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DID JESUS USE PSYCHOLOGY? Most people say He did. The Bible says that He did not. Since psychology is science of the natural mind. and Jesus had a Spiritual mind, it is putting Jesus on a low level to say that He used psychology. Jesus waited until He was anointed with the Holy Ghost to do His works. He said that it was the Holy Ghost that anointed Him to preach. (Luke 4 :18). Buddhists use psychology to get their teaching across. The Mohammedans are trained in the art of debating to put their doctrine across. The followers of Confucius master education to prove their doctrine. Recently I was talking to the owner of a large merchantile business in Hong Kong, China about becoming a Christian. He was a disciple of Hinduism. I went to his office where he had a great number of gods on the wall which he prayed to each day. I began to tell him about Jesus. He caught me by the arms and held me and very fervently preached to me about his religion about twenty minutes. I told him that Jesus heard me when I prayed. He that his gods heard him when he prayed. I told him that I felt a real blessing when I prayed. He said that he felt a real blessing when he prayed. I told him that I had love, peace and joy. He said that he had love, peace and joy. He was determined with great zeal to win me. Had it not been for the miracle working power of God it would have been hard for me to resist his methods and psychology. Politicians by these natural methods may build large political machines. That is about all some modern churches are, a man-made political machine. WHAT HAVE YOU GAINED? When you win additions to your church by natural, human-made efforts what have you gained? Regardless of how hard you may work, you only have more like yourself. On a train one night I listened to a man as he won a boy to Christ." He took him to one side and asked him if he was saved. "I used to be," he said, "but I have gone deep into sin now."


Chapter I


CONFORMED MINDS The story goes that a barber who could not remember what the teacher in the personal workers' class had taught him, studied a long time, wondering what to say to a customer in the barber chair. He sharpened his razor and tried to think what he had been taught to say to win souls to the Lord. Finally he raised his razor to shave the customer and said, "Are you prepared to die?" The man jumped up and ran down the street with the apron around his neck, thinking that the barbel' was going to cut his throat! There is no set rule or method that we can memorize that will work on everyone whom we try to win to the Lord. We must be led by the Spirit what to say at the right time, to the right person, at the right place, for our soul winning to be effective. This last week I was talking to a young lady who was very brilliant. She had a good education. She is searching for truth. She has read several books from the city library. One of them was about Confucius. I told her I did not know a lot about Confucius, except he was a prophet and some folk thought he was divine. "He used psvchology," she said. "He was a great teacher. This book by Confucius says that Jesus was a great teacher. Read the story of the woman at the well of Samaria and other stories. You will find that Jesus was a master in psychology. No one can be an effective teacher or preacher unless he masters psychology."

"If you were ever saved you are now," said the man. "If you are not saved now you never were."

Then the man opened his Bible to a Scripture like this, "I-Ie is antichrist that denieth the Father and the Son." Then he asked the boy if he believed that Jesus was the Christ. The confused boy did not want to be antichrist, so he told him that he believed that Jesus was the Christ. Then the man read another Scripture something like this: "Whosoever believeth on him shall not perish but ha:ve everlasting life. "You believe that Jesus is the Christ?" asked the man. "Ye-s-," answered the befuddled boy. "Then what does this say?" asked the man, with his finger on the words "have everlasting life." The boy repeated the words. "What <10 you believe?" asked the man. "That Jesus is the Sen of God," answered the boy. "Then what do you have?" said the man wisely. "Everlasting life," answered the boy, like an ox headed for the slaughter. "Then you can't lose everlasting life," the man said. Then the man and the toy both lit their cigarettes and leaned back in their chairs to go to sleep. I heard the man say to his wife as he marked another name down, "I have one more." There was no conviction. There was no repentance. There was no change, There was no praying. The man had won a convert to his way of thinking who was a child of hell as he was. He had been taught to win other people by the means of the natural reasoning (psvchologv ) just as he was won! He and the boy both were \':0:1 just as a member of a lodge may be won. A lawyer can use the same methods and win members to your denomination. THE WRONG METHODS In Seattle, Washington, I was in the front of a church when a drunkard came along asking for something to eat. Some well-meaning men decided to win this poor man to the Lord. They took him into the

prayer room, opened their Bibles, and started like this: "Do vou believe that Jesus is the Son of God?" they asked. "Yes, sir, I do," said the man. He had been taught that all of his life. He believed it just as he believed that George Washington was the first President of the United States. He believed with a natural mind. The devils believed and trembled. (James 2 :19). They received more than that man did. Then the men read the following verse: "He that heareth my word, and believeth on him ~hat sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life. " Then pointing ct each clause separately the men slowly asked the man, "Do you believe this verse?" "Yes, sir," answered the man who wanted to be nice, for he thought they were going to feed him. He was hungry. "Wha t does this say?" they asked. "Believeth on him that sent me," the man answered. "Do you believe God sent His Son?" they asked. "Yes." "Read this," they said. "Hath everlasting life," the man read. "Is that present tense? Or is it in the future?" "Hath means now," answered the man. "Does everlasting life ever end?" they asked. "No." . "Read this," they said. "IR passed from death unto life." Like a smart lawyer the man continued: "You believe that. It is present tense. It is now. You will never come into condemnation. You can never be 10Rt. You are nassed from death unto life. You now have EVERLASTING LIFE." I. found out later on that the man was a thief, a hal', and a cheat. He had stolen a car and padded the books for his boss. He embezzled money and ran a~ay from the strong hand of the law. The men left h~m bound. by d~vils just as they found him. They did not deliver him. They used natural reasoning in

