :32, Acts 10 :38). So called mental telepathy is an evil power. Men coined that word, trying to put black magic on the level and call it science. They try to explain away all supernatural. They claim that telepathy and hypnotism are science. The religious leaders of today try to be more polite, than the Pharisees. They call the power of God hypnotism and the word of knowledge telepathy. But actually they are doing the same thing as the Pharisees, for both telepathy and hypnotism are works of the evil spirits. .. . When they say that the working of the Spirit IS telepathy just because they do not un~ersta~d i~ they are doing the same thing as the Pharisees! It WIll not be forgiven them in this world or the wo:l? to c~me. The word of knowledge is one of the Spiritual gifts. God says for us to desire Spiritual gifts (I Cor. 14:). Elijah Branded A Mystic Ahaziah the king of Samaria, fell through a lattice one day a; he was in his palace and hurt himself. He was sick and bedfast (II Kings 1 :2). . He sent messengers to Baalzebub, the god of Ekron to ask if he would recover. About that time the angel of the Lord spoke to Elijah and told him to meet the messengers. He met the messengers and told them to turn around and go



back home and carry a message from the Lord to the king. Here is the message the messengers carried to the king: "Is it not because there is not a God in Israel that ye go to enquire of Baalzebub the god of Ekron ?'; Now therefore thus saith the Lord, Thou shalt not come down from that bed on which thou art gone up, but shall surely die." It seems the king did not like for a man to stop his messengers and send them back. That was a great insu~~ to hi~. At once he summoned men to go bring Elijah to him I A captain was appointed to carry fifty men to bring the man of God to Justice! Elijah had a record of bringing fire from heaven holding back the rain for three and one-half years' rebuking King Ahab for putting Naboth to death, and now he was meddling with his business! He misjudged the strength of Elijah when he thought that an army of fifty-one men would capture him. Elijah knew that the king was not in the right attitude, so he refused to go. He resisted arrest. He called fire down from heaven and destroyed the fiftyone men. The king was determined to take Elijah. So he sent fifty more men with a captain that commanded Elijah to come down from the top of the hill on which he was sitting. Again Elijah refused to be arrested. He said "If I be a man of God, let fire come down from heaven? and consume thee and thy fifty." And it was so. Supernatural fire burnt them all! . This seemed to make a believer out of the unbelieving king, He could not deny miracles any longer! He sent another captain and fifty men to come the humble route. This time it was not a command; it was a request. These men fell on their knees and humbly besought Elijah to spare their lives. They confessed they were -10-

Elijah's servants instead of the king's servants. The captain said, "0 man of God, I pray thee, let my life and the lives of these fifty, thy servants, be precious in thy sight". The angel of the Lord said to Elijah, "Go down with him: be not afraid of him." So Elijah arose and went with them to King Ahaziah. He rebuked the king for inquiring of the wrong man. The king sought information from the child of the devil instead of the child of God. Elijah told him that he would die. So he died according to the word of the Lord which Elijah had spoken. The King Was Out Of Connection The Bible says that your iniquities have separated you- from the Lord and He will not hear you. He was speaking to a class of people that had gone into sin. Sin will separate people from God, so they are no longer in connection with Him. That is why the king was not on speaking terms with the Lord. That's why he sought information from the wrong source. That is why he died before his time, out of the will of God. That is why people go to fortune tellers today; they are not on speaking terms with God. That is why they are possessed with the devil and die before their time. God Is A Jealous God His glory He will not give to another. He wants his child to inquire-of Him and not from the evil spirit. He says the Holy Spirit will lead and guide us into all truth and even show us things to come. His sheep know his voice . There are two kinds of revelations; one from the Lord and the other from the devil. Anyone who tells you something supernatural is of the devil or .is of God. There are only two supernatural spirits. So why not go to the Lord's man to begin with? The reports come that many of the law-makers in Washington, D.C. will not vote until they have first -11-