order to prove to the man he was saved. If psychology would do the job then Jesus would never have come, suffered, and died. A young man may study all kinds of books just how to win a wife. He may put all these methods into practice. He may even do the job right, win her, and marry her. But there is something lacking! He has not gone far enough. There must be a falling in love. He must be moved. She must be moved from within. They must fall in love, or they are not happily married. Their home will go on the rocks. It is the same with us. We must fall in love. We must be moved from within. Our hearts must be changed. (Rom. 10:10). We must become a new creature (2 Cor. 5-17). We must be born from above. Today I heard a good message over the radio by a sincere preacher. "We will all meet at the church next Thursday night," he said, "and eat a good dinner. Then we are going out and win the lost, not one by one, but we are going two by two. We are going to do it the Bible way. We are going for additions to the church." In the Bible days they were sent two by two, not to eat dinners, not to just get "additions," but they were sent to heal the sick and cast out devils, and to preach that men must repent. What they did was fine, but they needed to go a little farther. They needed to get out of the natural into the supernatural anointing of God. The Communists are well trained in the power of persuasion in order to win millions of people throughout the world. It works for them. The modern churches of today are making use of modern methods and science of the natural mind in ever way, in order to win converts into their churches. But why should the Church of Jesus Christ stoop to the natural means to try to win people to the true salvation? NATURAL METHODS TAUGHT IN CHURCH I was in a Bible conference in a Full Gospel church not long ago. A preacher arose and instructed all the

other ministers how he used psychology in order to win the people. He said that he arose from bed early and walked out on the street and waved to all the men as they went to work. Then when they had all gone to work he slipped back to the house, and went to bed, and went to sleep. , I don't have anything against his method. It might work. God may have led him to do that. But while he was doing that I had a rule to stay in the bed, even if I did not eat any breakfast, until I prayed through and received an answer in my soul for the salvation of lost souls. Sometimes I arose at seven o'clock. Other mornings I arose at ten, eleven, or twelve. But I had the victory. God gave us revival in our regular services. I know a pastor who did not get out of his room each day until twelve o'clock. But when he did come out of his room people knew that he had been with God! People were saved and healed by the multitude! When Peter was lying on the house top praying, he was not concerned about natural methods and manmade rules. Neither was the Lord. Peter prayed until he received the answer. Then he followed the leading of the Spirit, and saw many people receive the power of God. He believed in the supernatural. He believed in visions. He was guided by the Spirit of God instead of "science of the natural mind." Clubs, lodges, and unions can win members by using man-made methods. Modern churches may have hundreds of additions to the church by using these traditions. But what have they gained when they gain additions, but more natural minded members as themselves? They are filling the church with people who do not have the mind of Christ. Psychology will never evangelize the world. "BOOK LEARNING" NOT ENOUGH

An educated lady said to me the other day, "How can you be an effective minister of the Gospel, and win people of other beliefs to Christianity unless you learn all the other doctrines of the world, and then see which is the best? How will you know how to win them if you don't know all their doctrines and beliefs?"

not trying to prove my doctrine to them," 1 answered, "I am a witness. I am not telling them what to believe. I am witnessing to them of what 1 have received. I don't just believe it. I have it! I know it! I was there when I received the Holy Ghost and healing. I simply know!" I don't need to defend the Word of God. It is like a lion; turn it loose and it will defend itself. If I tried to prove my doctrine to the followers of Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed and others I would be on the same level wi lh them. Modern missionaries have tried that fer fifty years in some places and failed. You cannot do it with natural reasoning. The preaching of the cross is an offence to them. (Gal. 5 :11).



I know a little man, whom the world called ignorant and unlearned, who went to a foreign country. He witnessed to them that Jesus rose from the dead. He challenged them. "If Jesus is alive," he said, "He can do the same works He always did. You pray to your prophet and see if he will heal the sick or cast out devils. I will pray for this little blind girl. If Jesus heals her that will prove that lIe is alive, and He is out of the grave." They agreed ..IIe prayed for a blind girl. About thirty thousand people in one service, including priests, threw away their idols and accepted the live Christ. He did what the modern missionaries could not do in many years, with their schools, hospitals, compounds, servants, and all the modern education 'and equipment! That is the supernatural way. Psychology is the natural way. A natural mind cannot understand the things of God. Let t his mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus. (Phil. 2:5). A modern day minister, as most of you know, said that he felt led of the Lord to go to Argentina, South America. No missionary board would send him. He had only thirtv dollars. He started. On the way God gave him a word of knowledge and told him to see

Peron. He did not know who Peron was. lIe mentioned this to someone. "You will not see Peron," they said. "He is the president of the nation. You win never see him." Nevertheless he went to the national capital of Argentina. lIe was refused. A guard fell to the floor suffering with his stomach! The minister laid hands on him and prayed for him. He straightened up, completely healed! The authorities decided a man like that should see the president. This little minister went in and talked to Peron and had him to repeat the sinner's prayer. The president confessed Christ. He liked the minister and put him Oil a national radio hook-up. He was given a stadium that would hold about two hundred thousand people. God began to heal people. Soon the stadium was full of people, with about the same number on the outside. Teaming thousands of people confessed Christ. That was something the natural mind (psychology) could not do in a century. Tommy Hicks told us that he wanted to go behind the iron curtain and preach the gospel to the Russians. At that time no one would think of doing such a thing. He went by faith. In Finland a man on the pl~ne sta~mered against him and stepped back! Tommy HICks said, "Pardon me." When the man saw that he could speak English he said, "My mother in Russia gave me this letter and told me that I would meet you at this time on this plane. She said for you to come there. God told her that you were coming." All that Tommy Il icks could read of that letter was his name down near the middle. He went to Russia as the lady had instructed. ' TIe started into an auditorium that held thousands of people. The Russian soldiers hit his hands. He reached for the door knob and the soldiers hit his h~1nds. ITe reached for the door knob again. They hit hix hand, knocked in his ribs, and knocked him down! lIe reached to shake their hand, pulled up and started for the door again. Sirens blew! A train-load of Chinese soldiers were coming in from China. The Russian soldiers ran to

meet the train. While they were gone Brother Hicks went in and preached to the waiting crowd! What did he preach '! He preached \ Jesus. When he came to the Virgin Birth the interpreter became angry and said she did not believe it. She spit in Brother Hicks: face! He began to cry. At that time the anointing of the Spirit came upon him and he began to preach in a language he could not understand! Soon a multitude of people were confessing Christ, for he was speaking in the Russian language. We must be anointed by the Spirit in order to win the lost. THE MIND OF CHRIST We have the mind of Christ (I Cor. 2:16). Jesus was anointed of the Holy Ghost to preach and teach (Luke 4:18). He believed in guidance. He was led by the Spirit to do and say what He did. The natural mind could not understand Him. The people said, "We have seen str-ange things today." People tell me that Jesus used psychology when He won the woman at the well of Samaria. That is not right. He saw her hv the Worrl of Knowledge beforehand. He knew someone there needed Him. That was why He "must need go through Samaria." What He said to her worked in her case, because He was led by the Spir it of God what to say to her, The same method and words would not work with the next "oman who. came to draw water at the same well. Perhaps He would talk to the next one about something ('1":0 other than water. You can't copy that method and use it in each case. Jesus received a revelation by the Spirit about the life of this woman. He could not have learned that in forty books or in forty years of schooling. Once Jesus bucked the waves of the stormy lake in order to deliver one demon possessed man. Jesus knew that that man needed deliverance and wanted deliverance. That is wh v lIe went to his rescue. It takes the anointing of God to win a man with " legion of demons. You could never learn how to do it by "science of the mind." Jesus did not use psychology. In Luke 7 we see that a woman of low class came from the street into Simon the Pharisee's home. She

became convicted and washed Jesus' feet with her tears. Jesus suddenly delivered her from sin with the anointing of the Holy Ghost. He did not use psychology. Had Jesus been a student of psychology when Nicodemus told Him that He was a great teacher come from God, He would have bowed His head and said, "1 thank you Rabbi Nicodemus!" No doubt He would have paid him some compliment also, because the "first impression is the most lasting" says psychology. lIe would have first talked about his good points, and then gone fishing with Nicodemus, or played golf with him a few times before he mentioned his soul. REPROVE AND REB UKE

No, Jesus did not do it with natural means, or with the products of the natural mind. He reproved the Rabbi. He received a revelation concerning the man. The natural mind could never do that. The Lord says for us to reprove and rebuke with all authority, with all long suffering and doctrine. (2 Tim. 4:2). Psychology says to mention their good points and not mention their bad ones. We are to have the mind of Christ. He set us an example. Paul did not use natural means. Yes, he was well learned in phycholcgv. He discarded that in order to be led by the Spirit of God. He counted all things as dung (Phil. 3 :8). He determined to know nothing except Jesus Christ and Him crucified (I Cor. 2 :2). He was dead and his life was hid with Christ in God (Col'. 3 :3). He said to be carnally minded was death. He had a Spiritual mind (Rom. 8: 6). He won souls by casting out devils. When the little fortune telling girl followed him around for days saying that he was a servant of God He rebuked the devil in her and set her free, by the gift of discerning of spirits. Had he used psychology he probably would have mentioned some of her good points and bragged on her. He would not have known about the devil in her. No doubt he would have made her a charter member of the new church at Philippi. In the storms Paul told the captain that he should

not have started in that weather. That was not wise according to natural teaching. I-Ie was directed by the Spirit of God. He said that an angel of God stood by him during the ni jht and told him about the voyage. He plainly said that natural knowledge puffeth up (I Cor. 8 :1). He said that the natural mind could not understand the things of the Spirit. He said that the princes cf this world [10 not know anything about Spiritual wisdom, which is a mystery, and is hidden from natural people. He said that he did not use psychology. "\-Vhich things also we speak. NOT IN THE WORDS WHICH MAN'S WISDOM TEACHETH, but which the Hcly Ghost teacheLh; comparing spiritual things with spiritual." (I Cor. 2.13). PETER WAS LED BY THE SPIRIT Peter used the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He walked in and said "Aeneas, Jesus Christ maketh thee whole." Instead of establishing missionary schools, and educating the people, he walked up to a man and said, "Rise and walk." Results followed. Five thousand people were saved. Three thousand were saved another day when Peter rebuked them and told them that they were zuilty of the blood of Jesus. All eight thousand were filled with the Holy Ghost when Peter prayed (Acts 4 :31). Instead of Peter telling two liars of their good points he spoke the word that killed them, and the revival rolled on. No psychology book would dare teach such a "method." Amen! Instead of Peter approaching Simon and telling him his good points, his words went into his heart like a dagger. He told him that he was in the gall of bitterness and the bond of iniquity. He did not thank him for the money offered, but told him that his money would perish with him (Acts 8). I would rather a man come out plainly and tell me what he thinks about me than to cover up, brag on me, or use some learning he received out of a book on me, when he has envy in his heart. James said that kind of wisdom is earthly, sensual, and devilish. That

wisdom descends not from above (James 3 :15). Psychology is a!l right for the natural man. I am not against it; but we have something better. We have a Spiritual mind. We have the mind of Christ. We are in His stead. As 'He is so are we in this world. If it is some other time, other than day or night, then it is all right for a Holy Ghost filled man to study science or the carnal mind. But David said that in the law of the Lord we meditate day and night (Ps. the flesh you shall die (Rom. 8: 13). To be carnally minded is death. We cannot keep our mind on carnal things all day and tell people what God said that night in church. HOW TO WIN FRIENDS One man who wrote a book on how to win people failed to win his own wife. Their marriage went on the rocks. What he said was good enough. No one could beat it, but it was not good enough to solve the Spiritual problems of man, and to win people to God in persona] work. Do you get my point? The best way to win friends is to let them see that you have the true love of God in your heart which radiates out through your countenance and actions. When they see that you are sincere, covering nothing, they will trust you and will know that you have the genuine love. All other is counterfeit. The Spiritual mind will cause us to use the golden rule, and to have the true fruit of the Spirit. You cannot have the fruit of the Spirit without the Spirit. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, etc. No tree can bear two kinds of fruit, regardless of how much psychology you may study (Matt. 7: 18). Psychology will teach you to think positive and to say that everybody and everything is all right. Can you imagine Jesus never rebuking anyone, or never reproving anyone? Take all the don't out of the ten commandments and you will make them mean the opposite. You will have "Thou shalt kill," etc. That is what psychology teaches in many cases. People say