consulted some fortune-teller. If that be true the judgment of God is against them for inquiring of the wrong source. The very people who believe in fortune tellers often deny the power of God to reveal secrets. They have more faith in the devil than in God. I would not serve a God that does not have as much power as the devil. Fortune Tellers--Abomination "There shall not be found among you anyone that maketh his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For ALL that do so are an ABOMINATION unto the Lord" (Deut. 18: 10-12). A necromancer is one who tells things in your life, or lets you talk to the dead. Divination is fortelling the future. A soothsayer claims to foretell the future. The Lord is against all such things and the Bible teaches in many, many places that they are an abomination. In modern times people change the names of such practice to fortune telling, but the source is of the devil. Changing these names does not make the practice all right. Many people become possessed with evil spirits by consulting the people that read palms or tell fortunes. It you want to know something about yourself go to the Lord and talk to him about it. A fortune-teller will ruin life forever; cause you to be bound by evil spirits, have a broken heart and broken home, and die before your time. No Such Thing As Magic An enchanter is a man that puts spells on you. A witch deals with evil spirits. A charmer deals with evil spirits to cast spells on someone. A sorcerer is one who bewitches people. God's judgment is against such things because they are of the devil (Acts 8 :9, 13 :6, -12-

19:19). Such power will be used by anti-christ (Rev. 9 :21, 18 :23). He is trying to prepare the world for such by trying to make such evil power popular and calling it by another name. They call people who practice such things magicians. A certain dentist in Dallas uses strange powers on people, calling himself a magician. Magicians are put on radio, television, and on the stage in schools. This practice will grow worse and worse until it becomes popular. The whole world will see the superman as he performs, probably on television. There is no such power as magic. What people call magic is from the evil one and is to be avoided as being worse than a rattlesnake! It is a supernatural power; but not the supernatural power of God! Such "magic" power as we discuss in this topic is not the word of knowledge, but I use this as an illustration to show how people are trying to explain away the supernatural power of God, saying that God cannot reveal anything to man today; but they are trying to bring the power of the enemy on the natural plane and give it some popular name; trying to get everyone. to practice spiritualism. Some church folk have mor~ fal~h in the devil than they do in God. The carnal mind 10 them has a tendency to discard the fact that God can reveal things, but accept what the devil does. Daniel Branded A Mystic King Nebuchadnezzar dreamed a dream which troubled his spirit. But he forgot his dream. He called the sorcerers, magicians and soothsayers and told them to tell him both the dream and the interpretation or he would put them all to death. They told him that no man on earth could tell him both the interpretation and the dream. They said they would have to know the dream before they could tell him the interpretation. The king considered Daniel and the three Hebrew Children 'as one of the soothsayers. He put them all in the same class (Dan. 2). He was going to put them to death with the soothsayers. -13-

Daniel and the three Hebrew children had a prayermeeting and talked to God about it. God told Daniel the dream and the interpretation. The king promoted Daniel and gave him authority over all the soothsayers and sorcerers. One time Belshazzar was having a banquet. He had about a thousand lords and princes. He had plenty of . wine and women present. That did not satisfy him; so he sent for the vessels from the house of the Lord and defiled them with wine; he praised the gods of gold and silver. Just then the Lord could stand no more! He let a hand write a supernatural language on the wall. The fear of God fell on Belshazzar! His knees smote together! He called for the soothsayers and astrologers, but they knew nothing about the meaning of the supernatural language. Then someone recommended a man to him who was a dissolver of doubts. It was Daniel, who had an excellent spirit, knowledge and understanding (Dan. 5 :12). When he sent for the man, Daniel told him that it was not any knowledge of his own. He did not claim it. It was God that gave him the knowledge. He did not give him all His knowledge, just part of it. So it was the word of knowledge, which is one of the spiritual gifts in manifestation. Human Nature the Same Today

not subject to the law of God. It is enmity with God (Rom. 8). This is the same Spirit that accused Jesus of working under the devil's power. This is what raised the wrath of God and brought judgment on the heads of the proud Pharisees, who were ignorant of God's supernatural power. In Daniel's day God manifested His supernatural power and proved Himself greater than the devil. He honored His servant with signs following. God made a difference in His servants and the servants of the devil. The Lord is able to do the same today. He will let the signs follow our ministry and give us authority over all the powers of opposition that try to imitate the supernatural power of God. IN His name we can cast out devils We can silence the evil spirits that exalt themselves against God's servants. Daniel and his group prayed and depended on the Lord for guidance and help. They did not claim the power themselves, but confessed that it was God's power. The soothsayers neither pray nor call on God for their help. The fortune-tellers and palm-readers do not depend on God or live a righteous life. They do not pray in Jesus' name. If they honored the name. of Jes~s they would be greatly hindered from operatmg their evil power. The Real Power Will Win Out The king saw the difference in the real and the false. In the long run the false failed and the real won the battle. The king learned that there was a real God in heaven who had authority and dominion over the imitation. He no longer discarded the real power because the false failed. Many professors today do not know the difference in the real and the false. They are so afraid that they dis-

The king and rulers put Daniel on the same level with the soothsayers and sorcerers. They knew that he had a supernatural Spirit in him. But they branded it the same supernatural spirit that was in the soothsayers. Today when some of the church leaders and rulers see that we have a supernatural spirit in us they label it the same spirit that is in a soothsayer or fortuneteller. They do this because they have a carnal mind. A carnal mind cannot recognize the Spirit of God. It is -14-


card all supernatural power. So their churches are dead and dry. They are saying they want the Holy Ghost fire. But they are so afraid of the "fox-fire" that they stumble backward and accept "back-fire". I believe that our God is able to destroy everyone that refuses His supernatural power, who brands His powers mental telepathy. He is able to demonstrate the real, genuine Spirit until the false accusers, haters of God's power, and despisers of those who are good, are put down and we are given authority over them; The real power will come out winner in the long run. God's people will be strong and do exploits! There is a God in heaven who reveals secrets. He has men today who are dissolvers of doubts, who are faith builders instead of fear-builders and joy-killers, The day is fast approaching when the Lord's men and women will march forth like an army with banners! It shall flow as a river; it shall fall as the rain; it shall rise as the dawn of the day. The knowledge of the Lord shall fill all the earth; when the Spirit of the Lord shall fall! Elisha Branded A Mystic Every time the Syrian Army had secret plans to capture Samaria their plans would be exposed. Everything would end in failure. The King of Syria became worried and discouraged and thought some of his people were spies for the King of Samaria. Then it was learned that Elisha prophet of God, knew about the hiding place of the Syrian army. He knew by revelation of a word of knowledge. (II Kings 6: 9). Through a word of knowledge Elisha knew more than the intelligence division in his country. He told the King of Israel and saved his country from being captured. The King of Syria wanted to know where Elisha was. He was told that Elisha was in Dothan. So he sent a -16-



great army by night with horses and chariots. A very great host gathered around Elisha to take him. They thought that if they could capture Elisha they could take Israel. No doubt they wanted to take him alive so they could join him with all their soothsayers to work for them. They just thought he was another soothsayer or "diviner". The servant of Elisha saw the mighty Syrian Army as it surrounded them. He was frightened! I can see Elisha as he arose and rubbed his eyes and said in a low confidential tone, "Lord, I pray thee, open his eyes that he may see". Elisha did not seem to be excited. The Lord opened Elisha's servant's eyes. He saw the mountain full of horses and chariots of fire around Elisha! I hope the Lord opens the eyes of the unbelieving critics who oppose us today. Elisha spoke the word and the Syrian Army was made blind. None of the men could see! He led them to the King of Samaria: Then their eyes were opened and they discovered that they were in captivity! He Knew More Than The Soothsayers The King of Syria did not expect Elisha to know all his secrets. He far excelled all his fortune-tellers. He was not an ordinary human being because he had the Spirit of God with him. There was a difference! The King of Syria had no one with that kind of knowledge. The Lord is able today to make a difference in His children and the children of the devil. If they have anything we can have more. 1 would not serve a God that cannot do more than the devil. God can reveal things to His children today. The King of Syria worried because his plans failed. When the gifts of the Spirit are in operation the enemy will worry today. His plans will fail. The secrets of men's hearts will be manifested. They will fall down on their face and report that God is in us of a truth (I Cor. 14:25). -17-