1 :2). If you live after

not to restrain anyone; let them do what they want to do. People are afraid they will spoil the personality of the child to correct it. Sometimes their little "personalities" should be spoiled. The story goes that a woman carried her little boy into a department store to do some shopping. The little boy began to play with some toys and refused to leave them alone when his mother asked him to do so. The mother tried everything that she had read in the psychology book, but it did no good. She sent for a special "child psychologist" who worked with the child for some time with no results. When they were all exhausted the manager of the store came and whispered into the boy's ear. Immediately he laid the toy down and behaved himself. "I'd give any amount of money to know what you said to the boy," said the child psychologist. "So would I," said the mother. The manager of the store told them what he whispered into the boy's ear, "If you don't Jay the toy down I'll beat the daylights out of you." This week I stooel in the tower of London and saw where so many great men had been executed on the chop block. You can imagine the feeling that came over me as I looked at the chop block and the axes that were used. The prisoner knelt down beside the chop block, gave the executioner a bag of money to pay for cutting his head off. Next he would forgive the man who used the ax. Then he would willingly lay his neck on that old black block. Then the executioner raised the ax and at one lick cut the prisoner's head off. I saw the gallows there where thousands of people have been hanged. I saw where they were hanged in stocks before the public for three days, so the people would be afraid to commit crime. I asked an authority if they still executed people in that way. He said that they had recently discontinued most of the hanging, but were being compelled to go back to. it, because the crime wave was soaring real high! I am not advocating the chop block or the gallows.

But they have proven that either of them is far better than turning to psychology. The Bible way is the best.




A man with the Holy Ghost has a mind seven times better than the natural mind. Science says that the average person forgets six-sevenths of what he learns. But Jesus says that the Holy Ghost would bring to our remembrance all things (John 14 :26). ~ man full of the Holy Ghost has the real, genuine fruit of the Spirit, which is all the ethics he needs. A natural man may solve fll'oblems b:: natural science, but God gives us a word of wisdom or a word of knowledge if we have the Holy Ghost. A word of knowledge was given to Paul during the storm. He told the captain of the ship what to do. Elisha received a word of knowledge and knew more than the intelligence corps in the army. He knew the secret plans of the enemy. (2 Kings 6 :12). A man tried to use methods on me which he had lea:ned in a book. He told me my good points and smiled. But God showed me in a dream that he was full of jealousy and was against me. Again I. will say that natural science will help natural men 111 many ways, but it will never save a man. Man w.ill. never l.ift himself by his own boot straps. When It IS substituted for .God's power it is devilish. God detests it. I went into a meeting and saw hundreds of people ~ome to the front to seek the Lord. They were sent 1l1~0 a prayer room. The "personal workers" had only science of the natural mind in order to get them to say they believed in Jesus. I cculd not blame the evangelist, for that is all the personal workers the churches furnished him. I could not blame the personal workers, for that was all they had been taught. That was the way they had been won. That is all they had only natural reasoning and a natural mind. Most of them, no do~ut had never been born again. They persuaded the sinners to say they believed that Jesus was the Son of God.



Simon the Sorcerer believed and was baptized, but he was not saved, becauae his heart was not right in the sight of God. (Ads 8 :21). With the heart man believes unto rig hteousncsa. When you believe with your heart your whole life is changed. You are a new creature in Christ. Old things have passed away. All things have become new. Natural faith will never save a man. Some folk say, "Take the IIolv Chest by faith." Brother, if you take the Holy Ghost by faith you will have a real Holy Ghost ju:-;t like they received at Pentecost. YOLIwill act just like they did. If I take money by faith 1 will have real money that a banker will take. I heard that a little boy was crying with a stomach ache. A man said, "Just believe that you don't have the stomach ache and .VOLI on't have it." w "Yes, but I have the inside information on this thing," he said. People can preac-h all day long about mind over matter. They Can publish all sorts of literature and tell people that all they need to do is believe, but if it is natural believing, if the Spirit of God is not in it, you have no divine healing or divine salvation. You have natural science which will not be used by the Lord in saving a soul. The story g'oes that a man called for a practitioner to come and give him a treatment. The practitioner came and said, "Just believe that you don't have any pain and you don't have it." Then the practitioner sent him a bill for Len dollars. The man sent him word back, "Just believe that you have the len dollars and you will have it." H did not work in his case. RECEIVE A REVELATION

~ "

and then go straight to hell, if you have no Spiritual revela tion. It is not enough to believe about Christ. You must believe on Christ and believe in Christ. You must be in Christ. You must receive Christ. We receive His wisdom. IIiR knowledge, His life, His faith, His power, His holiness, His name, His joy, His peace, His mincl and His righteousness. Christ in you the hope of glory. (Col. 1:27). When I was married 1 did not learn about a wife. I received a wife. I did not receive a marriage religion. 1 received a wife. When you become a Christian you put on Christ (Gal. :3 :27) and become Christlike . You must repent and be born again. You must receive a new mind. Your mind must be transformed. "And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God." (Rom. 12 :2).