Elisha Was More Powerful Than The Fakes No king has ever had to send a great army to capture a soothsayer or an enchanter. As we obey the Lord and do more for the Lord our opposition will grow stronger. We will be opposed. Satan will send his army after us. If we do not do much for the Lord we will not be opposed. But we will be considered by the church world an ordinary man or woman. Our opposition will grow stronger as we grow stronger. When God begins to work the devil will also work harder. Elisha Opposed the Soothsayers It was because he had a different Spirit. The Syrian King's diviners worked for the Syrians and against the Samaritans. But Elisha worked for God's people and against the Syrians. The palm-readers and fortune-tellers of today work against us. We work against them. It is God in us opposed to the evil one in them. Elisha was given power and dominion over the devil's crowd. If we obey the Lord we will come out winner over all opposition! We will have dominion over all soothsayers and sorcerers. Not long ago I was in a revival. The Spirit of God showed me that there were some spirit mediums in the audience. I called for them publicly. They came forward, confessed, and were delivered, saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. In Russellville, Arkansas a fortune-teller came to the prayer room. She was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. Since then she sent me a picture of a great sign which advertised that she was praying for the sick and having divine healing services. With the true Spirit of God we can capture and conquer an army of false religions. God will make a difference. Elisha Was Misunderstood Elisha had saved the life of the king of Israel. Yet

the king did not understand him. In fact in the same chapter it is recorded that the king wanted to cut Elisha's head off (II Kings 6 :31). The King's mind was carnal. He did not understand the Spiritual mind. The church people misunderstood Jesus. One day they cried "Hosanna, hosanna". The next day they cried, "Crucify Him, crucify Him". One day the people wanted to worship Paul. Before Paul left that city the same people stoned him to death. One day the people wanted to pull out their own eyes and give to Paul. Before long they wanted to pull out his eyes. I went to a church. God gave us the best revival in their history. Hundreds of people were filled with the Holy Ghost. God forgave the sins of hundreds of people. Hundreds of people were turned away and could not get into the church. Hundreds of people we~'e healed. The deaf heard. The blind saw. A lady walked for the first time in twelve years. Hundreds of people were set free from habits. People from many different denominations were set free. One night the Lord showed me a man that was in the audience with a broken neck. He came forward and was healed. Then some of the people could not understand how God could show me things about people. They turned against me and branded me mystic. They said I was using mental telepathy. Their carnal minds could not understand that God could reveal things to His people. Human nature and the carnal mind are always the same. God Protected Elisha They that be for us are more than be against us. If we will look with our spiritual eyes instead of using our carnal. eyes we will see that we have protection. We have more on our side than is on the opposite side. A carnal mind, like Elisha's servant, cannot see into the Spirit world. -19-


God's angels encamp around about us if we fear the Lord. The carnal mind cannot recognize this. It does not believe it. It criticizes this fact. Elisha did not have this word of knowledge until God revealed it. Spiritual gifts cannot be used as the will of carnal man. God does not give us all of His knowledge; just a word as He sees fit. A widow woman came and caught Elisha by the feet. Elisha knew she was in trouble. But the Lord hid it from him and did not reveal it to him (II Kings 4 :27). The fact remains today that the SECRET OF THE LORD IS WITH THEM THAT FEAR HIM. There is a God in heaven that reveals secrets. He is not willing to hold His secrets from His children if they believe the Word of God and are not afraid to trust God. In fact a secret revealed can save the lives of you and me and an army of other innocent people. The Holy Spirit will lead and guide us into all truth and show us things to come.




In a recent meeting Pastor J. told me this story which actually took place in h'is city. Bill and Ann were two fine people in his church. They courted awhile and then decided that they would get married. After they were married Ann learned that Bill's folks did not approve of them going to a full gospel church. Her mother-in-law wanted them to go to a modern, formal church where there was no Spirit of God. To Ann's surprise Bill turned with his folks and opposed her going to the full gospel church any longer. Ann prayed each day. God revealed things to her. Bill grew cruel and hard. He lost out with God. Ann stayed sweet in her soul. She read the Bible ana prayed. Bill commanded her not to go to the church anymore. "I'll see that you don't go, regardless of what I have to do," he told her. He threatened her in many different ways. Finally he told her that she was crazy and he was going to put her in the insane institution if she did not agree to change churches. Ann told Brother J., her pastor about this threat. Brother J. told her not to worry. He said that we are living in America, where everyone has a right to go to the church of his choice. He told Ann as long as we lived in America she need not fear, for nothing like that could happen in this country. Ann Carried Away To her surprise the sheriff came for her one day. He carried her to a distant city for a "checkup". Brother J. did not know when this happened. Ann wanted to tell her pastor, but was not allowed to do so. Soon Ann saw that she was charged with one thing. The papers that were written out stated that she

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claimed to talk to the Lord and that she believed that the Lord could talk to her. On this charge she was sent to an institution! About five unbelieving psychiatrists cross questioned Ann. She did not deny that she talked to the Lord. She confessed that the Lord had revealed some things to her in the past. With this "evidence" these Italian born psychiatrists signed papers that she needed treatmer:t. She went through brain washing just as people do m the communist countries. One electric shock treatment followed another over a long period of time. Month after month the psychiatrist tried to get Ann to change her mind and promise to give up all this idea that God could talk to people in our day. She went through darkness and gloominess; almost a hell on earth. Pastor J. Enters The Case He called his large church together and asked them to pray certain hours for this one trapped sheep .. He went to talk to Ann. The five men had everything sewed up. They refused to talk to the pastor or allow him to see Ann. What could he do? As Brother J. and his fine wife went to the institution they were denied entrance. Just then Ann was at a ball game. She had been forced to attend a ball game against her wishes in almost a nude state. She did not want to play. About then God spoke to her and told her to go to her ~oom. She ran to her room for a few minutes and arrived there just in time to see Brother and Sister J. leaving the institution. She screamed for them to get her out of that place which was a hell on earth to her. This touched the pastor's heart! He secured the best lawyer he could find. They battled it o~t. for a lo~g time. Finally the judge handed down a decision. He said that Ann could not be forced to go to any church against her will. She was released to go live with her husband if he would promise to let her go to the church of her choice. -22-

But after Ann was home with her husband a few days he began the same thing. He threatened her with something worse if she insisted on going to the full gospel church. She could not stay with him any longer and be safe from harm. She left him. She was in our meeting night after night shouting the victory. His sheep know his voice. She is no more insane than you or I. When I heard about this case I could not help thinking of others who do not have a pastor with a backbone as her pastor; others who are not fortunate enough to have friends with money who will spend it in court in fighting a case like that, and getting freedom for lambs taken by wolves inspired by the anti-christ himself. We have many carnal minded people in America, in places of authority who do not understand the workings of the Holy Spirit. They do not believe that God speaks to His people today. They brand everyone insane who say they hear the voice of God. The other night I received A Long Distance Call. A voice in a distant city said, "We want to know what you put on my wife. What ever it was I want you to come back and take it off. She claims that the Lord talks to her. She is not the same woman she was before she came to your meeting and was prayed for. We are going to ask you to Come back and take off whatever you put on her. If you don't come back we are going to have you brought back." The little woman was bubbling over with joy. She had found a new joy. It was the first time in her life that she ever had an experience like that. The carnal minded man did not know what to do. He was under conviction. The neighbors could not understand what had happened to the little lady. They seemed to make her husband afraid and talked him into calling me. Carnal minded members don't believe that God can talk to us. A preacher of the first church in my home -23-