Peter received a revelation concerning JeRuR. He said that Jesus was the Christ. Flesh and blood did not reveal that to him. That was the rock upon which Jesus built H is Church. You can believe fifty years from a historical standpoint that Jesus was the Son of God,






Let this mind be in that was in Christ Jesus. (Phil. 2 :5). In order to work for the Lord people must have their mind renewed (Rom. 12 :2). They cannot work for the Lord with the same old natural mind. God was speaking of psychology when He put this into His Holy Word: "Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord." God said that we must bring into captivity every thought into the obedience of Christ. (2 Cor. 10 :5). "The Lord knoweth the thoughts of man that they are vanity." (Ps, 94 :11). But man does not think so. He wants to use methods and natural training to replace the supernatural. God is a Spirit and they that worship the Lord must worship Him in Spirit. There is no other way to worship Him. Anything else is a counterfeit, a sham and a mockery. There is good psychology. There is bad psychology. When it comes to worshiping the Lord both of them are out of place. To use even good psychology as a substitute in worship is an abomination to the Lord. "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord." "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts." Paul said that profane arid vain babblings and contradictions are falsely called science. People who call themselves teachers of psychology contradict each other in their methods. Then some men who claim to be called of God to be a minister spend years studying the methods of men before they begin to minister. "Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for

it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be." About six months ago a professor from a university came into my office as a surprise unto me. He told me that he had been reading my books. He told me that he had cancer and was pronounced incurable. Instead of talking to him about healing I talked to him about his sins. He did not know how to pray. I taught. him how to repent and how to give God his heart. He went his way very happy, in a new world. Today he called my secretary and left word that the cancer was gone! His physician had pronounced him well. Although he was a master in psychology he did not know anything about the Spiritual things. REPROBATE MINDS

But other people are ignorant and they want to stay ignorant. They are "willfully ignorant." "Because that when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were they thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise they became fools ... Am! even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind." They know things naturally as natural brute beasts. These speak evil of those things they understand not. These are religious people who are sensual, having not the Spirit. They speak great swelling words and have men's persons in admiration for advantage. The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. Many churches are full of unregenerated people because they are taken into the church by letter, on confession, by baptism, or taken into the church when they were babies. They are not born again. They have never repented. (Luke 13 :5). Far too many preachers are turned to fables as God said they would do in the last times. They lead captive silly women who are still in sin. Many people intrude into those things which they have not seen, vainly puffed up by their fleshy mind.

(Col. 2 :18). The cross is an offense to them. They mind earthly things. (Phil. 3 :19). NO SET METHOD There is no set method or rule for winning souls. It takes the Spirit of God directing you to win a soul. The Spirit of God cannot lead a natural mind. It is not subject to the Spirit of God. People cannot be taught how to win souls. No one has ever learned how to win souls, because they all are not won alike. Therefore, you must be led by the Spirit what to do, where to go, and what to say; led to the right person at the right time. To win souls it take's a divine love, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, a word of wisdom, a witnessing, and a going. It takes a holy life and a right example. The story goes that a man went to a house trying to sell the lady of the house some new kind of medicine to make people's hair grow. He put up a real good speech. He used wonderful words. He had been well trained in the science of selling. He almost had her convinced when the wind blew his hat off. He had a bald head! She called her big German Police dog and hissed him on the man! If we try to win people to the Lord when our heart is black with sin, our great swelling words and all our "book-learning" will sound utterly ridiculous! The people will laugh in our face. A sinner is not as dumb as you think he is. He is watching your life. What you are, speaks so loudly he can't hear what you say, in many cases. I was told of a lady who tried to win her f'riend to the Lord. She said that she could win him to the Lord right on the dance floor. While she was gliding around under those soft lights, with about enough clothes on to flag a freight train if they were blood red, she looked up very sweetly into his face and said, "Honey, are you a Christian?" Suddenly he turned her loose like he was shot, and said, "N 0, are you?" "Yes," she answered. "Then what are you doing at a place like this?" he

said, surprised, "This is not a place for a Christian." A woman was trying to win her husband to the church. "Darling, will you join the church next Sunday?" she asked very politely. "Are you saved?" he asked seriously. "Yes." "What are you saved from?" he asked, "I drink and you drink. I smoke and you smoke. I curse and you curse. I go to the dances and you go to the dances. If you are saved you should be saved from something." Instead of helping him to be saved she was helping send his soul to hell. Words made little difference. If anything, they helped him to be disgusted with the church when he saw her living a double life. BE LED BY THE SPIRIT As many as are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God. I was in Monette, Arkansas, holding a revival where there were several hundred people saved, filled with the Holy Ghost, or healed. One night after service I saw a young lady on the very back seat. The Lord showed me that she was convicted of her sins. I felt led of the Spirit to go back and talk to her. Regardless of all I said I did not get her to go to the altar. I tried all I knew. Then suddenly God showed me what to do. I prayed for her. The anointing in me delivered her from the devil. She was saved and received a wonderful experience right there on the back seat. Within two days we learned that she was buried. No amount of natural learning would have helped me do that. In fact if you try that on people you might drive them away forever and cause their soul to be lost. In a town where we were hold a meeting in an auditorium a Na7.ClI'Cne lady was prayed for to be healed. As I prayed for her she received the Holy Ghost. Her husband came up and wanted me to. pray for him. "Go and get you a room," I said, "Lie down like a little boy, and don't. get out until you receive the Holy Ghost." Little did I think that he would. He had been preach-21-

ing for thirty-three years, saying that he had the Holy Ghost. TIe did as I said, and received a wonderful experience of lhe Holy Ghost just as they did on the day of Pentecost. He that thinketh he knoweth anything knoweth nothing that he ought to know. (1 Cor. 8 :2). Knowledge puffeth up; charity edifieth. BE NOT RIGHTEOUS OVER MUCH

MERE WORDS DON'T WIN SOULS I was told that a prominent man of the town came to church and listened to the message and was gloriously saved. After service the pastor came back and shook hands with him. "I would like to know what I said in my message that caused you to be saved?" inquired the pastor. "It was not anything that you said in your sermon," answered the convert. "I don't remember anything that you said tonight. 1 came to church with the intention of giving my heart to the Lord. I could hardly wait until you were through preaching to come to the prayer room." "Who influenced you?" the preacher asked. "It was a lady who is my neighbor;" answered the man. "Every Wednesday night she was faithful to church regardless of the weather. I watched her life every day for years. I know that she is a Christian. Her life caused me to come to God. The lady had prayed for the man; she only spoke to him as the Lord led her to do so. In the natural you can talk too much to someone about his soul. You may speak to him at the wrong time and cause him to be disgusted. Only the Holy Spirit can show you what to say, to the right fellow at the right time. Just as a salesman may get you sold on something, keel) talking and lose the sale, so you can keep talking to a prospect after he is convinced and cause him to be disgusted. But the Holy Spirit can guide you if you have the Holy Spirit. But you must practice being led by the Spirit in other things. Then you will know His leading in winning souls. This is so important. For sometimes just a word may send a man on one road 01' the other. Millions of people are at the fork of the road. Just as a preacher can finish his sermon, keep preaching. and preach too long, so you can keep talking to a man under conviction, after you have him convinced, and cause him to refuse you and the Lord.

My sister was led by the Spirit what to do when a sinner girl came to lawn. Nearly everyone was against the girl. They criticized her and talked about her because she was 1)0 sinful. My sister invited this sinner girl home with her. While she was there the sinner girl started to light up a cigarette. My sister wanted to tell her that she could not smoke in her house, but she felt led to stay quiet about it, and not say anything. She took her to church and she received a wonderful experience with the Lord and was delivered! A story was told to me like this: Uncle Bill, a man who called himself a "holiness preacher," was hitch-hiking his way into town, with his Bible under his arm, when a man in a big, black car stopped and picked him up. Uncle Bill looked around and saw that the driver was smoking a cigar. "I am a holiness preacher," said Uncle Bill. "I don't allow people to smoke around me. Throw that cigar out the window. Bless God, if the Lord had wanted you La smoke He would have put a smoke stack on vou." The driver of the car looked at him and slowly threw the cigar out the car window. But the longer he studied about it the madder he became. Finally he stopped and Raid, "Get out of my car." "Why do you want. me to get out ? I want to go to town," said the preacher. "I said to get out," the stranger said, as he shoved him out. "If the Lord had wanted you to ride He would have put wheels on you." There is a time we must talk to people about their smoking. There is a time the Holy Spirit wants us to wait, in order to be effective soul winners.

GOD WILL OPEN THE DOOR ITow Can a mall who does not have the Holy Ghost be an effective soul winner ? The Holy Ghost will guide us into all truth. (John 1G: 13). You can wait too late to approach a man about his soul. But you may approach him too soon many times. [ owned and operated a meat market for several vears. 1 talked to many people about their souls, 1 have had them to confess the Lorri several times. But there was one man who came by every week and talked to me for an hour or so each time. This went on for years. Yet I did not feel led of the Spirit to mention the Lord to him. He was a salesman for the Swift Packing Company. He was one of the most ug lv-talking men I have ever mel. He cursed, smoked, told filthy jokes, and criticized thing!'; which were good. I did not feel led to call him down. I did not feel led to tell him to quit smoking. Then one day while he was there he looked right at me and said. "Mr. Grant, vou must he a Christian." "What makes you think so?" Tasked. "Well, you never curse, smoke, drink, or tell jokes." Then the door was open so r could talk with him about the Lord. r could feel the Lord anointing me. Most of the time the people will open the door themselves f'or .V()U to talk to them about the Lord. We must not alwavs try to prize the door open. If Gael does not lead us what to say then it. is alright to wait. But if you are full of the lIoly Ghost sooner or later He will impress you to say something. Then you will know what to say. Then it will be effective. Do you remember that Jesus let the woman at the well of Samaria open the door of opportunity so He could talk to her about salvation? Nicodemus opened the c100r himself when he told Jesus that no man could do those miracles unless God be with him. WAIT ON THE LORD When J was superintendent of a printing department there were two men whom I dealt with. People tried to talk to them about the Lord, but they would laugh and make fun. They would ridicule all religion and all

Chri::;tians and all churches. I refused to enter into the conversation. I would not discuss religion. Then after six months they caught me alone and began to ask me about the Bible. They were really concerned. They kept me about five hours and had me to explain the Bible to them. It is more effective to talk to a person privately about his soul, but not every time. Only the Lord knows when and how you must approach 11 prospect. Let God lead you by His Spirit. For many years we traveled in evangelistic work. Many times the Lord has sent me back into the audience to talk to people about their souls. Once or twice T have gone to neople and asked them to come and seek the Lord. They would tell me to shut my mouth and go back to the front and attend my own business. That would discourage me and make me feel like not trying again. But then I found that if I would only talk to them as I felt led T would not drive them away. It would do some good. I have gone back into the audience. J would shake hands with a man and introduce myself to him, and then walk on past him. Then in about ten minutes I would come back by and say a word or two, never asking him to come to the altar. Then in a few minutes I would come back by and say, "Come down here to the front seat. I want to pray for you. He would come. I would not ask him to come. I would tell him to come. You :<;~ythat is psvchology. No, that is being led by the Snirit. What will be effective for one person will not. work with another. Tho ot.hcr night in church I did not feel led to talk to. it 111;111 about his soul at all. But after I walked out of t he house I met him. He told me that he wanted to be saved. T took hold of his hand and said, "Here it is. God is saving- you now." In a second he was saved. That would not work in the next case. DON'T PULL GREEN FRUIT

It is not always best to pull green fruit. God gave me a .dre<~m T saw myself in a fruit orchard. I pulled '. the rtpe Iruit and left the other until the next day.