town laughed at me for saying that the Lord revealed things to me. He said that no one can receive a revelation in our day. According to that he does not know that he is saved. He does not know that he is called to preach. Maybe he should go plow instead. Jeremiah Branded a Fanatic Jeremiah was misunderstood. They thought that he had gone insane. The church leaders of his day could not understand him. Some of them thought that he had lost his mind. They thought that he had a delusion. One day Jeremiah put a linen girdle around his loins. After wearing it awhile he went and hid it in a hole in a rock, where he let it stay until it almost decayed. He took it out and told the religious leaders that God said that he would mar the pride of Jerusalem in the same way the girdle was marred. He said that God told him that He would destroy the king and his people. This was opposite to what all the "diviners" were telling the king. Pashur, the son of Immel' the priest smote Jeremiah and put him in stocks. The carnal people did not believe that God would speak to a man like Jeremiah. They thought that he was seeing hallucinations. One day Jeremiah came into town and told the people that he took the wine cup fury from the Lord, that all the nations must drink from it, including Israel. He said that God would send a sword among the people. He said that the slain of the Lord would be from one end of the land to the other. This was hard for a group of selfrighteous Jews to believe. They had always been taught that they were favored of the Lord, that they were God's chosen people. They thought that they would be saved because they were better than all other people. They believed in God, they said. Yet they were not Spiritual enough to believe that God had spoken to His man. One day Jeremiah said that God had shown him two baskets of figs. -24-

One basket of figs was very good; the other was very bad. He said that meant God's people would go into captivity; that some of them would never return, and some of them would return to their home land. This was hard for that nation to believe. They had been taught that they were God's people. Jeremiah was about as popular as I would be if I should make a tour through this nation telling people that God showed me' that Communism was going to take over this country! that we would all be carried to Russia; that a few of us would return to the United States after many years. People would tell me that I had a delusion. They would say I was weakening the morale of the people. That is exactly what they said about Jeremiah. Human nature is always the same. We have people in this nation who are lifted up with pride. They say that God is going to spare this nation because we are better than everyone else. They say that we are God's people, that He is going to let us rule over all other people. God Needs A Man Jeremiah went into the temple court and told the starchy, religious people what God told him. He said that God was going to let the nation' go into captivity for seventy years. One day Jeremiah put a yoke around his neck and wore it before the people like a cow. He said that God to1d him to do it. He said that God said the nation would be under the yoke of Babylon. "You must surrender to Babylon and serve that country if you want to save your life" he told them. One man ran up and broke the yoke from off his neck and told him that he was seeing hallucinations. The man who did this was a very religious man, but he was carnal and did not understand the leading of the Spirit. Perhaps he had been through Bible college, but he knew nothing of the Spirit. -25-

Jeremiah kept saying that the king would go into captivity. One day God told Jeremiah to write on a roll the judgments to come to King Jehoiakim. After the king called around him all the "wise men" and talked to them he decided to burn the roll. Jeremiah just wrote another one with worse judgments on it than before. Just as the man of God said, the king went into captivity. King Zedekiah Warned Jeremiah told King Zedekiah that the Chaldeans would come and burn their city with fire. Jeremiah was arrested, whipped and put in prison. He was put into a dungeon where he sunk into the mire. The king sent for him and asked him what he had to say. He said the same thing. He did not change his message to keep out of prison. He told King Zedekiah the only way he could escape would be to surrender to the King of Babylon and serve him. The king seemed to be touched by the Lord, but public opinion held him back from hearing the man of God. Social prestige caused him to disobey God. He knew Jeremiah's word had come true a few years before, that King Jehoiakim had gone into captivity. Yet his carnal nature was not subject to the Spirit of God. Jeremiah told him that he would go to Babylon, but would never see Babylon. That seemed like a contradiction to the carnal mind. One time he was told that he would never see Babylon. Another time he was told that he would go to Babylon. Jeremiah had heard from God. The king's eyes were punched out; then he was carried to Babylon. Jeremiah was saved alive, but the king and the people went into slavery. Modernism Worse Than Communism Communism will drive people closer to the Lord. It does not claim to believe in God. They cannot fool a