Then it was ripe. It is the same way in dealing with souls. In a revival we harvest what is ripe each night. The next night there are some more that are ripe and ready. The ripe fruit falls off easily. Only God can show us who is ready and who is not ready. When we deal with souls we are dealing with something of eternal value. I started to pray for a man who had been seeking the Holy Ghost thirty years. I said, "Open your mouth as wide as you can." As he did he was filled in one second. In Fort Worth I mel a man who had been seeking the Holy Ghost ten years. About midnight after people had exhausted themselves praying I said, "I feel like I should wash your feet." I took him into a back room he and I alone. While I was washing his feet he received the Holy Ghost! In your community you and your neighbor should have classes on the gifts of the Spirit and on guida.nce. A textbook that has been used by some of the largest churches in the nations on the gifts is my book "SPIRITUAL GIFTS AND HOW TO RECEIVE THEM." It may be ordered from the Gospel Publishing House in Springfield, Missouri, or from my address. Spiritual gifts are the keys to the Kingdom. One of the most effective ways of doing personal work and winning souls, especially when you cannot talk to them, is to distribute faith building books over the community. Letters in our files prove that many people have been won to God in this way. You and your friends should meet and pray at the chur~h in some prayer room. Do nothing but pray certain nights. Don't talk. Don't sing. Don't preach. All of you pray in your own way for two hours. The early church met together for an hour of prayer each day. That is why the lame man was healed. (Acts 3;]-6). That is why five thousand souls were saved in one day.


were saved, filled with the Holy Ghost and healed in the prayer meetings. You ahould have a prayer room for the teenage boys. They should meet in that room and do nothing but pray. You should have a prayer room for girls only. They should meet in that room and do nothing but pray. If thev get used to that they will not be satisfied doing anything else. People will be saved in the regular services. It won't be so hard to keep them saved. The pleasures of this world will look no better to them than a ten-cent light bulb, or a rusty penny. They will be thrilled in the Spiritual things of life. They will stay saved themselves and help save other people. There will be no juvenile problems in the church. Will the sinner young folk win the Christians? Will the Christians win the ainners ? It depends on which is the stronger. You can legalize a rattlesnake and bring it into the street. It is just as poison as it was before it was legalized. You can legalize hay rides, skating rinks, dances and mixed bathing, and bring them into the church. Cod's house is to be called a house of prayer. Young people may sit in the services, spark, talk and giggle. If you think all these things are alright go ahead and do them. I am not telling you not to do them. But why do them in church? Why don't you do them out of church? We go to church to worship the Lord and to be led by the Spirit. The Spirit of God moves on us. He manifests the gifts of the Spirit through us in order to save souls and set people free. That is what a church is for. It is for the deliverance of the oppressed and the sinner. The world is getting so churchy and the church is getting so worldly you can't tell them apart. KEEP UNDER TIlE ANOINTING

PRAY FOR SOULS In one church we met together in an every nighprayer meeting for about four years straight. Peopl

In every service on Sunday night or otherwise the young folk and older folk should feel responsible to come to church, prayed up, and stay under the anointing, in case the Lord wants to use them to give out a message, testify, or to prophesy. Everyone who has the Holy Ghost is responsible to stay under the anointing.

God may use anyone who has the Holy Ghost. To fail t a be led by the Spirit may send more people to hell than stealing or cursing. You may have your young folks meeting, but when that is over you have by no means done your duty. God wants to use you in the regular church services. When you sold out to Him and received the Holy Ghost you told Him that He could use you at any time, for you are His property. That is the way to win souls. Let the Holy Spirit manifest the gifts through you. Then the unsaved people \viIl fall down and report that Go:] is in you of a truth, because the secrets of their hearts are manifest. (T Cor. 14 :27). In Russellville. Arkansas, one Sunday morning in Sunday School, while we were there, there were about fifty boys and girls who received the Holv Ghost in their Sunrlay School classes. I was in Vi~lor, Texas. About fifty people prayed through one night. The young people lingered in the altars until nearly midnight every night. I recently left a church in McMinnville. Oregon. Every night the bovs and girls. men and women. even the children lingered in the prayer rooms until midnight or later. That is a sign of revival when the Spirit of God settles on the young folk and holds them in the prayer room until in the late hours of the night. In Frosttown, Louisiana, the teenagers were slaved under the power all over the house, even where people could not get in at the front cloor; thav were praying each other through. That is revival! Someone taught t!1e you~g people to cia that. Some have not been taught. 1hey WJn members but not souls. Some games are alright. Some suppers are alright. But God said that in the last days that people would he lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. Most people let themselves become over balanced verv easily. TESTIFY OF CHRIST brother and brought him Peter who became the won thousands of souls when you bring someone

to Christ

It makes me happy when I meet soul-winners

Andrew first found his own to Christ. That brother was number one soul winner. Ilc to the Lord. You never know

nation vivals. T don't think you should stop when you tell your own people. The love of God will rise above natural love, and make you pray for, and try to win, other people beside your own folk. Even a bear will seek to save her own family. Andrew testified of Christ. All soul winners testify of Christ. When the Holy Spirit comes He will testify of Christ. (John 15 :26). The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy. (Rev. 19 :10). When Philip went down to Samaria he preached Christ to them. When he met the eunuch in the chariot he told him about Christ. When Peter went over to the Household of Cornelius he opened his mouth and preached to them Jesus. Peter won three thousand souls one day and the thousand another day as he told them of Jesus. When Paul was before a mob he told them of the time he met Jesus. When he was before the governor. the king, or before a multitude he was anxious to tell them about the time he met Jesus on the road to Damascus. That is what it takes to make a soul-winner. Be H witness of what He did, that He is alive now. It is not required that .\'OU master every degree in order to understand what each fellow knows in his field. Know what is in your field. That is to know Jesus. When the woman at the well of Samaria received the well of' living water within, she left the water pot and carried the well back with her. She went all oyer town and said, "Come see a man." She did not say, "Come see my great church," or "Come see my organization." She said, "Come see a man." She pointed them to Jesus. That is how she won people to God. She did not hold papers. She was not ordained. She did not have a "place to preach" as many people want to do today before they do anything for Jesus. She did not wait until she went to a university and learned all the doctrines before she won people to God. Had she done that many of them would be dead and in hell. She had the love of God that compelled her to tell it!