real Christian. But Modernism will cause a Christian to grow colder and colder as the Christian sits in a formal church that claims to believe in God, but does not have Him. They do not makethe Spirit of God welcome in their midst. They try to explain away the supernatural. They say that America will be spared and rule over all the other nations; but if you will read my book on Armageddon you will see that they are wrong. When Hananiah broke the yoke off Jeremiah's neck and told Jeremiah that the nation would not go into captivity, Jeremiah turned and told him that God had showed him that Hananiah would die that year because he did not believe the word of God. Hananiah died that year just as the Lord showed Jeremiah (Jeremiah 28:17). The Lord will finally give us dominion over all the powers of the enemy. The Lord began to bless us in a city wide tent meeting in Monroe, Louisiana. The religious leaders who were modern became stirred up. They stirred up the newspaper editors against us. They criticized us because we claimed that the Lord revealed things to His people in our time. They caused the meeting to be closed a week early. We wanted to stay five weeks and only stayed four. In three weeks after we moved our tent two of the newspaper men and the man who owned the grounds dropped dead with heart attacks. I did not pray for it to happen, but vengeance belongs to the Lord. He will take care of the opposition. One time Jeremiah grew discouraged. He was only a human being. He decided that he would not talk to anyone else about what God had showed. him. But he felt fire shut up in his bones and he could not stay still. He had to tell it! . But if we were to tell people that we feel fire shut up in our bones they would surely think we were off. They would think we were ready for the crazy house! -27-


Micaiah Thought Crazy Be~use. King Arab had Naboth put to death and took hIS v~neyard t~e prophet Elijah pronounced judgment on him. He said the dogs would lick up his blood. A?ab repented and God prolonged the judgment. But King Ahab kept sinning. Ahab had three years of peace with the Syrians Because he sinned the Lord let the Syrians come against him again. . King Ahab got four hundred "wise men" to advise hIm.; to tell him if he should go into battle with the

They all said that God was on their side : that the nation would win ; that it was favored of God. They thought because they were Jews that the judgment of God would never come against them. But that turned out to be national pride. Micaiah was the only man who knew the mind of the ~rd. The king asked him to not speak anything negative, but to speak and think positive. !'1icaiah said, "As the Lord liveth what the Lord saith unto me, that will I speak (I Kings 22:14). He told them that he sawall Israel scattered upon the hills, as a sheep that have no shepherd. Of course that meant that King Ahab would fall in battle. ' The king had Micaiah shipped and put into prison. He was fed water and bread of affliction. Ahab disguised himself and went into battle. An arrow wounded him so that he died. Dogs licked his blood just as God showed Elijah. Micaiah Knew God The stiff, starchy, "chosen people" did not think that he did. They were educated, but they had the wrong kind of education. They had that kind of education that taught them how to explain away the power of God. Some day men will see that they will not be saved just because they live in America. Many of them have -28-

much national pride as the Jews did at one time. They thought they would not fall regardless of what they did. They boasted that they were God's nation. God was really talking to Micaiah. Some day people in our country will look back and say, "Well that old boy was right, but it is too late now". We have hundreds of people today who claim to be "diviners". They are "doctors of divinity" . They say, "We must talk positive and think positive". But we must think as God thinks and say what God says. These "diviners" say that America will never be destroyed, that we are Cod's nation, that we will rule over other nations. They will change their mind some day. Every island will flee away. The mountains will not be found. The elements will melt; all nations under one world rule will go down in defeat (Revelations chapters 13 and 19). Blood will run to the horses' bridle for two hundred miles. The fowls of the air will feast on the flesh of ALL men. Men of God who dare speak what God tells them are branded foolish. Modern ministers say God does not reveal things to his servants today. We need men who will say as Micaiah, "As the Lord liveth what the Lord saith unto me, that will I speak". Men Of Like Passion We are men of like passion as Elijah. Elijah relayed the message from God to the King of Israel and said, "As the Lord liveth there will not be rain upon the earth for three and one half years". People who were supposed to be religious leaders thought he had gone "nutty". Many of them thought they were a spiritual nation and would never fall under the wrath of God. But soon they found out that God had a man to whom he could talk; a man who would speak out for God and say that God revealed things to him. -29-

Many people today may ask where is the Lord God of Elijah. But we need to ask, "Where is an Elijah whom God can speak to, someone who will listen to the voice of God instead of listening to a program from Hollywood. Elijah had his ears turned toward holy woods instead of towards Hollywood. Noah Was A Man Of God The professors of that day did not think so. They made fun of him because he said that he heard the voice of God. He even said that God was going to send a flood and destroy people! NO doubt the religious leaders said, "That old fool, he should know that God does not reveal things to people these days". Surely they said that, for as it is in the days of the coming of the Son of man, so it was then. I see Noah one day at the dinner table. He says, "Listen." Mrs. Noah said, "Dear, I don't hear anything." Ham said, "Ah, daddy, you are always hearing something." The rest of the boys did not pay any attention. But Noah said, "I hear the voice of God. He says that it is time for us to all move into the Ark. God is going to shut the door Himself." They had confidence in the old man. They followed him into the Ark. There came a flood for the first time in history. The people knew after it was too late that really God had someone He could talk to. There was no use knocking then. God had shut the door. The carnal minded people could not believe that God could speak to people, but they found out after it was too late. Moses Brought A Revival But the people could not understand how God could talk to him. He had gone through Bible school at one time and started out in his own strength; People could understand that, for it was the carnal way. But when Moses really heard the voice of God, he thought surely his brethren would understand how God spoke to him and sent him to deliver them, but they understood not. They did not want to go. Even. -30-

after they crossed the Red Sea many of them wanted to go back into Egypt, because they still did not believe that God spoke to him. Moses' own brother and sister said that God had not spoken to Moses anymore than He had spoken to them. When God got through with them they were made believers. Two hundred and fifty families of Moses' leaders thought that God had not spoken to Moses, but the earth opened up and swallowed them. The church rolled on! I can see Moses as he was leading a donkey through the hot desert down toward Egypt. His wife was on the donkey. He had a child under each arm. His feet were blistered. His face was sunburned. He was eighty years old. Someone asked, "Where are you going, Moses ?" "I have started down to Egypt to release three million people from King Pharaoh. We are going to rebel and have a revolution. We will conquer the nation, spoil them, and they will be destroyed that rebel against us." "How do you know this Moses?", someone says. "Oh, God showed me. He talked to me and told me to go get those people and carry them across the Red Sea". The man who is talking to him does not say anything, but he just makes a circle around his ears and grins, and walks off! He thinks he is so smart and educated. But he does not know the voice of God. God Looked For A Man. God is still looking for a man. He uses men; a man to whom He can reveal His secrets. The secret of the Lord is with them that fear him. If the Lord can use such men as Gideon, who can win a battle with three hundred out of thirty-two thousand; if he can use Joshua to bring down the walls of opposition! if He can use Moses to bring a deliverance -31-


revival to a nation; if He can use Elijah to bring a nation to its knees and cause the people to cry "The Lord He is God"! if He can use Noah to hear His voice and warn a wicked world, then He can find a man today He can use. It does not need to be many men . He can use one if He finds one who will separate himself .and have the grace and backbone to speak what God tells him. God and one is a majority. Some day people are going to learn, after it is too Iate, that God does have some men who are warning the world of the coming storm. They are going to knock and say, "Lord, open to us". But He is going to say "Depart from Me I know you not!" ' God is going to have some people that He can use to bring a deliverance revival to a people who are b.ound by tradition and rituals. The Red Sea of opposition will roll back. "The enemy will be confounded and confused and defeated." . Are y~u going to be one of those people who are gomg to hide away with God until you hear His voice know His voice; one whom He can trust with His sec~ rets? God grant that you may. That day is right now at hand.



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I am going to send you 60 of my best faith books, on casting out devils, healing the sick, faith, Holy Ghost, prophecy, and almost every subject of the Bible. You will be on my prayer list every day until Jesus comes. I'll pray that CL. you will have a double portion ministry. I want you to be my partner and pray _ for me. When you finish reading these books and filling out the test papers we will send you a diploma which you can frame and have on your wall. It will remind you that I am praying for you every day, that you are my partner in \,/) prayer. If you are a minister you may receive a license to preach. There is no charge for the packing, boxing, storage, shipping, postage, exam papers, grading, secretary expense, diplomas, or ordination papers. Your dues will be paid up for life. (Others charge $12.00 per yeor and up). You can pay for them $.SO per week or send in the name of one new student per month, either one you you choose. If you send one name per month all the textbooks are free. 0 Dear TVD Staff: -


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Please send the 60 W. V. Grant faith books. If I like them I will send SO cen!!:, per week, or one name per month, of someone who wants this course. \,/) list. Pray for me at a certain time each I understand day. I'll b> your partner.

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