of men they may become. over the who tell me they came to the Lord in my re-

what fisherman




One time Jesus told a man to tell no one about what he had done for him. But YOLI might as well tell a rooster net to crow. You may as well tell a dog not to baric If you have the love of God you won't be held back. You will tell it! Phychology will not give you that "go ye." God's love will. Many people lie on the Lord. They will not receive anything from Him until they stop lying on Him. They come and tell me they have been called to preach. but they sav they have no place to preach. Shame on you! The Lord won't do anvone that way. He will never, never tell anyone to do anything that is impossible. You won't do your children that way. I know God is better than you, If vou get the love of God vou won't go around telling people to come see vour preacher, vour church, or your methods and buildings. You won't win them to Jesus telling them about natural, man-made things. The first person that was ever sent to tell about Jesus after He arose from the dead was a woman. All women should do what Jesus told Mary to do, tell people that Jesus is alive! If you have been with Christ you 'will tell people of Christ. A sign was said to have been put on a pulpit "We would see Jesus." This made the pastor so ashamed of himself that he cried all night. Then he came forth like a man f'rorn another world and preached Christ. Those people put another sign on the pulpit, "Then the disciples were glad when they saw the Lord." START NOW TO WITNESS FOR JESUS

"H ow old is he?" the minister asked. "Two weeks old," she said. "You are two weeks too late," he said, The time to start witnessing for Christ is as soon as you are saved. If at all possible pray someone through the night you are saved. If your child were lost in the woods you would not have to take a course in a university first. You would go out immediately and find that boy. A lost soul is more important. As soon as you are saved start studying your Bible and all the books you can which are written by Holy Ghost people, Pray through every day. Witness to everyone you can. Be led by the Spirit. If you do not ha ve the baptism of the Holy Ghost then do not let a day pass by until you are baptized with the Holy Ghost. If vou do not know how to receive the Holv Ghost send for my book HOW TO RECEIVE TIlE HOLY GHOST. GET AN EXPERIENCE WITH GOD

Your face will shine out with God's love. People will not only hear you, but they will see that you are overflowing with Jesus. Jesus will win them through you. You will be dead and your life will be hid with Christ in God. The life you live, will not be you. It will be Christ living and working through you. (Gal. 2 :20). I was a groceryman. When we advertised something we did not have, people did not come back. You can't hide the fruit of the Spirit. People know you by your fruit, not by your words. Gael is weary of words. (Mal. 2:] 7). So are people. Graveyard stories won't do it. But when you eat like you are hungry that will make other people hungry. That will win them. Don't hide the joy. Don't put your light under a bushel. Let vour light shine before men. They WILL sec. They W Il.L glorify your Father in heaven. Just take the bushel off and it will shine itself. You don't make it shine .. lust LET it shine! The darker the corner the brighter voui light will shine. If a cigarette salesman is interested enough in his

Our command is to go and tell people the glad news that He is alive. People have done nearly everything else. They build names, organizations, and doctrines. They say one man was crying because they would not let him in a certain church. Jesus told him, "Don't cry, I have been trying to get into that church myself for twenty years. They won't let me in." One mother asked, "When must I start training my son ?"

goods to tell many something better.

people each day then

you have

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Jesus said if we would follow Him that He would make us fishers of men. He will do it, not by man-made methods. He that doeth His will shall know of the doctrine. (John 7:17). The Holv Ghost will teach us. Take all the courses on fishing you want to. That is all right. But if you will go down to the water a man will be down there who has never had a course. He will catch more fish than you. You learn more by actual experience. You must be original. God does not use any two people alike. Study agriculture. Get a degree. Then go out on the farm. That farm boy can show you how to farm. He has experience. He learns by doing. A rooster does not need to be taught to crow. He crows. It is just as natural for a Christian to witness as it is for a rooster to crow. If you are a fisher of men it is your part to put in the net. It is God's part to see that fish come into it. If you have your net spread and feel like you are not doing anv good, remember that Jesus said that if you would put it down at his word (Luke 5 :4) exactly where He tells you to that you shall find. If He has shown you where to put your net and you don't see that you are getting any results, if the ones vou are fishing after don't seem to be interested, remember this: Many times after the fish are in the net they don't realize they are in there for awhile. Soon thev will hit the side of the net and learn they are in! Jesus said if you would put the net down 011 the right side, AT illS WORD, you shall find abundance.



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I am going to send you 60 of my best faith books, on casting out devils, healing the sick, faith, Holy Ghost, prophecy, and almost every subject of the Bible. You will be on my prayer list every day until Jesus comes. I'll pray that you will have a double portion ministry. I ,""ant you to be my partner and pray for me. When you finish reading these books and filling out the test papers we will nd you a diploma which you can frame and have on your wall. It will remind you that I am praying for you every day, that you are my partner in prayer. If you are a minister you may receive a license to preach. There is no chorge for the packing, boxing, storage, shipping, postage, exam papers, "radlng, ,ecretary expense, diplomas, or ordiQation papers, Your dues will be poid up for life. (Others charge $12.00 per year and up). You can pay for them $,50 per week or send in the name of one new student per month, either one you you choo.e If you send one name per month all the textbooks are free.

L , Put me on your prayer list. Pray for me at a certain time each day


I wont a lictn,e to preach when I finish the books. I understand the license co'" no money and my dues will be paid for life. (To forge another's Janalure I! fraud.) __J YOURSIGNATURE